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Further development in David’s family.
“Get off her David!” he shouted, “oh my god, this is crazy, get off her this minute.”

He rushed towards me, his hand raised. I was sure he intended to strike me.

“Stop Peter!” Mum cried, “don’t hit him, don’t stop him.”

“What!” He shrieked, “what did you say?”

“Don’t stop him,” she repeated. I felt her spasm again and l knew she was having another orgasm. I shoved my cock deeper into her arsehole but by then l was pumping dry. “I’m sorry Peter, l can’t help it,” she sobbed. “He attacked me, he forced me to do this.”

“But you told me not to stop him,” Dad said.

“I know,” she replied, “l can’t explain, l don’t know what l’m saying. You know what l’m like when you do this to me, you know it drives me wild, l can’t help it, l know it’s wrong.”

“Wrong is not a strong enough word for it,” he said. He turned away, striding round the kitchen. “For god’s sake stop it, both of you….this is unreal…l come home because l forgot my membership card to find my son shagging my wife up her arse on the kitchen table…how long has this been going on?”

“This is the first time Dad,” l said, “and it will be the first of many. Look at that pool of liquid on the floor, that’s her cunt juices from when she’s cum, ha, she fought for a bit, fair play but once l got my cock up her bum hole she was begging for more.” I was amazed at how confident l sounded.

Dad just stood there staring at me as l spoke.

“I can’t believe l’m hearing the words coming out of your mouth,” he said, “get off her David, get off her now.”

“Okay,” l said, “l’ve finished anyway.” I pulled out, grabbing Mum’s tattered dress and using it to wipe my cock. I looked down at her gaping arsehole, my spunk trickling out, down over her cunt and onto the floor. Her hole was pulsating as if it was looking for another cock to fill it. “Why don’t you have her, she’s well greased with my spunk.”

He was obviously shocked at the way l was speaking about my mother but it was easy to see the effect it was having on him. There was a huge bulge in his trousers.

I made no attempt to tuck away my cock, standing there looking at him, stroking myself back to erection. “If you want to fuck her bum hole, l’ll give her my cock to suck,” l said.

I heard Mum groan, she was still lying across the table, her legs spread wide. I could see the indecision on Dad’s face. His eyes were swivelling from my cock to Mum’s cunt and arsehole. I could see the lust in his eyes.

“Look,” l said, “l’m going up for a shower, you two clean up down here then you can tell me what you want to do. The only thing l can say for certain Dad is that l will be fucking her again, l know she wants it, she may try to deny it but her body can’t lie, look at her there now her arsehole is still pulsating, you can either join me and we can share her together or you can stand on the sidelines and watch.”

I went upstairs and had a shower. I was tempted to wank thinking about what l had done. I was proud of myself and excited at the prospect of telling Jeff what l had done. I considered getting dressed but decided to go back down naked. I expected them to both still be downstairs but as l passed their bedroom l saw the door was closed and l could hear noises coming from the room.

Gently l turned the door knob, l managed to open the door a crack. I couldn’t see where they were directly but by using the mirror on the wardrobe door l was able to make them out. Mum was on the bed, on her hands and knees, Dad was behind her, l could clearly see his cock sliding in and out of her bum hole. I could hear his voice, calling her a slut, asking her if she had enjoyed her son fucking her arsehole.

“I’m sorry my darling,” she said, “l couldn’t stop him, he raped me.”

“But you liked it didn’t you, you came, the evidence was there on the floor, you came like the slut you are.”

“But we’d talked about it Peter,” she replied, “you said it was one of your fantasies, admit it Peter it was something you wanted me to do weeks ago when l told you how much he was masturbating.”

“Do you want to carry on,” he said, “you have to realise the significance of your decision, there will be no going back.”

Mum was silent as he continued to work his cock into her.

“You do don’t you?” He said, “you want to be a slut for your son, be honest.”

“You be honest with me,” she replied, “you have wanted something like this to happen, you have been talking for months about how you’d like to see me with other men, you’ve encouraged me to let David see me in my underwear, even at the beach yesterday you wanted him to see me naked. So yes, l will be honest, yes l did enjoy what he did to me, even when l was fighting him l knew how it was going to end and l wanted it. I didn’t expect him to fuck my bottom but you know how much l love that and once he was inside me l was never going to stop him.”

I silently closed the door, my cock was hard listening to them, l wanted to get downstairs and phone Jeff. I went down stairs and used the house phone to call Jeff, it took a while for him to answer.

Me : Hi Jeff it’s David.

