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Authors note.

Once again massive respect to Neuroparenthetical for his sterling and untiring work to make something readable from the dross I send to him.

Any residual mistakes are mine and left deliberately to give you guys something to do.

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Caleb 19 - More discovery

As expected, I was discharged from the hospital in the middle of the next morning. The nurses were very pleased with the amount of breakfast I had eaten, although it did not escape my notice that they stayed in the room to monitor that I was actually eating it and didn’t go throw up afterward.

Amanda walked beside me as the orderly pushed me in a wheelchair to the exit. I hadn’t even bothered protesting. I knew it was hospital policy, and I also knew I wasn’t going to be stuck in the chair for any extended period of time. I supposed I could understand why some people would react badly, but I just didn’t feel that way.

As we left the hospital, I saw several people, including patients, standing outside smoking. I hated that they did that, and for a second I was tempted to Compel them all to give up. That gave me an idea.

I needed to train my Compulsion, and apparently, the FBI was fine with powers being used on consenting subjects; I was just about to go literally read the minds of a bunch of students who thought the whole thing was a joke but had nevertheless signed the appropriate paperwork. It occurred to me that I could use the exact same framework to establish myself as a hypnotherapist, with a focus on smoking cessation and weight loss. The anti-smoking bit, especially, seemed as safe as could be. I determined to ask Dianna about it.

We stopped for lunch on the way home, and my wardens apparently decided that my new, healthier diet could wait a little longer. I took full advantage. We arrived back home just in time for me to get a shower before heading out again to the FBI office.

When I arrived there, once again I went through the metal detector and approached the front desk.

“Mr. Stott?” said the pretty young girl behind the desk. I nodded.

“Go straight up,” she said, “ADD Forbes is expecting you. You know your way?”

I nodded again.

“You need to have your ID on display all the while you are in the building,” she said. “Do you have it with you, or do you need a pass?”

I pulled out my ID and showed her.

“Fold the wallet back on itself, and loop it over your belt,” she said. “That’s what everyone else does.”

I took a surreptitious glance around and saw that, indeed, everyone had their IDs on their belts. I hadn’t been sure if she had been pranking me.

“My,” she commented, “you are a suspicious one.”

“Let’s just say that life has taught me that a healthy distrust is a good basis for working together,” I replied.

She smiled. “Lenin?” she asked.

“Stalin, I think,” I replied.

“Smart, too,” she mused, only half to herself.

“I’d best get moving,” I said. “Nice to meet you…”

“Rosie,” she said.

“I’m Caleb,” I said. “Nice to meet you.”

I made my way to the elevators and pushed the button for the top floor. As the door was closing, a hand clamped onto its edge, and it retracted. David Spencer slid in.

“Caleb,” he said. “I wanted a quick word.”

“I’m just on my way up to see Maggie,” I said.

“This will do,” he said, punching the button for the floor below Maggie’s. “I just wanted you to know that when we were talking, and I mentioned the sniper and the fifty-cal’, there wasn’t any hidden meaning. I wasn’t trying to threaten you in any way. It was just conversation.”

“Dianna did mention that,” I said. “Thanks for telling me personally though.”

He smiled. “I, for one, am very happy you’re back on the team.” He stuck his hand out and I shook it. The elevator arrived at his floor, and he got out.

Twenty seconds later I was stepping out onto the floor above, heading for the ADD’s office.

There was a man sitting at a desk outside her office, apparently her PA or secretary or something like that. He looked me up and down like I had crawled out from under something.

“Do you not own a suit?” he asked after I identified myself. I was dressed in my usual jeans and T-shirt.

“I do,” I said, “but I wasn’t informed of a dress code. I’ll know better next time.”

“Sit down over there,” he directed. “ADD Forbes has someone with her just now. I’ll let her know you are here.”

He picked up his telephone and pressed a button. I heard the phone ring in the office.

“There’s a Caleb Stott here to see you,” he said. “Yes, Ma’am.” He put the phone down and stood, addressing me again. “Follow me.”

I stood and followed him ten feet to her door. He knocked and then opened it. He drew back and indicated for me to enter. I thanked him, but he just sniffed.

Maggie stood as I entered and smiled. “Caleb,” she said. “I’d like to introduce you to The Maharishi Guptal-Pah.”

I turned to look at the elderly-looking gentleman sitting in one of the chairs around the small table. Even sat down I could see he wasn’t particularly tall, maybe about five-seven, and was skinny, with long, grey hair, and a long, grey beard that somehow looked false. His eyes were blue, and they bored into me with ageless wisdom. He wore a flowing white robe, and there was a carved white cane, which looked like it might be ivory, leaning against his chair. He wore an elaborate headdress that looked like a cross between a turban and something a Vegas showgirl would wear.

Everything about the man screamed ‘imposter’ to me.

“I’m pleased to meet you,” I said to him, looked at Maggie, and then back to him.

He regarded me imperiously for a moment, and then I saw a twinkle in his eye and he grinned. “He’s not buying it,” he said, sounding more Indiana than Indian.

“Call me Jeevan,” he said, leaping to his feet and thrusting his hand out, belying the advanced age he had previously portrayed.

I looked at Maggie, confused.

“Jeevan is a Healer,” she explained. “He gets away with performing some minor miracles occasionally by posing as his alter ego.”

“I also spend a good amount of time spouting absolute crap,” he added, “so most people don’t take me too seriously. It helps to keep my cover. Most of my Healing is done secretly. Nobody, even the patient themselves, knows it’s happening - and before you ask, we know, patient consent and all. I do get consent, but the patient doesn’t actually know it.”

“If they don’t know, then how is it consent?” I asked.

“I ask them if they want to get better,” he said tapping his temple. “If they answer in the affirmative, I take that as consent.”

“And if they don’t?”

“They die,” he said. “I won’t heal someone against their wishes. You will see my work on the news, and all of the nutjob and God-botherer sites. The ‘I prayed for a miracle and it happened’ stories are usually down to me or one of the other Healers. We can’t cure everything, but we can help some people, and we do what we can.”

“Then why the…” I indicated his attire.

“It’s just a cover,” he said. “It allows me to get away with more direct stuff without people actually believing I have real power. The more blatant I am, the more people are convinced I’m a fraud.”

He sat back down and indicated the seat opposite him. “Please,” he said.

I sat. Maggie took one of the unoccupied chairs.

“Maggie says you are a dreamer,” he said.

I had to resist the temptation to answer, ‘but I’m not the only one.’ Instead, I looked at Maggie, even more confused.

“It means you use your powers by dreaming of the result rather than directing your subjects to act,” he explained.

“I guess so,” I said.

“That is good for Healers,” he said. “Non-dreamers can become Healers, but it requires much, much more work. They need to have a deeper understanding of the human body than most doctors, along with biochemistry, microbiology, and hematology. It’s the difference between you imagining a person’s tumour has disappeared, and someone controlling their individual powers to manually direct the process of the cells breaking down and being reabsorbed and the body not reacting to the release of the proteins and having the kidneys die, etcetera, etcetera.”

I guessed that made sense. It was good news for me then.

“Maggie also tells me that you have Compulsion, TK, Empathy, and Telepathy,” he said. “How strong are you in each?”

“My TK is quite strong,” I replied. “The others I haven’t really started to train properly yet. I’ve used them a few times each, but I’m supposed to be training my mind reading today.” I looked at Maggie. “I also had another idea about training my Compulsion I would like to discuss with you. Directing my housemate’s sex lives is fun, but it’s not particularly regular.”

“Have you had any further sessions with them?” she asked, and I shook my head.

Jeevan looked at me. “Would you be prepared to let me see your strength?” he asked.

I gritted my teeth. He wanted me to drop my shields. I wasn’t exactly enamored of the idea, since I didn’t know him from Adam, and I glanced across at Maggie. She sat impassively, waiting for my reaction.

I did a quick scan for other power users in the vicinity. There were no power users in the building other than myself, Maggie, and Jeevan - unless, that was, they had learned to cloak as I had.

I dropped my cloak and my shields. His eyes widened.

“Mother of God!” he said, examining me more closely. I felt a tickle around the edges of my mind. I was poised, ready to rebuff any attempt to move inward.

“You have a little scarring,” he said, “but it’s healing. It seems you overtaxed yourself recently.”

I nodded, deciding he had seen all that I was willing to show him. I re-shielded.

“May I ask how you managed to overtax even your power?”

“I was trying to protect my girlfriend,” I said. “She had been spiked and was about to be raped.”

“So you used your power by proxy?” he asked, and I nodded.

“How far away was she?”

“Five hundred, maybe five-hundred-fifty miles,” I said, “I’m not sure.”

“I can train you,” he said, “although you won’t need much training. It’s more a matter of knowing what is and what isn’t possible and why. You will need to learn basic anatomy though. Since your power works by your imagination, there’s little else really to learn. With you, it will be mostly brute force. However, healing takes a lot of power. You have a lot of power, but you are prone to overextending yourself. If you don’t take more care with that, then healing will kill you.

“Before I will even start to teach you to heal, you need to learn how to monitor your own body while you are using your powers. That way you will be able to see when you are overtaxing yourself and damaging your own psyche. You are young, and the damage you already did will heal in time, but as you get older, it will take longer, and you might get to the stage where it is permanent.

“Do you play video games?” he asked.

“Occasionally,” I nodded, confused about the sudden tangent.

“I want you to spend an hour tonight playing, and every night this week - more, if you can.”

“Okay,” I said uncertainly. “Can I ask why?”

“Because when people play computer games that have HUDs,” he said, “if they play enough, they start to almost see them when they are not playing. I want you to get into the habit of seeing your health and stamina bars, so play something that has those. When it becomes second nature, you will actually start to see them for real. Your imagination will display for you your personal condition.”

That sounded outlandish, but then I remembered that when I was younger, I had played for hours on a combat flight sim, where enemy aircraft were displayed on screen with a diamond-shaped box around them. I distinctly remembered driving down a road later that day, and getting the impression of the same boxes displayed around oncoming traffic.

