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Caleb starts his training, and learns he can share
Caleb 9 - Training and Sharing

I started my Monday with a run. The weekend had been amazing; there had been some ups and downs, sure, but overall, it had gone really well. Jules was euphoric, Amanda and Mary were happy, and Josh and Louise would be back from her parents’ later today.

For some reason I had got out of bed even earlier than usual, waking up just after four-thirty. I was wide awake and felt energized. I decided that rather than just waste the time, I could go for a run, get an hour’s worth of martial arts training in, and still be at the gym by six-thirty to meet James.

Intending to shower at the gym, I packed a change of clothes in my backpack and set out.

I was feeling particularly upbeat, so I put my earbuds in and started my playlist off with ELO’s “Mr. Blue Sky.”

I checked my shield as I ran. Ever since my first session, when James had told me I needed to keep it always raised - even when sleeping - I had endeavored to do just that. Maintaining it when I was awake was not a problem. It had the added advantage of blocking out all the extraneous noise I had been exposed to as my Telepathy had developed. Keeping it up when I was asleep was more difficult, and I’d failed miserably the first couple of times I’d tried.

I’d decided, then, that that was as good a time as any to perform an experiment I’d been hesitant to try: Compelling myself. I’d still shied away from the most direct approach, but ultimately, ordering one’s mental starship crew to keep the shields raised until eight in the morning is just ordering one’s self. That’s what I’d imagined happening, and, to my delight, my shield had stayed up until exactly then.

I got a little jolt when it dropped automatically at the predetermined time: an unexpected rush of mental noise. A small amendment to the order, though, and I was secure behind the best mental shield I could build. Best of all, the only cost seemed to be that I was eating more. I guess the energy had to come from somewhere.

I still hadn’t figured out how to cloak while the bonds with the twins were active. I was also a little concerned about them generally. As James had said, they were a vulnerability. Even without being attacked directly, I could be incapacitated if someone got to one or both girls and somehow neutralized the bond. I needed to figure out a way of not becoming completely useless if that happened. If it did, that would mean the girls were in trouble. I’d need to be able to save them.

I ran through the park, and, after I had covered around five or six miles, I ended up on a playing field just outside the university grounds. I dropped the backpack onto the ground and began to center myself and practice the forms I had been working on.

Half an hour later, I ‘smelled’ James’ approach. He was not trying to be stealthy, so I didn’t stop the kata I was in the middle of. When I finished, I turned toward him, and out of a reflex I didn’t even know I had, I bowed.

“Nice,” he said. “You are coming along nicely. How much time are you practicing a day?”

“I average about two hours a day,” I returned.

“Show me,” he said, adopting his own fighting stance.

We circled each other. I knew from the start that I had nothing that would worry him, so I concentrated on keeping my form good and executing each move precisely.

He feinted a blow, but I easily read his intent, ignored the feint, and blocked the follow-up.

I copied his feint, and likewise, he ignored it, but it was a double bluff. I followed through with the original move, forcing him to backpedal a little and block. Then I saw an opportunity to use my wrestling skills; I grappled him, taking him to the floor and trying to apply an arm bar. He wriggled free and rolled away, regaining his feet and immediately attacked me while I was still down. I was in no position to defend myself, so I used my Telekinesis to push him away.

He grinned at me. “Excellent use of combined skills and abilities,” he praised. “Your martial arts training is coming on well; I will give you more memories at the end of today’s session. Remind me.” He chuckled at his own joke. “Adding in your wrestling experience was a good play. It’s something you are familiar with, and had you locked in that arm bar I would have been in trouble. The fact that you didn’t would have been a problem if you hadn’t thought to use your power to give yourself space to recover.

“I am not concerned about your ability to fight, so I think we need to concentrate on other things from here on. I’m not abandoning the martial arts training, but if you maintain the regimen you have been following, I don’t need to be as involved.

“Actually,” he reconsidered, “let me give you those memories now. Drop your shield for me.”

I complied and soon felt more martial arts information being poured into my mind. With that out of the way, he indicated that I should follow him, and we jogged briskly the half mile or so to the gym.

Once inside, we sat on a bench at the side of the room. “I am sure you have been thinking about things since we met last,” he said. “Is there anything you want to talk about before we start?”

“I need to do something with the bond,” I replied, “so I’m not incapacitated if it is disrupted. No matter how good my defenses are, if someone gets to the girls or somehow finds a way to block the bond from outside my shield, I’m fucked.

“Also,” I continued, “I need to figure out how to use the cloak and not disrupt the bond. I was also thinking about how to use the cloak more like a disguise. Apparently, the cloak makes it look like I’m not there. Having a physical presence, but no mental one would be a red flag to anyone who can sense it.”

He nodded. “All good points. Did you figure out something to use to detect illusion?”

I nodded.

“What did you decide on?” he asked.

I grinned at him. “If I tell you that,” I said, “I’m going to have to start all over again.”

“Good man,” he laughed. “Tell nobody - not me, not Dianna, not even your three girlfriends. Only you need to know.”

We started the session. First, he showed me how I could compartmentalize my mind so that no matter what I was going through emotionally, I would still be able to function. It was initially unpleasant, as it effectively switched off my emotional drive completely. It was dissociative; I could still recognize the emotion and understand its significance, but it didn’t affect me directly.

“Use that with care,” he said, “and only in dire need. It is possible to overuse it and lock it into place. If that happens, you effectively become a psychopath, with no emotional drive. I’m sure you recognize how dangerous that could be given your power. Also, you need to remember that if the bond is disrupted, you may have locked off the emotion, but your girls will still be suffering the full pain of the disruption, so make sure you resolve the issue swiftly.

“Now,” he continued, “about your cloak. I did some research, and I found something that might answer two of your questions - specifically, I watched Star Trek VI, where the cloak has been improved to the level where they can not only fire their weapons through it, but it can also mimic its surroundings and appear to be the same as normal space.

“Since your abilities seem largely driven by your imagination, perhaps you can imagine a scenario where the phasing of the energy making up your cloak allows the specific frequency of energy that forms the bond to pass through unimpeded, and also picks up the background signals you are receiving from those around you and uses them to create an image to project instead of just a blank space.”

I nodded but decided it was something that I needed to practice at home. I needed to have the girls in sight in case something went wrong and I accidentally blocked the bond.

“I said that I would show you how to exit an illusion once you determine that you are in one,” he continued. “I am going to create an illusion, and pull you in. Once you recognize that it is an illusion, I want you to tell me. That will let me know how good your detection is. Then I will show you how to get out.”

I nodded.

“Ready?” he asked.

I nodded, but nothing happened. I wondered when he was going to start but then thought about how much of a sneaky bastard he was. I surreptitiously checked my ‘tell’ and found that we were in fact within an illusion.

“Ok, so when did it start?” I asked him.

He looked at me, grinning. “Did you ever see those movies where they depicted the film getting jammed in the projector and catching fire?” he asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Just imagine that whatever is in front of you suddenly freezes, and then melts, like in that scene. That should be enough to disrupt the illusion and force you back into reality. Always double-check your tell once you are out.”

I looked at him, imagining that his visage had frozen. Suddenly I saw it, just as he had described. The film strip, even with the perforated edges, froze and then melted from the middle out. I was standing in the middle of the park where we had been fighting.

I checked my tell again, very careful not to let him see what I was doing. It seemed I was out of the illusion.

“Excellent!” he said. “But you forgot to check your tell.”

“Did I?” I asked innocently.

He laughed. “Not a visual tell then. I was watching your eyes. A physical one. That’s even better. But remember if whoever has you in an illusion also has you physically, which they probably will, they will have access to your body and everything you have on you. They may well strip you naked, and remove jewelry like your signet ring, necklace, and anything you have in your pockets. Once they figure out how you are using whatever it is, they can include it in your illusion.”

“I take it that that is why you had me drop my shield,” I said. “The martial arts memories were just a ruse?”

He grinned again. “Yes and no. I was going to give you those memories, but I wanted to pull you into an illusion without you knowing. I can’t do that when you are shielded.”

Once again, I checked my tell and then raised my shield.

“If that’s the case,” I asked, “why worry about illusion? If it can’t be imposed through my shield, then shouldn’t I be immune?”

“If you keep your shield up permanently, then probably,” he replied, “but you still have to consider that as powerful as you are, there may well be someone more powerful than you that could overwhelm your shield. There are also drugs that can temporarily dampen your abilities. If, for instance, I were to slip that into a drink or food, then you might find your psychic abilities become unavailable to you for a while.”

“Then how could I leave an illusion with no psychic abilities?” I asked. “And what would be the point anyway? Surely if I have no abilities, then I could be compelled to do anything they wanted me to do in any case.”

“No,” he said, “if your psychic abilities are blocked, then no psychic abilities can be used on you either. The drugs effectively prevent connections being made to your mind, in either direction. There are physical side effects, though, which is why norms working in the agency don’t routinely take them.”

“I don’t understand the purpose of illusion, then,” I said. “If they have to break down my shields to both Compel me and to use illusion, and they can Compel me to do, say, or reveal anything in any case, what is the use case for illusion? Why would they even bother?”

“Good question,” he replied. “Yes, they can Compel you to do or reveal anything with Compulsion, but a trained operative can often spot someone who is being Compelled, even subtly. One use case for illusion is, naturally, to trick a person. It’s a way to make them act how you want them to act because they’ve been fed bad information.

“Other use cases are more… dire,” he continued. “I might even call them perverse, which is quite the word when we’re also discussing people using mind control to commit rape. If somebody buys into an illusion, they’ll stay there potentially forever. The longer they stay, the more their own mind will take over and do the work. It’s a great way to take somebody off the board for a very long time, or, once again, to brainwash them in a way that doesn’t ‘smell wrong’ to another powered person. Does that make sense?”

“I think so,” I said thoughtfully. “Now I guess I just have to deal with possibility that I’ve been in an illusion for weeks or months, and will never know.”

“Yeah, that is the thing, isn’t it?” he said ruefully. “I’m not going to tell you not to push occasionally and see if you can find some cracks, but, well… be careful. You’re rolling some heavy dice if you dedicate your life to that instead of to anything else.”

He indicated that I should follow him, and we jogged briskly the half mile or so to the gym, again, except actually for the first time. I checked my tell; still not illusion, unless everything else had been too.

