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Wanted to write this series for a while. All characters and places are fictional and I want to take you on a taboo erotic journey of love, happiness and ecstasy. I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think. Parts 2 & 3 on the way too xx
Crossing the Horizon Part 1


Rachel was nervous as she approached the steel blue door on this unmarked building. Her friend Sarah had given her the contact number at her recent birthday party saying it would help cheer her up after the split from her boyfriend. She had been pretty melancholic for the past month as she was 32 now and the latest split was another instance of a pattern she had fallen into – meet a guy, date a guy, get too close to the guy and realize that you are actually bored of the guy so quietly drift from said guy. She didn't know what was wrong with her, the guys were all nice, good guys but somehow it was never enough. She opened her heart to Sarah on a night out before her birthday party about this and Sarah suggested she might know something that will help and gave her a playful wink. Rachel thought this was Sarah coming onto her again. Sarah was bi and Rachel always knew she had a crush on her so thought she was just messing around. Turned out Rachel also picked up those signals wrongly as on her birthday, Sarah gave her a card and said it will be everything she was looking for. The card had an address and a phone number and that was it. Sarah said to tell them she gave it to her when she rings but that was it, the rest of the details she wouldn't let out. Rachel rang the number a week later, mentioned Sarah and her own name and then was told to head down to this location at this time. Now she was here and had no idea what to expect...


She saw no bell on the side of the door, so she gave a knock. She had a quick look around and didn't notice anything too odd. It seemed to be an old commercial building in the suburbs just outside the city, but there were no real markings or any business details on it. The door opened with a buzz and Rachel pushed it open saying “hello?”. She then saw an older woman at a desk to the side who waved her in and told her to close the door after. “Are you Rachel?” she said, and Rachel responded to her with a nod, still very unsure what all this was. “Oh, let me take a look at you. Aren't you a treat” the woman said, taking in Rachel's figure. Rachel was wearing normal enough jeans and a loose-fitting t-shirt with a jacket and her handbag so thought this was a rather odd comment. “I love your hair; did you bring anything with you?” the woman said. “Um no, was I meant to?” Rachel responded. “No no, don't worry we'll sort you out”. The woman then picked up the phone at her desk and said, “Rachel is here, about 5' 5”, dark reddish hair, nearly brown... about a 34c I reckon”. Rachel cocked her eyebrow at this, but kinda laughed to herself thinking “omg Sarah what is this”. The woman continued “she’s very cute too, lovely eyes and smile. Okay, I'll send her down to you”. She then hung up the phone and stood up and pointed down the corridor “last door on the left, take the lift down to 2 and someone from makeup will meet you there.” Now Rachel was really curious. 'Makeup?!' she thought to herself, a little bit giddy with excitement. She smiled and nodded at the woman and made her way to the lift, got in and pressed the button to go down.


The doors opened to a large, lowly lit room. To her left, Rachel could see an area lit up with what looked like a few yoga mats on the floor and stage lighting around the place. Before she could inspect further, another woman approached her with a beaming smile. “Hi, Rachel? I'm Lorraine. Pleased to meet you, follow me please” she said. Rachel took her in, she was gorgeous and seemed very pleasant. She had a makeup brush in her ear and was very well turned out, very sexy curves and a busty confidence to her. She took Rachel by the hand and guided her over to a makeup station. “First we'll want to get you into a nice outfit” Lorraine said but before she could go on, Rachel interrupted. “Sorry, you're going to have to tell me what’s going on. My friend Sarah gave me this number as a present but she didn't say anything else about it”. Lorraine warmly smiled back “that’s so cute and nice of your friend. But I understand. Well, today you are going to make a video for yourself and your own private use. Don't worry, it’s all been paid for by Sarah, and yes, I will tell you now – it’s going to be an erotic video, one that you will never forget!”. Rachel rolled her eyes to heaven and let out a little laugh and said, “oh Sarah...”.


