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Bridget gets into trouble on graduation night and her mom decides maybe some new scenery and a job will her find her path in life but did she really understand what she was getting her daughter into when she arranged for her to move to Minnesota and work in her uncle's highly alternative coffee shop?!
Chapter 3 – Orgasm Karaoke

“Knock knock I'm coming in!”

I stir sleepily on the couch, sitting up and holding the blanket June gave me tight as I hear my uncle Ben open the door. “Yeawww, morning uncle.” I greet him, looking around the apartment to orient myself from waking up in a strange place.

“I brought bagels, fruit, and the coffee is on downstairs. Rise and shine!” Ben says cheerfully as he looks around the small apartment and then his eyes settle on the leash and cuffs that June used last night. “Well it looks like June had some fun last night. I hope you guys were safe...” He pauses a moment and then adds “and I hope they didn't leave the new girl high and dry.”

I blush furiously. “That's none of your business!” I retort throwing a couch pillow at him.

“Hah! I suppose not B. Just be safe so your mom doesn't kill me.” Ben smiles at me causing me to smile involuntarily as he flashes his amazing dimples. “I hope you don't mind, but I dug through your room to pick out your outfit for today... figured you didn't want to start out in your panties where you left off yesterday!”

Just then June walks out. “Uh oh. I can hardly wait to see what you found” she admonishes as she walks over to the counter and starts to spoon fruit into a bowl. I stare at her in disbelief. She is wearing a long t-shirt and I suppose panties underneath but clearly no bra as she goes about her morning business right in front of Ben. “Bri, I'm going to recommend that you keep a couple of outfits over here because if there is one thing I've learned its that it is dangerous to let your uncle play fashionista. In case you didn't know... he's kind of a pervert. Dangerously cute... but still a pervert.”

“I'm kinda getting that same impression but he must be harmless or you wouldn't be nipping out in front of him.” I reply “So what does today's outfit look like uncle perv?” I ask, teasing him.

“You girls are awful. A guy's just trying to run a business... make a living... provide jobs and housing to some college kids and what do I get?” Ben chides but his dimples are still out and I am grinning as he tosses me a plastic bag of clothes.

I look inside and see a cotton summer dress with a bra that works with it and some faux satin panties that have lacy edges. “I guess this works alright... just don't let your employees go cutting this up.”


I feel almost normal starting day 3 in one of my favorite cotton summer dresses, tending cash register and greeting customers. Of course handing them sex toy order numbers is a little different but compared to yesterday... we'll call it normal! “Avocado toast for... uhm... what are these called anyways?” I call holding up a chain with 3 little clamps attached to it.

“Those would be nipple and clitoris clamps Bri. If you want we can show you how they work when you go on break!” Logan answers.

“No, I think I'm ok. Avocado toast order up for this nice lady with the nipple and clitoris clamps order #4” I call blushing. For once the customer is blushing right along with me.

“It would appear that you have not taken the time to study our employee handbook and learn all of the tools of the trade! I guess you're just not a homework kind of girl... if you're gonna make it at Taboo Coffee we're gonna need to make sure you get lots of on the job training.” Logan hollers at me, drawing the attention of everyone in the cafe.

So much for a normal day 3! But along with the trill of worry traveling up my spine I also feel a tremor of excitement as my mind flashes to the mental image of June riding Tyrone in bondage last night.

“June, what other tools do you think our new hire might need to learn about?” Logan asks.

“Well boss.... lets see here, I imagine if she didn't even get to the “C's” to learn about all of our sex clamps then she probably doesn't have a proper understanding of the wide variety of dildos we have at Taboo Coffee.,“ June offers helpfully.

“I think you're probably right June. And I imagine she never even got close to the “S's” to learn about spreader bars or “R” for restraints.

“I think most people people can figure out what restraints are guys,” I retort.

“Well... just to be sure, what do you say we do a bit of a demonstration. Taboo Coffee style! June, we're gonna need a spreader bar and those fuzzy pink restraints that Bridget was enjoying yesterday.

At this point all eyes are on me and a couple of the bolder customers give Logan and June some hoots of encouragement as they march me back up to the cash register. “Come on boss... not this again!” I complain, playing along as my hands are bound in the fuzzy pink cuffs.

“Some employees just need a little extra attention on the job and you appear to be just that kind of employee B! Now spread your legs, that's why they call it a spreader bar.” I blush as my legs are moved apart and then cuffed to either end of a steel bar, holding them apart.

