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Miss Sweet becomes a Domme in her next room
Chapter 14 - Domme

Sweetheart, now calling herself Miss Sweet, led her new friend, Lacy, back to Lacy’s room to get changed. She was worried for the poor girl since she made her cum where poor Lacy was not allowed to.

As they walked down the hall hand in hand she tried to tell her it would be ok. That once she spoke to the master of the castle, her Sir, he would put everything right.

As they walked they came in contact with others. As they did, Miss Sweet would pin Lacy to the wall. Kissing her softly. Letting her cape cover them both. Covering the wet spot Lacy had between her legs.

Finally they made it back to her room. Lacy was almost in tears. Miss Sweet grabbed her closely, letting Lacy’s face rest in her breast. “It will be ok. Nothing will happen to you. I will protect you and Sir will protect me. So, he will be protecting both of us. You are my good little toy and ma’am will be there for you.”

Lacy regained her composure. Pulled out of her arms easily and headed to her closet to get new leggings. She quickly changed, but not knowing what to do with the wet clothes. “Ma’am, what do I do with these,” she said, holding them up. “The laundry ladies will tell him that I came and all this sneaky around will be for nothing,” her voice sounding ready to break.

Miss Sweet strutted over to her. Showing all the confidence in the world even though deep inside she was as nervous as this poor young servant girl.

Her hands came up and took Lacy’s face in them. With the touch they both seemed to relax. “It is fine my little slut.” Her right hand moving lower over her body as their eyes stared deep into each other. As her hand came to Lacy’s pussy mound she put pressure on it. “You see,” Miss Sweet said in a commanding voice. “That you are my little slut and being mined you have to be strong. You have understand that a slut of mine has to be dirty and a fucking whore. Always ready to be naughty. Always ready to do anything I command. Can you do that? Do you want to be my good little slut?”

Lacy nodded her head and her lips moved saying yes, but no words escaped.

“I did not hear you. My little slut would answer proudly. Now try again.”

Her eyes opened. Her body stood up straighter. Her whole face changed. Looking into her eyes. “Yes ma’am, I am your good little slut. I’m ready and willing to do all you command. Please make me into your proud little whore.”

Miss Sweet kept eye contact, smiled, removed her hand and slapped Lacy’s cheek lightly. “That is the perfect answer. Now let’s get you back working and me to a playroom.”

Miss Sweet took Lacy by the hand. She led her out the door into the hallway. From there Lacy took the lead. “So ma’am, what kind of room are you looking for? Rope, bondage, gangbang?”

“Are there any rooms where a sub is waiting to be used by a Domme? I feel like using someone else.”

“Yes ma’am there are many rooms like that. They are all on the second level.”

Miss Sweet smiled to herself. “Yes, take me there my sweet slut.” They walked in silence the rest of the way. It only took a few minutes to make it to the section of the castle.

“Here we are Miss Sweet. The wing of subs. All the rooms in this wing have subs waiting for a Dom or Domme. A room with a green light is being used. With an orange light waiting for someone and a blue light means nobody is in the room.” Lacy looked at her with so much affection.

Miss Sweet pulled her close. “You did so well my little slut,” she whispered into her ear. “Now go back to work and tell nobody of what happened.” Then gave her a light kiss on the cheek.

She turned and left Lacy standing there. A moment later she could hear her footsteps leaving. Miss Sweet then looked down the hallway. Looking at the lights by the door. What else she found was a photo of the sub in the room.

There was pictures of all different types of subs, but the three doors caught her attention. It was a young buff guy. A beautiful man. The light was A bright orange. A large wicked smile came across her face again. She took a deep breath and reached for the door handle.

She pulled the door open quickly but it stood in the door frame. The man jumped up out of the chair. His face showed he was taken by surprise. All he could see in the door frame was the silhouette of a person covered in a cape or robe. He could not see her face or body. From her size he was assuming the figure was a female.

She was happy with what she saw. This young beefcake was naked from the waist up. His muscles were thick and she knew she picked the right room.

She waited in the opening for a few more moments. Finally the beefcake called hello, but she did not answer. She looked around the simple room. Seeing a chair which he was sitting in. A sofa, a table with all sorts of fun toys and a large mat in the floor.

She stepped into the room and let the door close behind her as she flicked the light color to green. She next made her way to the table and with as much as a pause walked by it. Her hand grabbing the handle of a small flogger. She kept it dangling at her side as she approached him.

He stood in place not moving. Only his head followed her. She walked by the table, but did not stop. Soon she was behind him. Not wanting to turn since he was not sure what she was up to. He found out quickly after that thought.

He felt the air move behind him and then heard the hit coming. Something about the movement of the item she picked up. Wait, did she pick something up or did she have it. But that thought was stolen by the impact along his bare back. Then a second one and a third. His mind racing with the pain flowing though his body. He flinched and quickly made himself stand straight again.

