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An older couple teaches a young lady the joys of lesbian sex the night before she goes to boot camp.
My wife saw her first. She nudged me and pointed her out.

“Wow, well played dear” I said as I noticed the wholesome young lady sitting a few tables away at the hotel gathering area. She was sitting sideways to us so we could see her cute face, perky little breasts highlighting her brown Tee-shirt, and the side shot of her legs and butt in her modest blue jeans. She was talking to other young people at the same table; all looked a bit scared, all looked a bit anxious.

The back story … We live in cold Chicago and had traveled to Columbia, South Carolina for a family wedding. When the wedding was finished, we decided to stay in a Hampton Inn in Columbia for a Sunday night and take an early flight home Monday. The hotel had an indoor pool and hot tub, and as we enjoyed some time there, we learned that the hotel was hosting several young people, both men and women, as they were all boarding a bus for Army Basic training early the next morning. Our paths crossed while we were eating the cheap “free” dinner at the hotel dining area, along with many healthy fit young people hanging out together the night before they served in the Army.

Now please know that my wife and I are mid-fifties. I got a bit of a beer belly (not too bad I lie to myself), a full head of hair, all my teeth, and can carry on a conversation.

My wife, well she has worked very hard to keep a flat tummy, tight ass, nice breasts (enhanced, but who cares) and a waxed pussy. She is a MILF. She enjoys being a MILF, she enjoys having me share her from time to time with young men we meet at a bar after a Black Hawks game back home. She loves to fuck young guys while I watch.

She also loves licking fresh young pussy, which nicely coincides with my interest of watching her eat fresh young pussy.

The young lady sitting at the table at the Hampton Inn seemed like a perfect playmate.

In additional to her carnal skills (which are many) my wife also has what used to be called the “gift of gab.” That is, she can talk to almost everyone and make them feel comfortable.

As the soon to be solder got up to clean her tray, my wife (her name is Christine, by the way) approached her and started up a conversation. I was out of earshot mostly but joined the conversation when they both came back to the table where I sat.

The perky breasted young lade was from Western South Carolina, was 22, and her name was Emily. Christine told me that Emily was shipping out very early in the morning, and really didn’t want to go back to her room because the other young lady that she had to share the room with was kind of a “rude bitchy person.”

Well, well, well, Christine graciously asked if she wanted to come back to our room (a suite really) and hang out for a while, not too long, cause Emily has a 5:30 A.M bus to get on and we had an 8:00 flight to catch.

I added that I’d run to the nearby Pizza joint and pick up some pizza and wings to offset the crappy food fare and the Hampton Inn.

And so we did, I drove the pizza joint and got a pie, wings, and soda (no booze) and returned to the suite. When I walked in Christine and Emily were chatting in the living area of the suite and seemed to be getting along well. I could tell the conversation had been personal before I walked in because Emily looked a bit embarrassed when I broke the mood.

This could go either way, I thought. If we pressed the issue then we might spook Emily off, or it might work.

Christine told me that “Emily was just telling me about her boyfriend had dumped her when he learned she was “joining the service.”

As we ate the pizza and wings Christine inquired further about the boyfriend and break up. Our condolences were rebuffed as Emily said, “No biggie, I am interested in what else is out there anyway.”

When asked what she meant, Emily told us, probably after looking at my wife’s fully-clad body for a while, said “Now is the time to see if I like other people, you know, not just guys.”

Christine said, “Now would be a perfect time for you to experiment, were all leaving tomorrow, may never see each other again probably, and it’s a very safe place to explore.”

“I’d like to try.” Emily said sheepishly. “You guys make me feel comfortable.”

Trying to hide my erection, I suggested that the ladies go into the bedroom part of the suite and I’d hang back. If they wanted me to join, I would, otherwise I’d be content to sit back and watch.

Now as you might have guessed, Christine and I have some experience with this back in Chicago. Whether she is slobbering on some hot wet pussy, or getting fucked in the pussy and ass by some stud(s) we picked up after a hockey game, I enjoy the sight. It makes me hot.

I hung back and watched through the doorway as the ladies went into the bedroom. Christine started things off by removing her blouse and undoing her lacy red bra. Christine’s tits are amazing and I could see Emily’s intent interest in them.

