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Sam and April, home from college decide Sam's brother would be a nice sex toy
April Showers

It felt great to wake up in my old bed again. After nine months in the city, being back in the country was like seeing an old friend. I stretched the sleep from my body and looked at April lying next to me. Her folks were celebrating being empty nesters by taking a cruise, and she had accepted my invitation to spend the summer.

April and I shared a room at school. We didn’t go out partying much, but after studying we’d usually have a few beers and talk, often about sex the way teens will. At eighteen she’s still a virgin and I don’t have a lot of experience myself. Not from lack of offers, I’m a tall redhead with a decent body, Amber goes for a punk look with spiky blonde hair and has a full figure that gets her plenty of attention. I’d had a few uninspired fucks, April had given a few hand jobs, but nothing more.

Really, we just hadn’t found anyone that interested us that much.

One night, out of nowhere, April stripped off her top and asked what I thought of her tits. Now, I hadn’t touched another girl’s tit since training bras and budding breasts were novelties, but I had been wanting to feel Aprils for a while. I thought mine were nice enough, but they just sort of sat there. Hers always looked like they were moving, even with a bra on. I moved closer and put both hands on her chest, running my fingers over her breasts and lifting them. They were wonderfully smooth and heavy, and her nipples grew to soft pebbles as I rubbed them.

“They’re wonderful” I told her. “I see why boys like playing with tits so much. Yours are perfect, compared to them mine are just…you tell me what mine are” I said, removing my shirt and bra and laying back on the bed.

In that moment I wanted nothing so much as to have April’s hands on me. She sat on my legs and pushed my hips down with her palms. Her hands slid up my sides, her thumbs caught the underside of my tits and pushed into my flesh as her fingers curled in and found my nipples. I was in heaven as she gently pulled and twisted me before declaring that my tits were worthy of a goddess.

We were both surprised by what we had just done, but not embarrassed. After that we started fooling around on regular basis, but we called it ‘practicing for the real thing’. We even bought a penis shaped dildo and practiced blow jobs on it. Some nights we would examine and play with each other’s pussy for hours. April’s fingers sliding in and out of my cunt could bring me to orgasm in minutes. She liked it better when I used the dildo on her. I loved penetrating her, my head inches away watching the plastic stretch her open and disappear into her cunt.

Not that we stopped going on dates though. I got fucked a few more times but the guys were awkward and not satisfying. April still didn’t find anyone worth losing her virginity to. When the school year ended, it was only natural that she agreed to spend the summer with me.

Now, my house is pretty small. upstairs there were two small bedrooms with a bath in the middle that I shared with my younger brother Ken. Summers the place got baking hot, so Ken and I spent most our time up there naked. We were kids, playing games on the floor and wrestling on the beds and never thought about having clothes on. Even when we got older, we seldom wore anything upstairs in summer.

April and I had arrived from school yesterday. Already settled in, we were in my room checking the web for summer jobs when we heard the toilet seat hitting the tank, followed a second later by the sound of Ken peeing into the bowl. April jumped up and peeked around the partially open door to the bathroom. A few seconds later she quietly closed the door and came back.

“Sam, that was awesome! I was watching your brother in the mirror as he pissed! I couldn’t see everything

because of the angle, but still!”

“April, what’s the big deal, I’ve seen him pee hundreds of times. You’ve never seen a guy pissing before? “

“No, that’s why it was so cool. I wish I had a brother like yours. You know Ken’s a hunk, right?”

I had never thought of Ken as being sexy, he was just my brother. Thinking about it, he was pretty tall, played a few sports and kept in shape. I guess you could call him a hunk.

“Sam, you need to tell me everything! Have you seen him hard? Does he have a big dick?”

So, I told her all about growing up with Ken. About the heat and playing together naked till bedtime. Sharing a bathroom and showering together. I told how I laughed the first time I caught him with a boner, jumping on his stomach and slapping his little pecker back and forth. How we didn’t bother to shut our bathroom doors until we were in our teens, and even them we would often forget.

