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Caleb and his new family move into the house
Caleb 8 - Moving in

It was a good job that Mary was in my first lesson because I didn’t take any of it in. Fortunately, I was able to share her memory of it as we left the classroom and separated to go to our second lesson - one that we didn’t share. I managed to concentrate a bit better in my second lesson, and by lunchtime, I was pretty much back to myself.

As I was the first person in, I got lunch for everyone, and so I was waiting at a table with four trays of food when the girls arrived. We sat and ate together and discussed our morning schooling.

“Is Jasper behaving himself?” I asked Jules when a momentary pause in the conversation allowed.

“So-so,” she said. “He is not being nasty to me directly, but there are a lot of snarky comments and whispers.”

“Would you like me to have a talk with him?” I asked.

“There are other options,” said Mary. “For instance, the student counselor might be interested that the guy that was responsible for your trip up to the science building is bullying you.”

“Or we could get Grams to have a word with him,” suggested Amanda.

Jules looked at each of us as we offered our suggestions. “No, thank you, guys. I can deal with him, but it means so much that I know you are all here for me. As long as I have that, he can’t really touch me.”

“Then never forget that you do,” I said.

Amanda linked her arm through Jules’s and pulled her in close. “Are we still going to move into the house tonight?” she asked.

“That’s the plan,” I said. “As soon as I finish lessons I’m going to go back to my room and pack up my stuff. If you guys can do the same, I’ll bet we can be done in a couple of hours. Then we’ll load it all into my truck and Amanda’s car. We can take our time unloading at the other end, and we can call out for pizza for dinner.”

We finished lunch and each went our separate ways for afternoon classes.

Josh was in our room when I got back after class. He looked miserable when I started to pack up my stuff.

“I guess I can’t blame you,” he said a little morosely. “If I had that place to move into, I’d be out of here as soon as I could.”

I looked up from where I had been emptying my desk into a cardboard box.

“Is that a hint?” I asked with an amused expression. He looked a little confused for a second and then realized what he’d said and how it could have sounded.

“Oh, god no,” he said. “I wasn’t hinting at anything, just saying. I… we, will miss having you around though. Even before we started fooling around, I enjoyed sharing a room with you. God knows who I’ll end up with next.”

I finished with my desk and moved onto my chest of drawers, packing my clothes into the suitcase I had retrieved from under my bed, plus my holdall.

“Where’s Louise tonight?” I asked.

“She’s studying,” he said. “She has a test tomorrow and needs to get good grades.”

“So why aren’t you helping her study?” I asked him.

“Because she can’t study if I’m there,” he said. “We always get kind of distracted.”

I smiled at him. “I don’t doubt it; she is a beautiful girl. You should hold onto that one tight.”

He smiled at me, but I could see there was something else. His aura was dark and subdued - a deep blue color that made me think of sadness. He slumped down on his bed and put his head in his hands.

“I think I screwed everything up,” he said sadly. “With you, with Louise. I just don’t know what to do.”

I sat beside him on his bed. “Want to tell me about it?”

He shook his head. “It wouldn’t be fair. I would be laying this all at your door, and it’s not your fault. It’s nobody’s fault, but I just got messed up and don’t know what to do.”

“Is Louise studying,” I asked him, “or did you cry off tonight?”

He looked at me anguish in his eyes.

“Caleb, I don’t know what to do. I really fell for Louise. I love her. I can’t see any future for me without her in it. She is such a beautiful, thoughtful, sexy, intelligent, wonderful girl.”

“I’m not seeing the problem Josh,” I said, my hand on his arm. “What is it?”

“I can’t tell him.”

I heard the thought as clear as if he had spoken it.

“It wouldn’t be fair.”

“Josh?” I said again.

He shook his head, but it was too late. Although he never voiced it, I heard his thought loud and clear.

“I love him too!”

Okay, I didn’t see that coming. This was possibly the worst outcome I could have predicted, and I had royally screwed up. In involving myself in Josh and Louise’s relationship, I had destroyed it. I had no idea what to do next.

I pushed the memory to the twins via our bond, with a plea for help. I was lost.

Mary took charge. She sent Amanda to go get Jules and bring her to my room. She herself went to speak to Louise

I put my arm around Josh’s shoulder to comfort him and thought about what feelings I had for him.

I had told Jules that my attraction for Josh was not really for him as an individual, but for him and Louise as a couple. I had just felt that they were so right together that I had felt drawn to the pair of them. Now I had to consider how I felt about them individually.

Josh was a good guy. He was good-looking, yes, but that wasn’t that much of a consideration. He was genuinely a nice person. When I had moved into the dorm, he had already been here a week, having come up early, and was settled. We’d hit it off immediately and he’d taken me under his wing, introducing me to people and showing me around campus. He’d introduced me to Louise and they’d both taken me out with them until I’d found my feet. I’d never gotten the feeling from either of them that I was in the way, and I’d never sensed any jealousy from them if I spent time with the other. I had just been adopted into their relationship. Up until a few days ago it hadn’t been sexual in any way, just a friendly, relaxed relationship, where two of them would go off and have sex from time to time.

There was a knock on the door, and I let Louise in. She immediately went to Josh and threw her arms around him.

