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Maureen helps and elderly neighbour which leads to an evening of fun
Why does time always slow down when you are waiting for something good to happen?

My last lesson seemed to drag on for hours. When the bell finally rang, everyone jumped up, grabbed their bags and crowded for the door, Miss Richards shouting in vain for us not to forget to get out homework in by Friday.

I could have rushed straight to the toilet block but l didn’t want to arouse suspicion, everyone else seemed more intent on getting off school property as soon as possible. Also, l was hoping Alice was there waiting and l wanted her to wait, wanted her to worry that l wouldn’t bother turning up and spread the story about her and her father anyway.

When l was happy that l was not in a position to be observed, l backed up and circled round to the toilet block. I went round the back to find a very nervous Alice.

“I thought you weren’t coming,” she said.

“I haven’t got long,” l replied, “show me your tits.”

“I thought you just wanted me to….you know,” she said, “you didn’t say anything about showing my boobs.”

“They are not boobs Alice,” l said, “they are tits, well they would be if they were more than just bumps on your chest. How come your mother has tits like fucking airbags and you have two little bumps with nipples on.”

“That’s not fair,” she said, “l can’t do anything to make them bigger.”

“I’m told that swallowing plenty of spunk makes them bigger,” l said, “now take your top off or you might get spunk on your clothes when l cum.”

“You don’t make it sound very romantic,” she said, unbuttoning her shirt and taking it off.

“I’m not making love to you,” l replied, “you’re just sucking my cock. And god knows why you wear a bra, take that off too.”

“What if someone comes?” She protested.

“The only one cumming is going to be me when l shoot my spunk down your throat,” l laughed.

Reluctantly she removed her bra. I told her to kneel down in front of me.

“Now take out my cock,” l ordered once she was in position.

She undid my trousers and after much manoeuvring she pulled out my semi hard cock.

“It’s bigger than Daddy’s,” she said, “it’s bigger that Vicar John’s, is that the right size?”

“There is no right size,” l said, “l’m lucky to be big for my age but size isn’t that important, l mean a girl likes to feel her cunt being filled but the cock doesn’t need to be massive to give her an orgasm. How many cocks have you sucked?”

She hesitated, sighed then told me. “Just two,” she said, “Daddy’s and Vicar John.”

“Did they cum in your mouth?”

“No!” She replied, “Daddy didn’t cum at all, he just put his thing in my mouth for a few seconds then ran off to the bathroom. Vicar John finished but Mummy took it on her boobs.”

“It’s not a thing Alice, it’s a cock, and boobs are tits.”

“I know, l’m sorry,” she said.

“Now l’m going to put my cock in your mouth,” l told her, “l’m going to push it right to the back of your mouth but not hard, then l’m going to fuck your mouth. When l tell you l’m going to cum, l will pull back with just the head in your mouth, once l start shooting my spunk into you you have to swallow as hard as you can. There will be a lot of spunk because l haven’t wanked this afternoon.”

“It looks so big David,” she said, “it’s much bigger than Vicar John, will it fit in my mouth?”

“You have to learn to take it Alice,” l said, “just like you have to learn how to take a good hard fucking up your cunt and arsehole. Now open your mouth and get on with it, l haven’t got all day.”

She opened her mouth to protest but by then my hand was on the back of her head, l pulled her forward and onto my cock. Her eyes opened wide as l filled her mouth. I wanted to force it right in but held back, l knew l wouldn’t be able to hold back my cum for long my balls were aching and my cock was throbbing in her mouth.

I started fucking her slowly, sliding my cock back and fore, l felt her mouth adjusting as she struggled to take it.

“Don’t fight it you stupid cunt,” l shouted at her, “take it, work your mouth on me and suck it,”

Her eyes were turned up to me, they filled with tears. I ignored it, l dearly wanted to ram my cock into her throat it took all of my self restraint to hold back. I wanted to cum but l needed to fuck her harder to take myself over the edge. I had no option, l would have to wank.

“You’re fucking useless,” l said, pulling my cock out and taking hold of it. “Open your mouth wide, l’m going to have to wank into your mouth.”

She did as she was told and l started wanking furiously. Within seconds my first shot of spunk burst from my cock, a long white ribbon of spunk that went across her face. She tried to move away but l had hold of her hair. The second shot followed the first, her face now covered with spunk. I wanted to ram my cock back into her mouth but then l would get spunk on my clothes.

I managed to hold her firm and get the head of my cock between her lips. “Now suck it and swallow,” l said, “suck it like you fucking want it.”

Her lips closed around my cock as l pumped my spunk into her. I felt her sucking then swallowing, she almost gagged at the first mouthful but then settled and started with a rhythm.

“That’s better,” l said as my cock pulsated against her lips.

The force of my orgasm soon faded. “Now suck the last dregs from me,” l said, “then lick the shaft to clean all the spunk off it.”

She did as she was told and l felt as if she was losing her reluctance. After she had cleaned my shaft she went back to the head, the tip of her tongue taking the last bead of spunk from the eye.

“That’s better,” l said, “see, it’s much better when you don’t struggle.” I stepped away. “Now scoop the spunk off your face and lick it off your fingers.”

There was a moment’s hesitation but before l could repeat myself she started to do it. Soon she had removed most of my spunk from her face. I thought how good it would be to make her walk home with the remaining spunk still on her face but decided to be kind.

“You can wash your face in the toilet,” l said, tucking my cock back inside my trousers. “You can go home now, but tomorrow lunch time you come back here and do it again.”

“Will it be just us?” She asked.