“And April, you’ll like this. In the shower I used to hold his dick while he peed, and I’ve seen him jerk off. At night I’d hear his bed start to squeak and go watch in the bathroom mirror so he couldn’t see me. I’d rub myself too, but he always came before I could finish. He did it with the light off so I couldn’t see that well, but I think he has a decent size cock”

“Wow, you were so lucky. Do you think he’d let me watch him piss, you know, standing right next to him?

“If you ask, he’ll probably let you. Hey, let’s have some fun with it. The folks are leaving tomorrow for the weekend. We’ll get him all worked up, then we’ll have him pee for us Friday night.”

“Now, in this heat, we’d probably be almost naked if you weren’t here. I’ll go tell him he might see us in our underwear keeping cool, but not to get any ideas, OK?”

“Sam, you have the craziest ideas sometimes. If I get to watch him piss, then I’m totally in. We’ll drive him crazy.”

We took off our shirts and shorts, leaving us in plain cotton bras and panties. I walked through the bathroom and opened Kens connecting door so he could see me. Speaking loud enough for April to hear I told him: “It’s too hot up here for clothes, so April and I will be in our underwear. You better behave yourself and keep your pecker covered.”

Back in my room I sat next to April on the bed.

“Listen, I’ve seen the way he’s been checking you out. I know he’s dying for a look at your tits. In ten minutes, he’s going to find a reason to stick his head in here. When he does, we have to act cool. We’ll check out some more jobs for now and you’ll see if I’m right.”

I was close, it was fifteen minutes when Ken looked in. “I’m going to get some iced tea, you interested?”

April looked him up and down as he stood in the doorway, “We’d love some, thanks Ken.”

Ken came back and put a tray with three glasses on the desk. He pointed at my laptop. “You’re job hunting too, any luck?

April was being quite the flirt. She swiveled the desk chair to face him with her legs halfway open, the broad white front of her panties almost under his nose. “We found some that are worth checking out, but we’re still looking.”

Ken acted like he wanted to hang around, but I said goodbye and pushed him towards the door. April watched his butt under his shorts as he walked out. “Did you see the way he was checking us out? I bet he had to leave before he got a wet spot. Do you think he’s a virgin?”

“There’s an easy way to find out.”

I yelled through the bathroom: “Hey Ken, April wants to know if you’re a virgin!”

“None of your damn business!”

“That’s OK, so is she!”

I started thinking ‘Virgin Brother. Virgin friend’. Maybe I could change that, kill two birds with one stone as it may. Ken would be easy, and April seemed to like him. I figured if I got her horny enough, she’ll be happy to jump on his meat, and I wanted to make it happen. The thought of getting them together was getting me excited


We made it through the next day, and when my father got home he took a quick shower and the ‘rents took off with the usual warnings. “Act like adults, don’t make a mess, call if you need to.”

Late that afternoon April and I were sitting in the kitchen having a beer when Ken joined us. We sat around having a couple, chatting about school and job hunting. After a while I asked Ken to excuse us and took April upstairs.

In my bedroom I told April: “Time for the next phase. First thing is a change of underwear. We’ll need to strip.” A minute later we were looking at each other naked. Although I had seen her body many times asked her to turn around for me.

She looked great. Nice tits, big nipples, a trimmed bush and a tight ass. “We’ll go back down in our underwear, but not that tighty-whitey stuff. Put these on.” I tossed her a set I bought while at school that were a bit big for me. The bottoms were yellow, low rise, and loose like boxers but short. The thin bra showed her nipples and pushed her breasts out. I donned a similar set in light blue. Our tits stuck out and our ass cheeks hung down. We looked great.

Ken actually spit out his beer when he saw us. If we had been in heels he might have cum. We casually got fresh beers and sat down again. Over my beer I told Ken: “We intend to stay comfortable this weekend, and this is comfortable. You do whatever you want, but keep it covered. Dinner will be in fifteen minutes, now get out of here so we can cook.

