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A fictional work featuring imaginary creatures, brutality, multiple deaths, cuckolding and (consensual) sex.
Thomas Welleck had managed to find evidence of an imminent alien invasion. What was worse, there were humans cooperating with the invaders, and tabloids had not just mentioned alien sightings, but also hybrids that could easily pass for humans. But for this exposure of those sinister activities, he had to go hide. For him, his wife Tiffany and daughter Judy, the only help was Dorak- a man-bull, a member of a newly discovered civilization of creatures part-animal, part-human. A small house in the remote parts of Minnesota was their hiding place, as the tall, muscular ally stood between Secret Service agents, maybe even alien infiltrators, and the family.

The wooden house had begun to vibrate from a droning noise followed by an increase in brightness outside. A hissing, shrilly sound announced the appearance of an ugly, spiny reptilian creature that wanted to bust down the front door.

While easily towering over the other Secret Service agents, Dorak snorted and then turned to the source of the noise. He saw the reptilian creature through the side of a window, as it rammed the door repeatedly. As he ran for the door, a hybrid posing as a Secret Service agent showed his true colors, shot an agent dead and aimed hastily at Dorak, thinking he would get an easy shot at the ferocious warrior. Big mistake. The surprised screams of Tiffany and Judy alerted Dorak to the impending danger just in time. He turned, punching the sleeper agent in the gut hard enough to make him drop the pistol, before grabbing him by the neck and legs. The flailing hybrid squealed and resisted, but the half-bull creature ignored this and grunted in pleasure as his leathery underwear tented visibly, anticipating what he was going to do to the infiltrator.

Lifting the infiltrator high above his head, he proceeded to slam him back down while quickly dropping to his right knee. The sound of the hybrid’s back snapping in two was very loud, and mixed with not quite human screams. Thomas and his family were shocked, but that extended to the other agents, and even the alien who had finally managed to get in after melting the door knob with his rifle.

To prevent yet another shot from being fired, Dorak hurled the crippled hybrid’s body at the alien, and thus, the plasma burst that came impacted the hapless ally, incinerating his upper body, interrupting screams of mortal agony.

Dorak took advantage of the confusion-stricken alien and lunged at him, causing the rifle to drop from the intruder’s clawed hands. At first, grabbed his tail but wasn't able to keep a grip since it was slimy to touch and it just slipped from his grip. The alien could not get his primary weapon back, and so, he had to rely on a small but powerful electrocution device which he aimed at the left leg of the beast-man. Not only did Dorak drop to his knees in pain, but another agent had revealed himself as working for the aliens. However, his attempts to shoot Thomas and his family were stopped by loyal agents being faster on the trigger.

Thomas had been paralyzed with mortal dread once he realized that indeed, several of the agents he thought he could trust were traitors. The shock Dorak had received would have killed any human, but the aliens had little data on how much pain the beast-men could handle, and thus, the alien did not get far as Dorak broke through the pain barrier to crawl towards him. The alien had no chance of reaching the rifle in time, and had to face Dorak, threatening him with his jaws full of venomous teeth.

The vicious alien trusted its bite, and hoped to poison the hated adversary, while the few loyal and combat-capable agents tried to help shield the family by trying to suppress another alien which had appeared outside the house.

However, a hasty bite opened the alien up to being grabbed by the skull, and despite the resistance provided by the skeleton and muscles of the invader, Dorak was able to muster his strength and stamina for a hard twist, which severed the connection between the brain and the body partially, before everything ended for the alien following a twist in the opposite direction.

“H-how did he do that? Those bastards can take so many bullets and their bones are tough…”, one agent asked himself and everyone else.

Dorak turned, and spoke for the first time during the conflict, a stare directed at Judy and Tiffany. “I am stronger.”

The astonishment on the face of the agents when they heard their ally’s reply was immense. Tiffany and her daughter blushed at the stare, shocked by how easily Dorak finished the alien off after taking a painful electric shock. However, just as the two agents thought everything was fine, a plasma shot through the window burned one's hand off, while a second one narrowly missed Tiffany, singing her dress. The wounded agent screamed, collapsing to the floor.

