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It is night time. Sister's Cindy and Kayla are home alone with each other.
“Kayla, I'm hungry,” Cindy whined as she trotted into the kitchen. She had been playing in her room when her mother had left for the night and had only just come downstairs to find her sister as the only other person in the house.

“Look in the fridge for something,” Kayla grumbled. She was not happy to have to stay home to look after her sister.

“Did mom make food before she left?” Cindy went to the fridge and began to read the message their mother had left on the dry erase bored. “She asked you to make some macaroni for me.”

“You and I both know I'm not going to do that.”

“I’ll tell mom if you don’t.”

“Go ahead; she’s sick of you telling her everything I do while she’s out. She can’t really do anything about it but stay home instead of me and you know she doesn’t want to do that. She’ll just decide it’s not worth it and won’t even punish me because if she did that, then I wouldn’t watch you for her.”

“But aren’t you hungry too?”

“I have that covered already,” Kayla snickered. As if to answer Cindy’s unasked question, the doorbell rang at that very moment. “Come in!” Kayla shouted.

The door flew open with no grace and slammed into the wall. If not for the knob pad it would have made a hole. Cindy rolled her eyes as she recognized Kayla’s obnoxious boyfriend Jaden. He was holding a pizza box, which explained why he lacked proper door opening skills. On his way into the kitchen to set it down he swatted Cindy on the butt, causing her to yelp.

“Hey, don’t be touching other girls,” Kayla complained.

“Sorry, I got her confused with you,” Jaden lied.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” While it was true that Cindy looked like a clone of her sister, shiny blonde hair and a round face; she was much skinnier with no discernible chest. She also wore her hair in braided pigtails while Kayla had her hair cut to shoulder length and styled so it stuck out and stayed up. Furthermore, Kayla was dressed in a long sleeved t-shirt and jean shorts while Cindy had on jean overalls.

“Why are you so jealous?”

“I'm not jealous,” Kayla scoffed while crossing her arms.

Cindy smirked while raising her arms so Jaden could lift her. He picked her up and set her on his lap as he sat on a stool in the kitchen. Cindy continued to smile smugly at her sister. She barely noticed something hard beneath her butt or Jaden wresting his hands on her lap. When Kayla’s face started to turn red though, Jaden intentionally pushed his hands against the crotch of Cindy’s overalls causing her to let out a slight moan.

“Knock it off!” Kayla shoved Cindy off of his lap and pulled him to his feet by the wrist. “You’re just trying to get me angry before we go upstairs.”

“Did it work?” Jaden asked coyly. Rather than answering Kayla continued to pull him behind her as she scaled the stairs. Cindy heard the door to her room slam, followed by more shouting from Kayla and laughing from Jaden.

Cindy understood why her sister liked him. They shared similar tastes. He was not exactly a jock but he was popular at her school. He wore baggy clothes and a backwards cap and had dyed blonde hair with a lot of gel in it. He was what could be called hip and trendy.

Cindy took her time eating some of the pizza before she went upstairs to play in her room again. On her way past Kayla’s room she noticed light spilling out as the door was ajar. Apparently slamming it was not a reliable way to ensure it shut properly.

Instinctively Cindy peeked inside. She was expecting to see them watching TV while cuddling on the bed or something similar. Instead she was met with the sight of her sister’s bare body writhing underneath Jaden’s. She was moaning and gasping as his hips hit hers. They were moving toward and away from each other and Cindy was sure she saw something sliding inside her sister.

She somewhat knew what a penis was but she was confused because there was no way it would fit into the hole between her own legs. Her sister’s hole must have been larger. Either that or it was able to stretch.

Cindy raised a confused eyebrow as she continued to watch. She felt her own hole between her legs tingling as she watched what looked like an unpleasant experience, accented by obvious moans of pleasure. She was reminded of massages and how they hurt her muscles but in an enjoyable way. Was Jade giving her sister an internal massage with his penis?

Not really in a hurry to bore herself in her own room for the rest of the night, Cindy remained by her sister’s door, peeking in. She touched her own crotch and rubbed her overalls as she listened to Kayla’s voice getting louder and faster.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, Kayla lifted herself off the bed by pushing her shoulders and her feet down, arcing her back. Liquid squirted out around her crotch making the sound of Jaden’s penis entering her wetter. Her whole body tensed for several moments before she collapsed onto the bed again with her eyes closed. She was obviously exhausted.

