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Summary: Being confronted with her theft, Ali offers her virginity to Mr. Michaels to avoid the consequences. Sarah watches Ali agree to become a new submissive toy for Mr. Michaels’ pleasure and helps prepare and hold Ali while he welcomes her to the world of sex. Ali is quickly indoctrinated into the role of his submissive slave.
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Despite needing sleep after the long week of torturing herself, Sarah woke up around 4:00am the next morning and laughed when she saw the clock. Her panties were wet as she recounted the great sex from earlier in her head. Knowing she wouldn’t be able to sleep so worked up, she got out her vibrator and got off again, followed by grabbing her phone and sending a text to Mr. Michaels, “Your devoted cum whore is now addicted. I just came for you again Master. Please get out of my head and let me sleep! :)”. Falling back asleep quickly thereafter with a smile on her face.

It wasn’t until Thursday morning that she and Jenny were finally able to share the details of their week of punishment. Jenny’s had been very different being instructed to get herself off seven times a day, including the 1:00am and 4:00am wakeup schedule. Each time she had to send a picture of her swollen pussy and the same message, “I am your willing submissive. This pussy is yours and I cum for you Master.” Going into it, she hadn’t thought it would be a bad punishment, but by the end of the week, it got difficult to have that many orgasms, sometimes taking up to twenty minutes to get herself off, making her more frustrated than satisfied.

They also talked more about the ‘dungeon’ as they called it. He had tied her to the cross, the chair, the swing, and also a small bench that had lower arm and knee rests. It had held her on her hands and knees tied tight in that position so she couldn’t move. He had fucked her mouth, pussy and asshole while being held. All of this while she faced the TV screen and watched herself getting fucked and masturbating through scenes going back to the first day. She had never fucked so much in one day in her life. And he had used a bunch of different punishment implements as well. The worst being the cane on the bottom of her foot.

“Okay, but here is the real question. Did you hate it?” Sarah asked.

Jenny considered. “No I didn’t hate it. It fact, it was pretty fucking awesome. He makes me feel so out of control. But I also never knew sex could be like this. It’s just different. It’s hard to explain.” She shook her head slightly in bewilderment.

“I get it. There are times I just want to kill him or am totally afraid of him. But then I fantasize constantly about him punishing me and fucking me and it is all I can think about. And he does things to my body that I could never have imagined.” She sighed. “All I want is to please him. Seeing him smile when I do something he wants just melts me.” Every time she admitted it to herself, she felt more lost. Controlled. And submissive.

“Is this really going to be the rest our lives? I mean, are we just going to be at his beck and call forever?”

“I don’t know. It’s too much to worry about right now. For now, I just want to get through high school. He did help me get that job and I’ve made enough money in the last couple of months to pay for most of school for the first year even without the scholarship. So that is one less thing to worry about.”

They agreed that they just needed to keep going with the flow for the time being and headed off for class. Sarah met Ali later in the day and confirmed she felt comfortable with watching Billy on her own. Bragging about the outfit she had picked out to tease Mr. Michaels, but also promising to bring her share of the money to school the next day. After a short discussion, they decided she would take $300 for each of them as Sarah told her she wanted to get another manicure.

On Friday, Ali gave Sarah an envelope with her cut of the loot. The loose sleeveless sweater she had worn had done the trick and she had caught him staring down her top several times to see her tits. Bending over, it would hang down enough that he got a good look along with the leg she showed with her short skirt. All leading up to her getting the tip up to $75. She couldn’t believe how easy it had been and thanked Sarah again for letting her in on it. The dollar signs in Ali’s eyes made Sarah wonder if she had lifted more than the $300 like Jenny had.

Saturday morning, Sarah called Ali and told her about the last-minute request from Mr. Michaels to babysit that night that neither she nor Jenny couldn’t handle, asking Ali to cover for them. Balking at first, Ali insisted that she had some plans to go over to a friend’s house with a couple of other girls. When begging didn’t sway her, Sarah reminded her that they really didn’t want anyone else getting in on their babysitting gig. Ali finally caved and agreed to cancel the other plans but told Sarah she owed her one. When the conversation turned to the private cash and whether or not they should take more so soon, a short debate led to agreeing on only another $100 each to make sure they didn’t get too greedy. Before hanging up, she promised to be at his place promptly at 7:00pm as he had requested.

Sarah of course got there early around 5:00pm following her instructions. Taking her downstairs to the private playroom, he stripped her and played with her for a while getting her horny and wet. He tied her to the same doggie position bench that Jenny had described. It surprised her how comfortable it felt, even though she couldn’t move at all with the restraints. Held at the perfect height for him to fuck her from behind while standing. But he didn’t fuck her. Instead, he wheeled over the machine that had the dildo on a pole. Quickly adjusting it to be level with her pussy, he stuck just the head into her vagina with tons of lube. Having placed her in front of a mirror so she could see everything he did, she watched as he turned the machine on and turned a dial on a wired remote.

Sitting on a small stool, he leaned his head down to be right next to hers and he watched her face as the dildo pushed very slowly into her. The thick girth of the dildo stretched her vaginal walls until it got about 5” inside of her. Then it pulled slowly out and started again making her moan at the welcome intrusion.

“This is a fucking machine. It can fuck my slut’s little pussy as fast and deep as I want. I just have to turn these little dials.” With that he turned one and the dildo started moving faster, ramping up until it got to a nice steady pace. The lube helped it slide easily in and out of her. She watched him turn the other dial and she felt it go deeper. He kept turning it until the trusting dildo just touched her cervix, making her beg him for no more. The straps held her exactly in place with her tits hanging down just over the front edge of the bench. While the machine pounded away unyieldingly, he pinched and pulled at her nipples and squeezed her tits hard.

He turned the speed dial more causing the dildo to start thrusting faster than a man could go. Sarah let out a long steady moan and her head got heavy, lowering while she focused on the steady hammering of her pussy. Mr. Michaels grabbed her hair and pulled her head up, kissing her deeply for a minute. After letting go, she dropped her head again for a few seconds before feeling a vibrator touch her clit hood. Between the two, Sarah soon begged, “Please Master. Your slut needs to cum. This is too intense.”

“Count to ten. Then cum exactly on ten.”

The vibrator pushed harder on her clit and Sarah stuttered while starting to count. Struggling to hold off the big orgasm forced her body to shake. She counted slowly knowing he would just stop her if she went too fast. By eight, she passed the point of no return. She said ten and let herself go, screaming loudly as her body trembled, straining frantically against the straps. He pinched her nipples again but she barely felt it, with the pain just enhancing her orgasm. The cock never stopped slamming her pussy, giving her a very long orgasm that ebbed and flowed. When her body finally relaxed, he let the machine slowly grind to a halt and pulled it out of her. Grabbing a paddle from the wall, he spanked her ass until he got it warm and pink, counting each strike as ordered, getting up to twenty.