Jeff : Hi David, how did it go or did you chicken out.

I went into full detail telling him how it had gone.

Jeff : Wow that’s brilliant David, l’m so proud of you, l had my cock out listening to you it’s so exciting to hear how she fought you and how you ended up raping her, l need to see you David, l’m desperate to fuck you.

Me : I want you inside me too Jeff, l hope to be able to come and see you later.

Jeff : I’m looking forward to fucking her as well David, l’ve got big plans for her.

I related to him the conversation l’d heard upstairs.

Jeff : Sounds like they are both up for it David, l’m not surprised your Dad wants her to be a cum slut, married men everywhere would love their wives to be used by other men. Sound your Dad out as well, l wouldn’t mind guessing that he would let you fuck him, l would certainly like to.

Me : You’re unbelievable Jeff,(laughing), you’ve just got me to rape my mother and fuck her up her bum, now you want me to start fucking my father.

Jeff : l know David, l’m sorry, l’m just so excited, you aught to see my cock David, it is so hard, l’m leaking pre cum, l’m going to have to wank, if only l had your mouth or arsehole to cum in.

Me : I know Jeff, l wish l was there too, l’m sat here naked waiting for them to come down, my pre cum is oozing out.

Jeff : Oh fuck David you slut, you’re driving me crazy, l have to get back to the shop but l have to wank first.

Me : Okay Jeff, have a nice wank and l will see you later.

Talking to Jeff had made me horny, l was thinking of going upstairs and joining in with whatever Mum and Dad were doing but then l heard movement upstairs. I crept out into the hall and looked up just in time to see them both disappear into the bathroom. I presumed they would be showering together.

I went back to the sofa and played with my cock, taking myself to the edge then gripping the base hard to stop my orgasm, l wanted to be ready when Mum came downstairs.

It was over half an hour later before the door opened and they came in. Mum was dressed in a sweater and jeans, Dad in a t-shirt and shorts.

Mum came in first, l could tell she was nervous and she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw l was naked, my cock standing rigid. She opened her mouth to say something but l stopped her.

“I think it would be better if we all spent as much time as possible naked,” l said.

Mum turned to Dad, they looked at each other. Mum shrugged and immediately lifted her sweater over her head. Her bra quickly followed, then her jeans and panties. Dad seemed to be more reluctant but having seen Mum strip off he decided to follow suit. T-shirt first, then shorts and underpants.

It was my first chance to be able to study his cock, he was slightly bigger than me in length and girth but not by much, l had measured mine at seven inches when fully hard, he was a good inch bigger.

I moved to the edge of the sofa and told them to sit with me, Mum in the middle.

Once seated l told Mum to open her legs.

“God this is weird,” she giggled, spreading her legs.

I took the one nearest me and put it over my leg, Dad copied me, leaving her spread wide open.

“From now on Mum you will always be available, if l want your mouth, cunt or arsehole you will not deny me.”

I felt her shiver as the consequences of her situation became clear. I put my hand on her right tit, telling Dad to take her left one. I pinched her nipple hard and she shivered again.

“You came when l did that earlier,” l laughed, “that was when l knew l had you, l know you still tried to fight me but l knew that in the end l could take you just by pinching your nipples. Then when l smacked your bottom you gave in completely, does Dad spank you?”

She looked at Dad and he nodded. I noticed his hand had moved to her thigh and his fingers were playing with her cunt lips.

“I’ve always got a thrill out of being spanked,” she said, “l suppose it goes back to when l was young and my Daddy would spank me, l used to do naughty things on purpose just to get a spanking.”

“I got a bit carried away one night on our honeymoon,” Dad said, “we were both drunk and l ended up putting her over my knee and spanking her, it drove her wild and we had one of our best ever fucks.”

Mum had taken hold of my cock and Dad’s, her fingers were smearing my pre cum all over the head just like Jeff had done.

“We have to set some rules Mum,” l said.

“You seem to be the boss,” she giggled.

“First one, we will be naked whenever possible and if either of us wants sex then there are to be no refusals.”

“Sounds like l’m going to be busy,” Mum laughed.

“When you do go out Mum,” l continued, “no more jeans and sweaters. You will wear short skirts, the shorter the better, high heels and definitely no panties.”

I felt her squeeze my cock in response and l knew my ideas were turning her on.

“You will wear loose fitting tops with low necklines and no bras. I want to see your tits swinging when you walk, l want to see you bending over so men can see up your skirt or down your top.”

I saw Dad slide two fingers into her cunt.