“Oh Josh,” she said. “You poor, poor, man. I’ve really screwed you up, haven’t I?”

He looked at her, surprised, as did I. Mary had followed her into the room, and I looked to her.

She smiled at me and shared a memory. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one to have been confessed to this evening. Louise had spoken with Mary during the free time they’d both had at the end of the day. Mary had decided to wait to discuss it with all of us until we were in the house. My call for help had prompted a change of plan.

I assimilated the memory.

Earlier that day----

“Mary, do you have a few minutes?” Louise asked as she caught up with her in the corridor. Both had just finished the penultimate lesson of the day and were heading to the library to do some private study in their free time.

Mary looked at Louise, and saw sadness, anxiety and a little fear there.

“Sure,” said Mary, smiling. “Here? Or would you rather talk privately?”

“Privately,” Louise affirmed. “We could use my room.”

Mary nodded, and they walked side by side, in silence, until they reached the room.

“Please,” Louise indicated her chair as they entered her room, choosing to perch on the edge of her bed rather than use her room-mate’s chair.

Mary sat.

“I don’t know where to start,” Louise began. “I don’t know how much you know about Josh and I, but we met the day he came to PSU. The moment I saw him, I knew he was the one. Don’t ask me why. He’s good looking in his own way, but there are better-looking guys around; he’s in reasonable shape, but again, there are better-built guys here. There was just something about him, something in his eyes, his manner, his personality that spoke to me, and I answered.

“For all the time I have been here we have been together. I knew I loved him, but I had a nagging feeling that although he liked me, he didn’t love me. He didn’t seem to have the connection with me that I had with him. And I was scared that at some point I was going to lose him.

“When Caleb arrived, and Josh brought him out with us for the first time, I was a little annoyed. I was supposed to be his girlfriend, and he was supposed to be with me, not hanging with his bro, but before half an hour was over, Caleb had won me over. He is such a nice guy and has a way that actually makes you feel good about yourself. I never minded him coming along after that. In fact, I encouraged Josh to invite him.

“I never considered leaving Josh for Caleb. Josh was and is still my man, the one I love, and the one I am going to spend the rest of my life with if I can, but, I’m sorry Mary, I fell in love with Caleb too.”

“He’s an easy person to love,” Mary said.

“Then last week,” Louise said, “Josh told me about a dream he had had. Someone gave him an incredible blowjob, and that someone was Caleb. A second before he told me, if you had asked what I would have done if Josh had said that another guy had sucked his dick, I would have told you I would have erupted like a volcano and committed violence on one or both. But the instant he said Caleb’s name, I can’t describe the feeling, it was like coming home. It felt so right, and HOT.

“Then we had our first encounter. This was before you and Caleb got together. It was amazing. The sex was good, not earth shattering, Caleb had never gone down on a girl before, but it wasn’t the physical sex that was so amazing. It was the feeling of rightness, of belonging, of love.

“Being included in your playtime was even better. Caleb might not have known what he was doing, but you certainly do.” She smiled at Mary, who grinned back at her.

“But again,” she went on, “It wasn’t just about the sex. It was that feeling of being part of something much bigger than us. There was still an ‘us,’ Josh and me, but we were surrounded by something else - something warm, and comforting, and loving.

“Yesterday, at lunch, when you guys said you were moving out, you may as well have gut-punched the pair of us. I didn’t know what to say or do. We were happy for you guys; you deserve to be happy, and that house looks amazing, but we had just found ourselves a part of something wonderful and we were going to lose it.

“After we left you guys at the house, Josh and I spoke. He told me that the moment he realised that I was the one for him, the moment that he knew he loved me, was while Caleb and I were on our knees in front of him. He said that he looked down and saw me talking to Caleb while Caleb was blowing him, and he just knew. He also told me, that although he knew that I was the one - that he loved me - that he also was in love with Caleb.

“Now you guys are leaving. I know we will see you at PSU, but it wont be the same. Josh won’t be sharing a room with Caleb and I won’t see him, or you and Amanda, as often. Because the feelings I had for Caleb seem to have almost instantly grown to include you two as well. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to lose Josh, but I think he is suffering worse than me, and we don’t want to lose you guys.”

Mary put her arms around Louise, who wasn’t exactly crying but was pretty close. She gently flexed her power and projected feelings of love and comfort onto her.

“Let me talk to Caleb, Amanda and Jules,” Mary said. “I’m sure that Caleb didn’t know about this, and I have to say it’s a surprise to me too. I should have realised what was going on, but you and Josh were just so horny when we got together, I couldn’t see anything else. We are packing our stuff up today and going over to the house. Once we are there, we will get a chance to talk this through between ourselves, and we will come up with something to help you, I promise.”

Louise drew back, looking into Mary’s eyes.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “It’s so unfair of me to dump this on you like this, but I really didn’t know where else to turn.”

Mary smiled at Louise, and that’s where the memory ended.

Back to the present--------

Mary had shared the memory with Amanda at the same time she had with me. Amanda and Jules came into the room, Amanda talking quietly to Jules as they walked. I guessed she was bringing her up to date. I watched Jules’ face to see her reaction, and I saw her give Josh a look of compassion. Something else about Jules caught my eye. She was no longer wearing all black but had a pair of jeans and a T-shirt on.