“Now, that we've introduced you to spreaders and restraints I have just the right dildo that's been wanting to get to know you.”

“Uh, ok... I get it I promise I'll read the handbook ok, ok!” I stammer, blushing and more than a little worried now about how far this might be going as I watch June walk up with a steel pole sporting a pink dildo mounted on the end of it.

“One thing I know you have been working on learning is your blowjob technique. We worked on that together at the end of the day yesterday didn't we Bridget.” June asks me with a wink and I blush deep red thinking more about the blow jobs in her apartment than the little dildo licking we did at the end of the shift yesterday.

Then June is sliding the dildo into my mouth in an exaggerated fucking motion.

June, why don't you do the honors. “Wha, wha, wait guys no, that's enough I sputter. I am panicked now as June ducks down with her head and the dildo under my skirt. Ga ga! JUNE! I squeal as she pulls my panties aside and then I feel her finger slide into my embarrassingly wet vagina.

“June....! Hey.... hey!” I yelp as I feel her finger being replaced by the dildo which pauses against my opening, before being firmly pushed upwards, impaling me fully. “Oh god this is so embarrassing!” I squeal in shock.

I wiggle helplessly as Logan somehow secures the dildo pole to the floor and then my eyes lock on the crowd across the counter from me. Every eye is fixed hungrily on the pole disappearing up my skirt as I wiggle helplessly on the dildo.

“Do you think she's really riding that cock or is it smoke and mirrors?” One of the guys across the counter asks out loud.

“Nah man, this ain't a strip club, I don't think they can do penetration here. Probably just a show.... but she sure looks like she's riding cock... doesn't she?”

“Do you hear that B! They think we're faking! How insulting!” Tyrone spouts off indignantly somewhere behind me as I blush deeper red than my hair.

“Ok, watch carefully boys and girls, I'm only going to do this once!”

“No, Tyrone, what are you doing, nuh uh!” I argue helplessly as Ty reaches down, deliberately dragging my skirt to md-thigh before pausing dramatically. Then, he raises my skirt fully above my hips, pausing for a couple seconds before dropping it back in place so that everyone gets a good view of the dildo pole protruding between my legs, pushing aside the crotch of my panties, before disappearing inside me.

“I can't believe you did that!” I shriek as startled gasps and intakes of breath across the counter are followed by applause, hoots, and woof whistles.

“I should think she'll have a basic understanding of dildos and spreader bars now but I think a little bit of Sex Toy alphabet song might help her learn about all of our other table numbers.” Logan observes to no one in particular.

I am trembling a little bit and can't seem to help myself from making small hip movements which seem amplified as the toy slides inside me.

“Back to work B. Our customers are probably super hungry now!” Logan orders.

“Unfortunately, I don't think what I want is on the menu.” The first guys in line comments, giving me blatant elevator eyes, not even bothering to look me in the eyes.

A few customers later we have a break in activities and Tyrone calls out. “Ok, new girl. Time to learn the Taboo Coffee Alphabet Song Game! Here's how it works, we start the alphabet song and pause on the “what its for” part which is where you call out the most perverted thing you can think of. When we get enough dirty things for that letter, we'll move on. Ready?” I pivot on my dildo to look at Tyrone grinning cheerfully from where he is washing dishes.

“I don't think...” I start but Tyrone interrupts me.

“Well that's exactly why the game rocks, it gets you thinking naughty. It will really help us when we get to our fake orgasm contest later! Now here we go! “A IS FOR.....”

There is a pregnant pause, and everyone is looking at me, waiting for me to answer. “ASSES like what all my coworkers are!” I retort.



“Anal beads”

The others call out.

“B is for?....” Tyrone singsongs.

“BONDAGE” I call out blushing. “Butt sex”, “Bitch slap”, “Butt fuck”, “Ben-wa Balls”. The others add.

“C is for” uhm.... “Condoms” which is greeted with “boos” and groans. “How about clit?” “Cunt”, “Clamps”, “Cunny”, “Coitus” a customer walking up o the counter adds helpfully.

“A $10 word for sure.” Tyrone answers, pausing the game while I take the next order before June picks back up.

“D is for Dildos, which B knows really well!” She sings out. “E is for Erotic, F is for Fetish, G is for.....?” she pauses, looking at me.