We had a hard time not laughing as we put together a tuna salad. “April, did you see the look on his face and that bulge in his shorts? I swear he never took his eyes off your tits. I thought about running my hand over your thigh, but I think he would have lost it.”

Ken came back just as we were sitting down. He had changed from cargo shorts into light trunks, and his bulge was gone. I nudged April and pointed, “Looks like he’s either gotten used to seeing us like this or he took care of something upstairs.”

“Don’t pay attention to your sister Ken, she’s teasing. We put these things on to give you a little thrill, and I think you’ve been very nice so far. Let’s just enjoy our meal”

Between bites I asked April about growing up with an older sister.

“Well, one thing that was nice was I could always go to her for advice. If I had a problem, chances were she had gone through the same thing already and could help me out. Of course, we had our fights, but I do miss our girl talks, and you’ll never be as close to anyone as the people you grew up with.”

“I know what you mean. More than being brother and sister, or even boy/girl, Ken and I were best buds. There weren’t many other kids in the neighborhood, so we spent a lot of time together. I told you as kids we never wore clothes upstairs when it was hot and even showered together.”

“That reminds me. Ken, yesterday you were taking a piss and April heard you. Actually, she got up and watched you.”

April cut me off there.

“Truth is Ken, I tried but I could only see a bit of you in the mirror. I’ve never seen a guy, you know, pee, and I was curious. I hope you don’t mind. Truth is, I really didn’t ‘see’ anything, and I’m still curious. Do you think I could watch you do it again?”

I thought Ken would be shy, but I was wrong. He took a long swig of his beer and stood up.

“How could I mind? I mean, Sam has seen me do it, so that’s no big deal. And now another, beautiful, girl wants to watch me peeing. But if I’m doing it as a favor for you, will you do something for me? Your breasts look so beautiful, after I pee, will you let me see them?

I got up pulling April with me. “Sounds like a deal to me! Let’s do it in the downstairs shower, we can all fit.”

In my excitement I just about dragged them into the parents’ bath. The entire floor was tiled, and an open shower took up the far wall. I closed the toilet and took a seat.

“I’m going to stay here and make sure you two don’t get carried away. Plus, I really want to watch. Ken, you agreed to let April watch you pee. April, you’ll let Ken see your boobs?”

“I’ll do better than that. Ken you can sit next to me tonight while we watch a movie. Anything with your hands above the waist will be OK.”

Now that everything was agreed to, April knelt on a towel to get the best view. Ken faced the wall to slide his trunks off, I thought that was so cute. When he turned back around, his cock was standing straight up in front of April’s face. It was larger than I remembered, with a nice length and girth for his age. He seemed nervous but nodded at April, she nodded back, and he began the show.

With two fingers and his thumb he pulled back his foreskin, revealing his glans, slick with pecum. April shouted: “Stop! I’ve never seen a guy do that before! Do it again!” Ken shrugged, bent his cock down, and using his forefingers he rolled his foreskin back and forth in front of April’s nose a few times. Satisfied, she sat back and told him to go for it.

By now I was leaning forward watching with my legs spread. My hand dropped down to play with my clit through my panties.

Ken explained, “I know if I pull it down, I won’t be able to pee, so I’ll have to go almost straight up. You may get wet so be ready.” He took his hand away and looking at down April, started peeing. Like from a hose, piss shot up to his chin and splashed down on his chest and stomach. I saw yellow drops of urine fall on April’s upturned face and tits, and I found myself wishing it was me. The smell his piss filled the air, mixing with the smell of my pussy.

Pissing never takes that long, after about 15 seconds his pressure diminished and his dick deflated, warm piss traced a line down April’s body before the last drops hit the floor. She collected his wetness on her hands and held them to her face, stunned by the excitement that had gripped her.

I helped April up and hugged her. “What did you think?” Was it everything you hoped for?”