“It’s time for you to go downstairs,” said Maggie. “There are three people coming in. You will have an hour with each. You have ten minutes to get down there and make any final preparations. The agent down there will explain the drill to you.”

“Am I okay dressed like this?” I asked. “I didn’t know the dress code.”

Maggie’s eyes flicked to her door for a second. “Cuthbert gave you a hard time?” she asked.

“Cuthbert?” I asked.

“My PA. His name is Charles, but everyone calls him Cuthbert because of his manner. He’s very good at his job, and a sweetie once you get past his thorns. There’s no dress code. You’re a consultant, not an agent. What you have on is fine. I’d draw the line at ripped jeans and a T-shirt with profanity on it, but on the whole, as long as it’s tidy you are good.”

I stood up. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Maharishi,” I said, and he grinned before his face changed, and he nodded at me imperiously.

“I vill be in touch,” he said with a sudden Indian accent and a croaky voice.

I shook my head, smiling ruefully.

“I’ll come down to see you when you are finished,” said Maggie. “I want to hear your idea for training your Compulsion. You need the fourth floor. Take a left out of the elevator and look for Daniel Drey.”

I nodded and left her office, closing the door quietly behind me. I looked across at ‘Cuthbert’ and set myself the challenge of making him like me.

“Thank you,” I said pleasantly to him as I walked down the hall toward the elevator. I didn’t hear a response. I punched the button for the elevator and waited for it to arrive.

The fourth floor was much more enclosed than the top one. As soon as I stepped out of the elevator I was facing a noticeboard pinned on a wall, the corridor running left and right. I went left as instructed and walked down a hallway with pictures on the left wall and doors on the right. The doors were labeled ‘Interview 1,’ ‘Interview 2,’ etcetera.

At the end of the corridor, I came to an open-plan waiting area, where there was a young woman in ripped jeans and a t-shirt waiting. She looked at me and grinned.

“You here to get your mind read too?” she asked. I smiled at her.

“Just to observe,” I replied. “Is the pay good?”

She nodded, a small frown creasing her face. “It pays the bills. It was either this or medical research. Last time I did that I was sick for a week.”

“Well, I’m sure you won’t be unwell after this,” I said.

“Caleb?” The new voice came from behind me. I turned.

“Daniel?” I asked, and he nodded.

“We’re in there,” he said pointing to a room. He turned to address the girl. “Did you finish the forms?”

She handed him a clipboard that had been on the seat beside her. “Do you really think you will be able to read my mind?” she asked, a sudden worry crossing her face.

Daniel smiled. “It’s early days yet,” he said, “but anything we see or hear from you will be kept completely confidential, and, per the waiver that you definitely read thoroughly, we even guarantee that we will not prosecute any crimes we discover in this manner.”

“Guilty secrets, Miss Cavanaugh?” I asked with a grin, and her eyes widened.

“How did you know my name?” she asked.

“It’s on the top of the form,” Daniel said, laughing. I grinned at her.

“Asshole,” she grumbled at me, but she smiled too.

I followed Daniel into the room. Inside was a table with a chair on either side; it looked quite like a police interrogation room. There was a second chair back against the wall that had an armrest table like you get in lecture halls. There was a pad and pen on that armrest.

On the table were a number of cards, each of them with different words, colors, and symbols printed on them. There was a pad and a pen on the table too.

“The usual drill,” he said, “is that I will introduce you as an intern, observing the tests. Ostensibly, you will be here to learn about what we do. Take notes or don’t as it pleases you. I will run some standard tests on her while you do your thing. If you want me to do anything else, or ask a question, then I presume you can tell me that directly?”

“You don’t have power,” I said. It was an observation, not a question.

“Not many of us do,” he said. “In this office, only Maggie and Dianna have power. There are others scattered across the country. You guys are rarer than you think, and yet the douchebag power users seem to be crawling out of the woodwork. You don’t know how much of a relief it is to know that you have a power user at your back when you go up against a proper one. I’m not talking about your dumb wilds who are just fucking anything that moves; we can take them down easy, even if we have to drug up. I’m talking about real power users, who are trained and experienced. We can do it, but it puts us at risk, so, thanks.”

I didn’t know what to say to that. I could tell he was being genuine, and it validated my decision to return to the FBI. For the first time, I seemed to have found someone who wasn’t trying to work an angle.

I smiled at him. “Thanks,” I said, and took my seat.

Daniel opened the door again and invited Miss Cavanaugh in. They sat on opposite sides of the table.

“Okay,” Daniel said, “My name is Daniel Drey, and your friend over there is Caleb Stott. He is an intern with us, just observing. As you can see, there are no recording devices in the room, and the notepads are subject to all confidentiality clauses and waivers in those releases you signed. Moreover, you can request to see what is written on the pads at any time.”

That last bit seemed as much for me as for Miss Cavanaugh. I felt a sudden urge to jot down something entirely inappropriate, but it passed.

“I will be asking you a series of questions based on your answers to the questionnaire you completed online,” he explained. “I will then be showing you a series of cards, which I will not be able to see. I will be asking you to concentrate on them, and I will try and see if I can read those thoughts from your mind.”

“How often do you get it right?” she asked.

“Usually one in about fifteen,” he said, “which is about the result you’d get from random chance. If we get better results from you, then we may call you back for further testing.”

“Why exactly are you doing this?” she asked. It was a good question. I would have wanted to know that myself.

“There is some very sporadic and unreliable evidence that some of us are gifted with the ability to project our thoughts to others,” he said. “If we were to prove that to be the case, and we could find such people, then their talents could be very useful in law enforcement.”

“So, if I pass, I get a job offer?” she asked.

“Possibly,” he said.

“How many have been recruited that way?” she asked.

“None so far,” he said, “but since we are paying you one thousand dollars for an afternoon’s inconvenience, I guess anything else would be a bonus, yes?”

“I guess.”

“Shall we start?” he asked, and she nodded.

I gently extended my power and sent a tiny probe into her mind. I still felt uncomfortable doing it, but it was legal and sanctioned. I was playing along with the FBI on its home turf, rather than being a lone wolf and using my household for all my training needs. If nothing else, it would build trust, which would eventually let me see even more of what the FBI – and Maggie, in particular – was and wasn’t comfortable doing to Norms.

Daisy Cavanaugh was twenty two years old and living in a shared house with three other girls. She didn’t currently have a boyfriend, nor did she want one, but she did occasionally join one of the other girls for a threesome with their respective boyfriends, happy enough to be sucking cock or eating pussy. She was in her final semester at catering college. She was very nearly a chef.

I suppressed my grin as I began to ‘download’ everything she had learned. I imagined the surprise on Mary’s face when it turned out I’d learned how to boil water.

It took me the better part of an hour to take all her memories of her schooling. I wondered how long it would take me to assimilate all that learning, not to mention gain the associated muscle memory. There were, apparently, an awful lot of hot, sharp, and pointy objects in a proper kitchen that one needed to master.

By the time I was finished and my attention had returned to the room, Daisy was bored with the testing and wasn’t even trying. She kept glancing at me, and I realized that she was trying to figure out if I’d be good in bed. I gave her a sympathetic smile, and that was enough to cement her decision – not about whether I’d be any good, but about whether she’d make the offer.

I just couldn’t resist. On my blank notepad, I drew a tiny little heart on one of the margins. Someone might have even mistaken it for a blotch or a stray mark if they’d only glanced.

Daniel finished his tests and told her he was done.

“Can I see what you both wrote?” she asked.

Daniel handed her his pad, on which there were various notations about the accuracy of the tests. They were even worse than random. I passed my pad over; Daisy inspected it for a second longer than its almost-blank pages deserved, and I saw her try – and almost succeed – to suppress her reaction to my last-minute addition. When the pad came back to me, she had scribbled a telephone number on it.

I’d felt a little bad for her; her memories had told me that it had been a long time since she’d taken a real romantic risk. One tiny little heart on the margin of my notepad, and, instead of being a nervous wreck about offering her phone number, she was instead feeling a little confident, a little validated, and even a little horny. I didn’t need Telepathy to know any of that, either. Daisy’s poker face wasn’t great.

I made a little show of acting surprised, but pleasantly so. I memorized the number and caught her eye again. It was easy, because she’d been watching me the whole time, desperate to see my reaction. I gave her a subtle smile, and tried to make my eyes twinkle. Once again, she did her best to hide the little jolt of excitement, plus the relief afterwards. I briefly imagined how our first phone conversation might go. “So, full disclosure, I have four girlfriends, am involved with another couple on top of that, and of those, six of us live together and five of those are sexually active with each other. Care to come over and build your own sex sundae?”

Daisy headed out with a new spring in her step. I admired the rear-view until Daniel nudged me. “Do you want a coffee before the next one, Casanova?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said breezily, and we walked out together.

There was another guy in the waiting area. He was wearing a sports jacket and slacks. He, too, had a series of forms attached to a clipboard sitting next to him on a free chair. Considering he looked to be in his late teens, he dressed older.

Daniel and I each grabbed a coffee and took it back into the room, bringing the new guy with us.

His session went very much like Daisy’s, although I didn’t get anything useful from him. His father was an investment banker and had a lot of money, but they had argued, and his father had cut his allowance, telling him he needed to get a job. The studies and tests were an interim money earner, as he was positive his father would relent after a short while. The one thing I did get from him was that he was a complete dick. He sucked up to anyone with more money than ‘him’ – meaning his dad - and looked down on anyone he felt had less. His look toward me when I had been introduced had been contemptuous. I’d had to resist the temptation to exact some kind of retribution on him. At the end of our session, my notepad was full of curt little notes like “total failure” and “no discernible effect.” It was a little petty, but I got some satisfaction when he looked over them and huffed.

After he left, Daniel just asked, “Total dick?”

“Total dick,” I confirmed.

“Yeah, I must be psychic,” he said. We both had a chuckle, gave daddy’s boy a head start, then walked out to the waiting area again.

