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A couple and their college-aged twin daughters move into a house that has an interesting history, and has an even more interesting impact on the people who live there. Now they want to uncover the story of the two young women who haunt their home, and they have some unconventional ideas of how to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Be warned, this is a horror story, and things get a little grim here and there - especially at the very end of VII and the very beginning of VIII.

I had heard stories about alleged ghost encounters where, supposedly, the ghosts didn’t know they were dead. I wondered if the Helmsworth twins knew.

“You know what those boxes are?” I asked, indicating the empty cremains boxes. They nodded.

“Do you know where your ashes are?”

They nodded.

“Can you tell me?”

They shook their heads.

I turned to Lila. “There appear to be certain questions these two are allowed to answer, and certain ones they aren’t.” Lorelei nodded.

“Do you know what happened to you?” I asked her.

They didn’t answer. For a second, they flickered out and I thought they had left because I upset them. Then they flickered back in. I gasped.

Their faces and their chests were covered in blood. They both had bullet holes in the center of their foreheads.

I held up my hand. “I get it. I’m sorry I asked, but we really want to help.” Dorothy nodded. They flickered out, and a second later they flickered back into existence as the two beautiful, voluptuous young women we had grown accustomed to in the past 24 hours.

“Are you allowed to tell me who did this to you?”

They shook their heads.

“Does the person who did this know where your ashes are?”

A nod.

“Does Angelina know who this person is?”

Dorothy sighed. Lorelei just looked at the ground. Damn the cosmic laws.

“Hmm,” Mina said, speaking for the first time. “Maybe we need to nuance the questions a little.” She turned to Lorelei and Dorothy. “If someone had lived in this town for generations, knew all the people, talked to everyone, was trusted by everyone...hypothetically, might a person like that know who did this?”

A broad smile broke out across the faces of the Helmsworth twins. It was radiant. I hadn’t seen them smile like that before. I realized they weren’t just sexy, they were classic beauties. They both nodded.

“Leave it to this group to find loopholes in cosmic laws,” my wife said with an admiring smile.

“Are you tied to the attic?” Mina asked. Dorothy held up two fingers.

“You’re tied to two things?” There was a nod.

“Can you tell us what?”

A shake of the head.

Mina pointed to a pair of manacles on the wall.

“Are you tied to these?” she asked. The Helmsworth twins laughed, then shook their heads. Then Mina pointed to a dildo sitting on a shelf. Dorothy and Lorelei shook their heads and looked at her like she was an idiot.

“What about the bed in your room?” Mina asked.

The Helmsworth twins froze.

Score. Damn, I raised clever daughters.

“One down,” I said. “What could the other thing be?”

We sat in silence for a moment, lost in thought. Then suddenly Callie jumped up.

“I can play this game, too,” she said.

She pointed to a massage table. “Are you tied to this?” she asked. Dorothy and Lorelei shook their heads, but watched carefully.

Callie pointed to the wooden rack that my wife had been tied to.

“Do you haunt that?” Again, a shake of the head.

Callie gave a a big smile, then pointed to the box with the guns.

“Are you tied to your weapons?”

Lorelei and Dorothy sat stock still.

Like I said, I raised clever daughters.

“It logically followed,” Callie said. “They showed up tonight when Mina and I touched the Remingtons. If twins touch their pistols, they show up. Anywhere.”

Another radiant smile broke out across the faces of the Helmsworth twins.

I smiled too. “Tomorrow I’m going to invite Angelina for a little visit, and Dorothy and Lorelei need to bring their scary faces.”

We spent much of the next hour working out a plan. Then while Callie retired to her darkroom with the camera we found, I made a couple of adjustments to the equipment in the little bondage playroom to fit with our plans.

Callie returned awhile later with a twenty photos of a New Years Eve Y2K party taking place at a house on the outskirts of town. Lots of people we recognized from town were there – their younger versions – including the Helmsworth twins. Angelina showed up in a few photos, as well as Mr. Dover. In one pic, Mr. Dover even had his arm around Angelina’s waist. It was kind of creepy.

The last picture in the roll was taken as folks were leaving. There were cars lined up in a row to head out, nose-to-tail. The picture looked like it was shot out the passenger side of a car – presumably the Helmsworth twins’ car. It showed the car immediately behind them, and behind the steering wheel was Angelina.

“She left the party right behind them,” I said, shaking my head, angry all over again. “That bitch has some explaining to do.”

Lila looked closely at the picture.

“The pickup truck behind Angelina, I’ve seen that truck somewhere around town,” she said.

“It’s been over twenty years since that pic was taken,” Mina said. “Would it be even recognizable?”

“Maybe…” Lila trailed off, absently rubbing her cheek as she tried to remember.

The next morning I called Angelina. I made it a point to sound nervous, and asked if she could come by the house. I said my wife and daughters were away visiting their mother and I might want to take advantage of her offer of help with the stuff in the attic. Maybe she could come over and we could look through it...together.

And I told her to dress light because the attic was warm.

She swallowed the bait.

I went shirtless and did a few push-ups in the attic before she came, giving me a flushed look and thin sheen of perspiration on my muscles when I answered the door.

Angelina was wearing a white spaghetti tank that I could clearly see her wide aureoles through, and a pair of thin, light yellow yoga shorts that outlined her slit perfectly. Her outfit managed to contain her curves, but not without an effort.

I opened the door and she came in, giving me a big hug. She pressed her chest and hips against me. I could feel her hard nipples at the end of her big, soft tits through the fabric of her top. I let myself come partially erect so she could feel my steel against her hips.

When we finally separated, I made a motion towards the attic.

“Let’s go take a look at what we have up there,” I said. “We’ve found some things since we talked yesterday, so I hope you can help me out.”

“I’ll help you however I can,” Angelina said, touching my arm lightly with her fingertips and following me up to the attic.

“Wow, you really have done some cleaning up here,” Angelina said. “This is great. What did you want my help with?”

“Actually, what I needed your assistance with is over here,” I said, guiding her towards the twin’s room. The door was closed, and I pulled it open, giving her a view of the black brick wall and the heavy black door that stood open.

“This is...interesting…” she said, hesitantly approaching the black door.

“Have you ever seen this wall or door before?” I asked.

“No,” she said. “Like I said, I’d never been up here until the house came on the market.”

She was hovering outside the black door. I reached around her and flicked on the light.

“Wow,” she said, looking around. “This is amazing, what a setup.”

“Yeah,” I said. “It looks like the twins had quite the party room up here. I wonder what this stuff would sell for.”

“It looks pretty clean. I bet there’s a market for it somewhere online,” Angelina said.

“Oh, and there’s some clothing too.”

I had left out a leather corset and a pair of thigh-high boots sitting on one of the massage tables. I held them up. Angelina came and stood beside me, running her hand down the leather, while at the same time, pressing her hips against mine.

“I thought of you when I saw it,” I said softly, looking down at her, smiling. “I’d love to see you try it on.”

Angelina smiled. “I’d love to try it on for you,” she said.

She smoothly peeled off her tank, letting her thick tits free, exposing her wide aureoles and aroused nipples. She held my gaze as she ran her hands lightly across her chest, then slid her fingers into the waistband of her shorts and pushed them to the ground. Her pussy was completely shaven, with small, moist lobes coming to a point at her clit that was erect and poking out. A dribble of juice slipped to the end of the nub and hung there for a moment before dropping to the floor.

She wrapped the corset around her midsection and I helped her with the clasps, then she sat down on the couch and pulled the thigh-high leather boots on. When she stood, I have to admit, she looked hot. It was too bad she was protecting a murderer.

She slipped up to me, her pendulous tits and thick thighs quivering as she walked. She pressed her bare chest against mine and ran a hand up my cock that was pressing against the front of my shorts. She offered her lips to mine, and I leaned down and kissed her.

“Since we’re here, any of these devices we want to try out before you sell them?” she murmured.

“Yeah,” I said. “It’s too bad my wife isn’t into this sort of thing.” I moved to the rack-like device. “Do you know how this works?”

She moved to the rack and stepped onto it.

“I think one hand goes here, one hand goes here, and your legs go here and here,” she slipped her hands and feet into place. I buckled her into place.

“Like that?” I asked.