Rachel was very open sexually throughout her life. She had done what she considered almost everything with her partners. She had tried bondage but didn't really enjoy it, she preferred a more natural, cooperative experience but she was certainly no prune. She was very open about sharing these experiences with her friends also who would often come to her seeking advice. She wouldn't really classify herself as bi but she had been in threesomes before and did enjoy sex with other women, but she did specifically look for male partners. Anyway, she thought, this is certainly a Sarah thing to do and she didn't mind, thinking 'fuck it, I've had a rough time the past few months so why not enjoy this'. She looked at Lorraine and said the words that would change her life forever after “alright, let’s do this, I'm ready”.


Lorraine took her over to a freestanding wardrobe area beside the makeup station. “Okay, for this I suggest stripping down. We'll look after your clothes here, if you want to get into an outfit you can pick one here.” Rachel stripped off, her pussy was already tingling a bit with the anticipation of this. She loved that sense of adventure and unknown. The girls she had met here seemed really nice so far and were very open and welcoming which really helped settle her nerves and jump right into whatever was going on. She was a little cold, so her nipples stood on end a bit, she gave one a little rub and giggled to herself. Flicking through the rack she saw all the usual erotic lingerie she'd seen in films, magazines etc but none really stood out to her. Lorraine had obviously seen her frustration and quickly said “if you want to go au natural, there’s no problem” and that was all the confirmation Rachel needed. She walked over to the makeup chair with Lorraine gesturing to sit down on it. She did and Lorraine got to work.


She seemed really professional, and Rachel was enjoying being pampered like this. Dusting her eyelids with a sparkling powder and giving her lips a deep, juicy red hue. Rachel normally had reasonably thin lips so was very appreciative of the job Lorraine did on them. She brushed through her hair and worked it out to give a bit of volume and really was trying to be as thorough as possible. Rachel was positively tingling with this. There she was, fully nude in a professional makeup chair being pampered and cared for like no other to look as sexually powerful as possible. She could feel a bit of dampness between her legs too, again in anticipation of what was happening and the unknown feeling of it.


Letting out a little sigh as Lorraine brushed the powder evenly onto her nose she knew she was visibly nervous. Lorraine stopped and took Rachel in. “You look amazing” she said, gesturing for Rachel to look in the mirror. Rachel beamed a smile at what she saw. She was no slouch at doing her own makeup, but this was on another level. “Thank you soooo much” she said to Lorraine. Lorraine then turned the chair, removed a few hairs and gave her a final few pats with the brush. “Okay” she said, “I'll give you one more thing that will really help in the next step.” With that, Lorraine reached down to between Rachel's legs and started rubbing her already wet pussy. Rachel opened her legs a bit more to give Lorraine better access as she had complete trust in her at this stage, it felt great too, she thought. Lorraine slid two fingers inside and dragged them lightly back, covering her fingers in Rachel's wetness. She then rubbed the fingers on the side of Rachel's neck. Put her fingers back in and repeated this on the other side of her neck. On it went, almost scientific in a way, of rubbing Rachel's own juices on different parts of her body – nipples and breasts, sides and making Rachel stand, on her firm ass. “You will drive him wild now” Lorraine said, giving Rachel a quick peck on the cheek. “Enjoy yourself” she said, leading Rachel from the makeup chair and over to what she now presumed to be the set area she had seen before.


Rachel was so turned on at this point. How comfortable and confident the two girls had made her feel really helped with that. Everything seemed natural and open, she would have to find a way to thank Sarah she thought to herself. Standing under the lights, she heard another woman’s voice come from the darkened area behind the set “Okay, Rachel, if you want to pose for us, feel free. And know that this is an all-female filming crew so if you don't feel comfortable or want to stop, just say so.” Under the lights, Rachel couldn't really see who was talking, but saw at least 3 people working the cameras and sound. She smiled and thought again 'why not, fuck it'.

She began posing, kinda being funny and not so serious at first, sticking her tongue out, putting her hands on her hips and making faces, all the time smiling and having fun with it all. She then thought she'd try and be a bit more serious and erotic, so got on the floor and spread her legs while putting on her best 'come hither' face. She really enjoyed being fully nude for this also, there was a rawness to it, and she was getting lost in the moment. “Very good Rachel, keep going, you look beautiful” the previous voice, who Rachel now decided was the director, was saying. She got on all fours and pointing her vagina towards the cameras, arching her back right down in a submissive pose. “Okay, are you ready for your partner to join you?” the Director said. Rachel stood up and nodded, barely able to contain her excitement. She was lightly playing with herself too and her could feel just how wet she was. Her spine was tingling and shoulder stiffened. Her nipples were so sensitive at this stage too, still covered in her drying juices. Then she felt something behind her...


