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Sue discovers an odd piece of wood at her new job. She could never have imagined what it would lead to.
Sue looked at herself in the mirror. She wasn’t super happy with her look but she felt that she fit the part of a high school shop teacher. She towered over most of the students being six foot tall, and with her build she looked like she could dominate a rugby pitch. Her flannel shirt and overalls hid her saggy Es, and with her hair up she almost looked like a man. She splashed some water in her face and dried off.

She knew she had a couple of minutes before the next period so she took her time. As she entered the woodshop she tried to remember the last time her husband had fucked her. Sue chuckled as she remembered that it was after their fourth of July party and she was so drunk she’d barely felt a thing. Her smile turned to a frown as she realized that July was three months ago. It’d been three months since her husband had fucked her.

As the door behind her opened she buried her thoughts and put on a smile. Students filtered in and Sue got ready to go through her safety checklist. She always liked this period since her daughter who was a senior this year was in it. She’d turned eighteen earlier in the year and was the perfect combination of both her parent’s features. Mira was tall but not like Sue, and more slenderly built. Sue wished she was as beautiful as Mira. Her fondness of her daughter didn’t stop her from immediately calling her out. “Mira, are those shorts appropriate for the woodshop? Also, your hair is down.” Mira blushed and looked sheepishly towards her friend who was also in shorts. Sue kept the pressure up, “Sammy, you too. Both of you get changed and come back.”

Mira and Sammy left and Sue continued with her lesson. After walking through the safety checklist with the rest of the students she let them get to work on their various projects. She barely noticed her daughter returning. Sue and her family had moved to this little town over the summer and the shop still didn’t quite feel like her own. When she had interviewed for the job she was informed that the woodshop had been closed since their last instructor had a nervous breakdown. Something about him making overly sexualized carvings and pretending he didn’t remember doing it.

Sue recognized that the creep had a great eye for wood though. There was a pile of his half-finished projects and scrap wood in the back. All the weird ones had been tossed ages ago but there was one that Sue had looked at a few times but hadn’t felt the need to pull out. Remembering it now she decided to pull it out and try to see what he’d been up to. The piece was just a three foot long section of applewood that he’d been turning on the lathe. The entire piece had been stripped and it stood at 5 inches in diameter. Sue picked it up from the pile and turned it over in her hands. The grain was beautiful but she could only imagine what the old teacher had planned for it.

The wood felt oddly cool and Sue’s skin began tickling from her hands down to her core. She was short of breath and it wasn’t until she heard the bell that she snapped back into reality. Sue set the wood on her desk and dismissed the class.

Once the room was clear Sue got to cleaning. She knew the next two periods were free and so she absent mindedly locked the shop doors. It wasn’t until she was back at the desk that she realized how odd that was for her. She’d only ever locked the doors at the end of the day. As she pondered on why she would have locked up she affixed the wood cylinder into the lathe. Again Sue was a little startled with her actions. She had no intention of creating anything today but as she picked up a chisel she let her hands do their thing as she thought about when she lost her virginity. That quickly changed to her wondering how her daughter had lost hers. In fact she wasn’t even sure if Mira had lost her virginity. Sammy had to have, Sue knew she came from a conservative family but someone that cute and perky must have gotten fucked by the time she was eighteen.

The bell rang, jolting Sue back. She looked at the piece on the lathe and was surprised with how much she had done. The smooth cylinder had been crafted into a different rough shape. Sue couldn’t quite tell what it’d be, but the first foot and a half maintained almost the full diameter on one side, tapered down to three inches, and maintained this till the halfway point. At the midpoint the rod came back out to four inches and continued like that till it came to 5 inches for the last bit. Sue removed the rod from the lathe and returned to her desk.

Sue’s mind went back to Mira and Sammy. She leaned back in her chair and thought how soft and fresh their little pussy’s must be. She was startled by the fact she was grinding her crotch against the rod. She didn’t stop but she wondered why the image of those two young things were getting her so hot. The rod felt cold to her hands but she could feel warmth from the rob going through her overalls. It was almost an electric feeling. Sue imagined what Mira’s sounded like when she orgasms and began losing control. As the waves of pleasure hit her she blacked out. The bell rang and Sue snapped back into reality. She tucked the rod under her desk and rushed to the door to unlock it. The rest of the day was more or less normal.