“That’s perfect, lover, make them nice and tight so I can’t get away. I’m now at your mercy, baby. You can do anything you want to me, I’m helpless.”

A thick stream of grool was sliding down the inside of her thighs.

I squeezed her tits and pressed my lips against her wide nipples, licking the aureoles and nipping at the hard tips. She moaned.

“Fuck me, baby,” she murmured. “You know you want this, you know I want this. Take me, please.”

I switched the levers on the rack so she moved around and was now bent over, her ass in the air.

“Oh yeah,” she murmured. “Do it, please. Take my ass if you want. Whatever, lover, just fuck me.”

I pushed my shorts to the ground and stroked my cock, bringing it all the way to attention. I ran the head up and down her soaked slit and her puckered asshole, but didn’t push it in.

“You know,” I said. “Back in the middle ages, they used these as torture and interrogation devices.”

“Do you want to interrogate me, baby?” she purred.

I put a photo of her on the same rack back in the late 90s in front of her.

“Yeah, I would. I thought you had never been in this attic until the house came on the market. What’s this picture all about?”

Angelina swore and started to pull at the manacles, reaching for the safety releases and finding them disabled.

“Sorry, sexy,” I said as she struggled. “I made a couple of unauthorized modifications to this little toy here. The quick release clips don’t work anymore, and we forgot to set a safe word. Damn.”

The realization that she had been played slithered across her face, rage taking the place of arousal.

“Fuck you, you bastard,” she cursed, struggling. “When I get free I’m calling the police and you’re going to be in so much trouble. I’ve got this town in the palm of my hand, you’ve fucked over the wrong chick.”

“Not as much trouble as you are, babe. I think accessory to murder is a much heavier charge. It’s even heavier than the penalty for doing ‘unnatural things’.”

She stopped struggling and looked up at me, her face suddenly pale.

“We’re going to play a game,” I said.

I whistled and a second later Lila, Mina, and Callie sauntered in. They were wearing various outfits from the other wing of the attic. They came and stood next to me. I sat down on the couch and my twin daughters knelt down in front of me. Callie wrapped her lips around my hard meat as the twins began tag teaming my cock.

“Is this what you meant by ‘unnatural things’?” I asked, patting Mina and Callie on the head as Callie sloppily sucked down her father’s shaft all the way to the base.

“People like you go to hell,” Angelina spat.

“Maybe so, but if sex between consenting adults gets you sent to hell, I’ll make it a point to visit you in whatever deep hole in hell they reserve for murderers.”

“I’m not a murderer,” Angelina said.

“Then who is?” Callie asked as Mina took over cocksucking duties for a moment.

“Fuck you, you little whore.”

“I’m not the one trying to steal another woman’s husband, bitch.”

I interrupted. “We have two more people we need to join our little party.”

I held the wooden box with the pistols in front of Callie and Mina. Callie took one, and Mina took the other without even breaking her slow mouth motions up and down my cock.

As soon as both twins had the pistols in their hands, a glow suffused the room, and on queue, the Helmsworth twins appeared. They were horrifying, with nasty black holes in their foreheads, blood all over their face, blood all over their chest. Parts of the back of their heads missing. They were nude, except for thigh-high boots.

“I know it’s been awhile, but I’m sure you remember Dorothy and Lorelei,” I said.

Angelina screamed. “What the fuck! What the fuck!”

“This is your chance to finally come clean,” I said. “You can talk to us, work with us while we sort this out, and maybe you might get a lighter sentence when the authorities get involved. On the other hand, we can go straight to the state police. Your call.”

“Fuck you,” Angelina spat. “Get these freaks away from me. I don’t know what kind of a trick this is, but it won’t work. Get.” She made a gesture with her hand like she was trying to shoo away the specters that were now just a few feet from her. It didn’t work.

Lila smiled. “Let’s play a game we made up called ‘Truth or Deeper’.” She pulled out an eighteen inch long strap on and buckled up.

“So baby,” Lila purred to Angelina, rubbing the dong across her asshole and slit. “What was all this about you trying to steal my husband?”

“What the fuck,” Angelina said. “Get that thing away from me. Fuck you.”

Lila ignored her. “Here are the rules for ‘Truth or Deeper’, love. I am going to ask you some questions. You are going to answer them. If you tell the truth, nothing happens. If you lie, we go deeper. Got it? So, to start things out, you have a choice, vaginal or anal?”

Angelina looked at my wife, then at me. She suddenly looked very pale.

“I...I...I’ll do anal,” she said softly, looking at the Helmsworth twins in horror.

“You bet,” Lila said, dumping some lube on Angelina’s asshole and sliding the first six inches of the dildo in. “If you’re asking for anal, your cunt must be as shallow as your character. Time for your first question: how did the Helmsworth twins die?”

“They died in a car accident.”

Lila slid in another inch.

Angelina sneered. “Bitch...”

“Give me the correct answer to my question, how did Dorothy and Lorelei die.”

Angelina gulped and cursed.

“Fuck,” she said. “You’re going to pay for this.”

“Maybe, but you’re going to pay more. Abetting a murder is a pretty nasty charge. Covering up a murder is ugly too. Cooperation is your best bet, unless you want jail time and a cavernous asshole.”

“Okay,” Angelina said. “They were shot in the head.”

“Obviously, one look at them now and that point is obvious. The important question is, by who?”

“How would I know?”

Lila added another inch of depth. Angelina unleashed a stream of curses at my wife, my daughters, and my ancestry.

Personally, I was enjoying this spectacle. The fact that my hot, slender college-aged twin daughters were tag-teaming their young mouths on my cock didn’t hurt either.

Lila asked her the next question. “Were you at the New Years Eve party the night they died?”


Lila slid in yet another inch. Angelina groaned and swore. She sounded legitimately uncomfortable. I held up a picture showing her at the party, then the one showing she left right after the Helmsworth twins.

“Wrong answer,” I said. “Want to try again?”

“Yes, I was there.” She sounded defeated.

“What happened?”

She paused a long time, then finally spoke.

“Look, I was just a college student. My parents were really hard on me. They could only afford the local college but because I lived nearby I was low priority for student housing. The...the...killer...paid for me to have an apartment next to the university. I was his side piece, which sucked, but I got to get out of a bad home situation. Fucking a guy a few years your senior in exchange for a more stable living situation isn’t such a bad deal. And I worked as a drink girl for the Helmsworth twins when they had their little parties. It was strange, but fun. I was young, I didn’t know what I was doing.”

“Who killed them?” I asked.

“Please don’t do this. I’m sorry for what happened, but I had nothing to do with it.”

“I never said you did,” I replied. “Name please.”


I nodded to Lila. She slid in another inch, meaning Angelina had taken about a foot into her ass. She howled, sweat pouring down her face.

“This is torture!” she cried.

“Name, please,” I said.

“Bart Dover.”

“Wow, the guy who lives two doors down from me?”

Lila slid a couple inches back out. Angelina sighed in relief.

“Thank you,” she murmured. “Yes, the Mr. Dover who lives on your street. After he was rejected by Dorothy he held a serious grudge. And when the twins began having their evil little orgies, that was too much. He was at the party that night when the twins showed up. He had drank a little too much. When they left shortly after the ball drop, he followed them and forced them off the road. I tried to stop him, but he hit me. He shot them with their own pistols. A week later, he came to me and asked me to get their ashes. He gave me a wad of cash. So I stole them. Nobody gave a shit, everyone thought they were freaks and we were better off with them gone.”

“Do you know where their ashes are?”

She shook her head. “I don’t, and I’m not lying. I had nothing to do with that. After the shooting, I broke off with Bart Dover, dropped out of college, took a night course in realty. I’ve been selling real estate ever since. So much for my big college dreams.”

“Does Bart Dover know where they are?”

“If anyone does, he does.”

“Will you help us find out where they are, and when the time comes, will you tell the state police everything you just told me?”

Angelina nodded and looked up at the bloody Helmsworth twins. “I’ve thought about you two every day over the past twenty years. I really am sorry for my part in this nightmare.”

Then she paused again.

“I lied to you about something else,” she added, biting her lip. Lila, who had been sliding the dildo out of Angelina’s ass stopped.

“Really?” Lila said. “About what?”

