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Two cops track down their prostitute CI, force her to give one of them a blowjob in the car, then tell them where a drug dealer lives. The cops raid the dealer's home before dawn, catching him and his girlfriend naked in bed. They cuff the guy, naked, while one of the cops fucks the girlfriend up against the wall in their bedroom. Afterwards, the cops say they'll let her off completely if she'll blow the drug dealer in front of them...she does.
Tony and Frank had been cops for twelve years, and had been assigned to the vice unit about three years ago. So far, they loved it….the autonomy, the power….getting to do pretty much anything they wanted, since the people they dealt with all tended to be criminals, and nobody really paid them much attention.

It was late Tuesday evening…about 2 hours before they went off-shift…and they were driving to the south side of Boston, where they planned to roust one of their prostitute CI’s. Frank was driving, and as they approached the corner where she usually worked, he slowed down and pulled to the curb, about four car lengths behind another car that was pulled to the curb in front of them.

Tony looked at his partner and said, “What are you doing, Frankie….pull up closer.”

Frank nodded at the car in front of them and said, “Check this out.”

They both looked through the rear window of the car in front of them, and laughed as they watched a woman’s head bobbing up and down in the lap of the car’s driver. She was obviously giving him a blowjob….but, hey…that was her job. So, they watched and waited until the driver suddenly tensed up and threw his head back, grunting loud enough for the cops to hear him. The woman’s head continued bobbing up and down, but at a slower pace, until she finally stopped. The driver handed her money while she wiped cum from her lips and chin, then the woman opened the car door, pushing her big, natural boobs back into her skimpy halter top and adjusting her skirt, as she climbed out.

Frank chuckled and said, “Yep…that’s Mona….you just can’t hide those tits.”

Tony laughed and said, “Right? God those are amazing.”

They waited for the car in front of them to pull away, then Tony lowered his window and called out, “Hey, Mona….over here…we’re checking in on you.”

Mona glanced up and down the street, then walked over to the unmarked police car, leaning down into Tony’s window, saying, “Hey, guys….what’s up?”

Tony reached inside Mona’s halter top and pulled out both of her breasts by the nipples. He squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples, as he said, “We thought you might have some information for us on where Miguel Jimenez is staying. We hear he just got a shipment from his supplier.”

Mona ignored the hands fondling and tweaking her boobs and said, “How much are you paying?”

Tony laughed and said, “Aaahhh…getting right down to it.” He grinned at Mona and said, “How about we take this discussion into the back seat?”

Mona rolled her eyes and backed up, leaving her boobs hanging out of her halter top, as Tony stepped out of the passenger seat, opened the door to the back seat and ushered her inside. Once inside, Tony leaned against the back seat and put his hands behind his head, saying, “OK, Mo…you know what to do.”

Mona sighed as she unzipped Tony’s jeans, reached inside, and fished out his cock. It was already semi-hard, as she began sliding her hand up and down the shaft, spending extra time rubbing the head with every upward stroke. After a minute or so of pumping his dick, Mona leaned over, sucked Tony’s prick into her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down on his pole, as Tony closed his eyes and moaned his pleasure. Once Tony’s rigid pole was in her mouth, Mona stopped using her hand on his shaft, since she knew Tony liked mouth-only blowjobs.

Tony murmured, “Yeah, Mona….just like that….hmmmmm…..God, you’re good at this….. aaaaahhhhh…. yeah…a little more tongue….shit, yeah…..hmmmmm….”

Frank was leaning over the front seat watching the action, and he reached over and played with Mona’s dangling tits, squeezing the flesh and pulling on the nipples, as they swayed in rhythm with her bobbing head on Tony’s cock.

With his hands still behind his head, Tony began rocking his hips into Mona’s sucking motion, then let out a grunt and blasted a huge load of cum against the back of her throat. Mona swallowed, then kept sucking and bobbing, but more slowly, as Tony continued spewing cum into her mouth until his nut sack was finally empty.

Mona continued sucking Tony’s dick until it started to soften, then gently stroked it while she used her lips and tongue to clean it off before shoving it back inside his pants and pulling up his zipper.

Frank continued fondling her heavy boobs as Mona wiped Tony’s cum from her lips, and said to her, “OK…now that that’s done…..what can you tell us about Miguel’s whereabouts?”