“Right,” he said. “Let’s see your Compulsion.”

We trained for about an hour; the lesson of the day was subtlety. He told me that most untrained people with the Compulsion power just overwhelm their victims psyche and force them to do what they want them to do. It’s brutal, traumatic, and easily detectable to those who also have power. Even those who have been trained, but are unskilled, use that approach. He didn’t hesitate to share his opinion that it was lazy, disrespectful to the power, and even disrespectful to the victim.

He explained that you could use Compulsion in a targeted and subtle way, not to force, but to encourage people to do what you wanted them to do. It was about nudging their motivations rather than their actions – a simple domino effect. If you found the right motivation at the right time, you could trick the subject into thinking they’d been acting completely of their own volition. Not only that, but it was much harder to detect from the outside. The threads of control are so fine that they are easily missed.

“Couldn’t I just imagine the subject believing that they were acting completely free of all influence?” I asked.

“You could, but that would still be full-on Compulsion, and therefore highly visible to an external observer with power. It’s not necessarily just about the victim’s perception. You can also get a cascade effect - sort of like a doctor giving a drug, and then giving another drug to minimise the side effects of the first, but then having to give a third drug to minimise the side effects of the second and so on. If you stack Compulsions like that, it can get out of hand.

“Let me demonstrate the difference between full on compulsion and a more subtle approach,” he said.

I dropped my shields again, and he tried to compel me to do something, I wasn’t sure what, because I felt the Compulsion on my mind like a lead weight. I forced it off, pushing him out of my mind, feeling pleased with myself.

It was only then I realised that I was scratching furiously at my balls, trying to rid myself of an incredible itch that just wouldn’t go away. I examined my mind and saw the tiniest of threads connecting us. I severed it with a scowl and the itch stopped.

My shield went back up.

Just then, all three of the girls showed up.

“Are you coming for breakfast?” Mary asked. “If so, you need to shower now.”

I looked at James and he nodded, grinning at me, pleased with himself. I experimented, reaching out delicately to his mind, and sent a tiny thought, giving him the worst ring itch imaginable. He squirmed, not wanting to scratch his ass in front of the girls. I grinned back at him.

“Same time on Wednesday?” I asked.

I saw him concentrate for a second and felt the connection snap. “You will pay for that,” he said, but then grinned again. “Nicely done though. See you Wednesday.”

He departed, and I headed for the showers.


On Wednesday, we talked about shields, and how to get through them.

“Most people imagine their shields as a wall, brick, stone, marble, steel,” he said. “Things that they think are impenetrable. You can usually find cracks or flaws that you can worm your way through. If you are subtle enough, and gentle enough, you can do so without them even knowing their shields have been breached. That is the gold standard.

“You, however, have gone high-tech: energy shields. But the principle is the same.”

“Does that mean that in order to breach a shield, you have to know how the target visualises it?” I asked.

“Yes and no,” he said. “The shield will be visible to you on approach, so yes, you do have to, but no, it’s not something you need to go out of your way to discover. Look at my shield.”

I reached my mind out to his, and immediately was faced by an endlessly tall wall of ice.

“Game of Thrones?” I said, “Really?”

“I picked it for today’s exercise,” he replied dryly.

I Examined his shield looking for gaps, I looked up, there was nothing, the ice went on gently curving to a horizon some distance away. Looking down gave me the same view. Left and right glances confirmed my thoughts. I was looking at a huge ice sphere.

I tried shifting my perspective but although I moved, my view didn’t change. I tried going closer and closer, magnifying the sphere looking for cracks or crevices I might worm through, but this was ice. It was smoother than glass.

I tried pulling back, seeing the sphere as a whole, looking for anything I might use to gain access.

I slowly worked my way around, not physically moving, but mentally circling his shield searching for any route through.

“Well?” he said, “any thoughts on how you might get through?”

“It seems very strong,” I said, temporizing, but at the same time catching sight of a small ripple in the ice that I wanted to investigate further.

“And it completely encloses your mind,” I added, moving closer to get a better look. There seemed to be a tiny section where there was an overlap, where the ice didn’t appear to seal perfectly. I moved closer to that point.

“I think I might have an idea,” I said, burrowing through the tiny hole left where the imperfection had left his shield vulnerable.

The ring itch was back.

“You FUCKER!” he exclaimed, squirming. He severed the connection.

“Do I need to worry about you?” he asked. “You seem awfully interested in my ass.” He obviously hadn’t learned about my sexuality.

“Well, it is pretty cute,” I said, winking at him.

“But you have three girlfriends,” he said, clearly confused.

“Four, apparently,” I said, “and one boyfriend so far, although he is with one of the girls, so I’m not sure how they count.”

He looked stunned.

I backpedalled. “Look,” I said, “my giving you ring itch was purely a revenge for the itchy balls. You opened that particular can of worms. If you’ve got a problem with my personal life, let’s call it here and I’ll talk to Dianna about finding a replacement.”

He shook his head. “What’s good for goosed, right, Caleb? I started it, just like you said. I’ll try to keep the locker room cracks to a minimum from now on. As long as you never do anything to hurt my ‘nieces,’ it’s all good. If you do, then I won’t care if you’re the straightest arrow in the quiver.

“For the record, though,” he finished with a chuckle, “the itch is fine as a motivational technique, but no scratching it for me, okay? I’ll go find myself a classic pinup nurse for that.”

I smiled at him. Inwardly, I was a little relieved. You really never knew when you were going to run into one of those people. James and I hadn’t been working together for very long, but I would’ve been very disappointed if he had turned out to be a bigot. Honestly, I would’ve felt betrayed.

“So back to the topic,” he said. “How did you breach my shield?”

“I found a hole,” I said simply, and then grinned at the unintended double-entendre “and used that.”

“I guess I could have gone at your shield with heat, or force, but since we were working on subtlety, I thought I’d give that a go.”

James frowned. “Damn, I spent ages constructing that. I guess I missed something. Anyway, you see that there are two main ways to breach a shield. You can brute force your way in, sledgehammer, explosives, etcetera, but that will mean your target will know you are there. And if you fail, you may be in for a battle. The other way relies on the fact that people are generally lazy and linear in their thinking. Unless they take time and pay particular attention to detail when creating their shields, there are usually flaws you can find and exploit. For instance, most people think in two dimensions; they will build a wall around themselves but forget to look up or down. You will be amazed at how many people simply build a brick wall that you can just step around. If your target is OCD in building their shields, brute force may be your only option.

“I took time, and paid attention building my ice sphere, but you still managed to find a weakness in it. Some people may take a lot more care than I did. Anyway, check your shield, and then I will see how long it takes me to get through.”

I considered the new information for a moment and re-imagined my shield. I started by imagining a ball of energy in the palm of my hand. I expanded it so it covered my entire body, not just my mind. I then set it spinning, first in the x axis, then in the y axis, and finally in the z axis. I hoped that by doing that, I would make my shield exceptionally difficult to examine carefully.

Going by what James had said, that just left brute force. It seemed to me, then, that once shields were a given, they were more about detection and delay than actual defence.

“Ready?” he asked when I looked at him.

I nodded.

I waited, and waited, and waited some more.

“FUCK!” he shouted. “I can’t get through. You’re not the first to choose shielding like that, but I couldn’t find any flaws to exploit.”

I smiled to myself. Because the shield was featureless, he couldn’t even tell it was spinning, so even if there were flaws, they would probably be almost impossible to see. I guessed that if the flaw was big enough it might be detectable, but tiny ones would be invisible.

“How about now?” I asked, adding my cloak. I had figured out how to visualise the bond phase-shifting with my cloak, so that it would always be present, even though my mind was totally cloaked.

“Now I can’t even fucking see you,” he said grumpily. He seemed to be getting frustrated with me.

I added in the background cover.

“I see you now,” he said, “but it’s like it’s not you. Just a load of random thoughts. I can’t fix on anything. If you can keep that up twenty-four-seven, then I have nothing to teach you regarding defence. I guess we are going to be concentrating on refining your control of your other abilities.”

“I don’t understand,” I said thoughtfully, trying to collect my thoughts into a coherent question. “Why does it have to be so complicated? Why can’t I just imagine an impenetrable barrier and leave it at that?”

“What are you, five?” he asked with a grin, but then said, “You need something at least plausible to hang your imagery on. As an adult, you know that there is no such thing. Your mind will reject the impossible. You must at least be able to rationalise that such a barrier could exist, and only someone with an exceptionally simple intellect, such as a child, or someone mentally challenged or insane, would be able to do that. That is another reason why uncontrolled children with power are so dangerous. Their imaginations are not tempered by learning and experience, and they CAN rationalise such things. Fortunately, they often don’t recognise the need to shield their minds and rarely do, so we can sneak up on them, so to speak, and stop them from hurting themselves or anyone else.

“Don’t forget there is always the option of brute force,” he reemphasized. “No matter how strong someone’s conviction in their imagery is, it is limited by the actual amount of power they have. If you are stronger, you will be able to take them down. If they are stronger, or even the same strength, then they can always just push. You should remember that, too, since you’re so strong. In an emergency, reject the game. Feel the forces instead. Just push as hard as you can. Crush, smash, all that.”

“Do I have to turn green and ruin my shirt?” I asked cheekily.

“Dealer’s choice,” he replied with a grin. “Don’t use the catch phrase, though, or you’ll get sued for sure.

“One last thing,” he said. “In my experience, most untrained psychics - what I call ‘wild’ psychics, ones who discover their power on their own - don’t even bother to shield. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that others may have a similar power. That’s not a guarantee, but an observation from my own experience. If you come across someone with a shield, the likelihood is that they have been trained, so approach with care.”

I nodded.

He looked at his watch. “We still have some time left,” he said. “Let’s talk about Telepathy.”


When I got home, Dianna was sat outside in her car. The twins and Jules would be home in the next hour or so; they had decided to go do some shopping after uni. Josh and Louise would be home any time.

“Why are you sat out here?” I asked. “You know the combination of the key safe.”

“I didn’t want to presume,” she said.

“No presumption,” I said. “If we are not here, just go in and make yourself at home. Josh and Louise have the second bedroom, and Jules the last one, so I’d ask you to respect their privacy…”

“I thought Jules was in with you guys?” she said.

“She is,” I answered, “but I thought she might want her privacy from time to time. But I do need to talk to you about Jules.”