“Probably not,” l said, “there’s bound to be some of my mates her getting blow jobs, probably some fucking Jill. It will be better for you once they see you joining in, l might even let one of the others cum in your mouth, you will be accepted then and they will be friendlier.”

“Can’t it just be you?” She said.

“All the girls that come round here get shared,” l said, “you’ll get used to it. Now fuck off home, you can tell that cunt of a mother what you’ve been doing, l’d love to see the look on her face, the fat cow.”

“I couldn’t do that,” she said, “this has to be our secret.”

“You can try that if you like,” l laughed, “but once the other lads know you’re one of our sluts they will be telling everyone, they probably want photos too.”

I left her to contemplate the consequences of what she had just done, l didn’t feel sorry for her, both she and her mother had been horrible to Mum, Alice had just got what she deserved, l couldn’t wait for the next evening when her mother would get hers too.

I was running late by the time l got to the shop. Jeff was just locking the door and putting up the “closed” sign. He opened the door and let me in.

“You’re closing early,” l said.

“I couldn’t wait any longer,” he replied, “l have to meet someone, it’s to do with arranging things for you mother. I have to go David.”

“Don’t you want to fuck me?” I said.

“I’d love to but this chap won’t wait, l have to go.”

He must have seen the disappointment on my face, l was looking forward to being fucked.

“You need to go home and talk to your mother,” he said, “she was round here earlier, she has a few things to tell you that you will like. Jesus David, she is one hell of a woman, fucking unbelievable.”

“Did you fuck her?” I asked.

“I didn’t have much option,” he laughed, “Christ David, l saw her coming down the high street dressed in that outfit, even the traffic was stopping, she might as well have been naked. People just stopped and stared, she carried on as if she didn’t care. Jesus David you can’t make her walk around like that, she’s going to get raped. She came in the shop, she was taking her top off before she got to the door to my room, l had to kick my customers out. By the time l followed her she was naked, bent over the back of the sofa pulling her bum apart telling me to fuck her.”

“Wow!” I said. “What made her act like that?”

“I’ll let her tell you that,” he replied, “but you can’t let her out on the streets like that, the women of this town won’t allow it, they will have her arrested.”

“I bet she looked good though,” l laughed.

“She looked stupendous,” he said, “like a vision from heaven, but it’s too dangerous, if the police start looking into what we are doing it could get serious. I’ve got a few contacts in the police at the moment so l can keep a lid on it for now, but she can’t do that again David, it’s too dangerous.”

“Did you fuck her?”

“Of course l fucked her,” he laughed, “l wasn’t going to turn down a chance like that.”

“Which hole?” I laughed.

“Started with her cunt then switched,” he said, “jeez David l’ve never known a woman to like it up her arse like your mother does, she goes crazy, she was cumming almost as soon as l got my cock in. She could tell when l was going to cum, she suddenly twisted under me and the next thing l knew she was sucking my cock.”

“You dirty bastard,” l laughed, “going arse to mouth on my mother, l’ll have to make sure l don’t kiss her when l get home.”

“Fuck off David,” he said, “it’s nothing you haven’t done with me.”

“Only joking,” l said, “so where are you going then?”

“My secret,” he replied, “but if it works out l promise you your mother will love it.”

Jeff gave me a lift home, l got his cock out while he was driving and sucked him. He pretended to complain, saying l would make him crash, but he still pulled in at the bus bay before we got to my house and l finished him off.

“Mmmmm, that was nice,” l said, sitting back, scooping his spunk from my chin and sucking my fingers, “l think l will kiss Mum when l get there, l bet she can taste your spunk.”

“God you’re family is sex mad,” he laughed, “but l’m not complaining.”

He dropped me off at the house saying he would see me the next evening. “Don’t come to the shop after school,” he said, “l have a builder coming to quote me a price for a bit of work, l’ll see you here in the evening.” I kissed him and got out of the car.

I went round the back of the house and entered through the kitchen door.

“Hi baby,” Mum said, she was stood at the stove dressed only in her apron, she looked gorgeous, l already had a hard-on from sucking off Jeff, she just made it harder. “You go and get showered,” she said, “your father will be here soon, then tea will be ready.”

“I hear from Jeff you’ve been busy today,” l said.

“Go and get showered, l’ll tell you both about it later.” She replied.

I walked past her, giving her bottom a firm slap, she squealed and giggled. I carried on upstairs. I was tempted to wank in the shower but thought it best to save my cum for Mum later. I kept imagining the scene of her walking down the high street, l wished l had been there, l wondered how many people had taken their phones out and recorded it, the thought of my mother parading herself being broadcast on the internet was making me so hard.

I went back down naked.

“Oh my word,” Mum giggled, looking at my erection, “that looks ready to burst, come on, let Mummy look after you.”

She took off her apron, leaned back against the worktop and spread her legs.

“Come and fill up Mummy’s cunt,” she said.

I didn’t need a second invitation, l had to get inside her quickly, l knew l was close to cumming.

“I’m close Mum,” l said, standing between her thighs.

“That’s alright baby,” she said, taking hold of my cock and guiding it into her cunt, “l’ve been frigging myself all day, you wait till l tell you and your father what l’ve been doing today, oh David, it’s been so exciting.”

“Jeff told me about you walking down the high street like a whore,” l said, pushing my cock up her as far as l could. She put her hands on my bottom, pulling me in deep.

“Oh god that was amazing,” she said, “l could feel my cunt juice running down my leg by the time l got to Jeff’s place, there were a couple of other men in the shop, l wouldn’t have minded if they had wanted me too, l just needed to be fucked.”