“And then some! I didn’t think it would feel so erotic. Ken, thank you so much. I think your foreskin is very cool, and I loved watching piss come from your dick, and I didn’t mind getting wet at all.”

Ken rinsed himself down in the shower and slipped his shorts back on, April just patted herself off. I thought about going up and changing my panties but decided not to. I knew I would just get those wet too.

We got fresh beers and picked out a movie. It was a rom-com, something Ken usually would complain about, but by then he didn’t care was the movie was. Come to think about it, neither did I.

When we had our beers and the movie ready to play, April stood before Ken, hands on his hips. “Don’t just stand there. If you want to see them, you need to take this off.”

Ken was able to figure out her bra, but it was fun to watch. It closed if the front, and he was trying not to touch her tits as he opened it. Slipping off the little piece of fabric and tossing it on a table, April rocked from side to side. I’d seen her do this before. At the right speed she could get her tits to swing like pendulums. Ken reached out to touch them, but she slapped at his hand. “You need to wait, I said during the movie!”

We squeezed together in the center of the couch with Kens arms around our shoulders. I watched as he finally got to put his hand on April’s tit, his fingers lightly caressing her nipple. I felt it was time for me to get a little attention too, so I opened my top and moved Kens other hand down and cupped it over my tit. We stayed like that for the entire movie, April and I leaning against his chest and feeding him sips of beer.

After the movie we gathered our clothes and went upstairs to bed. At Kens door we each gave him a quick good night kiss. I know he wanted more, but I thought it was enough for the first night and pulled April behind me down the hall.

Naked in my bed, April and I wrapped our arms around each other and had a real kiss before dropping off, the kind I’m sure Ken had hoped for.

April and I were up early puttered around in the kitchen enjoying our coffee and getting breakfast ready.

“So, April, tell me, how do you feel about last night?”

“You know, it was really sort of sweet. All the stuff we did in the shower was very cool, and we all got turned on, but there wasn’t any, you know, touching? And on the couch Ken wasn’t trying to paw at us like most guys would. So yeah, I’d say it was sweet. And Ken having a foreskin is cool. I’ve only seen a few cocks and they didn’t have one. I think I like your brother’s dick.”

“Tell him you want to play with it, he won’t say no. And think about what we can do with him tonight. I have a couple of ideas already.”

We had breakfast cooking when my brother dragged himself in and plopped his butt in a chair. He seemed disappointed to see us in shorts and shirts. I brought him coffee and kissed the top of his head.

“What’s the matter, you thought we’d be prancing around naked? Two things: First, we really don’t want to see you walking around with a boner all day, got it? Second, cooking bacon nude is never a good idea.”

After we ate, I told Ken April and I would be out shopping all morning and would be back after lunch. I suggested if he had nothing else to do the place could use some cleaning. “If this place is trashed when Mom and Dad get back, we might not have any more weekends to ourselves.

It was a twenty-minute drive to the mall, and I took the opportunity to work on April, I wanted her thinking about tonight’s fun.

“The folks will be back tomorrow, so we should think up something really good for tonight. I think we need to go further, at least watching Ken come. Do you have any ideas?”

“How about playing Truth or Dare? There’s a few things I’d like to try, but I don’t want to go too far. What do you want? You didn’t get to ask for anything last night.”

“True, but I had my fun, seeing how far you two would go with a little prodding. I’ll tell you, when I held Ken’s prick as a kid, it was just playing around. Now that we’re grown up watching him piss is a real turn on. I think you should hold it tonight while he pisses, you could work it into playing with his foreskin.”

April shifted in her seat to look at me. “Oh, sounds like you’ve been using us for your pleasure. Well, tonight maybe I’ll be able to surprise you.”

At the mall we got a couple of iced teas and cruised around. Mostly we window shopped and stopped in a few places to fill out a few job applications. We did each get a bikini, and at Victoria’s Secret I helped April pick out a few sets of frilly undies.