“I know,” she said. “That’s why I’m here. Mary told me what happened, and also what you wanted to do. I’m glad you saw sense and waited to speak to me first.”

“Would it have hurt her?” I asked worried.

“Possibly,” she said, “but more to the point, you needed to let her know all the ramifications of what you were about to do. Since I doubt you know them all, I thought I should come talk to you all.”

“That might be difficult. Josh and Louise are here, and they don’t know about us.”

“You need to tell them, Caleb,” she said.

“But I thought…”

“They are your lovers, yes?” she asked.

“Sometimes,” I said.

“Not just casual sex partners,” she clarified. “Lovers. There are feelings there - both ways?”

I nodded.

“Then they need to know,” she said, “and the reason I am going to tell them and not you, is so that I can assure them that you didn’t use your powers to make them love you.”

My jaw dropped. “You think they might think…”

“It’s possible,” she said. “Josh in particular must be wondering why he suddenly is in love with a guy, when he has been straight all his life.”

“But you said I didn’t…” I began.

“I know you didn’t,” she assured me, “but they might not believe it coming from you. They are far more likely to believe it coming from me, someone who works the FBI. I also want to talk to you about the summer holidays, and your plans.”

I heard a car pull up and looked around. Josh and Louise had arrived home. We all went inside.

“Josh, Louise,” I said, “I’m sure you remember Dianna, Amanda and Mary’s grandmother - and before you say it, yes, she really is their grandmother, and I know she doesn’t even look old enough to be their mother. Her ego is big enough already, so don’t feed it.”

I got an elbow in my ribs for that, but Dianna chuckled all the same.

“Happy to meet you properly,” she said.

Louise smiled at her, but Josh just gaped. I heard ‘MILF’ run through his head and I snorted.

“That would be ‘GILF’,” Dianna said helpfully, and he flushed scarlet.

Dianna couldn’t have heard him, but she could read auras so well she may as well have been Telepathic. Louise laughed. We went into the kitchen, and I made coffee.

“I needed to talk to you both,” Dianna said to Josh and Louise, “because now that you guys and Caleb and the girls are lovers…”

Josh spat his coffee onto the counter and looked at me accusingly.

“Relax, Josh,” Dianna said, and I felt her power flex a little, soothing him. “It was necessary for me to know, and when I explain, you will understand why. Caleb has a tale to tell you both, and I want you to listen carefully to him. But before he does, I want to assure you that what you feel for him, and for the girls, is completely genuine, and comes from within you. When you hear his story, you will understand why I’m telling you that. Okay?”

They both nodded. I could see the confusion on their faces. They had questions, but decided to keep them until I had told my tale.

I started with the morning of my birthday. I explained everything: Josh’s dream, all the experiments I did, the visit home, the party, Harold, hearing Julia’s music, everything.

There was stunned silence.

As I came to the part about Dianna being FBI, she pulled out her credentials and placed them open on the table.

Throughout my tale, Josh’s eyes had got wider and wider. I seriously thought his eyeballs were going to fall out. Louise had a slight frown on her face.

Louise was first to speak. She directed her question at Dianna. “You said that our feelings for Caleb, come from within us,” she said. “You thought we would assume that he had used his powers to Compel us?”

“It is not an unreasonable assumption,” said Dianna. “Probably more so for Josh, since he never exhibited any inclinations to being bi before. He might think that Caleb had pushed him in that direction. Caleb gave him a wet dream, nothing more. And I promise you that he didn’t do even that deliberately. At that time, he didn’t even know he had powers.”

“How can you be so sure?” asked Josh quietly. He was looking at me, not exactly with suspicion, but I could see those thoughts running through his head.

“Because I have powers of my own,” she said. “Caleb shared his memories of that time with me. With his permission, I will share them with you. You will see what he saw, hear his thoughts, know what he knew.”

She looked at me.

“Do I have a choice?” I sent to her.

“It’s the best way to show them,” she said.

I nodded. “Okay, go ahead,” I said.

“And your journey home?” she queried.

“Fine,” I said.

She turned to them. “Relax,” she said, “It won’t hurt. I won’t be reading anything from your minds. I will purely be sharing some information with you. It will feel a little like watching a movie, but really fast, and you will remember it all. Ready?”

Louise nodded immediately, Josh a minute later. I felt Dianna’s power flex, and Josh and Louise’s eyes glazed for a second. I was surprised that Josh spoke first.

“I’m sorry Caleb,” he said.

“What for?” I asked surprised.

“For suspecting that you…” he twiddled his fingers in a hocus pocus gesture. “On me.”

“I kind of did,” I said. “But I never intended…”

“No,” he said, “you didn’t. Dianna was right. I had feelings for you long before that dream, and no, I never saw you jerk off. I guess that dream just made me accept them.”

“That was hot,” said Louise. “Seeing you shoot off like that.” Then she remembered Dianna was still in the room and she blushed furiously.

Dianna chuckled. “It kind of was,” she admitted.

Louise grinned a little sheepishly.

“So, what can you do?” Josh asked.

I looked at Dianna, she nodded.

“I have Empathy, as do the twins.” I said. “We can see auras, and share thoughts like Dianna did with you before. We can also project emotions on people close by.

“So that is why,” interrupted Louise, “when I was upset the other day, talking to Mary, when she hugged me, I got a huge feeling of love and support.”

I nodded.

“What are auras?” asked Josh.

“Kind of coloured lightshows around people,” I said. “They portray your current emotions. They take practice to read; I am still very new. I can see some fear in yours, and for some reason Louise is more than a little horny.”

Louise blushed again.

“Could you make me…”

“NO!” I said firmly, and she jumped. Dianna put her hand on my arm.

Louise flinched back and I saw spikes of yellow in her aura.

“I’m so sorry Louise,” I said apologetically. “Yes, I could do that to you, but it wouldn’t be fun; it would be rape, plain and simple - having your body taken over by someone else and forced to do something against your will. It’s not fun, it’s not horny. It’s disgusting. If you have fantasies along those lines, I would be more than happy to play pretend, but no mind control powers, ever. In a fantasy you will always have a safe word - a way to stop if things get too much. If I used my power, you wouldn’t. You would do exactly what I wanted no matter how much you hated it. I would never do that to you or anyone else.”

“Can I feel?” she asked. “Just once, to know what it feels like?”

I looked at Dianna.

“Tell him exactly what you want him to make you do,” she said. “But you need to make it uncomfortable for you - something you wouldn’t do normally. There’s no point in getting you to kiss him, for instance; you would do that probably if he asked. You need to not want to do the thing you are going to ask him to do, to appreciate the feeling of powerlessness it gives you.

“Remember, though, you are perfectly safe here. Nobody will hurt you or mistreat you in any way. He will refuse if your request is too extreme.”

Louise thought for a moment, looking around the room. I saw her eyes alight on the fruit bowl - specifically, the bananas.

“I would bet fifty dollars you would do that if I just asked,” I said, reading her thoughts.

She blushed a little but said, “Not in front of Dianna.”

“You want me to make you masturbate with a banana?” I asked. I saw Josh’s aura go deep purple instantly.

I looked at Dianna.

Dianna bent close and whispered something in my ear. I looked sharply at her, but she nodded. I sighed.

“Okay, Louise,” I said, “I will do what you asked. But remember you asked for it. This is the ONLY time I will do this.”

I flexed my power. I wasn’t gentle. I wanted to show her how horrible it was - that it wasn’t sexy or fun. I took control of her body.

She moved over to the counter and ***********ed a banana. Then she bent over one of the stools at the breakfast bar. She flipped up her skirt to reveal her pert ass - clad in a pair of white lace panties, the crotch of which was already soaked. Our talk had got her quite heated.

She pulled the panties down to her thighs, and then put the banana in her mouth, licking and sucking on it like a cock to get it wet - not that she needed to.

She placed the end of the banana into the opening of her pussy and pushed it in slowly, all the time gazing lovingly at Josh. She started to work the fruit in and out, faster and faster. Her juices flowed around the fruit and down the inside of her thighs. There were squelching noises coming from her pussy, and I could tell that she was on the verge of orgasm. I stopped her, getting her to pull the fruit out, and put the now slippery end against her asshole.

I heard her mind say, ‘No, not in my ass, t’s too big! I have never…’

I got her to push lightly on the banana, so its tip just started to breach her little rosebud.


I released control.

She threw the banana away from herself and turned to face me, snarling.

“YOU BASTARD! I NEVER SAID YOU COULD DO THAT!” she screamed at me, tears in her eyes.

“Exactly,” Dianna said. “If he had just done what you told him to do, you would have just had your fantasy fulfilled. That was not the purpose of that demonstration. You asked to feel what it was like to be Compelled. You needed to feel how it feels to be Compelled to do something you DIDN’T want to do - not something you did want, but was a little naughty.”

“I am sorry, Louise,” I said. “I would never hurt you. But you must understand how abhorrent it is to me to Compel someone like that. I need to keep it that way. If I start using Compulsion as part of my sex life, how long before I think it’s okay to use it to make people who don’t want to be involved, get involved? I needed to make you understand: it’s not a sex toy. It’s a dangerous power that could seriously hurt someone.

“Please forgive me, but you had to understand.”

She looked at me. Her cheeks were wet with tears, but I saw I was getting through to her.

“I’m sorry,” she said quietly. “I guess I just got carried away with the fantasy. It sounded so horny. It was. When you were making me masturbate, it was fantastic. It was naughty being in front of Dianna, but I couldn’t stop it, so there was no guilt. But when you started pushing it into my ass, I didn’t want that. I wanted to stop, but I couldn’t. I tried to pull it out, but my body wouldn’t obey me. I was really scared that you were going to…”

Josh put his arms around her and held her while she sobbed.

I felt Dianna flex her power, and soothing feelings flowed over them both.

Louise looked up. “Is that you?” she asked me.

“Dianna,” I replied. “Apparently, I still inject too much horny when I project emotion. At least with people I’m attracted to.”

Louise giggled. “That might not be a bad thing.”

“You want to take a few minutes and get straightened up?” Dianna asked.

Louise nodded. Pulling up her panties, she went into the bathroom.

“Josh,” I said, “I’m sorry.”

“She asked for it,” he said. “Sometimes Lou can be a little too adventurous. Normally you won’t find me complaining, but just sometimes I wish she would dial it back a little.”

