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After sucking the arresting officer's cock, and getting fucked by the desk sergeant during a cavity search in Part 1, Angie is forced to lick a lieutenant's pussy, and fuck the warden several times a week, after being transported to a small-town prison in backwater Mississippi. She was also forced to give the cell block guard a blowjob to ensure visiting privileges whenever she had visitors.
Part 1 - Summary:

Angie gets arrested with her boyfriend early one morning, and is forced to give the arresting officer a blowjob. Afterwards, she is taken down to the police station, where the desk sergeant fucks her from behind while giving her a full body cavity search. Then she is handed over to the receiving lieutenant for processing.


The receiving lieutenant turned out to be a slightly heavy woman of about forty, with a ring of keys dangling off one hip, and a long baton hanging off the other hip. She opened the door and told Angie to follow her. Angie….now dressed in her light blue jumpsuit…. got up from the chair and followed the lieutenant down the hall.

Just before they got to the holding cell area, the lieutenant took Angie’s arm and pulled her into another interrogation room, furnished with a simple table, two chairs, and what appeared to be a folded hand towel sitting on a corner of the table. She pointed at one of the chairs and said, “Sit there.” Meanwhile, she kicked off her black walking shoes, unbuckled the belt around her waist, unsnapped…then unzipped her pants, and pulled them down past her ankles, before kicking them off to the side.

Angie watched her with growing dread, glancing at the door, then around the room….wondering how to stop what was happening.

The Lieutenant laughed and said, “What are you looking for, bitch….no one’s coming to save your ass…you’re mine until I turn you over to the holding cell officer.” Then she walked over to the table, sat on the edge and leaned back onto her elbows, spread her legs wide and said, “Get going, girlie….it ain’t gonna suck itself.”

Angie said, “What the fuck’s going on? You can’t do this….”

“Hey, you didn’t think I was gonna let the desk sergeant have all the fun, did you? Us back office types need to taste some of the sweet nectar that comes through those doors, too. Now, get started.”

Tearing up, Angie said, “I’ll scream!”

The lieutenant laughed, and said, “Go ahead….scream all you want….these rooms are all sound proof. Now, quit fucking around and get your pretty mouth over here.”

Through watery eyes, Angie looked at the moist vagina that stared her in the face, the pussy lips looking damp with juices, and the clitoris looking slightly plump and firm. She had licked a few pussies when she was young and experimenting, but she had no interest in letting this happen. After a brief hesitation, she realized she really didn’t have a choice….but before she could act, she felt a firm hand on the back of her head, pulling her hard into the gaping cunt in front of her. With a resigned sigh, she opened her mouth and began licking the folds of the lieutenant’s pussy….eventually sucking on the engorged nub of her clit, causing her to moan and rock her hips against Angie’s tongue.

“Now open that top and let your tits out…I want to see them swinging back and forth while you suck me off.” Angie did what she was told, then returned to using her lips and tongue on the lieutenant’s pussy and clitoris.

With her knees still spread wide, the lieutenant rested her legs on Angie’s shoulders, then….still pulling her head hard into her crotch….began grinding her clitoris against Angie’s tongue, murmuring her pleasure as Angie sucked and licked. It didn’t take long before the lieutenant growled and moaned, as an electrifying orgasm pulsed through her body, creaming into Angie’s mouth, and smearing pussy juices all over her chin.

“Fuck….fuck…..fuuuuuuuccckkkkkk….aaaaahhhhhh….hmmmmmm…..Oh, my God, that was good….shit, you’re really good at this….hmmmmm…..aaaahhhhhh….you’re gonna do just fine in lock up….hmmmm….”

The lieutenant released Angie’s head, so she could sit back in her chair, as the lieutenant grabbed the folded towel and used it to wipe between her legs. Then she got off the table and began pulling her pants back on, while Angie pushed her boobs back inside her jumper and began snapping it up. As the lieutenant finished dressing, she tossed the towel to Angie, laughed, and said, “Here….you can use this to clean off your face. You don’t want to go into holding smelling like cum, if you can help it….”

After Angie was taken to holding, she sat on a wooden bench for almost three hours before a transport van arrived to take her to the local Greenville prison, where she’d have to stay while she awaited trial….she had no money for bail, so staying in prison was the only option.

With her one call, she phoned her mother, who sounded sad and distressed, but promised she’d come to visit Angie as soon as she could. Angie was placed in a cell with a cot, a desk, and a toilet, where she sat…quietly sobbing….just waiting to see what crazy, fucked up shit was going to happen next.

She didn’t have to wait long….two days later, the walking guard who managed the cell block where Angie was being held, stopped in front of her cell and, through the bars, told Angie that her mother had registered for a visit the next day. Angie had a moment of elation and anticipation….finally getting to see a friendly face after all the shit she’d had to deal with.

The guard chuckled when he saw this and said, “Yeah….that’s everyone’s reaction when I tell them they’re going to have visitors.”