Our last session was with a young nerd. He was majoring in computer science, but had just started. He was barely old enough to be eligible for the test, and had had to get his parents’ permission. My glimpse into his mind was a sad journey. His confidence was low, mostly due to the pronounced stutter that he’d been completely unable to control during our introductions. That also meant that he had had no luck with girls. He wasn’t bad-looking - a bit skinny, but definitely not ugly - but hadn’t even so much as kissed a girl. He wasn’t gay, nor was he a bigot. Men just didn’t appeal to him. He had a crush on a girl in his class, and as far as he knew, she didn’t even know he existed. He had never plucked up the courage to talk to her, terrified that his stutter would make him unable to even get a full sentence out, never mind all the other reasons she’d surely reject him. He had been ridiculed all through high school for his disability, and it had left him quite damaged.

My thoughts on being a ‘hypnotherapist’ solidified.

After he left, Maggie came down to see us. “How did it go?” she asked.

“It went well,” I said. “I had no problems. They didn’t seem to notice me in there, and I am now very hungry. That shows I’ve pushed myself. I also started a four-year catering course.”

“Don’t fill your head up with crap,” she said. “Your brain needs time to assimilate all that stuff.”

“I remember Dianna saying the same when I asked why I needed to go to all my classes and couldn’t just download someone else’s memory.”

“See how much of it you remember after a week, and then you’ll see why.”

I was disappointed and wondered if I could do something about it. I had seen how messy my mind was when I’d gone in there during my exams. I’d read random tidbits online about people – Norms, I assumed – doing mental exercises and constructing memory palaces. I’d also seen it on The Mentalist, but I wouldn’t have put any stock in it just from a TV show. I put it on my ever-expanding powers-related to-do list. With all of my psychic powers, I was convinced there was a way to train up my brain.

“So,” Maggie said, breaking my train of thought, “what bright idea do you have about your Compulsion?”

“How about I become a hypnotherapist?” I suggested, getting right to it. “There are lots of students doing ‘alternative therapies’ - massage, aromatherapy, reiki, and such - as income generation. I checked, and you have to register, but all that takes is a police check and paying a fee. Then you can get a license. I could help people to lose weight, stop smoking, get over phobias, kick bad habits, all that stuff.”

“It’s not as straightforward as you think,” she said, “although it is a good idea. Weight loss and smoking cessation could be handled with Compulsion, but some of the other stuff you might come across may require deeper analysis, and you don’t have the training for that. You could hide symptoms without treating underlying causes, which could damage those you are trying to help.

“It would give you more opportunities to practice your mind reading also. You would need both to be really effective. That means that you would need to draft a very specific treatment waiver. Perhaps you might use wording like, ‘Information may be obtained directly from your subconscious mind.’ I’m for it with those caveats. Don’t forget also that Dianna is available; you could always consult with her. I am certain she would be up for helping, as long as it’s not every day.”

“Thanks,” I said. “I’ll put something together and let you take a look.”

She nodded, and then looked at her watch.

“It’s nearly six,” she said. “Time you weren’t here.”

It was nearly seven by the time I got home, and I was very hungry. Mary cooked for expediency’s sake, and I filled them in on all of my training. I didn’t mention downloading the chef’s memories. I wanted that to be a surprise if I got to keep them.

I had to show them the memory of me being told I had to play at least an hour of computer games a night before they would believe me.

I opted for World of Warcraft. Since it had been so long since I played, I had forgotten how. I decided to start a whole new character. The game wasn’t nearly as much fun as I’d remembered it being. After an hour, I was bored and was glad to log out. The fact that I’d only collected seventeen out of twenty boar tusks for some unreasonably-chipper gnome did nothing to tempt me to keep playing.

At ten, I went to bed. I wanted to get back into my training routine in the morning, but there was so much running through my mind that at first, I couldn’t sleep. To pass the time, I decided to see if I could do a little ‘tidying’ of my mind, so I turned my focus inward.

It was no less messy than the last time I’d looked - more so, in fact. It looked like someone had backed up a refuse truck and dumped a load of garbage in there. I realized that that was almost exactly what I had done in downloading Daisy’s memories.

I took a tour, finding nothing labeled and no handy signposts, but I did notice that every so often, some of the litter would move - almost of its own accord. It appeared that there was some order in my mind, even though I hadn’t perceived it before. All the data was in a queue, and every so often, the piece at the head of the queue would float off to somewhere else.

I waited for the next bit to move and followed.

It was a long walk down long and dusty corridors. I wondered at the imagery. Given my generation, I would have thought it would be more hi-tech, but it wasn’t.

Eventually, I found the destination, but again, there was no labeling, nor could I discern the filing structure being used. I supposed I could manually drag everything down to wherever I was – long-term memory was my best guess - but I worried I might end up scrambling my own brain.

I went back to my short-term memory and tried to get a better idea of what was going on.

I started looking through the information in that area. Mixed in with the valuable stuff, there was a lot of crap. In all the memories I got from Daisy it was the same; there were blocks of training, but mixed in were memories from when her mind had wandered, or something distracting had taken her attention for a moment.

I started to move stuff around. Things I didn’t care about, I pulled out of the queue. They floated to the back of the line on their own. Apparently, total deletion would require more effort.

I noticed as I was moving stuff that, as the important information like the catering college training was condensed, it was moved in bigger batches. I guessed that whatever data engine was doing the filing was scanning the data, and when it saw a memory that was not linked to the last one, it would parcel the previous memories up and send it to storage. My interference, however, seemed to send a signal that the newly-joined memories were in fact supposed to be linked. I made a note of that; it was very convenient for bunching a training montage together, but I already had a vague sense that that kind of override could cause problems if I wasn’t careful.

I decided to focus exclusively on Daisy’s school memories for that very reason, and spent a long time picking out all the random stuff and throwing it to the back of the queue. By the time I was tired and ready to sleep, the data was being filed in huge chunks with very few interruptions. I’d caught most of the errant thoughts, but not all of them. I also estimated that I had assimilated over a third of the learning I had taken from Daisy into long-term memory, which seemed incredibly fast. As exhausted as I was, I let the ‘useless’ information linger at the back of the queue for the time being. I left my own mind with my sense of accomplishment tinged with a curious fatalism: if I’d caused myself new problems by tinkering with my own mind, I supposed I’d just find out in due time.

I ‘woke’ to find all the girls in bed around me, asleep. I checked my watch. I had been in there for six hours. It was almost time for me to get up, and I was starving.

I went into the kitchen and looked around for something to eat. We had eggs and flour and milk, and before long I had made a stack of pancakes. I fried up some bacon to go with, and had maple syrup on the side.

After I had finished, I cleaned up and went out into the yard for an hour of martial arts training. That was going to be it, though, because I wanted to get back to organizing my memories. If my tinkering worked out, as it seemed to be doing, it would revolutionize my learning.

After an hour, I went back into the house and took a shower. Then I decided to show off, and made pancakes and bacon for the girls, as well as some extra for me. I also started to jot down some ingredients on a pad that I thought we should buy.

I took the tray into the bedroom at just after six. Mary woke up as I entered.

“I made you some breakfast,” I said. She looked at me as if I had grown an extra head, then nudged Amanda.

Amanda waking up woke Jules, who was not really a morning person. The smell of bacon, though, brought her around.

“You went out for breakfast?” Jules asked as she tucked in. “These don’t taste like the ones from the diner. They are usually greasier.”

“They cook them in a deep fat fryer in the diner,” I said, “I pan-fried those.”

If I had said aliens had beamed down and cooked them, I think they would have been less amazed.

“You cooked these?” Mary said. “You? Caleb Stott? The man who manages to burn water?”

“You said I should learn to cook,” I said. I was going to go into detail about downloading a recipe off the internet, but I knew my aura would give me away, so I shut up.

Amanda came over and kissed my cheek. “Thank you. It was wonderful.”

After breakfast I sat down on the couch, intending to sort out more memories, but since I had been awake all night, I no sooner sat down than I fell asleep.

But then I dreamed.

And in my dream, I continued to sort.

They do say that dreaming is the brain’s way of sorting out the day’s events and moving stuff into long-term storage. Apparently, in my case at least, that was true.

I woke with a crick in my neck, and hungry. I looked at my watch. I had slept for six hours. It was just after one in the afternoon. I looked around the house, but all the girls had gone out. I didn’t know where.

“Hey you,” I sent to Jules, “where you at?”

“Well look who finally woke up,” she sent back. “Looks like all that cooking really took it out of you. Since you were out of it, the girls and I decided to go for a spa day. Mani-pedi, facial, massage, the whole nine. We should be back at about four. Unless you want to try cooking something else exotic, I was going to take us all out to dinner.”

“Sounds good,” I sent. “Enjoy your pampering, but remember to keep your eyes closed when he gives you the facial.”

“Perv.” I felt her amusement, and then amusement and some arousal from the other girls when she obviously shared our conversation. It looked like I wasn’t the only perv.

I went into the kitchen to find something else to eat, and decided to whip up a quick stir fry. There was chicken in the fridge, and all the vegetables I would need. The knife felt clumsy and dull in my hands, and I remembered that, despite my assimilating some of the memories, I still needed to practice the motor skills. I sharpened the knife until it was satisfactory, and decided I needed to get some proper chef’s knives. The sharpening did actually help, although I was still painfully aware of how inept I was with the tools that I intellectually knew how to use. It had been much the same with my martial arts training. Learning so quickly that the body gets left behind produces a unique type of frustration.

The stir fry was a little bland. We didn’t have anywhere near enough herbs and spices. I added several more items to the list, and decided to go shopping.

I drove to the mall and went into a kitchen store, looking for some proper knives. My original thought was to get some Sabatier, which was what Daisy had been using, but then I decided that since I had enough money, I would get the best ones available. I bought two sets of Zwilling pro knives. They cost me nearly two thousand dollars, but they were worth it. Then I went food shopping again.

I got home just before three and decided to spend an hour or so filing some more memories, but when I got in there, my short-term memory was almost empty. There was a small amount of stuff that when I looked at it, was from today – knives I had looked at and whatnot. All the catering memories were gone, as were all the martial arts memories that James had dumped, and that I had still been assimilating. Either I had screwed up royally and lost everything - which I’ll admit was my first thought - or, for some reason, I had inadvertently trained my brain in a much faster way of assimilating memories.