“So, you don’t want a demonstration then,” I said lightly.

“No thank you,” he replied. “I have no desire to have a banana shoved up my ass.”

I did catch a fleeting thought of what he might like to feel sliding up his ass, and it sent a shiver up my spine.

Louise came out of the bathroom just as the twins and Jules arrived home. I immediately sent the memories of the conversation so far to the twins, and they both went and embraced Louise. Jules looked a little confused.

“I’ll catch you up later,” I said to her, giving her a hug.

I made more coffee for everyone, and we settled down.

“So is that it?” asked Josh, “Mind reading and mind control?”

“One more,” Dianna said. “Caleb, that banana is still on the floor over there. Could you put it in the trash, please?”

Louise went to get up. “I’ll get it.”

The banana floated up, crossed the kitchen, and dropped itself in the trashcan, which had obligingly opened its lid, and then closed it again once the banana had dropped inside.

“Telekinesis,” Dianna said.

Louise’s eyes bugged out, but Josh said, “COOOOOOL!!!”

I smiled at him.

“That’s how he saved me,” Jules said quietly.

Louise turned to her.

“When I slipped of the roof and fell,” Jules continued. “He was too far away to grab me. I really thought I was going to die. Then I just stopped. I was hanging in mid-air. Then I started to rise again and floated over the parapet, and back onto the roof in front of Caleb.”

Louise reached for Jules to give her a hug, but then hesitated.

“May I?” she asked.

Jules nodded and was enveloped in a tight embrace.

“Okay,” said Josh, “so Caleb has all these powers, and the twins too.”

“We are only Empaths,” said the twins together.

“Have you two seen The Shining?” he asked.

They grinned, and, in perfect sync and with equally eerie voices, said, “Hello, Josh. Come and play with us!”

He shuddered. “That’s way too creepy.”

He turned back to Dianna, who was trying not to grin herself.

“So they all have these spooky powers,” he continued. “Why are you telling us?”

“Now that you are living together,” Dianna said, “and sometimes sharing a bed, it’s possible that Caleb may manifest his power unintentionally. If you didn’t know, that would bring up questions in your mind. You might have then started looking for answers, and in that search, revealed his powers to someone who might want to exploit or hurt him.”

“When you say ‘manifest his power,’” asked Louise, “What do you mean?”

“Sometimes,” I said, “during sex, I can share sensations, so we all feel what each of us feels. But occasionally I get a little carried away, and it gets shared with people that I didn’t intend to share it with.”

Louise’s eyes widened. I could see the questions in her mind.

“Maybe next time,” I said.

She flushed, but this time not with embarrassment.

“I got caught up in their play last Saturday,” Jules said.

That sobered Louise up. “Oh Jules,” she said hugging her again. “That must have been terrible.”

Jules smiled. “The orgasms were actually quite nice,” she said, “but the feelings of love were amazing. And nobody forced anything on me.

“I felt a knock on my door,” she said, tapping her head, “asking to come inside, and I figured it was just Caleb checking in. Well, it turned out to be an invitation rather than a request, and to quite the party.”

“I am still learning to control my power,” I offered. “For the moment, those kinds of things sort of come and go. I think I have two deep, instinctive desires that are at odds with each other – to not violate anyone, but also to share the love – and until I get a better handle on things, it’s tough to say which one will dominate at any given moment.”

“The early morning training?” Josh guessed, and I nodded.

“I’ll own up to my mistakes,” I said, “but just fair warning, I probably still have plenty of those ahead of me.”

“We have given you a lot to consider,” said Dianna. “If you are no longer comfortable living here, I can arrange for another house for you to stay in, same rent as here. It’s not quite as big, but it’s nice enough. Or you could always move back to the dorms.

“I would beg you not to reveal anything you have heard here today. It would only hurt him, and my granddaughters – and, by extension, Jules as well.”

Sensing that the ‘meeting’ was over, Josh stood up. He held his hand out to Louise. “Come on, Lou. Let’s give them a little space. It looks like they have other stuff to discuss that doesn’t concern us.”

They went into their room, and I heard the door shut. Jules got up too.

“Where are you going?” asked Dianna.

“I thought…” she began.

“After what you felt on Saturday,” Dianna said, “I thought you had finally figured out that you are fully in this relationship. All four of you. Together. No?”

“Yes, but they…”

“There is no ‘they’,” Dianna said. “When it comes to Caleb, Mary, Amanda and you there is only ‘we.’ Remember that, because I am going to help you get even closer to them, if you would like.”

Jules nodded. “You mean...?”

“Yes,” Dianna said. “Caleb was right not to do this without talking to me. He and the twins share a very special bond. It cannot be broken. Nobody can give you the same bond, nor would we want to. They got it more by accident than design, although I think it was a happy accident.

“What we can do, is to place a non-permanent bond between the four of you. It works in exactly the same way as the bond that they have, with the exception that any of you can break free of it at will, with no adverse effects. You will be able to sense the others’ presence and rough location, you will be able to send and receive memories, and you will be able to send and receive emotions. There is a chance that strong emotions may also leak across the bond unwittingly, so if you are particularly happy, sad, or frightened, they will likely feel it. And the same in reverse.

“But I have no power,” Jules said. “How would it work?”

“You don’t need power to be tied in,” Dianna said. “Caleb would use his power, and his and the girls’ power would maintain the link. Breaking the link would not require you to have power. You already know that Caleb can read your thoughts and speak to you directly anyway. With practice, you will be able to speak to him at any time, and from anywhere. The girls will show you how it works.

“This is an offer, not a requirement. If you don’t want this, then nobody is going to force it. Caleb and the girls just want you to be a full part of the relationship, and you sometimes seem left out when they are using their powers. You don’t have to answer now. Take as long as you need to.”

“YES, YES, Please,” Jules said quickly. “I would love to be able to be connected to them. Will you offer this to Josh and Louise?”

“No,” I said. “They have their own lives to lead. They are involved with us, but not a part of us, if that makes sense. It may change sometime in the future, but my feeling is that at some point those two will go their own way. My hope is that you will stay with us for the long term. That’s just a hope, though. You’re not obligated.”

“Do you still want to go ahead?” asked Dianna.

Jules nodded without hesitation.

“Caleb, you need to drop your shield. I can’t share a memory with you with it up.”

I dropped my shield and received a memory from Dianna. I raised my shields again and cloaked, and then checked my tell. I was becoming paranoid. I reviewed the memory and saw how to include Jules in our bond. Since it would be a ‘piggy back’ connection on the twins’ bond, it wouldn’t be affected by my shields or cloak either.

I took Jules’ hands and looked into her beautiful brown eyes.

“Can you hear me?” I thought to her.

“I can. Is this the bond?”

“Not yet. You will feel the bond in just a moment. When it first starts it may get a bit overwhelming. Relax and let the feelings flow over you. You will find yourself after a few moments. Ready?”


I embedded a bond into her mind and connected it to myself and to the twins. Immediately I felt a torrent of love, and acceptance, warmth, and happiness from the two girls towards Jules. I knew that she would be feeling the same from me. From her I felt some fear, loneliness, and doubt. There was love for us - far more than I had anticipated - but the other emotions were still dogging her despite her revelation the previous Saturday. I guessed that a lifetime of living like that wouldn’t be cured overnight. The bond would go a long way to washing away those negative emotions, though.

I saw Jules’s eyes fill with tears as she felt the bond and the feelings it carried. She buried her head in my chest and clung to me, sobbing. Mary and Amanda closed around her, and we held her while she acclimatised to the new sensations.

I looked across at Dianna and saw her smiling softly. She nodded to me. “I’m going to go, and leave you to it,” she said.

“I thought you wanted to talk about summer break,” I said quietly, still holding Jules.

“Another time,” she said. “There are still a few weeks. Did you have plans already?”

“Not really,” I replied. “I was going to try and get a job, and earn some money.”

“You have a job, Caleb,” she said. “If you intern for us, you will be paid a lot more than any other summer work. I have an assignment I would like you to do, but let’s discuss that another time.”

I nodded. Dianna leaned forward and kissed my forehead, then repeated the gesture on the twins, and finally kissed the top of Jules’ head where she was nestled against me, still snuffling a little. Then she left.

“Now do you believe us?” I asked Jules gently when she finally raised her face.

“It’s beautiful,” she said. “I have never felt anything like it. I thought that I had, when you included me last Saturday, but that was like a lightning flash. It illuminated for a second and then it was gone. This is like the sunrise. I can see everything, and bask in the warmth.”

“We will teach you how to use the bond,” I said, “but right now, I’m going to show you how we can send you memories. I’m going to share with you my memory of what happened with Josh and Louise before you arrived here tonight.”

I sent her the memory and saw her eyes glaze for a second as she assimilated it.

Surprisingly, she giggled. “Be careful what you wish for,” she said.

“Be gentle with Louise,” I said. “It was a shock. She thought it was a fantasy, and it turned into a nightmare.”

“You did warn her,” Amanda said, “but she didn’t listen. We should also help her get over that particular hang up as well.”

I grinned at Amanda. “Trust you to think of that,” I said, “but I do seem to recall her objection being ‘too big’ and not ‘never-ever.’”

“Ah well,” she said. “And here I was, hoping for an actual challenge. Mary was a pushover too.”

My jaw dropped. Amanda giggled.

“Not like that, exactly,” she said. “It’s just, well, when we first starting experimenting with our powers, we realized that we each liked – and loved – a few different things about sex, with some overlap, too, of course. We agreed that it’d be fun if we both sort of blended all the likes and loves together, so that we both liked and loved all sorts of stuff.”

“Huh,” I said. “That’s actually really clever.”

“Why thank you,” she replied goofily. “So anyway, Mary likes anal – maybe even loves it. I just happen to luuuuuuuurv it. And that means I’m expecting you to do something about my technical virginity back there very soon, mister!”

I glanced over at Mary and saw from her look, that she placed herself in that queue also. The feelings of arousal from both, spiking.

I stepped back from Jules; I had a sudden erection, and I didn’t think she would appreciate having it poking into her.

“His autonomic nervous system likes that idea,” said Jules, giggling.

The twins laughed with her.

I heard Josh and Louise’s door open, and they emerged from their room.

“I take it Dianna left,” said Josh.

