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Dana awoke Monday morning but she wasn’t happy her weekend of fun with Duke and Karen was over...
Dana awoke to the annoying screech of her alarm. It was 6:00 am Monday morning. ‘Where had the weekend gone?’ she wondered. It was a blur of sexual pleasure between her and Karen and Duke. The two women were worn out by the time Sunday evening rolled around when Karen had to depart for the airport. They didn’t do much of what they had originally planned for their time together. Duke seemed to have dominated that time, not that they were complaining. Dana rose up to a sitting position and she could feel every muscle in her lower body protesting. Duke got up from his bed on the floor and eagerly greeted her, poking his nose into her crotch.

“Oh…not this morning big boy, I gotta go to work and my pussy needs some time off,” she said regretfully to her four legged friend, then went to the bathroom to get her morning started.

The work days passed slowly to Dana. Her thoughts were filled with Duke and his incredible cock. She couldn’t believe she was still fantasizing about it even after the debauchery she had been part of over the weekend, yet just the thought of his thick member and massive knot made her wet. The nights on the other hand raced by and it felt as though each morning had come just moments after her eyes had closed. She let Duke have his way with her each night but only once as she was usually very sore afterward and very tired. She still wasn’t sure how she would bring up the subject with Kara about Duke and his ‘training’ but she had some time to work that out.

It would be difficult to take Duke home now that Dana had become accustomed to his company. Dan had called her to let her know that they would be in late Friday night and there was no need to bring Duke home until Saturday. As her Friday work day drew to a close, Dana decided to not have sex with Duke that evening. She would give him a hand job or even a blow job, like she’d seen Karen do over the weekend, but not let him fuck her. She wanted to build up some sexual tension in herself and Duke then on Saturday morning, she would indulge him until they had to leave. That thought of him leaving brought tears to her eyes as she pulled into her driveway. It was then a plan began to form in her mind to allow her to see Duke on a regular basis. She hopped out of her car and went inside to see Duke.

Duke was happy she was home, jumping up and down and running around the yard. His tail was a blur of motion. She let him calm down a bit before even attempting to pet him. He was soon lying at her feet, legs in the air as she scratched his chest and belly. His bright red cock emerged from its sheath and the warm wetness between her legs began to grow as well. It was time for some privacy.

“Come on Duke, let’s go inside,” she said in a bubbly tone.

Duke immediately got to his feet and followed her into the house. Dana led the way to her bedroom, slowly removing pieces of her clothing as she went. Once there she was left wearing her panties, nylons and heels. She removed her remaining garments then sat on the bed. Duke wasted no time in burying his face in her fiery sex. His tongue went to work and in minutes she was cumming. Duke continued to lap at her flowing juices, rapidly bringing her to a second orgasm before she had to push him away.

“Now it’s your turn, lover,” Dana purred wetting her fingers with her own fluids and taking his steely shaft in hand.

The rest of the evening was spent with Dana servicing Duke with her hand and mouth with only a brief pause for them to have something to eat. Dana was in dire need of his magnificent member to be plunging in and out of her hungry pussy but she denied herself. She wanted that tension to be peaked in the morning so when she finally did let him have her it would be even more exhilarating. Late that evening, she showered and climbed into bed with Duke lying beside her on the floor.

Dana was awakened by Duke’s warm tongue washing over her face. She opened her eyes, smiling as he continued to lick her cheek and neck. She got up, put on her robe and let him out to take care of his business then started some coffee. She fed him and had a light breakfast before leading him back to her room. She laid out towels on the floor by her bed then turned to Duke and opened her robe, revealing her naked body and standing in a sexy pose; tempting him. Duke just looked at her, thumping his tail on the carpet. Dana ran her hand over her dripping valley, dipping her fingers into the moist folds. She then held her wet fingers out to Duke.

“Here you go big boy. You want some honey?” she asked seductively.

Duke eagerly licked her fingers clean as she sat on the edge of the bed, spreading her legs wide. He found what he was looking for and began to devour her wet pussy. Dana lay back on the bed and fondled her breasts while Duke did his thing between her thighs. Soon she was moaning loudly in ecstasy. She was in the midst of a second orgasm when Duke suddenly stopped and placed his front legs on the bed with his chest pressed against her. He was thrusting forward in search of her wet opening. Dana wanted to flip over to make it easier for him when his rigid cock found its mark.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhh,” she cried in pleasure as he sank home.

His thrusts came fast and furious after that and soon his knot was slapping at her entrance. She hadn’t thought of doing it missionary with him but loved the different sensations this position allowed. Duke then shoved his knot inside her.

“OH GOD!” she screamed as a violent orgasm tore through her.