She felt a rough tongue flick at her legs and her ass and heard some sniffing. She turned and there was a lovely muscular dog sniffing and licking at her legs. She froze on the spot, mouth agape. She always loved dogs and had many herself, so instinctively felt comfortable in this one’s presence. It seemed to be a cross between an Alsatian and a Lab if she had to guess and she put her hand out to pet it. It hadn't dawned on her yet and she stroked the dogs head who looked up at her, smiling. Then it clicked. This was the partner and with that her legs quivered, and she felt every hair on her body stand on end. She had known about this but was never really that curious. She had no strong feelings either way as it didn't occupy much space in her mind. But now, with this large, muscular and friendly dog sniffing around her naked body and giving her curious licks, she didn't care. This was going to be an experience she thought to herself, blocking any thoughts of the outside world from her mind. “His name is Max” came the Directors voice.


Rachel hunkered down to get closer to the dog. “Hello Max, oh look who's a good boy” she said, petting him as the dog circled around her. The dog would stop and sniff her body, exactly at the points Lorraine had rubbed Rachel's juices on, and then give them a lick. Rachel got it now, dogs see the world with her nose and what this dog was seeing now was pure, animal sex and Rachel was that sex. Max was still circling her then stopped in front of her, moving his muzzle and inquisitive eyes in towards her chest. Instinctively, Rachel pushed her chest out, allowing Max full access to her breasts. Max's tongue lapped out attentively and roughly licking each of her breasts and nipples, giving them a quick sniff as he did so. Rachel was so unbelievably turned on at this point and lost her composure. Her legs went out from under her and she was now sitting, open legged letting all her pheromones fill the air, while Max was licking every part of her body. He circled again and sniffed her neck, Rachel leaned to the side to give him more access and Max sniffed around the erogenous zone giving it a lick. This caused Rachel to involuntarily moan and Max moved on around her body, sniffing and licking as he did. Without realizing it, Rachel pushed herself onto all fours, completely enthralled by the dog’s sexual power over her body and then she felt it. With a few deep sniffs, Max found her pussy which was glistening with moisture at this point. She knew her scent must be filling the room and that Max was getting deep nosefuls of it. This thought was driving her wild. The animalistic lust of it all, the chemical signals she was displaying to a new mate and his natural, uncontrollable responses to them, to her. This was as raw and natural as she ever felt, and as powerful.


Max's tongue went at her pussy now. Pushing himself deep and inward, licking so quickly and roughly at Rachel's clitoris. The orgasm didn't take long. Flowing through Rachel's body it caused her arms and legs to shake. The waves of pleasure coming one after another and still Max kept up his assault on her most private zone. Her arms gave way, it was just her now with her face on the floor and her mating equipment up in the air for Max to enjoy. And enjoy he did, endlessly licking and covering himself in the scent and pheromones of his new mate. Rachel was never really a squirter as such, but she could feel her own juices flowing out and mixing with Max's saliva dripping down her legs. Another wave of an orgasm hit, and Rachel had to relent. She pushed her ass down to the ground, her face weary with pleasure and stuck in a permanent smile. Max gave a few more sniffs then walked around to her front. She looked up and saw it then, his penis sticking out from its sheath and his large, furry balls just behind them. She had forgotten everything that had brought her here. Right now, it was just her and Max, her new mate, the one that made her feel like nothing any man had made her feel before. In almost a haze, she crawled forward, putting her arm around Max who was licking her face and shoulders. She crawled underneath him and breathed in his heavy, male scent. There was something so... natural... Rachel thought about all this. Like it was primal instincts coming to the fore and controlling her and her mates behavior. That’s what she was now, she thought, or at least slyly giggled to herself in anticipation at, his mate.