“About five minutes ago,” I replied. “Did you need more information, or want to take her up on the offer of alternative accommodation?”

“No,” he said, “neither. It was a conversation opener, that’s all.”

“Okay,” I said. “What do you need, guys? Tell me, and I’ll try my best to give it to you.”

“We want to stay here,” said Louise. “I’m sorry I shouted at you before, and I understand now why you wouldn’t want to use your Compulsion frivolously. I asked for that, and I got what I deserved. We would like to experience the other power though, the sharing. Can we do that?”

I sent out a query across the bond to see what the twins thought. Momentarily I’d forgotten that Jules was newly connected to us.

I got positive responses from the twins, and a negative one from Jules. I smiled.

“It’s okay, I now know how to be much more ***********ive in my sharing.” I sent to her. “I promise you won’t get dragged in by mistake. Remember though, you have to accept the share. Now that you know what it is, you just need to reject it.”

“I could never reject you guys,” she sent back, and I felt a lump in my throat.

“Let me rephrase then,” I sent. “If you feel me reach out like that again, unless you want to be involved, just gently pull back. Don’t think of it as a rejection. Remember too that you will be feeling all our love and connection through the bond, as we will from you. I promise we won’t feel rejected.

I sent the memory of the conversation to the twins, and they both hugged Jules.

I looked at Louise. “I think we can arrange something,” I said, “but not tonight. We have stuff to do, and we all have uni tomorrow.”

In reality, I wanted to talk to the twins about how far they wanted to go with Josh and Louise. I recognised the hypocrisy in it, but I didn’t think I was comfortable with either of the twins having sex with Josh. I wasn’t sure I really wanted to have sex with Louise. But what about Josh and me? To say that things had got complicated would have been an understatement.

I saw all three of my girls looking at me; I could see that each of them had picked up on my uncertainty. Jules hadn’t picked up much more than that. It was emotional leakage after all, but the twins had put that together with my aura and were looking at me lovingly. I felt feelings of love and reassurance flow through the bond from both. Jules also got those, and she shivered and smiled, wrapping herself up in those emotions like a blanket.

The rest of the evening passed uneventfully. Mary had shown that she knew her way around a kitchen, and with everyone pitching in we soon had a meal prepared, which we then ate together around our dining room table.

By about nine I was getting tired thanks to my new schedule and decided I would go to bed.

What surprised me was that the twins decided that they would go to bed at the same time. That was unusual. I could feel Jules’s uncertainty. She wanted to join us but thought that the twins and I wanted some alone time. I was about to say something, but then felt her make a decision. She stood up and started to follow us. There was a little hesitation, but she decided to trust what we had said, and what she could feel through the bond. I sent love and happiness at her, and I know that the twins did also, having sensed her inner turmoil. She sighed and smiled as she entered our room. Mary hugged her.

“Thank you for trusting us,” she said.

I went to have a quick shower before bed and wasn’t surprised when I felt a wash of cold air on my back. someone had joined me in the shower. Since all three girls were in very close proximity, it was not really possible for me to identify who had joined me by the bond. I could feel mischief and a little uncertainty though, which puzzled me.

I turned, and was surprised to find Jules standing behind me, naked, and looking up at me.

“Jules?” I queried.

“The girls said that you liked to shower with them,” she said timidly. “It doesn’t always have to be sex, does it?”

“No,” I replied, “as long as you remember that although my mind knows it’s not, I can’t always control my body’s responses.”

“The old ‘autonomic nervous system’ excuse?” she asked.

I smiled. “You are a beautiful girl,” I said. “Any male with even the slightest of sex drives would find you attractive. Especially seeing you as you are now. But I am not a slave to my urges, and I promise I will not do anything you don’t want.”

“Will it not leave you frustrated?” she asked. “I have been told many times about ‘blue balls.’”

“I can always take my frustration out on one of the twins,” I said, and I felt a rush of arousal through the bond.

Jules smiled. “I think they are listening.”

“Of course they are,” I said. “But sex aside, I like being close to you, and if you want to share a shower with me, then I’m happy to.”

“May I?” I asked, lifting my hand to her shoulder. She nodded.

Gently, I manoeuvred her under the spray. I washed her short hair, running my fingers through it, massaging her scalp. She moaned at the sensation. Strangely, although I had immediately got an erection as soon as I had seen her naked, it had subsided as I had started to wash her.

After her hair, I washed her back, down to her waist, using a soap and a soft washcloth. I turned her around and started on her shoulders and arms, All the time she just looked up at me, her beautiful brown eyes brimming with love and trust.

I soaped up the washcloth, meaning to hand it to her, so she could wash her breasts and front, but she shook her head, sticking her chest out toward me, her meaning clear.

Gently I washed her breasts and her belly, before moving down and starting on her legs. I knelt in front of her, and soaped her left leg from ankle to hip, allowing the shower to wash away the suds. Then I did the same for her right leg.

I indicated for her to lift her foot, and she placed a hand on my shoulder while I washed each foot in turn. Now the only places I hadn’t washed were her butt and her pussy. I looked at her enquiringly, offering her the washcloth.

After a moment’s thought she took the cloth, and finished her wash.

I started to rise but she put her hand on my shoulder.

“I can’t reach you properly if you stand,” she said, and began to wash my hair.

As I had done for her, she washed me from top to toe, allowing me the same options of washing my own ‘private’ places.

When we were done, we stepped out of the shower to find the twins waiting for us with towels.

“Thank you, Caleb,” Jules said, “That felt so good. I have already shared a shower with the girls. I didn’t want you to feel left out.”

“Thank you for trusting me,” I said.

We went to bed. I laid down first, then Mary settled in on my left, and Jules laid a little way down the bed, her head on my chest and her leg over mine. Amanda was behind Jules, but because Jules was lay half on top of me, she was close too.

“Now,” said Mary, “let’s talk about what’s bothering you.”

“When we first got together,” I said, “and I found out about Amanda, I remember thinking that it would be hot for me to ‘share’ with Amanda. Remember, this was before the bond. I also wondered how I would feel when Amanda got her own boyfriend and wanted to share. I wasn’t sure I would be okay with him sharing you.

“Now we are bonded, and I love you - all of you,” I squeezed Jules and she snuggled, “but I don’t know if I’m okay with the thought of you having full on sex with Josh, or anyone else for that matter.

“I know it’s hypocritical, since I still have thoughts of having sex with Josh myself. But this is just screwing with my head. I almost wish we hadn’t invited them to live with us, but at the same time I love them.

“I know it’s my insecurities nagging at me. Josh has a bigger cock than I do, and far more experience. What if he’s a better lover than I am? Then there’s Louise. I don’t know that I want to have sex with her. She is a beautiful girl - nowhere near as beautiful as any of the girls in this room, but still, it would feel like cheating for me to have sex with her. How is that different than thoughts of having sex with Josh? Is it because he is a guy? Does that change things? Should it?”

“It’s normal to have reservations,” Mary said. “I’m surprised that it’s taken this long to manifest, although I thought it was starting at our last session with Josh and Louise where you said ‘no fucking.’

“You must remember that we, Amanda and I, have grown up in an environment where this is normal behavior. I think Dianna told you that our Granddad was a twin. It is possible to separate love and sex. You know, without a shadow of a doubt, that we love you. We are bonded to you more surely than if we were physically attached, and we are deliriously happy to be so.

“Neither of us would do anything to hurt you. If you say we shouldn’t have sex with Josh, or anyone else, then we would be happy to do that for the man we love. But our love for you compels me to try and show you how good it can be to share, with love, but with a secure relationship. No matter who it is, how big his cock is, or how good a lover he is, there is simply no way that you could be replaced in our hearts. Look inside yourself, examine the bond, and you’ll see I’m telling you the truth.”

I was surprised that neither of them used their power to demonstrate their love, but then realised that they deliberately weren’t. They were trying to make me see, without applying undue influence, how much I was loved.

Mary leaned in and kissed me. “You need to sleep,” she said, “but after the shower, I suspect you are a little achy. How about we relieve the pressure a bit?”

I felt a hand close around my cock and squeeze. It was rigid immediately. The hand started to move slowly and steadily up and down, eliciting some very nice sensations.

I tried to lift my head up, but Mary pinned me, kissing me again. I felt her hand come up to my chest and start teasing my nipple. The hand working my cock pumping steadily, pausing occasionally to spread my precum up and down my shaft for lubrication.

I worried at Jules’s proximity but was overwhelmed with feelings of love and lust. I felt a hand cupping my balls and massaging gently, then sliding behind to rub gently at my perineum. A question tried to form in my mind, but another overwhelming rush of love and lust wiped it from me, and I felt the massage get firmer. My balls tightened and I was lost. I came, shooting spurt after spurt of cum over my chest and belly. I arched my back with the release while Mary continued the kiss and Amanda continued to massage.

The hand on my cock was still moving languidly, milking out the last drops of my cum, when Mary released me.

I looked down to see Jules, looking up at me, a mischievous glint in her eye, her hand still wrapped around my cock.

“It seemed only fair,” she said, “since I got you all worked up, that I should help relieve the pressure.”

“But...” I started.

“Caleb,” she said, “I love you. I’m happy to…” she paused and giggled, “lend a hand, occasionally.”

Amanda had climbed out of bed and returned with a warm washcloth and a towel. Between them they got me cleaned up and dried.

“Sleep now,” Mary said, “but think on this. Did you feel any less love for us when you were with Dianna?”

I mulled that over in my mind as I drifted off, once more wrapped in the love of the three most important girls in my life.


Friday morning’s training session rolled around. I was easily getting two hours of martial arts in a day and was coming along in leaps and bounds.

When James arrived, we spent a few minutes sparring, and he gave me some extra pointers where I had misinterpreted some of the information I had assimilated.

“I want to talk to you about pain,” he said. “What is pain?”

“It’s a warning that something is wrong” I answered. We’d covered that very early in wrestling.

“Exactly,” he said. “The problem is that it can be debilitating, which defeats its purpose. You need to be able to block pain messages, both in yourself and in others. That may make the difference between life and death.”

“But if you block the pain message,” I asked, “aren’t you risking doing more damage?”