Dorak runs towards the source of the shots while slightly crouched, and along the way, shows his callous side. A left spinning kick turns the agent’s head crimson, as he falls dead on the spot. The last agent is soon faced with a charging alien, and in panic, empties the clip, but despite wounding the ugly creature, he is unable to avoid being impaled on the spiny forearm, screaming as the spines blind him. The bull finally pulls his small axe out leaping to the alien’s left side to avoid a rifle blast, before scurrying to cut its tail off. The quick downwards swing hits the mark, severing the slippery appendage.

The human family covers their ears as the horrible scream of the maimed invader eclipses that of the wounded agent. One slash later, the minotaur who had risen above the alien decapitated him. In the rush of the battle, he picked up the plasma rifle, and headed out, heedless of the potential danger, much to the shock of Thomas, Tiffany and Judy.

He had been trained how to operate firearms to a basic level, and due to the basic hand anatomy of the aliens, a plasma rifle was similar to human firearms in use. He preferred barehanded combat or various swords and axes, but he was smart enough to know the saucer required true firepower. Thus, when he stepped out, he aimed the weapon upwards, and fired without restraint. The hole at the bottom was a convenient target, and although the explosions weren’t devastating, the wobbling of the saucer post-impact told him he had dealt damage. In panic, the pilot accelerated the UFO hastily, deciding to abort the attack.

The family members listen nervously from the relative safety of the house, having moved behind a kitchen counter. The shots of the plasma rifle mixed with ominous sounds from the flying saucer.

However, upon seeing Dorak back in the house, their anxiety turned to relief. "T-thank goodness...we're safe!", Tiffany spoke, as Thomas could only offer a towel that was nearby for Dorak to wipe himself or tend to any wounds. He had not looked downwards though- unlike his wife and daughter. They gasped, seeing Dorak was mightily hard. The agent from before was crawling around, having been given wet towels.

Dorak grinned, and took the towel offered to him and wiped a few minor cuts and saw the singe mark of her dress then smirked at the young Tiffany. "" Dorak says as he looked around the house before spotting the wounded agent. Hastily coming over, he wrapped his left arm around him in a guillotine choke, taking the time to enjoy the weak flailing of the next victim as his underwear stretched closer and closer to the snapping point.

“N-no…he’s not a hybrid. Don’t…please…”, Thomas protested, but got a reply that reminded him what Dorak was.

“He is already dead. I will make it quick.” SNAP!

The half-bull was incredibly true to his words, as he finished the Secret Service agent just after his announcement by jolting upwards on the trapped neck. However, the grunt of pleasure was followed by something else- the abrupt pull-down of the leather panties he wore. Tiffany fell on her ass from the sight of a monstrous erection pointing right at her and Judy.

At this angle, Dorak saw right up Tiffany's dress and mooed at her, giving the notion for her to look at him. He then proceeded to come over to the females, and slap their asses lightly. Thomas was at a loss for words. He knew this creature was doing something not normal for humans, yet he could not stop him. He had faint hopes Dorak might just stop on his own...

Dorak simply huffed at Thomas and then turned his attention to the girls- pointing to the large bedroom. Once everyone was there, he lifted Tiffany’s dress and slid his shaft along her panties between her thighs as his other hand tears off her clothes till she's only in her bra and panties and his fingers sliding along her pussy lips through her underwear very teasing as he enjoyed her moans. Dorak noticed Thomas only stood in the corner and watched the depraved act of home wrecking.

Thomas was facing a very special kind of torture. His wife was becoming naked before his eyes. His daughter too, but he wasn't supposed to ever get hard from that. Yet, he was. The humiliating part was that neither of them was resisting Dorak too much, not even the 15 year-old Judy whose clothes were ruined quickly just like her mother’s. They did feel fear, and had no idea if they could survive sex with him, but he did look very masculine and handsome.