At the food court we grabbed a bite and then started back. I stopped at a corner shopping center with a drugstore and bought a box of condoms. “Just in case.” Then I shocked April by adding: “Who knows, I might decide to take a ride myself.”

There was a bake-it-yourself pizza place next door, so we went in to get a couple. An old friend from High school was working the counter and waved as we entered.

“Sam, good to see you, how you been?”

“Damn if it isn’t Tom, how the hell are you! When’d you get back in town?"

Tom and I had gone out a few times when we were skinny little freshmen. I think you could say we’d both filled out nicely since then.

"Last week, got my old job back here for the summer and they made me day manager. You’re looking fantastic Sam, who’s your friend?”

“Sorry, I should have introduced you. Tom, this is April, she’s spending the summer with me while her folks go cruising. We need a couple of pizzas to get us through the weekend, I’m thinking two large specials and a Hawaiian.”

Tom talked over his shoulder as he wrapped our order. “Are you two looking for work? We’re hiring.”

“We’re looking, but we don’t want food service if we can avoid it. My brother Ken might be interested though.

“He’ll be a senior next year, right? I’ve met him, he seems to have his act together. Have him call me if he’s interested.”

I wrote my number on the back of the receipt and held it in front of his face.

“I’ll tell him, and you’ll call me if you’re interested?” He smiled and pocketed the receipt

“I’ll call you soon, maybe we could have dinner? Enjoy the pizza, and nice meeting you April.”

It was after three when we got back, Ken wasn’t around, but he had done a good job cleaning. It was a beautiful afternoon, just right for sunbathing so after putting the food away Amber and I got into our bikinis. April was fascinated by the way I worked my fingers around the edge of my top, pushing more boob into it.

“I saw this on the internet, it makes you look bigger, let me show you.” I stood behind her so she could watch in the mirror. “You pull out the top a little and push your skin under, start by your armpit and stop underneath the nipple.” I did her right one, in the mirror she almost looked lopsided. “See you just grew a cup size. Now you do the other one.”

When done, she looked fantastic, the suit was stretched tight, and tons of cleavage showed.

With a cooler of beer and some magazines we sat out back and soaked up the rays.

Ken came in around four and said hello, then changed into trunks and joined us. I know he took the lounger across the patio so he could check us out. We didn’t mind, after all we were there to be seen. We asked if he liked our suits (he did), and told him of the job offer (he’ll call).

April sat up and grabbed the sunscreen. “I want to get some sun on my back. Ken, would you put some of this on for me?” As if he might say no. She rolled over and rested her head in her arms. Ken knelt by her side and squeezed out some lotion onto her back. “Be a dear and undo my top, I don’t want to get a line.”

I thought they might like a minute alone, so I went inside “for a pee and maybe get a snack”. Actually, I wanted to watch them from the kitchen window.

April did want me to disappear, but not for the reason I thought. Without moving her head she started talking. “Ken, I found out that your sister is having fun with us. She’s trying to push us together so she can watch and get herself off. Not that I’m complaining, it’s a blast, and I do like you, but she needs to get hers. We’re going to play Truth or Dare tonight, so think up something good we can do to her. And when we go back in, let’s act all touchy – feely, it’ll play with her head.”

We didn’t want to burn our first day, so we went in early to fix dinner. I sat with a beer and watched as they put a salad together to go with the pizza. I’ve never seen two people take so long on a salad, but it was fun to watch. They were bumping into each other, a hand would brush over a bum, they were hip to hip at the sink. I think I saw Ken squeeze a tit while April was looking for something in the bottom of the fridge. If they were trying to be subtle, they were doing a bad job of it.

Once the salad was ready and the pizza in the oven, April and I decided it was time to get more comfortable. Upstairs we got out of the bikinis and put on the same type of loose bottoms we wore yesterday, and short tops that hung open at the bottom, our underboobs clearly visible.