“Yes,” he replied, “which is why you only ever do this if you either know exactly why the pain is there or if you need to function in an emergency. Let’s say, for instance, you have a toothache. If you blocked the pain while you went to see the dentist, all is well and good. If you blocked the pain and never took any other action, though, that could lead to all kinds of other complications. It’s a temporary measure, but a useful one.

“I am going to show you how to block pain,” he said. “Drop your shield and I’ll send you a memory.”

I dropped my shield and the memory duly arrived.

“Right,” he said, but then froze. I saw the film melt and disappear as I broke out of the illusion.

My shield was up.

He grinned at me. “You are now displaying the exact right amount of paranoia,” he said. “Well spotted. I still haven’t caught onto your tell. I do need you in the illusion for you to practice.”

I dropped my shield again.

“Right,” he said again. I was in the illusion once again. “You now have a pain in your finger.”

My finger started to hurt. Not bad, just a pinch. He explained, using the memory, how to locate the pain message using Telepathy, and then how to block the signal.

By the time the session was over and I had emerged from the illusion, I was sweating and drained. I had experienced all levels of pain, starting at the pinch and going up to excruciating agony. I needed to be able to block even the worst pain before it overwhelmed me. I managed, eventually, to be able to do so.

I didn’t feel much like going to class that day.

In the afternoon I caught a break. We were supposed to be having more wrestling try-outs in the gym, but a water pipe had burst that morning, flooding the gym and it was closed. I suddenly found myself with the afternoon off.

I texted the girls to let them know I wouldn’t be meeting them for lunch. The truck was overdue for an oil change, so I went into town, took care of that, and ran a few other errands before heading home. I figured that with luck I could get a few hours sleep before they all got home from uni. Once back at the house, I went and had a shower, with the intent of getting myself some lunch and then crashing. I came out of our room in just my boxers, expecting to have the house to myself, and came face to face with Louise. She was completely naked.

“Sorry,” I said. “I didn’t know anyone else was home.”

She laughed. “Caleb, we have seen each other naked before; why is it such an issue?”

“We were not alone at the time,” I said. “Josh and the girls were there.”

“Ah, so this feels like cheating,” she said. “Give me a minute; I’ll put on a robe. I wanted to talk to you.”

When she came back into the kitchen, I had taken the opportunity to put on shorts and a T-shirt. She smiled at that.

“Caleb, what’s wrong?” she asked. “Ever since we moved in, it seems like there is a distance between us that wasn’t there before.”

I looked at her for a moment, wondering just what to tell her. “I guess I’m scared,” I said.

I was expecting her to be surprised, but she nodded. “I get that,” she said. “So much has happened to you in such a short time. You were still a virgin when you met Mary and Amanda, and now, before you really have a chance to consolidate your relationship with them, there are others coming into play: Jules, whom you obviously love a great deal, and Josh and I. Everything is happening so fast that you need to step back and take a breath.

“You know Josh and I both love you, but we are together, we have each other. If you need to take some time out, and not ‘share’ with us for a while then that’s fine. I get that the thought of Josh having sex with the girls makes you uneasy. It’s human nature for a man not to want his woman bedded by someone else. I also get that you still have the feeling that you and I having sex would be cheating on the girls, but you know their views on that. We could fuck right here and now, and the girls would be pleased to feel you having a good time.”

“What about Josh?”

“He would be jealous,” she said, “but not of you, of me, because I got you to fuck me before he could. Ever since Amanda ‘broadened his horizons’ we have been exploring that avenue. He is literally panting to get you inside of him.”

“Does that not bother you?” I asked. “That he is so fixated on someone other than you?”

“No,” she said, “because I love him, and I know he loves me. He is being denied just now, so he wants it more. Once he gets his fill,” she sniggered at that, “it will be just another thing to add to his repertoire, something maybe to do when we share.”

“I also would love you inside me,” she said. “I know Josh is bigger, but size is not the be-all end- all. There is so much more to sex than the size of your cock, and I would love to experience being loved by you.”

“What if…” I tried to think of a way to phrase my question without sounding conceited.

Louise smiled. “What if you are so much better than Josh?” she asked.

“That sounds so big-headed” I said. “He has so much more experience than me, why would I even think that I would…”

“You and he are different,” she said, “and the sex will be different. I love you, Caleb, but I LOVE Josh. You won’t displace him in my heart, just as you won’t displace me in his. Nor will he displace you from the hearts of any of your girls.”

“Which one of them spoke to you?” I asked, and immediately picked up the image of Mary, Amanda, Jules, and Josh sitting around a table in the cafeteria.

I nodded, surprisingly feeling a little betrayed. That they all had got together behind my back and engineered this encounter felt wrong.

I started to wonder if the girls just wanted a shot at Josh but then gave myself a shake. I could feel the girls, through the bond. I felt their love. That dispelled the thought of duplicity, but it didn’t dispel my annoyance at them trying to manipulate me.

Just then my phone beeped. It was Josh.

_Just fuck her man, it’s all good, he sent with a grinning emoji.

That arrived at exactly the wrong moment. My anger ignited. Doing my best to keep my cool, I excused myself and decided to go out onto the deck. I decided that some martial arts practice might help me to cool down and regain a sense of perspective. Using Telekinesis, I sealed the door so that Louise couldn’t follow me out.

I guess I must have lost track of time because it was starting to go dark when I had come back to myself. I looked at my phone and saw it was after seven. I had been out there for nearly five hours.

I was surprised that I couldn’t open the door into the house. For an instant I thought they had locked me out, but then remembered I was holding it closed using Telekinesis. I released my hold on the door and opened it.

Dianna was sat in the kitchen, working on a laptop. She looked up as I came in. “Finished sulking?” she asked.

“Fuck off,” I said amiably. “Who let you in anyway?”

“Wasn’t it only yesterday you told me I could come in and make myself at home?” she asked.

“That was if there was nobody home,” I said. “I’m home.” I looked around, “I guess the others are around here somewhere too.”

“Nope,” she said. “Just you and me. I sent them out for the evening.”

“Another intervention?” I asked. “Those don’t seem to be going well so far.”

“Caleb,” she said, closing her laptop and looking at me, “talk to me. Tell me what you are feeling. You know I have your best interests at heart.”

Does she, I thought, or is she just out to bat for her granddaughters?

I’d momentarily forgotten how good she was at reading auras.

“It’s a fair question,” she said. “They are my granddaughters, after all. I would be bound to try and protect them. But let’s start from what we know, or rather what YOU know. Look inside yourself, examine the bond, and you will see that both those girls love you with everything they have. Let’s start there, and build a way forward, okay?”

I nodded and did just that. I looked at the bond - examined it closely. I could feel all three of my girls. I could feel they were worried. Jules was angry; I was not sure at what: whether at the girls for the surprise, or with me for my reaction, or possibly about something entirely unrelated. Underneath the surface emotion, I could sense something else, though: a deep, abiding, intense, unshakable love - a love so perfect it made my heart ache. I felt tears trickle down my face and felt Diana’s arm around me.

“Now you see it?” she asked.

I nodded again.

“Do you remember when I told you that my husband was a twin?” she asked. “How I understood what you were feeling when you and my girls got together. It was before you bonded.”

“Yes,” I answered.

“They were not identical,” she said. “Gary, my husband, was tall and slim. His brother, Steve, was stocky - not fat, but full of muscles. I knew that at some point we would end up sharing - me with his brother, and my Gary, with Steve’s wife, Jennifer. She was a lovely woman, very much like Jules in build and height, but blonde and much more outgoing. I was nervous - no, I was scared. I had exactly the same concerns you voiced: what if she was better in bed than me, would Gary leave me for her, or worse, what if Steve was better than Gary? Would I then be constantly pining for someone I couldn’t have? What if I was better than Jennifer? Would I ruin Steve and Jennifer’s marriage? Remember, Gary and I weren’t bonded like you and the girls, so I had no reassurance from that. I loved him, and I knew he loved me, but would that be enough?

“The fateful night finally arrived. I had given in to persuasion and agreed that we would share. Up until that point I hadn’t even seen Steve without his shirt, let alone naked. They could see my unease, so we all stayed in the same room.

“When I first saw Steve naked, I nearly ran away. His cock must have been ten inches long and as thick as my wrist. I was convinced he was going to kill me with that thing. He didn’t, but he did turn me inside out. He fucked me so hard and for so long that I lost count of the number of orgasms I had. I begged and pleaded for him to keep pounding me until he finally came, pumping what felt like a gallon of spunk into me. It felt so good and so right.

“After I had come down, I was terrified to look at Gary - that he would think I was a whore for saying the things I did while his brother was drilling me into the bed. But all I felt from him was overwhelming love. He held me, and kissed me, happy that I had had a good time and that his brother had been able to make me feel so good. Then we made love.

“You would think that after being pounded for so long by Steve’s massive prick, Gary’s six inches wouldn’t have come close to satisfying me, but the feeling of him moving inside me, stirring up his brother’s emissions, coupled with the love I felt pouring into me from him, made me come even harder than Steve had with his monster cock and his pounding.

“I never regretted fucking Steve or anyone else we shared with. I never again felt jealous or worried about Gary fucking other women. I knew he loved me, and I loved him, and that was unshakable. I didn’t even have the bond to tell me. I just felt it from him.

“Don’t be angry with the girls, Caleb. Remember that they are young too. They were both virgins, like you, just not as inexperienced as you. They love you, and want to give you everything they know they can. They haven’t yet figured out how much you hate to be manipulated, although I would have thought that the episode with Jules would have clued them in. They were trying to make it easier for you, and they screwed up.

“Josh and Louise are both infatuated with you, and Jules is mad at the twins. She didn’t agree with what they did, but they didn’t listen to her. They are currently doing a lot of grovelling with her. I can’t say that you knew what you were getting into with the twins, because that morning it was only supposed to be a bit of fun. I never expected the twins to actually fuck you; they decided that on their own.

“Nobody expected the bond, but you ended up tied to a couple of Empaths, who have so much love and a need to share it. They can and will stay faithful to you if you demand it, but you will be crippling them. You could send them out to find their sharing without you, but that would destroy you. Also remember that amongst your other powers, you are also an Empath. You need to share as much as they do, but you weren’t brought up in the atmosphere that they were.

“You have the morals and the attitude of a ‘Norm’. Nobody expected you to have Empathy. If anything, you might have had Compulsion, and that doesn’t have the same need. You NEED this, Caleb. I promise you that once you get past your initial fears, it will be wonderful for you. You didn’t have any issues with sharing with me, did you?”

