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Welcome to part 2 of Katie's change. I Hope you all enjoy and please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions!
Did that really happen last night? The thoughts going through my mind, the feelings my body had, the passion I felt last night. This is what I have been yearning for, I know what I want not, and can I find it when I go back to school? I can still feel him inside me, his cock was a perfect fit in my pussy and down my throat, I need it again. Should I text him, or go over and check on him?

I pull up our very brief text conversation, but what do I even send him? Hey can we fuck again? You okay that you fucked your neighbors daughter? My fingers seem to have forgotten how to even type, maybe I should just get out of bed and find coffee and figure out what to say to him later.

Thankfully no one is home, my parents both have worked banker hours my entire life, and I can have the house to myself. I start the coffee maker and hop in the shower for a quick shower while I wait on much needed caffeine. The best part of being back where I grew up is the lack of neighbors, besides Lawrence we have no other neighbors for a couple miles in any direction, which is the perfect reason to wear super short overalls. It covers pretty much nothing, but with no parents or strangers around who cares if all you can see are my butt cheeks and every part of my breasts but the actual nipple.

I decided to walk around the yard and enjoy some sunshine while drinking my coffee, maybe it will help me think of my next plan and how to talk to Lawrence. What do I want to do with the rest of my summer? There is only a month left before I have to move back to the dorms. The intrusive thoughts started to come back the moment I saw Lawrence’s truck in his driveway, his kids appeared to be gone still, should I go check on him? My mind is back racing again as I feel my phone vibrate.

All the text says is how long are you going to stare at my truck before you come over? I replied and told him that I'm not sure how to approach this new situation. His response only said to just do it.


He was waiting at his front door when I walked over into his yard, he was still in just boxers, drinking coffee. His light brown hair was messy from just waking up, his body reflecting the years of gym dedication and physical labor, how did he look so perfect? Would you like to come in, he asks? I just smiled and he stepped out of my way and followed me to his couch.

In the same moment he sat down he asked if I had any regrets about last night, or if I needed to talk about anything. All I could do was smile at him and tell him I regret nothing, in fact I had never felt the way he made me feel. So the 16 year age gap doesn’t bother you, he asked next? I simply told him that we aren’t dating, but we both seem to have needs and a physical attraction that is undeniable and he just grinned and shook his head in agreement. We both agreed that the rest of my summer home can be an exploration of myself and that we can figure the after out once it's time for me to go back to school.

That looks really good on you he tells me, and for a moment I forgot that I had pretty much nothing on, all I could do was blush. You are perfect in every way he tells me, from your perfect toes to your soft thighs, to that infectious smile. As I sip that last bit of my coffee, something came over me and all I could do was drop to his floor and crawl on my hands and knees to him. How was this man able to turn me into such a submissive woman? I have never been submissive in any way my entire life, but something about him makes me want to submit and he is his personal sex toy whenever he wants me, but he hasn't even told me or asked me to do anything. So why am I on my hands and knees crawling to him with the only thing on my mind being that majestic cock hidden behind the short boxers he has on.

I stop when I am between his legs, he just says yes ma’am and leans back, giving me full control of him as I pull his boxers off and leave them on the hardwood floor. His body looked even better this morning, you could see every muscle and subtle scar on his body. Those magnificent balls and that glorious cock laid on his thigh. I wonder what all he would let me do to him, his body is perfect and I want to explore it badly. Toned muscular legs covered in a dark layer of hair, leading up to a toned stomach with naturally no hair, up to a chiseled chest with again naturally no hair, with long muscular arms laid out by his side. His hands have seen years of hard labor, but when they touched me last night they became the softest in the world.

I can’t explain why, but my focus shifted to under his balls. His pink hole just sitting here captured my attention. Is he just not a hairy man, or does he trim? Either way my tongue was out and ready to taste his hole. Hearing him gasp out of surprise made me attack it with even more drive, only stopping to fill my mouth with his balls. Eventually I shift my focus to his cock, it's rock hard, towering over my face. It must be 8 inches and as thick as my wrist, I can't believe he slid in on me so easily last night, because he was so much bigger than any of my previous partners. This man hasn’t even touched me yet and I can feel myself dripping wet. All I want is for this man to be inside me.