I closed the door, and we all took seats. Josh and Louise were on his bed; I sat on my bed flanked by the twins. Jules surprised me a little by asking if she could sit by Josh. He nodded.

“It looks like we have some talking to do,” I said, breaking the silence. “Josh, Louise, I am so sorry. I had no idea what was going on. If I had known…”

“What would you have done, Caleb?” asked Josh. “What could you have done? You did nothing wrong; nobody did. I can’t help how I feel. I used to think that when you fell in love, that was it, nobody else mattered. But the instant that I knew that I was in love with Louise, that I knew what love felt like, I realised that I loved you too.”

I couldn’t help it. I surreptitiously checked my wrist. Nope, this was not an illusion.

I looked at the pair of them.

“Josh, Louise,” I said, “you are two of the nicest people I know…”

“But you don’t love us,” Louise said. “That’s okay. We understand. I mean…”

“Actually,” I interrupted her, “that’s not true. But my feelings for you are more complex. You see Josh, I like you, I like you a lot. Louise, I like you too, a lot. but when you are together, a couple then yes, I love you then. Individually you are wonderful people, but together…”

I looked to Mary. I needed her to say what was next. I could easily have done so, but Louise would have wondered how I could possibly know what she had said to Mary earlier.

“Louise and I had a chat earlier,” Mary said, Josh looked at her, then Louise, who nodded.

“I told her,” she said. “I knew you were hurting; I was hurting too, for both of us. I needed them to know how we felt and to see if they maybe felt something for us.”

“Josh,” This time it was Jules that spoke, which surprised me. Mary and Amanda looked equally shocked. “Why do you think you are losing us?”

Us? I thought. That was interesting.

“Because you are all moving out,” he said. “Once that happens, the only time you will be here is for class. You see it all the time. Roomies move out, they say they’ll keep in touch, and they do, for a short while, but it tails off, and before you know it you barely nod at each other in the hallway as you pass.”

Jules looked at me. She knew I would hear the question she was forming in her mind. “Can they come too?”

I sent that memory through the bond to the girls and they both immediately sent back feelings of love and acceptance.

I nodded slightly to Jules, and she smiled slightly before thinking, “Then ask them.”

“Are you sure?” I sent to her, and her eyes widened a little. I didn’t think she knew I could do that.

“They love you Caleb,” she thought, “and if what Amanda told me is true, Louise at least loves the twins too. You love them too; you already said so.”

“But what about you?” I returned. “How will you feel...”

I don’t know how she did it, but she interrupted me. “With even more love around? When love is what I have been craving for so long?” She smiled wryly at me and then surprised me even more by putting her arm around Josh.

“Josh,” I said, finally convinced, “you didn’t really give us a chance, but the girls and I were talking last night. We were going to get settled this weekend and then see if you and Louise would like to come and share the house with us.”

Louise and Josh both looked up in surprise.

“Seriously?” Josh asked. “You’re not just saying that?”

“He would have asked you last night,” Jules said, “but he was worried that I would be scared having you there. He wanted to make sure I was okay with it before making the offer.”

“But I would never…” he began.

“He knows that,” Jules interrupted. “You have to remember that two days ago, I was considering jumping off a large building. You can’t blame him for worrying that my reasoning isn’t sound just now, especially since I don’t know you as he does. You know he trusts you, or he would never have left me alone with you yesterday morning.”

“But you still don’t know me,” he said.

“I know enough,” she said. “I know that Caleb trusts you, which goes a long way, but that night when you came back and found me in bed with Caleb, you asked if it would upset me, you being there when I woke. Someone who didn’t care wouldn’t have even thought to ask. I’m prepared to take a chance on you - on both of you.”

“So, there you have it,” I said. “So, two questions: first, would you guys want to come and share our new home? And second, if yes, did you need one room, or two?”

I picked up some of my stuff. “I’m going to start loading my truck. That’ll give you a few minutes to talk about it.”

My three girls each grabbed something, and we left, walking down to where my truck was parked. Amanda’s car was parked beside it and I could see it was already packed up with the girls’ stuff.

“How are you coming along with packing?” I asked Jules.

“All done,” she said. “It’s just waiting in my room.”

We decided to go and get Jules’ stuff and load it into the truck also, and so it was nearly an hour later before we got back to the room. Josh and Louise were lying on his bed. They were fully dressed, and she was lying down with her head on his chest. They looked up when we entered.

“We thought you weren’t coming back,” Josh said.

“Sorry,” I replied, “that took longer than we thought. So, what do you think? Did you want to come with us?”

“I don’t think we can,” Louise said sadly. “I don’t think we can afford it.”

I frowned. “You can afford to live here; what’s different?”

“You know that housing here is subsidized,” Josh said. “We pay a nominal rent and no utilities. We couldn’t afford to live outside of the dorms.”

“It will be the same deal at the house,” I said. “Same rent, no utilities. And since we won’t be eating in the cafeteria all the time, we will probably save money. Although we will have to figure out who can cook. Look, there’s no reason not to. Apart from a ten-minute commute each way and a bit more property to keep tidy, there will be no difference to living in the dorms. So, what do you think? Will you need one room or two?”

