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Hey guys, this is my first and I would love feedback. Does it need to be longer? Should there be more sex or more or less build up? Please do not be shy
The urge to see him every day is growing stronger and stronger, the heat I feel growing within me is something I have never felt before. What is it about him that is causing this to happen, not one of the multiple boyfriends or crushes during my time at school ever had me body feeling this way. Watching him work under this sun you can see every muscle flex under his shirt, every bead of sweat dripping down his face and neck, every drink of water touching his perfect lips, but why can I not stop thinking about him.

Let me backtrack some,

I am Katie, and currently in between my sophomore and junior year at college. This summer instead of staying on campus I decided to come home to my family's home in Georgia. I guess time away from the stress of Vet School and the fresh break up with Tyler has me yearning for calm and peace. I was always popular in high school between sports and class president, but something about college had changed me. From being chased by puberty riddled boys, to now pursued by frat boys something still feels missing when it comes to dating and love. Trying to explain to a 20 year old guy that it takes more to please a woman that pounding away at her for three minutes from behind has gotten tiring. When do these guys learn to please us, or listen to us? Do I need to listen to my best friend and become a lesbian?

Lets circle back to the start, Lawrence has been the neighbor to my parents since he bought the neighboring ranch back when I was 14. He has always been so nice to me and my parents, but much younger than my parents. They were mid 50’s and very conservative while he was early 30’s and from what I have learned over the years not as conservative as he appears. Lawrence is now 36, widowed due to a terrible accident, and a great father to his 2 children. He works 6 days a week to provide them with anything they need and want, and you never hear him complain. He has always been a very attractive person, but he was always my friend's dad and neighbor. So what has changed?

I know he can see me staring at him, there is not much to hide behind in this open field I am sitting in reading. Watching him work in this sun and fixing cattle fences has made me warmer than I have ever been. I bet he knows how to take care of a women, how to please her and spoil her, how to touch her, and how to make her beg for him.

Wow, where did my mind go again, it always travels to this world of Lawrence grabbing me and kissing me from my collar bone down to my hips. Treating me to mind blowing orgasms that so far only a red vibrating rose has been able to accomplish. Should I try my luck this summer and approach him, how would I even do this? He still calls me Little K as he did since they first moved in.


It has been a month since I moved back home for Summer break, and I am still watching him work as often as I can lay my eyes on him and always finishing my nights off with my Rose dreaming that it was his mouth and tongue on me instead. Tonight he invited us over for a BBQ and drinks on this porch and I can not deny that I am excited for it. Maybe my parents will call it an early night as they usually do and I can stay and catch up with him finally.

Dinner was a blast, his kids ended up going to some friend’s house and my parents called it an early night. Leaving me there with just a notice to not talk Lawrence’s ear off and to not keep him up too late talking. I could see him smirk as he sipped his drink, and asked if I needed anything as my parents walked off.

The conversation stayed casual, a lot about my future plans and current dating habits. For some reason I opened up totally and explained my frustrations about college boys and desires for more. Before I knew it I had him just staring at me while I wondered why I just told this beautiful hunk of a man my darkest desires. His stare deep into my soul and the slightest smirk didnt help matters any, he responded by just saying I need to find someone older and experienced. No advances yet, and that denial did not help matters any.

I tell him that I have found an older guy I wish to learn from. I just don't know how to approach the situation. All he would tell me is to just try my luck, because sometimes older guys are hesitant especially if they have known the girl for a while. That they wouldn't want to scar the girl or hurt her if they made the first move. Then he tells me he needs to go inside and tidy up but that I am more than welcome to come inside and make myself comfortable.

Did he just tell me to instigate it? Does he want me to follow him inside? Do I follow my gut or do I go home?

I watch him walk inside, I can hear the floors of his 100 year old farm house creak as he walks to the kitchen. His large muscular shadow is thrown across the kitchen floor as I debate what to do. I finish my drink and just stand up, I know if i don't just go in I will chicken out and stay out here. I enter his home and hear the sink running, dishes clanking as he cleans up the last of the dinner mess. As I walk past the couch I toss my sweat shirt on it, then kicked my shoes off in the dining room.

This is my last chance to back out, what do I do, will this change things, is this actually something I want?

Im not sure why, but as I walked into the kitchen all I could do was face him while dropping to my knees. Looking up at his rugged face, perfectly trimmed beard, and deeply into his longing green eyes as I reach for his belt. He says nothing as I undo his belt and pants, unleashing him as I have desired for so long now, transferring my eyes to this magnificent cock.