I shook my head.

“But it’s the thought of another man fucking your women?” she asked.

I flinched; it sounded so neanderthal.

“No other man is going to breed your women,” she said. “That right is yours alone. It’s an evolutionary response to hate the thought of another male impregnating your mate. That will never happen. And it doesn’t matter how big, or thick or chiselled, or good looking, or great a lover they are, those girls will always, ALWAYS, love you and come back to you. They could be mid-orgasm on the biggest cock in history and if you needed them, they would push him off them and come to you.

“Is this where you tell me that they are currently fucking Josh,” I asked levelly, “but they’ll be back home soon?”

“If it was?” she asked.

I examined my feelings – or, rather, how I would I feel if that were the case.

“I would be very, VERY, angry,” I said, “because that would be cheating. Even more so because, in my anger, I would feel that the bond had me trapped. In a normal relationship, if my partner cheated, we would be done. I don’t have that escape. My only outlet for my anger would be against Josh.”

I could feel my rage building even at the thought, and I slowed my breathing and tried to centre myself. Dianna didn’t try to soothe me, and that was probably a good idea.

“There is sharing,” I continued, once I had calmed a little, “with my knowledge and approval, and there is cheating. I doubt they are doing that, because of the love that they have for me, but it’s difficult. They have such a different upbringing and viewpoint about things from me. They might not even consider fucking Josh as cheating, with or without my knowledge.”

“They will never cheat on you, Caleb,” she assured me. “You know that. They are currently at a restaurant, about ten blocks from here, having dinner. Josh and Louise are with them, as is Jules, but I promise you they are not doing anything other than eating dinner. They know how you feel. They have been trying to ‘help’ you to see how damaging that could be to you, but they got it wrong.”

I put my head in my hands.

“Everything is happening at once,” I said. “My powers, the bond, this. I’m drowning, Dianna. Everyone seems to be looking to me because I’m the one with the powers, but a month ago the biggest decision I had to make was whether to jerk off in the shower or not.”

I felt her power start to soothe and support me.

“You are not alone,” she said. “The girls are young, but they will support you. Mary is surprisingly mature, but even she gets it wrong sometimes, Amanda always leads with her heart. Jules has a decent head on her shoulders, now that she is not being bullied into depression. And I am always just a phone call away.

“Although,” she added with a grin, “I will always advise that if you are going to jerk off in the shower, take one of the girls with you to help.

“Look inside, Caleb,” she continued more seriously. “If you ever doubt, look inside yourself. Look at your bond; feel the love and support that you have from those girls, and be guided by that. Be certain in that love, and Jules’s love. You won’t go far wrong then. If somebody screws up, well, try to keep it in perspective. Be prepared to forgive honest mistakes – both theirs, and yours. You already asked Josh and Louise to do that, remember? It was about your powers, but the principle is the same.”

I nodded. “Thanks, Dianna. I needed someone to help pull my head out from my ass.”

She smiled. “Don’t be too hard on yourself either. Like you said, it’s a steep learning curve. I promise it will get easier.”

I heard cars pull up outside. “I guess it’s time to face the music,” I said, standing to face the door.

“I’ll bet they are thinking the exact same thing,” she said. “Just feel the love.”

Jules was first through the door. She all but threw herself into my arms. “We’re so sorry,” she said. “We didn’t think it through properly. Please don’t be mad.”

I had to smile. Even though she had been against the plan, and was mad at the twins, she was standing by them.

“Jules, I love you,” I sent to her, “I’m not mad, I just needed some time. If it’s okay, I would really like a kiss?”

She lifted her face to mine and kissed me. A gentle pressing together of lips affirmed all her feelings.

“Thank you,” I said, looking at the twins, who were standing by the door.

I don’t know what they could see in my aura. I was still full of a turmoil of emotions, but I supposed they would have seen the determination most of all, because that filled me. What they wouldn’t have been able to tell was the determination to do what, exactly.

I walked over to Mary and kissed her, putting every bit of my love, hope, trust, faith, and, most of all, forgiveness – both giving and requesting – into it. Amanda joined the hug, and I felt tears running down Mary’s face towards our joined lips. I released Mary and turned to Amanda, delivering the same kiss. Her face was already wet with tears before we even came together. Unconsciously, Amanda and I both opened up our arms and Jules slotted in to join the group.

“Jules didn’t want us to do it,” Mary was saying. “She got so mad with us.”

“I know,” I said. “I felt her anger.”

“But she stood by us,” Amanda added thickly, holding Jules tight.

“Because she loves us,” Mary said, “as much as we love her.”

Dianna got up. “I think it’s time I got going,” she said. “You know where I am if you need me. Caleb, don’t forget what I said about the shower.”

I chuckled, and felt curiosity from all three of them through the bond.

I pushed out the memory of that portion of the conversation. The sombre mood broke.

“Where’s Josh and Louise?” I asked.

“Outside in their car,” said Jules, “waiting for the ‘all clear.’”

“Am I really that scary?” I asked.

“Not scary, no,” said Mary, “but they know that we all screwed up. When we felt your rage, we knew, but it was too late. I think they are half expecting to be thrown out of the house after our stunt this afternoon.”

Dianna must have given them that signal, because they came through the door at that moment. Louise came over to where I was stood with the girls. We were no longer hugging, but were still standing close together.

“Caleb,” she said, “we really misjudged the situation. We thought that if I could persuade you to… for us to… you know.” She stopped talking.

“Louise, are you on birth control?” I asked.

She looked a little stunned but nodded.

“So why do you and Josh use condoms?” I asked.

She looked a little embarrassed. “We don’t, not now, we did before because…” she looked at Josh apologetically.

“Because she wasn’t sure how I felt about her,” Josh interposed, “and didn’t know I wasn’t screwing other girls. I wasn’t screwing anyone else, but she was right, I was holding back. I don’t blame her at all.”

“Would I have to wear a condom?” I asked gently.

She shook her head, her eyes never leaving mine. I was going to ask Mary and Amanda if Josh would need condoms, but I decided that would be between them. I would find out soon enough, I was certain.

“Are you sure?” I asked, “How do you know wouldn’t catch something from me?”

Louise smiled. “You and the girls were all virgins up until a week ago. You’re practically still in the wrapper. I know you haven’t been with anyone other than the girls since then. Josh and I both got tested when we got together. I haven’t been with anyone other than Josh and you guys since then, and neither has he.”

I looked at the girls. I could see that they both looked aroused.

I looked around for Jules. She was not there. I reached out with my mind. “Jules?” I queried.

“Enjoy yourselves. I have a project to build. If I’m still awake when you are done, I’ll join you in bed, otherwise I’ll see you in the morning. I love you all.”

I felt a feeling of love and contentment come through the bond from her.

I took Louise’s hand and led her towards the bedroom. I glanced across at the girls and then Josh, who all followed.

Once in the bedroom, I tilted Louise’s head up and touched my lips to hers. Her kiss was soft and experimental. When she felt my tongue gently probing, she allowed her lips to part and I began a slow and sensuous exploration of her mouth. Our tongues caressed and writhed against each other.

I started to undress her while I continued the kiss. A glance to the side showed me that Josh was being double teamed by the twins again. Amanda was in front, keeping his mouth and hands occupied, while Mary was pressed up behind, and systematically removing his clothing.

Louise’s hands were as busy as mine, and she soon had my shirt off, and then my trousers, while I had her down to her underwear.

I had never had much luck with bra fastenings, so I cheated. Flexing my will, I used Telekinesis to undo and remove her bra. Her eyes widened and she moaned into my mouth. That was obviously a turn on for her, so I extended her fantasy and slowly pulled down her panties the same way. I swear she orgasmed at that point, squeaking into my mouth.

I felt a mixture of arousal and amusement coming from the twins over the bond.

Louise broke the kiss, dropping quickly to her knees, at the same time yanking down my trousers and pants. In a savage thrust she took my rigid took into her mouth and began to suckle on it.

Josh was also naked, as were both the twins. I wasn’t sure how that had been achieved. Mary was kneeling in front of him, bobbing her head on his cock, and Amanda was stood behind, a tube of lube in her hand working two fingers into his asshole. He was standing panting and moaning.

I decided it was time to share.

Gently, I started to collect sensations from everyone involved. Mary and Amanda felt this, and I saw Mary smiling around Josh’s cock. She pulled off, knowing that as soon as I started both Josh and Louise would probably not be able to cope with the sensations and would come straight away.

I pulled my cock out of Louise’s mouth and pulled her to her feet. Kissing her again, I walked her back to the bed until she felt it behind her. I saw her intention to pull me down and then scoot up until I was on top of her. I beat her to the punch.

She squeaked into my mouth again, this time in surprise as I lifted us both gently and placed us on the bed, her on her back and me lying over her, my weight supported by my arms. We hadn’t broken the kiss.

Mary had also moved Josh to the bed using more mundane methods, and he was less than three feet from me while I was naked on top of his girlfriend. He didn’t look in my direction, though; he was too busy with Amanda’s pussy, which had descended on his face.

I sent to Mary to hold off for a second on mounting him and she looked at me, nodding and smiling.

I was now connected to all. Unconsciously, Josh and Louise had accepted the share. I supposed they had felt something nice and just gone with it. At that point it was just a warm feeling of love and trust.

I started to filter in the other feelings that were being experienced: the kiss between Louise and I, the feeling of Josh’s tongue on Amanda’s pussy, her nipples as she played with them while enjoying his ministrations. I felt Louise start to squirm. Slowly and deliberately I lined up with her opening, and sank my cock into her.

She sighed, feeling not only the penetration, but the sensations I was feeling: her hot, smooth pussy rubbing against my sensitive head.

Mary mounted up on Josh, sinking her own hot, tight pussy onto his raging erection. Once again, we all felt it: her tightness and liquid heat, and his rigid, veined tool, pressing deep inside of her.

Mary and I started to move. It became a kaleidoscope of sensations. I knew that none of us would last very long, and that the first orgasm would be the trigger that would set off a chain reaction. I started moving faster, pushing deeper into Louise, and pulling back until just my head was inside her before thrusting deep. I had found the angle that caused her to get the best sensations, with my head rubbing over her G spot. When I was fully inserted I ground my pelvic bone against her clit and she thrust back at me.