Josh and Louise looked at each other.

“Louise?” Josh asked.

“For the kind of rent they are asking,” she said with a little glimmer in her eye, “it would be greedy to ask for two rooms.”

Josh grinned and looked at me. “I guess just the one.”

“Then you better start packing,” I said “Louise, can you fit all your and Josh’s stuff in your car?”

She nodded.

“You remember the address?”

She nodded again.

“Ok then – I’ll order pizza for…” I looked at my watch. “... Nine. Is that enough time?”

They both nodded again. I stood watching them for a minute. They didn’t move.

“What are you waiting for?” I asked.

Louise dived for the door, and Josh bolted to his feet and scrabbled about under his bed, looking for his bags.

I finished the last of my own packing, and the girls and I headed for our new home.


We had almost finished unpacking - although it would take a lot longer to get everything sorted out completely - when Josh and Louise arrived.

I answered the door and led them to the second bedroom, the only other bedroom in the house with an ensuite.

“Will this be okay for you?” I asked.

Although they had seen the room before, they looked around again happily.

“It will be awesome,” Josh said. “We need to talk to the accommodation officer tomorrow, then we’ll arrange to get the payments sent to you direct. In the meantime, we can…”

“It’s fine,” I said. “It can wait until the payments come through. I’m in no rush.”

“At the risk of looking a gift horse in the mouth,” Louise piped up, “how can you afford this place?”

“I have an uncle, Samuel,” I said, managing to keep a straight face. “He is funding it for us.”

“Uncle Sam? Really?” I heard the thought from Mary from outside the door. She knocked.

“Pizza has arrived,” she said, poking her head in and giving me an amused look.

While we ate, I turned to Jules. “You know we already decided on the sleeping arrangements?”

She nodded, looking a little nervous.

“I am not changing them,” I assured her, “but I think you should also, and I stress ALSO, have one of the bedrooms for yourself. If you need some time alone, you need somewhere to call your own. We love the idea of you sharing with us, but everyone needs their own space from time to time.”

Jules smiled. “Thank you, Caleb. I would like a room, but would it be okay if I turned it into a workshop? It would be great to have space where I can tinker with stuff.”

“Whatever you need,” I said. “Just try not to do anything permanent. My uncle Samuel is not very forgiving.”

“I thought you didn’t have any uncles or aunts?” Josh said.

“So did I,” I said. “That was one of the things that my mother wanted to speak to me about at the weekend. It was very enlightening. But it’s all ‘top secret’ family stuff, so don’t ask.” I grinned at him to show I was kidding.

He grinned back around a mouthful of pizza.

We each spent the evening getting our stuff set up the way we liked, and then decided it was time for bed. It had been a long, hectic, and surprisingly emotional day.

I had been considering how our arrangement was going to work. I needn’t have worried. The girls seem to have organised themselves, and I ended up in the middle of the bed, with Mary draped over me from one side and Jules from the other. Amanda, who seemed to have taken a particular shine to our newest addition, was behind Jules her arm across her protectively, her hand on my arm. I decided I liked this. Once again, I felt power envelop us all - Amanda, this time - and ease us all into sleep.

I woke early and snuck out of bed, leaving the three girls to sleepily rearrange themselves into a pile. I wanted to start working on my martial arts training. I had the knowledge, but I needed to develop the muscle memory to allow me to use it.

Dressing in a T-shirt and shorts, I went out onto the back deck and tried to assume a fighting stance, as I had seen my trainer do. I could immediately feel that something was wrong, and I repositioned myself until it felt right. For thirty minutes, I practiced over and over, just assuming the fighting stance. I figured I needed to get the basics right to have something to build on. By the end of the half hour, I was able to fall into the fighting stance without error, feeling relaxed and comfortable. Then I started on a blocking move.

Mary interrupted me nearly two hours later.

“If you don’t come and have breakfast now,” she told me, “you won’t have time for a shower before we need to leave.”

The next few days followed the same pattern. I got up early, trained for a couple of hours, and then went to uni. In the evening we would work on our assignments together, eat together and then watch TV until it was time to sleep. Since I was getting up so early, I was usually ready for bed by nine. Most nights I went to bed alone, but work up surrounded by female forms. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason as to where people slept. Sometimes, I had the twins on either side of me, at other times one of the twins and Jules. Jules loved to snuggle in. Whatever the combination, it felt right. Josh and Louise seemed happy with the arrangement, spending their evenings with us, and then retiring to their room to sleep, or whatever else they got up to in there.

Since I was getting up so early to train, and going to bed before the twins, we hadn’t had any opportunity for sex, either, and I was looking forward to the weekend, when we might change that.

Friday night, I asked everyone what their plans were for the weekend.

“We’re going to my parents,” Josh said. “It’s my mother’s birthday, and they still haven’t met Louise.

I grinned at her. “Nervous?” I queried.

“A little,” she admitted, “but I have to get a look at his dad. I need to see what I’m letting myself in for.”

I laughed. “Jules, how about you?” I asked.

“I don’t have any concrete plans,” she said, “but I was thinking of going shopping. I think I need some new clothes.”

I smiled at her.