Her cunt was like a furnace, my cock was burning. I kissed her hard, my tongue going deep into her mouth as l came. I humped into her as my cock pulsated wildly. I moved to her neck, biting her.

“Oh yes baby,” she whispered, “fill Mummy’s cunt with your spunk baby, all those little sperm trying to make babies inside me, oh l wish l could have your baby David.”

I felt another surge of cum, l ground my pelvis against her. “I want to fuck you forever Mum,” l said, “l want to spend the rest of my life fucking you.”

“You will baby,” she said, squeezing my cock with her cunt muscles, “l’ll always be there for you, you never have to ask, just take me whenever you want, l’ll do anything for you, anything at all.”

“Now there’s a sight not many men come home to,”

Neither of us had heard Dad coming in through the front door. I looked across to see him standing in the doorway to the hall.

“David couldn’t wait Darling,” Mum said, “he was so hard it was hurting him.”

“So you only did it to save him pain then,” he smiled, “you two carry on, l’m going for a quick shower, then you can both tell me what sort of day you’ve had, it had to have been more exciting than mine, l’ve only had two wanks all day.”

I pulled out of Mum’s cunt, she grabbed some kitchen tissue and packed her cunt with it then knelt and took my cock into her mouth. I saw Dad smiling as he took one more look before going upstairs.

When Mum had satisfied herself that she had cleaned my cock and balls l helped her up. “You’re the best Mum in the world,” l said, “l love you so much.” I kissed her and held her tight.

“Oh this is so wonderful,” she said, “ever since your father suggested it l have dreamt it would be like this, l want to be everything for you David, mother, lover, whore, l want to be everything, my body is yours, do what you want with it.”

“You’re making me hard again Mum,” l laughed, “at this rate that cunt of yours is going to kill me.”

She kissed me again, “You’re such a sweet sweet boy,” she said, “now let me get the meal finished.”

When Dad came back down he looked amazing. He was wearing the same short tartan skirt but this time he had black fishnet stockings and suspenders. It was finished off with a black lace quarter cup bra that exposed his nipples. He was obviously excited to be wearing it, his cock was sticking out from under his skirt. I was really proud of him for not being afraid to show me the kind of man he is.

I went over to him, taking hold of his cock. “You look amazing Dad,” l said, kissing him on his lips.

“He’d look even better if l’d done his make-up,” Mum said.

I was tempted to suck his cock but Mum said the meal was ready. Although it was a nice meal, we were too excited to hear about Mum’s day to really appreciate it. We finished it quickly then put all the dishes in the dishwasher. It was such a turn on to see Dad bending over, l was getting a good view of his arsehole and with his legs parted l could see his balls hanging. I couldn’t resist giving his bottom a smack, l heard him groan so smacked him again, harder.

“That’s enough of that,” Mum said, pouring two glasses of wine, “let’s go through, l have lots to tell you.”

“Where’s my wine Mum?” I asked.

“You’re too young,” she replied.

“I’m not too young to fuck you up your arse,” l replied.

“Fair enough,” she giggled and poured me a glass.

In the lounge we sat in what was becoming our favourite position on the sofa. Dad and me either side of Mum, her with her legs spread. We all took a drink then put our glasses down, Mum took a cock in each hand, l started playing with her tits and Dad fingered her cunt.

“So,” l said, “you made an exhibition of yourself in the high street,”

Dad obviously didn’t know but l could see that he was eager to hear about it.

“That was later,” she said, “l need to tell you about this morning.”

We each took another mouthful of wine then Dad and I swapped, he started mauling Mum’s tits and l put three fingers up her cunt, she went back to holding our cocks.

“You know l said l would look in on Mr Hawkins,” she started, “l have been now and again since his wife died, l usually do a bit of shopping for him. He has carers that come a couple of times a week. I decided to take a risk and dressed up in my school girl outfit, that short black skirt and thin shirt with no bra, l know his back door is always open so l went in shouting to tell him who it was.”

“I bet he had a shock when he saw you,” l laughed.

“His eyes nearly popped out of his head,” she giggled. “He was in the lounge, sat in his armchair. I did a bit of tidying, making sure l bent over a lot giving him a view of my bottom and my pussy. He didn’t say anything but l could see he was getting excited, once l turned round and caught him rubbing the front of his trousers, l just smiled and tried to make it look like l hadn’t noticed. I made him a cup of tea, l undid a few buttons on my shirt so that when l bent over to put his tea on the table beside his chair my tits almost fell out.”

Her cunt had got soaking wet as she was talking, l easily slipped my hand inside her then made a fist, just resting it there, flexing it so she could feel it pulsing. Dad was sucking one of her nipples, pulling and twisting the other one.

“Slow down fellas,” she said, “l have a lot more to tell.”

Dad sat back but carried on stroking her tits, l left my fist in her cunt but just rested it there.

“When l reached over him l could smell stale body odour,” she said, “l told him he could do with a bath. He said that he’d had a problem with his carers, one of the women used to help him get undressed then sit in the bathroom while he showered just in case he fell, he said that one day he dropped his towel, she bent down to get it and he put his hand up her skirt. She reported him and the firm said that he would have to have a male carer to help him in the shower, he told me that the problem was that the male carer had been off sick for two weeks so he had been unable to shower.”

She told us she said that she was happy to help him, that it was important for him to stay clean for his own self respect.

“I followed him upstairs and into the bathroom,” she said. “He has a special walk-in wet room with a fold down seat on the wall. I helped him undress.”