Angelina slowly slid her body backwards, sliding herself back on the dildo that she had been complaining about a moment ago. She pushed as far back as her restraints would allow her, then nodded to Lila. My wife looked at me and I just shook my head. She slid the eighteen inch dildo the rest of the way inside Angelina’s ass.

“I’m so worthless,” Angelina said. “Do with me what you will. I’m a piece of shit. And I’m so sorry. I’ve had this over my head for twenty years. I’m just glad it’s over. Make me pay.”

“Hah, no problem, bitch” Lila said. She began sodomizing Angelina with gusto, driving the eighteen-inch long strap-on in and out of Angelina’s asshole aggressively – definitely doing the whole “hell hath no fury” thing all over Angelina’s ass.

I got up and moved in front of Angelina, lifting her head up. She looked up at me with doe eyes that were red and teary.

“I’m such a whore,” she whispered. I gave my cock a couple of strokes and drove it into her mouth, not even trying to be gentle. I pushed until my balls rested against Angelina’s chin. She coughed and streamers of slime dribbled from her mouth around my meat, but she didn’t choke.

My wife continued to drive in and out of Angelina’s ass. Mina and the still-gruesome Helmsworth twins donned strap-on harnesses and fit them with different sized dongs. Mina went with a big, thick, horse-like thing. Dorothy had a long thin snake that looked to be almost two feet long with a tapered end. Lorelei had a short, stubby dildo that was almost as big around as my guns.

Callie had taken out a camera and was filming Angelina’s humiliation. Pausing every few minutes to masturbate a little.

Mina tapped her mother on the shoulder. Lila slid her dildo out of Angelina’s red, inflamed asshole and stepped back, allowing Mina to roughly drive her dong into Angelina’s sphincter. Angelina moaned around my cock as I continued to slide my meat in and out of her mouth. A thick streamer of throat slime and maybe a little bit of vomit hung down from her chin and shook with each of my strokes.

Lila appeared next to me, stroking the dong she had just pulled out of Angelina’s asshole. I slid my cock out of our wayward Realtor’s mouth and my wife drove her strap-on in its place. Angelina made a choking noise and a fresh load of slime sluiced out of the side of her mouth and her nose, sliding all the way down to the floor. Lila grabbed her hair and face-fucked Angelina with gusto.

Mina, meanwhile, was going about her damage to Angelina’s asshole at least a little gentler than her mother had. Angelina’s sphincter was now intensely red and inflamed and sliding out further and further with each stroke Mina made.

Callie with her camera, having documented Angelina’s wrecked ass, was knelt beside Lila, capturing every choke, gag, and retch that racked Angelina’s mouth. A nasty puddle had formed on the floor under her chin, and Lila didn’t seem like she was in the mood to stop. Out of concern for Angelina’s well-being, I tapped Mina on the shoulder and pointed to Lila. When Mina came up beside her, Lila tapped out and let Mina have a run at Angelina’s well-used throat while Dorothy started in on Angelina’s gaped, abused asshole.

I pulled my wife to me and we kissed, her pendulous tits pressing against my muscled chest, her hips pressed together around my pulsating meat. As nice as it was to fuck my daughters and the Helmsworth twins, Lila and I knew each others bodies well, and let’s face it, this was the woman I truly loved.

We kissed and I reached around, unbuckling her strap-on and pushing it to the floor, then grabbed her mom-ass and lifted her up, planting her on the edge of a massage table. She wrapped her legs around me as I slid my meat into her soaking slit. The energy of the new sexual experiences we had had over the last 48 hours injected itself into our love making. She was hot and drenched, I was hard and pulsating. She moved her hips in time with each of my thrusts. We moaned in almost perfect synchronicity.

Behind us, Mina had tapped out and Dorothy had switched to Angelina’s dripping, slimy mouth. Lorelei, the last in line, drove her super-thick strap-on into Angelina’s red, inflamed, gaping asshole. Lorelei was the only one of the strap-ons that got a groan from Angelina. She involuntarily yanked her head off of Dorothy’s dong.

“Fuck, what the fuck is that thing, a freight train?” she croaked, her throat hoarse from the beating it was taking. But that was all she was able to get out before Dorothy forced her dildo back into Angelina’s piehole. Angelina mumbled something else but nobody had any idea what – nor did anyone really care.

I glanced over at the Helmsworths. I have to admit, it was a terrifying. The gruesome, wrecked, bloody twins were spit-roasting Angelina with everything they had. Their blood-covered tits shook with each stroke they made, a chunk of Dorothy’s skull was hanging to the side and flapping with her motions, and the dark smiles on their faces were horrifying. I was really glad I wasn’t a murderer or accomplice – having to ever look something like that in the eye as the guilty one would drive me over the edge.

Callie had documented all this on her video camera, including the gory Helmsworths and close-ups of the red, abused flesh of Angelina’s asshole trying to cope with the monster dong Lorelei was driving in and out of it. But suddenly she noticed that her mother and father were hugging and having a slow, quiet, intense standing fuck on one one of the massage tables. She crept over to us and suddenly I felt her hand on the inside of my thigh.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I need to get a close-up,” Callie said with a giggle. “Spread your legs, I want a clean shot of your cock in mom’s pussy.”

Lila giggled. I thought about protesting, but what could I say? I had already tested every hole both my daughters had, so it was a little late for modesty. I spread my legs a bit and Callie held the camera between them as I slipped my meat in and out of her mother’s slit. It felt like the insides of Lila’s cunt went up several degrees in temperature. I felt a fresh load of grool slide out around my cock and I realized that she was turned on by the idea of our daughter filming out lovemaking. I leaned forward and we kissed as Callie kept the camera pointed as Lila’s cunt. Lila came around my cock and her slit tightened around me. I could feel my balls tighten.

“Money shot! Give me a money shot!” Callie said. Mina appeared and pushed me backwards, yanking my cock out of her mother’s cunt and stroking me fast. I closed my eyes and a second later my seed pulsed out all over Lila’s heavy chest as Callie filmed her mother’s come-christening. Lila leaned forward and pulled my cock into her mouth, sucking down my semen, then letting it dribble down her chin for Callie’s benefit.

I heard Angelina let out a loud moan and glanced over my shoulder. The Helmsworth twins had pulled out of her holes and Angelina was coughing and sputtering.

The twins unhooked Angelina from the rack, and she slid to the floor on her hands and knees, then lay down on her back and gazed up at the rest of us. Angelina’s face seemed to have gotten ten years younger now that she had loosed her secret she had kept for so long. She looked up at the wrecked visages of the Helmsworth twins with a mixture of interest and horror.

The twins turned and flickered out for a moment, before returning as the lovely, curvy young women we all loved.

“I am such a complete shit,” Angelina said, finally. “I can’t believe I went along with this all these years. I’ll do anything I can to set this right.”

“We’ll hold you to that,” I said.


I held out my hand and Angelina climbed to her feet . She cleaned herself up, including a smattering of blood from the pounding her ass had taken. Then we all hung around the bondage dungeon, recovering and discussing next steps.

“If we go straight to the police, Bart Dover will clam right up,” Angelina said. “Once he is charged, he has no motivation to provide any help in finding the ashes. And it’s not like a case with a missing body, so I don’t know that the state is going to have that high on their priority list. The bodies were already identified and documented. Missing ashes twenty years later is just a paperwork exercise.”

“To Dorothy and Lorelei it’s a lot more than a paperwork exercise,” Mina said, frustration creeping into her voice. “We need those ashes if they’re ever going to be able to stop haunting an old bed and a couple of old pistols.”

“Agreed, but who’s going to believe us?” Lila said.

“Whatever strategy we work out, I think it probably needs to involve putting the Helmsworth twins in front of Bart somehow,” I said. “Angelina, what can you tell us about Bart Dover?”

Angelina sighed. “Bart’s a tough nut to crack. He’s an electrician, been one all his life, and makes a pretty decent living. Not long after he murdered the Helmsworths, he married and had a son, Will. Though he was married, he remained a skirt-chaser – still is. His wife dumped him when Will was about five and took Will with her, though she only moved about a half hour away. Bart always had a mean streak, and that just made him meaner. After that, he made some half-hearted attempts to rekindle his relationship with me, but I gave him a hard no. When Will got a little older, he moved back in with his dad, as boys will often do. That softened Bart a good bit, but he never really recovered from the insult of losing his wife. Now that Will has graduated from college and got a place of his own, Bart is spending way too much time alone in that house, brooding. This is going to be tough.”