She moved her face up to this new, wild penis. It was so red and there was a lot of precum dripping from it. It wasn't all the way out, but Rachel was already anticipating how big it could get. Returning the favor, she sniffed down Max's penis, taking his scent in and allowing it to control her like hers had done already to Max. Reaching his balls, she sniffed them too, feeling like a slave already to his heavy male canine aroma and gave one of them a little kiss, a small way of saying thank you. Max shuddered a bit from this touch, which just made Rachel feel more confident at what was about to happen. She licked up the shaft, stopping at the tip, before licking it and giving it a little sniff, embellishing her newfound primal instincts. She then took it wholly into her mouth, tasting the saltiness of the precum. Max audibly whined at this, which encouraged Rachel more. She lightly sucked, moving her tongue around in circular patterns as she did so. This seemed like too much for Max, who collapsed down beside her. Rachel did her level best to keep her mouth on his shaft, a way for her to show some dominance as Max lay down on his back. Rachel knelt at his side, continuing to lick and suck, with Max's precum filling her mouth and leaking out around his shaft and testicles.


Max was panting and whining at this treatment. Rachel used her left hand to instinctively moved to his head and pet him to relax, rubbing his ears as she did. This had the effect she desired as she caressed his cock with her tongue. She knew the shaft was getting bigger and extending out from its sheath. Knowing about canine anatomy and mating habits, she also knew when to stop. With this loving, oral assault, she wanted to show Max she was at least his equal in this new, pure relationship. She removed her mouth from him, gave it a few more, appreciative licks and a few finals sniffs of his testes and scent and removed herself from the dominant position. Ceremonially, Rachel stood up, legs still shaking from the pleasure and anticipation, and walked over to one of the yoga mats. She quickly remembered where she was and what was going on, but in a flash that thought was gone again as she looked back at Max, who was eyeing her almost like prey. She put on a little show for him, seductively swaying her hips as she walked and giving her rump a quick slap. Then turned and posed at him as if to say 'come and get me'.


And that was enough for Max. He got up and bolted right over to Rachel. As she was standing, he went straight for the pussy. Licking and sniffing at the small amount of pubic hair present, he then began tonguing right at her clit. Rachel was trying to be strong in this little sexual game she was playing, but as soon as Max's tongue found her clit again, all bets were off. Before she could fall, she began crouching down, legs splayed to give Max direct access to her dripping vagina. Max didn't stop and continued licking her as she crouched down, almost mimicking her behavior when giving him a blowjob earlier, showing his mate that he too could play that dominance game. Rachel smiled at this thought, the unspoken connection and language of lovers and how this was truly a primal and spiritual experience of lust.


She was down on her back now, legs and mid-section raised up for her mates enjoyment. Max was still hungrily licking up and down her now extremely sensitive pussy but then stopped. Rachel lowered her abdomen and could see his hard cock now, almost fully engorged, waiting for what they had both been priming themselves for all this time. Instinctively, Rachel turned over and went on all fours. Closing her eyes and wanting to feel and remember this moment forever more, she waited. She felt Max at her pussy, sniffing it, another lick. Her pheromones must be filling him, she thought. She then opened her eyes and Max was walking around her, almost inspecting her a final time. Sniffing again at where her fluid had been rubbed and licking. He stopped at her face and moved his underside right up to her, cocking his leg. Rachel could see it all now, his deep red, veiny cock in all its glory, his sperm filled testes swollen up. She moved in, gave his cock a quick lick and a kiss, and breathed deep his scent again as if to say “do your thing”. With that, Max went back behind her, gave her a quick, appreciative lick and mounted.


She felt his cock probing for her damp, throbbing pussy, trying to home in on the pheromones she had been giving off from it, she was about to reach down and help but then in a moment, Max hit home. His glorious penis filled her all the way in a single thrust. The shock almost buckled her legs, but she held firm, wanting to prove her worth and strength to her new mate. Having finally getting what he wanted, Max then began pumping furiously into Rachel. She couldn't believe the waves of pleasure she was feeling as the dogs cock penetrated her time after time, hitting her g-spot multiple times a second it seemed. She didn't realize it, but she was moaning intensely, almost screaming but it was as if she didn't have the energy to as all her focus was on this immense dog filling her. She could feel his sperm filled balls slap against her labia, the thought of which turned her on immensely. The thoughts of her mating equipment emptying those testes of its load and into her was sending her over the edge. Another orgasm built up as Max panted and bucked wildly into her.