“I bet he liked that Mum,” l laughed, “plenty of chance to look down your top at your tits.”

“What’s his cock like?” Dad asked.

“I was surprised,” she said, “it’s lovely, about your size, but it’s not his cock that startled me it’s his balls, they are huge, they hang almost half way to his knees.”

“Wow!” I said.

“He saw me looking at them and laughed,” she continued, “he said his wife always said he had the balls of a bull.”

“Did he have a hard-on Mum?”

“He was semi erect,” she replied, “he sat on the seat, then l asked him if he would like me to join him and help him wash.”

“Stupid question,” Dad laughed, tweaking her nipple, “only a fucking idiot would turn that down.”

“Well he’s not a fucking idiot l can tell you,” she said, “his brain is as sharp as a knife, and once l started washing him his cock was as hard as iron.”

“Did he feel you up Mum?” He asked.

“Do you know he actually asked if he could touch me,” she said, “of course l said yes, l held his cock while he held my tits, then he put his hand between my thighs, he felt how wet l was then put three fingers in me.”

“Did he fuck you?” Dad asked.

“No, not in the shower,” she replied, “but l did sit him on the seat while l sucked him off. I can tell you those balls are not empty, l thought he would never stop cumming.”

“I expect it’s been a while since his last blow job,” l said.

“He said not since his wife died, he said he did phone up for a prostitute once but when she got there he sent her away, he said it just didn’t feel right.”

“He didn’t mind you sucking his cock though,” Dad said.

“He said he has always fancied me but assumed he would be too old for me,” she said, “he said he often wanked watching me, he asked if l minded that, l said l took it as a compliment, l asked him if he had any fantasies about me, he said loads.”

“I remember his wife,” l said, “she was always nice to me, always smiling and happy.”

“I bet he kept her well fucked,” Dad laughed, “that’s what any wife needs to keep her happy.”

“Well with you two l should be very happy then,” she said.

“Did he fuck you later?” I asked.

“No, l stayed for a bit, got him a meal, l stayed naked so he could watch me. He said he had a grocery delivery due, he orders it on the internet, l asked him if he would like fuck me later, he asked about you Peter and l said you wouldn’t mind, that you enjoyed watching other men fuck me.”

“I bet he was shocked by that,” l said.

“No he wasn’t,” she replied, “he said he had always enjoyed watching his wife being fucked by other men.”

“Wow!” I said, “l would never have believed that of her, she never looked that type of woman.”

“Trashy you mean like your mother,” Dad laughed.

“No Mum, l didn’t mean that,” l said.

“That’s okay baby,” she laughed, giving my cock a squeeze, “as long as you fuck me you can call me what you like.”

“I could do with fucking you now Mum.”

“I told Arthur that we would invite him over this evening,” she said, “why don’t you put some clothes on David and pop over and get him.”

It sounded outrageous, going and asking the old man over the road if he would like to come and fuck my mother. “Can’t go like this Mum,” l said, standing up, my cock sticking out rock hard.

“Oh come on then,” she said, “let Mummy suck you off, put your fist in me Peter, l need to cum as well.”

Dad pushed his hand into her cunt and started fucking her with his fist. Mum took hold of my cock and slid her lips over it. I couldn’t wait, l put my hands on her head and held her while l started fucking her mouth. I forced my cock deep into her throat and she took it eagerly, her face pressed against my tummy.

“Give it to her David,” Dad said, his one arm pistoning in her cunt while he wanked with his other hand. “Fill her with spunk.”

Mum had one hand on my bottom, the other was massaging my balls. I felt her finger pressing against my bum hole and l fucked her harder, l could feel her throat muscles contracting round my cock, she must have been struggling for breath but she still took me.

“She’s cumming David,” Dad said. I looked down and saw her juices spraying from her cunt.

I couldn’t hold back and as her finger entered my anus l unloaded my spunk into the throat. I pulled back slightly to help her swallow it. She didn’t waste a drop, sucking hard as l shot my spunk into her.

Dad took his fist out of her cunt and a stream of cunt juice followed it. He held it up to my mouth and l licked my mother’s cum from it. I pulled out of her mouth, cum still oozing from my cock, Dad quickly moved over and took it into his mouth, sucking the last dregs from me.

When he had cleaned me l pushed him away, he ended up on the floor, leaning back against the sofa. I lifted his skirt and took his cock into my mouth. Mum squatted over his face, my cum dribbling from her cunt into his mouth as l sucked his cock. He didn’t last long either and soon my mouth was filling with his hot cum, l swallowed it, sucking hard, wanting all he had to give.

Finally we all collapsed in a heap.

“Wow!” Mum said, “that was intense, good though.”

“You don’t think we’re getting too intense Mum?” I said, “Jeff said he was worried about you walking down the high street like you did.”

“He didn’t complain when he was fucking me,” she said.

“I know Mum,” l said, “and l know it was me that suggested you walk round like that, but Jeff said he’d seen a couple of fellas eyeing you up and he was concerned they might grab you and hurt you, also some of the women who saw you were saying they were going to report you to the Police.”

“There’s nothing illegal in me dressing like that,” she said.

“I know Mum, that’s not what he’s bothered about, he says he has a couple of contacts in the Police, what he’s worried about is if someone starts digging into what we are doing and then you could get up into trouble because of my age.”

“He’s right Mo,” Dad said, “we can still have our fun, and perhaps we can go somewhere where it is safer for you to show yourself off.”