Sue didn’t touch the rod again until the following Wednesday. She’d thought about it nonstop for two days, but had been avoiding it. She was disgusted when she’d realized what had gotten her off, the thought of masturbating to her daughter sickened her. It had been an amazing orgasm though, easily the best she could remember.

The shop was prepared for class and Sue dreaded seeing Mira and Sammy together again. Luckily they were both prepared this time and Sue didn’t have to call them out. Class started as usual but Sue kept on being drawn to Mira or Sammy. Sammy in particular today was looking extra cute. Her blonde hair was up in a bun and her t-shirt was skin tight. Sue wondered what it’d be like to have small little tits like that. Sammy had what looked like a sports bra under her shirt but she didn’t need anything really to cover up the little A cups. As Sue stood behind her she could almost sense the innocence in her. It was almost like Sammy had never had a lurid thought in her life.

Mira on the other hand had a different feel to her. It was angst mixed with lack of confidence. Sue could tell she had nasty thoughts, that given the right opportunity or the right nudges Mira could be a little slut. Sue could tell though that like Sammy, Mira was a virgin.

Sue was relieved when the class ended and she was alone in the woodshop again. She immediately locked the door and grabbed the rod from under her desk. She had planned on throwing it away, but instead she set the rod upright in a vice and took out a fine chisel. As she focused on what those two young girls were like her hands got to work. As the bell rang, she rotated the rod and worked on the other side. Somehow her body knew the next class was starting soon and she removed the piece from the vice.

She was impressed with her work. Never in her life had Sue crafted such a detailed and unique piece. One end of the rod had been crafted into a rather bulbous crown, below the crown was rough scroll work till the halfway point. There it transformed into what looked like a snake wrapped in apple branches. It was still rough, but the snake head and crown were clear on either side of the rod. She put it under her desk and unlocked the door.

The rest of the day was smooth, and to Sue’s pleasure, uneventful. The last period of the day she had free time and she knew she wouldn’t be able to help herself but work on her side project. She wanted a clear head and rushed to the bathroom to splash some water in her face. Looking in the mirror she wondered what her daughter’s pussy juice would taste like as it ran down her face. Sue shook herself and splashed more water in her face, but as the water ran down her cheeks she couldn’t shake the image.

She returned to the woodshop and locked the door. As Sue turned to her desk she was startled to see her daughter sitting on it admiring the rod. Sue knew Mira had this period off, but she’d never visited before. Sue tried to talk but couldn’t, in a bit of a daze she walked over and sat at her desk. Mira slowly adjusted herself to face her mom. Mira cleared her throat and timidly started, “Mom, I’m not sure if I’ve ever cum. I’ve tried before and it feels great but I don’t really know.”

Sue wasn’t in control of her body, much less her voice, “Honey, that’s okay. I know you’re a virgin and even if you were having sex, that doesn’t mean you’d be getting what you needed. Do you want your Momma’s help?”

Mira just nodded. Sue reached up and unbuttoned her daughter’s jeans. In moments Mira’s bare ass was at the edge of Sue’s desk. Sue didn’t fully register it as she lowered her face down to her daughter's beautiful little cunt. It was a little chubbier than Sue would have guessed but it was the most inviting thing Sue had ever seen. With one hand she parted her daughter’s lips exposing her clit. Sue knew before she licked her that she’d taste amazing, but it was nice to have that confirmed. The juices coming from her daughter were the best thing she’d ever had.

Mira could hardly register what was happening. She’d come here to ask for a ride home but now her mother was sucking on her pussy and it was the best feeling ever. She didn’t know why she was holding this three foot rod, but it felt light in her hands, and like it needed to be inside her. Mira lifted the snake head to her mouth and began sucking on it. She could only get the tip in, but soon her mother took the rod from her. Mira knew what was coming and pulled her legs as far back as they would go.