With his small dick in disagreement over the words that were about to be uttered, Thomas finally spoke: "Don't...please. Tiffany and I are married..." a part of him suspected he was far too late.

Snorting at the man's response as his daughter was sliding along his meat, making her pussy wet from the feeling, his wife's moans from being fingered by such strong hands filled the room. Dorak looked him dead in the eyes and smiled as he pushed both women to their knees as his cock was hard and slick with pre-cum. Dorak placed his hands on both women's heads and growled at them as he nudged them to begin. He then beckoned Thomas over.

While Tiffany and Judy did not hate Thomas, they were too much into Dorak's pleasuring foreplay to not go along, and their moans soon became vocal. "Oh, good..."- both blondes took turns affirming their consent to this scandalous act. Poor Thomas could only obey the alpha male in the room, sensing there would be trouble regardless.

Letting out pleasured low groans as each female took her turn trying to fit his shaft into their little mouths until he grabbed the head off Judy and pushed several inches into her mouth as her moans turned into gagging and sounds of him thrusting into her warm mouth.

"Suuuck...." Dorak told her as he felt Tiffany's attention on his swinging balls. He casually grabbed Thomas’ left arm when he approached, and after shoving him to his knees, applied a straight armbar which caused the man to sob. Worse yet, Judy, who wasn't exactly a pro at blowjobs, kept on with sucking Dorak’ cock despite her father’s pain and some personal fear of choking on the erection. Tiffany tries to calm her with a touch while kissing and licking the musky balls of Dorak, fantasizing him making her scream beneath all that muscle. Soon, her daughter had relaxed, but what didn't relax was Thomas's hard-on. As sad as he looked, he was watching this with a tent in his pants.

After a mighty groan from Dorak announced him ejaculating into Judy’s mouth, a sharp crack contrasted with all that pleasure. Thomas was let go, and fell, holding his crippled arm. “You like pain, weak human. Touch yourself more, and I will break you in half. I’ll show the sluts what I can do in a fight…”, Dorak smirked, to the utter astonishment of everyone.

He lifted and pushed Judy onto her back and made Tiffany sit onto her daughter’s face to be eaten out which would in turn make her moan all over his shaft. Pushing half of his shaft into her mouth over and over as he would pulled back and let her gasp a few breaths and then violate her mouth with his animalistic nature and make her slop on his shaft once more until he heard Thomas pumping his erection. Grunting again, he grabbed him by the shirt, quickly hoisting him over those broad shoulders, facing the ceiling. The torture rack backbreaker was on.

Shocked by the change in position and her husband’s agony, Tiffany couldn't do much but eat her own daughter out when Dorak had pinned her using Judy's body as a paperweight. This created a cascade of moans, achieving his goal of getting to facefuck the 35 year-old deeper. Her pussy was gushing onto the face of her daughter, while he pulled on Thomas at both ends: by the neck and legs.

“Yeah…lick my balls, Tiffany… I’ll cum and break his back in half with these muscles. And then both of you cum!”

Tiffany and Judy were playthings for the bull. Very willing and pleasured playthings. Tiffany's sounds were very muffled, as she couldn't believe her throat could hold Dorak' massive erection without injury. Her daughter had easily tipped her over the edge, creating massive squirting orgasms, as her mother got off on Dorak' sheer virility. Poor Thomas was pumping his erection inbetw3een worsening back pain. One loud moo changed everything.

Cum filled the awaiting throat of Tiffany, who was screaming from Judy’s cunnilingus, while Thomas’ back broke with a series of loud pops, which sent his legs into a scrambled series of twitches, before going limp. The wall opposite him had a small cum stain.

Dorak felt a rush of power and let out louder howls that just seemed to make the women moan and offer more to give this man-beast. Definitely lasting longer than her puny little dick husband. This man-beast has had plans to TAKE these women as his own since day one. He came onto the bed, and dropped the broken cuck behind himself, having in mind the final fate to befall the useless man.