Duke began swelling and she continued to cry out in orgasmic bliss while he squirted his seed deep into her womb. She rocked her hips as his thrusts diminished. His knot was hitting her g spot and sending tremors of pleasure rumbling through her very soul. Duke stopped thrusting and stood still over her for a few moments then began licking her face and breasts. Every time his soft tongue ran over her throbbing nipples she would spasm in ecstasy. Dana was in heaven, or so she would have liked to believe. Duke eventually turned and stood on the floor with his furry ass pressed to her swollen lips. The fine hairs tickled her labia and clit sending her into yet another earth shattering release.

Duke pumped his scalding cum into his wanton bitch as she clenched his cock and knot with her convulsing pussy. Dana was gasping and screaming and having one orgasm after another from all the new sensations she was feeling in this position. She fingered her clit mercilessly as if trying to scratch an itch she couldn’t reach. She was on the verge of hyperventilating when she finally stopped. She gulped air like a parched desert traveler would guzzle water, feeling her body being wracked by ongoing spasms of pleasure even though Duke was starting to shrink. Minutes passed and she gradually regained control and Duke just stood calmly panting until he was able to pull free of Dana’s cum filled pussy.

An audible pop sounded the end of their tie but Duke quickly began to lick up the flood of liquid pouring from Dana’s body. She jumped every time his tongue glided over her inflamed clit. She had three more small orgasms before he was finished. She lay unmoving for over twenty minutes, enjoying the radiant after glow of their passionate session. She was gonna miss this.

It was then the plan that had begun to formulate on the drive home Friday became clearer. It was based on the assumption that Dan had no knowledge of what Kara was doing with Duke, but Dana felt confident she was right in this assumption. She sat up and saw Duke lying on the floor watching her. She wanted him again but she thought that if he was completely spent when he got home that Kara might be suspicious and that wouldn’t be good for her plan.

Duke’s home coming was a joyous event for Kara. She was all but crying as he licked her face while she hugged him fiercely. Dan petted him quickly then went to get his laptop to show Dana the pictures and video he had taken on the trip. They all went to the living room and Dan completed the connections to their wide screen TV. As he clicked through the multitude of pictures, Dana kept looking at Kara who never stopped stroking Duke’s fine coat. She seemed to be in another world and that brought a knowing smile to Dana’s lips.

Dana stayed for lunch and enjoyed hearing Dan and Kara both describe the wonderful things they had seen and done on their trip, but when she was leaving she set her plan in motion.

“I’m sorry I forgot your house and mailbox key,” Dana lied, “I’ll try to get them back to you tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry about that,” Dan replied with a dismissive wave, “Bring them over whenever you get some time. We don’t need them right away.”

He hugged his sister then went to finish getting unpacked and things ready for work on Monday. Kara and Duke walked in from the kitchen to say goodbye. Dana hugged her sister-in-law then knelt before Duke. She scratched his ears and kissed his head. Duke returned her show of affection by licking her cheek. Dana held back a flood of emotion as she drove away, but she’d be back soon. She knew Dan would be leaving for the port around 8 am and Kara would be up to see him off. Then she would work out for about an hour, after that Dana figured she would be free to ‘play’ with Duke. That’s when Dana would catch her, or so she hoped.

Monday morning Dana was up early but not getting ready for work. She had called in sick so she could execute her plan. She arrived at her brother’s house just before 9 am, hoping Kara kept to the same routine that she had while Dana had lived with them a few years back. Dan’s truck was gone; so far so good. Dana went to the door and listened. Sure enough she could hear the thumping rhythm and instructional commands coming from the den. She waited patiently for Kara to shut off the video but it continued to play. She looked at her watch and decided to give it 10 more minutes. After the allotted time had passed and she could still hear the video playing, Dana became concerned that her plan was falling apart, but then there was a shape cry that was just audible over the other sounds. She unlocked the door and quietly entered then tip toed to the den.

Peering around the corner, Dana saw Kara and Duke in the center of the room. Kara was lying on her back on a low bench with her legs wrapped around Duke as he was frantically humping her. Duke blocked her view of Dana and her moans and the video still playing covered any sound Dana had made coming in. A broad smile spread across Dana’s lips as she stepped into the room. Duke made a couple violent thrusts accompanied by Kara’s loud cries and Dana knew Duke had managed to push his knot inside her. It was time to spring the trap.

“I brought your key’s back Kara I hope…OH MY GOD!” Dana shrieked in false surprise, “What…what are you doing?”

“OH Shit! Dana! I…umm…I,” Kara stammered trying to come up with a rational explanation but failing, “I didn’t think you’d be here today!”