As he was processing what happened he felt her hands. Definitely a Domme from the size of her and the way she used the flogger. Her hands were moving, unbuckling his belts. He felt as she loosen it and pulled it free with one tug. The next thing surprised him. He thought his pants would drop quickly after that, but that was not what came. The belt was wrapped around his chest and arms. Pinning them in place. Locked tight once she put the buckle back in place. It happened so quickly. He could not have stopped it even if he wanted to.

She stepped in front of him now. Covered from head to toe in the long black cape. The hood hide her face in deep shadows. He could only see her full lips. They both stood there. He waited for her to say something. Do something but she just stood there. He became more and more uncomfortable. Just before he spoke again she stepped closer to him.

“You will be my plaything for a little while. I do not care to know your name. I do not care about your feelings. I do not care if you will enjoy yourself. The only thing I care about is that you do everything I tell you, when I tell you and how I tell you. Do you understand,” she questioned him.

The fear this Domme put forward was off the charts. All he could do was nod yes at her question. That brought a quick lesson to be learned. The flogger came down hard across his chest five times. His body buckled with pain and each hit, but he tried hard to regain himself.

“Now boy, I asked you a question. You will answer with your big boy words. You do have them right. You can speak? I did hear you when you came in. Now speak!!!”

“Yes Mistress. I understand,” he said as his voice cracked.

“Good boy,” she said as she rubbed the top of his head. “But I am no Mistress. You may call me Miss Sweet or ma’am.”

“Yes Mistress, sorry ma’am.”

She could see him trying not to squirm. Oh, was she going to have fun with him?

“You do want to be a good boy for me, correct,” she questioned as she put her hand on his bare chest. She could feel the hard muscles of his chest. His warmth radiating into her hand.

“Yes ma’am. Yes I want to be a good boy for you,” he almost wined. She walked around him again. He hand drifting over his body. She stopped behind him. Her hand resting on his back. She moved her body closer to him. Almost pressing against him.

“Be a good boy and open your mouth wide,” she commanded with a whisperer in his ear. He did without hesitation. She reached around his body and put the handle of the flogger in it. “Bite down.” So he did. “You better not drool on it boy.” He shook his head no that he would not command.

Then she undid the clasp of the cape and placed it on the chair next to them. She then pulled down the lower part of her top, exposing her tits. Pressing her body against his back. Her large soft mounds pushing against his rock hard back. She reached around and unbuckled his pants. Slowly moving her body over his back, she lowered herself and his pants. “Step out of them.” She picked them up and folded them as she placed them next to her cape.

She then walked around him and was pleased with the bulge in his underwear. She pressed her body against him again. Her hair flowing over his chest. As she spoke again she grabbed his cock through his underwear. “It looks like you are enjoying this boy. Look how your cock starts getting hard just from a few hits of the flogger and me pulling down your pants. You're not going to be one of those boys that is going to cum right away in my hand, are you?”

“No ma’am,” can the mumbled answer though the impromptu gag in his mouth.

That is a good boy,” she replied. “Let’s see what you are packing.” And with that she pulled down his underwear. His cock popped out at her. It was a good seven inches and still growing. Becoming thicker too. She licked her lips involuntarily. “You do have a beautiful cock boy. Has anyone ever told you that? Of course they have,” she said as her hand wrapped around it. As she stroked him, she kept talking. “With something amazing you must have to beat the girls off of you. Don’t worry ma’am knows how to use this where you will be the one begging for more at the end.” Slowly stroking him up and down. Soft and then hard. She could feel his body temperature raising though their touch. His breathing became faster and more labored. Then she stopped stroking him.

She leaned her body up against his. Her hand now back up at his face. Slapping his cheeks softly. “I know you want to be a good boy for me. Giving me what I want. Doing what I say,” she continued as her hand moves down his chest stopping at his nipple. She started rubbing it. “Doing what I want and maybe I give you a big surprise once I get what I want.” His body was squirming as she kept playing with his nipples. “Would you like the big surprise,” she questioned him as she pinched his nipple hard?

His knees buckled again from the pain, but was able to force out a yes. “I would love a big surprise ma’am,” he said once she released his nipple. His words all mumbled with the handle still grasped in his mouth. Her hand moved down his side slowly. Making it’s way back to his throbbing cock.

“Well if you want you surprise,” she said as she caressed his manhood. “You are going to have to take a bit of punishment for me. Do you think you can do that,” she purred in his ear. She removed the flogger handle from his mouth, stepping back.

His cock twitching again. “Yes ma’am. Oh god. Yes. Please,” begging.

“My poor boy not even knowing what he asks for. Letting his cock do the thinking for him.” Her hand swings forward. The flogger connects softly with his chest. Then repeating back and forth. The nine pieces of softly leather finding his chest over and over. The impact is never hard but the constant striking is taking a toll. He could feel his chest starting to redden, but he dare not look down. Then she stopped. He thought she was done, but one more full swing and the toy came crashing down on his sensitive cock.