“I suppose you’re right,” she said, “we’ve only just started having fun together, we don’t want to fuck it up. Why don’t we have a quick clean up then see if Arthur wants to come over.”

We tidied up the room then Mum took Dad upstairs, she wanted to do his make-up, he was uncertain but the prospect of showing a stranger that he liked to dress up was restoring his hard-on. I put on a pair of shorts a top and my flip flops and went over the road. Mum had told me to use the back door, l opened it and called out, Mr.Hawkins shouted that he was in the living room. I went in and he was in his chair putting some stuff into a big envelope.

“Hi Mr.Hawkins,” l said, “Mum sent me over to see if you would like to come to us.”

“You’re David aren’t you?” He said, l said that l was.

“And do you know why your mother wants me?”

“She wants you to fuck her,” l replied.

He laughed,”Oh yes,” he said, “and tell me David, do you fuck her.”

“Yes, every chance l get,” l said, “l think she’s beautiful and she’s got great tits.”

He laughed again. “Oh she certainly has great tits,” he said, “l think it’s wonderful that you fuck your mother, every boy should fuck his mother.”

“Do you have sons Mr. Hawkins?”

“Oh call me Arthur please,” he said, “yes l have twin sons, they both live abroad, and yes, they both fucked their mother.”

“Wow!” I said, “l knew Mrs. Hawkins, she was a nice lady, l never would have thought she did things like that.”

“Oh she was no beauty like your mother,” he said, “but she had great tits too, she did her best to hide it.”

“That’s a shame,” l said, “l would have liked to see them.”

He patted the envelope. “Oh you will, later,” he said.

It was exciting talking to him about his wife like that and talking to him about my mother.

“That looks like a nice bulge you have in your trousers,” he said.

I hadn’t noticed that he had a blanket over his lap, he pulled it away and l could see his trousers and pants round his ankles and his cock standing up.

“I was just thinking about your mother and having a wank,” he said.

“That’s a nice cock Arthur,” l said, “Mum said you had a nice cock.”

“Would you like to touch it?” He said.

I stepped closer and took hold of it, my fingers could just encircle it and l could feel it pulsing.

“That feels good,” he said, “it’s a long time since my boys played with my cock.”

“I’d like to suck it,” l said, “but l think Mum wants your cum inside her.”

“I’d like to suck yours too David,” he said, “l haven’t sucked a cock for a few years, but yes, if we start playing with each other now your mother will be wondering where we are.”

“Do you need a hand to get up?” I said.

“Oh no,” he said, standing up and pulling up his trousers and pants, “l’m perfectly fit and healthy, just not very good at house chores, that’s why l have the carers coming in. Your mother helped me in the shower, l have to be careful in there, the floor can get slippery, she was brilliant this afternoon, it has been upsetting me not being able to shower.”

“I’m sure she will be happy to come over and help you anytime,” l said, “l could come and help you if you like.”

“That would be nice David,” he said, “you look to be a fit young man, and that bulge looks promising, you said you would like to suck my cock, would you do anything else?”

“What, like fuck you or let you fuck me you mean?”

“Well yes,” he said, “l used to fuck my boys and they both fucked me but it’s been a long time.”

“I’m sure l would enjoy it Arthur, l like being fucked.”

“You’re a good boy,’ he said, ruffling my hair, “now let’s go and see your mother, l’ve been wanking watching her for years.”

We both crossed the road, Mum must have seen us coming as she opened the door as we were halfway down the garden path. She stood there in the open doorway naked.

“Welcome Arthur,” she said, kissing him on both cheeks as we reached the door. She giggled when he put his hand between her thighs. “Oh you naughty man,” she laughed, putting her hand on the front of his trousers, “it feels like you’re all ready for me, come on in and let’s get you out of these clothes.”

We entered the hall, as we passed Mum, Dad was standing there, he looked amazing, Mum had done a brilliant job on his make-up, you would have thought he was a woman if it wasn’t for his cock sticking out ramrod straight under his skirt.

“Wow!” Arthur said, stepping up to him and reaching for his cock, “l would never have guessed you were a cissy boy Peter,” he said, squeezing Dad’s cock and stroking it, “l can tell this is going to be a wonderful evening.”

“It doesn’t bother you me being like this?” Dad said.

“Not at all Peter,” Arthur said, still holding Dad’s cock, “as your son just found out, l’m bi-sexual l suppose, l’ve always enjoyed sex in all it’s forms.”

“Come on Arthur,” Mum said, “stop wanking my husband and get naked, my pussy is aching to have your cock up it.”

“You’re a beautiful lady,” he said, putting the envelope on the hall table, “l can’t imagine you have any trouble getting cock.”

“Until recently it’s only been Peter,” Mum said, helping him out of his clothes, “oh we’ve talked about doing all sorts of things but l had sort of accepted that it would only be talk but then David raped me.”

“What? Really raped you?” He said.

“Well it wasn’t a proper rape,” she said, “he caught me at a time when l was feeling horny, l tried to fight him off at first but Peter and l had been talking lately about me having sex with David and when he started mauling me l’m afraid my emotions got the better of me.”

“No need to be ashamed of it,” he said, “a son fucking his mother is a beautiful thing, our boys learnt so much from their mother, it made them ready to make their way in the world.”

“Did both of them take her together Arthur?” I said, watching as Mum finally removed his underpants. She was on her knees, his cock standing stiff in front of her face. She moved forward and slid her lips over the head.

“Why don’t we go through and get more comfortable,” Dad said, “it sounds like you have some tales to tell. Leave his cock alone for a minute Mo,” he said, giving her a smack on her bottom.