As we ate, I filled Ken in on our plan for the evening. “After dinner we’re going to watch a movie, of course you’re welcome to join us. Then we thought you’d like to play Truth or Dare, unless you’re chicken. If you do want to play, you’ll need to get out of those shorts and put on a pair of whitey-tighties. That’s the rule.”

He ran upstairs to change while we cleared the table, and came back down looking slightly uncomfortable, his half hard cock squashed into his underwear. I told him to take the chair and April and I cuddled together on the couch. During the movie we gave my brother a little show. Just a few quick kisses, hands under our tops, not too much, but enough to keep him on edge.

We were all pretty horny by the time the movie finished. I turned the lights on low, and we sat on the carpet cross-legged, our knees touching. Ken was still semi-hard, and each of us had a small wet spot fully exposed by our position.

April said “Sam, Ken and I talked about it, and since you didn’t get to ask for anything last night you have to go first. What will it be, Truth or Dare?”

This is not the way I expected the game to start but I couldn’t see a way out of it, so I said ‘Dare’.

They whispered for such a long time I started wondering what they were up to. Finally, they decided on my dare.

“Sam, your dare is to get completely naked and give Ken a blow job for one minute.”

Ken stood and stepped out of his shorts, his dick standing almost straight up. There was no way I could back down, so I removed my top and stepped out of my bottoms.

From my knees his cock was lined up with my mouth. April got her phone and after pushing a few buttons said “GO!” I leaned in and put my lips around my brother’s penis as lightly as I could and bobbed my head up and down. I didn’t suck and I didn’t use my tongue, the last thing I wanted then was his cum in my mouth. April stood to the side, holding her phone and called out the time. “30, 40, 50 , Done!’

It really hadn’t been too bad. My tongue was covered with precum, but that was it. I thought of taking a swig of beer to get rid of it, but then realized I liked it the way it was.

Now it was Ken’s turn, and he picked truth. April and I came up with a good one for him.

“Ken, after we went upstairs yesterday, we know you jerked off, don’t even think about denying it. We want you to describe what you did and what you were thinking about while you did it, in detail.”

He took a long pull on his beer and started talking.

“OK, after the movie when we got upstairs, I was thinking maybe April would, you know, join me in my room. Instead, all I got was a kiss, not even much of a kiss. So, I got on my bed, naked of course, and started thinking about everything we had just done. I held my dick like I usually do when I jerk off but just barely moved my hand on it.”

“When we first got to the shower, I thought I’d be able to be really cool with the whole peeing thing. I mean, Sam’s seen me do it and it was no big deal. But when I turned around and saw April my knees got weak. None of my dates have ever even seen me naked, now two women were looking right at my dick.”

I had to pee pretty bad because of the beer, and it can be hard to go with an erection, so I was really glad I didn’t freeze up. I watched both of you as I pissed. Sam, you had your legs spread and were rubbing yourself, and April, I was surprised at the way you were smiling as my piss splashed on you.” The whole thing was very cool, and the way you looked I started thinking tonight might be the night.

And all the time I’m in bed thinking about this, my dick is dripping precum on my stomach.

“Then we watched that movie. Can you imagine what it was like, sitting for an hour and a half, a tit in each hand? It was great, don’t get me wrong, but I kept hoping someone would play with my dick. It was hard almost the entire time, and I was getting blue balls.”

“So, that’s the state I was in, alone in my room, slowly playing with my cock. I imagined April walking in, her tits swaying back and forth, and when she gets to the bed, she hooks her thumbs into her panties and starts pulling them down.”

“That’s when I came. And the longer a guy is hard before he comes, the more he comes and the harder he comes. Last night it was really something.”

I was touched the way he didn’t hold anything back. “Ken, you told that wonderfully. And sorry about the blue balls, one of us should have taken care of you. I wouldn’t mind giving my brother a hand job when he needed it.”

“April, now it’s your turn, what will it be, Truth or Dare?


“Ken, let me handle this one, OK?”

“April, earlier you told me something you’d like to do with Ken. Now you need to tell him.”