“You sound like your father,” she giggled, “he’s been tying to get me to do that for years. You’ll be telling me you want me to have sex with other men next.”

“Oh that will happen,” l said.

She turned to look at me but she could tell from my expression that it was not up for negotiation.

“You’re going to turn her into a slut,” Dad said, pushing his fingers deeper into her cunt, Mum just giggled.

“Jeff said that l only had to push the right button to turn you into a slut and that first smack on your bottom was it.”

“Who’s Jeff?” Mum asked, “ l’ve heard you mention him before but l don’t know any of your friends called Jeff.”

“He’s the man who owns the newsagent in town,” l replied.

“I know him,” she said, “he’s the same age as your Dad, what has he been doing to you David?”

“Has he been abusing you son,” Dad said, “l’ll fucking kill him.”

“No he hasn’t been abusing me Dad,” l said, “we do stuff together but it’s not abuse, l never do anything l don’t want to, he never forces me.”

“What do you mean David, what do you do with him?” Mum said, pushing my hand off her tit and trying to close her legs.

I held her thigh to stop her, Dad had released her other thigh so l quickly pushed two fingers into her cunt.

“Stop that David,” she said sternly, “this is serious.”

“I’ll stop if you promise to calm down,” l said.

She glowered at me.

“I mean it Mum,” l said, “like l said before, we have to be honest with each other, l’ll tell you all about me and Jeff but you have to listen calmly, do you promise?”

She looked at me for a few moments as if she was fighting with the decision in her head then slowly she nodded.

“Okay l promise,” she said, “as long as he isn’t forcing you to do things.”

“He hasn’t forced me to do anything Mum,” l said, “in fact most of the time it’s me that starts it.”

“But you’re not gay,” she said, “well l take it that you’re not after what you’ve done to me.”

“No l’m not gay Mum,” l replied, moving my fingers inside her cunt, “l think l’d better tell you everything from the start.”

I saw her visibly relaxing as my fingers worked inside her cunt, she reached over for Dad’s cock and he went back to feeling her tits, tweaking her nipples.

I started to tell them everything, trying to make sure l didn’t leave out any detail.

“So he got you to wank him,” Dad interrupted when l reached that point.

“We wanked each other Dad,” l said, “his cock is about as big as yours, l’d never seen one that big and l enjoyed the feel of it in my hand. It was nice to feel him holding my cock as well and he was telling me l was big for my age.”

“You are,” Mum said, taking hold of my cock, “you’ll be bigger than your father soon and you still have a few years to grow to full size.”

“You could even get big enough to fill your Mother’s cunt,” Dad laughed.

“Pig,” Mum said to him.

When l told them about the adult room Mum said that she had seen the sign on the door but she’d never been in there.

“Have you been in there Peter?” She asked.

“No,” he replied, “but l have heard he has some strong stuff there.”

I started describing the inside of the room and the magazines l had looked at. All the time l was moving my fingers in her cunt and l could feel her juices flowing. When l mentioned the magazine with a woman that looked like her being fucked by a dog she gave a sharp intake of breath and a flood of juices flowed over my fingers.

“You shouldn’t be looking at stuff like that,” Dad said, “he could be locked up for letting you in that room, he must be a pervert.”

I laughed out loud. “Really Dad, and what are we then? Just look at what we’re doing.”

He went red in the face but didn’t take his hand off Mum’s tits.

“So you just wank each other, is that all,” Mum said.

“No Mum,” l replied, “we started sucking each other off, he taught me that cum didn’t taste nasty and it felt so good when he sucked me off, much better than wanking, so then l wanted to do the same to him.”

I could see Mum struggling, she was trying to be angry with Jeff but the actions of my fingers and Dad’s hands were stirring up feelings she couldn’t control. When l went on to tell her how we started fucking each other l thought she was going to pass out.

“Did you enjoy it son,” Dad said.

“Oh l did Dad,” l replied, “l can understand why Mum likes it so much, l know Jeff didn’t do it to me hard the first time, he was very gentle, but when he came inside me it was magical. Is that how it feels for you Mum.

She had difficulty responding, her body was twitching as she fought with her emotions. I slipped my fingers out of her cunt, sliding them back and pushing them into her anus.

“Oh Jesus Christ!” She cried out as a powerful orgasm surged through her body. At the same time Dad came, ribbons of cum shooting up and landing on his tummy.

“He can’t wait to meet you Mum,” l said, “right from the start he was telling me how he thought you were hot. We talked about us fucking you, we even talked about getting you fucked by a dog.”