“Do you think he still has a thing for you?” Callie asked.

“Yes, a little,” Angelina replied. “He pops by the office every few weeks, ‘just to say hi’ as he puts it. He always acts real nice towards me, but he still has a temper with everyone else. And it’s not just that he’s reserved, I could deal with that. He’s short with anyone who’s not an attractive young woman. It’s too bad, he’s a nice-looking guy with a good job in a small town. They’re hard to come by.”

“Interesting,” Lila said. “When I went and talked to him, he seemed kind of quiet, but he was actively engaged in our conversation.”

“What were you wearing?” Angelina asked, cocking an eyebrow. “Did you show any skin?”

Lila chuckled. “Maybe a little…”

“Any personal interests, hobbies, etc?” I asked.

“He has a collection of about a dozen vintage firearms. For a steep price, he’s also the go-to guy for townsfolk who can’t pass a gun-buyer’s background check, if you catch my drift. He has a classic 80’s Trans Am Firebird he uses to try to pick up drunk college girls. Nice car, but no. Other than that, he just sits in that house, guzzles Buds, and watches ESPN.”

“Tits, cars, beer, and guns – a real man” Mina sneered. “I think we’ve got some things we can work with.”

We spent the next couple hours drawing up plans, then Angelina went home. The twins spent the evening with some friends going to see a movie, and Lila and I had a quiet night alone at home (besides the ghosts in the attic).

The next morning was a Sunday. Angelina called about noon and said that Bart Dover was expecting us at 2:00.

I watched out the front window, waiting for Angelina’s car to go by, then we walked down the street, all four of us. We had spent much of the morning practicing our routine and memorizing lines in the hope that our all our planning would work out. We had our fingers crossed.

It was a warm day and the twins had worn spaghetti tanks that clung to their slender bodies, accentuating their small chests and permitting just the hint of pokies. My wife went braless under a super-tight, pink T-shirt that complemented her bust in a way that was breathtaking - even Callie and Mina were trying not to stare. I wore an oversized button-up shirt that minimized my musculature as much as possible. I was trying to look scrawny and scared – not an easy task.

Inside, Bart was sitting in a recliner in a torn pair of jeans and a black AC/DC t-shirt that might have looked good on him when he was 25. His eyes looked like he was still hungover from the previous night, and he smelled fresh, like he had just gotten around to showering right before we came. He was a good-looking guy, in a rugged way, except for the underlying vibe of sleaze that clung to him. He didn’t rise when we came in, just gestured to a tattered couch and an easy chair.

At Angelina’s prompting, he asked if anyone wanted anything to drink, like sodas, water...or a beer. He seemed relieved that I asked for a beer, and he came out with two, one for me and one for him.

Once we were settled in, he dispensed with the small talk.

“I understand you need some help,” he said, taking a swig from his can of Bud.

I nodded and did my best act of a nervous glance at the twins, who were staring at the floor. When I looked up, I noticed the Bart was taking a full measure of Callie and Mina.

“Yes,” I said, softly, looking down, then looking up at him while trying to appear a little guilty. “You know how the world is these days. I’d like my girls to have some personal protection, but we had this little incident where we used to live. We’re trying to move on – the girls learned their lesson – but if they applied for permits, the local cops would probably find out about their mishap. And you know how small town police can be. Can you help? I’d really appreciate it. I can pay a little extra too, you know, to help with any, um, handling fees…”

While I spoke, Bart’s eyes had been flicking back and forth between the twins’ tits and my face – with occasional stops at my wife’s chest. Angelina was right, this guy was a scum. Sending him up the creek for the Helmsworth twins’ murder would be fun.

When I was finished, he smiled.

“Angelina vouches for you, which is enough for me,” he said. “I can get you a couple of small caliber untraceables. You’ll need to get your own ammo. It will take me a couple of weeks to come up with the guns – it’s all about what comes on the market and when. But I can get them. I will need half of the price up front, and half on delivery.”

We all made it a point to sigh and look relieved. Mina and Callie leaned over to shake his hand, making sure that they gave him a clear view down their tops while they did so. He took advantage of the offer.

“How much will that be?” I asked.

“The weapons will be $1500 apiece, plus a $250 service charge for each.”

“So $1750 apiece? $3500 total?” I sputtered. “Wow, that’s a lot of cash. We just moved...bought a house...and the twins are over at the university. I just don’t have that kind of money on hand.”

Bart just held out his hands, palms up, and shook his head.

“I’m sorry, that’s what it will cost you,” he said. The smile never left his face.

Silence descended on the room. Bart seemed happy to let it hang in the air.

Finally Mina spoke up.

“Is there any way we something out?”

“Mina no,” I said, but Bart held up his palm at me.

“Let the little lady finish,” he said. “What did you have in mind, Miss?”

“Well, me and my sister, we’ve like, done some modeling. I’m an artist, and she’s a photographer. We’re twins, know how twins are. You wouldn’t be touching us or anything, but we could, you know, maybe give you a private show. Us two with you watching. Like a camshow, but in person.”

“That’s an interesting idea you got there, sweetheart,” Bart said. I started to speak up but Bart held up his hand in front of me again. “I’d say Daddy better shut the fuck up or he could blow this whole deal.”

I could have wiped that smirk off his conceited face in two seconds. But I continued to play the flummoxed father. It killed me to do so, but I thought of the Helmsworth twins.

Bart turned to Lila.

“What does Mommy have to say about all this?”

Lila glanced in my direction then looked at the floor. “Well, I suppose, if this is the only way to get this done, how much of a discount do we get?”

“I’ll reduce it by a third,” Bart said. “Unless you join them. Then it’ll be two thirds off.”

“Are you sure all this is okay?” Lila asked. “I wouldn’t want us to do anything, you know, unnatural…”

“We’re all friends here,” said Bart with a big smile.

“So when…” Lila began, hesitatingly.

“Why not right here, right now,” Bart said. “That way Daddy can enjoy the show too.”

I stood up, but again Bart raised his hand. “You better sit down and shut up, Mister,” he said. “Don’t make me tell you again.”

I was long removed from my younger days, so bar fights were a thing of my distant past. But years of healthy living and gym rat lifestyle left me in far better shape than I had been in my young and stupid days. This guy did not scare me one wit. I so wanted to take him out, but again, the Helmsworth twins were the reason I was here.

Inwardly, though, I smiled. This could not be going any better...

Bart nodded to the twins.

“Go ahead girls, show me what you got…” he said.

Callie and Mina played hesitant, leaning towards each other, then backing away nervously, then letting their lips connect. They started cautiously, slowly warming up, kissing, their eyes closed. Callie slid her hand lightly up Mina’s back and caressed her hair. Mina rested her hands on Callie’s waist, then flicked them up her side, letting the edges of her thumbs brush the underside of Callie’s tits.

Callie moaned and disengaged her lips, leaning forward and breathing into her sister’s ear, then running her tongue down her neck. She pushed the strap of Mina’s tank to the side and kissed her shoulder, then lifted her lips for another passionate kiss with her sister.

Mina pulled her loosened strap down and completely off, baring one of her breasts. Callie leaned down and breathed softly across her sister’s pert little breast, teasing her, bringing Mina’s dart-like nipples to full attention before pressing her lips against it and gently sucking. Mina moaned as her sister licked and sucked. She pushed the other side of her tank down, giving Callie access to both mounds. Callie took advantage of it, softly running her tongue across the valley between.

I had kept my eyes mostly down-turned during this, just watching the action out of the corner of my eye. I glanced in Bart’s direction. He was enrapt. He had an oily smile spread across his sleazy little face like he had just hit the jackpot. I looked at Angelina and she and I quietly nodded to each other. Things were still going mostly according to plan.

Meanwhile, Callie had peeled off her top and her shorts and was laying out on the couch with Mina between her thighs, pushing her thong aside, licking at her puffy little pussy in long, loving strokes. Callie moaned – a real moan, not a pretend one for Bart’s sake – and I realized that my daughters were actually kind of getting off on having an audience. As their father, I wanted to be irritated and protective, but I realized that the events of the past few days had moved us so far down the road that those thoughts were irrelevant and unhelpful. Inwardly, I just shook my head.