Before I could ask the twins, I was assaulted with a barrage of images, all of them highly pornographic and all of them involving the three of us. I was instantly horny.

“We have plans too,” Mary said with a sultry smile. “Perhaps you can have a lie-in tomorrow?”

Despite getting up early, I deliberately went to bed late so I would sleep longer the next day. I didn’t want to be awake at five in the morning. I was still surprised to wake up on Saturday morning and find that it was already after ten, and that the girls were nowhere to be seen.

I stumbled out of bed, attended to some morning business, and found them in the kitchen. They were just putting a plate of food on the table.

“Breakfast,” Amanda said. “Eat it all up. You’re going to need your strength.”

“Are you not having any?” I asked.

“We had ours earlier,” Mary said, adding a glass of orange juice. I resolved to time my drinks carefully.

“Thank you,” I said. “This is wonderful.”

After breakfast, they took me back into the bedroom, and then into the shower.

The warm water felt wonderful cascading over my body, and the warm naked female flesh rubbing up against me felt divine. I reached for Amanda, and she gently pushed my hand down.

“Let us do the work,” she said.

As they had the night they had ‘prepared’ me for Dianna, they started by washing my hair. It incorporated a gentle but firm scalp massage that had me purring and weak-kneed. I wasn’t aroused at that stage, which was strange, given I was in a shower with two wet, naked, red-hot women, but I just felt really relaxed.

Once all the soap had been washed from my hair, Mary, who was stood in front of me, closed in and started soaping up my chest, while Amanda did my back. Once they were satisfied with the amount of soap, they both closed with me. Mary kissed me, her lips soft and inviting, and her tongue teasing at is invaded my mouth. Amanda pulled herself into me from behind. The net result was that while Mary was ravaging my mouth, they were ‘washing’ me with their breasts, the firm, slippery flesh rubbing over my chest and back. I could feel the hardness of their erect nipples almost digging furrows in my skin. When Mary’s nipples grazed mine, electric shocks shot through me, heading directly to my groin.

I was no longer relaxed.

Mary released my mouth as they both moved slowly south. Like dancers, they continued to undulate across me, using their own bodies to wash me. I felt Mary’s tits on my belly, as Amanda lowered to the same level behind me. They skipped my midriff for now, but continued down my legs, switching to using their hands once they were fully on their knees. Mary had my cock right in front of her face and she smiled.

My lower legs and feet were washed, again as they had been done the last time, and again I was amazed that they managed to do it without tickling my feet and breaking the mood.

Once again, they soaped up their hands and I braced. I was so close now I thought that if Mary breathed on my cock, I would come. She didn’t breathe on it, but she did start to wash it, and my surrounding groin and then my balls. Amanda, meanwhile, was rubbing my ass cheeks, then rubbing her soapy hand from my taint, all the way up my ass crack, across my asshole, and to the small of my back. The fleeting contact with my asshole made me twitch, and a pearl of precum appeared at the end of my cock. Mary smiled and wiped it away.

Soon all the soap was gone, and I waited for what came next. Remembering the last shower, I expected Mary to take me in her mouth. What I didn’t expect was for Amanda to start rubbing a slippery finger around my tight crinkled rosebud.

My breath caught and I tensed a little, but Mary stood and once again kissed me while soothing feelings emanated from her. I relaxed into the kiss, and Amanda continued her assault. Before I knew it, Amanda had inserted the tip of her finger into my ass, and was gently pumping it in and out. Mary continued to kiss me, her breasts rubbing against my chest and her hand on my cock. She wasn’t moving her hand much, but was keeping a gentle pressure on. Anything more would have been the end of me.

By then, Amanda had her finger in quite some way, and I felt her curl it forward and begin to massage toward the front. She was incredibly gentle, and I immediately got a weird sensation. It was like a cross between wanting to pee and wanting to come. I had never experienced anything like it before. I also felt a small squirt of precum leave me. Mary captured it and started to massage it into my cock.

Amanda gently withdrew her finger, leaving me feeling a little empty back there, but before I could bemoan the loss, she started once again to massage my anal ring, this time working two fingers into me. It wasn’t exactly painful, but I could feel myself being stretched back there.

I tensed, and Mary broke the kiss. She leaned forward and squeezed my cock a little tighter as she whispered in my ear. “Relax,” she said. “Trust her, you know she won’t hurt you. Let her show you how good it can feel.”

I made a conscious effort to relax, and Amanda, who had stopped moving when I’d tensed, began again.

That was Mary’s cue to once again slide down my body until she came face-to-face with my straining erection. Poking out her tongue delicately, she licked at the tip, capturing a pearl of precum that hadn’t yet been washed away by the water.

Amanda had worked her two fingers all the way into me. I could feel the rest of her hand bumping against me as she slowly pumped them in and out, twisting to provide more sensation. The feeling was starting to become very pleasurable, especially when the tips of her fingers rubbed over a particular spot inside.

Mary opened her mouth and enveloped the head of my cock in sweet, gentle warmth. She didn’t move, or even start to caress the head with her tongue. She just applied a little suction and sat with my cock on her tongue. I wondered what she was doing. I wasn’t kept wondering for long. Amanda suddenly started a firm massage in my ass, pressing onto my prostate. Feelings I had never encountered before shot up my spine, and my balls immediately began to give up their load.