He stepped closer to the bars and said in a menacing whisper, “Here’s the thing….your visitation doesn’t happen unless I approve it.”

As he said this, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his rather large, semi-hard cock. He stroked the thick shaft slowly, then shoved it through the bars and added, “Now get over here and convince me I should approve your visitation privileges.”

With a helpless whimper, Angie moved closer to the bars of her cell, and reluctantly sucked the tip of the guard’s dick into her mouth.

As he stood there, thrusting his hips forward and grabbing the bars with both hands, he ordered, “You better make this good, if you want my approval, girlie…”

Tearfully, Angie picked up the pace, bobbing her head back and forth on the guard’s now fully erect penis, while using her tongue to rub around the mushroom head, and jerking the shaft with one of her hands….hoping to encourage a quick climax.

It seemed to work….it wasn’t long before she heard the guard grunt and push his hips up against the bars, then moan, as he blasted a huge load of hot, creamy splooge down the back of her throat, saying, “Yeah….yeah…. aaaaahhhh….yeah….yeah….aaaahhhhhhh….aaaahhhhh….swallow it, bitch….yeah….aaaaahhhhh….nice….”

Still holding the bars of her cell with both hands, the guard pumped his softening prick in and out of her mouth a few more times, then pulled it out and let it hang between his thighs, swinging back and forth, dripping cum from the tip onto the concrete floor between his legs, as he caught his breath and enjoyed the throes of his orgasm.

Still breathing heavily, he said, “Wow….you got skills, girl….that was nice. OK, your visitation is approved.” Then he tucked his flaccid dick back into his pants, pulled up the zipper, and continued on his rounds.

The next day Angie got to meet with her mother in the visiting room, where they cried and whined about the shitty situation Angie was in. They decided Angie would need a court-appointed attorney, and Angie’s mother agreed to make some calls and arrange for one to meet with her.

The next day, Angie was surprised to learn that she had been summoned by the warden. The same guard who made her give him a blowjob for visitation privileges walked her down the quad toward the warden’s office. As they turned the corner, but before they got to the main hallway, he unsnapped her jumper and quickly reached inside, grabbing a handful of tit. Laughing, he squeezed the flesh and pinched the nipple – hard enough to make her wince – before releasing her boob and saying, “God, I needed that….Now, let’s go see the warden.” Angie re-snapped her jumper over her jiggling boobs, as they continued their trek to the warden’s office.

When they got to the warden’s office, the guard knocked, then opened the door and nudged Angie inside.

“Here’s prisoner number Q38692, as you requested, warden….” Then he left the room, closing the door behind him.

The warden stood up from his desk, and stepped around it toward Angie, who was standing completely still by the office door. Not knowing what to expect, she stood with her hands at her sides, and her eyes downcast to the floor. As the warden moved closer to Angie, he said, “So you’re the new prisoner I’ve been hearing so much about.”

When he got to where Angie stood, he stepped past her and locked the door, then turned and moved up behind her, where he reached up and started rubbing her shoulders.

“I can see what they were saying is true….your tits barely fit inside that jumper,” he said, as he moved his hands from her shoulders to her breasts. With a grin, he unsnapped the front of her jumper and pulled it wide, adding, “Why don’t we just open this up and let them breathe a little….”

Angie stood still with her teary eyes focused on her shoes, as her heavy breasts tumbled out of the unsnapped jumper and wobbled in front of her. The warden….still behind her….reached around and began kneading her boobs with both hands.

“My God, these are magnificent….” he said, as he spent a few minutes massaging and squeezing her tits, while rubbing the growing bulge in his pants against Angie’s ass through her jumper.

Eventually, he released Angie’s boobs, and left her standing where she was….with her jumper on, but unsnapped and pulled wide open, all the way down to her crotch….her heavy tits swaying back and forth in front of her.

The warden walked over to the sofa against the wall in his office, removing his clothes as he went, and said over his shoulder, “Go ahead and get out of that jumper, Angie….you won’t be needing it for the rest of our visit.”

Sobbing softly, Angie stepped out her jumper, then looked over at the warden, who was now completely naked, sitting in the middle of the couch, with his legs spread and his fully erect hard-on sticking straight up in the air.

He put his arms along the back of the couch and said, “Come on over here, Angie. We’re about to get to know each other much better.”

Still standing by the door, but now completely naked, Angie whined, “What do you want from me?”

The warden laughed and said, “That might be the stupidest question I’ve ever heard inside these four walls….get over here, on your knees…!”

Angie walked over to where the warden sat….legs spread, and arms draped over the back of the sofa….then knelt between his legs and wrapped her hand around his stiff boner. She sucked the tip of his cock into her mouth, then began bobbing her head up and down, while pumping his rigid shaft with one hand and massaging his dangling nutsack with the other.

The warden closed his eyes and moaned as Angie sucked and stroked his engorged prick, knowing that this was but the first of many times he’d have her in his office until she was no longer in his prison.

“Yeah….just like that….yeah….a little faster….oh, shit, that feels good….yeah….yeah….keep going….keep going… holy shit, you’re good at this…..”