Lila had peeled off her shorts and moved above Callie, hovering her meaty lobes over her daughter’s face. Callie licked and sucked on her mom’s labia, then pushed the lobes back and sucked on her thick clitoris. Lila moaned and ran her hands up her skin-tight T-shirt that still clung to her substantial mom-chest, her hard nipples pressing against the fabric prominently as the flesh underneath jiggled. Thick streamers of juice slid from my wife’s slit down across my daughter’s chin as Callie continued to work over her mother’s cunt. Lila moaned again and I realized that she, too, was enjoying the attention, even if it was from a creep and a murderer. I thought her hard nipples were about to bore through the fabric of her T-shirt.

Lila arched her back and came again, her tits continuing to jiggle seductively under her T-shirt, even as Callie dug her fingernails into her mother’s thigh in her own moment of passion, leaving deep scratches. The room smelled of female arousal. I have to admit, I felt myself getting hard despite everything.

The smirk that was coating Bart’s face had gotten even wider. He pointed at me.

“You ever fuck one of these hot little girlies of yours?” he said.

“What? No!” I said, indignantly.

He pointed at Mina. “How about you go over and fuck your buff old man.”

“I…” Mina started, looking uncomfortable.

“If you want that discount on my services, you gotta make this worth my while, remember?” Bart said. “Now get naked and get Daddy’s dick up your ass.”

Mina disengaged from Callie and Lila and moved over to me. She peeled off her top and shorts and did a slow turn in front of me, making sure Bart had a clear view of her slender, lithe form. She leaned over and hesitantly kissed me on the lips. I slid my hands lightly down her side and rested them on her hips. She pushed harder against my lips and we kissed more urgently. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, giving Bart a clear view of her wet, puffy slit and her puckered little asshole.

She pulled my shirt open, running her fingers down my chest, then following them with her tongue, flicking across my muscles, then slipped her tongue up my neck and breathed softly on my shoulder.

I lifted her up and pushed her pert, young mounds into my face, sucking her rock-hard nipples into my mouth, flicking my tongue across the tight, brown darts. Mina moaned and grabbed my hair, pulling my face tighter into her chest. I sucked at her breasts as she urged me on.

Mina pulled back and slid her hand down my chest to my shorts, unhooking them and sliding them down. My cock popped free of my shorts, long, hard, purple, pulsating. I glanced over at Bart, he was watching lustily, occasionally glancing over at Callie and Lila, who were kissing and fingering each other, but he was mostly watching Mina and what she was doing to me.

Mina knelt down and began running her tongue up and down the underside of my meat, teasing out streamers of pre-come. She spread her legs and bent forward in a way so as to give Bart as clear a view as possible of her wet, puffy cunt and her cute, puckered asshole. Mina slid the head of my cock into her mouth, then pushed her lips slowly down the shaft. I reached around her small body and slid a finger from each hand into her ass, pulling the sphincter open and giving Bart a clear view of the crumpled pink flesh inside my daughter’s tight, young, sweet asshole.

Mina moaned, her lips still pressed on the base of my cock, shaking her head back and forth. She sent shivers through by body and I leaned back, closing my eyes, letting her work her magic. When I opened my eyes I noticed that Angelina had stood up and moved to stand behind Bart, running her hands down his chest. The tent in the leg of his jeans was obvious, and his face was flushed.

Mina gestured to Lila, who reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle of lube, tossing it to her. Mina poured some lube down my purple cock, then rubbed some on her asshole. Finally, she turned around with her back to me, and climbed on board, sliding her ass down my cock and leaning backwards. She gave our spectator a clear view of her whole package – her pert little tits, her slender waist and hips, her asshole gripping my meat as she slid up and down, and her cunt that was now gaped from the pressure of my cock in her ass.

Bart was locked onto Mina’s every motion. I grabbed her tits from behind and squeezed them, then grabbed her hips to help steady her. She was so thin and light that I could practically pick her up and use her like a sex toy. She ramped up the pace, sodomizing herself on her father’s pole. I really wished I could have watched the action from Bart’s perspective, it must have been breathtakingly hot. Mina was totally into it and selling the show like a real camwhore, and glancing over at Lila and Callie, I could see they were also doing their camgirl best as they fingered each other frantically.

Mina leaned back, her shoulders just under my chin, her hair cascading over my face. I breathed softly in her ear and kissed her shoulder. She moaned and closed her eyes. I closed mine, blocking out everything except the feeling of my daughter against me, her smell, the feel of her body, my cock inside her ass, the sensation of her sliding across the shaft. We blocked out the rest of the world – blocked out the murderer who was ogling us as we fucked – and locked ourselves in our own little world. For at least a few brief moments, it was beautiful.

Mina came softly, then followed it up with a second orgasm that tightened her asshole. That made me moan. She increased the pace even further and I felt my balls tighten. Mina felt it too because she quickly came again, much harder. She gushed across my balls and thighs and tightened her ass muscles even harder around my cock. I couldn’t hold on a lot longer.

“Let me come inside you,” I whispered.

“No,” she said back. “We need a money shot for our audience.” I didn’t like that answer, but knew she was right. I lifted her up and she slid off my cock, leaning back and stroking my meat frantically. A second later my balls pulsed and I spattered my pearls across my daughter’s abdomen all the way up to her hard little tits.

Eventually I had to open my eyes and look over at our audience. Bart was engrossed. His eyes were wide and the tent in his jeans was obvious.

I glanced at Lila, and she met my eye. It was time for the moment of truth. My wife let her eyes roam down across Bart’s chest to his crotch and obvious erection. She slipped off the couch and crawled across the floor on her hands and knees, finally kneeling at Bart’s feet. Her amazing tits jiggled underneath her tight pink T-shirt.

“So, baby, is there anything more we can do that would make those guns free of charge?” Lila purred, running a finger up the inside of Bart’s thigh while squeezing a tit with the other hand. “You know, maybe make this show a little more...interactive?”

“If you make this worth my while, I’ll make it worth yours,” Bart said, the oily, sleazy smile on his face getting wider.

Lila unbuckled his jeans and pulled them and his tighty-whitey’s down. His cock was about average size and stuck up as soon as it cleared his jeans. Lila spit on it, and began sliding her hands up and down the shaft. Bart moaned.

Lila leaned back and started to pull off her T-shirt, then stopped.

“Close your eyes, baby,” she said, winking.

“Why do I have to close my eyes?” Bart said, his eyes narrowing. He glanced at me. “Is this some trick?”

I held up my hands. “You’ve won, buddy,” I said. “You’ve got my wife, you’ve got my daughters. What more do you want from me?”

The corner of Bart’s lip curled in another evil smirk. “Yeah, I guess I have. Hah.”

Fucking scum.

Angelina, still standing behind him, covered his eyes with her hands.

The second his eyes were covered, Mina and Callie reached down to the small purse Lila had brought. Inside were the Helmsworth pistols. A red glow suffused the room, and Dorothy and Lorelei flickered in, wearing the party dresses they were wearing the night they were murdered. Their foreheads bore bullet holes, their heads were half-missing, their face and dresses were coated in blood.

Lila slipped to the side and Dorothy knelt down, pulling Bart’s cock into her mouth, sliding her bloody lips all the way to the base. Lorelei stood behind her.

Bart, his eyes still covered by Angelina, moaned. “Fuck yeah, baby, suck that thing. Show your sorry old man over there what it looks like to suck a real man’s cock.”

I crept behind the chair and stood next to Angelina. I nodded. Angelina slowly removed her hands.

It was a really good thing it was hot out, so Bart had the A/C on and the windows closed. Because if the windows were open, the scream he let out would have brought the police from miles away.

“AAAAAAGH!” he screeched, in a voice that sounded more like a twelve-year-old girl than a guy in his mid-fifties. “WHAT THE FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK! GET IT OFF ME!”

He tried to rise but I pushed him back in the chair and Dorothy continued to fellatiate him, the gaping wound in her head bouncing up and down as she sucked him. His aghast eyes roamed back and forth between her and Lorelei.