I climb up him, sit myself in his lap and kiss him.I ask him if he can show me what it is like to really make love. Without skipping a beat he leans forward and kisses me, placing his strong hands on each side of my face, his tongue tasted of black coffee. I grind my hips into his cock, feeling a pulse when it meets my pussy, I reach under me to grab his cock, aligning it with me and sit down. This time his size took my breath away, but I wasn’t going to stop until every inch of him was inside me. Lawrence grabs me by my hips and stands up while I wrap my legs around him kissing his neck and chest. Next thing I know he is laying me down on his bed, while my legs stay wrapped around him he starts fucking me softly but every inch out and in until his balls rest against my ass. He hears me moan as his balls slap my ass and whispers in my ear that my ass will be his next. He leans back away from me, pulling my legs up pushing my knees out to my side and grabbing my thighs holding them down. His strokes are so deep like this, has his cock gotten longer? He goes faster, matching my fast breaths knowing he is so close to bringing me to orgasm. I reach up and grab on his torso, the sweat is slippery allowing me to reach back and grab his ass and pull him deeper inside me. All I can manage is to beg him to make me cum, please sir make me cum for you. His hands move to my neck, both hands wrapped around my throat, ever so gently he tightens them, slowing the blood flow. He starts fucking me harder and harder using his entire body as hard as he can to fuck me.

It happens again, my legs shaking so violently, I can feel myself explode and dripping down to my ass hole. Please fill me is all I can manage to say in between breaths and waves or orgasm. He lets my thighs go and I wrap them around him, keeping him locked inside me, his hard deep strokes don’t slow up. I can feel another orgasm building as he tells me he is close and I start begging him to cum inside me, please fill me with your seed. He lets out a loud moan and I feel the first wave, it filled me and the rest started pouring out of me, I could feel his cum dripping out as he kept fucking me. I couldn’t hold it back any longer, IM CUMMING I screamed arching my back, YES YES YES as i fell back to the bed.

He slides out of me and lays beside me, I don't remember much of the next but I woke up a couple hours later and we are both naked still cuddling in his bed. How is this man so perfect I ask, not realizing I was talking out loud I see him smirk. All he said was that I am the perfect one, and that he was the lucky one. How so I asked? He proceeds to tell me that he didn't expect any type of relationship since he lost his wife and he had just planned to raise his kids until they went off to college, in fact he didn't know if he even wanted one. I asked why he was okay with this then, and he told me he knew I was in the fields the past few weeks to watch him and not to read. I couldn’t even deny it, but he told me that it was perfectly okay, and that he hadn't even noticed me in a sexual way until after the first couple of weeks of me being home. Mostly due to the fact that I wore as little as possible when around him.

He asks me to be honest about if I am wanting a relationship with him other than what we are currently doing, I told him that I'm not sure and that for now I am enjoying what is going on. The fact that I can provide you some pleasure and be someone for you to talk to means alot to me. He kisses me on my forehead and smiles at me. I asked him if he could ever date someone my age. I'm sure I could, it just gets complicated when you are the neighbor's daughter and how they may view it. I tell him I understand, and in an immediate topic change I asked him if he expected me to give up my ass to him? With just a smirk he grabs me by my hips and picks me, laying me down on my stomach.

Without skipping a beat his mouth and tongue meet my virgin ass hole. I have never had anyone but him do anything with my ass, let alone eat it out. I can feel his tongue start to slide in, with a finger right there applying pressure. I can't explain how great it felt having his mouth on my ass, I didn't even notice he had an entire finger in my ass until he took his tongue off my hole. I felt so full, every inch of his rugged finger wiggling inside me. All I can do is grind my ass against his finger and hand, would it be wrong to beg for more?