He used his two middle fingers angled down to finger fuck her against the roof of her vagina just past the pubic bone. Fingering her hard and direct on the same spot without slowing down. The vibrator rolled around her clit the whole time he continued the assault. Sarah groaned at the strength he used in his fingers. It didn’t hurt, but she felt a lot of pressure while she ground her hips. The growing urge to pee telegraphing the big squirt building inside of her. When he moved the vibrator directly to her clit and started slower strokes over her g-spot, she bellowed, “Master I have to cum. I can’t stop it. I’m going to cum!!” she warned.

As she started to shake from the orgasm, he pulled his fingers out of her, but kept the vibrator on her clit. A warm stream of fluid shot out from her, dripping down her thighs and legs. It slowed until her stomach convulsed again from the continued orgasm, causing a second big gush of liquid to leave her and splash onto the floor. She groaned and dropped her head again. Time stretched out and felt like an hour until she finally relaxed. Looking down between her legs under the bench, she could see glistening fluid all over the floor. Her eyes widened at the amount. She had squirted and gushed before, but never like what she saw. The amount that came out left her dumbfounded, looking like a pint or more of fluid.

He kissed her deeply and then released her bonds. When she was slow to get up, he grabbed her hair at the base of her skull and pulled her up. He then dragged her over to the small puddle on the floor. “Lick up your mess slut.”

She dropped to her hands and knees and lowered her face to the floor. She looked up at him as she rolled her tongue through her own sticky juice, tasting slightly sweet with a sour tinge. Lighter than licking a girl’s pussy, but still a familiar taste overall.

Her floor cleaning got interrupted by him ordering her over to him. Jumping to her feet, she turned and saw him standing by the electric body cage and stopped short. The color drained from her face and she didn’t move for several seconds. This had been the one device that had scared her the most since first seeing it. While she stood motionless, he opened the hinged top and then looked back at her expectantly.

“I said get over here.”

“But sir….but…that scares me. It…shocks you, right? Like electric shocks?” She still hadn’t moved with her feet feeling stuck in concrete.

“This isn’t a debate Sarah. Get over here. You are going to get in the cage.”

Shaking in fear, she finally shuffled her feet forward just a few inches at a time. About halfway to him she stopped again. “Can’t we do anything else? Like the bondage chair again? Or the swing?”

He visibly sighed and rolled his eyes. “You’re my submissive Sarah. That means you give me your trust and do whatever I say. I am telling you that you are going to get into this cage right now. Yes it will shock you if you touch the metal. And you will endure. Now stop fucking fighting me and get over here!” he growled.

Lowering her head, she continued to shuffle to him. Finally reaching him, he took her hand and helped her kneel down onto the two trays that held rubber mats for her lower legs. Awkwardly, she leaned forward into the torso portion of the cage, snaking her arms down the two arm pieces. Like her legs, the cage surrounded her hands and arms while her hands sat on rubber mats inside of hand shaped trays. Once her head sat in the lower half of the hole for her neck, he lowed the other half of the cage over her back, completing the ring around her neck, followed by the other half of both lower leg pieces.

Fighting another wave of panic, she could feel her body touch the thin metal bars of the cage if she moved more than an inch or two in any direction. Her breasts rested hanging halfway down through two holes for that exact purpose. From the back of her knees up to the top of her ass and the bottoms of both feet remained the only parts of her unrestrained by the metal bars surrounding her.

Craning her neck to look back at him, she felt her neck, back, and right thigh all touch cold metal. She jumped nervously when he slapped a small adhesive electrode to her left thigh.

“The game is simple. Your goal is to have an orgasm while I continue to torment and pleasure you. To distract you, the cage will shock you if any skin touches metal. You only need to stay rigid to avoid the shocks. The setting on the device will deliver up to one hundred shocks, each with an increasing strength. If you please me by cumming loudly for me before we reach one hundred, then you get let out. If not, I will have a more daunting punishment for this week.” As he concluded his explanation, he hit the green virtual button labeled ‘Start’ on the small controller screen sitting in front of Sarah.

A large number counter appeared on the screen reading ‘0’. Out of view, he smacked Sarah’s ass hard making her jump a few inches forward. The cage delivered three shocks, on by her collar bone, one on her right thigh, and one on her shoulder. The electric jolts stung like bee stings and made her muscles twitch. Her involuntary jerk at the shocks caused two more jolts to her back and right triceps.

A few seconds later, while trying to steady herself, she got one more on her right calf muscle. Looking at the counter, she could already see the number ‘6’ and groaned in frustration. She definitely didn’t like the shocks and hated that he wanted to do this to her. Fighting the need to complain, she kept her mouth shut and focused on staying still.

He left her side and retrieved items out of her eyesight. Breathing heavily, trying to calm herself, she got a zap on the upper part of her left breast. “Fuck!” she screamed in surprise. It was like a sadistic game of ‘operation’. “I don’t like this Master.”

“It’s not for you to like. Now focus and make that pussy cum. You want to please me, don’t you?” he teased while running a vibrator up and down her juicy slit. The welcome touch made her moan until she felt another zap to her left side rib cage making her grunt and clench. She could tell the shock had gotten stronger.

“I want to please you Master,” she answered feebly. She already knew she wouldn’t make it and wondered what the ‘more daunting punishment’ would be.

Still using the vibrator, he started spanking her ass with the big flat paddle. Every time she started getting close, the paddle would make her move and get a shock. The screen read ‘21’ when he finally stopped.

She heard him rolling something behind her while she panted lightly to calm herself. After more rustling and with the familiar dildo pressed into her vagina, she knew he had set up the fucking machine again. As the thrusting ramped up, she received another dozen shocks all over her body. Getting used to the rhythm, she soon had her balance figured out to hold herself steady.

Her growing climax got interrupted by the sharp whack of a cane on the back of her foot. Having been so focused on the thrusting phallus, the unexpected pain in her foot made her jump leading to more shocks all over her body. “Take the pain and hold yourself steady you dumb little slut!” he bellowed and cracked her other foot twice. Then across her ass cheeks several times. Pain and shocks surrounded her.

Once it subsided, she opened her clenched eyes to see the counter at ‘62’. Knowing she didn’t have much longer, she focused on the steady thrust of silicone manhood invading her. Despite the torment, or maybe because of the torment, her pussy started making wet slurping noises on the mechanical partner.