She was so close to orgasming but Mira knew it wouldn’t happen until that rob was inside her. Mira felt her pussy lips spread, and then an unimaginably pleasurable heat. She knew there was no way that snake head would fit into her virgin pussy, but she needed it to. Her mom pushed it harder and harder against her cunt until Mira was ready to scream. It was that impulse that brought her attention to how quiet the two of them were being. The only sound in the woodshop was her panting and her mom’s slurping.

Mira thought back to the last time she’d tried to finger herself. It was only a couple months ago, but when she got too deep the pain was too much and she had to stop. As the head was pushed harder and harder against her, the pain was still present, but it was the best pain ever. She didn’t know why but she wanted the snake head to rip her in half. The head slowly progressed deeper and deeper and Mira was sure she’d be bleeding.

Sue was worried she was hurting her daughter but she couldn’t stop driving the rod against her lips. It had made its way three inches into her when Mira made her first audible whimper. Sue knew this was her daughter's maidenhood. She didn’t need to look to know that the head of the snake was much too large for Mira’s little hole, but it felt like she had the entire snake head inside her now.

Mira’s eyes shot open as her hymen was torn apart. There was no way the four inch wide snake head was inside her but that explains the pain. It didn’t explain why she needed it so badly. Mira felt her mom pull the head from her and was briefly relieved before it was plunged back in. Sue clamped down on Mira’s clit and sucked as hard as she could, as she simultaneously drove the rod into her daughter over and over again.

Mira felt like screaming her head off, as an initial wave of pleasure hit her. The subsequent rushes blew her mind. She lost track of her body as she spasmed. Sue never expected her daughter to start squirting but it was amazing. The taste, heat, and texture were everything to her. She leaned back and watched her daughter twitch with ecstasy. Reluctantly Sue pulled the rod from her daughter’s cunt.

As the head pulled out there was a faint popping noise. Sue watched her daughter’s pussy slowly close back up. She didn’t understand how it could go from being stretched five inches wide back to its cute little self but Mira almost looked like she was a virgin again. Even more surprising to both women was the fact that there was no blood on the rod, instead the snake head had taken on a reddish color like cherry wood. Sue tucked the rod away and Mira got dressed. They didn’t say a word to each other the rest of the night.

Thursday was a blur for Sue. She knew she had classes and free periods, but she was on autopilot and could only think of fucking her daughter more vigorously with the rod. It wasn’t until Friday morning that Sue realized how much work she’d put into the rod. The detail was exquisite, and even though there were no sharp edges the designs were quite elegant.

Sue knew Mira and Sammy’s last class on Friday was woodshop, and she was nervously excited all day. Initially she didn’t recognize that she was giving into something else, but now she reveled at the thought of giving up control to whatever this was and letting it have its way with her. She’d been tempted to try the rod on herself, but whatever spirit inhabited it and her, wouldn’t let that happen.

It was hard to not leer at Sammy and Mira as they innocently went about their projects. Mira would make eye contact with her mom every now and then, and both women would feel a rush in their cunts. The bell rang and as the class filtered out Sammy waited by the door, “Mira, come on!”

Mira looked at Sammy and smiled, “Hey, real fast come look at this project my mom’s been working on.” Sammy didn’t want to be rude so she came over to Sue’s desk. Sue had moved to the door and turned the deadbolt. Mira took the rod out and passed it crown side first to her friend. As soon as Mira touched the rod she felt a rush.

Sue approached the two girls, admiring their forms. She touched Sammy’s shoulder and looked down at her, “Now I know you are a Virgin, but that’s nothing to be worried about. Even after this, you can still call yourself whatever you want.” Sammy had fear in her eyes but didn’t move. Sammy was surprised when she looked over and saw Mira had begun stripping. Sue released Sammy’s shoulder and cleared one of the large work tables.

Sammy didn’t resist as Mira began undressing her. Sue didn’t skip a beat and soon was standing naked in front of the two young women. Their body types could hardly have been more different. Sue looked like she had as much mass in her tits as Sammy had in her entire upper body. Sue couldn’t wait for what she knew was going to happen. This little saint of a girl was going to never be the same.