I decided to get my hour of computer gaming out of the way, and so I was still killing kobolds when the girls came back an hour later.

“Working hard, I see,” said Mary as she walked through the door.

“It’s a tough job,” I responded, “but someone’s got to do it.”

She laughed.

“Did you enjoy your facials?” I asked, and Amanda giggled while Jules just shook her head.

“What’s all this?” asked Mary, going into the kitchen. “You went shopping again?”

“There were some things we didn’t have,” I said.

She looked at me. “You’re holding something back,” she said. “Spill.”

“After dinner,” I said. “Unless you are dead set on going out, I was planning to cook.”

The girls all looked at each other. I felt curiosity through the bond.

“Okay then,” said Jules. “We can always call for pizza if it’s a disaster. Where are Josh and Louise?”

“Haven’t seen them all day,” I said.

“I think they went to Josh’s parents for the last few days of the holidays,” said Amanda.

I told the girls about my idea regarding hypnotherapy, and how Maggie had signed off on it with some caveats. They thought it was a good idea. Jules echoed Maggie’s sentiment that it would present an advanced challenge: using most, or even all, of my powers together to get from Point A to Point B.

“Simple outcomes aren’t always so simple,” she said, “or simple to achieve. That’s engineering, right there. Then, if you’ve got end users, you have to make it simple on the front end, too – and that’s its own set of challenges.”

Jules felt the wave of admiration from the twins, and from me. I could tell she liked it, but also that it made her a little uncomfortable.

“What?” she asked piquantly.

“The wisdom of nerds,” Amanda said breezily, and gave her a loving hug and a kiss on the forehead.

“Oh, shut it,” Jules said, but I saw her squeezing Amanda right back. Amanda most definitely felt her doing it. The good feelings through the bond were as light and easy as Amanda’s words had been, and it made me smile.

I went online and filled in the forms to register with the state. It was mostly about extracting a fee; there wasn’t anything that said you actually had to know what you were doing. You just had not to be on any sex offenders list and not have any felony convictions. We then spent a couple of hours brainstorming and writing out the waiver that Maggie had suggested. Once we completed it, I emailed it to her for her opinion.

Then it was time for dinner.

Having good knives made a lot of difference. I still had to go slowly, but the knives just glided through everything I needed to cut. There was no resistance at all.

I worked methodically, peeling and slicing vegetables, browning the meat, and then creating the sauce with garlic, tomato, herbs, and spices. When it tasted as I thought it should, I layered potato, aubergine, and the red sauce in a dish. I whipped up a Bechamel sauce which I poured over the top, then sprinkled a layer of grated cheese on top of that. I put it in the oven to bake while I started cleaning up. I didn’t want anyone else washing my knives, as they were razor-sharp.

“When did you get these?” asked Jules, picking up one of the knives.

“Be careful,” I said. “They are incredibly sharp. I bought them today.”

“Why two sets?” she asked, seeing the others still in their packaging.

“I’ll explain later,” I said.

Half an hour later, I dressed a quick mixed-leaf salad with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar and then plated up the meal.

“What’s this?” asked Jules. “Lasagne?”

“Similar, I guess,” I said. “It’s a Greek dish called Moussaka. It’s made it with lamb instead of beef, and layered with vegetables instead of pasta. Aubergine and potato.”

The Moussaka was a big hit. There were moans and groans of pleasure as they dug in, and soon enough I was presented with three completely clean plates.

“That was amazing,” said Mary, “so come on, spill. Yesterday you couldn’t boil an egg, and today you’re MasterChef. What gives?”

I finally revealed the secret. It was a strange feeling. I felt proud of what I’d accomplished, but also like a cheater. Neither felt completely fair.

“You took a whole four years of college in an hour?” asked Jules. “I thought Dianna told you that wasn’t possible.”

“It isn’t,” said Mary. “The memories would just muddle up and overwrite each other.”

“Well, you guys remember that whole thing with the exams, right?” I asked, and they nodded.

I then went on to explain what I had done on my second and subsequent visits to the inside of my own brain, complete with how my dreams had taken me back there, and how my mind seemed to have become more efficient on its own.

“Hrm,” said Mary. “I don’t know. It sounds like you’d still need to be involved so that your brain knows what’s an interruption and what isn’t.”

“Not necessarily,” said Jules. “It’s still his brain. The dividing line between ‘Caleb’ and ‘Caleb’s brain’ isn’t nearly as clear as these mental images are making it out to be. I wouldn’t be surprised if his subconscious is working to separate out the good stuff from the junk.”

Amanda caught my eyes. I tuned in to her thoughts. “Don’t tell Jules,” she sent to me all of a sudden.

I sent her back a confused nudge.

“Her getting all nerdy about powers and stuff makes me horny,” she sent. “Don’t tell her. I don’t want her to feel bad or weird or anything.”

I looked closer at Amanda’s aura. Sure enough, there were streaks of purple in it, swirling about with a bunch of other colors.

“Say it with love instead of horny,” I sent back with a smile. “She appreciates it. Maybe later, in private, though.”

Amanda smiled back. She covered up our secret conversation rather deftly by taking a tiny extra portion on her plate and savoring it.

The exchange had only taken a second or two, so I turned my attention back to the out-loud conversation, confident I hadn’t missed anything vital. “I do still have to develop the muscle memory,” I said, “but other than that, I appear to be a trained chef.”

“You have to cook that for Ness on her birthday,” said Jules. “She’ll orgasm just tasting it.”

“That was the wrong thing to say,” said Mary with a grin. “Now all she’ll get is KFC.”

“So why two sets of knives?” asked Jules. “Do they wear out quickly or something?”

“One was for me,” I said, “and I thought Ness would like a set if she is going to train to be a chef. They can be her christmas present. I was going to buy a third set for Daisy, since I stole all I know from her, but something told me that that would look really weird.”

“Uh, yeah,” Jules said. “’Oh hi, person I met for an hour! I’m not supposed to know anything about you except your name, but here’s a super expensive gift that’s literally perfect for you. Anyway, can I make a rug from your skin?’”

“Yeah, something like that,” I said wryly.

“Were you planning on seeing her again?” asked Mary.

“Well,” I said, “she did give me her number.”

“You didn’t mention that,” said Amanda. “What’s she like?”

I shared the image of Daisy with them, and both twins looked intrigued.

“A redhead,” said Mary. “They are supposed to be fiery.”

“Perhaps we could invite her over,” said Amanda. “If Josh and Louise are not back until the weekend, then maybe tomorrow night?”

I thought back to what else I had picked up from reading her mind. “She works as a barista during the day and is working tomorrow. She works weekends in a restaurant, but has been supplementing her income during the holidays.”

“Why don’t we stop in and see her tomorrow?” suggested Jules. “Then you guys can invite her over tomorrow night.”

“Would you not mind?” I asked Jules. “A stranger in the bedroom?”

She shook her head. “I know you won’t let anything happen to me. If she freaks out, I can always go do some work in my room. Speaking of stalker vibes, though, you should call or text her tonight and wheedle her work info out of her somehow.”

I shook my head, mentally reprimanding myself. Using information I’d gathered thanks to Compulsion and Telepathy seemed to be a blind spot for me. I needed to be much more careful about that. It was a good thing that there was someone sensible to pick up on that for me.

I pulled out my phone and sent a text to Daisy.

_Hey, its Caleb remember me?

_Hey Mr. FBI – How are you.

_I’m good thanks, I needed to talk to you, but not over the phone. Are you around tomorrow?

_I’m working.

_Would it be possible to meet?

_Sure, It’s the coffee shop on Fifth – I’ll be there until four.

_Great, look forward to seeing you then.

She didn’t respond to that.

That done, we sat and chatted some more for the rest of the evening until I decided I needed to go to bed. I wasn’t tired, but I wanted to get back into my routine. I was probably going to need help sleeping.

“I’m going to bed,” I said, and immediately Amanda stood up.

“Want some company?” she asked.

“Always,” I said.

I got hugs and goodnight kisses from Mary and Jules, and Amanda took my hand and led me to the bedroom. Wasting no time, she moved in to kiss me and began removing my clothes. My hands weren’t idle either, and in no time at all, we were both naked. I kissed her again, and although she held my kiss, she gently pushed down on my shoulders, letting me know what she wanted. I was more than willing to provide.

I moved down her body, trailing her contours as usual with hands, lips, tongue and occasionally teeth. I spent a few minutes worshipping her breasts, but once again the gentle pressure on my shoulders told me what she needed, and I continued down her body. She certainly didn’t complain when my TK took over up top, though.

When I reached her pussy, she spread her legs and thrust forward. I got a fleeting image of Mary suspended in mid-air in the living room while I feasted on her pussy, and so I obliged, using my TK to gently lift and spread her legs, supporting her entirely and laying her wide open to my questing tongue and fingers.

My tongue wandered a slow path from her pussy up to her clit and back down. I traced the outline of her lips and she moaned. I repeated the process, this time sucking her lips into my mouth a little before once again drawing their outline with the tip of my tongue. On the next pass, I split her lips and ran my tongue the length of her slit, stopping just short of her nub. Amanda whined, tilting her hips slightly trying to bring her button into contact with that hot, powerful muscle. I moved back down, and this time took a broad sweep with the flat of my tongue all the way from just above her asshole before swirling its tip around her happy button.

She squeaked and began to gyrate her hips. It seemed she wasn’t looking for a long session. She just wanted to get off, and so I went along. I slid my tongue into her pussy and thrust it as deeply as possible. Not satisfied, though, I used my power to push even deeper than that. Once I’d given her entire channel some pleasant pressure, I let my power settle into a steady rhythm on her G-spot, tickling and massaging it by turns, just like I imagined my real tongue might.

Then I moved down and began to rim her. She was always and ever my anal girl, and of course I remembered that she got just as much pleasure – or sometimes even more – from getting rimmed as from getting eaten out. She moaned, and once again, I let another TK tongue take over that duty, swirling around her asshole before pushing in deeper than any human tongue could reach, and then pulling back out to lap around her rim again.

