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Daniel is hunting in a night club.
Timestop on the dancefloor.

Daniel looked around the nightclub, He loved hunting here, the men and women were all beautiful, available, and usually had been drinking or taking drugs. They were also usually horny as well, so he didn’t have to work so hard to get them worked up.

He walked through the still and silent dancefloor, trailing his fingers across hips, asses and tits as he passed, finding just the right one.


She was about nineteen, he guessed, short dark hair, choker, bright red lipstick and dark eyeshadow. She was the perfect height for him being about five feet seven, and was wearing a short leather skirt and plain white top. He could see her nipples poking through the top so no bra. He wondered if she was wearing panties. He would soon find out. For now he would call her Slut.

Slut was dancing with another girl, gazing lovingly into her eyes. They had were just coming together into a kiss, Slut’s tongue leading and beginning to part the other girls lips. The expression on both their faces telling of passion and need. The other girl had her hands on Slut’s ass and was trying to pull her closer, but since Slut was slightly taller and she was going for a kiss, she was bent slightly forward, her ass sticking out a little, her hands holding the smaller girls head.

Daniel walked up behind the Slut and ran his hand up her leg. She didn’t react, but he hadn’t expected her to. They never did in his world, the world where time was stopped. All the reactions would start when he released his hold on time, and it restarted, letting her feel everything that had happened to her, during the pause.

It was that rush of feelings that had given him the idea to perfect what had become his fetish, and what he was about to do with this girl.

Moving his hand further up her leg, he discovered that she was indeed wearing panties, well a thong at least, but that her dancing with the other girl had got her aroused and her pussy was already wet. He grinned. Perfect.

He moved gently. Sudden movements magnified sensation, and could break a mood, spoil his fetish.

He slid her skirt up, until her ass was completely exposed, the red string of the thong disappearing between the pert luscious cheeks he had revealed.

A snip from a small pair of scissors kept in his pocket for just this purpose, and the thong was no more, leaving his target area clear for the next stage of his plan.

Grabbing a jacket off the back of a nearby chair and bunching it up for a cushion, he knelt on the floor, bringing his face level with her ass. Gently he put his hands on her cheeks and pulled them apart, revealing the treasures hidden within, her pussy, which was so wet, that thick drops of her fluids were clinging to her outer lips, and her asshole, a tight pink star. Maybe he would open that up tonight. Maybe not.

He leaned in further and inhaled deeply, taking in her scent.

He started slowly, just in case. Some women weren’t all that fussy about personal hygiene and he had been caught out early on in his ‘career’, the smell nearly making him puke, and it had ruined his night.

Tonight though, she smelled delicious. A heavy mix of musk, and a light perfume, which he had smelled before on other women and liked. One day he would have to figure out what it was.

He started fantasizing in his head, about marking women, and sending them bottles of perfume, warning them that he was coming. That would be such a thrill if they were expecting him, but didn’t know where or when.

He filed that idea for later thought, and then reached out with his tongue and tasted her.

Slut was delicious, as he had known she would be. He slid his tongue deeper inside of her, lapping at her juices off her labia, and then from inside, as far as he could reach, before sliding further forward and lapping all the way to her clit, slurping and lapping at it for a good ten minutes, all the time, holding her ass cheeks wide, and running circles around her asshole with a wetted finger.

Finally he swiped back from her clit, across her opening, pausing for a second to push his tongue inside. She was still soaked but the juices were further in than he could reach, and he wasn’t going to use his fingers on this one. Not on her pussy anyway.

When he reached her asshole, he began to rim her, lapping and licking at the pink star, this time gently circling her clit with the wetted finger.

He pushed the tip of his tongue into her ass, gently opening her up, until he could go no deeper, and then gently pulled back.

He pulled a small bottle of lube from his pocket, applied it to his finger, and began gently working the finger into her ass, opening her up, adding a second and a third finger as the muscles stretched. It was weird, although in real time it would feel like her ass had gone from tight to gaping in an instant, because it had been done gently, with the muscles getting the opportunity to relax, even in stopped time, there would be no pain. Just a feeling of stretching and fullness.

He pulled his fingers out, wiping them off on the jacket as he stood, and placed it back on the chair he had found it.