“Oh fucking Jesus!” She cried as she came again. I looked at Dad and saw the lust in his eyes which told me how much he wanted to see her mounted by a dog.

“He kept on telling me l had to fuck you Mum, we kept on talking about it, then l told him about the beach, how l saw you wanking Dad and he was sucking your tits, then when you ran to the car with your tits bouncing all over the place, he kept telling me how you were giving me signs that you wanted me to fuck you. In the end l couldn’t hold back anymore, Jeff told me l would have to take you by force, that l would have to rape you and that just got me even more worked up, l was glad you fought me, if you hadn’t l might have given up but you fighting me just made me more determined, anyway you enjoyed it in the end so no harm done.”

Mum looked at me with a glazed expression, my fingers pushed deep into her bum hole.

“Jeff wants to fuck you Mum,” l said. “I was supposed to go round and see him this evening as the shop is closed, he wanted me to tell him all about what we did, he said he wants to fuck me too. What about if l call him and tell him to come round here, then he can fuck you.”

She couldn’t bring herself to reply, all she could do was groan, she looked as if she had been drugged.

“Is that okay with you Dad if Jeff comes round and fucks Mum,” l said, “l heard Mum say that you’ve been saying you wanted her to fuck other men.”

Dad didn’t reply, he just looked at Mum but l could tell that the idea of Jeff coming round to fuck her was exciting him.

She looked at him. “You want me to do it don’t you?” She said.

“Well we have talked about it,” he replied, “and he sounds like a decent chap.”

“A decent chap!” She shouted, “a man your age who’s been fucking our son and showing him pictures of women being fucked by animals, you call that being a decent chap.”

“No worse than you being a decent woman but you like your son to fuck you up your arse,” he replied, “look at you now, wanking his cock while he’s got his fingers up your arsehole, at least l’ll admit that l would like him to come round and fuck you, l’d like us all to fuck you together, he can have first pick of holes and David and me can fill the others. Come on Mo, you know you want it, all you have to do is say yes.”

She turned to me. “What have you done to me David,” she said, tears in her eyes.

“I just pressed the right button Mum,” l replied, “just like Jeff said it would happen, he said there was a slut inside you, say yes Mum, Jeff has plans for you, it will be so exciting. He can’t come until this afternoon, say yes and l’ll fuck you up your bum again while you suck off Dad.”

“No, not like that,” she said, “if we’re going to turn into a family of perverts it’s not going to be just me.” She turned to Dad. “You have to show me you’re a pervert too.”

“What do you want me to do?” He said.

“I want to see David fucking you, just like he did with me, a proper rough fuck with you over the table out there.” She nodded towards the kitchen.

“But l….” He tried to speak.

“No buts,” she stopped him, “you want me to do all the perverted stuff while you just watch, well it doesn’t happen like that, it sounds like our son is already a pervert, you want me to be one so you have to be one too, it’s not as if you’ve never been fucked before.”

“That’s not fair,” he said, “that was years ago when we were in college and we were all drunk.”

“I don’t remember you complaining when Jack Richards had his dick up your arse, l was sucking your cock and you came like a fire hose. That’s the deal Peter, you want me to be a perverted slut and let my son do all sorts of stuff with me, you have to do your bit as well.”

“When you say all sorts of stuff,” he said, “what do you mean, David said about you being fucked by a dog, do you mean stuff like that.”

“If we’re going to be a family of perverts Dad,” l said, “we have to try everything, l’ve already told Jeff l want to feel a dog in my bum, Mum hasn’t said she won’t do it, all you have to do is let me fuck you, okay, we all know it won’t stop there, once we start we don’t know where we will end up but it will be fun.”

I could see him fighting with himself but then there was a sigh of resignation. “Okay l’ll do it,” he said.

We all got up and moved into the kitchen, l told Dad to bend over the table.

“Remember what you did to me to get me to open my legs David?” Mum said, reaching for the burger flipper from the wall hook by the cooker. She whacked it down hard on Dad’s bottom, it left a big red mark.

Dad cried out and went to stand up. I did what l’d done to Mum, l put my hand on the back of his neck and forced him back down again. She hit him again on the other side and he cried out again.

“You fucking whimp,” she laughed, “open your legs.”

Dad did as she instructed but that didn’t stop her from giving him another hard whack on both bum cheeks, there were now two bright red circles on his buttocks. I looked between his thighs as he parted his legs, his balls hanging down. I looked at Mum and she immediately read my mind. She tapped his balls with the flipper, not hard but hard enough to cause him to groan. I looked at her again, she smiled at me and did it again, harder, his balls swung like two tennis balls in a sock.