That left me free to concentrate on her little bean, and I began to pay it some serious attention. I lapped and nibbled at it, and then sucked it between my lips as if it were a tiny cock. I could feel Amanda’s orgasm approaching. Thanks to my TK, she was getting quintuple tongue attention: nipple, nipple, G-spot, asshole, and then the real thing on her clit. She grabbed my head and began grinding her pussy into my face, tilting her hips to force me to lick up and down her entire drooling twat. Faster and faster she ground into me, her breathing becoming heavy and ragged, until finally she peaked. Just as I had done with Mary, I placed my mouth directly over her opening and caught a mouthful of her cum as she exploded.

She didn’t come nearly as much as Mary - she hadn’t had the buildup - but there was still plenty, and so, adding a fifth TK tongue to the mix and keeping all the stimulation going, I stood, leaning forward. I heard her whispering, “Please, yes please, yes, please,” as I brought my lips to hers and fed her her cum.

She thrust her tongue into my mouth and growled as I felt another jet of her cum splatter across my midriff, soaking my rampant erection. Amanda crossed her legs behind me and pulled me, forcing me inside of her and groaning again as my sudden penetration of her still-spasming tunnel prolonged her orgasm.

She didn’t move, but just held me inside her while she searched out the remains of her cum with her tongue. Then she released me and gently pushed me away, letting me know she wanted me to put her down.

I lowered her to the floor, and, as Mary had done, she immediately moved to her knees. In a single thrust, she enveloped my cock all the way down her throat. She was on a mission to make me cum, and I wasn’t in the mood to argue. She placed my hands on her head and hers on my ass and began thrusting me deep into her throat, fucking her own pretty mouth with my cock until I got the message and took over. She gagged and choked, yet still pushed deeper, swallowing around my rampant flesh and urging me to fuck her completely. I could feel my balls tightening, and I gave in to her silent demands. I grabbed her head in earnest and started thrusting faster. I got an image of what she wanted, and I smiled a little, but had no problems with giving it to her.

Faster and faster, I slammed into her throat, and harder and harder she pulled me into her, gasping breaths between thrusts and gulping down some of my pre-cum while the rest drooled from her lips.

Finally I was ready, and, just as I was about to cum, I pulled back. Amanda looked up and fixed me with her golden gaze, and with that glance told me to go ahead. My first thick rope of cum landed directly on her tongue, but then she closed her mouth, clearly wanting me to shoot my spunk all over her face. She closed her eyes, too, but didn’t flinch as the second rope laid across her left eye and cheek, the tail end dangling from her chin, the third creating an almost mirror image on her right. Three more thick shots of cum landed on that beautiful upturned face, covering her nose and lips until finally I was drained. Amanda reached up, eyes still closed, and grabbed my cock, milking the last few drops onto her fingers, and then began massaging my semen into her face. Within a few minutes, she had rubbed the streaks of cum into her skin. She opened her eyes and leaned forward, taking my softening cock into her mouth and cleaning it with her tongue. Then she stood and kissed me.

Her lips were still sticky, and I could taste my cum, but her kiss was gentle and loving.

We broke the kiss, and she led me to the bed, encouraging me to lie down before curling up behind me. For once, I was the little spoon, and it felt both strange and comforting to have her there. She pulled me back into her, pressing her still-steamy groin against my butt.

“I liked going to the spa,” she whispered in my ear, “but you give a much better facial.”


My bladder alarm clock appeared to be working again, as it woke me on the dot of four. I felt amazing. I realized that all the time I had been reorganizing my memories, I had been training my Telepathy. Vince Wragge had said that if I trained my TK, my other powers would improve. He said something about Psi presence. It appeared that training any power helped improve the others, although not as much as training them directly would.

I slipped out of bed and attended to my morning routine before going out onto the deck to practice my martial arts.

I flew through every kata that James knew; there were some stumbles, but I knew that, if I followed my normal routine, by the end of the month I would have them all down. My practice was interrupted when I felt something from Jules.

“Caleb,” she sent. I didn’t even bother replying. I knew what the problem was, and reached inside to block her pain once again. I locked it off for three days.

“Thank you,” she sent sleepily.

“Always,” I returned.

I continued to train until the girls woke up. Jules came out onto the deck, bringing me some fruit juice and a cup of coffee.

She placed them on the table and came over to give me a hug.

“Thank you,” she said.

“You already thanked me,” I said, “and it wasn’t necessary then. I love you, and never want to see you in pain.”

She pressed against me and then sniffed. I waited for her to tell me that I smelled bad. She didn’t seem to like my odor when I had been training.

“Pheromones,” she said.

“What?” I asked, confused.

“I just figured it out,” she said. “It has to be pheromones.”

“What does?”

“Normally,” she said, “when you have been training, or after you have sex, you give off an odor, which - and please don’t take this the wrong way - is unpleasant to me. Now I can smell it, and it kind of smells the same, but it’s not unpleasant. In fact, it’s quite attractive. So why, today, do I find the smell attractive, when yesterday I didn’t? The only difference is I’m on my period, which is when my sex drive suddenly switches on.”

“I thought that was after,” I said.

“I thought so too,” she said. “Don’t forget that prior to you, most of my period was spent in moderate to severe pain. Maybe I would have been horny for the entire time if my insides hadn’t been twisting in knots.”

I put my arm around her, and she snuggled in.

“So, anyway,” she continued, “the only reason I would dislike a smell when my libido is switched off, and yet like it when it’s on, is because I’m smelling pheromones. You sweat them out, and I either like or dislike it depending on my cycle.”

“Does that change anything?” I asked.

“Not really,” she said, “but it’s interesting, and it explains why I found your odor offensive at times. Normally you smell nice; it’s just when you are sweaty. I never really considered it, but now I feel bad. It’s pretty hurtful to tell a person you love that they stink all the time. I’m sorry.”

I laughed.

“One of the things I love about you,” I said, “is that you tell it as it is. I was never hurt when you said I smelled. Every time, there was a reason, and I was due a shower anyway. Like now. I’m going to go shower and then I’ll make breakfast.”

“In a minute,” she said burying her face in my chest and inhaling deeply. She shuddered and moaned, inhaling again.

“Oh fuck!” she said. I felt her grinding her pussy against me as she took another long, deep sniff. Then she stiffened and gave a little squeak. She held tightly to me for a moment and then relaxed.

“Wow,” I said as she looked up at me, her face flaming. “Did you just…”

She went to bury her face in my chest again, this time in embarrassment, but I put my fingers under her chin and brought her lips to mine. I kissed her, trying to replicate her halfway kiss from the first time we’d engaged sexually. My tongue gently explored her mouth, and she relaxed and reciprocated. After a few minutes, we broke off.

“That was intense,” I said.

She was still blushing, but not as hotly as before. “I have never done anything like that before,” she said. “I don’t know what happened. I’m sorry.”

“My god no!” I said. “Don’t apologize. It was insanely hot. Besides, do you know how good for my ego it is that the mere scent of me gets you off?”

She smiled shyly.

“It also might mean that your window of opportunity is wider than you originally thought,” I said.

“Four or five days instead of one or two,” she agreed. “I guess I was in so much pain before I didn’t notice the horny.”

“The girls will be happy,” I said.

“But…” she began. I could see the thought of anyone going near her while she was on her period felt strange. She thought they would be disgusted.

“Well, if nothing else, we can share with you,” I said. “That’s a non-contact sport. Besides, there are other fun areas for us to explore. Amanda, I’m sure, would be up for a little exploration.”

Jules’s eyes went wide as my meaning sunk in. “I...” she began.

“Nobody is going to do anything that you don’t want them to,” I said. “You felt it through the bond though, that first time we shared. It seems to me that it’s the thought of it rather than the feeling that is uncomfortable for you. We love you, and will do as much or as little as you are comfortable with.”

She sniffed again. “Go get a shower,” she said. “Otherwise, I’m going to be spending the day humping you like a bitch in heat.”

“I can think of worse ways to spend the day,” I said, and she grinned before turning me around and swatting me on the ass.

“Go,” she said again.

I snagged my cup of now-cool coffee on the way and drank it as I walked into the kitchen. Mary and Amanda were sitting at the table, each with a cup of coffee. They were apparently waiting for me to make breakfast.

“Why am I sensing ‘horny’ from Jules?” asked Mary as I walked in. I sent them both the memory. Amanda grinned so widely I was seriously worried the top of her head would separate.

“I think she is worried about being ‘dirty’ while she is on her period,” I said.

Mary smiled softly. “A lot of girls think that way,” she said. “We’ll talk to her.”

I was about to tell her to be gentle with Jules, but then I stopped myself. They both loved her as much as I did. They didn’t need me to tell them that. I think Mary saw my train of thought in my aura, because she came over and kissed my cheek.

“Thank you,” she said. Then she sniffed. “You know…” she began, and I laughed.

“I’m going for a shower,” I said. “It’s terrible being objectified in such a way.”

Both girls laughed as I left the kitchen.

After my shower, I made waffles and bacon, which all the girls seemed to enjoy. I know I certainly did.

An hour later, I walked into the coffee shop where Daisy worked. I saw her eyes light up when she recognized me, and then her face fell a little when she saw the three girls who followed me. The girls went and sat at a table, and I approached the counter.

“Hi,” I said.

She smiled wryly. “Hi.”

“I wanted to see you face to face,” I said. “My life is kind of complicated.”

“Are those your…” she fished.

“Girlfriends,” I said with a smile.

“All of them?” she asked. “You have three girlfriends, including a pair of hot twins?”

“Four, actually,” I said.

“I can see why you didn’t want to call,” she sighed. “What can I get you?”

“I didn’t call,” I said, “because I wanted all of us to come, so that you could see all of us in person.”

It took her a minute. I let her get there, then continued.

“I got the sense that you are not looking for a relationship,” I said, “and yet you gave me your number. I figured you might be looking for something a little less committed. Perhaps just to play for a little while?”