Licking his lips at the females laying side by side on the bed, Dorak grabs Tiffany, and inserts himself into her without delay, causing deep moans to come from the teenager’s mom. Dorak used this to pull as he thrusted, just to make the thrusts hit with more impact as her pussy was already getting pounded inhumanly hard, even her buttcheeks are clapping against his hips with such force that the clapping echoes off the walls. His howls become louder, as sexual release comes ever closer.

He grabs the broken body of Thomas, and shoves his head face-first into the swinging testicles, while trapping it with his legs crossed behind the cuckold’s head. “Use your tongue, wimp!”

Since Thomas had been mentally and physically broken, he gave in wordlessly, accepting his final task was to enhance the experience of the new alpha male in the lives of his wife and daughter. The kisses that Dorak added to the brutal thrusts made Tiffany feel less pain, and while making out with the warrior bull, she found herself cumming hard. Her loud noises were an aphrodisiac, an ego-stroker for Dorak, who mooed into her mouth, before sucking on her left breast.

“Oh, shit! I’m gonna cum, Dorak! Oh, yes! Please, cum deep inside me…oh, yes! YES!”, Tiffany’s reaction was a testament to how naturally talented Dorak was in bed. He was making Judy feel good too, by toying with her right breast and fingering her pussy, since he could freely use both hands.

Huffing and grunting, Dorak sensed he was going to cum soon. Thomas was doing a good job stimulating Dorak’ arousal with his tongue and mouth, but he had to go. Thus came the husky voice of Dorak: “I will break his neck when I cum! Watch me kill, sluts!”

As both females cry in orgasmic bliss from Dorak’ skill and the impending kill, his sounds become animalistic in-between brief kisses. He suddenly raises his upper body off of Tiffany and then throws his head back. His balls pulsate mightily- and the firing of bovine seed into his wife is the last thing Thomas sees. Three separate twists of Dorak’ toned legs end his life in a loud sequence of cracks. All of this makes Tiffany’s orgasm last longer, including a passionate kiss when Dorak felt the cuck’s head slump.

He stayed atop the older female for about half a minute while fondling her daughter, before pulling out, wasting no time in surprising Judy by penetrating her. “Y-you can fuck again??”, the girl exclaimed, thinking it wasn’t possible.

“Yes. And I’ll crush your dad’s head when I cum inside you. Touch my legs as I fuck you, bitch. Feel my power!”, Dorak was definitely ready to pick up from where he had stopped.

Judy's intermittent squirting is driven by not only the thrusting, but also the murderous display of strength, as she experiences overwhelming pleasure when Dorak penetrates her pussy. "Oh, yes! Dorak! YESSS!", Judy screams, having experienced true bliss as his full length conquers her pussy. She feels his legs tighten around her father’s skull, and arches back as the bull sucks on her breasts in reward for obedience. With his left hand, he pulls on Tiffany’s hair to get her to sit up, soon shifting her pained expression into that of a lustful woman moaning into yet another deep kiss.

He keeps slamming deep inside the teenager with such vigor as if it were his first time having sex. Soon, he feels his cock pulsing wildly and stretching her pussy out as he lets out the words: "Cumming inside you, sluuuuuut."

He moans loudly as her father gets wide eyed and then it happens. He flexes and explodes inside Judy, while his legs temporarily become like steel. Popping sounds come from Thomas’ skull before a loud squish and the spraying of gore amaze both the orgasming Judy and her mother, triggering new orgasms. The rush of complete physical domination over human anatomy makes Dorak pull out and coat the women in even more cum, such hot and sticky cum that tastes so sweet when it hits their tongues. "VICTORY!" The man-beast screams as he stands over the mangled corpse, and the cum-covered sluts he just ravished for nearly one hour.

The females were exhausted to the point of being barely able to move, yet well satisfied by the sex experience with Dorak,. Both had a feeling of warmth in their bellies from the deep ejaculation they had experienced. Licking cum off of their faces, the females turn to celebrate his victory by kissing his nipples, and then moving to clean his cock, rubbing their pussies at the sight of the broken cuck corpse in the corner.
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