Dana continued to act shocked as she moved closer so she could see Kara’s face. Her sister-in-law was blushing as red as a rose while Duke shifted side to side now that he was firmly tied to his bitch and pumping his seed deep into her. Dana knew how Kara must be feeling at that moment since she had been caught in a similar position not long ago.

“Is this what you do while Dan is away?” Dana asked in a mock anger, “Does he know that you’re fucking Duke?”

“Dan doesn’t know and he can’t know. He’d probably kill Duke and me too. Please don’t tell him, Dana. Please!” Kara pleaded.

Dana sat on the sofa a few feet away, “Why did you start having sex with Duke? Didn’t Danny satisfy you?”

“Dan is a great lover but he’s gone for so long and I just can’t…hold out. I need more than a dildo to take away the urges. I’ve never cheated on him and I never would except for this. And I love…Aaahh…Aaahh…AAAHHHHHHHH!” Kara’s words trailed off as a massive orgasm took hold.

Dana watched as Kara bucked her hips against Duke as the powerful orgasm ran its course. Dana’s hand moved toward her own wet sex but she caught herself, not wanting to give away how she felt about this until she was sure Kara would do what she wanted. Kara held Duke tight as she rode out the last waves of pleasure flowing through her. He just kept shifting his hind legs while his seed continued to be pumped into this tiny woman.

“Oh my God! I’m sorry…I couldn’t help it. It was overwhelming after so long without…,” Kara cut herself off and looked at Dana, “Please don’t tell Dan about this…Please!...I’d…I’ll do anything.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Dana said with a sly grin, “I want to see Duke three times a week. You can bring him over to my place for an hour or two during the week and maybe once on the weekend depending on what we can work out.”

Kara stared at her with a confused look on her face.

“That first Friday after you two left on vacation, Duke showed me his skills as a lover. He caught me at a moment of vulnerability but now I’m hooked. You trained him well.”

“How did you know I trained him?” Kara asked, still looking confused.

“Once he showed off his talents and after a bit of online research it was clear that I wasn’t his first and he was way too disciplined to be just a ‘natural’ at it,” Dana replied, not mentioning Karen gave her most of the information, “So my only question was did Dan know about this and help you. Now that I know the whole story, I don’t think it would be good for him to know. This will be our little secret.”

A relieved look appeared on Kara’s face as Dana moved to her side. Duke began licking her as she knelt next to Kara. He could smell Dana’s dripping womanhood and moved forward. This made his knot put pressure on Kara’s g spot and she convulsed in pleasure as a fresh orgasm exploded within her. Dana needed some relief as well so she slowly moved behind Duke who turned to follow her. He brought his leg over Kara causing her to let go with her legs or be dumped on the floor. The continuous movement kept Kara quivering in ecstasy.

Dana removed her drenched panties and sat on the floor with her legs open and on either side of Duke. He lowered his head to her lush valley and began to lick the dripping nectar. Within seconds Dana came hard. She lay on the carpet and thrust her hips up at Duke who lapped frantically at her abundant flow of juice. Both women were crying out in pure lust. One from Duke’s magnificent cock and knot tugging at her insides while spraying his cum deep in her pussy, the other being assaulted by his broad tongue. After about twenty minutes Duke had shrank enough to pull free of Kara’s tight hole. A flood of milky liquid poured over the bench and onto the floor. Duke stopped licking Dana to clean Kara. She cooed and purred as Duke worked his magic.

“Mmmmm…That’s momma’s good boy…Aaaahhh YES, you’re doing such a good job! Ooohh…Ooohh…OOOOHHHHH!” Kara screamed as Duke gave her another orgasm.

Dana sat and watched the two of them for the next few minutes until Duke had finished, then he went to lay down. Dana was hoping he would finish her off again but she was pleasantly satisfied at the moment. Kara sat up and feeling a little self conscious, put on her robe. Dana was still sitting on the floor with her legs spread wide smiling brightly at Kara.

“So we have an agreement?” she asked.

Kara nodded not wanting to meet Dana’s gaze. “What am I gonna tell Dan when he’s around? He’s gonna wonder where I’m taking Duke all the time.”

“Just tell him you’re taking him to the new dog park over by my place. He doesn’t seem to have much interest in taking care of Duke anyway so he shouldn’t mind,” Dana replied confidently, “Then you can say you stopped by my place since you were so close.”

“That might work,” Kara said as she stood, “Want some coffee? Duke won’t be ready to go again for a little while. I figure you’d be staying for round two.”

“I thought you’d never ask. I’m so horny after watching you two going at it, I’m gonna need some of his big cock,” Dana replied, standing.

“I’m glad to finally be able to share my secret with someone,” Kara admitted as they walked to the kitchen.

Duke had a contented look as he watched his bitches happily chatting, this was gonna be a good arrangement.
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