All the pieces fell in place. I saw it happening. I didn’t need to be a mind reader to understand her reaction, but since I was, I heard, “Oh fuck, that‘s so hot,” running through her mind.

Her colleague came back behind the counter, and I gave Daisy my order. She told me to take a seat and that she would bring the drinks over. I went and sat down.

“What did she say?” asked Amanda and I sent the three of them my memory of the conversation, including what I had heard from Daisy. Amanda and Mary both smiled. Jules was watching Daisy.

“She is cute,” she said, and I grinned.

“Wow,” I said, “looking to trade up?”

Jules looked at me with a horrified expression on her face. “No, Caleb, I…”

I felt Amanda’s power flex and love and reassurance washed over Jules. She relaxed.

“We love you, Kitten,” I sent. “You can look, and even play, whenever you want - either with us or on your own, as long as you are happy. Just make sure you always come back to us.”

“I love you all too,” she returned, “and I would never want to play without you.”

Daisy brought the drinks over. She sat down beside us, holding a drink of her own.

“I took my break,” she said. “I hope you don’t mind me joining you.”

“That was kind of the point of us coming here,” said Jules, smiling. “Hi, I’m Jules, and those two gorgeous girls over there are Mary and Amanda.”

The twins smiled at her. “Hi Daisy,” they said in unison. Daisy shivered.

“Guys,” said Jules with a mock-exasperated tone, “Enough with ‘The Shining’ thing. It freaks people out.”

Mary grinned and Amanda laughed.

Jules turned to Daisy. “Sorry about that,” she said. “They like to do that with people they just met.”

“It was actually a bit sexy,” admitted Daisy, and I caught an image of her being double-teamed by the twins as it flashed through her mind.

“You and I have something in common,” I said. “I read in your form that you are training to be a chef. I haven’t trained, but I love to cook. Why not come over and let’s see if we can cook something up in the kitchen for the girls?”

Her eyes brightened as I tweaked her passion. Her mind immediately turned to food.

“What did you have in mind?” she asked.

“Nothing too taxing,” I said. “Perhaps a rack of lamb, with rosemary potatoes, roasted vegetables, and a red wine jus.”

“Maybe a Crème Brûlée to finish?” she said, planning a menu in her head. “What about to start?”

“Pan-fried scallops,” I began.

“With a lemon and garlic sauce,” she said, completing the thought.

She looked at me, her eyes bright. Right then, she was far more excited about the cooking than anything that might happen after.

“When?” she asked.

“I was hoping tonight,” I said.

She looked at her watch.

“I finish at four,” she said. “It’ll take me an hour to get home and showered. Depending on where you live I can be at yours for six. Dinner at eight?”

“Sounds good,” I said. “We’ll go shopping and make sure we have everything we need.”

“Shall I bring my knives, or do you have something decent I can use?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “I bought some that were recommended, but if yours are better…”

“What did you buy?” she asked with professional interest. I heard her thinking that I’d probably bought some dodgy, gimmicky ceramic crap.

“Zwilling pro?” I offered. “I read they were good.”

She grinned.

“They’ll do,” she said. She had been allowed to use them once at a restaurant she had spent a day at on a work-experience outing. They were well out of her price range, but they had been excellent to use, making her own Sabatier knives, which were pretty good themselves, look poor.

Daisy went to stand up and Amanda put her hand on her arm.

“No pressure,” she said, “but you might want to bring an overnight bag.”

Daisy flushed but then nodded. “Text me your address,” she said, then pulled her phone from her pocket and took a picture of us all.

“I’ll be leaving that and your address with my housemates,” she said. “So, if I disappear…”

She finished her drink and stood. Her face was still flushed. “I’ll see you later,” she promised before heading back to work.

We, in turn, finished our drinks, bussed our tray, and went shopping.

It took a good couple of hours to get everything we needed. We had to go to the kitchen supply store for some more equipment, including a blowtorch for the Brûlée, and then to several stores to get all the ingredients for the meal. I also got some condoms, in case Daisy was a safety girl.

It suddenly occurred to me that I’d been getting a little free with my cash. I knew I had the FBI’s three thousand per month coming in, along with my allowance and the money that Josh and Louise were paying for rent, but the expenses had been piling up. I checked my balance and found I was down to forty thousand and change, and my FBI pay had already come in.

“Something the matter?” asked Jules, seeing me make a face.

“No,” I said. “I just need to be a little less free with my money. I’m burning through that cash that Pops gave me. I still have a chunk left, but I need to get a handle on it before it becomes a problem.”

She smiled but said nothing.

When we got back to the house, I made us all a light lunch. We were sitting and eating when the front door opened, and an older woman walked in.

We all stared at her, and she at us. Then she smiled.

“Maid service,” she said. “I come twice a week to clean. Sorry, I didn’t know you would be home; I would have knocked.”

I had completely forgotten we even had a cleaning service, although I shouldn’t have. We kept the place tidy, but none of us really cleaned, vacuumed, or dusted, and yet the place stayed nice. It hadn’t occurred to me that someone was still coming in, and this was the first time we had ever been home when she’d come.

“Sorry,” I said. “We are still on break.”

She laughed. “You don’t have to apologize for being in your own home,” she said. “Is this inconvenient?”

“No, not at all,” I said. “We were just having lunch. Can I get you something?”

She laughed again. “I’m fine, thanks. I’ll just crack on if that’s okay, and then get out of your hair. It usually takes me about two hours. You guys keep this place pretty tidy, so it’s not too hard.”

“Sure,” I said. “By the way, I’m Caleb, that’s Mary, Amanda, and Jules.”

“Denise,” she replied. “Nice to meet you.”

We finished our lunch while Denise bustled around, and then we went out on the deck to get out of her way. I made coffee, and she accepted a cup when offered.

Sometime later, she poked her head out from the kitchen.

“I’m all done,” she said. “I’ll be here Tuesday.”

“We’re back in uni then,” I said, “so we won’t be in your way.”

“Okay then,” she said. “Take care.” She bustled out; she just had the way about her. She was a bustler, and it was strangely comforting. A minute later I heard the front door close.

I decided to get my ‘required’ computer gaming out of the way. I had to admit I was starting to get back into it. In another life, it would have been easy to get addicted and waste giant chunks of my life rescuing elves and running errands for dwarves. It was almost entirely for the better, I judged, that I had a lot of other stuff going on.

After another hour of burning HUD bars into my brain, we got ready for the night. By six, we were all showered and dressed, excited for the evening’s entertainment.

Daisy was right on time, but she had someone with her.

“This is Ross,” she explained. “He dropped me off. I don’t have a car.”

I looked up at him, and I did have to look up. Despite my being six-one, he had easily half a foot on me. He wasn’t merely tall. He was built like Arnie in his prime.

I grinned. “Good to meet you,” I said, shaking his hand. I turned to Daisy. “Let me guess – your housemate sent Ross here as a warning? Anything happens to Daisy, and he knows where we live?”

I heard from both their minds that that was exactly right. When Daisy had told her housemate where she was going, the housemate had gone ballistic, saying that she could be delivering herself into any situation. For all she knew, we could be white slavers or some cult. To keep the peace, Ross had volunteered to come and check us out.

Ross denied it, though. “I’m just the driver,” he said.

“Come in,” I said. “The girls will be happy to meet you.”

He looked at Daisy before declining. “No thanks,” he said. “I have to get back. Nice to meet you, though.”

“You too,” I said. “Maybe next time?”

He grinned. “Who knows?” he said, then turned and went back to his car.

“Sorry about that,” said Daisy. “They can be a bit overprotective.”

“Never apologize for people who are looking out for you,” I said before leading her into the house.

The three girls stood as we entered the room, each coming over to embrace Daisy, as you would on meeting a friend at a party. They were keeping it low-key for the moment. We all sensed her nervousness and were giving her time to settle.

“Did we get everything we need?” she asked, eager to start the cooking.

I indicated the kitchen, and she went in and began looking around, checking out the oven and stovetop before looking at the ingredients that I had laid out on one of the work surfaces just prior to her arrival.

She nodded in approval. “Looks good,” she said.

“Shall we?” I asked, handing her an apron, and she grinned.

“Let’s,” she said, and we began to cook.

She watched me as I began to slice some garlic for the sauce in the first course.

“Your technique is good,” she said. “Speed will come with practice. Don’t try and force it, otherwise with these bad boys you will lose a finger.” She nodded towards my knives.

She then demonstrated her knife skills, which were much better than mine.

I let her run the kitchen, following her instructions, and in a very short time, we had the first course ready to go.

The meal was going to be a bit spread out, since the chefs who would normally be working on the entrée while the first course was being eaten were going to be eating too. But that was fine.

The girls loved the scallops and made many appreciative noises as they ate.


“That was amazing,” said Mary as she finished the last bite of her Crème Brûlée. The other girls agreed.

It took less time than you would think for the five of us to clean up after the meal. We loaded all the dishes into the dishwasher, although Daisy insisted on cleaning the knives by hand.

“I’m sure you know,” she said, “but don’t ever put these in a dishwasher. It kills the edge.” After she cleaned them, she sharpened them again and returned them to the roll they were kept in. She rolled it up and handed it to me a little wistfully.

We joined the other three girls in the living room. We’d barely left the kitchen when Jules came up to me and kissed me in a very un-Jules-like manner.

“Thank you for a wonderful meal,” she said.

Daisy looked on, her eyes a little wide, but I could sense her arousal.

Jules turned to her, “Can I thank you too?” she asked.

For a second Daisy stood still, looking a little like a deer in headlights, but then she gave a small nod.

Jules approached her slowly and gently cupped her cheek, before drawing her in for a kiss.

I knew how good Jules was at kissing. Given her experience, her kisses were amazing, and she was demonstrating all of those skills for, and on, our guest. She released Daisy with a last gentle peck to her lips.

“Thank you,” she said.

While Jules was ‘thanking’ Daisy, Mary had come to thank me, and once Jules had released Daisy, she also asked permission to express her gratitude.

By the time Amanda had finished thanking her, Daisy had almost melted. It was my turn.