“Want to rub them?” Christine asked, and Emily stepped up to her and began feeling and massaging her breasts. Massaging led to kissing and Christine moaning.

“Your turn” Christine said, asking Emily to remove her top.

Emily took off her Tee-shirt leaving her with a standard issue white bra that nicely highlighted her breasts. When she removed that my wife and I gazed upon her perky breasts, probably a B-cup with large areolas and pointy little nipples. Nice, very nice.

The ladies then hugged each other, pushing their breasts together and locked their lips into a passionate kiss. Christine then moved down to lick and massage Emily’s tits while the both giggled at the action.

A few minutes later Christine pulled away and said, “let me remove the rest of my stuff.” And then she proceeded to pull of her jeans and exposing her red thong. When he stripped that off Emily was staring at her bare waxed pussy.

“My turn now.” Emily said as she stepped out of her jeans and cotton while underwear. I was already hard, but when I saw her athletic perfect little ass, I had to start stroking myself through my pants. As Emily turned, I could see her nice pussy lips and not so well trimmed bush. Her tight little body was spectacular.

The two ladies again embraced, locked their lips, and rubbed each other bodies. I paid particular attention to how Christine massaged Emily’s perfect little ass.

Christine turned down the bed and asked Emily to join her. Taking charge Christine positioned Emily in a scissors position to where their legs were intertwined so that their pussies were grinding against each other. The giggling soon turned to serious moaning as both ladies moistened and loved each other.

It appears that Emily had her first of many orgasms as they tribbed, her breathing and moaning reached a crescendo.

Christine then re-positioned Emily to lie on her back. Christine got on top, lowered her bare pussy onto Emily’s mouth the then 69ed herself to be able to eat Emily. I don’t think Emily had ever tasted pussy, but she seemed to be a natural as both ladies aggressively started licking and biting each other’s clits.

I really didn’t count how often they came, but, knowing the sound Christine makes when she comes, I know she came hard. Emily seemed to get more relaxed and louder the longer she was eaten, and the smell of female sex permeated the room.

By this time I had also stripped of all my clothing and was standing next to the bed stroking my pre-cum covered cock.

The ladies flipped to where Emily was on top, with her ass facing me, and Christine on the bottom. Without asking for an invite, I sat on the bed, behind Emily and began to rub her lower back and ass. Without objection, I gently spread Emily’s ass cheeks open to gaze at her perfect little rosebud. When my tongue touched her little hole, she moaned ever louder, thus encouraging me to eat her ass even harder.

This continued for several minutes until the ladies needed a break, lay next to each other, and recovered. I looked at Emily, “Emily dear, I would love to fuck you right now.” “I want you too, I really do, but I stopped taking the pill when my boyfriend dumped me, plus I don’t want to be all sloppy when I get my Army physical in the morning.” She replied.

I got that, actually it made sense, and apologized for asking. Emily then said, “But I can suck you if you want.”

Wasting no time I law Emily back down on the soaked bed, lowered my cock into her mouth and lay on top of her to eat her delicious pussy. Although she had already cum several times, she began moaning at how I nibbled her clit and drank her juices. Her cock sucking skills would not win any awards, but the feel of a soft mouth and eager tongue swirling around my cock was more than enough.

Now my wife knows what I like and how to send me off. Although I wasn’t expecting it, I wasn’t surprised when I felt Christine spreading my ass cheeks and placing her tongue on my hole. She knows what this does to me and it works … every time.

The feeling of a tongue in my ass and a mouth on my cock sent me to the finish line, I lifted my head to tell Emily I was gonna squirt, and she just kept on sucking. When I exploded I sent everything into her mouth. She didn’t shy away and kept sucking until I think she swallowed all of me.

I collapsed and lay beside Emily on one side when Christine lay on the other. Sadly Emily had to get dressed and head back to her room for her early morning departure. We had to do the same. Before she left we exchanged emails, our address in Chicago, and phone numbers. We genuinely liked Emily and wanted to see her in the future, maybe for a weekend, maybe for just a visit.

After we all got dressed, Emily hugged Christine and gave her a deep passionate kiss, and promised to meet us again.

As the morning came, we checked out of the room and saw a line of your recruits in the queue to get on the bus. Emily saw us, smiled her pretty smile and mouthed “See you soon.”
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