This sent him falling to the floor in pain. Miss Sweet bent down next to him. Her hand sweetly caresses his face. With a smile she said, "you like when I take your body to the edge. The edge of pleasure. The edge of pain. Just look at your chest,” she giggled. “Look how red it is. The blood coming to the top of your skin. How pretty you look like this.” Her fingertips just barely ran over his skin, up and down his body.

Then she was up, walking away from him. Her heels moving in the direction of the table with all the toys. “So many fun toys you have laid out here. I wonder which one to play with next.” He could hear something solid hitting her hand and then being tossed back on the table. “I think this one will do,” he heard her call back to him. The slow walk back to him made his mind race with what is coming next.

She stood in front of him. He was waiting for her to do the next move and his wait was not long. “Open your mouth boy. Open wide,” she commanded. His mouth popped open without hesitation. She inserted a anal plug and “now suck on it. Make it all wet cause that is the only lube your going to get on it.” She slowly moved it in and out of his mouth. His lips wrapped around it, sucking it. “Look at you. What a greedy sucker you are. I can’t wait to see your lips wrapped around my fat girl cock later.” A soft whimper came from his stuffed mouth.

She pulled it out and it was dripping with his saliva. “What a good boy you are. Look how nice and wet this plug is,” she said as she directed him to the ottoman. “This should slide right into your tight hole, huh? I want to hear you beg for it my sweet boy.”

“Please Mistress. Please fill up my ass with the plug.” And when he finished that statement her hand came hard down in his bent over ass. Again and again.

“I told not to call me Mistress,” she said angrily. Another slap. “My name is Miss Sweet.” Another slap.

“I’m so sorry Miss Sweet.” Another slap. “My mind is fuzzy.” Another slap. “I’m not thinking straight.” Another slap. “You have me begging.” Another slap. “I need to be your good boy.” Another slap.

Then she stopped. Laying her exposed tits on his back. Rubbing against him. “Since you can’t follow directions and call me by my name, you will not get to talk at all. Now open wide.” He did as ordered. She placed the large hard ball gag into his mouth and tightened the strap at the back of his head. Then not to be done she put the flat band over it. He knew he would not be making the same mistake anytime soon.

“Now that one of your dirty holes is plugged, let’s not the other.” She moved off him. With one hand she opened his ass cheeks. She placed the tip of the plug at his rim. Then she started rubbing it against his hole. He whimpered again, but she could not tell if he was begging for it or worried about it. Then she gave it a little push. Opening his rim up.

He could feel the cold steel against his hole. Her teasing him. He knew he wanted it, but he was going to try and be strong, but a little whimper gave him away. Then she pushed it in. He could feel his hole opening. Spreading wider and wider. His hole fighting it. Pain building as she slide it in and out. Not letting his hole wrap around the base of the plug, but keeping at the thickest point.

“Look at your hole trying to adjust to this fat plug. But a little old me teasing it over and over. Not letting it slide all the way down. I want to hear you beg me to let it slide all the way down. Beg boy.” He tried to but his mouth filled with the gag and then covered it tight with the mask, all he could do is make noises. She knew he wanted it. His ass kept trying to pull it in, but she was having fun stretching out his hole. “That is not good enough,” she said in a wicked tone. “You better do a better job.”

He screamed into his gag. Begging. His whole body needed it.

And then it was. She let go of the end and his ass pulled into place. She could hear him moan with pleasure. “What an ass whore you are,” she started. “I let go of the plug and your ass pulls it in. Greedy, greedy ass. That’s ok. I remember that for later. Now back on your knees.”

He tried to push up but without the use of his arms he could not. “Come on boy, you can do it.” He tried and tried. Wiggling up, but still not getting there. She reached down and grabbed the strap around his chest and helped him up.

She pulled him back away for the ottoman. Moved around his body, facing him. Her hands reached down wrapping around his cock. She pulled his balls down and wrapped the first part of the cock ring around them. Then the ring went around his hard shaft. Both parts of the ring squeezing his cock and balls tighter. He moaned the whole time she was pulling it on.

She moved behind him again. Her body pressed at his back, but more on his right side. She likes how her tits felt against his hard back. She reached around grabbing for his cock.

As her right hand wrapped the fingers around his hard dick, she moved her left arm around his neck. The elbow joint resting nicely tucked in at his throat. She pulled herself tightly against him. His head leaned back to her face. Then she started whimpering in his ear. “Look at my good boy. So ready to please.” Stroke after stroke now. “Knowing not to cum until order to.” If she could see. his eyes, she would see them begging.