As Amanda released her, Daisy looked over at me with a different kind of hunger in her eyes. I moved over to her and gazed into her green eyes. I moved closer until our lips almost touched, but held back, waiting. She came to me, pressing her lips against mine, her tongue demanding access. I let her in.

We kissed for a long time while her hands explored my body, and mine and other hands explored hers. She pressed herself against me and groaned into my mouth as she felt my hardness press against her belly. Amanda began to whisper in her ear as she was stroking her back and neck, and I could feel Daisy heating up even more.

Reluctantly, she broke the kiss, panting a little.

“Bedroom?” she asked, and we led her into our room. Her eyes widened when she saw the bed.

“Do you guys play a lot?” she asked. I saw the concern about disease flitting across her mind, and, given the circumstances, I didn’t blame her.

“With each other,” I said, “yes. There is another couple that shares the house with us, and we occasionally play with them too. We are their only ‘outside interests.’ Other than them, you are the first person from outside the relationship we have invited to play.” I decided not to mention Jules’ parents. That seemed a bridge too far.

“We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do,” I continued. “If you want to play strictly safe, we are completely fine with that.”

I knew from reading her mind that she got tested regularly, as she wasn’t sure about her roommate’s boyfriend, Ross. He was far too much of a ladies’ man, although he did have a nice dick which she enjoyed from time to time. Ross said he was allergic to condoms, so he wouldn’t wear them. She had decided to take the risk with him, but get tested just in case. Because of her occasional threesomes with Ross and her roommate, she was also taking the contraceptive pill.

“Do you have condoms?” she asked, and I nodded, pointing to the side table where the box was waiting.

That decided, she closed on me for another kiss. This time, the girls started working on her clothing and mine, and in very short order, almost without noticing it, we were both naked.

I had wondered whether her hair color was natural, but I was still left to wonder because she was shaved bare. She had a very tidy little pussy, her inner lips just showing slightly. They were glistening, her arousal already evident.

Amanda approached her from behind and began to rub her own naked body against her. She reached around and cupped the redhead’s pert breasts, and then started kissing her neck too. Daisy moaned into my mouth as her hand traveled down my body, taking in my chest and abs before getting better acquainted with my own arousal. She gripped it and squeezed, groaning into my mouth again.

I stepped back slightly, allowing Mary, who was on her knees, to get between us. Mary started gently kissing Daisy’s belly while Amanda continued rubbing against her from behind - although she, too, was working her way south. I had an idea what the twins were up to, so I just continued the kiss, keeping Daisy distracted.

When Mary’s tongue connected with her clit, Daisy jumped. I soothed her. I had broken the kiss and was gently holding her head, gazing into her eyes. Daisy was mechanically pumping my erection, but it seemed like a reflex action, not something she was consciously doing. Her mind was now more than occupied with the sensations that Mary was creating. Mary, having somehow gotten Daisy to spread her legs, had her mouth fastened to her pussy and was eating her with abandon. Daisy’s hips were starting to move, and I felt the hand that wasn’t massaging my meat, move to the back of Mary’s head.

That was when Amanda attacked, running her tongue the length of Daisy’s ass crack. Daisy’s eyes went wide; apparently, nobody had ever been back there, and at first, she was unsure. Only my gentle hold on her head, and the magic that Mary’s tongue was doing to her pussy, kept her in place.

Amanda’s tongue, though, was equally magical, and once she put it to work on Daisy’s pucker, the smooth redhead was lost. Her hips moved in a confused spasm, not knowing whether to grind forward against Mary, or back to force Amanda’s tongue deeper. Her eyes locked with mine, looking almost afraid for a moment, but I knew that her fear would be short-lived.

Jules, who had previously stayed back, had removed all but her panties, and since Amanda was now on her knees behind Daisy, she took up her previous position, rubbing her own breasts against our new friend’s back. She reached around, locating Daisy’s nipples, and began to roll and pinch them gently.

I moved in, and, still holding her face, kissed her once again.

The multitudinous sensations were too much for the poor girl, and her climax hit almost out of the blue. She squealed into my mouth, but I wouldn’t release her, controlling her breath as she bucked and writhed against the tongues invading her from the front and rear, the fingers rolling and tweaking her nipples, and my kiss.

I had to support her, as her knees buckled, and she would have fallen. I cheated a little and used TK, but I doubted that she would be in any state to notice it as supernatural.

One at a time we disconnected, and I picked the now-shuddering girl up and gently laid her on the bed before laying down beside her. Amanda lay down on her other side. Mary and Jules lay on either side of us.

I lay on my side, looking down at her, gently stroking her belly, as she finally came down from her orgasm.

“Are you okay?” I asked, and she finally focused her eyes on me.

“If I don’t survive,” she said, “tell my mother I loved her.”

I chuckled.

“You will be fine,” said Amanda, kissing her neck and gently stroking her breasts.

Daisy turned her head to Amanda and kissed her, bringing her hand up to massage the younger girl’s impressive breast. Amanda returned the kiss, putting her hand on the back of Daisy’s head.

Daisy rolled her over until Amanda was on her back before moving to sit astride her, and then began working her way down her body. Apparently, she felt that she had a debt to repay.

I moved down the bed, and since Daisy had her butt up in the air, I decided to take advantage. Placing one hand on each cheek, I spread them and dove in, sliding my tongue deep inside her pussy. Daisy moaned.

She tasted sweet, with almost a cinnamon flavor. She ground backward, wanting my tongue deeper. I enhanced my tongue with TK and pushed into her deeper than humanly possible. I pulled out and began to lap at her button, causing her to moan as she pushed back against me.

She in her turn had continued to move down Amanda’s body, and now had her face buried in Amanda’s pussy, showing off her own skills, which Amanda seemed to be appreciative of. Mary was laid beside Amanda and was kissing her while stroking her breasts.

Amanda started to thrust her hips into Daisy’s face, and when Daisy thrust a couple of fingers into her pussy, she came, gushing her pleasure over Daisy’s chin and chest.

Daisy, for her part, was also climbing toward her second orgasm. My attention to her clit was building her up nicely. She felt my fingers enter her pussy and begin to massage her G-spot just as Amanda came. The feeling of Amanda squirting down her front, my ministrations, and Jules’ sudden attention to her breasts – once again rolling and pinching those delightfully-small nipples between her fingers - pushed her over for a second time.

Daisy rolled off Amanda, and once again lay on her back, regaining her breath. I went and got a warm washcloth and towel, and gently cleaned Amanda’s cum from her. She looked up at me as I worked, a half-smile on her face.

“Now I can see why you have four girlfriends,” she said.

“You want a break?” I asked. “Some water?”

She nodded, and I walked naked to the kitchen, got a pitcher of iced water and some glasses, and brought them back to the bedroom.

I sat on the edge of the bed and poured her a glass, which she drank thirstily. She handed it back, indicating she had had enough. I put the glass down. None of the other girls needed water.

Daisy knelt up and crawled across to me, and then pulled me into a kiss. Her mouth was still cool from the water, and as she kissed me, she pulled me further onto the bed until I was on top of her. Then she rolled over, reversing our position.

“We decided that It was your turn,” she said, working her way down my body. I suddenly had two other girls, one on either side - Jules to my left and Amanda to my right - both kissing down my body, maintaining the level with Daisy. The final surprise happened when the three girls all got level with my straining erection. Mary looked down at me from above and leaned in to give me an upside-down kiss, before she too worked her way down, pausing to lick and nibble at my nipples while presenting her own perfect breasts for my oral attention. She then moved even further down until she had seated herself firmly on my face. Now couldn’t see what was going on, but I could certainly feel it.

A hot mouth engulfed my cock, taking it about halfway down its length before its tongue swirled around the head and then pulled back off with a pop. Another, cooler mouth enveloped my head next, and I wondered if that was Daisy, her mouth still cool from the water. Again, the mouth bobbed to halfway down and then pulled off with a pop. A third, more hesitant mouth closed around my head, and I could hear a moan which sounded like Jules. My body tensed even as my cock swelled and twitched. I desperately want to see if I was correct. I didn’t want to miss the sight of Jules taking my cock in her mouth for the first time. Mary, somehow, knew exactly what I needed. She sent me memories, almost in real time, and I groaned my surprise and arousal directly into her pussy.

Jules released my cock. I felt Mary lean forward and engulf me, this time to the base, and I groaned again.

Mary wriggled her butt to remind me that I was supposed to be doing something too, and I took the hint, latching onto her clit whilst simultaneously sliding a TK tongue up her pussy and setting another one rimming her. Since Daisy was unable to see what was going on, I felt perfectly safe using my powers like that. Other than a little bit of strange movement around Mary’s pussy and asshole, I doubted anything was noticeable in any case. Mary moaned, my cock deep in her throat, and I shuddered.

She pulled off, and I was once again treated to the ‘round robin’ blowjobs. This time, the new mouth sucked me in and gave two long, slow bobs, sucking me deep and lashing my head with its tongue, before passing me off to the next person. It was like a horny game of pass the parcel, only there was no music and only one prize.

I have to admit I cheated. I was enjoying myself so much eating Mary and getting a multiple-mouth blowjob that I pushed my orgasm down twice, and it was only when I felt Mary getting close that I decided that I had been selfish enough and would let nature take its course.

My TK tongue in Mary’s pussy had morphed into a TK cock and was busily pounding her, as the one in her ass was drilling deeper than a tongue had any right. I could tell when Mary had my cock in her mouth, not only because she was upside down in relation to anyone else, but because her movements had become uncoordinated. She would take me in her mouth and basically plunge her face down on my cock in two long gulps before reluctantly releasing me to the next person. She had my cock in her mouth when she actually came, her pussy alternately twitching and gaping as my TK cock plowed her and my TK tongue practically sodomized her. She pushed her face right down onto me and held me there for her entire orgasm, unable to breathe or do more than twitch as she writhed and swallowed around me. She seemed determined to get me to shoot down her throat, but that was not to be. She eventually had to come up for air, and my cock was whisked away for the next mouth to attack.

I lasted one more round. Mary actually missed her turn. She was laid on top of me, her head on my thigh, twitching occasionally as I planted gentle kisses on her pussy and inner thighs.