Mira and Sammy crawled onto the table and Sammy reluctantly passed the rod back to Sue. Sammy had never had a sexual urge towards a woman before but in this moment there was nothing more she wanted than to crawl on top of her best friend and start kissing her. Sue watched as the two girls kissed and rubbed their bodies together. This wasn’t nearly enough for Sue though. Sue swung the rod making solid contact with Sammy’s ass. Sammy tumbled off of Mira and looked like she was about to cry.

Without saying a word Sue grabbed her hair and dragged her face to Mira’s cunt. Sammy didn’t resist and began lapping up her friend’s pussy. Mira pulled Sammy’s ass down onto her own face. Mira laughed internally when she saw that Sammy actually had a pretty large clit, the tip stuck out from her hood and lips without any effort. Mira wrapped her lips around it and began flicking it with the tongue. Sammy had never felt such an amazing sensation in all her life.

Sue walked around the table so she was by her daughter’s head and Sammy’s pussy. Just by looking Sue knew there was no way the crown on the end of the rod could ever fit in Sammy. It wasn’t even in a shape that could easily slide into the looses of orifices. Sue knew though that this had to happen, and it would happen. Mira watched as the rod approached her friend’s pussy. She reached up and grabbed one of Sammy’s lips in each of her hands. Unceremoniously she pulled as hard as she could. The tip of the crown was a two inch pointed bobble that entered Sammy without resistance. From there the crown flattened and even lipped up on the edges, before tapering in. Mira worked hard to keep Sammy’s lips as spread as possible while maintaining her mouth’s grip on the girl's juicy clit.

Sammy was having a difficult time even establishing what she was feeling let alone how she felt about it. In her mind she was repulsed by the taste of her friend’s pussy, but for the life of her she couldn’t stop licking it. She’d never been naked in front of other people, let alone her friend’s mom. Her ass still stung from when Sue had hit her but she kinda liked the sensation. And that was all before she thought about what was happening to her virgin pussy.

Mira’s grip on her lips was enough to make her want to cry out in pain, but that was dwarfed by the pressure of the rod against her delicate flesh. Sammy had to push against the table with her whole upper body to counter the force Sue was applying. Sammy briefly thought Sue had given up as the tip of the rod was pulled out of her. Sue reapplied pressure but this time was pressing the tip in and rotating the length of the rod in large circles.

Sammy didn’t know what this would accomplish, but Mira watched as Sammy’s hole was stretched wider and wider. After a couple rotations Sammy was sure her pussy was tearing. The slight pleasure she was feeling before was now replaced with an intense burning. Mira saw her friend’s hole stretch to just about three inches when the first edge of the crown caught and entered. It quickly popped out, but two rotations later the Sue was keeping more of it inside the young woman.

Sammy let out her first audible cry as the tip of the rod brushed her hymen. Sue was caught off guard from the silence being broken, but as she continued working on Sammy, Sue felt something building in her womanhood. It was as if all the pain she was inflicting on Sammy was translating to pleasure in her. She could feel every nerve in her ass and pussy and wanted more than anything to jam the rod into herself, but knew she couldn’t yet.

Mira could see Sammy’s skin stretched around the widest part of the crown. Her once pail flesh was blood red but miraculously not torn. Mira wondered if tearing would actually relieve some of the pain at this point. Sammy’s cunt felt like it was on fire but through it all she could clearly feel every detail of the crown as it pushed harder and harder against her maidenhood. In what felt like slow motion the tip of the crown broke her flesh and she felt as her hymen was torn into nothingness.

Almost on cue, Sue recognized that Sammy’s pussy was ready and adjusting her grip on the rod began fucking the small body more forcefully. The vicious fucking dislodged Sammy’s clit from Mira’s mouth and gave Mira a chance to see the beautiful site of her friend’s tight stomach bulging with the head of the rod. Mira was mesmerized as the bulge moved from her belly button to her wispy pubes. Sue wasn’t sure it’d work but every fiber of her body wanted to try it, so she pulled the crown out of Sammy’s cunt and drove it back in.