“I know that you want to feel that wet hot cum shooting from your cock. Feeling you’re body shake as your body releases. That you need to be milked just like a typical bull. All muscles and no control. Needing a strong woman to tell you when you can be a good boy and cum. Don’t worry, I’m that strong woman. I’m going to use your body and leave you a broken mess, but if you are a good boy will let you cum.” The whole time her hand moved slowly up and down his shaft. His body was shaking. Begging through his gag and mask. Him needing release.

She kissed his neck then. A passionate kiss along with him. Then she was up l, standing next to him. She helped him to his feet. Then walked him the two steps back to the ottoman and then push him down on his back. She kneeled between his legs, leaning closer and closer to his rock hard manhood.

Taking it in her hand she said,” you have one nice fun stick here boy. I bet the women are always impressed.” Stroking him again. “I bet you're pretty proud of that, huh? Sticking your big dick into their tight pussies. Making them beg you to fuck them harder. You like that you dirty slut, but secretly you want them you use you. To treat you like the piece of meat you are.” That is when her hand let go and slapped his cock. His body jumped at the pain.

Her hand wrapped back on him. “You only want to be a sexy piece of meat for the right woman to use. Only wanting to please her, right?” Another cock slap. Over and over she would stroke him telling him want a dirty piece of meat and then the cock slap. His body is on fire from the pleasure of her touch, but then coming down with the pain. But at some point the pain was just as welcomed as the pleasure. He as never had a woman drive him nuts like this. Most of them jerked him, pegged him and then moved on. She had him begging at everything. The way she made him putty and she was molding him. Would he stop her if he could? He don’t think so. Then another slap brought him back to his place.

Her finger tranced around his cock head. “What a beautiful mushroom head you have. I love how it looks at the top of your long thick shaft.” Her finger sliding down it. Just barely touching it. His cock jumped at the little bit of pleasure. “ Then look at this full balls.” Her finger roaming over his full sets. They are almost becoming painful with the consent teasing. “They are so thick now. I can just imagine how much cum is in them. Let’s see if we can have you make some more.” Her fingers teasing them some more.

She then moved lower. Moving his legs further and further open. Her fingers gripping the plug. She jiggled it in place and then slowly pulled it from his hole. Not to tight anymore. “Look at this hole,” she said as her hand put the plug to the side. “It’s not so tight anymore boy. Should we see how loose you are now?”

She pushed two fingers against his hole and it opened easily. Taking them in like a long lost friend. She started sliding them in and out of his ass. He wiggled as his body tried to find the right spot. Each time she inserted them he moaned a bit more.

She then wrapped her hand around his cock again. Starting to stroke him slowly as her fingers penetrated his ass. “Look at you body move as I bring it back to that point. The point that it takes over and your mind disappears. You are so trying to fight it, but it is no use. The pleasure building is so much. You body trying to decide which it likes more. My hand slowly stroking it’s hard hard cock or my fingers deep in your needy ass. Which do you think it is?” He body squirms and wiggles on the ottoman. Sounds coming passed the gag and mask, but the words are lost. Who knows if there are even words.

“Look at you getting more and more excited. Open that hole up nice and wide,” she orders in a low sexy voice. “I’m going to give you another finger right now. Can you feel it sliding it with my other two? Look at you my dirty anal boy. Love getting his naughty hole filled with my finger. You keep sucking me in you horny fuck hole.” His hole open wider, so she slide her fourth finger in. It did not stop there and soon her whole fist was inside him.

“Look at you, you horny horny fuck hole. Taking my whole fist in like a whore. Can you feel my fingers moving inside you?” His hips raised and head pushed back. Was this pain or pleasure or both? “Now your hole is so tight. Filled with my fist. Your body so much needing to cum. I know it does. You know it does. So on the edge.”

Her hard starts stroking faster. “Don’t worry. I’m going to let you cum soon. I want to milk every single drop from that full nut sack. It must be throbbing in pain now. Needing a release. And I want it all with the release. Do you understand? You will give me every last drop. I’m going to milk you and then fuck you and then milk you and fuck you again. Over and over until your little mind is broken and you are only my fuck bull. My pretty boy that has no other thought than to be ridden. A prize bull used for his cock. You would like that huh? You like that, my pretty little boy?” There are no words but she knew he screamed yes.

“Then cum for my pretty boy!!!” She let his cock go and it shot thick white streams of jizz high and far. Her hand slide from his ass. His body kept shaking and his cock pumped out more and more. She stood up and walked over to clean up. Keeping an eye on this body as pleasure over took it. As she made her way back to his side the doors opened. She turned to see two large men standing there.

“We have orders to fetch you from the Master of the castle,” one of them said. “Please come with us now.”

“But I can’t leave him like this,” she motioned to the pretty boy on the ottoman. “Give me twenty minutes.”

He cut her off,”no, you will come with us now. Someone else will come it to look after him. Please this way,” he said as he motion out the door to the left.

With nothing left to do she followed his orders.
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