While moaning and ignoring the occasional electric reminder to stay in position, her tormenter moved around to her side. She snuck a peek up at him as he reached down with the cane and started to tap her exposed breast. The tapping got stronger and started to hurt, but she focused everything on the growing swell of the orgasm building inside of her.

After a small pause, he used the cane to press her breast forward making the metal touch the top of her aerola. The shock sent fire through her nipple and she yelped and jumped getting the counter up to ‘79’. “That isn’t fair! You pushed me into it! That fucking hurt!” Sarah regretted it as soon as she said it.

He leaned down to her ear. “Of course it isn’t fair slut! Why the fuck do you think I would want to be fair.” He pressed her other breast into the metal circle surrounding it delivering three more intense shocks.

Sarah held back tears and thought angrily to herself, “He’s right. Fair isn’t part of it. Quite the fucking whining and just focus on the cock.” Using the cane, he forced two more shocks on her tits and one on the tip of her nipple. Moving back, he caned her ass hard enough to make her jump. But she ignored everything but the wonderful friction of the dildo across her clit. The shocks became distant.

With her eyes closed, she stopped worrying about the counter and willed herself to enjoy the sensation between her legs. As the orgasm enveloped her, she felt a shock hit her neck as her head rolled to the side involuntarily, but it barely registered. Her body trembled as the force of the climax consumed her.

By the time she came down, the cage stopped shocking her and the fucking machine had been removed. The screen read ‘95’ as he helped her out. She stretched her sore muscles, twisting her back from side to side and pulling her arms back over her head. Recovering after a minute, she jumped back into a slave pose standing in front of her Master and waited for instruction.

“Good girl,” is all he said.


Together they cleaned the room and put everything away. He got dressed again and they headed upstairs. The hidden door continued to astound Sarah as she watched it close. They had some time, so they enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine, talking idly about school coming to an end soon and her plans for the summer. He constantly blew her mind. The man who had just used a fucking machine to make her squirt across the room, shocked her body with a sadistic cage, and treated her like such a whore, now pleasantly asked about her upcoming plans.

The conversation came around to prom that would be coming up in three weeks. Boys were just starting to ask girls to go. Conner hadn’t asked her yet, but she thought it probably likely. And she thought Jenny might go with Terrance. Mr. Michaels nodded and then suggested that if things went well with Ali tonight, maybe Sarah could arrange for Jimmie to take her and the six of them could wind up having an orgy at the end of the night. Suggesting he would help them get a place. “He is always thinking,” she laughed to herself. She already knew this was going to happen. His ‘suggestions’ always became a reality. But she didn’t hate the idea.

When it got close to Ali’s expected arrival, they went up to Mr. Michaels’ bedroom and he showed her the setup to watch the action downstairs. Kissing her, he went back downstairs to wait for his potential new submissive. A few minutes before 7:00pm, she heard the doorbell and her stomach jumped. Wanting this to go well, but knowing that anything could happen.

When they walked into the den on the TV screen, Sarah could see that first, Ali had worn another skimpy outfit for Mr. Michaels titillation and second, that she looked concerned. Mr. Michaels looked pissed and told her to sit. While he just stared at her for a long time, Sarah could see Ali squirm under the scrutiny. Imagining everything running through Ali’s head. Eventually, Mr. Michaels picked up the remote and played something on the TV. Sarah had a split screen view with one angle on Ali’s face and the other from behind that showed the videos playing on the TV. Watching the replay of Ali taking out and counting stacks of money. And then putting the key back in its hidden position. Ali looked white as a ghost which was saying something given her pale complexion to begin with. Sitting stone still while he stared at her. “Well?! What do you have to say for yourself?” he demanded.

“I…I…I don’t know what to say,” she got out in a tiny meek voice.

“You do understand that you committed a FELONY, right? You stole over $1000. Stole! That means you go to prison for 18 months and pay a big fine. As well as have a felony on your record for the rest of your life. What were you thinking?”

Ali’s eyes got so huge and she broke down crying. “Please! Please don’t have me arrested! I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry! We didn’t think you would miss it. You had so much in your drawer. We didn’t think you would even notice!” she pleaded in between sobs.

“STOP that fucking crying right now!” he yelled. It shocked her and stifled her mostly. “I don’t see a ‘we’ in those videos. I see a ‘you’. You are the one stealing. All by yourself.” His tone a seething controlled anger. Not crazy or out of control, but clearly pissed. Sarah knew that exact tone only too well and shivered.

“But Sa…” she started and stopped herself. “I’ll give it back. I’ll give it all back. I’ll give you double. I could do that. I have money.”

Mr. Michaels played the next video. “I don’t want the fucking money back. You stole and you need to be punished. I like you, Ali. You seem like a decent person. But you stole and you must face the consequences of that bad decision.”

“You can’t do that! Please don’t. It will ruin my life. I’ll do anything. I’ll pay you back and babysit for free. From now on. Any time you want.” Sarah almost chuckled at how predictable this played out. It seemed to be a carbon copy of her night so far.

He stared at her for a long minute. Then played the next video of her and Sarah drinking before it jumped to Sarah spread open on the edge of the hot tub cumming loudly with Ali’s tongue licking her pussy. The scene looked like a professional porno.

Abject humiliation is the only way to describe Ali’s expression as her mouth dropped open. Mr. Michaels continued more calmly, “What am I supposed to do about that? I’m not going to be accused by your parents of condoning or even allowing this in my house. Underage drinking? And sex?”

“You CAN’T tell my parents. Oh my god! Please Mr. Michaels. You can’t do that! What would they say?!” Ali howled in panic with more tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Ali, I don’t want any of this. I don’t want to get you in trouble. But you have put me in a bad position. And you stole from me. This is all your doing. You are going to have to come to terms with the penalties for doing so.”

Ali looked at him and calmed herself. “Mr. Michaels. I will do anything. Please, can we just keep this between us. Please don’t have me arrested and tell my parents what I did.”

Mr. Michaels stayed quiet. Sarah could tell he simply waited to see what she wanted to offer as a bargain. But Ali just sat there. Pleading with her eyes as tears continuing to stream down her face. “I don’t see what else there is to talk about. You’ve given me no choice. I’ll have to notify the authorities and your parents tomorrow. It’s time to leave Ali.” Mr. Michaels stood and motioned for her to get up and leave. Sarah wrestled with the idea of going downstairs to intervene. The setup didn’t seem to be working. Maybe Ali just needed someone to make the suggestion for her. Sarah started walking for the door when she heard Ali talk.