“Uhm... G is for something?” I wrack my brain for a G sex word.

“Come on B, unlock your dirty.... we know you can do it” Logan encourages.

“Uhm G is for GAGS!” I say, thinking about the penis gag from yesterday.

“Good one B!” June singsongs. “G is for gags, ring and cock, and ball to name a few!” “And gangbang,” Logan adds.

“H is for?”

“Humiliated” I snap back. “Hentai,” “Hogtie!” from the others.

“I is for?” “intercourse” I call out. “Incest”, “Insert Intimate Objects!”

The game continues on and off for the rest of the morning and I learn lots of words, some of which are way over my head but the ones I do recognize are enough to keep me blushing and squirming on the pole in my puss. When it is time for me to take a break, Logan comes over. I expect him to just untie me but instead he puts a black leather choker around my neck and clips a leash to it. Somehow, despite the other bondage and the dildo inside me, this still makes me squirm and then blush deep red.

“Time to take you on break B. But since you've proven to need extra attention we'll just make sure we help you to the break area.” Then I am trying not to gasp as June slips down on her knees between my legs and slides the dildo pole down and out of me before releasing my ankles form the spreader bar. I feel a tug on the choker and I turn and automatically follow Logan, blushing the whole way to our little backroom seating area.

When we are away from the customers I turn at Logan, feeling anger rising up to add more heat to my face. “This is getting out of hand Logan! Putting on a fake show for the customers is one thing but fucking me with a toy in front of a bunch of guys is way over the top!”

I am about to continue but Logan looks genuinely confused as he says “but you never used the safe word B...?”

I stutter and falter and then stop. “What safe word? What are you talking about?” I finally ask.

“You know... the safe word. “Snipe Hunt”. Didn't your uncle Ben tell you about our safe word?”

“What, no! I've never heard about a safe word!”

“Hang on B. I'll be right back.”

I just stand there dumbfounded until Ben walks into the back room with Logan looking embarrassed. “Uhm... sorry Bridget. I guess I didn't expect you to on-board and integrate into our activities quite so quickly... Uhm, I kind of missed a key part of the new hire orientation.”

I have my hands on my hips, probably looking like my mom when she's angry. “And that is?...” I demand snarkily although I kind of have put 2 and 2 together at this point.

“Well... if things seem to be going to far with a show, and you feel like we need to back-off, any employee can either say “Snipe Hunt” or make the “Rock on / devil” hand gesture with their pinkie and pointer finger and then we need to immediately cease the current scene and bring things back down. In the end, you guys are in control of how far it goes.”

“Don't you think I probably needed to know that once your employees started tying me up and flashing my panties at customers!” I sputter in disbelief.

“Well look at the bright side B, I think we made over a cool grand in tips from the mornings show and now you know!” Logan says helpfully.

I almost lose my feet as the anger and embarrassment and now surprise cause black spots to dance in front of my eyes making me need to take a couple of deep steadying breaths. When my vision clears and my breathing is a little more normal I look at Logan and say “Did you say $1,000 dollars just from this morning? Who would even pay that much!”

“Uhm... well June has a way of coercing some of our older regulars to put out when we put on a good show. She kind of flirts, and shames, and before you know it the tips are in $50s and $100s. Most of them are retired tenured professors and this is their thrill for the day.”

I am kind of at a loss. Now that I am back here away from the customers, making an extra probably $200+ from the morning show doesn't seem as bad... even though it was really wrong.

Ben is rubbing my back soothingly. “Sorry B. But now you have the important information so take a brake, and remember the safe word and hand gesture and maybe for the rest of the day we can try not to spring any more surprises on you. This afternoon is basically filled with Orgasm Karaoke anyways and we'll make June and Tyrone go first.” Ben finishes his pep talk with one of his signature grins and I find my self smiling back at him... still thinking about the tips.

When I come back out to the cash register I see Tyrone and June up on the little stage each holding cordless microphones.

“Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby. You're gonna make me cum lover boy!” Tyrone grunts into his microphone.

“Unh uh uh uh, fuck my tight little pussy!” June squeals.

“Oh, oh, oh, fuck! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ah, Ah, AHHHH!” Tyrone fake cums to a around of applause making me blush.