“All I know is he stays at Lilly’s place most nights, over on Franklin street….they’ve been dating for a few months now.”

Tony – whose breathing was returning to normal after enjoying Mona’s blowjob – opened his eyes and said, “Lilly? You mean the girl who used to work this corner with you?”

Mona laughed, lit a cigarette, and said, “Yeah…that’s her….and it’s a good thing for me that she gave it up…she’s prettier than me, and she was the only girl on this street who had boobs big enough to compete with mine.”

Frank stopped pulling on Mona’s breasts so she could tuck them away inside her top, then turned to Tony and said, “Franklin street….I know where her place is.”

Tony said, “Great….thanks, Mona, that’s good info,” as he opened the car door and helped her out of the back seat. Once outside the car, Tony squeezed both of Mona’s tits through her halter top, pinching one nipple and then the other, before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a fifty.

He handed her the money, gave her left nipple one more tweak, then said, “I know the blowjobs are free, but the Miguel info is gonna help a lot….you’ve definitely earned this.”

Mona smiled, took the bill and shoved it inside her halter top, saying, “Pleasure doing business with you guys….now leave so you don’t scare off my customers.”

Tony jumped back into the front passenger seat, and Frank pulled away from the curb. They decided to wait until very early the next morning to bust Miguel at Lilly’s place, so they figured they’d get a little sleep before their pre-dawn raid.

Extremely early the next morning, Tony and Frank met at the station, then jumped into their unmarked car and headed over to Franklin street, which was a pretty shitty part of town, with tenement style apartments. They stood to either side of Lilly’s apartment door, then Tony took a step back and kicked the door in without warning. They both rushed into the apartment, made a beeline for the bedroom, and found Miguel and Lilly still in bed, as expected, rubbing sleep out of their eyes as they tried to make sense of the commotion.

Frank and Tony chuckled as they noticed that Miguel and Lilly were both completely naked under the covers. Miguel put up a little resistance, but Frank quickly had him cuffed…still naked…and standing against the far wall, as Tony pulled Lilly to her feet….also naked….and pushed her up against the other wall, telling her to “assume the position.”

As Frank went in search of the drugs, and Miguel stood – cuffed – watching from across the room, Tony positioned Lilly against the wall, with her feet back, her hands on the wall for support, and her big, natural boobs dangling beneath her.

Tony kicked her feet apart to spread her legs, then looked over at Miguel and grinned, as he said to Lilly, “I’m going to have to search you for weapons.”

Lilly looked over her shoulder at Tony and said, “What the fuck are you doing? I don’t have any clothes on….how can I hide anything?”

Tony laughed and said, “We’ll just have to see about that,” as he began patting her down, starting at her ankles, and moving his hands up each of her naked legs.

When he got to her ass, he pulled the cheeks apart, gave each of them a firm squeeze, then slipped one hand between her legs and began stroking her pussy lips and rubbing her clitoris. With his other hand he continued running it up her naked back, then reached around in front of her and began kneading her heavy breasts.

Tony thought to himself, ‘Mona was right…these are fantastic tits,’ as he squeezed and fondled her dangling boobs.

Frank came back from his search with four big bricks of drugs, saying, “Not too smart, Miguel....the freezer is the first place I looked.”

When he saw Lilly leaning forward against the wall, with one of Tony’s hands between her legs, and the other one playing with her swaying tits, he laughed and called out, “Hey, Tony….did you find any weapons on her?”

By now Tony had two fingers shoved inside Lilly’s pussy, sliding them in and out, as he grinned back at Frank and said, “No….but she’s getting really wet and her nipples are getting stiff…I think she’s enjoying this.”

Lilly looked over shoulder and said, “You guys are such assholes.”

Tony released Lilly’s boob with his left hand and unzipped his fly. He pulled his nearly erect cock out of his jeans, using the same hand to stroke it until it was fully erect, before lining it up with Lilly’s vagina opening and shoving it inside.

Lilly let out a squeal from the force of Tony’s initial thrust, then moaned and grunted as he stood between her spread legs and hammered his rigid cock in and out of her pussy. As he plowed her from behind, Tony reached around and grabbed both of her swinging tits, pulling on the nipples and squeezing the flesh, while he pounded his hips against the cushion of her ass cheeks over and over.