“Pass me the butter,” l said.

“No,” she replied, lifting one leg and resting it on one of the chairs, “use the juices from my cunt.”

I was amazed at how quickly Mum had changed in such a short period, she was certainly enjoying herself as she tapped Dad’s balls again. I put my hand between her thighs, her cunt was dripping, l easily slipped four fingers into her, the mucous inside her felt thick. When l pulled my fingers out they were thickly coated. I put my fingers against Dad’s anus, he let out a groan.

“Work it inside,” Mum said, “that’s what he does with me.”

I went to push one finger into him.

“Let me,” she said.

I made room for her, she put her fingers into her cunt then put her hand on Dad’s bottom. She pushed three fingers into his anus.

“Jesus fucking Christ Mo,” he yelled.

“Stop complaining,” she laughed, “remember when you put that big dildo up my arse, well now you know how it felt.”

She pushed her fingers in deep, working them around, stretching him. Soon she added another finger, then she looked at me and smiled.

“Shall l?” She said.

I read her mind. “Yes, do it,” l replied.

With that she pushed her whole hand into him.

“Jesus fucking Christ Mo,” he howled.

“Oh shut up you jessie,” she laughed, “you’re crying like a little girl. Perhaps we should put him in a party dress and frilly panties David.”

Dad groaned.

“Oh!” She said, “l think he liked that idea…is that right Peter…shall we dress you like a girl?”

Mum was really getting into it, my cock was so hard.

“I’m nearly cumming Mum,” l said.

“Okay baby,” she said, pulling her hand out of his bum hole. I heard him sigh as he was vacated leaving his gaping hole. I wasted no time, stepping behind him and pushing my cock full length into him. He grunted as my pelvis crashed against his bottom. “Fuck him hard David,” she said, l could see her fingering her cunt. “Fuck your cissy Dad, make him your slut just like you did with me.”

She reached under him with her free hand, grabbing hold of his cock and began wanking him hard, pulling and twisting him. Dad was making all sorts of strange noises as l began fucking him, giving him long hard thrusts with my full force. The way he took me made me wonder if he had had more than one cock up him before that perhaps Mum didn’t know about.

I couldn’t hold back for long, l gave him one more powerful thrust then stayed deep inside him as l emptied my balls. He let out a deep sigh.

“He’s cumming David,” Mum said, “oh god this is so much fun, give it to him baby, fill him with spunk.”

It was utter madness, l could never in my wildest dreams have thought it would turn out like this. I knew this was only the start but realised in would take Jeff’s imagination to take us all into the future.

When l pulled out, Dad’s arsehole was still pulsating, it was a gaping hole with my cum oozing out.

“Clean him Mum,” said, “stick your tongue up his arse and clean out my spunk.”

I saw her shiver with orgasm. She knelt behind him then hesitated. I put my hand behind her head and pushed her face into his bum. “Lick him out Mum, suck out my spunk.”

She put her arms round his thighs as she pressed her mouth to his arsehole. I went round to his other end, his face was resting sideways on the edge of the table. I held my cock in front of his face.

“Suck it,” l said, “clean my spunk off my cock and taste your own arsehole.”

I could see the resignation on his face, he had no resistance left. He opened his mouth, l held his head and pushed my cock right to the back until l heard him gag.

“Relax, take it,” l ordered him. I felt his throat relax and l pushed harder. I left it there for a few seconds then pulled out, he started coughing and spluttering but before he could fully recover l shoved it in again. I repeated if four or five times, l saw his lips getting puffy with the ferocity with which l was fucking his mouth. Mum still had her face pressed against his bum hole, l had both my parents completely under my control and it felt great, l was so grateful to Jeff.

Once l had finished with his mouth l grabbed Mum by her hair and pulled her away from his arsehole. There was spunk on the floor from when he had cum, l pushed her face down, telling her to lick it up. She was bent forward on her knees, her bum in the air. I picked up the flipper and gave her two hard whacks on each bum cheek leaving two bright red circles on her flesh.

Once l was satisfied that she had cleaned the floor l suggested we all shower. Mum and me went up to the bathroom, l told Dad he should use the downstairs shower room. We went into the bathroom and Mum said she needed to pee. I told her l wanted to watch. She sat on the toilet with her legs spread.

“Does Dad watch you pee?” I asked.