“I’m a virgin Mr. Michaels. I will give you my virginity if you will keep this all secret. Please don’t tell anyone.”

Sarah stopped and went back to watch the TV. There it was. She offered herself. She offered sex. Just like Sarah herself had done. Ali would follow Sarah and Jenny’s path.

Mr. Michaels didn’t say anything and let Ali’s offer hang in the air. “That is a big offer Ali. Are you sure you are prepared to do that?”

Ali sat quiet for a minute weighing the implications of what she had just said. “Yes. I will do that if you will keep everything secret. And won’t get me arrested.”

“Ali, I don’t want to hurt you. And I am not doing anything TO you. You are doing this on your own. You created this issue. I am willing to accept what you are offering in exchange for looking the other way. But only because you are offering it to me, and not me demanding it of you.” He paused. “Do you understand?”

Stone-faced, Ali nodded. “Yes. I understand.”

“I want to make sure you do and what this means. We will be having sex. But only if it is consensual and you are completely willing. I will not force a girl to have sex with me. This is your offer to me to get out of the situation you have put yourself in. And when I say willing, I want you to understand that I am a very dominant person. I will expect you to be completely submissive to me. Willingly submissive. Willing to do anything you are told without question. And not just once. But for as long as I tell you. Are you really sure that is what you are willing to do? Is that what you want Ali?”

Ali visibly gulped and told him, “Yes. If it will get me out of this mess, I am willing to do it.”

Mr. Michaels nodded. “You will be mine to use as I want until I tell you otherwise. Tell me you understand that.”

“I understand,” she said while nodding.

“You will not be allowed to say yes to some things and no to others. You will always agree to do what you are told. Tell me you understand that.”

“I understand,” she said again nodding, visibly accepting what she had agreed to.

“I understand, SIR!” he reiterated strongly.

“I understand, sir!” she repeated.

Mr. Michaels nodded and took out his phone. “First, you are going to state on video that you are offering to be my prostitute for money. And that you are eighteen. I want it on the record that you are offering this to me of your own free accord.”

“I have to say that on video?” she asked.

“Yes, Ali. I am not going to agree to this and do it only to have you come back and say something like I forced you or raped you. You are going to be on record offering me consensual sex for money like a common whore. So you can’t ever claim otherwise. Is that a problem? Should we stop this now?” he questioned somewhat emphatically, even a little angrily.

“No, no! I understand. I will do it,” Ali confirmed. Sarah watched as Ali offered to be a prostitute for money with Mr. Michaels threatening to cancel three times, each time demanding a better effort. Again, almost an exact copy of her night. Sarah realized it didn’t matter what Ali said the first couple of times. He put her on the spot and forced her to up the ante each time, begging for the opportunity. Just like he had done to her. By the end, Ali threw herself at him promising anything he wanted starting with being the first man to fuck her for $1000. Telling him she would do anything he said and please him with her young body.

He sat back and told her to take her clothes off. As she complied, he admired and complimented her, pulling her in for a deep kiss once she stood naked in front of him while he ran his hands all over her. Squeezing and massaging her tits, followed by sucking on her nipples. He groped her ass and gave her several playful spanks. Sarah shook her head. Ali had no idea how those spanks would turn to true punishment. But she also felt her pussy get wet knowing that they would be joining her in the room soon. Quickly deciding it would be better if she were naked when they walked in, hoping Ali wouldn’t feel as ashamed, she stripped off her few garments.

Almost as if on cue, Mr. Michaels announced they were going to go up to his bedroom, leading his naked conquest upstairs. Sarah’s stomach dropped not knowing how Ali would react to her being in the room waiting for the two them.

The doors opened and the two of them walked in. Sarah ran over to Ali and gave her a big hug. She tried to sooth her astonished friend, “It’ll be okay.”

“I don’t understand. What are you doing here?”

Sarah sighed and admitted, “I made the same choice. I wasn’t going to ruin my life. I agreed to be his submissive and have sex with him too. You are not alone.”

Ali just stared back stunned. Before she could say anything, Sarah embraced her and kissed her. Ali resisted at first but then sunk into the moment and kissed her back. The kiss turned into a tongue tussle for several minutes while Sarah’s hands roamed all over her back and ass. Sarah pressed a leg between Ali’s and used her thighs to rub against her pussy. Ali started returning the attention in earnest with both of them forgetting Mr. Michaels stood watching in the room.

Sarah eventually pulled back and looked Ali in the eyes. “Are you ready to lose your virginity? Are you ready to get that tight little pussy fucked finally?”

Ali giggled nervously and looked back at Mr. Michaels. Sarah could see Ali’s head spin at everything happening so fast. Feeling the weight of the moment. “Yes,” she offered timidly.

“Tell him you want him to pop your cherry. Ask him to please make you a woman.” Sarah helped turn her friend to her Master.

“Mr. Michaels, will you please fuck me? I want you to be my first. I want you to take my viginity. Please.”

“Please sir,” Sarah reminded her.

“Please sir! Please fuck me sir!” Ali exclaimed. Having Sarah with her clearly made the whole situation more palatable, giving Ali new courage. Having her proven mentor by her side. Although Sarah knew there would be other questions and concerns when Ali had more time to think about everything.

Mr. Michaels turned to Sarah. “Get her ready for me,” he instructed.

“Yes sir” said Sarah dutifully. Leading Ali over to the bed and laying her down, Sarah got on top of her and kissed her mouth before working her way down. Being familiar territory for both of them, Ali quickly fell into responding to Sarah’s touches and kisses. Sarah made it to Ali’s pussy and she tenderly licked it and sucked on her clit. Careful to avoid using her fingers to penetrate in any way, she wanted the first thing inside Ali’s pussy to be her Master’s penis. When Ali’s back arched and her moans got more intense, Sarah knew she had gotten her close to an orgasm. Stopping her oral ministrations, she rubbed Ali’s pussy slowly while looked back to Mr. Michaels and saying, “She is ready for you sir. Her pussy is warmed up and ready for your dick.”

Mr. Michaels had undressed while the girls played and now stood in front of them. Sarah pulled Ali over to the edge of the bed and then stood in front of Mr. Michaels in full view of her reclined friend. Bending down, taking his cock into her mouth, she intentionally slurped saliva all over his dick and rubbed it around. Looking directly at Ali’s mesmerized face, she said, “Take a look Ali. Take a look at the dick that is going to fuck your pussy for the first time. You couldn’t ask for better.”