Jaden turned his head, and saw Cindy’s face peering through the ajar door. He sighed and tapped Kayla’s leg, intending to ask her what to do about her peeking sister. Kayla groaned and moved her leg but did not get up. She was on the verge of passing out. Jaden shrugged smugly. He was pleased with himself for satisfying her.

Cindy moved away from the door when she realized Jaden was getting off the bed. She ran to her room and shut the door as quietly as possible. Unlike Kayla’s room, it had no lock as her mother felt she did not need her own privacy. Cindy had just sat down on her bed when the door opened again.

Jaden shuffled in wearing just his baggy jeans. “Hey sweetie, what are you up too?”

Cindy knew there was no point in lying about what she saw. “I was just curious. You were making a lot of noise so it’s not like I wouldn’t notice.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s our fault,” he forced a chuckle. “Can I ask what you think you saw?”

“You were massaging Kayla’s peehole with your penis,” she answered bluntly. Jaden burst out laughing immediately. Cindy puffed out her cheeks in annoyance. “I saw it. Your penis was going into her peehole.”

“That’s impossible. A penis is way too big,” he continued to laugh.

“I know, but I saw it.”

“Really, prove it,” Jaden scoffed.

Not seeing any other way, Cindy stood up from her bed, pulled her overall’s shoulder straps off and then dropped them all the way to the floor. She was wearing white panties but she quickly pulled them down to her knees. “See, she asked while pushing her fingers into her cunt. She winced immediately, not having realized how sensitive the part would be.

“That’s not your peehole,” Jaden informed her.

“Really, then what is?” she was confused.

He sat on the bed next to her and patted the spot to his left. She hopped up again, leaving her overalls on the floor. He pulled her panties down the rest of the way so he could spread her legs and get a good view of her cunt. With his fingers he pulled it apart until he could find her urethra. He pushed the tip of his pinky against it, forcing it open slightly.

Cindy gasped as her vision went white for a moment. It stung more than she expected, just like the feeling of relieving herself after holding her piss for a very long time. Jaden smirked at her expression and pressed his pinky into it again. “Stop, I'm gonna pee!” she shouted.

“We can’t have that,” Jaden was concerned. He glanced around the room in search of anything to catch her urine. When he did not see anything, he instead lifted her off the bed and carried her to the window. He opened it and propped her on the sill with her bare cunt practically pressing against the screen. He waited for a minute but she did not start peeing as he had expected. “Go on.”

“I don’t have to anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

“Now that I'm standing and you’re not poking me, I'm too nervous to go.”

Jaden sighed with relief but quickly changed his expression. The worry about getting in trouble had already been replaced with an eagerness to actually see it happen. He pulled the screen of the window up and leaned her backward so she had to thrust her hips forward to keep her balance on the sill.

“I said I don’t have to pee anymore.” She began to struggle. He ignored her and pressed his index finger inside her cunt, making her gasp. He rubbed it back and forth over the opening of her urethra repeatedly until she began to shake. “Stop it!” she tried as hard as she could not to pee. He kept pushing harder until she let out a large held breath along with a steady stream of liquid. He had to pull his hand away to keep from blocking it.

It sprayed out the window and onto the roof below where it ran into the gutter. Jaden watched with wide intrigued eyes. He had never seen a g*rl pissing before and now he wondered why not. He was already trying to think of ways to get Kayla to squat above a toilet for him. He might even use his phone to record her. Then again, why in the bathroom? It was kinkier to make her do it outside. In fact, out a window onto a roof was already as kinky as he could imagine.

Why was he even thinking of waiting either? Looking at Cindy was what was turning Jaden on. His cock was already swelling inside his jeans. Why was he thinking of replicating this situation with Kayla when he could just keep messing around with her sister.

“What are you doing?” Cindy asked as he leaned her forward against the window, her face pressing into the glass on the top. Once he had a good view of her cunt from behind, he unzipped his fly. “Cut it out.” Cindy could guess what was about to happen just by what she saw in her sister’s room a moment ago. “I'm still peeing!” she wailed as she felt something hard and hot pushing against her pussy and spreading it.

She tried to reach behind herself and swat at him but she could not keep her balance if she did. She was actually more worried about any of her urine ending up inside the window than whatever Jaden was trying to do to her.

