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Even more plans
Whispers 2

“Bullshit!” James Cavanaugh said after he heard the story that Mike told at breakfast the next day.

“As God is my witness,” Mike replied, “I went in for a piss and there she was. Gave me an amazing blowjob.”

“Did you speak to her?” James asked, “What’s her name?”

“I didn’t even see her face,” Mike responded, “All I saw was her pussy, and then felt her mouth.”

An older student who was sitting further down the table looked at Mike with interest.

“Are you in the Driscoll Building?” he asked. “Fourth Floor?”

Mike looked at him. “Sorry, this was a private conversation.” He said a little snippily.

“Then perhaps,” said the stranger, “you should have kept your voice down. Now if you answer my question, I might have an interesting story for you.”

Mike looked at James before replying. “Yes 4b, Driscoll.”

The older boy slid closer to him and grinned “Evans,” he said holding his hand out, “Charlie Evans.”

They shook hands.

“My brother,” Charlie began, “studied here about four years ago. He was in 4a. When he found out that I was coming here, he said I should try and get in one of the rooms on that floor. Sadly, I wasn’t able to, you and whoever got 4a were here first, so I didn’t even get into the building.”

“But why?” Mike asked, “What’s so special about the fourth floor.”

“The gloryholes,” Charlie said simply, “They lead into the women’s dorm.”

“I know that,” said Mike, “But before last night, the stall there was always empty. I had heard that it had been sealed up the other side for some reason.”

“It was sealed up, because of the gloryholes.” Charlie said. “The university got sick of repairing the walls only to have students open them up again. They even put sheet steel on the walls, but they kept getting drilled through. The steel just disappeared.”

“So, if it’s been sealed up.” Asked James, “How did that woman get in there last night. If it was not just a wet dream all along.” He added a little scornfully.

“That’s the thing.” Said Charles. “There is a rumour, a story, that fourth floor of the girl’s dorm is haunted. None of the girls want that room. But apparently a latecomer has taken it this year. Doesn’t believe in ghosts.”

Mike sat back laughing. “Bullshit!” he said echoing his friend’s earlier comment. That was no ghost. That was a one hundred percent red hot woman.

“I’m not saying SHE was a ghost,” said Charlie, “But from what I understand, the ghost causes the girl to go into the cubicle, and deal with any cocks that come through the hole. Either hole.” He added.

“Possession?” James asked incredulously, “That’s fucking ridiculous.”

“Is it?” asked Charlie. “Does it even matter?” he added. “There’s a hot chick who somehow got into a locked toilet and was willing to blow a stranger through the hole in the wall. Are you going to look a gift horse in the mouth?”

“Wait up,” said Mike, “Let’s say for one second that we believe you. Then this girl doesn’t know what’s going on. That’s rape.”

“Is it?” Charlie asked again, “Do you believe in ghosts?”

“Well … no” Mike said.

“Well then, “said Charlie with satisfaction. “All you need to know is that there is a gloryhole with a willing girl the other side. Are you going to turn that down? “

“But what if we get caught?” asked James.

“How?” asked Charlie. “You are in a totally different building to her. The security tapes will show that you never entered her building. At worst you used a gloryhole, that SHE would have had to herself use, how can that be rape. There are no drugs, and who the hell believes in the paranormal these days.”

Mike and James looked at each other. They could see the cogs turning.

“Tell you what.” Said Charlie. “Ill make a bet with you. Go up to the hole tonight. And if she is not there, we’ll call it even. But if she is, then tomorrow night you let me and a few buddies of mine come up to your room and we’ll investigate more thoroughly.”

“Why should I?” asked Mike. “If she is there, then I get to have some fun. Why do I need you and your buddies involved at all?”

“Twenty bucks a head!” Charlie said.

“Fifty!” said Mike.

“Thirty,” said Charlie, “and that’s all we got.”

Mike looked at James and then Nodded. “Ok. If she’s there tonight, it’s a deal.”

They shook, and Charlie got up and left the table.

“You’re not going to charge me, are you?” asked James.

Mike shook his head. “Why don’t you come over tonight.” He said, “Then maybe you’ll believe me.

Juliette had been horny all day.

She had found it hard do concentrate in classes, and it had got so bad that she had even gone to the ladies room in the lunch break to try and find some release, thinking that she could clear her head for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, release had evaded her and all she had achieved was to wind herself up even more.

Since she had missed lunch, she ate early in the cafeteria and then went back to her room still nursing an itch she couldn’t seem to scratch.

She thought that a long hot shower might help her settle, and she spent almost thirty minutes under the hot water, deliberately not touching herself, as she didn’t want anyone to come in and catch her. The doors were frosted but you would still be able to tell if someone was jilling off in there.

She went back up to her room and sat on her bed. Strangely now she was back in her room, the horniness seemed to have settled. It was still there but just a vague feeling not the drive that had been dogging her all day.

Grateful for this respite she decided to do some work and write up the notes from her lectures today. She knew that if she got behind on those it would be difficult for her to catch up.

When she finished her notes, she looked at the clock and realised it was after ten. She decided a cup of tea and then bed since her horniness had evaporated.

She was asleep within seconds of her head hitting the pillow. Her breathing deep and even. There was no moon tonight, and yet a beam of light lit up the foot of the bed, before once again coalescing into the diminutive figure.

Moving swiftly to the head of the bed. She knelt by Juliette, and once again began to whisper in her ear.

This time there was no masturbation.