Sammy’s unbearable pain had changed to a dark and beautiful pleasure. As this ungodly large object was plunged back into her, Sammy knew she’d never be the same. Mira reached back up with her lips and grasped Sammy’s big clit. It quickly slipped back out with Sue’s thrusting. The next time Mira used her teeth and latched on as hard as she could. Sammy silently cried out into Mira’s pussy as she came for the first time.

As Sammy collapsed, Mira released her clit and let her lay on her. Sue didn’t immediately remove the rod, but decided it was time and pulled the eight inches from her daughter’s friend. The crown was blood red, but not how she’d expected. It was like the wood had absorbed Sammy’s blood and pain and taken on a regal garnet color.

Sue still felt a burning inside her, and she knew it was finally her turn. In a trance Sue stripped down, she hadn’t been wearing bras or panties most of this week so it didn’t take much. She walked the rod to a table and quickly sawed it in half. She handed each of the girl’s their respective ends and got on the table. The girls had pleasant blank stares on their faces as they went and grabbed some items from around the shop. Sue was feeling like she had some agency again as the girls returned to the table. Wordlessly the girls each took one of Sue’s ankles and tied some rope around them. Sue relaxed and let them pull her legs back till they were at her shoulders. In seconds she was tied there and Sue felt uncomfortably stretched. She also became aware of how hairy she was compared to the two women she’d been toying with.

Mira smiled and whispered into her ear, “Don’t worry Mommy, I’ll take care of that.” Mira moved to the edge of the table looking squarely at her mother’s hairy cunt and asshole. She produced a lighter from seemingly nowhere and started the flame. Sue watched in slow horror as her daughter brought the flame to the base of her ass. In a flash Sue’s cunt was on fire, and as quickly as the pain hit the fire was out. Mira brushed the ash from her mom's cunt and inspected her work. Using the lighter she burned away the remaining hairs, leaving a bare pink cunt and ass.

Sue looked between her thick thighs and saw both girls holding their halves of the rod. Mira with the snake wrapped in branches, and Sammy with her red crown. Mira lowered her mouth to her mom’s fat pussy and began licking. The tongue felt relieving after the pain of the flame. Sue was surprised as her daughter’s tongue wandered down to her asshole and poked inside. It felt wonderful but didn’t compare to the electricity she had felt while pounding into Sammy.

Sue’s wants were answered as Mira pressed the head of the snake against Sue’s asshole. As Mira’s tongue wondered back up to Sue’s cunt, she pushed the rod harder and harder against Sue’s asshole. Other than the little bit of saliva and pussy juice coming from Sue’s hole, there was no real lubrication. Sue felt the pressure increasing and did her best to relax. As her daughter pushed the rod harder and harder into her asshole Sue felt something give, and the head of the snake entered her. A split second later the most intense pain she’d ever felt shot out from around her asshole. It was like she was giving birth again but from her rectum and in reverse, she somehow knew her flesh hadn’t been torn but it should have been.

Mira pulled the rod from her mother’s ass and just as quickly pushed it back in. She felt sick to her stomach imagining what her mother must be feeling. To compensate for what she was doing to her mom’s asshole she tried her best to pleasure Sue’s clit. It wasn’t long before half the rod was pumping in and out of Sue’s guts and Sue was feeling her orgasm build. As her heart raced and her pussy clenched, Sue waited for the sweat relief to crash over her, but it never came. She was held in a beautiful but painful state as her daughter managed to get the remainder of the rod into her anus.

With the rod fully inserted Mira backed off from her mom. Sue wanted to plead with her to keep going but could muster the strength as she came down from the cusp of her orgasm. Sammy had been standing back and watching but now knew it was her turn. She’d been grinding her clit and lips against the crown at the end of her rod, but was excited to put it to use. As Sammy approached, Mira mounted the table and got on top of her mom. She angled herself so she could once again help spread a pussy apart while it got taken by the crown.