Between gasps I manage to squeeze out “Please Sir”, this is when I feel a strong hard slap on my ass. His finger sliding all the way out, and then slowly back in again reaching as far into my ass as he can and then slowly back out. I hear him spit, and then feel the warmth of his saliva on my ass hole, he asked if I was ready and I whimpered a yes between breaths. The pressure I felt next was so much more than the single finger, was this his cock because what he was sliding in me felt huge! Suddenly I could feel his hand against my pussy, I asked if it was just his finger and he told me yes but two of them this time.It felt like a lifetime of pure pleasure was cut short when I felt his lips kiss my ass cheeks, feeling his warm breath on my skin caused goose bumps all over my back side.

With his two fingers still inside my ass I could feel his thumb reach down rubbing on my clit, the build up to orgasm this time felt so different. More of an explosion is the best way I can describe it. His thumb stroking my throbbing clit just as fast as his fingers in my ass thrusted deeply inside me. I could feel the orgasm about to hit, my breathing getting faster and faster, please Sir make me cum im so close I screamed out. Just for him to stop, and quickly slid his fingers out of me. You can’t cum just yet, but soon my love soon.

Somehow I went from laying on my stomach to on my knees with my face and chest flat on the bed, my ass sticking up for the world to see. He tells me to take some slow deep breaths, I can hear a bottle click open as he preps my ass with lube. I can feel my hole slightly open already as he pours the lube from the bottle onto my ass, telling me what a good girl I am and massaging my ass cheeks with his free hand. I can feel his prop himself up behind me letting his throbbing cock slap my ass hole over and over. This sent me into a primal mode, I pushed myself back onto his cock. I can feel his massive head pressing against my puckered hole, the pressure I felt as I kept pushing back was something I have never experienced before. His hands firmly grabbing my waist, letting me take total control of getting his cock in my ass. I have to stop for a moment to catch my breath. It feels like I have gotten so much of him in me but as I reach back to feel his shaft I notice that at the most just his head is in me.

I hold his cock firm, and steadily push my ass back onto him. I need him in me at this point. The primal urge to have my ass totally full of his cock is new to me but I must satisfy it. Once I can feel half of his shaft is hidden in me I take another break, just to feel him massaging my ass again asking if I needed a break. I tell him no and just give it one more big push. This feeling of fullness is so amazing, my brain can not function right now as he slowly slides his cock out just to slide it back in. I shove my face into his bed moaning in pleasure, reaching back with both hands at my side grabbing my ass spreading myself open for him as I feel his speed and pace pick up.

Mid stroke Lawrence lets go of my waist just to grab both of my wrists, pulling me backwards to him pulling my face up in the air. I feel like I am flying like this. Moan after moan as his throbbing cock destroys my now non virgin ass hole. His balls slapped my wet pussy over and over. I am beyond a moan at this point, I scream in pure pleasure and feel my pussy explode. The only thing I can hear is his moans, groaning he is about to cum. Please cum in my ass, please please please. He drops my arms letting me fall to the bed, grabs my ass cheeks and drills me 5 6 7 times until he holds his cock deep in me and now I feel it.

The warmth of his cum fills the very little space in my ass, as he slides his cock out for another pump back in me I can feel more and more cum just sitting in my ass. He slides his cock out falling beside me as I just stay put, ass propped up in the air full of his hot cum. I catch him watching me and all I can do is reach behind me and feel the gape he just left in my asshole. I can easily stick my finger in and feel his still warm cum, reaching in more to get as much on my finger as possible. Just to keep my gaze locked with his as I pull my finger out lathered in his seed only to lick it off with my tongue.

In a moment of dirty kink I climb on top of him, knowing my ass hole is leaking his cum all over his cock, grinding into his now half hard cock and pushing the rest of his cum out. Instead of answering him when he asked what I was doing I just slid down and used my mouth to clean his cock and balls up. I told him his cum belongs in me not on him.

‘It's going to be a fun next few weeks Katie’ is all he tells me next while he wrapped me up in his arms pulling me close to him…….


Should I continue on how the remainder of our time together this summer pans out?
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