Juliette just groaned and began thrusting her hips forward as if engaged in sex. Thrusting herself on an invisible lover. Her legs wide begging for penetration that didn’t come.

The sectre stood and once again walked to the door, which opened unprompted. Juliette followed her down the hall and into the ‘sealed’ bathroom, the door standing open as before. It closed behind her.

She entered the cubicle and began removing her night clothes. Firstly her T-shirt, and then her panties. Naked now she stood astride the commode, her legs spread and began masturbating gently. Her fingers running circles around her clit, while her other hand reached up and began to pull and tweak at her nipple.

She was still stood there fifteen minutes later, when Mike and James entered the bathroom.

Mike indicated that they should enter one of the stalls, but James demurred. “You go in there,” he said, “Ill take the other one.”

As they bent over to look through the hole, they could see the naked girl, standing masturbating over the toilet. Her pussy was visibly leaking juices which were dripping into the toilet bowl. She was moaning out her need in a low breathy voice.

Mike was the first to stick his dick through the hole. And within a few seconds Juliette’s hand curled around it, stroking him, taking the precum that was drooling out of the end and using it to lubricate her hand as she ran it up and down his length. He groaned in pleasure.

James could see Mike’s cock coming through the hole opposite his and could see what she was doing to it, and so wasted no time in dropping his trousers and pushing his six inch length through the hole.

Immediately a hand curled around his cock, and began to wank him slowly and steadily. Mike had mentioned that this girl had had cold hands, and by god he was right. But the feeling of her masturbating him through the hole outweighed the chill.

Juliette looked down, and saw she had a cock in one hand, and was steadily wanking it. She wanted that cock. In her mouth, wanted to taste it, to make it cum to swallow the spunk she knew he would shoot. Then she looked the other way, she saw another cock, coming through the other hole. The ghost was wanking this one, but Juliette wanted that one too. She wanted it, to taste it, to tease it with her tongue, to make him shoot inside her mouth and swallow down everything he had to offer. She knew that was the only way that she would find release.

Juliette knelt on the floor, facing the toilet and reached out with her other hand, displacing the ghosts on the second cock, and began to wank it too. Once again using the pre he was drooling to lubricate her strokes.

She leaned to the side and took the first cock in her mouth. Closing her lips around the head and swabbing at it with her tongue, tasking the hot salty musk of his precum. She began to bob her head up and down on him, whilst still stroking at the other cock.

After a minute or so, she switched. Pulling off Mike and taking James’s cock into her mouth. Giving him the same treatment, while continuing to stimulate Mike with her hand.

James groaned with the feelings that she was creating in him.

Backwards and forwards she went, sucking each for a short while, before swapping to the other. She could feel that both were approaching their climax and she wanted to make sure that she didn’t miss either. She wanted both loads in her mouth. She wanted to feel them spurting their cum deep into her throat, to taste them on her tongue, and to swallow down that delicious spunk.

James cracked first.

She had her mouth around Mike’s cock, but she felt James’s swell and get even harder. Juliette knew the signs, so she immediately swapped back taking James right to the back of her throat in a single thrust. That undid him. His cock flexed and he shot a long thick ribbon of cum straight down her throat.

Juliette pulled back a little, keeping his head in her mouth and catching all the following spurts of thick cream on her tongue. The taste was amazing. It was sweet and salty and musky. The taste, allied to the feeling of his cock twitching and throbbing in her mouth caused her to have her first orgasm.

She clenched and shuddered as her pussy squirted her juices onto the floor between her knees.

Juliette kept James’s cock in her mouth, bathing the head with her tongue until she was certain he had finished. Then she pulled back and squeezed his cock, forcing the last few drops of cum up his shaft to pearl on his tip. She licked it off, shivering at the taste. She squeezed again. There was no more.

It was now Mile’s turn.

She had kept hold of his cock but had stopped stroking him during her orgasm. His cock was still as hard but his orgasm had retreated somewhat. That would have to be remedied.

Opening her mouth, she once again took in the cock of a man she had never met, whose name she didn’t know. She recognised the taste though, from the night before, and the feeling of the slightly bigger cock than she had just sucked off.

She pushed all the way down, taking him to the back of her throat. There was no gag. She swallowed and Mike groaned at the sensations that caused on his cock.

Pulling her head back she swirled her tongue around. dipping the tip briefly into his slit, before once again pushing all the way down and swallowing. Juliette was getting into a rhythm now. Her hand had found her pussy now. the other against the wall supporting her weight, as she thrust several fingers inside herself and deethroated a perfect stranger.

Mike couldn’t last with that amount of stimulation, and as she swallowed on the deep thrust, his cock swelled and with a groan, he unleashed a torrent of cum, directly down her throat.

Again, Juliette pulled back to keep the head of his cock in her mouth. She wanted, needed to taste his spunk. He was saltier than James, and a little bitter, but she loved it. She loved the feeling of it jetting onto her tongue, she loved the pulsations of his cock as he emptied his balls into her mouth.

She squeaked around his cock as her second massive orgasm hit, once again her pussy gushing juices out onto the floor, while her fingers plundered her pussy mercilessly.

When Mike finished, in a repeat of the move on James, she squeezed the remaining drops of his seed, cleaning them off with her tongue, until there were no more left.

Then she stood, picked up her t-shirt and panties, and left the cubicle. Leaving the two boys panting in their respective stalls.

Juliette got back to her room and opened her bag. Taking out her birth control pills, she took out today’s dose and dropped it into the sink. It disappeared down the drain.

This would be the third dose that she had not taken.
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