Sue’s view was obstructed by her daughter’s cute little pussy, but when her lips were pulled apart she knew what was coming. She was filled with a bit of jealousy at the shapely little lips, knowing that even at her best her cunt never looked as good as her daughters did now. Sue’s mind cleared as the tip of the crown pierced her hole. It wasn’t the size that shocked Sue, but the fact that it put off so much heat. She actually liked that the crown was just wide enough that the edge was grazing her clit as Sammy pushed it into her cunt. Sue wouldn’t have believed that she could take such a large object if she hadn’t already stuffed it into Sammy.

Sammy had learned through her experience and began pushing the tip of the crown around the edge of the older woman’s hole doing her best to stretch it out. Sue was embarrassed with how quickly Sammy was able to start wedging the five inch head into her cunt. It was painful, but it wasn’t nearly as big of a stretch as it had been for the younger girl. In mere minutes Sammy was pumping the head of the crown into Sue’s pussy.

Mira released her mother’s lips once the thickest part of the rod entered her cunt. In seconds she had two big wood clamps in her hands and was adjusting herself back a little so she was sitting on her mom’s face. Mira put one clamp down and placed the other one at the base of one of her mother’s fat tits. She tightened the handle until it wouldn’t budge and Sue’s breast began to discolor. She repeated the process on the other tit and admired her work. Sue could barely even feel the rod pounding away into her because of the pain emanating from her breast.

Mira took the handles of each clamp in her hands and leaned back, grinding her pussy into her mom’s face, and stretching her tits. As Sue was smothered with her daughter’s wet pussy, she couldn’t help but enjoy the flavor. Pushing through the pain, she began licking her daughter once again. Sue couldn’t explain it but as she licked her daughter’s swollen clit, it felt like her own clit was being pleasured.

Sammy watched as Mira rode Sue’s face while stretching and deforming her massive breast. The rod she was using was still only entering Sue eight or nine inches, but Sammy was determined to get it all the way in. Sammy saw a small mallet and was filled with an alarming urge. Taking the mallet in one hand she gave the end of the rod sticking out of Sue a light smack. Sue’s eyes popped open as she felt her innards rip. As her gut felt like it was burning apart her sexual organ’s screamed that they were almost to their climax. Sue kept sucking on Mira’s clit as the next blow landed. Sammy was determined to fully insert the rod and a couple blows later only the last inch stuck out of Sue. Sammy paused as she prepared for her final blow.

Sue had been on the cusp of orgasm for a minute now, no matter how good sucking on her daughter’s clit felt or the pleasurable pain of her tits being torn from her was getting her over the edge. Anticipating the next blow from Sammy, Sue clenched her cunt and bit down on Mira’s clit. Mira went white with pain, approaching her own orgasm as she leaned back supporting her weight by the clamps on her mother’s tits. Sammy took in the beautiful scene of mother and daughter punishing and pleasuring each other and brought the mallet down.

Pain and pleasure shot through Sue’s body engulfing her in wave after wave of pleasure as she orgasmed. Mira collapsed to the side of the table twitching at her own bliss. Sammy looked on at the scene and after neither the mother nor the daughter moved for a minute she got dressed and left them alone. Mira was the first to stir and felt guilty about what she had done. She removed the clamps from her mom’s tits, untied her legs and approached her holes. She gripped the crowned rod but couldn’t get it to budge, and when she tried for the snaked rod she couldn’t grip it.

Sue eventually stirred and sat up, still shivering from the pleasure she had just felt. After a couple deep breaths she stood up on shaky legs. Mira held her naked mother. After another couple minutes Sue squatted down and was able to push both rods from her body. In some twisted miracle both came out without issue and as far as the women could tell, there was no permanent damage done.

The mother and daughter got dressed in silence. Mira thought it was weird that Sue packed the rods in her bag as they prepared to leave the school, but didn’t say a single word on their drive home.

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Very unique, so true. But I loved it. Fantastic writing and wicked ideas. Thanks for sharing.


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Very unique. I enjoyed this a lot!

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