Sarah got to the side of Ali and pulled Mr. Michaels over to her. With his hard penis in her hand, she rubbed up and down Ali’s small hidden pussy lips. She spit more saliva in her hand and rubbed it into Ali’s pussy. Ali moaned, but didn’t move a muscle. Manipulating both of their genitals to rub against each other, Sarah felt the heat come off of both of her companions, eventually resting the head of his dick right at the opening of Ali’s vagina.

Then she got up on the bed behind Ali. Her stomach fluttered in anticipation and she felt her own cheeks flush, feeling almost like it was her first time again. She pushed Ali up enough to slide behind her, letting her come to rest against her chest with Ali’s head between her tits. She pulled Ali’s legs up and apart to open her pussy wider. The bright red pubic hair no longer hiding her open pussy lips. Mr. Michaels continued to wait at her entrance.

“It will probably hurt a little at first, but then the pain will disappear and the feel of his cock rubbing against your pussy walls will feel electric. Just stay relaxed and let us do the work for now. I want this to be amazing for you, “ Sarah coached.

Ali never said anything, but she nodded that she was ready. Mr. Michaels pressed forward ever so slightly. The head of his penis disappeared into her pussy and Ali gasped.

“I’ll go very slow Ali,” said Mr. Michaels. “If it is too much just tell me.” He pressed forward another inch. Sarah played with Ali’s tits and kissed the side of her head. Her own pussy ached watching him penetrate the new slave. With another inch, Ali grunted a little. Sarah knew he had reached her hymen. “Tell me again to fuck you. Tell me to make you a woman.”

Ali took a breath calming herself, “Fuck me Mr. Michaels. I want you to make me a woman. Please do it now. I’ve waited so long for this moment.”

Mr. Michaels leaned forward and kissed her. She kissed back and danced her tongue over his. Comforted between two of them. The touching display made Sarah warm and happy, without a hint of jealously on her part. It surprised her how much she enjoyed being in the situation, even without being the focus of his attention. Like she had given him a gift, gratified in his elation of its receipt.

Mr. Michaels leaned back up and then pressed steadily forward. Ali yelped and winced in momentary pain, but his dick disappeared all the way into her. After holding for a minute once achieving full penetration, Mr. Michaels started to slowly thrust in and out of her, allowing her to get accustomed to it. A small amount of blood appeared on his shaft as he pulled back. Flinching a few more times, Ali soon relaxed and started gyrating her hips in time to his thrusts.

Mr. Michaels picked up his tempo slightly. Ali moaned, lost in the throes of her ecstasy, while Sarah continued to pinch her nipples and roll them between her fingers. Before long, Mr. Michaels fucked harder. “She has the tightest pussy I’ve ever felt,” he exclaimed. Grabbing her thighs at her hips, he drove his dick deeper into her pussy.

Ali got more and more into it, arching her back and meeting his thrusts with her own pelvic grinding. Sarah reached forward and rubbed her friend’s clit while her Master fucked Sarah’s offering to him. Then Sarah felt it. Ali came. A big orgasm that seemed stronger and deeper than the ones that Ali normally had. Ali called out and pressed up against Mr. Michaels pelvis and Sarah’s fingers. “Oh my god!! Oh my god!!” she screamed repeatedly.

He never slowed down, fucking her through several more quick orgasms. When he pulled out of her, he turned her over on her knees while pushing her up farther on the bed, instructing Ali to eat Sarah’s pussy like the she did on his video and then proceeded fucking her doggie. Ali put her head down between Sarah’s legs, licking her friend feverishly. Sticking her fingers into Sarah’s pussy and sucked hard on her clit. The pounding of Mr. Michaels into her from behind made it tricky to keep her mouth on Sarah’s pussy, but she did her best. Reaching around her hip, he rubbed her clit while he ground his dick into her until Ali came again with her face in Sarah’s pussy. She stopped licking for a few seconds while the orgasm rolled through her until Mr. Michaels slapped her ass hard and told her to get back to it.

The hard spank shocked and confused her. Sarah helped her by grabbing her head and pulling it back down to her dripping cleft, soon feeling Ali’s tongue again find her love button and circle it. Sarah gave an extra loud moan to make sure that Mr. Michaels knew that Ali had gotten back on task. He fucked for several more minutes before yelling at Sarah, “I want you to cum for me Sarah. I want it right now!”

Sarah ground her pussy into Ali’s face and used her like a toy. Encouraging the novice to suck her clit and finger fuck her hard. Ali jammed her fingers in hard and fast and within seconds, Sarah announced her climax while looking right into her Master’s eyes.

As soon as Sarah’s orgasm began to eb, Mr. Michaels flipped Ali back on to her back and pushed her legs toward her chest while driving into her in missionary. Her tight pussy did it’s job and he groaned forcefully. Pulling out of her, he jerked his meat until he spewed thick hot cum all over Ali’s tits and stomach. When he finished, he sat back and looked at his two willing slaves waiting for him.

“Sarah, feed all of that cum to her with your fingers. Clean every drop.” Ali’s eyes got big, but Sarah moved to comply without hesitation. She dragged two fingers through a big glob and moved them up to Ali’s lips. Ali didn’t immediately open her mouth, so Sarah forced her lips open and pushed her fingers into her mouth, silently indicating that Ali better get with it. Finally accepting the suggestion, Ali sucked her fingers clean and Sarah got more.

Sarah repeated the procedure several more times, before she turned to Mr. Michaels and asked, “May I please help her Sir? Can I help clean her up?”

“Fine, but share it with her. I want her to taste it.” Sarah licked up several splotches of congealed sperm and then moved up and kiss Ali, sharing the spoils. Continuing until every drop had been removed from Ali’s pale skin, leaving only the light glisten of the drying saliva.

“You two go shower and Sarah, I want you to get her off several times with the shower wand,” he commanded. Getting up, the girls moved to the shower. The girls soaped each other taking lots of time to rub each other’s bodies. Joining them, Mr. Michaels stood in front of the opening watching the action. Then Sarah got the wand and put it onto a pulsing setting, first running the water over Ali’s body, spending time stimulating her nipples.

When the water settled on her clit, Ali visibly jumped. Soon she groaned and her hips ground automatically. Sarah moved her back to lean against the back wall of the shower, spreading her legs wider. Moving the spray up and down her pussy but focused mainly on the clit. Using her other hand, she spread Ali’s pussy lips so her naked love button took the full brunt of the water. Ali came once and then within seconds, started to cum again. She had to hold onto Sarah’s shoulders to steady herself. When it passed, she kissed Sarah deeply but Sarah never moved the water. Within another minute, Ali laid her head on Sarah’s shoulder as another orgasm rocked her little body.