I could feel my balls tightening. None of the girls had touched me with anything other than their mouths other than to direct my cock, and so the buildup had been slow. For once, Amanda had even forgone her anal play.

They sped up, switching to single pumps each, noticing how my cock had suddenly swollen even more, the veins standing out. Finally, a mouth closed over the head and I let go.

I half expected the mouth to pull off as I shot rope after thick rope of creamy spunk, but it stayed, sucking and lapping at the head, prolonging my orgasm as the mystery winner drank down everything I had to offer.

Whomever it was had a very talented tongue, and she cleaned and bathed my cock once I had finally finished emptying myself into her. I collapsed back onto the bed, fully drained, and Mary rolled off me.

I looked down and was shocked to see Jules, her eyes closed, and a look of contentment on her face as she held my now-softening cock in her mouth. Amanda and Daisy were busy kissing, while Daisy was stroking Jules’s head and back.

Daisy ran her hand down until she cupped Jules’s ass, and she seemed surprised to find her still wearing panties.

Jules finally released my cock from her mouth and looked up at Daisy, who had broken the kiss with Amanda.

“The timing was a bit inconvenient for me,” she said, a slight blush on her face.

“Your period?” asked Daisy bluntly, and Jules nodded, her blush deepening.

“You got a tampon in?” Daisy asked, and Jules nodded again.

“Well, your clit’s not bleeding, is it?” Daisy asked rhetorically.

She guided Jules up the bed and gently began to pull her panties down. Jules looked at me.

“Only if you want,” I sent. “I’ll stop her if you don’t want to.”

“My god I so want to,” she responded.

“Daisy,” I said, and Daisy looked up at me.

“Be gentle,” I said. “This is all new to her, and she still has a hair trigger.”

Daisy’s eyes widened.

“It’s a long story,” I said, “but be gentle, okay?”

She nodded as she moved down over the smaller girl, trailing kisses down her belly before settling between her legs and parting Jules’s lips gently with her fingers.

She leaned in and kissed her directly on the clit, and Jules jumped, the tiny organ straining up from within its hood. I could see that almost any stimulation would set her off, so I reached in and pushed her orgasm down a bit. I wanted her to enjoy the process a little.

Daisy started to gently lap at Jules’s button, and then, once she had it nice and wet, she started circling it with her tongue. I could see her tongue moving on Jules’ clit, and I wondered exactly what she was writing. I listened in and almost burst out laughing. It turned out she was spelling out ingredients. Even during sex, the girl was thinking about cooking.

Mary had moved to Jules’s side and was kissing her gently and massaging her breasts. I released my hold on Jules’s orgasm. Less than ten seconds later, Jules arched her back and came. Mary held her while Daisy feathered kisses all over her thighs and pussy, until Jules jumped at even those.

Daisy moved up Jules’s body and kissed her.

“Thank you,” she said, and Jules looked confused.

“Shouldn’t I be thanking you?” she asked, but Daisy shook her head.

“I get the feeling that I am one of a *********** few who have had the privilege to enjoy you like that,” she said, “so thanks.”

She rolled off Jules, then turned to me and kissed me.

“Thank you,” she said.

She thanked the twins in a similar manner.

We settled down, pretty much where we lay. Mary was still holding Jules, Daisy was between Jules and me, and Amanda was on my other side. I felt Amanda’s power steal gently over us all, bathing us all in love and contentment, and I fell asleep.

I woke up maybe three hours later, with Daisy laid beside me, her hand massaging my quickly-growing cock. I looked over to see that Mary was awake and watching, and I could feel that Amanda was also awake. Jules, it appeared, was still asleep.

“I didn’t get to feel this,” Daisy said. “Would you mind very much?”

I grinned at her. “Who am I to deny a lady such a request?” I asked, and she snorted.

“I’m no lady,” she said, “but I so want this.”

I reached over to the bedside table for the condoms.

“Do we have to?” she asked. “I promise I’m clean.”

“Hey, it was your rule,” I said, and she grinned at me.

She kissed me and pulled me on top of her, settling me between her legs. “I don’t want to play,” she said. “Just fuck me.”

I reached down and split her lips with my fingers, finding her pussy nice and slick. I took my now- very-hard cock in hand and swabbed up and down her slit a few times, coating the head in her juices, before lining up on her entrance and easing forward, hilting myself in one long, slow thrust.

She moaned. “Oh yeah,” she said. “That’s what I need.”

I pulled back and notice that Jules had woken and was watching, her eyes fixed on where Daisy and I met. She licked her lips as I once again pushed forward and filled the redhead beneath me with my turgid rod.

Daisy was slick and snug. Her pussy felt right gripping me, and I felt every bump and ridge inside of her as it slid over my slick head. I began to pump into her, building to a quicker rhythm.

Daisy began to lift her hips to meet me, then ran her hands down to my hips and began pulling me into her, dictating the pace. She had been direct. She didn’t want games or to make love; she wanted to be fucked. She wanted me to drill her into the mattress, and I was happy to oblige.

I increased my pace until the bed was shaking and I was pounding into her. Daisy had wrapped her legs around me, wanting to get me as deep inside her as possible and had started to babble.

“Oh yeah – Just like that – Fill me up – Right there – Fuck me- Do it- Dump in me- Give it to me- Empty your balls in me – Give me your cum – I want your cum in me – Spunk up my cunt.”

It wasn’t particularly inspiring, but the constant litany over and over again was having an effect. I decided I liked vocal lovers; it increased my own arousal and pleasure. I could feel that she was close, but I was closer, so I backed my own orgasm off. I was going to make this girl come on my cock and then give her what else she wanted afterward.

I saw that both Jules and Amanda were playing with Daisy’s breasts, one each, pulling and tweaking her nipples as I continued to pound into her. Daisy threw back her head in a silent gasp as she hit her peak, and I felt her pussy clench around my cock as she rode out her orgasm, her hips moving in a spastic thrust and her legs clamping tightly around my waist, pulling me deep inside her. I released my hold on my own orgasm and filled her with my seed. My cock pulsed, pumping wads of cum deep into her cunt as she twitched and writhed beneath me. The feeling of my sperm shooting inside her prolonged her orgasm well beyond its normal length.

Finally, we both relaxed, and I was lay on top of her, gazing into her sea green eyes. She smiled at me. I went to move off her, but she held me in place.

“Just a little longer,” she said. “It feels right having you inside me.”

“It feels right being inside you,” I said, and gave her a gentle kiss. A few moments later she released me, and I moved once more to her side. She rolled onto her side, placing her head on my chest and her leg over mine.

Mary immediately spooned her from behind, kissing the back of her neck softly.

Jules took up position on my other side with Amanda spooning her.

Once again, we were bathed in Amanda’s power, and once again we slept.

I woke at four, feeling good, despite the later-than-usual night, and managed to slip out of the bed without waking Daisy.

Three hours of martial arts practice and I was really starting to get a grip on the new information that James had given me. I showered in the main bathroom and then decided to make breakfast: Eggs Benedict.

I had read from Daisy that although she liked Eggs Benedict, she found the hollandaise to be too bland, and liked to add a very small amount of chili flakes to the sauce to give it a tiny amount of heat.

I made everyone else’s as normal, but added the chili flakes to Daisy’s. I tried the sauce and decided it wasn’t to my taste but it was her breakfast.

When I opened the bedroom door, the girls were just sitting up, having heard me in the kitchen. Daisy had wanted to come and help, but had gotten distracted by the twins. Amanda was wiping her face from her pre-breakfast. Daisy was still twitching a little.

I handed out the plates, making sure that Daisy got the right one. When she saw what was on offer, I saw a slight look of disappointment. That vanished when she took her first bite.

“You put chili in the hollandaise?” she asked, amazed.

“Only yours,” I said. “You told me in the kitchen last night that you liked spicy and hated bland. I figured hollandaise might be a little bland for you, so I thought I’d kick it up a notch.”

“Oh god, don’t say ‘Bam,’ don’t say ‘Bam,’” I heard from her. Thankfully, it was followed by, “Oh, that is good.” I restrained myself from saying the forbidden word.

The girls were all intrigued, and each had a little taste of Daisy’s dish. I had been right; they preferred the traditional sauce.

“Just for you, then,” I said.

“You will be wasted working for the FBI,” she announced. “Why don’t you and I open a restaurant together?”

“It’s kind of complicated,” I said. “Besides, I don’t think the hours would suit, and my girls get cranky if I’m not home in the evening.”

“Oh well,” she said with a sigh. “Worth a try.”

After breakfast, things got a little heated again for a while. The crockery and cutlery on the bed were forgotten, at least until Mary yelped when a fork stuck her in the ass. Someone was right there to kiss it better for her, though.

When we were done, we tidied up the bedroom and changed the bed. Hollandaise sauce and cum left very similar stains, it seemed. I took Daisy back home in my truck. Her friend met us at the door.

“Do I get a receipt?” I asked, and Daisy laughed before throwing her arms around my neck once again.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening,” she said, “and an amazing night, and a great breakfast, and a great ‘brunch.’ You have my phone number if you would like to do it again.” She kissed me and then released me.

“And you have mine,” I said. “You know where I am if you need anything.”

“Anything?” she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“As long as it’s legal,” I said, laughing.

“Ah,” she said. “Mr. FBI. I forgot.”

“I mean that, though, and not just for booty calls,” I said.

She smiled and saved my number to her contacts before kissing me one more time. I went back to my truck and headed for home.


2023-02-02 04:04:57
I really hope you are going to continue the Calen series! Excellent Plot, great character interaction, so many different directions the characters can go! Keep it coming!!


2023-01-31 01:37:52
Due to the rediculous restrictions for commenting here I've had to jump through quite a few hoops to say this; but...

I'm very much enjoying how you went from Time Stop Revenge to Caleb, and how you are trying to explore the ethics behind these mind/time controlling powers.

I think that the fact that you're really trying to look into all the implications here has very much improved your writing, and personally I'm very much looking forward to what comes next.

Please keep your stories coming!

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