“Why not let Arthur fuck me then we can all relax a bit,” Mum said.

Both Dad and l thought that was a good idea so Mum sat on the sofa, Dad stood behind her so that when she lifted her legs he held her ankles wide apart. Arthur couldn’t believe his luck, he was presented with both of Mum’s holes.

“Cunt first,” she said, “my bum hole is a bit dry.”

I reached for a jar of lubricating jelly Mum had put on the coffee table but she stopped me.

“My cunt is wet enough,” she said.

Arthur stood in front of her, placing the head of his cock between her cunt lips.

“As hard as you like Arthur,” Dad said, “you won’t hurt her, she’s got a cunt like a cave.”

It as all too much for Arthur, he fell on top of her, driving his cock deep inside her as their bodies crashed together.

“Oh fuck yes!” She cried, her whole body shaking as she came.

“I can’t hold it for long,” Arthur said, “l’ve been edging all afternoon, l’m going to cum.”

“Up her arse Arthur,” Dad said, “cum up her arse, straight in, shove it in deep.”

I went round beside Dad and took one of Mum’s legs, that left us both with a hand free to wank.

Arthur pulled out of her cunt, resting his cock against her anus.

“Fill her up Arthur,” Dad said.

“Yes do it,” Mum followed, putting her hand down and frigging her clit, juices spraying up onto Arthur’s tummy.

Dad and l were wanking furiously, Mum tilted her head back and both our cocks were over her face.

Arthur slid his cock into her bum hole, not as hard as he had in her cunt but he did go all the way in one movement.

“Now fuck her hard Arthur, make her your slut, fill her arse with your spunk.” Dad shouted at him.

Arthur cried out and rammed his cock deep inside her as he came. Dad came before me, his cum shooting down over Mum’s face and tits, mine joined his a few seconds later. Mum arched her back, her body in spasm as she came again, her mouth hungrily trying to catch our spunk.

Arthur was humping into her, his buttocks clenching as he filled her with his cum. He fell down on top of her, Dad’s cock only inches from his face, cum still dripping from the eye. He strained forward and took Dad’s cock into his mouth, l turned Mum’s face toward me and put my cock into her mouth, she sucked the last of my cum from me.

Arthur couldn’t hold that position for long and after a moment he rolled off her, collapsing onto the floor, breathing heavily. I left Mum and went round the sofa to him, kneeling over him l took his cock into my mouth, cleaning him. He just groaned in response.

“Wow!” Mum said after about ten minutes, Dad was between her thighs, licking Arthur’s cum out of her bum hole. “Wow! Wow! Wow, you certainly know how to fuck a girl Arthur.”

“Oh you youngsters think you invented it,” he chuckled, “my Eve could show you a few tricks.”

“Really?” Mum said, “l always got on well with her but l would never have guessed, was she into anal, she looked such an ordinary respectable woman.”

“My Eve was into anything,” he laughed, “l could tell you some tales.”

“Why don’t we all freshen up, l’ll pour some drinks and get a few nibbles then you can tell us,” she said. She had to push Dad away, his mouth was pressed hard against her anus, his tongue as far inside as it would go, she kissed him once she had forced him away, “l’m sure Arthur will give you more of his spunk later,” she said.

“That’s if this son of yours doesn’t suck my balls dry,” Arthur laughed.

“David, leave him alone,” she told me.

“Sorry Arthur,” she giggled, “he’s like a dog with two dicks since he started fucking me.”

“Oh the joys of youth,” Arthur said wistfully, “l remember the days when l could make Eve cum all night, she would spend the next day in bed recovering.”

“Sounds like she was a special lady,” l said, lifting my mouth from his cock, “l wish I’d fucked her, she had big tits.”

“We talked about the prospect of you fucking here quite a bit after our boys left home,” he said, “she knew how much l wanted to fuck your mother, we looked for any clue that you would be open to joining us but we never suspected you were into all this.”

“Oh we’ve only just started Arthur,” she said, “If David hadn’t raped me and Peter hadn’t walked in a seen him fucking me l don’t think we would have ever gone beyond talking about it.”

I showed Arthur where the downstairs shower room was, Mum and Dad went up to the bathroom, l made do with some wet wipes.

When Mum and Dad came back down, Dad was naked and his make-up washed off. Mum laid out some dishes of snacks while Dad poured four glasses of wine.

Mum sat in the middle with Arthur and me either side. Dad sat on the floor between her spread legs.

“Go on Arthur,” she said, holding his cock.

“Eve and l moved into our house when it was brand new,” he started, “the whole street moved in within a month of each other. We had been married almost a year, we had to live with her parents, we were both working and saving like mad to get the deposit together, they helped us as much as they could, and my parents did, we were so thrilled when we finally scraped together enough to go to the building society and apply for the mortgage.”

“It can’t have been easy living with her parents,” Mum said.

“It was only a two up two down terrace, there was a bath in the outhouse and the toilet was in the yard, it was difficult.” He put one hand between Mum’s thighs, “Do you mind?” He asked her.

“Not at all Arthur, you help yourself,” she giggled.

“It’s just that it’s been so long since l had a cunt to play with, wanking isn’t much fun when that’s all you have.”

“Well you never have to worry again,” Dad said, “you can use her cunt anytime you want Arthur, and any other part of her as well.”

“Thank you darling,” Mum said, blowing him a kiss.