Mary plunged her face forward, swallowing my length in a single move, and began to give me an almost violent blowjob. I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed her head and forced my cock as deep into her throat as I could, jetting spurt after spurt of my creamy spunk into her.

I felt a feeling of submission and arousal from Mary, and a little bit of dominance and satisfaction from Amanda, as they forced me to endure the most earth-shattering orgasm I had ever experienced.

I relaxed my death grip on Mary’s head, and she pulled back, gently bathing my cock with her tongue. Amanda once more soaped my ass and cleaned me, and her hands.

They both stood. I sensed a little disappointment from Amanda and realised that because I had shot directly into Mary’s throat, she had been forced to swallow it all, and there was none to share. They kissed all the same, although it only lasted a few seconds.

I caught my breath, and we stepped out of the shower. Once again, the girls dried me between them. After I was dry, Mary handed me a fresh towel and indicated I should help her to dry Amanda, it took longer than it should have, and certain parts of Amanda ended up wetter than when we started. Then it was Mary’s turn and Amanda and I spent some time making sure Mary was ‘dry.’

We moved into the bedroom.

Mary shared a memory with me, or rather a fragment of one. It was one where Louise had told her that while I had been good, it was not earth-shattering. The feelings that accompanied the memory were not mocking or ridiculing, but nurturing and supportive. I immediately recognised the message.

“Teach me!” I sent to them both.

Mary smiled, but Amanda grinned widely. I guessed that she was going to be the test subject.

I lifted Amanda up and kissed her, our tongues gently caressing each other, as I laid her down on the massive bed. She broke the kiss and scooted up to the middle. Mary lay alongside her and invited me to take the opposite side.

“Josh was right when he said that girls are not just tits and pussy,” she said, “but he needs to practice what he preaches a bit more. Start with a kiss.”

I moved in and kissed Amanda once again, gentle and loving, exploring with my tongue. Mary projected memories of things she’d done with Amanda and with Louise. It was not only instructive, but also incredibly arousing to have my very own POV porn show.

I decided to share with them as well. I used my power to push out to Mary what Amanda felt, and then what I felt to them both. I knew that would make things even more special. I couldn’t avoid sending out the love that we all felt as well for our extended family Mary, Amanda, Jules and me; that was just a given.

I began to enact the memories on Amanda, stroking her hair as we kissed, running my hands up and down her neck and sides. Because we were sharing, I immediately got feedback: what felt good, and what didn’t. I could feel how firm to be to avoid tickling her but not make it uncomfortable. It felt amazing – not just sharing the physical sensations, but the act of learning how to please someone with the most immediate and intimate positive feedback imaginable.

I started to kiss her neck and she sighed. My hands roamed her body, gently stroking and massaging, relaxing and arousing in the same moment. For a time, I avoided the obvious erogenous zones and tried to find the hidden ones. For instance, I discovered that her side, not quite under her arm but not quite on her breast, produced some nice sensations when stroked. I experimented further and found that kissing there increased the pleasure, and that gentle licks with the tip of my tongue worked best and made her wriggle with need.

I worked my way down her body, exploring every inch of her with my fingers, lips and tongue, still avoiding her tits and her pussy. I was enjoying myself so much that I hadn’t immediately realised that Mary had stopped giving instruction. When I glanced over to her, I saw that she was lying beside Amanda, her eyes closed, also enjoying the sensations my ministrations were causing. I grinned as I continued down Amanda’s legs, kissing and licking at her thighs. She parted them, inviting me to go further, but after the shower I was in the mood for a little payback, and I continued to tease them both.

The knees and shins didn’t produce much in the way of arousal, but the feet, well, that was a completely different story. As they had with me, I massaged each foot, careful not to tickle and break the relaxed, horny mood. Amanda moaned and squirmed as I licked along the bottom of her foot before taking her big toe into my mouth and sucking on it gently. I gave all ten of her pretty, pink polished digits a tongue bath before sitting back.

I moved back up her body, stroking, kissing and licking all the places I had found she liked, until I arrived at her breasts. I felt her need. She wanted them me to touch them, kiss them, maul them even.

I began once again at the side, on that little place I had found earlier, and slowly moved inward, kissing and licking at the firm, bountiful flesh. Amanda’s breath was becoming shorter, her nipples rigid and swollen with need. Gently, I captured her nipple in my mouth and began to swirl my tongue around it, as I lightly traced around the other with my fingernail.

Amanda moaned. “Please, Caleb…”

I got a confused flash of images from her as she fantasized in her ultra-aroused state: images of myself and Jules, latched onto both her nipples as Mary lapped at her pussy; another of me astride her chest, my cock pillowed between her breasts and spewing my cum over her face. There were more, but they were so fleeting I couldn’t catch them all. The wanton feelings that accompanied them very nearly caused me to lose my own control.

I persevered, nipping and nibbling at her nipples, alternating between stroking kissing and licking at her breasts. She was grinding her hips, thrusting up at the air, frustrated at the lack of contact, of anything that would truly slake her growing need.