Sarah pulled Ali from the wall, taking her place and pulling Ali back so that she leaned against her with her back to Sarah. Ali wrapped her arms around the back of Sarah’s head. Sarah kissed and bit Ali’s shoulder while keeping the water centered on her pussy. Ali rubbed against her friend and ground her hips. Before long, she came again more strongly than before.

As soon as it slowed, Ali grabbed the wand, pushed Sarah’s legs apart, and kneeled down. First she licked Sarah, but then turned the wand onto her pussy. Following Sarah’s example, she ran it up and down between the pussy lips before centering on the clit. Ali spread Sarah’s lips wide open and attacked the exposed nub. Sarah grabbed Ali’s head and before long an orgasm shook her body. Sarah’s orgasms always involved her whole body causing her legs and hips to tremble. She looked right at Mr. Michaels while she came. His returning smile melted her insides.

“Dry each other off and get into the bedroom!” Mr. Michaels commanded surprisingly angrily. Ali jumped up and both she and Sarah stared at each other concerned. Neither had any idea why he would be angry. Sarah grabbed towels and started to dry Ali off. Then she handed one to Ali to do her. Sarah knew Mr. Michaels intent. He would find fault and punish them. Probably spank them. The start of Ali’s training to always follow the rules and his instructions. It could be anything they did wrong. Or he would create a situation where they couldn’t do right. She remembered how terrified she had been when he first did it to her. She played it up for Ali, pretending to be worried at the suddenly very angry man that held their futures in his hands. Ali wanted to go out before Sarah had finished getting dried, but Sarah stopped her, saying “He said dry. Let’s not disobey. Finish with me.”

When they walked into the room, he greeted them leaning against the bed with the paddle in his hand. Sarah could feel Ali tense as they held hands standing naked next to one another. “I thought I was pretty clear, was I not.”

Neither girl responded and just stared at him. He continued, “Sarah, who did I say was supposed to get off in the shower?”

“Ali, sir.”

He nodded. “Ali, who did you get off in the shower.”


“Sarah SIR!” He looked even angrier and smacked the paddle onto the palm of his other hand.

Ali grimaced. “Sarah, sir!”

“Is there a reason you wouldn’t follow my simple instructions? Was this your indication that you have no intention of honoring our deal and doing what you are told? Maybe we should just call this whole thing off. Is that what you want?” he finished emphatically.

Ali broke first. “No sir! No!! Please. I am sorry. I thought since Sarah got me off…..I should do the same for her.”

“You don’t get to think anymore Ali. You get to follow my rules and my instructions. That is all. Do you two sluts understand that or not?”

“Yes sir, I understand. I will obey. I am sorry. I should have stopped her,” said Sarah.

Ali looked completely stunned and confused. She picked up when Sarah stopped. “I’m sorry sir. I didn’t follow your instructions. I will do as I am told.”

He shook his head. “I can’t let this go unpunished. You both understand that, right? The only way you are going to learn is if I punish you when you act like unruly bitches, doing any damn thing you think. Sarah, do you understand?” He stared straight at her.

Even knowing his intentions and why he said what he did, she shrunk and her belly turned over. He could still get that kind of reaction out of her any time he wanted. And despite knowing she only played a part in this indoctrination, she still knew she could really screw up and piss him off.

Sarah dropped her head and responded, “Yes sir. I was wrong and I deserve to be punished. Please punish me Master.” Saying it without even thinking. Pleading to him as Master had become ingrained. She had to beg her Master and address him as such. Briefly, she worried that Ali would pick up on it too, but there was no way she could break her training after all these weeks.

“Get over here and lay across my lap.” Mr. Michaels moved up onto the bed. Sarah lay across his lap with her legs on the floor, her head resting on the bed and her arms stretched out over her head. She wondered idly if Mr. Michaels had intentionally set the bed height to be the perfect height for either him to punish her, or fuck her, because both seemed to be at the ideal position.

Mr. Michaels looked at Ali and then brought the paddle down on Sarah’s ass. It made a loud crack and Sarah yelped a little. Ordering Sarah to count, he hit the other cheek. Continuing to alternate until both were bright pink. When Sarah got to 14, he brought the paddle down harder right across both cheeks. He stood her up and told her, “Next time, do as your told and I won’t have to punish you. But you took it well. Now kiss me and tell me you are my devoted slut.”

Sarah leaned down and kissed him wholeheartedly, sticking her tongue deep into his mouth. Cradling his head in both hands, she eventually broke of the fervent attack, took a step back, stood in slave pose with her head down, and announced, “I am your devoted slut sir.”

He indicated for Ali to take her place on his lap. At her reluctant paces forward, with her hands held behind her covering her ass, he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to him. She let out a sob, with terror dripping off her at the prospect of getting the same treatment she had just seen Sarah receive. Sarah didn’t know for sure, but she doubted that Ali had ever been spanked.

“Tell her what she needs to know,” Mr. Michaels said to Sarah while pulling her across his lap.

Sarah got on the bed so she could see Ali’s face. “Relax. The worst thing you can do is tense. It will hurt, but it will hurt a lot less if you don’t panic and stay loose. Breath and let the pain flow through you. Don’t hold your breath! It makes it worse. And never try to cover your ass with your hands. If you do that and he hits your hand, it will be much worse than your ass. Relax.” Sarah brushed hair out of Ali’s face and wiped away some tears, before taking Ali’s hands and pulling them to her lap so they were over Ali’s head.

Mr. Michaels brought down the paddle onto Ali’s tender ass, rewarded with a loud smack. Ali jumped and yelped loudly. Sarah consoled her, “That’s right Ali. Relax. Feel the heat, but don’t tighten up. And count for him.”

Ali’s voice hitched, but she got out a “One,” before the second spank came. Sarah continued to try to comfort her with encouraging words until he got to the last two of the fifteen intended blows. They were harder and Ali turned her head down into the mattress, but still gave out a muffled count.

Finished with his spanking, he stood her up and told her to kiss him and thank him for the instruction. She did so, but she looked shaken and rubbed the tight hot skin of her ass.

Mr. Michaels stood up and ordered the girls to blow him. Sarah grabbed Ali’s hands and got into a kneeling position pulling Ali down with her. While Ali looked lost and confused, Sarah grabbed his cock at the base and took several long licks before pointing it toward Ali. Ali tentatively reached forward with her tongue and did the same. Before long, they took turns sucking on his dick. As each girl took her turn, he grabbed them by the back of the head and shoved his dick deep into their mouths until they gagged. While Ali sucked on him, he told Sarah to suck on his balls. Then had them switch. Fully warmed up, he stood the girls up. He grabbed Sarah by the hair and made her look up into his eyes. “What are you, Sarah?” he asked.