Mary was riding Josh like he was a bucking bronco now, ramming her pussy down onto his cock, grinding against him for a second and then raising up squeezing him on the outstroke, generating some amazing feelings for him, and then all the rest of us. Amanda was grinding her pussy onto his face, and he was savaging her clit with his tongue. He had managed to get one hand up and was rubbing his finger around her asshole. I knew what was coming next, and I wondered how Louise would react.

Mary and Amanda were kissing, and I once again captured Louise’s mouth with mine, as Josh, having wet them first, shoved two fingers up Amanda’s asshole.

Louise screeched; the sudden, unexpected, and unfamiliar stimulation of something being shoved up her ass triggered a massive orgasm. That, and the feeling of her pussy clutching and spasming around my cock, finished me off. I began to spurt long, thick ropes of spunk deep inside of Louise. Amanda and Josh triggered next, either because of what was happening, or because of my orgasm; I would never know. That fed back into Louise, who came again, clutching at me, her legs wrapped around me in a rictus. Mary, feeling Josh’s cum shooting inside of her, started her climax, which fed back into Amanda, who came for the second time, soaking Josh’s face and neck.

We all stayed motionless for a moment, almost scared to move, I started to pull out of Louise and she clung to me.

“Just a little longer,” she said, panting in my ear.

Amanda had dismounted from Josh, and was kissing him while he calmed down. Mary laid on top of him, with him wilting inside her, her head on his shoulder. He absentmindedly stroked her back and hair.

Louise released me and I gently pulled back, rolling to the side, which put me face to face with Mary.

I could see a little concern in her eyes, but I smiled and leaned in for a kiss.

“I’m sorry,” I sent to her and Amanda. “I was being stupid, that was awesome, and I love you both.”

I felt feelings of love, happiness, and a little relief from them. I sought out Jules’s bond and felt contentment and concentration. She was working on something and enjoying herself in her own way. I sent love, and her feeling of contentment increased.

Mary had ,moved off Josh, and he and I now laid side by side.

“Fuck me!” said Josh.

“I might need a minute,” I said, and we both laughed.

I looked across at Louise and saw tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Louise?” I said, concerned, “are you okay?”

She looked at me through watery eyes.

“That was beautiful. The sex was fantastic, but the feeling of love and connection just blew my mind. I could feel your love for each other. But more to the point, I could feel Josh’s love for me.”

I felt Josh move and I got out of his way. He kissed Louise and held her close. I looked over Josh’s shoulder at Louise.

“So, was that just okay again?” I asked.

She laughed. “I can’t believe she told you that. Listen, Caleb, for your first time, it was amazing, but this? This was out of this world. When you used your power to undress me, I came.”

“I kind of noticed,” I said.

“Josh,” she said, “I need you to fuck me now.”

She pushed him down to the foot of the bed until he was standing, then she sat on the edge of the bed, and took his soft cock into her mouth. She was good, because within a few minutes I could see that he was responding, his cock becoming hard and thick until he was once again ready to go.

Louise laid back on the bed, right on the edge and lifted her legs. Josh widened his stance a little and entered her, beginning a slow, gentle fuck. She pulled him down, her mouth capturing his.

Mary moved to me, and took my semi-erect cock into her mouth. She bathed it with her tongue and sucked, drawing blood into it, forcing it back to its fully erect state. She began to deep throat me. My cock was as hard as it was ever going to get. I looked down and saw Amanda was stood behind Josh, and once again she had a couple - no, three - fingers working his hole. He was moaning all the time he was fucking Louise.

Louise looked at me. I heard her thought loud and clear. “Fuck him. He wants to feel you inside him.”

I concentrated on Josh. His mind was confused. It was understandable. He was being overwhelmed by sensations, and barely able to decide which were truly his – not to mention his feelings about each of them. With a bit more distance, I was able to pick a few out. He was really loving what Amanda was doing to him… but he wanted it to be me – my cock. He wanted to feel it stretching him out, filling him up, and then shooting its creamy load up inside of him.

I moved to the end of the bed and stood up. Amanda immediately grabbed my cock and pulled me toward her. She slathered it with lube, base to tip, then slathered it again for good measure.

I moved behind Josh, where he was bent over, still revelling in the long, slow fuck of his girlfriend. He froze when I put my hand on his hip. I could see Louise looking at me over his shoulder. He had his face buried in hers, whether with shame or passion I couldn’t see; his aura was pure lust.

Amanda lined me up, rubbing the tip of my cock against his asshole, which, although she had had three fingers in him only moments ago, was tightly closed.

She put her hand on my ass and pushed me forward. There was resistance. I pushed forward, then relaxed. I started a gentle thrusting motion, each thrust forward gaining another millimetre progress. When my head was about half way through the tight ring of muscle, I stopped thrusting and pushed, slowly easing through until his hole swallowed my whole head, and clamped up on my shaft just behind.

He moaned.

I gave him a few minutes to acclimatise, then began the gentle thrusting again, pushing in a millimetre at a time and pulling back. In a few minutes I as nearly half way in, Amanda applying more lube to prevent him getting sore. Then Josh moved. He pushed back, in one thrust, taking me all the way to the root.

He moaned again, and so did I.

Then he started to fuck Louise again.

I decided to share once again, so I gently allowed the sensations I was feeling to bleed into Josh and Louise. Then I bled Louise’s into us all. I added Josh’s last and tried to fade them in. I wasn’t sure how it would feel having a cock up my ass, but I needn’t have worried. Amanda had prepared him well. Other than an overwhelming feeling of fullness, there were also some amazing feelings each time the head of my cock passed over his prostate.

I saw Louise’s eyes widen. She was experiencing something that ought to have been impossible: how it felt for a man to get fucked in his ass. I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions, but the feedback loops and auras didn’t lie. Louise was getting into it. It certainly didn’t hurt that she had a major kink for watching her boyfriend have sex with another guy.

I added Mary and Amanda to the link. Mary laid on the bed while Amanda stood beside me, her hand on my ass, kissing me.

Mary started to grind into the bed, feeling all the sensations. Amanda, unconsciously, thrust her butt backwards. She really wanted to get buttfucked. She was definitely on my list.

Josh was pounding Louise, driving himself back onto my cock after each thrust. Louise had her legs around his waist, and I was actually holding onto her ankles to balance. Louise didn’t seem to know what to do with her hands, so, with an evil smile, I pulled them up until they were above her head and fixed them there with Telekinesis. That pushed her over the edge. It seemed she liked to be overpowered – and, even more than that, with superpowers.

She came hard, squirting around Josh’s cock, her orgasm powering into us both through the link. Amanda grunted and came too, her orgasm just an echo of Louise’s.

Mary had started to pleasure herself, her fingers strumming her clit, and as Amanda came, that sent Mary over the edge, her self-induced orgasm once more feeding back into us. Louise hadn’t even finished her first orgasm when the second, caused by the twins’ feedback, hit her. Her pussy clamped down on Josh’s cock, adding to the stimulus of all the girls orgasms, and he let go, pumping thick streams of cum into Louise to join the load I had pumped into her earlier. His orgasm, along with the feeling of his asshole clenching around my cock as he came, forced me to come. I thrust forward hard, my cock spasming as I emptied my balls of their second load of the night, this time into the welcoming ass of my friend.

We stayed still, enjoying the moment. I released Louise’s hands, and she hugged Josh, kissing him and whispering in his ear.

Gently, I pulled back. I didn’t want to hurt him by yanking out of him. There was a small pop as my cock exited his asshole, and his ass snapped closed, trapping all my cum inside.

Josh got up and left the room. I looked at Louise. “Is he okay?”

She smiled. “I think he needed to go potty,” she said.

“I need to go shower,” I added, and Louise nodded.

By the time I had showered, Josh had re-joined the girls in the bedroom. He had also showered and put on shorts and a T-shirt. Amanda had put on her night things. Mary held her hand out to Louise and they went to shower together.

I flopped onto the bed, beside Josh, who was laying on his back looking at the ceiling.

“I guess we both lost another v,” he said, holding his hand up for a fist bump.

I obliged, but then I had to ask. “You okay?”

“It was intense, man,” he said, “even before… you know. Feeling everything that everyone was feeling, it was confusing at first, but once it all sorted out, it was amazing. Then, when people started to come... I never knew women’s orgasms felt like that.”

“How could you?” I said. “I only found out recently.”

He turned his head to look at me. “Caleb, thank you,” he said. “I know you were scared. If I’m honest, so was I, a little. I can see how much Louise loves you. I did worry I would lose her to you, but along with all the sensations I felt, I also felt her love. God, if I’d only known sooner how she felt.”

“You know now,” I said, “so enjoy it, and love her back.”

“How could I not?”

“I didn’t hurt you?” I asked.

“No,” he said. “Amanda really got me ready, and Louise has been working on me for a few days now. I was scared, though. I wanted it so bad, but I’d heard so many stories. You took your time, and it was awesome. Can’t say I’m not a little sore now though.” He grinned. “But I’ll get over it.”

Louise and Mary returned, both in night gear. Our bed was huge, so there was plenty of room for us all. Mary and Louise snuggled up together; Josh and I laid side by side. Amanda laid on my other side, her head on my chest and her leg thrown over mine.

I saw the door open, and Jules peeked in.

I held out my free arm and she smiled, crossing the room to take up position on my other side. She would have Josh behind her, but I was sure she could deal with that. Amanda asked her if she wanted to swap sides, but Jules shook her head. Then she looked up at me.

“Did you have fun?” she asked.

I nodded. “It was unbelievable.”

“No regrets, worries, concerns?” she asked, those beautiful eyes boring into mine.

“My only regret is that you were excluded,” I said. “I don’t mean from the sex, but from the love. There was a lot of it being thrown around tonight.”

“I wasn’t excluded,” she said. “I may not have been in the link, but don’t forget that strong emotions ‘leak’ across the bond. Love is the strongest of all. I felt it and it filled me with happiness. I also felt you check in with me. I’m not sure how you found time, but that was nice too. AND I finished my project. So, all in all, I had a great night too.”

She reached up and pecked me on the lips. She seemed to enjoy that, and I wasn’t complaining.

“Goodnight, Caleb,” she said.

I stroked her head, and we drifted off to sleep.
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