I fleetingly wondered if I could make her come by playing with her breasts but decided that would be an experiment for another day. I wanted her on the edge. I wanted to delay her orgasm for a while longer, making it all the sweeter when it finally happened.

I pressed a final kiss to her breast and sat back a little.

“Turn over, baby,” I said gently to her. With a small moue of disappointment, she obediently shuffled over onto her belly, her head supported on her hands.

I moved back up her body, but this time I covered her with my body, allowing a little of my weight to press her into the bed and my raging erection to seat itself against her ass. She pressed back into me but I pulled back.

“Not yet,” I said. “It needs to be earth-shattering.”

She whined something incoherent, but I ignored her, and started up once again, kissing her neck and running the tip of my tongue around her ear.

This seemed to get a reaction, and I gently probed a little deeper before moving to the back of her neck once again.

I repeated the journey I had made down the front of her body, down the back, finding more places she liked to be touched kissed and licked. She loved her back being stroked, but it was more relaxing than arousing, so although I spent a little time on it, I moved on. I wanted her horny, not asleep.

Her hips she liked to be kissed, and she loved her ass cheeks massaged. She particularly liked me to part her ass cheeks, exposing her little star. Amanda apparently had a fetish in that direction, and I filed that bit of information for later.

The backs of her thighs she enjoyed, and once again she spread her legs invitingly, thrusting her bottom up, wanting more contact. A brief image from Mary made me smile, and I landed a sharp smack to her butt cheek. She yelped as it landed, but I felt the pain and heat of the smack run directly to her pussy. She was leaking heavily.

The backs of her knees were ticklish to the touch, but she didn’t mind kisses there, and she enjoyed her calves being massaged. Again, I discovered that that was more about relaxation than arousal, so I moved back up her body.

I was astride her legs with my face over her ass, and she started to rub my cock and balls with her feet, trying to get me worked up enough to fuck her.

I gave her two sharp slaps on her ass, one on each cheek, and she moaned. Her cheeks were slightly pink, both from my direct and indirect attentions. I then put a hand on each cheek and parted them before running my tongue all the way from the back of her pussy, up across her tight little star to her coccyx.

She twitched and moaned, opening her legs further.

I did it again. She started to push her butt up in the air.

I feathered some kisses around her cheeks and once again spread her, before pointing my tongue and pushing it against her asshole, swirling it about and working it into the tight ring of muscle.

Amanda squeaked and began to push up against me, allowing me to slide my hand under her to cup her pussy and start to rub my thumb up and down the length of her slit, which was slick with her juices.

I worked my tongue deeper inside her and she began to moan, grinding forward against my hand before pushing back against my tongue. Apparently I was nowhere near deep enough. I considered switching to my fingers, but decided against, instead opting to insert two fingers into her pussy as I continued to rim her tight little asshole.

With that added stimulation, she could no longer contain herself. She pulled her knees up, sticking her ass into the air and giving me all the access I needed. I began to pump my fingers in and out of her dripping pussy as I continued the assault on her asshole, using my thumb to lightly tease her clit. She shivered, and her breath became laboured and short.

I was struggling to balance, so I had to move up to my knees while I continued my aggressive tonguing. While I was stroking my fingers deeply inside of her pussy, I began to massage her G-spot, and increased the pressure I was putting on her clit.

She was moaning constantly, muttering indistinct words. The muscles of her thighs began to tremble; I could feel her orgasm building, and I knew that I could either let her ride it out, or I could deny her.

I continued to pump my fingers in and out of her, replacing my tongue with my wetted thumb from my other hand. I tried to hide my intentions from the bond, because I wanted my next move to be a surprise.

I felt her building and building as I massaged her G-spot while rubbing her clit and stretching her asshole with my thumb.

I brought her to the very brink, and then, at the very last moment before she was about to explode,, I stopped everything.

“NONONONONO!” she begged. “Don’t stop. Please!”

I could see Mary’s hands straying towards her own pussy, seeking the release that I had denied both of them.

Then I plunged my rigid cock all the way into her pussy in a single stroke, at the same time pushing my thumb back up her asshole.

Amanda shrieked.

I had intended to pound into her to bring her over, but there was no need. The sudden penetration of both her holes rocketed her into orgasm, which fed back into me. I immediately bucked again as my own orgasm triggered, shooting spurt after spurt of my cum deep inside her. My orgasm, and the feeling of me pulsing inside, her set her off again. She went rigid, clamping down on my cock as she seized up, her muscles going into spasm as she squirted copious amounts of her juices over my balls and thighs.

Beside us on the bed I saw Mary twitching and moaning, her eyes closed, her hands gripping the sheet beneath her. I could see that she had also squirted; there was a considerable puddle between her spread legs, and her pussy gaped a little, pulsating as she rode out her own orgasm.

I fell forward, forcing Amanda flat onto the bed I tried to roll off her, but she growled at me. “Don’t you dare fucking move.”

I was still inside her, and could still feel her pussy fluttering a little against my softening cock. Eventually I slipped out of her. And she allowed me to roll off her and onto my side.

“Wow,” said Mary. “Just, WOW. Talk about a quick study.”

I smiled. “I had a good teacher.”

I examined the bond, revelling in the feelings of love and satisfaction coming from both of them, the purple links between us blazing brightly.