“He did one day last month when we were out in the country,” she said, “l was bursting so l had to squat behind a bush, he just stood there watching but l could see his cock was getting hard.”

I saw her first trickle of piss falling into the pan, l pushed her thighs wider just before the full flow started. I was fascinated and put my hand under her, letting her piss flow over my fingers. I put my fingers into my mouth. I sucked them then put them back under her. Next l put them into her mouth and she sucked them eagerly.

Once she had finished we moved into the shower, l was pleased that they had only recently had the bathroom refurbished and a new double shower installed.

“Now l want to pee,” l said. Mum looked towards the toilet. “I’ve got a better idea,” l said, “kneel down.”

She made no protest as she dropped to her knees, l held my cock in front of her face. I immediately started to piss. My stream hit her full in the face, she made no effort to evade it, then opened her mouth. I directed my stream to the back of her throat, l watched her mouth fill with my piss until it cascaded down over her tits. She swallowed, then took another mouthful.

As the strength of my stream eased l put the tip of my cock into her mouth, she swallowed hungrily as l gave her the last contents of my bladder. When l had finished she stood up and kissed me, my tongue entered her mouth and l could taste my own piss.

We bathed each other then towelled each other dry.

“You’re amazing Mum,” l said, “l never imagined you would take it the way you have, l do love you.”

“I love you too baby,” she said kissing me, “l don’t know what happened inside me but it was as if everything suddenly felt so good and the harder you fucked me the better it felt. I’ve always enjoyed your father spanking me, we always had to make sure you were not in the house but now it doesn’t matter any more, l can indulge my fantasies too.”

“Which ones?” I asked.

“Watching you fuck him was amazing, it was so erotic,” she said, “l’m still not sure about this man who has been fucking you, he sounds like a pervert.”

“He’s really nice Mum,” l said, “he’s never forced me to do anything.”

“But you’re so young David.”

“Old enough to fuck your arse Mum,” l smiled.

“Stop it,” she giggled, play punching my chest.

When we went downstairs Mum said she was hungry. She made a meal of pasta while Dad and l sat at the table watching her. She had put on an apron to stop any fat spitting onto her tits and she looked so sexy l couldn’t help wanking my cock. I felt Dad’s hand on top of mine then allowed him to take over while l reached over and held his, just like l’d done with Jeff.

Mum put the plates of pasta in front of us.

“Would you like some extra sauce,” l laughed, standing next to her. I wanked my cock hard, it only took a few seconds before my spunk shot onto her food. Mum laughed, kissing my cock when l finished, sucking the last dregs.

“Mmmmm, extra protein,” she said taking a mouthful, “delicious.”

I got the impression that Dad was still trying to come to terms with what had happened. He seemed to be deep in thought.

“Come on Peter,” Mum said, “what’s on your mind, are you bothered about what we’re doing, l thought you wanted me to be like this.”

“It’s not your fault,” he said.

“What is it then?” She said. “Let’s hear it, we have to be honest with each other and tell each other what we are thinking.”

“It’s about me,” he said, “there are things about me that l have always wanted to keep secret.”

“Well no secrets now Peter,” she said, “has it got to do with how you reacted to David fucking you.”

“I’m not gay,” he said.

“Well l can speak for that,” she laughed, “l’ve never had any reason to suspect that, you’ve always been a fantastic lover right from the days we started fucking in school. For fucks’ sake you had me pregnant at eighteen and if it hadn’t been for the complications when l had David and then my hysterectomy we would probably have a house full of kids now. I’ve never wanted anyone else, not romantically, it was you that started on about wanting to see me being fucked by other men.”

“It’s not about that,” he said, he stopped, thinking for a moment. “Right,” he sighed, “l have to tell you that sometimes, when l’m here on my own, l wear some of your clothes, bra, panties and skirts.”

“Is that all,” Mum said, “is that what is bothering you. I’ve known that for a while Peter, l kept finding my underwear had been moved in the drawer, at first l thought it was David but then it was obvious it was you.”

“And that didn’t bother you?”

“I suppose so at first,” she said, “but then l started to find it exciting, thinking you found me attractive enough you wanted to wear my underwear. I really do wish we’d talked about this before, let’s make this promise now, we tell each other everything, there’s no problem we can’t solve together.”

“Talking of problems,” l said, “l need to go and see Jeff, he will be getting desperate….unless.”

“Unless what?” Mum said.

“What if l ask him to come round here, then you two can meet him and he can fuck you.”

Mum looked at Dad and l could see the suggestion appealed to him. “Go on then,” she said, reaching for the phone and passing it to me.