Once the crowd calms down, June takes over. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, ah, ah, ah, ahhhhh!” June squeals into her microphone and then trembles and shakes. If I hadn't seen the real thing, I would think she really is having an orgasm on stage and the crowd total buys it giving wolf whistles of appreciation.

June is blushing and grinning as she saunters off the stage and comes back over to me, shaking a couple of customer hands as she goes. Meanwhile Logan and Tyrone are working the crowd goading a group of college girls to hop up on stage and start faking their own orgasms for the crowd's entertainment.

“Hey B. I hear things got a bit intense for you but we made sure to get our money's worth out of this morning!”

“It's ok June but I'm totally not use to this kind of gig. Awesome job on getting the perverted old men to put out!” I joke.

June grins back at me. “We have a high roller over by the expresso machine that would pay big bucks if he gets to see you ride that dildo again while you fake an orgasm...” June whispers in a sly voice at me while shaking her head towards a cleanly groomed, gray haired man sitting at the counter.

“I don't know about that June.” I say.

“Everyone other than Paul has already seen you... compromised B. I bet if I goad them a little before the show, and we make it look like you're caught off guard I could double this morning's take off 3 or 4 gents... but your call.”

I turn and look at a college girl moaning on stage, twerking back against her must be boyfriend just for fun and think “what the hell”... at least I'll get paid. “Ok June. I'm in. Go do your thing while I work the cash register and when you are ready you guys can drag me up to put on your show.”

“Awesome B! I”m on it.” June says, way to excited for my own good.

I go back to handing out sex toys at the cash register while I watch June work the crowd. She hops up and chats with a couple of different guys before taking a seat next to Paul where she chats and flirts with him like an old friend. I feel heat rising as they look my way and I turn my attention back to the guys browsing the bakery display on their way up to the counter. Then I'm distracted and stare in disbelief as an extremely elderly women moans out her fake orgasm on stage. Stunned that someone older than my grandma would even know all the dirty words she yells as she fake cums.

“Hey Bridget! You planning on taking your turn? I think you just got shown up by Grams!” Logan shouts at me and I shake with nerves as I realize this is the start of June's show.

“I think I already put on my show this morning Logan, and how am I suppose to compete with that much experience!” I shout back.

“Eeek!” I involuntarily give one of those helpless girl screams as Tryone picks me up and throws me over his shoulder.

“There's only one way to get experience chica! Don't worry, your coworkers are willing to help you!” Tyrone yells back as he marches up to the stage where Logan and June are waiting.

“Well since it appears you need a hand learning how to play this game we'll just help you with some training wheels!” Logan proclaims.

Tyrone helpfully holds me in place while June singsongs loudly for the crowd. “R is for restraints” she sings as the familiar pink wrist cuffs are attached and then clipped together. Then a chain is connected to them and June sings “c is for chains”. The chain is connected to something above me and when Logan pulls on it my hands are hauled up above my head and I blush knowing that I look like a damsel in distress up on stage in front of everyone.

“S is for spreader bar!” June sings out cheerfully as ankle cuffs are attached to me and then clipped to a long steel bar between my legs.

“And now for the the fun part June sings, holding up a bright pink rubbery dildo. V is for vibrator to get this orgasm started.”

“What, vibrator, what do you meeeeeeeaan.” I stutter as June pushes something and an embarrassing loud buzzing sounds comes form the pink dildo.

“Ok, B, you're up. Let's hear you get this crowd excited with a little orgasm karaoke!”

“Oh, uhm,” I start but June interrupts me.

“Oh, uhm!? Is that the best you can do, really B. You'll never work up to Gramma G's level that way. Here let me help you do better!” June remarks.

Before I can say anything else, June is between my legs with her head under my skirt and then fingers are pulling my panties aside and I feel the humming dildo sliding through my slit which is already embarrassingly slick with arousal.

“Oh god, ahhhhh” I gasp as June slides the dildo home in my pussy and then pulls my panties back over the top of it, trapping it in place.

“That's right, moan girlfriend!” Tyrone croons at me.

I go beat red as I see every eyeball in the cafe fixed on my. I squeeze my eyes shut in embarrassment and lean my head back letting out another humiliating moan. “Ahhhh, god, shit.” I gasp as I feel heat building around the intruder that is buzzing inside me.

“Thatta way B. Now you're getting into it. Let's hear you talk dirty. Tell your lover-toy how you like it!” June whispers seductively in my ear.