“What the fuck! What the fuck!” he kept repeating. He looked like he was about to go into shock, so I called off the Helmsworth twins and sent them into the other room for the moment. But even after they left, his eyes were wild.

He looked like he had seen a real, live ghost…

“Bart,” I said, kneeling down in front of him and trying to get him to look at me. “Bart, here…” I snapped my fingers in front of his face. Slowly the light came back on in his eyes, but they still roved anxiously around the room.

“Where are the ashes, Bart?” I said. “We can make the scary ghosts go away, but we need their ashes. Without the ashes, they’re going to keep coming back. If you don’t tell me where they are, the ghosts will be back tonight, and tomorrow, and the next day, and so on. They won’t leave until we get the ashes. Just tell me where the ashes are.”

Bart was shaking, he was an utterly destroyed human being.

“They’re up at my camp up in the mountains. They’re in a pair of ziploc bags inside a shoebox that’s tucked in the rafters above the kitchen. I...I never meant to do anything bad with the ashes. I just figured if I didn’t bury them or scatter them, the twins wouldn’t be able to move on, they’d be stuck here….like...ghosts. I just never thought I’d actually see them. The camp keys are in my truck. Go get the ashes, do whatever you you need. Just make sure I never see...them… again.” He gestured towards the other room where the Helmsworth twins had gone.

“Do you know where the camp is?” I asked Angelina.

She nodded. “It’s about an hour north of town. I know the way.”

“Great, let’s get going then. It’s time to finally lay this mess to rest,” I said. Then I paused, turning back to Bart. “I forgot something,” I added.

“What?” Angelina asked.

I leaned back and cocked Bart hard across the jaw. His head bobbled to the side and I heard his teeth clack together. I think I might have broken one. He turned back towards me, his lips beginning to bleed, his eyes wide. I grabbed the front of his shirt and lifted him bodily out of the chair.

“You ever even look at my wife and daughters again, I’m coming for you. That’s a promise, mister.”

We got dressed and piled into Lila’s SUV, leaving Bart sitting in stunned silence in his living room, his jeans and tighty-whiteys still around his ankles. The drive took just under an hour and the mood in the car was bubbly. We had solved this thing. We were putting the poor Helmsworth twins to rest. We were going to put a murderer in prison.

We done good!

Even Angelina, who was probably looking at least some heavy probation if things went her way, was upbeat. I guess when you’ve been carrying something like this around for so long, unburdening your soul is worth the penalty.

We made plans to stop at a bar on the way home to celebrate. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened...

Angelina guided Lila to an overgrown highway turnoff leading up a rocky, rutted, dirt double-track to a shack surrounded by miles of woods. There was a rough clearing about twenty yards wide with some patchy grass and puddles, and in the center a ramshackle cabin.

“I know exactly where to look,” Angelina said, hopping out of the SUV and heading towards the shack. “I’ll just be a minute.”

The rest of us climbed out of the car and took advantage of the break to stretch our legs, cracking lighthearted jokes about Bart’s housekeeping. I surveyed the mess in the yard. There was a pile of wood stacked neatly to one side, and that was about the only neat thing about the place. There were tools and a couple of old rusted appliances scattered around. The grass was sketchy, patchy here and there. The tools sitting out included several shovels, a pickaxe, and a post hole digger. Along the forest edge sat a dinged-up old Bobcat with a shovel attachment. I noticed the mountainous ground was rocky and hard. It must be bitch if you had to dig a hole here.

But why would Bart even need to dig a hole, let alone have all these digging tools sitting out here? He was an electrician, not a ditch-digger.

I looked around the yard again. There were a few spots in the yard where large puddles of standing rain water hadn’t drained – three or four of them. I could see a few more similar patches off into the woods.

They were a consistent size – about seven feet square.

“Oh, fuck,” I said softly.

“What?” Lila asked.

I didn’t answer, I splashed into the nearest puddle and started digging.

Angelina came out of the cabin with the ashes and approached really, really slowly.

I ran over and tried to start the Bobcat but it was dead, so I had to work by hand. Mina grabbed a shovel and joined me in the hole. The others all stood around me watching silently, realizing slowly what was happening.

About four feet down, we found...them.

“It can’t be,” Angelina said, backing away, her hand over her mouth. “That was just…just a way…”

I looked up at her from the muddy, rocky hole where I stood - a pair of identical human skulls at my feet.

“You knew!” I said to her – I practically screamed at her. “Your whole fucking town knew and you didn’t put a stop to it. You people are monsters!”


The next few hours were a complete blur. Lila called the police, and soon the area was crawling with law enforcement. Angelina was separated from us. The last we saw of her that day she was riding away in the back of a trooper’s cruiser. We gave statements, but it was clear we were just here for the ashes Bart had stolen, so after hours of sitting around, we were thanked for our efforts and allowed to leave.

The drive home was spent in complete silence. I think we were all in shock. When we passed through town on the way to our house, the place was in utter chaos. The response from law enforcement was overwhelming. Unlike after the Helmsworth murders, this time they weren’t taking “no” for an answer from a bunch of bullshit locals.

Bart’s house and yard were cordoned off and it was lit up like a Christmas tree with police cars. And it wasn’t just the state troopers. The FBI and ATF had SUVs outside, and other agencies were scattered around town getting in on the party.

But the police presence wasn’t what made things really chaotic. There were townsfolk willingly coming out to the police to confess their complicity in covering up the murders. There were so many that the troopers established a command center in the little town hall where a line about a couple dozen deep waited.

The people in line looked really, really scared and upset. In short, they looked like they had all seen ghosts. A lot of ghosts. Enough ghosts to fill all those graves up at Bart’s shack. The town had become something straight out of Ghostbusters. There were bloody twin women wandering around the sidewalks, some dressed in the tattered clothes they had died in, some wearing nothing at all. They were knocking on doors, and if the guilty didn’t open, they went in anyway.

It was not a good night if you were one of the people who looked the other way all those years – which included about half of the town’s population.

The town was in absolute mayhem. Beautiful, righteous, well-deserved mayhem. We drove to the center of town and parked, just to watch the justice being served.

Around 2:30 AM, having seen enough, we drove home. We were all exhausted as we slowly climbed out of the SUV.

“What’s going on in the attic?” Callie asked, pointing upward. The house had two windows in front that opened from the attic. Both windows now glowed with a bright light coming from within.

We went inside and cautiously climbed up the stairs. The entire attic was suffused with a bright white light and standing within, there were twenty young women, all twins. The Helmsworths were there, along with nine other pairs of women I didn’t recognize. Strangely, they were all naked.

Dorothy stepped forward.

“Thank you,” she said.

“You can speak?” I asked.

“I can now, we all can. You’ve given all of us a voice.” There were murmurs of assent among the other women.

I looked around at the ghostly women who stood, crowded into the attic and spilling over into the twins’ room. It was too much. It had just been a little over 72 hours since I lay back on that bed and unexpectedly met the Helmsworth twins. So much had happened.

I broke down and wept. My wife and my daughters did as well.

Dorothy smiled down, laying her hand on my shoulders.

“You are exhausted, overwrought. Go get some sleep. We can talk more when you’ve rested. We are all so very grateful to all four of you for what you’ve done.”

The glow in the room faded some, and the other women slowly flickered out, until there was just a faint reddish glow and only Dorothy, Lorelei, and two young blonde twins remained. They helped us undress, get bathed because we were all muddy, and crawl into bed.

The story (and our pictures) were all over the news by the time we made it out of bed early afternoon the next day. A couple reporters showed up at the door and we sent them away empty-handed. The state police stopped by courteously several times just to see how we were doing. My boss, Lila’s boss, and the twins’ professors all told us to take some time off after what we’d found up in the mountains. So we decided to take them up on that advice.

All four of us were listless and exhausted Monday. We lay around the house, drained, vacantly staring at whatever happened to be on the television at the moment – as long as it wasn’t the news. Dorothy and Lorelei came down to see how we were doing a couple of times (apparently they now could appear or disappear at will), but mostly left us alone. We ordered pizza for lunch and kebabs for dinner. Nothing got done all day and we were all in bed early that night.

By Tuesday, I was starting to feel at least marginally normal. In the early afternoon, we ventured back up into the attic. Dorothy and Lorelei were there, beaming.