Is this what a man looks like? This thick veiny 8 inch cock is just staring at me as i grab it with both hands, slowly stroking it, feeling every inch of this man in my hands as my mouth starts to water. How are his balls so perfect? Sitting there perfectly trimmed and massive, under this glorious cock. I open my lips and kiss the tip, hearing him moan and feeling his body relax as I slid his cock into my mouth. This, this is what a man should taste like is all I can think about in my head as I try to give this man the best blow job I have ever given, but he stops me, and reaches down and with those two strong hands just just picks me up like I weigh nothing just to sit me down on the counter.

He says nothing as he towers over me, reaching down to pull off my shorts and panties in one stroke, and then again as he pulls my shirt and bra off over my head. The power this man commands is intoxicating, I can’t think straight, all I can do is beg him for his touch. He pulls back from me for a moment, and just stares at me while I sit here on this counter, knees up to my chest, leaning back against the wall, my full pussy and ass hole wide open. I have never felt my body yearn this hard for someone, can he just touch me, I know if he touched even my thigh I would explode.

I watch him, as if its slow motion, he bends down without saying a word and just kisses my pussy, and then gives my lower rose bud an even wetter kiss. Then licks me from my rose bud all the way up ending at my clit, god he knows where it is! My legs will not stop shaking, I have never felt this feeling before, not from any one or any toy I have ever experienced. His tongue touching every detail of my vagina and ass, I can feel it building up. All I can do is grab the back of his head, moaning, begging him to not stop, Please don't stop. My legs give out, I have never orgasmed this hard, there is so much, I can feel my fluids leaking down my ass, drenching his counter.

I let his head go, I can't speak, I can barely open my eyes enough to see his face glistening with my cum. His hands run up my calves, to my thighs, to my hips, he squeezes them pulling himself closer to me. I spread my legs as wide open as possible, grabbing his waist pulling him closer to me, I want him in me, to be one with me. All I can feel is his massive head pressing against my pussy, slowly pressing into me as my eyes widen. This is how it should feel, why did I wait so long to do this.

It seemed like a lifetime passed, feeling every inch of his thick cock sliding into me until his balls pressed against my asshole. All I can manage to say in between breaths is to beg him to fuck me, please make me yours Lawrence. His balls slap against my ass as he fucks me, sliding his cock in and out of my pussy, I can feel another orgasm start. Is it possible to have multiples? I can feel my legs start to shake, his hands grab my hips tighter, his thrusts get deeper and stronger, the subtle thud of his balls hitting my ass hole every other second. Here it is, I can’t breathe, all I can do is let out this groan from within, I have never been this loud before. So much cum, I am drenched, its a slip and slide with my ass not able to stay put on the counter due to how much cum he has caused me.

When I catch my breath I feel him slowly slide out of me, his cock glistening in my juices. I asked him if I could finish him and he said I would love nothing more. I didn't waste a second and dropped to my knees taking his cum soaked cock in my throat as far back as I could manage, gagging on his man hood, grabbing his balls and milking them for everything. I don’t normally give head this rough but Its all I desire, I want him to hear me gag and to hear his cock sliding in my slobber. I feel him grabbing the back of my head, his breathing is getting fast, his balls are tightening up in my hands. I pull off his cock long enough to beg him to fill my throat with his cum, then take it back into my throat until I can’t breathe, his breathing getting fast as I shove my head up and down faster and faster on his cock. Then it happens, I feel his cock get thicker, and the first shot flies down my throat, followed by the next several. I do my best to swallow every drop of this man's seed, my dream for the past several weeks has finally come true, I can’t waste any. Once I know I have it all down, I release his cock from my throat, licking up all my slobber off his shaft and balls as he shivers.

I told him that that was all I had time for tonight, but asked if this could happen again. The nod he gave me with a smile full of love was the end to a perfect night, but the start to a summer that will turn me into a woman who now knows what she likes.

Professor PetersonReport 

2023-01-22 18:22:35
I think this is really good for a first outing! I think the length and intensity is appropriate for the genre. I might suggest going into a bit more detail on Katie's motivation. Maybe relate in more detail an encounter with a big dick no brain frat boy to give a bit more insight into her frustrations. Other than that, I enjoyed it a great deal. Check out one of my stories. I love constructive comments.

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