Now she was ready, it was his turn.

Back on his feet now, he removed his clothes. It had a much better effect on people if he was totally naked. He put on his mask, that of a demon. Drunk and drugged people often allowed their imaginations to run amok, and any help he could give them...

He stood behind Slut, and rubbed his cock up and down her slit. He had licked away a good part of her juices, but she was still wet enough for him to enter her, sliding his eight inches deep into her, until his pelvis was pressed hard against her ass.

Once inside his cock found all the lubrication he had not been able to reach with his tongue and it pushed out a little, coating him, he pulled back, relishing the sensation of his erection, stretching out her pussy, and feeling each ridge and bump inside her as he travelled the length of her tunnel.

He pushed in again. It was not quite so tight this time, her pussy not closing up as it would in real time, but he was ready for that. He knew that when he was ready it would give him as much sensation as he could handle, so he contented himself with steady even strokes, angling his cock forward to try and put pressure on her G Spot on each one.

For nearly half an hour he teased himself with her, using her pussy to stroke his cock in long steady strokes. There was little tightness just now, he had fucked her until her pussy was slack, but he still rubbed the head of his prick against the inner walls of her cunt, and gave himself some wonderful sensations.

Now it was time.

He started fucking her faster, holding her hips and pushing in and out, gaining momentum and even in her sloppy loose cunt, generating enough sensation on his head to start building him towards his climax.

Again and again he pushed into her, until he started to pant with the exertion, and could feel his balls start to rise.

Almost time.

He reached onto the table next to him, where he had placed a small brown bottle. He had discovered these by accident but found they enhanced his experience wonderfully if he used them sparingly.

Opening the top, he took a long sniff, the poppers rushing straight to his head, and bringing him almost to the edge of release.

Then he restarted time.

The girl shrieked into her girlfriends mouth. Holding her head tight and thrusting her tongue down her throat. The feelings of being licked sucked rimmed, fingered in her ass, and fucked hit her in one landslide of sensations and her pussy snapped closed around his cock. Spasming and milking him, as her fluids gushed out of her. She pushed back on him, wanting nothing more than to get the cock, she didn’t even know was inside her, deeper still and ride out the amazing orgasm that was blasting through her body.

Her girlfriend was trapped, her face held against her lover, whose was currently raping her mouth with her tongue as she rode out her climax. She could see what appeared to be a naked man, with a mask on, hammering into her friend, who was riding his cock like a rodeo clown.

Daniel reached his own climax. Holding the girls hips and thrusting as deep as he could get, forcing the head of his cock right up against her young cervix, before dumping a huge load of thick creamy spunk deep inside her.

She shuddered, feeling him pulsate, feeling him delivering his potent load of baby batter right into her womb. Feeling the heat of him spreading within her.

He shivered in the first of his post orgasmic tremors stopping time just as people were starting to realise what was going on.

Gently he pulled out of her. Twitching as his cock slid the length of her tunnel stimulating his sensitive head.

He wiped his cock off, up and down the crack of her ass, and then on her ass cheek before stepping back.

He took his time getting dressed, helping himself to a bottle of water from behind the bar, it was thirsty work.

When he was ready, he looked around the club, looking for someone. There is always at least one.

He found them in the toilet. A younger man, with an older woman. He was standing, and she, kneeling on the floor sucking his cock. Daniel Smiled.

Weight meant little in paused time and he lifted the man without difficulty, taking him back onto the dancefloor, his pants still around his ankles.

Standing him behind Slut, he pushed the man’s cock deep inside her, putting his hands on her hips. With luck it would take him a second or two to realise what was going on and he would thrust inside her at least a couple of times while he did. If Daniel was really lucky he might even cum in her. That would be gold standard, but Daniel wasn’t going to force that. He had made guys cum before, but he had to be horny to bring himself to do that, and since he had just cum, he wasn’t in the mood.

Daniel finished his water, and then moved away, standing against the wall, removing his mask and pocketing it before restarting time and watching the ensuing mayhem.

He smiled.

That had been a good one.


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For me Storygal and Skoll and maybe Mypenname are still the kings and queens of timestop stories on here, but I'm loving how much more has been coming for the genre!

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