“You seem so happy,” I said. “We just uncovered a serial killer who slew ten pairs of twins, including you. How can you be so happy?”

“We’re finally free,” she said. “All of us. It’s wonderful. Thank you, we are all so very grateful.”

“Are all the twins here?” Callie asked, looking around the attic.

“They are, for now, though they are a little shy. They need time to find their way. If it is acceptable to you, they will stay here until they are ready. For some, that will happen within a few weeks, others may take many years. Lorelei and I will stay here until they are all free.”

I nodded. “That’s fine, we’re glad to help. As long as we own the house, you are free to use the attic.”

“Thank you.”

There was a lull in the conversation, then Callie spoke up again.

“So...are all these ghost laid back as you are?” Callie asked.

Dorothy and Lorelei cocked an eyebrow.

“What do you mean by ‘laid back’?” Lorelei asked.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Callie said, suddenly looking nervous and shy and turning her gaze downward.

“Nice job, Callie,” Mina said, nudging her twin. “What my sister is trying to ask is if they are all as horny as you are.”

The Helmsworth twins laughed. It was the first time I had heard them laugh, it was a very sweet, lilting chuckle.

“There has been much interesting talk about our dungeon in the other room,” Lorelei said. “There are now some very curious women here.” she said, smiling. She made a gesture with her hands and the twins suddenly went from naked to wearing leather boots and fishnet body suits. Lorelei held a crop, and used it to lift up Mina’s t-shirt (she wasn’t wearing a bra), running the crop up between her breasts. “Do you want to help break them in?”

Mina and Callie nodded.

“And we want to film it!” Callie added. “We want to start a camshow from the dungeon. We can start with the ghosts, and then maybe even include some real live people too, if there are interested parties. We could bring back a virtual version of your bondage parties. It’ll be hot! Fuck all these murderous, stuck-up locals. The more we can piss them off, the better. Plus it would be a neat way for Mina and I to generate a little buzz as we transition from college out to our artistic careers.”

The Helmsworth twins looked at each other, then smiled.

“We haven’t a clue what you’re talking about, so you will need to bring us up to speed on your technology, but I think it sounds like fun.”

I turned to Lila. “Did you know that these two were planning this?”

“They kind of had an idea rolling around in their dirty little heads ever since we discovered the dungeon. I’d never seen this side of them before, but once that door got opened it rapidly evolved as events unfolded. I never knew how filthy our daughters’ minds were until all this happened.”

Mina mumbled something about apples and trees.

“And you didn’t share this with their father?” I asked my beloved wife. “What price did you extract for this secrecy?”

“We get to play too,” she said, placing an arm around her shoulder.


“Yes, the two of us. We don’t have to show our face if we don’t want, there are some masks and gimp hoods in the dressing room. But how could we do this without your hard body and, well, certain other hard parts of your anatomy? And our little baby daughters need our adult supervision...and our parental discipline…”

Mina giggled and pressed her behind against my hips.

“Discipline me, Daddy,” she said, and giggled again. I smacked her ass.

“So enlighten me again how this is going to work,” I said.

“Let’s go to the dungeon and we can show you,” Callie replied, walking to the twins’ room.

“This room will be where Mina and I do our hosting,” Callie said. “It’s got a bed and enough room to set up a camera and still move around.”

“What about the Helmsworth twins?” I asked. “This is their room.”

“We’re not bound to this physical plane the way you are,” Lorelei said. “It’s complicated but this entire house also exists on another plane as well. The core area of the attic is the portal between the two for us ghosts. So you can use this room as you wish, the rest of us are living in a different version of this house in another plane. It’s counter-intuitive, sorry.”

“Okay,” I said. “I’ll take your word for it.” I nodded to Callie and Mina to continue.

“Cool,” Mina said, taking over their narrative and herding us through the black door. “So coming back to the bondage show, once we want to do anything kinky, we shift to the dungeon. We have a couple of tripod cameras we can set up in here, depending on what device we are using. We can move them around at will, or we can go purely handheld. The danger with handheld when making erotica is that the hornier the cameraperson, the shakier the video.”

I turned to Callie.

“Can you get one of your cameras and show me how the setup would work?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said. “I’ve got one out here in the main part of the attic. Just a sec.”

She came in a few minutes later with a mounted camera. I pointed to the manacles along the wall.

“Set it up like you were going to shoot something along there,” I said, and Callie diddled with the setup for a moment and gave me a thumbs up.

I walked over and looked at the cam. It was pretty straightforward. I hit the “record” button, then took Callie’s hand firmly and led her to the manacles along the wall.

“Wait,” she said, trying to pull away. “That’s connected to Mina’s and my Insta account. That’s livestreaming. We need to set up accounts on some adult services before we...”

“I thought you wanted to make a big splash?” I interrupted. “You know, generate a buzz, right?”

Callie looked at Mina. Mina just shrugged. I pulled Callie’s t-shirt off of her and locked her into the manacles. I reached for Mina.

“We wanna be size queens,” Mina said, waving to the camera and peeling off her top and her shorts. “So before you let us down make sure you try out that eighteen inch thing. I like anal.”

“Mina!” Callie said.

“What? Am I lying?” Mina shot back.

Callie just shook her head and waggled her ass at the camera. She looked over her shoulder at the fishnet-clad, crop-bearing Helmsworth twins.

“Hurt me, baby,” she said to the Dorothy and Lorelei.

I peeled off both the twins shorts, leaving them naked in front of the Helmsworths. Both Dorothy and Lorelei now held crops, and they were tapping them against their palms.

“How hard should we hit them?” Dorothy asked.

“Just don’t leave any permanent scars,” I said.

Dorothy smiled and approached my daughters’ slender, naked asses. I made sure the camera was perfectly centered on their pink little rears. Dorothy ran the crop up between Callie’s thighs, then tapped her puffy cunt. Callie moaned as Dorothy ran the end of the crop up between her ass cheeks, then leaned back and struck her hard across her ass. Callie let out a squeal and her back arched for a moment. Then she wiggled her ass as if asking for more.

Meanwhile, Lorelei was running her hand up Mina’s ass crack, pulling her cheek’s apart, rubbing her puckered asshole. Mina moaned. Suddenly Lorelei struck Mina’s sphincter with the crop and Mina moaned. Several more strikes followed, but these were more safely landed across Mina’s ass cheeks.

My cock had shifted around in my shorts and was coming to attention. Lila ditched her top and she pulled my T-shirt off, pressing her thick, delicious mom-tits against my muscular chest. Our lips met and we kissed, as I reached around and grabbed her ass, sliding my hands down her short tights. The crotch of the shorts was soaked.

Lila wrapped her legs around my waist and I picked her up and carried her to a massage table, where I planted her down and pulled my lips down to her thick, delightful tits. She moaned as I ran my tongue around her hard, pebbled aureole and pulled her long nipple into my mouth. My wife’s body was amazing and as I licked and sucked her pendulous breasts, I ran my fingers along her soaked labia through her drenched tights. I could feel the hard prominence of her erect clit poking out from its mound of flesh and pressing hard against the fabric of her tights. I knelt down between her legs and sucked at her hard clit through the tights, making her moan again and lean back on the massage table. Her big tits splayed out across her chest sexily and she arched her back as she came, dumping her juice through the fabric and into my mouth.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and Lorelei gestured for me to shift my attention to my daughters. Lila propped herself up on her elbows, looking forlorn until Dorothy knelt down, pulling off my wife’s tights and going to work on her thick lobes. Lila moaned.

Lorelei pointed as my daughters’ assholes.

“Before we get to the whole size queen thing, maybe Daddy should warm up their assholes?” she asked.

“Yeah…” Mina moaned.

“Daaaaaddy….” Callie echoed.

Lorelei pulled my shorts down and then dumped a load of lube on my cock. She pulled Callie’s cheeks open first, gaping her young, tight asshole and adding a streamer of lube. My daughter’s pink assflesh beckoned my cock that was purple and pulsating. I gave my meat a stroke, then pressed it against Callie’s gaped sphincter.

“Daaaaddy,” Callie repeated. “Fuck my ass, Daddy.”

