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The king gets caught and gets edged until he can't take anymore.
Sometimes court gets too much to handle. King Teran needs to escape from the day to day nonsense, the constant bickering between the high lords. In these times he feels like a teenage boy, sneaking out from his underwater castle. Sneaking out from his responsibilities. He has done these late night rides but he never knew how this one would change his life.

He covered his muscular six foot frame with the common garments that the lowborn folk wear. Over this he dresses in one of his priceless robes. He made his way out the back door of his chamber and down the rear stairs. Down to the lowest level. He activated the algae on the wall. It gave off a low yellow glow. Down deeper he went. Into parts of the castle not many people travel.

He pushed on the old seaweed gate and entered into a grove of fucus and caulerpa. A few paces to the small clearing and his familiar came swimming to him. Pea as Mor, his dolphin, came swimming down to him. With one quick grab at his fin he was pulled along with her as they escaped for their night's adventure.

Peanas Mor swam for over an hour before they passed the last village. As his trusted companion crossed the border in the forbidden lands, he saw movement from the corner of his eye. Teran motioned for Peanas Mor to drop and see what it was.

Now swimming in between the thick algae forest, it was different to navigate at the speed they were going. It was too late when the trap was sprung. A large net was pulled up from the sandy floor. It ensnared his familiar but sent him flying forward. He had no control over his body and hit the ground rolling hard. He raised his head, but it dropped quickly as he blacked out.

He came through sometime later. Shaking the sea webs from his mind. He tried to raise but he found his limbs would not work. He looked down and found his body was wrapped with a coil eel. It wrapped around his body, holding his arms and legs tightly against his body. Holding him so tight. He knew there was no breaking free. That is when he noticed that he was naked. He went to scream but he found that his mouth was gagged with a sea coral.

At that moment a young fit seamaiden came from behind the large alaria and fucus. She was stunning. Her body was covered in the black shiny seaweed. The strands weaving down her legs exposing some of her skin. Her ample chest was barely covered but still was held in place with it. Her face was beautiful. Her long red hair flowing freely in the current of the ocean breeze.

She took her time walking over to the king. He was wiggling and struggling to get free, but he was bound too tight. She stood over him. Looking down at his exposed form. He tried screaming again but the gag muffled the words. “Look who got himself in a bind. Would you like a hand,” she said, winking at him. He struggled more.

She reached down and with ease lifted him up and moved his body up against the rock ledge just to the right of them. Then something he never expected happened. She started stroking his exposed cock. His mind tried to fight more but his body gave in so quickly.

“Look how easy it is for me to get you to calm down. Just stroke your nice thick cock. How quickly you will give in to me. It is ok. More than one has met their match when it came to Alannah charms. You see,” she said softly in his ear and her body inched closer and closer to his. “I’m the dominant in this part of the sea. The ones that wife’s worry about and look at you my latest conquest.” Her hand gently stroked him the whole time. His body is losing more and more control.

“Let’s take this gag off,” she purred as both hands moved behind his head. “I want to hear what you have to offer me. Will it be money or violence. You know only one went willingly.” The gag popped out from his mouth.

He moved it side to side to get the feeling back. “Do you know who I am,” he barked at her.

“Yes, the king, but not the king all the way out here.” She giggled. Her hands slowly traced. Down his naked form.

“I will come back in force,” he said with anger building in his voice.

“So, violence,” she giggled again. “I thought it would have been money.” Her hands are now at his chest. Her thumbs gave his nipples a quick rubbing.

“If it's money you want. I’m the king and can give you anything.”

Her hands moved lower still. Her eyes locked into his. A battle of the will. In this position he held no cards and as much as he wanted to fight it more he had to give in. “I want only one thing from you.”

“Yes!! You name it. I will give you another thing,” his words came stumbling out.

“Anything, interesting. All I want is your submission and obedience.” Her hand wrapped around his semi hard cock again and started stroking again.

It took him some time to get his head clean. He finally said, "you can try but that will not happen. No matter how long you torture me.”

“Is this torture,” she whispered into his ear. Then taking a nibble on his ear lobe. “I think most other men would think this is pleasure. Your cock thinks so. Can you feel how hard it is getting by my touch?” His head dropped back. He knows he is going to end up on the losing side of this.

“I like how thick and veiny your kingly member is sire. Your royal cock must make all the court maidens drool over it. Is that true,” she questioned.

“Yes,” he said, starting to breath hard. “They like it.”

“Well, from now on this member is my plaything. Those court sluts will not get to play with it. It is my toy now. Maybe if you are a good boy, I will let you use it with one of them.” He giggled again at his expense. Her free hand reached down and grabbed his nut sack. Giving it a small squeeze. He yelped as his body shuddered in the pain. His eyes closed, head flying around trying to jerk the pain away. His eyes popped open and in them she saw it. There is that one moment in time that she knows she broke them. Sometimes her subject does not even know they were broken. That is her favorite part. This is the moment for the mighty king. The eyes always tell, even when his words are still defiant.

She did not let him off the hook. For the next few hours, she edged him. Over and over right to the brink. So, close he was begging for release. His body was shaking from the pleasure he was receiving. At each edge he felt the tingles running over his body. Only to have her remove her hands and his cock twitching, but never the release.

His cock did leak precum. She at first took the sweet liquid and wiped it on her lips and then kissed him deeply. Now she just let his cock drip like the good boy she called him.

His balls felt swollen and heavy. With each touch waves of pleasurable pain washed over him. They need to be released.

His mind has caught up to his body and she pushed him further. Breaking him so deeply. “Are you ready to cum my good boy?”

“Yes, my Queen,” he quickly said. “Please my Queen. Let your good boy cum for you.”

She thought it was amusing to have him call her his Queen, with him being the king. She giggled at him again. “You are a good boy, but do you know what will happen if your big thick cock squirts for me. You will be mine, forever my obedient and submissive servant. Is that what you want?” He shook his head yes. Not wanting to say the words. “Then say it. Say you want to serve me. This is your last chance to back out, but if you do you will never feel this much pleasure again. So, what will it be,” she questioned?

“Please let me serve you, my Queen.”

“Then cum for me, my good boy.” She jerked him faster and faster until his cock exploded. Pleasure rocked his body as his cock shot stream after stream. The pleasure he felt was nothing like anything else he has ever had.

She kept milking him until every drop was forced from him. His body felt that after orgasm drop, but she was not done. With his cock shrinking, she pulled a cage from her bag at her hip. Before he knew what was happening his manhood was placed in a cage of harden seaweed. He heard about them but never has seen one. Now he was locked in one. It felt a bit weird with the additional weight, but as his sensitive cock rubbed against it additional waves of pleasure raced through him.

“Now my submissive king, you will enjoy a month in my cage. This time next month you will come back here and I will continue your training as my submissive pet.” With that she snapped her fingers and the coil eels wrapped around him let go. A second later she was gone leaving him there broken, but happier than he has been in a long time.
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