Finally, Jaden grabbed her hips and pulled her butt back into his waist while thrusting forward. Cindy screamed as she felt something tearing inside her as the hot hard object spread her pussy apart and entered her. She had to steady herself on the sill to keep from pissing inside as the intrusion caused the stream to point downward. She thrust her hips forward and practically stuck her cunt out the window as the last few drops fell.

Not pleased to have her lower half pulling off of him, Jaden grabbed one of her pigtails and pulled her backward. Instead of moving her lower half though, she just fell backwards against his chest. “Hi, Jaden,” she giggled when she saw how annoyed he was looking down at her face. He shoved her out the window in retaliation. She fell onto her hands and knees on the roof. The gravel of the shingles stuck to her skin and caused her pain.

As soon as she stood up though, Jaden grabbed her waist and pulled her butt back through the window. He shoved his cock into her cunt making her groan and grab her stomach. Looking over her shoulder she tried to smile at him. “You really like massaging my peehole, don’t you.”

“That’s not your peehole,” he growled while pushing his pinky into her cunt in front of his cock. Her eyes crossed as she was stretched even more than she already was. When his pinky touched her urethra and spread it again, her eyes began to flutter while her vision went white again. “Do you like that?” he was not sure what her reaction meant.

She shook her head. “It feels like you’ll split my bladder open. But having your penis in me at the same time makes it all feel less bad and more tingly. Jaden suddenly pulled out of her, letting her fall to her knees on the roof again. “Ow,” she muttered as she tried to brush the gravel off of her skin.

When she was satisfied she looked around the neighborhood from her perch. It was getting dark and noone was probably looking at the roofs but she suddenly realized how possible it was that she had been seen naked from the waist down. She clamored back inside and was surprised to see Jaden waiting by her bed holding something. She side stepped toward the door, intending to avoid him but he rushed her and dragged her to the bed.

He laid her on her back and spread her legs again. She shivered as the wet orifice was exposed to the cold air leaking in through the window. He used his fingers to pull her pussy apart until he could see her urethra once more. She sighed as she expected him to poke it with his finger again. Instead she was shocked when she felt something dry and hard spreading the entrance and then being shoved all the way in.

She sat up screaming and had her mouth plugged with Jaden’s fingers in response. Looking down she saw he had forced a q-tip into her peehole all the way to the end. “Ull it ow (pull it out!)” she demanded in a muffled tone. He simply pushed his fingers further into her mouth and caused her to gag on them slightly.

He then pulled the q-tip almost all the way out of her urethra only to shove it back in, making her squeal and thrash on the bed. She laid back down, pulling his fingers out of her mouth, and then sat right back up, still squealing. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Fucking your peehole,” he admitted.

“What is fucking and why are you doing it?”

“Fucking is what you saw me and your sister doing,” he answered.

“Why?” she repeated.

“Because that’s what g*rls are for. They have holes so guys can fill them with their sticks.”

“I don’t think cotton swabs are supposed to go in my peehole,” she sobbed as tears flooded her eyes.

“But it’s so kinky.” He continued to swab her urethra, making her cry even harder. She grabbed his wrist and tried to hold it still, her mouth open and her tongue out as she panted and drooled. He was much stronger than her and continued to fuck her urethra without any resistance.

The sensation was indescribable. She could only liken it to a time when she had tried to keep from pissing herself by pushing a toothpick inside herself. Something she had regretted.

“Stop!” she wailed as she shook her head back and forth. She could hardly see through her tears anymore.

“Why should I?” Jaden asked.

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll probably never get this chance again, so I might as well make the most of it.”

“You-you want to do this again? You mean, you want to fuck my peehole?” Jaden patted her head as an answer. Looking down at the cotton swab still penetrating her t*niest hole, Cindy swallowed her tears and nodded. “You can fuck it again later. Just let me rest for now.”

Rather than pulling the q-tip out as she expected, Jaden let go of it and laid her backwards on the bed. He then pulled her legs apart and pressed his cock to her cunt. She gasped as it slid inside, helped by how wet she was. As it glided over the q-tip and pushed it deeper into her urethra she gritted her teeth. Spittle sprayed from her lips as she forced a large breath out of her closed mouth.

She winced each time he pushed all the way in as her urethra tried to flex around the q-tip with the rest of her stretched and pummeled cunt. She was just calming down when the other end of the swab disappeared past the opening of her peehole. She screamed out as the slim shaft began to work its way into her. When it poked into her bladder she nearly passed out. Jaden did not realize what she was freaking out about until he noticed the swab was no longer visible.