Lorelei pulled Callie’s asshole open even wider. Callie moaned as I pressed the head of my cock into my daughter’s ass, begging me to push all the way in. As I slid in deeper, she squeezed her muscles, making me feel every inch. I moaned, but pushed in deeper and deeper. Finally my balls landed against her cunt.

A sudden, sharp pain shot across my ass. Lorelei had just struck me with the crop.

“Now get busy,” she said. “Fuck that girl. Hard.”

She didn’t have to ask me twice. I began pistoning my meat in and out of my daughter’s pink, puckered asshole. Callie begged me to go harder and harder, and I complied. The lube in her ass made a sucking sound and slid out around my cock, dribbling down in large goopy streamers. Callie moaned, her back arched, and she lifted her upper body up by the manacles. I felt her come and a thick glob of grool poured from her cunt against my balls.

Lorelei put her hand on my chest, then guided me back. My cock popped free of my daughter’s asshole, leaving it gaped and pink. Lorelei slid two fingers from each hand inside Callie’s ass and stretched it even wider.

“That’ll do,” she said with a smile.

“Oh come on,” Callie protested. “We were just getting started.”

Lorelei gave Callie a hard strike across her ass with the crop that left a streak of red welts on Callie’s skin.

She had lubed up Mina’s ass and told me to repeat the performance.

Mina looked back over her shoulders with her doe eyes and smiled.

“Come on, Daddy,” she crooned. “You know you like my asshole best.”

“Fuck you, bitch” Callie replied to her. “You know he likes my ass.”

“You wish, cunt.”

They went back and forth as Lorelei pulled Mina’s asshole open and I slipped inside.

Mina moaned and Callie made a laughing sound.

“I told you you couldn’t take it like I could, bitch,” Callie sneered.

Mina didn’t respond, instead she pushed her ass backwards, sliding her tight young asshole down my cock. This time I was the one who moaned.

“I didn’t hear him moan like that when he was inside you, slut,” Mina shot back at her sister as I ripped my meat in and out of her ass, making her cheeks quake with each stroke.

While I abused my daughter’s asshole, I looked over at my wife. Dorothy had moved away and was buckling up a strap-on that had to be close to two feet long. My wife was now in the hands of the two blonde ghosts we had seen a couple nights before who helped us all into bed. Lila was on all fours and the two blonde ghosts were using strap-ons. One of the ghosts was laying on her back with my wife over her, sliding her hips up and down the foot-long dildo. The other ghost was in front of her, grasping Lila’s hair and forcing her mouth down onto her dong. My wife’s curvy ass and pendulous tits shook as the two svelte blondes drove their artificial cocks into her holes.

I looked back over at Callie and Dorothy. Dorothy now had the end of the two-foot-long dong hovering outside my daughter’s asshole. The sphincter was red from the pounding I had already given it, but Callie didn’t seem to care.

“Fuck me,” she murmured, looking back over her shoulder at the toy perched outside her gaped ass. “I want all of that inside of me.”

Dorothy didn’t move the dildo any closer, to my surprise. But a second later Lorelei pulled me back and slid my cock out of my other daughter’s now-gaping ass.

I was disappointed because I had hoped to finish inside Mina, but instead both Lorelei and Dorothy began sliding their dueling two-foot long dongs inside Callie and Mina’s sphincters.

Dorothy saw me standing there looking forlorn and pointed to my wife. Lila was still taking dildos in her mouth and cunt, but her asshole still stood untouched. She pulled her lips off the dong in her face just long enough to tell me to rectify that oversight. I didn’t argue. I climbed atop the massage table, dumped some lube into my wife’s ass, and slid my cock in – feeling my meat slip along the artificial cock that was inside Lila’s cunt, rubbing against it through the walls of her vagina and asshole. The sensation was phenomenal as I slipped deeper and deeper.

I glanced over at my twin daughters who were now glaring at each other, their competitive edge continuing.

Mina reached around and slapped Lorelei’s ass.

“Faster! Deeper!” she said. She had taken about four inches as was begging for more.

Callie, not to be out done, slid her ass backwards, taking in an extra couple of inches, bringing her total to about seven. She moaned.

“That’s how you fucking do it, bitch,” she sneered at her sister. “And I’m not even getting started.”

Mina glared at Callie, then shouted back at Dorothy.

“You’re just a poser. I want it all, NOW!”

“No, me first!” Callie shot back. “Get in me!”

The Helmsworth twins glanced at each other, shrugged, then simultaneously, slipped the rest of the two-foot strap-ons into my daughters’ assholes.

It was heartwarming to hear the moans of my twin daughters coming together and see the matching thick streamers of grool that dribbled from their cunts.

They moaned again as Lorelei and Dorothy started pistoning in and out of their sphincters. The competition faded, and Mina reached over, grabbed Callie’s hair, and pulled her face into hers, the two engaging in a rough soul kiss as dual two-foot dongs slid in and out of their red, inflamed asses.

Meanwhile, I was still driving my cock in and out of my wife’s ass, as the two blonde ghosts pounded Lila’s cunt and mouth. Her thick hips and heavy tits shook with each stroke. I leaned forward and grabbed her breasts from behind, giving them a hard squeeze that made her moan around the dong in her mouth. My wife tightened her ass muscles as she came for at least the third time since I had started fucking her and I felt my balls tighten. Lila felt it too and gripped my cock even harder. A second later a thick load of my seed dumped into my wife’s asshole.

My daughters across the room were locked in their own multi-orgasmic experience as their assholes gripped the dildos with each stroke and stretched out behind them. When this experience had started less than a week before, their sphincters had been tight and puckered, but I was pretty sure they weren’t anymore. My suspicions were confirmed when Lorelei and Dorothy pulled back out, leaving my daughters’ asses gaping, pink, and raggedy.

Lila slipped forward off my cock and rolled off the blonde ghosts. Streamers of my come dribbled from her own gaped asshole and left a trail across the massage table surface.

Dorothy slapped Mina’s ass.

“Well that was a good start to your training as a size queen,” Dorothy said. “That was just depth training, now we work on girth...”

I smiled. If this was what my life was going to be like from now on, I was totally okay with that. A beautiful wife, two lovely daughters, and bevy of horny ghosts.

Good times.


When twenty women die at the hands of a serial killer, it’s hard to call it a happy ending.

Bart Dover never regained his mental faculties after the angry ghosts of twenty murdered women descended upon him. He couldn’t even put together a complete sentence and had to have the lights on round the clock. He was declared unfit to stand trial and will likely live out the rest of his life in an institution for the criminally insane.

Angelina sang like a canary. She ended up getting house arrest for a year, then ten years of probation. We go by and check on her occasionally, but we’re kind of over her bullshit. Her days as the town’s unofficial mascot are pretty much over.

But Angelina’s not alone. Half the town are facing similar punishments after confessing under the lash of angry ghosts in what is now being referred to locally as “The Helmsworth Halloween” (despite having taken place in September).

“Callie and Mina’s Haunted Dungeon of Sexy Horrors” is a camgirl hit. The Helmsworth twins appear in most episodes, Lila and I make regular appearances – usually to punish Callie and Mina – and other ghosts are giving it a whirl. The twins are making some pretty serious cash off their porn, and are also selling their art work faster than they can keep up.

We are down to sixteen ghosts in our attic, we expect a few to move on in the coming weeks but after that I think the remainder are having too much fun being camwhores to move on any time soon.

Our house, once a sad prison for Dorothy and Lorelei, is now a very happy, contented (and a little horny) place.

And we like it that way…

Author’s Post*********** – In case you caught it, the Helmsworth twins were intentionally named Dorothy and Lorelei for two reasons. First, Dorothy was a famous character played by Judy Garland, and Lorelei was a famous character played by Marilyn Monroe – both of whom were terribly exploited and had their lives shortened because of it. Second, Dorothy and Lorelei are also the characters played by Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. It was supposed to be worked into the story as an indicator of how screwed up the twins’ childhood was (their mom cynically naming two brunette daughters after characters in a movie with a title extolling the virtues of blondes). Unfortunately, that part of the story got cut to try to shorten a growing narrative. But now you know. :-) Hope you enjoyed!



2023-09-03 16:50:51
Impressive! This whole story was well crafted and very hot. Loved how you used nasty incest fucking to tell a compassionate ghost story.

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