After enjoying Angie’s warm mouth on his cock for a few minutes, the warden reached down and lifted her up from her knees. Then he pulled her forward until she was straddling his stiff penis…kneeling on the couch with one knee on either side of him. With one hand he grabbed the base of his shaft….lining up the tip with her pussy opening….with the other hand he grabbed her hip and pushed her down onto his rigid pole, letting out a guttural moan as her warm pussy enveloped his erection.

“Oh, shit….that feels good, Angie….yeah….slide up and down….yeah….just like that….keep going….yeah….”

Angie began slowly moving up and down on the warden’s dick, sliding a little farther down his shaft with every downward thrust, until he was all the way inside her, and her clit was rubbing against the base of his cock.

The warden’s eyes were locked on Angie’s wobbling boobs, and he grabbed both of them with his hands…squeezing the flesh and making the nipples stand up like little erasers, so he could suck them into his mouth, one after the other.

Angie was again surprised, and a bit dismayed, that her body was responding to this unwanted stimulation, just like it had with the desk sergeant. Between the warden’s warm mouth and flicking tongue on her stiffening nipples, and her clitoris rubbing against the base of his shaft, she felt her pussy getting wetter and the warden’s cock going deeper with every stroke. She even found herself unconsciously leaning forward a bit, in order to get a better angle for grinding her clit against the warden’s stiff cock, and pressing her soft breasts harder into his mouth.

With his hands wrapped around her bouncing tits, the warden thrust his hips up into every one of Angie’s downward bounces….ramming his hard prick deep into her cunt, until Angie felt the unexpected sensation of an orgasm building between her legs. After only a few more strokes, she let out a low moan and pressed her clitoris hard against the base of the warden’s stiff shaft, twerking her ass slightly as a tingly climax ripped through her body.

“Oh, shit….I can’t believe I’m cumming….ah….ah….aaaaahhhhhh…..aaaaaahhhhhh….hmmmmmm….what the fuck ….aaaahhhhhhh….hmmmmm….”

The warden laughed at her consternation, then released her tits, grabbed her hips and picked up the pace…. pounding his erection as far as it would go inside her….then erupting, as a huge load of warm, creamy spunk splashed all over the inside of Angie’s cunt.

“Uh…uh…yeah….yeah…I’m gonna cum….ah…ah….aaaaaahhhhhh….yeeeeaaaahhhh…..aaaaahhhhhh…fuck, yeah…. God, that feels good…..aaaahhhhhh….”

Angie leaned against the warden’s chest…his still hard cock stuffed deep inside her….as they both caught their breath. After a few minutes the warden pushed her into a sitting position….enjoying the feeling of her warm pussy enveloping his still rigid pole….so he could fondle her boobs and suck on her firm nipples.

After toying with her breasts for a while, the warden said, “My God, Angie….that was fantastic…..go ahead and clean off my cock now….then you can use a tissue from the desk to clean your pussy and get dressed. I’ll have the guard bring you back to your cell.”

Without saying anything, Angie raised her hips and pulled the warden’s surprisingly still hard prick out of her cunt, then knelt between his legs and sucked the head of his penis into her mouth. Using her lips, she cleaned off his slimy dick, then pumped his shaft a few times to pull out the last few drops of cum…using her tongue to lick them away.

When she was done cleaning his cock, she left it dangling between his legs…hanging down past the cushion on the couch…as she grabbed some tissues from the desk to wipe up the cum dribbling down the inside of her thighs. The warden watched as she cleaned herself…his eyes locked on her heavy breasts swaying back and forth as she bent over and wiped off her pussy, then stepped into her jumper and began snapping it up.

He eventually got up from the sofa and started to get dressed, casually saying, “This is going work out beautifully, Angie….I’m sure you know that I have my pick of inmates in this prison, but I think you’re now my favorite….we’ll get together a few times a week, and.…in return….I’ll make your stay here as comfortable as possible.”

Angie kept her head down, but nodded slightly in response. The warden walked over to where she stood, squeezed one of her breasts one last time, before unlocking the door and calling the guard over from his station.

“She’s all yours, officer….you can take her back to her cell.”

After that, Angie was brought to the warden’s office two or three times a week….it usually depended on which other inmates he had lined up on the other days. This went on for the entire time she was incarcerated.

A week after her first meeting with the warden, she was assigned a public defender, who made her give him a handjob under the conference room table before he’d take her case.

In the end, she got stuck in the Greenville prison for eighteen months, getting fucked by the warden several times a week, and giving the walking guard on her block a blowjob every time her mother came to visit her.

When she finally got out, she left Mississippi and moved to Florida, just outside of Orlando. She figured she could be a waitress anywhere…so why stick around a trashy, corrupt town like Greenville?

She never found out….nor did she care to know….whatever happened to Evan.


2023-01-23 22:41:07
Great story. Would love to know if the big titted girl gets anymore abuse whilst working as a waitress

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