And then I saw it.

There were the two thick, bright highways linking Mary, Amanda and I, but there was also a smaller link - almost unnoticeable by comparison -heading off elsewhere, linking to someone else.

“Oh NO!” I said, immediately sharing the vision with the twins. “Please, no. She wasn’t supposed to be in the house. How could I have done that to her?”

I shot to my feet and headed for the door.

“CALEB!” They both shouted together.

I turned, frustrated at the delay.

“Barging in there naked is not going to make things better,” Mary said gently. “Let’s get dressed and we will go and see her.”

I pulled on some shorts and a t-shirt while the girls dressed, and we emerged from the bedroom. Now that we were in the hallway, I could hear her. She was in her room, weeping.

I held my head in my hands. “You guys go see how she is,” I said miserably, “The last person she is going to want to see is the guy who just mind-raped her. I’ll call Dianna. I think she will need her help.”

Amanda approached Jules’s door and knocked. Mary came to me “Don’t do ANYTHING until we have spoken with Jules. She is our first priority; you can have your pity party later!”

I was stunned, but she was right of course. Jules had to be our priority.

Amanda entered Jules’s room. After a few minutes, she called us both in.

When I went into the room I saw Jules on her bed, with Amanda holding her. Jules was flushed and sweaty, and I could see that her shorts were soaked. I was mortified. I had forced an asexual person not only to endure what must have felt like hours of torture but then forced her own body to betray her and have several orgasms. Her aura was a kaleidoscope of colours that I had no hope of deciphering.

“Jules,” I said, “I am so…”

Jules looked up and saw me. She dived off her bed and flew at me. I fully expected her to attack me, claw my face bite and kick and scream, and I didn’t blame her. I didn’t flinch, I just stood, ready to accept whatever she felt she needed to do. She could do anything if it would make her feel even a little better.

I didn’t expect her to throw her arms around me and squeeze me tightly. I was so surprised that I didn’t understand what she was saying.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she was repeating over and over again.

I looked at Amanda, dumbfounded.

I was about to talk, but Mary shook her head. “Wait for her to speak. I think I know what’s happening, and if you apologize, it might ruin it for her.”

I gently disengaged Jules and led her back to her bed, sitting her on the edge and taking the spot beside her.

“I didn’t really believe it,” she sniffed. “I know you all said that I was with you and that you loved me, but I have been let down so many times. I didn’t dare believe that this time it was real. I hoped with all my heart, but the little voice in my head told me that I was being stupid, and I was just setting myself up for yet another huge disappointment.

“But today you have proved to me that you are telling me the truth. I felt the love, so much love between you guys and I knew that I was included. I could feel what you felt for Mary, and for Amanda, but I could also feel what you feel for me. I felt it from all of you.”

I felt you reach out to me, felt the love, and I gladly accepted it, but then I realized that you didn’t know I was here. “I know that you didn’t mean to include me in your sex,” she said, “and, given the look on your face right now, I’d say you are already thinking up new and novel ways to torture yourself about it. Please don’t. If you hadn’t, I would never have learned what I did. When you shared with me you didn’t just share the sex; you shared your feelings, so I know.

“The sex was, interesting,” she said blushing a little, “it’s strange experiencing it like that, to be honest, it’s not something I would like to do on a regular basis, but it was definitely an experience I will treasure, not for the physical aspects, although the massage was nice, but for the amount of love you have for each other, the love you showed for me, even when you were in the midst of passion with Amanda and Mary. Basking in so much love was worth some wet panties.”

She blushed a bit more. “And maybe, when I need my itch scratched, perhaps I might be allowed to ‘listen in’ on another of your sessions?”

I blew out a breath.

“Jules,” I said, “I could have found a way to show you what you needed without subjecting you to…”

“Stop,” she said. “I said no self-torture. You three have given me more love in the last week than I have experienced from anyone outside my family in my whole life. I kind of knew what I was getting myself into when I agreed to this, and I know there would be slips. The most important factor to me is intent. We all make mistakes; you have a shitload of power, and so yours are likely to be correspondingly bigger. But you are human, Caleb. You need to remember that despite your powers, and please don’t think I’m trying to insult you, you are still just a boy.

“You’re an twenty-year-old with huge power. What could possibly go wrong? You will make mistakes and bad choices. Mary, Amanda, and I are here to help you, support you, and love you, and if I have to suffer the odd orgasm here and there along the way, it’s not really a high price. I do think that the universe has your back though.”

“How’s that?” I asked, curious.

“Well,” she said, “it took you, a man with an exceptional interest in asses, and put you in a relationship with Amanda, a girl with a real fetish for ass play. Those were some interesting sensations, by the way.” She smirked.

Both Amanda and I blushed furiously.

Jules hugged me again. “I love you, Caleb. I love the three of you. Now go brush your teeth.”


2023-01-29 05:25:13
Aaahhh, another wonderful chapter in the Caleb series.
Everything is going so well. So why do I get the feeling that things are going 'too' well, now I'm nervous about what's to come.
Is Jasper coming back? Will Dianna disclose her ulterior motives?
Something totally unexpected? Goodness, guess I'll just have to read on and find out.
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