He stopped fucking her cunt and began pushing on the flesh around her urethra with his fingers in order to get the end of the q-tip to reappear. “No, stop it,” she groaned the entire time. When he finally found the end he yanked the whole thing out at once, causing her to thrash and shriek. He kissed her to cover her mouth, leaning down over her body and pushing his cock back into her.

She moaned and relaxed as the tingling of being penetrated the proper way slightly eased the pain of having her urethra violated. Jaden patted her head and swept her bangs out of her eyes affectionately as he continued to rock his hips. She kept her eyes closed and just breathed in and out, still trying to deal with the stinging of her peehole each time his cock brushed it.

Finally, after several minutes of slow rocking, Jaden felt his muscles tensing. He knew full well he was going to cum inside of Cindy. Nothing could convince him otherwise, but just as the first spurt of cum released from the tip of his cock, he had an idea that he wanted to test. Pulling back just slightly, he pressed the tip of his cock to the swollen hole of her urethra. He could see and feel cum squirting out around it but some of it did actually work its way inside.

He held his cock against the hole as best he could for several spurts. The second one caused Cindy to whimper and the third caused her to open her eyes. Finally, he managed to squirt straight from the entrance all the way into her bladder, causing both ends to sting and her to feel impossibly stretched. “What are you doing?” she clutched at her stomach, unable to comprehend how to react. “Are you peeing inside my bladder?”

Her whole body shook as a shiver ran up her spine when the last shot traveled the whole length of her urethra. Her eye twitched and she made a sound as if she had something caught in her throat. From the tears running down her face and the mucus escaping her nostrils Jaden felt like he had cum in her brain and it was leaking out. She was more confused than anything though, just staring at him and twitching, waiting for him to either pull out or say something.

When he finally did pull back she sat up and immediately clenched her abdomen, trying to force his sperm out of her bladder. She was far beyond caring if it made a mess. When he saw what she was doing, Jaden rushed to plug the hole with the q-tip again. “Don’t.” She stopped him. “It might get stuck again.”

Jaden listened to her for the first time. He had been slightly scared when it had gone all the way in before. In the back of his head he made a mental note to bring something with a string attached to it so he could go as deep as he wanted next time. That was when he realized something, there definitely was going to be a next time. He had made her promise he could fuck her peehole as much as he wanted later.

He pulled Cindy up into a sitting position and propped her against the wall. Then he moved her hair out of her eyes again and spoke to her. “I can’t wait to fuck you again.”

She looked at him in slight confusion but simply nodded. She pulled her own cunt apart and pressed on the flesh beside her urethra until his cum started to squirt out. “Come back and fuck my peehole whenever you want,” she begged him as her eyes began to flutter again. It felt incredibly good to be expelling the thick goo that had been forced inside her, despite the fact that her holes still stung.

Jaden pushed his fingers into her cunt and began to rub it from the inside while also using his thumb to stimulate her clit and pussy lips from the outside. After a minute she arched her back and began to squirt, at first his cum and eventually urine, out of her peehole. When she finally stopped, she collapsed against the wall and fell sideways onto the bed. Her eyes were closed and she looked exhausted.

Jaden was slightly disappointed as he had wondered what it would have been like if her bladder stayed full of his cum until she had to pee again. However he was also glad to have seen what Cindy looked like when expelling his cum. He used a rag to clean the floor and bed as best he could and then he tucked her under the blankets before leaving the room and closing the door quietly.

When he came back to Kayla’s room she was awake and strutting around still naked. “There you are. Are you ready for round2?” she asked coyly. Jaden wanted to refuse, as he was definitely not ready after using her sister to his heart's content, but it was not like he could tell her that. He would just have to find a way to get himself aroused again.

“Do you have to pee?” he asked while picking up his phone from the beside table.

“I already did a moment ago,” Kayla admitted. “Why?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to try something.”

“Ooh, that sounds naughty. Were you thinking of a golden shower? Mom isn’t coming back until tomorrow. If you ever wanted to try it, now would be the time. Actually, now I kinda want to try it. Let’s get in the tub so we don’t get the floor wet.” Kayla ran out of her room, still naked, and into the bathroom down the hall. Jaden followed after her slowly. Earlier he had been thinking about Kayla while looking at Cindy now he was thinking about Cindy while looking at Kayla. He wondered if the truth would ever come out.
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