I'm ignoring her but then I think “shit, I should get this over with” and I blush brighter red as I start to croon and then mumble “fuck, fuck, so good, it feels good. Ahhhh fuck me!” I keep going, moaning and crooning to my imaginary lover, getting brighter red by the minute as I feel my pussy get impossibly wet and really soak my panties. I don't think I'm going to actually finish because I'm missing the touch on the outside that normally brings me but I start to pant and moan louder and faster like I am getting close.

“Ah, fuck, fuck, i'm getting close, feels so good in my pussy.” I have my head thrown back and mouth open with my eyes squeezed shut and I suddenly realize that I'm involuntarily humping the air with my hips like I'm fucking an imaginary cock.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god.” I stammer, unsure whether this statement is in response to the tightening in my tummy or my mortification that I'm moving lewdly while I'm pleasured on stage.

“Open your eyes B. Your fans want to see your pretty face when you scream your orgasm.” Logan instructs me. Involuntarily I open my eyes and look in front of my, taking my humiliation up 10 notches as I see all of the customers staring at the show I am putting on. I swivel my head towards the espresso maker and see Paul's gaze meet mine across the room. He reaches up and tips the his cap at me, grinning mischievously. Then I am looking down because I feel hands sliding down my sides and over my hips, gripping the hem of my dress again.

“Oh god. No, No, No, don't even think about it Tyrone!” I screech as my dress seductively dances up my legs, exposing my thighs and then moving inexorably up past my hips, exposing my soaked, buzzing panties to the entire room. “Noooooo!” I yell and I am trying to remember how to stop this when out of nowhere my real orgasm overtakes me and all I can do is pull down on my handcuffs and yell “FuckKKK!” as I shake and try to remember how I need to make the sign to get it to stop. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Shit!” I yell as I make the “Rock on / Devil” sign with both hands above my head while my orgasm makes black streaks dance in front of my eyes.

When I finally get my hands into the safety word, symbol, thing it is like a switch being thrown. Logan jumps up in front of me and gives an authoritative “That's a show folks, back to your tables please”.

Tyrone drops my skirt and and June is under it pulling the toy out of my panties so quickly that it feels twice as shocking as when she put it in. My wrists are released from the cuffs and then Logan is helping me back to the break room. All this happens almost before my orgasm subsides so that I am trembling and my legs are still shaking on their own when I am helped down into a chair.

I'm not sure what I expected when the door to the break room closes but its certainly not the cheering, patting me on the back and knuckle bumps that ensue.

“You guys are insane!” I gasp in disbelief. “You didn't tell me you were going to do all that when I agreed to put on a show!”

June looks sheepishly at me. “I kinda could tell you're like me and that being in front of the customers was getting you more turned on so I kept playing to it. I didn't know you'd actually cum. That was wild!”

I turn red because I realize how naughty that sounds but also how right she is. I remember my pussy practically gushing when I opened my eyes and saw all the people watching me and I start to realize that it was Tyrone raising my skirt that made me cum almost more than the vibrator. I'm about to deny it but instead I just close my eyes and hang my head down, shaking it in dismay. “God what is wrong with me. I'm so wrong....”

I hug myself as I start to shake, thinking about how my body reacted to being exposed and humiliated.

“Nothings wrong with you B. Or at least if it is, its the same thing that's wrong with all of us, and probably most people in the world. We think you are perfectly right.” Logan soothes, patting my back and rubbing my arm.

“Yeah B! We already said we want to keep you. That's gotta count for something! You were awesome!” June pipes in.

“But.... guys, how can I go back out there when everyone just saw that! Its not right.” I gasp, thinking about going back behind the counter after everyone just saw me cum.

“That's easy girl!” Tyrone states confidently. “You just walk out their, cool as a peacock, smile, and accept all of their applause because you earned it diva!.”

Somehow this makes sense to my orgasm rattled brain, and that is exactly what I end up doing. I compose myself, tidy up, and when Logan, Tyrone, June, and I come back out, greeted by the huge round of applause that Tyrone predicted. And then I really laugh as I see Ben trying to single-highhandedly cover every role in the cafe while we were having our little pow-wow.

“Any time crew, if any of you want to... yah know... make drinks, cook food, take orders or clean-up it would probably help.” Ben gasps in an exaggerated pant but his dimples are on full display so I know he's joking.

We all jump to it as the customers pick up the orgasm karaoke where we left off.
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