Jeff picked up after the second ring.

Me : It’s me

Jeff : oh god David, l hoped you would be here by now, l had to wank in the end, l was bursting.

Me : l have you on speaker Jeff, Mum and Dad are with me.

Jeff : Shit…

Me : It’s not a problem Jeff, they know all about us.

Jeff : Wow, l mean that’s good.

Me : Listen Jeff, we’ve been talking, why don’t you come here, we can all get to know each other and then you can fuck Mum, or the other way round, you can fuck Mum first.”

Jeff : Shit….oh fuck….you really mean it.

Mum : Hi Jeff, this is Mo, David’s mother, yes we mean it, you can have your choice, mouth, cunt or my bottom, l know you like David’s arsehole so perhaps you’d prefer mine.

Jeff : l don’t…!… mean…..fucking wow…..this is serious isn’t it, you’re not just winding me up?

Mum : No Jeff darling, l wouldn’t do that. I know that if you hadn’t encouraged David he would never have got round to raping me and l need to say thank you. Please come round.

Me : Can you bring some mags and perhaps a DVD, you know the type l mean.

Jeff : Fuck David you’ve got me leaking pre cum like a tap.

Mum : Don’t waste it darling, l want it inside me.

Jeff : Oh fuck, l don’t know your address, l only took you round the corner remember.

I gave him the address and he said he would be there in less than half an hour. I disconnected the call.

“Go upstairs Peter,” Mum said, “bring down one of my black bras, a pair of black lace panties, my short pleated tartan skirt and a white see through top.”

Dad just stood there looking at her.

“I’m sure you fantasise about being able to be seen when you dress up,” she said, “well this is your chance to put it into reality.”

“You mean you really don’t mind?” He said, l could see the excitement on his face.

“Of course not darling,” she said, “in fact it turns me on, we have to live out our fantasies sweetheart, life is too short to keep it all bottled up. I won’t think any worse of you if you tell me you enjoy being fucked, l want you to be able to tell me everything.”

Dad almost ran up the stairs, Mum shouted after him to bring her make-up bag as well.

“Are you going to make him a cissy Mum?” I said, “l’ve read about them in the magazines at Jeff’s.”

“I think it’s what he wants, and l love him,” she said, “l think it’s incredibly sexy.”

It was only a few minutes before Dad came back down, carrying everything Mum had told him to fetch. She helped him put the bra on, then the panties. She went into the kitchen bringing back a pair of scissors, she cut a hole in the front of the panties and pulled Dad’s cock through it. The top and skirt next, the top was so sheer l could see the bra clearly beneath. Mum told him to sit while she did his make-up. She put lipstick on him, then coloured his cheeks. She did his eyes, giving him bright blue eyelids.

When she told him to stand up, his cock was rigid, pushing out the skirt. Mum decided the skirt needed to be shorter so turned over the waistband until his cock was just visible below the hem.

“Shame we haven’t got a pair of high heels to fit you,” Mum said, “we’ll have to get some.”

She turned to me and asked what l thought.

“He looks like a slut Mum,” l said.

“Perfect,” she replied. She sent him out to the hall to see himself in the mirror.

“Well?” She said when he came back.

“Are you sure you don’t mind?” He said.

“Of course not darling,” she replied, “in fact, if Jeff wasn’t about to arrive l would have asked you to fuck me like that, l’d certainly like to see you fuck David like that later, what do you say David?”

“Oh yes please,” l said, “l love being fucked and he does look so sexy.”

I could see Dad relax knowing that we were both ready to accept him for what he was.

“I had better go and put something on,” she said, “what should l wear David.”

“Nothing,” l replied, “he’s not coming to look at your fashion sense, he’s coming to fuck you.”

I saw uncertainty on her face but she accepted it. She grew more and more agitated as we waited, none of us said anything, we all recognised the significance of what was about to happen. It was a major step for her to be fucked by her son but to give herself so openly to a man she had never met before was another giant step.

The doorbell rang, Mum looked at me.

“Well go and let him in then,” l said.

She walked uncertainly out into the hall, l went behind her, telling Dad to stay in the lounge. She got to about a yard from the door, she looked as if she was gathering courage. She let out a deep sigh then stepped forward and opened the door.

I had expected her to try and hide behind the door but no, she opened the door wide and stood there in full view.

“Jesus fuck,” Jeff said, almost taking a step back in shock, he gathered himself quickly. “You’re fucking beautiful,” he said.