“Right from the start of the time Eve and l started courting she was such a little sex pot,” Arthur said, “no-one would have guessed but the first time l took her to the pictures she took my hand and put it inside her blouse, she had her bra on but l could feel how hard her nipples were. By half way through the film she had my cock out, l nearly came in the cinema. We ended up leaving before the film ended, we went down an alleyway, l got her tits out and she wanked me off. She said that she had heard that the other girls in her class were doing it with their boyfriends and she didn’t want to be the odd one out.”

“So you were in school then?” l said.

“Yes, she was sixteen, l was a year older.” He replied, “l had left school and started work, l was smitten with her, she was such a pretty girl and she had better tits than all the other girls, very like your mother here,” he moved his hand up to her tits, giving her nipples a tweak before returning to her cunt.

“We’re you fucking her?” I asked.

“It wasn’t easy,” he said, “we both wanted it, we did manage one knee trembler in the same alley about a month later but we could never get enough privacy to do it properly.”

“Was she a virgin?” Dad asked.

“Technically yes,” he said, “but she had used a candle although only a thin one so my cock was the biggest thing she’s taken.”

“She sounds like a sexy girl,” Mum said.

“Oh she was that,” he laughed, “once we moved into the house we were shagging like bunnies, we did it everywhere, if we weren’t fucking we were talking about fucking. We studied magazines for ideas, she ***********ed the toys she wanted to try, l wasn’t earning much after the mortgage was paid but we did manage to collect a few different dildos and vibrators.”

“I wish l’d known she was like that,” l said.

“Oh we talked about you quite a bit, especially in her last year, she’d seen you upstairs in the window wanking, when she told me we talked about her letting you see her naked but then she got ill.”

“That’s so sad Arthur,” Mum said, bending down and kissing his cock.

“The whole street all moved in about the same time, we were all youngish couples, some a bit older but none more than mid thirties. We all socialised together. One day Eve told me we had been invited to a party, it was actually in the house next door to this one. She didn’t tell me anything but she was very excited about it, we were getting ready and she wanted me to go down on her. Now l never missed a chance to eat her pussy but that day l noticed she had trimmed her pubic hair down to just a little strip l couldn’t resist it, she came twice and when she came like that she usually sprayed her juices.”

“I think l can guess what the party was,” Mum said.

“You’d be right,” he laughed, “wife swapping was very popular back then, we had read a lot about it in magazines and she knew l was interested in seeing her with other men. I left her on the bed and went downstairs, l thought it was strange when she came down wearing her coat, it was a warm evening and we were only going over the road. When we got there, Carol, who lived there, opened the door wearing just bra and panties and when Eve took off her coat she was dressed the same.”

“How many couples there?” Mum said.

“Eight including us, then two more arrived after us,” he said, “as soon as we went into the lounge, all the women were circulating, they were all getting groped by the men. Brian, my best mate in the street grabbed Eve and in no time he had her tits out and was sucking her nipples. Carol was stood by me so l started feeling her tits, she got my cock out.”

“Sounds like the start of an orgy,” Dad laughed, he bent down and kissed Arthur’s cock, taking it into his mouth.

“Don’t you dare suck him off,” Mum told him, “l want to hear more.”

“Oh it was an orgy,” Arthur said, “l don’t think it was planned to get so intense so quickly but soon all the women were naked and the men weren’t far behind. I lost sight of Eve and found her behind the sofa with Brian banging away in her cunt, l’d always fancied Sue his wife so l grabbed her, pushed her over the back of an armchair, her cunt was dripping wet so l just shoved my cock in and fucked her. I looked round the room and all the women were getting fucked.”

“A good party then,” l said.

“Oh it was,” he replied, “Carol and Sue had arranged it, none of the men knew but of course once they saw how the women were dressed they soon got the message.”

“So was it just those ten couples?” Mum said.

“Well eventually every couple in the street had joined the group, there were too many for us all to get together in one party so every weekend there would be three or four parties and we would swap around from one to another, usually Eve would go to one and l would go to another, often we wouldn’t see each other till the next morning, then we would tell each other who we’d been with.”

“Oh that sounds so good,” Mum said, “it would be great if we could get the whole street fucking each other.”

“Oh it was a mad time in the 70’s,” Arthur said, “most of us had gone through the late sixties, the Summer of Love and the freedom that came with the pill, then in the early seventies it was just an explosion of sex, there was much more nudity on tv than there is today, women were treated as sex objects everywhere. If Eve was standing on a crowded bus you could guarantee that some chap would put his hand up her skirt.”

“David wants me to walk round town in a short skirt and no panties,” Mum said, “l tried it today, it was so exciting but no-one touched me.”

“Everyone’s afraid to do things like that these days,” Arthur said, “all this fuss being made about girls not wanting to be treated like that, it’s daft, of course girls are sex objects, that’s why they have tits and cunts, what about you Maureen, you like being treated like that don’t you, you’ve seen the way men look at you.”

“We’ll yes,” she said, “Peter and l have talked a lot about letting other men fuck me, we’ve wanted to try it but haven’t known how to get started, not until David fucked me.”

“Dogging is the best way these days,” Arthur said.

“Have you ever done it?” Dad asked.

“Oh Eve and l were dogging before they had given it a name,” he said. “It started when we were in the car up Fox Wood, we thought we were on our own, it was late at night, l had her stripped off in the back of the car, fucking her when she saw movement outside. I went to pull out but she stopped me, she said there were two men outside and she was sure they were wanking. Up until then the only other men she’d fucked were our neighbours in the street.”

“Did she fuck them,” l said, l had swapped places with Dad l had hold of his cock and was licking the pre cum from it.