Nothing else existed in this moment. It was just her and her mate and their need to obey their nature and instincts. Every hair was standing on end, every fiber of Rachel's being was in this moment. The waves of pleasure she was enjoying and the thought of how much Max must be enjoying it too gave her an almost spiritual clarity. The thought of him, a dog she had just met, being so fulfilled by her, her mating gear, her pheromones, her scent, drove her to a new state of ecstasy. She then felt it, the part she had secretly been most waiting for since this breeding ritual began, Max's knot was forming at the base of his penis and Rachel was determined for it to enter her. She wanted, demanded, to be properly mated to this dog. For him to feel his seed fill another and for her to accept it. He was pushing and pushing and Rachel, wanting, wishing for his success, got on her forearms and pushed back. Her timing was a bit off, so she waited and pushed back again, and there it was. The connection was made, the knot had entered her and this new feeling was incredible. Her vagina accepted him, all of him, and was now full and so content with her mates penis. She squeezed a bit, using her experience in Kegel exercises to show Max that she wasn't just any other mate, and heard the dog give a little low growl, followed by an appreciative lick to her neck. This personal touch filled her with joy, just a little motion that showed a greater connection between the two and an acknowledgement of their bond.


Max was humping still, but not as rapidly or as powerfully as he had been. Rachel was pushing back and squeezing his cock, wanting to send her lover over the edge. She could feel his knot expanding inside her now, something she definitely didn't expect but was in heaven to experience. Rachel loved this thought, he was locking her to him and breeding her. The knot was pulsating as it grew, hitting her g-spot and sending her over the edge again. He was panting hard now, saliva drooling from his mouth and landing on Rachel's shoulders and cheek. She loved it, that primal, uncontrollable feeling that her actions were causing her mate to lose control of himself. He kept the humping going and then let out a loud howl and as he did, his penis twitched and jerked inside Rachel and she felt him unload into her. His cock pumped and spasmed inside Rachel as she also came over and over, feeling his hot seed hit her uterus and flood her insides. Max was howling at this success, he seemed so happy and Rachel felt the waves of pleasure wash over her body while his cock was buried deep inside her, jerking and twitching while unloading endlessly.


Max's head came down to her face. He was panting heavily, seemingly exhausted and in a state of utter bliss. His tongue lolled out of his mouth and Rachel took this opportunity to turn and kiss and lick his tongue while whispering sweet nothings. His cock was lodged now, his knot expanded so much and Rachel was so content with this, feeling the sperm pump from her mate as he enjoyed the blissful warmth of her vagina. She knew they'd be stuck a while like this, so took the opportunity to tease her lover with more vaginal flexing, aiming to milk every drop of his seed from those testes. She would squeeze and he would pant and drool onto her, causing her to laugh and smile from the enjoyment of teasing him. He would lick her neck and cheek in return, sniffing lightly as he did so. This was the most gratifying sexual experience of her life, so much so she had forgotten how she got here and why she was doing this. All her past problems melted away under her mates twitching penis, filling her mating area with his sperm and telling her what a good job she had done. He lifted up and twisted about now so that they were butt to butt. She knew this would be the case and she would miss his licks of appreciation. But Rachel was still feeling those waves wash over her body, orgasms building up like a star inside her and dissipating down her furnace of a pussy and around her mates cock. He was still pulsing inside her, determined to unload every bit of sperm he had into her. This thought sent another ripple of pleasure through her and she squeezed her lover back, knowing it was driving him crazy.