“I’m your slut sir,” she responded.

He slapped her tits hard. “Try again.”

Sarah closed her eyes for a second as she let the pain dissipate. Looking back up at him straight in the eyes, she responded, “I’m your willing and devoted slut sir.”

He nodded and let go of her. Grabbing Ali by both nipples, clamping them between his thumb and forefinger, he pinched harder and harder until she whimpered and cried out.

“Do you understand how to answer that question? Tell me you know so that I believe you mean it or I am going to pinch these even harder.” He stared at her.

Ali tiptoed from foot to foot trying to alleviate the pain, sniveling. Seeing he wouldn’t stop, she centered herself, trying to focus on his demand and ignore the intense pain in her nipples. “I’m your willing and devoted slut sir. I will do anything you tell me to do. Just please stop pinching my nipples.”

He pinched even harder and twisted them about ninety degrees. “You don’t get to ask me to stop doing anything. These are now my nipples. If I want them to hurt, they will hurt. Do you understand?!” he demanded emphatically.

Ali shuddered before he pulled her nipples up until she stood on her tippytoes. “Yes sir. Sorry sir. They are your nipples. Anything you want sir,” she whined.

He leaned down so he was right in her face. “Stop that whining now and accept the pain. You are my slut. You do as I say, always. You don’t question me. I own this body now and I will give it both pleasure and pain as I see fit. And I don’t accept crying or disobedience. Is that fucking understood?!” His voice had ramped up from conversational to just under yelling.

Ali’s sucked air between her teeth trying to calm herself. “Yes sir. I understand sir.”

Mr. Michaels lightened up a little, but kept the nipples pinched. “Unless you want to call an end to this. You can. I will call the cops and they can deal with you for stealing. And I’ll give the videos to your parents and they can deal with their drunken lesbian daughter. It’s your call. You are either willing or we are through.”

“NO! No. No please. I am willing. I am your slut, I promise. I will do anything you tell me. My body is your body and you can do anything you want to me. Please sir.” Ali begged at the edge of tears, but to her credit, she didn’t let herself cry.

Mr. Michaels let go and leaned down to suck on her nipples, one at a time. Taking his time while he did it, Ali’s expression of terror melted into one of bliss. “Sarah, get me some nipple clamps.”

Sarah went to the bag by the nightstand and returned with nipple clamps. Mr. Michaels had continued to suck on Ali’s nipples until they were both fully erect and hard, though tender from the rough treatment. Breaking from the suckling, he attached clamps on each one with the chain dangling between them. Ali didn’t call out or complain, but Sarah could tell they hurt her in a way Ali had never felt before. From experience, Sarah knew that in a minute or two, they would get somewhat numb and not hurt as bad, but she remembered the first time he clamped her nipples. The shock of doing something so kinky and the unfamiliar pain with her nipples held compressed.

Mr. Michaels grabbed the chain and pulled Ali with him back to the bed. She couldn’t stop a small gasp and groan and the clamps pulled her nipples away from her body. Laying down in the center of the bed with his legs spread, he ordered, “Ali, you blow me while on your knees. And I mean give the best blow job you have ever given. Ignore the pain from the clamps. Sarah, you get in behind her and make her cum as many times as you can with your mouth and fingers.”

Ali got into position between his legs with him keeping the chain taut. Doing her best to ignore them, she started to lick his cock, and proceeded to use every technique Sarah had taught her. Licking and sucking his balls, varying her speed, using long strokes with her hand and mouth, all while keeping good eye contact. Hesitating only briefly at times when he would pull harder on the clamps. Sarah spread Ali’s pussy and ass wide and licked up and down her friend’s pussy. She used her thumb to rub her clit and tongue fucked her vagina, occasionally feeling Ali tense and stop to gain composure before returning to her task.

“Focus on my dick girl. Ignore the pain from the clamps and the pleasure from her mouth. Your only interest should be making that dick cum.” Ali redoubled her efforts on stoking his dick with both hands while bobbing her mouth up and down over the head. But she lost the battle against Sarah’s efforts, pulling off his dick while an orgasm rocked through her body.

“Keep that cock in your mouth you fucking cock whore!” he demanded. Ali immediately got it back in her mouth while still feeling the waves of climax. “That’s right. Keep it in your mouth and focus on me. Resist the urge to be the greedy slut you are and focus only on me,” he said as he pulled even harder on the clamps. One started to slip and she grunted with her mouth full of penis, but it turned to moans as Sarah got two fingers into her, finger fucking her while continuing to rub her clit. Ali came again but kept her mouth moving on his dick. Obviously confused by the multiple simultaneous sensations, she moaned and groaned on the cock.

“Lick her ass Sarah. Get your tongue deep into her asshole.” Sarah spread Ali’s ass cheeks even wider and drew her wide tongue up over her tight knot. Knowing Ali had never had her asshole rimmed before, Sarah anticipated her jerk and helped steady Ali so that she kept Mr. Michaels in her mouth, but felt her stop moving except for the tremble her Ali’s legs.

“Slap this slut’s ass for me Sarah. She can’t seem to keep her focus and we are going to have to teach her.” Sarah brought her hand down flat and hard against Ali’s right cheek. Then switched hands and hit her left. But she kept tonging the girls ass while slapping from side to side. Her tongue danced all around the outside and pressed into her tight anus.

Ali did her best to ignore everything else and took long strokes on Mr. Michaels dick. Satisfied, Mr. Michaels told Sarah to stop spanking. Ali came again, but never slowed. He pulled on the clamps but she managed to ignore the pain, even when they pulled completely off her nipples. Mr. Michael’s grunted and started to raise his hips. Sarah knew he had exploded in Ali’s mouth. She heard Ali slurp at his hot ejaculate, but saw the evidence of her failure to swallow as it rolled down his shaft and onto his stomach while Ali choked. When she got over choking, a look at Mr. Michaels told her what she needed to do and she started licking up the remaining spew. Sarah got Ali to orgasm again while she cleaned him up, but she barely missed a beat.

“Good job. You focus on me and you either swallow or clean it up. Get used to it.” He pulled Ali up and kissed her. Hesitant at first, she got into it and kissed him back sensually, playing with his tongue. “I think it is time for you to return the favor to your friend,” he said as he indicated for Sarah to lay down in the center of the bed. Guiding Ali’s head between her legs, he pulled her hips up until she remained on her knees with her ass up. Ali got to work licking Sarah’s pussy, kissing her labia and sucking the delicate skin folds into her mouth. Soon she progressed to sticking her tongue from inside her vagina up to swirling the tip of her tongue around her clit.