Miguel had remained silent against the far wall….still cuffed, and still naked….while Tony was messing with Lilly and Frank was searching for contraband. Now he and Frank stood there watching Tony slam his cock into Lilly’s cunt like a piston, causing her to grunt and moan…her boobs bumping into each other and making a clapping sound with every thrust.

Frank looked over at Miguel with a wicked grin on his face and said, “Nice action, eh, Miguel? Lilly seems to be enjoying it.”

Frank glanced down at Miguel’s crotch and called over to Tony, “Hey, look at this! Miguel’s got a full-on woody. He’s actually turned on from watching you fuck the shit out of his girlfriend.”

Still pounding away, Tony released Lilly’s tits, put his hands on her hips, and turned her away from the wall so that she was facing Miguel while he continued to slam his stiff penis into her from behind.

Tony had positioned Lilly so that she was facing Miguel….and his hard-on….with her hands on her knees, and her huge knockers swinging back and forth beneath her, as Tony continued to pound away. After a few more minutes, Tony grabbed her hip with one hand, pulled his dick out of her pussy with the other hand, and sprayed a massive load of cum all over Lilly’s back and ass.

“Aaaaahhhh….my God that feels good……Hmmmmm….holy shit…..Aaaahhhhh….nice……I don’t think you should have given this up, Lilly….”

Lilly turned her head and said over shoulder, “Fuck you, asshole….you’re such a prick.”

Tony stroked his glistening shaft until he finished spewing cum, then tapped the head of his cock against Lilly’s ass cheeks a few times before letting her go to the bathroom to clean up.

As Lilly cleaned up in the bathroom, Tony tucked his cock back into his jeans and said to Frank, “You want a go with her?”

Frank said, “No, not this time….Mary sucked me off this morning before I left for the station, so I’m good.” He looked over at Miguel, still standing against the wall, naked and cuffed, and said, “But this poor guy could use some relief….he’s still sporting a major boner from watching you plow his girlfriend.”

Tony laughed and said, “Yeah, I almost feel sorry for him.”

Just then Lilly returned from the bathroom wearing a robe that did very little to hide her huge boobs, and did nothing to stop them from swaying and wobbling beneath her robe as she walked.

Tony got a crazy look on his face and he said, “Hey, Lilly….I’ve got an idea you might be interested in.”

“Oh, yeah…what’s that, dickhead?”

Tony cackled and said, “Here’s the deal….we can take you downtown and book you with Miguel as an accomplice in his little drug operation, or we can watch you give him a blowjob right here before we take him to the station, and we can leave you out of it.”

Lilly groaned and looked over at Miguel….still standing cuffed and naked against the wall, with a fully erect penis….then up into his seemingly hopeful face, and said, “What the fuck choice do I have?”

As she knelt down in front of Miguel, Tony said, “Lose the robe, girl….I want to see those gorgeous tits bounce around while you suck his dick.”

Lilly tossed the robe aside, then knelt in front of Miguel and sucked the tip of his rigid pole into her mouth. She used one hand to stroke his shaft, and used the other one to play with his balls, as she bobbed her head back and forth on his cock.

Tony and Frank laughed and made lewd jokes and comments as they watched Lilly working diligently to get Miguel to pop his cork so this humiliating display could be over with.

Fortunately for Lilly, Miguel didn’t last very long….in no time, he closed his eyes and grunted, pushing his hips forward, as stream after stream of cum blasted against the back of her throat. Lilly swallowed his load, then pulled out the last few drops by hand, licking them off the tip of his penis.

When she was done, Frank let her get a pair of pants for Miguel and help him put them on before taking him out to the car for the ride to the station.

Tony followed Frank and Miguel out of the apartment, turning at the doorway and giving both of Lilly’s tits one last squeeze before walking out and closing the door behind him.

Shortly after that….with Miguel in jail, and no other way to earn a living….Lilly returned to the street, working next to Mona on the same corner. It didn’t take long for Tony and Frank to convince her to be one of their CI’s, like Mona…providing info on criminal activity in their neighborhood, along with free blowjobs whenever Tony and Frank stopped by.


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