After 10 minutes of this back and forth, Rachel could feel Max softening inside her. She knew this was an eventuality but didn't want it to be real. Testing their bond again, Max began to slip out of Rachel. She grabbed hold of his leg and told him to stay and Max did for another minute, but unfortunately Rachel couldn't keep him there forever and his extended red cock flopped out of her. A puddle had already formed beneath the area they had mated, but some extra sperm and her own fluids leaked out, which was no surprise considering the volume Max had pumped her with. Rachel's face was down on the mat, her mating gear in the air on display and she felt Max sniff at her again. He began licking her now ultra-sensitive pussy, knowing he was trying to seal their fluids together. She was in bliss again with his tongue. Max then wandered in front of her and lay down. He begun to clean himself but Rachel was not having any of this. She was his mate. She moved over and kissed his nose and moved his head away. She could see his cock now in all its glory and she was so happy with herself that she had caused this and took all of him in her. His knot seemed huge and so swollen and sore, like it needed her attention and Rachel was more than happy to give it. She then licked up and down his shaft and could hear Max groaning at this wicked pleasure. She placed her mouth on top of his cock and sucked what was left in him, swirling her tongue as she did so. She then licked and cleaned her lover thoroughly, kissing his penis as she did, making sure to give the now deflating knot some special kisses. Sniffing and taking in their combined aromas, she truly felt a bond like no other she had ever felt before with this dog. She sniffed his testicles again, which must be so sensitive considering what she had put them through and gave each of them a deep kiss, making sure to use her tongue. Max groaned more with this, she knew the effect this kind of appreciation would have on him. She gave the tip of his penis a final lick and kiss and sniffed it one more time, wanting to remember the scent of his pheromones forever more. She then moved up to him, stroked him softly behind the ears and said “good boy” to him.


In a daze, she stood up. Her bottom half still covered in the combined fluids of her mating. She remembered then, the film, the crew, the other humans in the room. Not knowing what to do, she gave a little bow, then turned around and bent over slightly, showing her red raw vagina to the camera a long with the fluids slowly leaking out of it. She gave the camera a smile and blew a kiss saying “thank you” with a wink. The director then said “cut!” and then she heard the applause from the crew. The director walked out into the light. She was a very pretty woman, dressed casually and wearing a headset with her blond hair tied back. “Rachel, that was incredible. That was your first time?” she asked, almost exasperated. “Yeah.. I dunno what to say, it just.. happened” Rachel was clearly struggling for words and composure. Max was still laid down, flat out exhausted. Rachel gestured towards him “it came so easily with him, it felt so natural”. “Well,” the director said, “Max is one of our best trained stars. We thought he would suit you from what Sarah said.” Rachel let out a little laugh. In all the lovemaking, she had forgotten about Sarah setting her up like this. “That little minx” she let out by accident. “Everyone couldn't believe this was your first time though, that was one of the best performances we have ever witnessed. We'll edit the film and send it over to you as soon as we can.” “Is that all you do with the footage?” Rachel then asked. “Well yes, unless we have your permission to show it to other customers, or even put it up for sale to interested parties?” the director responded. “Let me think about it” Rachel said, a million dirty thoughts entering her mind. “Would you like to do this again?” the director then asked. “Yes, of course!” Rachel exclaimed, slightly embarrassed about how easily she let that out. “Well talk to Lorraine at makeup about it. We have different sets, costumes, partners and locations if you are interested in going further. And you can end up making a lot of money out of this as a side gig, if you wanted. Again, no pressure. We are a club and respect privacy and needs.” Rachel nodded at this and thanked her, shaking her hand, forgetting that she was still naked and covered in fluids from mating with a dog.


Lorraine looked so happy when Rachel approached her to get her clothes and belongings back. “Oh my god, I've never seen anything like that! You were AMAZING Rachel, look at Max, I've never seen him like this, so tired and content.” Rachel blushed and nodded saying thanks. Lorraine had her stuff ready on the makeup chair, but before Rachel could get them, Lorraine leaned in and whispered “here, take this. Call me, there is more than this club. It’s a secret, only for girls like you. Don't tell the others.” She slipped Rachel another card, similar to the one that brought her here. Lorraine gave her a wink and left Rachel to get dressed. Rachel then looked over to Max one more time. One of the girls from the camera crew was talking to him, but Max's eyes were still locked on Rachel, even as the crew girl led him away. Rachel bit her bottom lip while looking at her new mate, her vagina tingled again, still full of what he gave her, then looked down at the card and the number on it, sure that she was in a new part of her life now, a new horizon.


2023-01-30 13:10:54
An amazing sart to an erotic story.


2023-01-28 23:13:48
nice story,

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