“I’ll tell, but I’ve changed it a bit since then, and I’m going to change the rules. I’ll tell the truth, then both of you have to accept my dare – understand?”

We agreed and she continued.

“Ken, the other night when Sam said I was a virgin she wasn’t kidding. I’ve had opportunities, but never felt that close a connection with the guy, you know? Your sister and I are close, closer than you might imagine. And I like you, you’re sweet and funny and cute. I may climb into your bed one day, but for now I want to go a slow and get to know you more.”

“So tonight, I want us to have some fun, and I promise, no blue balls. Yesterday, as I watched you pissing I got incredibly turned on, I think we all did. So this is my dare”:

“I want us all to get in the shower naked. You’ll let me play with your dick and foreskin, then I’ll hold your penis while you pee. I liked it when I felt your pee on me, but tonight you’ll pee on your sister. Then when you’re done, Sam and I are going to pee on you.”

A lot of this was a surprise to me, and Ken looked absolutely stunned. He shook his head to clear it, and standing, helped us to our feet.

We lost no time getting to the bathroom. Ken stood naked in the center of the room and April and I knelt to examine him. He was fully erect, and he explained to April how the precum let his foreskin slide as she rolled it back and forth


When she was satisfied April asked me to sit against the wall with my brother standing over my feet. I got in position, but Ken had a problem. His poor cock was still pointing towards the ceiling, unfit for what we wanted.

April shook her head and said, “This will never do.” Taking his cock in hand, she quickly jerked him off. In was only seconds before my brother’s head went back and I saw cum shooting high above my head before falling on my tits and stomach. As quickly as it began it was over. April licked at her fingers with the tip of her tongue, and I played with the mess on my stomach while Ken caught his breath.

Finally, the main event. April stood slightly behind Ken and looked around his side. As soon she had a good grip on his penis he let loose. April directed his stream so it hit my cunt, I spread its lips and let his hot piss work magic on my clit. Then as she worked his piss further up my body my hands followed, mixing pee into his cum leaving me covered in a sticky mixture of both. Finally, my face. As my eyes, my nose, and especially my mouth were pissed on I pulled at my love button, triggering an orgasm that left me limp and gasping on the floor.

They helped me to my feet and hugged and kissed me in turn. I’m not sure what I had in mind two days ago, but whatever it may have been, I knew this was better.

Now it was Ken’s turn. His dick already hard again, he laid flat on his back as I straddled his crotch and April knelt by his head. Looking into each other’s eyes we released our bladders. Piss streamed from our cunts; the smell of it heavy in the air. I watched my brother rubbing my pee into his cock and balls as April’s warm piss washed over his face. When he opened his mouth and started swallowing her offering, I moved up and pressed her mouth to my cunt, she drank from me until I was dry.

We were all stunned by the passion of the acts we had just gone through. After showering we slid naked onto the parent’s bed, the only one big enough for the three of us.

I held April in my arms. “April, I really meant for tonight to be for you, and you haven’t had an orgasm yet. Let me fix that.

There was one thing April and I had not done before, but I did it then. Sliding down I separated her legs. The cunt I had seen many times was opened to me. My lips touched her lips. My tongue dipped into her vagina, tasting her beauty. I sucked her clit in and rolled my tongue on it until she came, feeling her orgasm triggered one in me.

Before we fell asleep April told me: “Sam, Ken and I know you started this because you wanted to watch us together, and it was fun, and we thank you. But we still think you owe us, so next time your parents leave for the weekend you are going to be our sex toy and more. What we want, you do. And do you know why? Because if you don’t, maybe the video I took of you sucking on your brother’s dick will get out. Sweet dreams.


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Love a good shower ;)


2022-09-17 18:06:11
Incredible story. Very teasing but believable! More ease


2022-09-16 20:12:28
reat story! It was lots of fun and more believable then having two virgins jump straight to anal or something like that. You kept my interest the whole time.

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