“Thank you,” she said, stepping out to the threshold which put her in full view if anyone was looking. “You’re the man that’s been fucking my son,” she said, “l hope you’re going to do as good a job on me.”

Jeff visibly relaxed and even more when she hugged him. He put his arms around her, his hands going to her bottom.

“Come on in,” she said, stepping back and leaving room for him to enter, he saw me standing there stroking my cock.

“Fuck me David,” he said, “she’s fucking gorgeous.”

It was so funny, after all the confidence that Jeff had shown with me, he had been knocked off his stride when Mum opened the door. I could see the bulge in his trousers l had to stop myself from kneeling before him and sucking his cock. He was carrying his laptop and a bag which looked to contain some magazines.

“Why don’t we go through to the lounge,” Mum said. She led the way, Jeff walked past me, giving my cock a squeeze. Mum saw him hold me. “You two boys can wait for your fun,” she said, “l thought the reason for this meet was for Jeff to fuck me.” She giggled.

As she entered the lounge she turned to Jeff, “This is Peter my husband,” she said.

Dad stood in the middle of the room, he looked like a street whore, his cock was so hard l could see the veins throbbing.

“I’m sure you understand,” Mum said, “we have all discovered a great deal about each other in the last few hours, from me being raped by my son to discovering that my husband likes to cross dress and that he enjoys being fucked, What do you think of him, l think he looks so sexy, we haven’t come up with a name for him yet, would you like to fuck him later?”

Jeff was staggered, this was far better than he had hoped.

“He looks gorgeous,” he managed to say, “but if you don’t mind, l’ve been wanking all day and holding myself on the edge, l would like to fuck you first but l’m afraid l will cum very quickly.”

“Of course,” Mum smiled, “l understand, why don’t you get out of those clothes and you can have me, do you have a favourite position?”

“Doggy style,” he said, almost tearing his clothes off.

“Of course,” she giggled, “that gives you a choice of holes, you can use either and you don’t need to be gentle, l like it rough in either hole.”

I heard Dad groan and saw him wanking. I went over to him and knelt before him. As l touched his cock with my lips he grabbed me and forced his cock hard into the back of my throat and came. I gagged on his spunk but fought it and swallowed as hard as l could. His cock was pulsating as he pumped huge servings of spunk into me, l couldn’t take it all, it ran out of my mouth dripping onto my chest.

As his orgasm subsided and l sucked the last of his spunk away, l saw Mum on her hands and knees, Jeff was behind her and just at that moment he rammed his cock into her cunt. I could see the look of pleasure on his face.

“Oh that feels good,” Mum said, “l’m so lucky to have three big cocks to fuck me.”

“I can’t hold it,” Jeff cried out, grinding his hips against her.

“That’s okay baby, l understand,” she said, “let it happen l’ll be your spunk dump.”

“Oh fuck!” He shouted. He shook from head to toe and as l watched his body went into spasm. I left Dad and went over to Jeff. I put two fingers into my mouth then reached under him and pushed them Ito his arsehole. He cried out again and so did Mum as he forced himself as deep as he could, his buttocks clenching, his anus gripping my fingers as he pumped more spunk into my mother.

He finally rolled off her, collapsing on the floor, cum still oozing from his cock.

“Peter, lie on the floor,” Mum ordered.

Dad did as she said and she straddled his face, turned towards his feet. Cum was dripping from her cunt onto his face then she lowered herself onto his mouth. “Lick Jeff’s spunk out of my cunt,” she said, Dad’s cock was standing up like a flag pole, she slapped it as if she was swatting a fly. Dad’s body jerked and pre cum was oozing from his cock.

Jeff was lying next to Dad and as he looked sideways, Dad’s cock was right in front of his face. He got up on all fours and slid his mouth over his cock just as Dad came. Jeff’s bottom was up, l could see his anus glistening, l guessed that he had lubed himself ready before he arrived. I had to cum so l just rammed my cock into his arsehole, cumming almost immediately, my pelvis grinding against him as l unloaded my spunk.

Mum was smiling at me. “Thank you David,” she said, blowing me a kiss, “none of this would have happened if you hadn’t raped me, l do love you, we are going to have so much fun.”

“I love you too Mum,” l said, “you are the most beautiful, sexy woman in the world, you are my goddess.”


2022-09-09 12:10:29
This second part was as good as the first, I'm just wondering if there is a third or more parts ?


2022-09-09 01:35:15
I would love to see my wife getting fucked by myself and a few other cocks in a wild gangbang! Thank you

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