Sarah moaned and encouraged her, “That’s right. Suck my clit into your mouth. Bite it and let me feel your teeth.”

While Ali focused on Sarah, Mr. Michaels got in behind her spread open pussy. He straddled one of her legs, facing backward, so he could rub a vibrator up and down her pussy slit, forcing the head to tease her vaginal opening pressing up on the underside of her clit. In no time, Ali’s hips humped in sync with her moans into Sarah’s pussy. With his other hand, he dropped lube at the top of Ali’s ass crack making Ali jump a little at the cold liquid. As it started to run down her ass crack toward her butthole, Mr. Michaels used his middle finger to rub it all around her rear entrance and then slowly pushed his fingertip into her extremely tight hole.

He put down the vibrator long enough to smack her ass hard several times. “Relax and let my finger into your asshole. Stop fighting me.” Ali stopped her endeavors on Sarah and looked back at Mr. Michaels obviously shocked at his treatment. “Did I say stop?! Get your face back into that cunt and get Sarah off! She got you off. Or are you always going to be this greedy?” he growled very pissed off. He slapped her ass again harder and continued for several more until Ali got her face back into place and Sarah confirmed how good it felt.

He went back to vibrating Ali’s pussy and playing with her asshole. To Sarah’s relief for her friend, she knew she must have relaxed as she watched her Master finger his new slave’s ass. Moving first one finger in and out for a few minutes before adding a second finger all while keeping the vibrator right on her clit. Sarah felt Ali’s body shiver and knew Ali had cum again. But he didn’t slow and continued to pump his fingers faster into her while clicking the vibrator up to a higher level.

“Sarah, pull your legs up and Ali, lick her ass,” he ordered. Sarah grabbed her knees and pulled them up to her chest, rolling her ass up off the bed. Spreading Sarah’s ass checks, staring right at the brown eye facing her, she looked up at Sarah with obvious anxiety of coming face to face with someone’s forbidden hole. When she hesitated, Mr. Michaels slapped her ass again. Ali leaned forward and tentatively stuck her tongue to Sarah’s puckered knot and wiggled it slightly. When Sarah moaned loudly, Ali more confidently licked over and around her asshole, dragging her tongue in more exaggerated motions. “Stick your tongue inside her ass,” he demanded. Ali took a breath and pushed the tip of her tongue against Sarah’s rear entry. Sarah felt Ali’s tongue wedge into her.

“That’s it, Ali. It feels so good. Please tongue fuck my ass sweetie,” Sarah urged. Ali pressed harder getting her tongue deeper. Gaining confidence, she continued to lick and press her tongue past Sarah’s sphincter while using her finger to rub Sarah’s clit.

Ali moaned again as another orgasm started, but she kept all of her focus on getting Sarah off. Encouraging her as much as possible, Sarah soon begged her not to stop. Mr. Michaels watched a big orgasm rip through Sarah. She looked right at him and smiled as her legs shook and body trembled. He often told her how much he enjoyed how visibly her body reacted when she climaxed. About how it enhanced his own enjoyment by feeling her pussy vibrate on his cock. He always demanded that the focus should only be on him, but after so much time with him, Sarah knew that his biggest enjoyment came from making girls cum. Everything he did centered on getting bigger orgasms from the girl and he watched raptly while they did. Even as her orgasm finally started to wain, she watched as he forced two more out of Ali. Sarah held Ali’s head and ground into Ali’s face getting her pussy juice all over her friend while she did.

Mr. Michaels finally relented and let the girls get up. Sarah gave Ali a quick peck on the lips before licking her own juices off her nose and chin. Giggling, Ali leaned in for a deeper, unhurried kiss, before they both turned and thanked him. Moving to stand ten feet away from the bed, he commanded them to crawl to him and kiss his feet. Sarah moved first, getting on her knees and elbows and crawled. Ali looked startled by the scene, but followed Sarah’s example and soon both girls kissed his feet and thanking him for being so generous. He told them to stay on their knees, face down to the floor, with their arms stretched out in front of them with their hands clasped. “This is your slave bow. When I want your devotion, this is what I expect. Is that understood?”

“Yes sir,” they said in unison.

Next, he positioned them on their knees, legs spread shoulder width apart, backs straight and chests pushed out, their arms crossed behind them and their heads up looking straight ahead. “Either standing or kneeling, this is your slave pose. When you are waiting for directions, you are to be in one of these poses.”

“Yes sir,” they said again in unison.

“Now get me your phones. Then get cleaned up and dressed and meet me downstairs.” They both ran to get their clothes and phones and gave them to him with their codes. They went into the bathroom and started to get cleaned up.

Ali looked around nervously and then whispered to Sarah, “Why do you think he wants our phones?”

“He owns us, Ali. It doesn’t matter what he wants them for. He is going to control everything we do. We just have to accept it.”

Looking deject at the answer, she went back to cleaning her face.

Sarah ventured, “But wasn’t the sex good? I know this was your first time, but trust me, my first time was like a two-minute accident. Completely unremarkable and unfulfilling. Was yours good? And memorable?”

Ali actually smiled and laughed. “Oh my god. I had no idea that was what sex would be like. It was actually very nice to have you with me. But I’ve never cum so much or so hard. I lost count. Maybe I am a lesbian. I love eating your pussy and having you eat mine,” she mused. After more consideration she continued, “No, actually having a dick in me was….” she shuddered before she could continue, “unbelievable.” She let out a long satisfied sigh. “I know I will always want to have dick too. Feeling him in me like that just felt right.”

“It’s not like this with all guys. Most just want to get off and most don’t have a dick as big as he does. But it will get better and better. Just don’t fight it and go along. We don’t want to get punished.”

They finished dressing and went downstairs. Mr. Michaels recited the now familiar rules to them for Ali’s benefit, but Sarah pretended to listen carefully like they were new. He told Ali he wanted her back in the morning by herself. But he also told them he had massages at the spa set up for them in the afternoon. Both girls thanked him, kissing and hugging him, before heading out.


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sorry just not a fan of this


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Epic scene for me.
Sarah tortured was great - she is slowly becoming the pain slut he wants.
And then the deflowering of Ali - another awesome scene.
Keep up the amazing work and don't listen to the naysayers.
Can't wait to see where this goes.
Sarah leant out to Michaels friends?
Sarah brings more friends round?
Big gangbang with the boys and girls and Mr Michaels?
So many possibilities...

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