“No but she did get on her knees on the back seat, she told me to fuck her from behind, then she put the window down, they were a bit uncertain at first but when she told them she wanted to suck their cocks they soon relaxed, she took one after the other, neither of them lasted long, l came in her just as the second one came in her mouth.”

“I want to go dogging Peter,” Mum said.

“Yes but you’ll have to do more than blow jobs,” he replied.

“I don’t mind,” she said, “it will be fun to be fucked by complete strangers.”

“Eve and l always carried a box of condoms,” Arthur said, “a lot of the men met were regulars and once she trusted them she would let them go bareback.”

“This is awful Arthur,” l said, “all that time you and Eve were over there pretending to be a respectable couple when we could have been shagging each other.”

“That’s why l laugh at you youngsters today,” he said, “you all take sex so seriously, it was just fun in the 70’s, everyone wanted to experiment. When Keith and Lorraine Jones went on holiday to Holland, they were supposed to be going to see the bulb fields, they brought back magazines of women and men having sex with animals.”

“Mmmm dogs,” Mum said.

“Oh not just dogs,” he replied, “there were pigs, goats, sheep, donkeys, even horses.”

“Women being fucked by horses?” I said, “oh Mum l’d love to see you with a horse’s cock up your cunt.”

“There were a couple of those but it looked like they only had a few inches inside,” Arthur said, “most of the horse stuff was girls sucking them off and getting covered in cum.”

“I’ve seen that in some of Jeff’s magazines,” l said.

“Did Eve ever do it with a dog Arthur?” Mum asked.

“She wasn’t the first,” he replied, “Keith and Lorraine had a Labrador, they brought him along to one of our parties. We all knew what was going to happen, the atmosphere was electric. Lorraine told us that she had been letting the dog lick her cunt and that he had tried to mount her, Keith had him on a lead and when Lorraine got on all fours, Keith let him lick her cunt, we could all see his cock sticking out of his sheath. Then he mounted her and Keith took hold of his cock and guided it into Lorraine’s cunt.”

“I bet that was a sight,” Mum said, “l have to do that Peter, we have to get Jeff to arrange it, l want it so bad.”

“Every women that was there wanted it after that,” Arthur said, “especially when they saw him knotted in her cunt and the amount of cum that came out when he finally got free. Within weeks there were half a dozen couples with dogs, all of them male, mostly German Shepherds and Labradors. Then Eve wanted to get our own, there was someone advertising locally that they could no longer afford to keep their Great Dane and were looking for a good home. We went to see him, his name was Thor, Eve fell in love with him, the couple let us take him for a walk, we found a quiet spot and Eve started playing with his cock, when she had it fully out it was huge, she was wanking it and telling me we had to take him. She made him cum, l had never seen so much spunk. We took him back that day.”

“Did she fuck him straight away?” I said, “l don’t remember you having a Great Dane, l remember you had a German Shepherd, Khan.”

“Yes he was later,” Arthur said. “We should have started with a smaller dog, luckily the first time she did it with him she was wearing a dress, she hardly ever wore panties. She got on all fours, he didn’t need any more encouragement, he mounted her and l guided his cock into her.”

“Wow!” Mum said, “l really want that.”

“Did he fuck her hard?” I asked.

“That was where we went wrong,” Arthur said, “he was brutal, ramming into her and when his knot swelled up he had to work it hard before he could get it in. He was gripping her with his front legs and his back ones were pushing him in deeper.”

“Oh l bet Eve was loving it.” Mum said, l was fingering her cunt and l could feel how wet she was, l pushed four fingers up her and she opened easily so l put my whole hand up her. “Oh baby!” She said to me, “you’re so good to me.”

“Tell us more while l make Mum cum Arthur,” l said.

“He tore her dress to shreds,” he said, “she had scratches down the back of her legs, then she said she could feel him cumming and she came.”

“Oh yes baby, harder,” Mum said as my fist pistonned in her cunt. Dad twisted one of her nipples and Arthur did the other one. Her back arched and l stuck two fingers up her arsehole. She screamed as she shuddered from head to foot and sprayed cunt juices over my face. I tried to catch it in my mouth but there was too much, it covered my face and dripped down onto my chest. Dad told me to keep on fucking her in both holes, he told me to do it harder.

Arthur dragged her over to him and pushed her head down towards his cock. As she opened her mouth he forced her down hard. Dad lifted one of her legs and l kept on ramming my fist up her cunt. I had worked another finger into her arsehole, her whole body was quivering.

“Pull your fingers out,” Dad said, “l want her.”

I did and he manoeuvred round, nudging the head of his cock into her anus, then he rammed in as deep as he could. Her face was being forced down on to Arthur’s cock but she still groaned as Dad got right up her arsehole. I reached up and put my fingers into his mouth, he sucked on them eagerly. My fist was deep in her cunt and l could feel Dad’s cock pounding just the other side of the membrane separating both passages.

Mum was making gurgling noises but Arthur kept her pressed down. She came again, the heat of her juices felt boiling. Dad cried out and l could feel his cock pulsating as he unloaded in her arsehole. Judging by the noises she was making l knew Arthur was cumming in her mouth. I was close to cumming myself, l didn’t want to waste it. I pulled my fist out of her cunt, a flood of juices followed it. I stood up and went behind the sofa, l grabbed Dad by his hair, turning his face towards me. He knew what l wanted and opened his mouth. I just managed to get in and to the back of his mouth before l came, using his hair to pull him onto me as l fucked him.
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