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Sweetheart, not being able to control herself, learns the consequences
Chapter 15 - Boardroom

One of the large men led her through parts of the castle she had never been in. The other man closed on her heels. The longer they walked the more her mind figured out she was in trouble. Fuck, did Lacy go tell what happened? Did someone else see? What is going to happen to her?

After a few minutes of walking, which felt like hours to her, they came to two large silver doors. The man in the front knocked. From behind the door a man told them to enter. The doors that looked very heavy swung open with ease. The large man then motioned for her to enter the room.

The room was bright. The furniture is more modern than the rest of the castle. The stone walls were cleaned to make them look lighter. Paintings of bright colors hung on the walls. In the corner facing one of them was a man. “Thanks boys. You may leave,” he said in a commanding voice.

The large man bowed, stepped back and closed the door, leaving her alone with him. They both stood there in silence. She shifted from one foot to the other. Her nerves are building. Who is this man? What is he going to do? Where is Sir? Finally he turned to face her.

He was one the shorter side, maybe five feet four inches, but he held himself way bigger. He was dressed in a silver suit. A dark silver shirt under a thin black tie. Black wing tip shoe completed his look. His black hair slicked back. “My sweet girl. You have caused a lot of trouble since you came to our castle. It seems you have taken our Master’s generosity and made a complete farce of it. But before we get into that let me introduce myself, my name is Mr. Wolf. I don’t have a title, but I’m the head of problem solving here.” She became more and more nervous as he spoke. Each word he came close to her. “And you have been a big problem if I was to believe what some are saying. In a moment you will be brought in front of the Nine. They are the voting board of the castle. Your charges will be heard and if found guilty your punishment. You are not to speak unless a member asks you a question. You are to follow all commands given by any member in the room. Do you understand,” he questions as he takes her face in his hand.

“Yes sir,” she says softly with her eyes down.

“Good,” he said with a chuckle and a smile. He then quickly grabbed her by the back of the hair. His smile changed to a wicked grin. “Let’s go see the board.” He pulled her along to the doors at the back of the room. With his free hand he opened the door and dragged her in.

The room was all wood paneling with antique wall sconces giving off the light. The only piece of furniture in the room was the large wooden custom table. The red coloring gives a nice contrast to the dark wood paneling. A large wood and metal chandelier hung over it. In the far corner was a black drape covering something large.

As she looked around the room she saw a nerdy guy talking to a succubus, that is the only way to describe her. Two other men stood talking at the far side of the room. A mountain of a man stood by the drape with hatred in his eyes. She was the last person in the room.

She made the mistake of calling his name and starting to walk to him. Mr. Wolf yanked her back by his side. Her heel got caught on the floor and she almost fell, stumbling. She caught herself, but Mr. Wolf and her handful of hair made sure she was stranded on her feet. She yelped at the pain of her hair being pulled.

Mr. Wolf then turned her to face him. Her eyes darted to her Sit just out of her line of sight. A hard slap across her face brought her attention back to him. “I just told you the rules not more then a minute ago and like the dumb bitch you are you had to go a break ,” he said with angry in his voice. “Since you can’t keep that mouth shut, we will give you something to keep it busy with.” He pulled her hair back and her body followed. She soon found herself on her knees. With his free hand Mr. Wolf unzipped his pants. His cock popped out in front of her face. “I bet you know what to do with this,” he said.

From across the room, she hears a female voice say,” this is getting interesting now.” With a males voice agreeing.

Then a yell. She guessed it was the large man. From his heavy foot falls she was right. She just tried to concentrate on Mr. Wolf’s growing cock. She sucked on his cock head. It grew larger and larger in her mouth.

The large man came storming over to the scene, but Sir stepped in front of him. “You will not interfere, Gonzo. Mr. Wolf gave her an order and she is being published accordingly.”

Gonzo yelled, "I was the one wronged her and that little slimy guy gets his cock sucked by your bitch. What kind of bullshit is this.”

“You may want to watch your words, Gonzo. You are always letting your mouth run but not thinking with your head.”

“Fuck you,” Gonzo screamed. He reached to push Sit out of the way, but he was quicker. Taking Gonzo by the wrist he twisted and dropped his six-foot nine inch, three hundred plus frame to one knee. Standing behind him holding Gonzo’ one wrist twisted he said, "Do you remember last time your mouth got you in trouble. If you don’t,” he said, tapping Gonzo’s head, "you were voted to be Mistress Kay’s personal servant for two months. Do you want that again?”

“I do,” she called from across the room. “I miss my Teddy Bear.”

“No, no please not that again,” he pleaded. “I’ll keep quiet.” Sir let go of his wrist. He stood, staring down at him but said nothing. He walked back to the corner he came from.

The whole time she sucked on Mr. Wolf. Her hands now wrapped around his thick shaft, and she choked on his fat mushroom head. She could not believe how it kept growing and growing. He was huge for a little man.

She could not believe all of what had happened in the last two days. From all the kinky rooms to her using her first boy toy and now in a boardroom on her knees she was sucking some strangers cock as the rest of the room watched. And that is what they did. There was no discussion of what the issue was or what trouble she was in.

They just watched as she sucked him. Trying to take a big fat cock in her mouth. Gagging on it over and over. In between gagging she would lick him like a lollipop. From base to tip. Stopping at the tip. Her tongue flicking on the underside of his tip.

As her mouth sucked him, her hands unbuckled his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. She started stroking his massive member with her hand. Her mouth went lower to take one of his balls in her mouth. She gently sucked on it and her Mr. Wolf moaned as she popped his ball from her mouth. Over and over she sucked on his balls and she stroked him faster and faster with her hand.

She took him back in her mouth and not a moment later his knees buckled. Holding her head with both of his hands his cock blew. She was in between sucking him. His load shot thick white jizz onto her pretty face and the top of her semi-exposed boobs. She took him back in her mouth trying to taste some of his seed. The jizz on her forehead and cheek started to thicken.

As she was finishing with Mr. Wolf she heard a voice say, "now that was a great show. I think she should suck all of us off as we figure out what to do with this whore.” The room laughed, but all agreed.
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