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Pamela is torn by the trauma of being insect raped, the incredible pleasure of it, and her daughter's long kept secret.
Someone was prodding Pamela. She felt her body rocking. Adeline must be trying to wake her mother in time for work. "Okay. Okay, Honey." She mumbled. There was no way she would mention what the adult child's 'pet' had done. She hardly believed such a thing could happen. It had been the wildest dream, and she must have cum in her sleep, because she was filled with the afterglow of a wonderful orgasm.

Adeline continued to prod, pushing at Pamela's hips.

No. Her daughter was pushing on her pussy! From within!

Pamela awoke in a thick haze of full-body pleasure. Her limbs remained asleep. Opening her eyes, she was shocked by the sectoid's angular head dominating her view. The creature used its four rear legs to raise and lower the end of its abdomen. The thick, fleshy appendage snaking out of its butt was plunging in her twat. Reversing, it tugged halfway out and then shoved fully back into her soaking, raped hole.

Limbs and body unresponsive, all Pamela could do was be astonished as to why she wasn't screaming at the top of her lungs!

Then she felt it, something distinct, moving through the flesh injector that was fucking her juicing cunt. It felt no larger than a pebble, but the sensation was unmistakable. At the moment when the sectoid's organ sank deepest, the pea was spat out with enough force to pierce her cervix. The sensation of its rubbery texture punching through her inner valve made her body twitch. It felt like the insect was ejaculating solid beads of cum directly into her womb.

Instead of a wave of horror, Pamela experienced a strong orgasm. The thrill of it kept her complacent until the next blob of cum ejected from the tip of its rutting organ.

The worst her mind could summon was the thought, "I'm being impregnated by an insect!" But another wave of pleasure swept through Pamela's senses and maintained her sedation.

It was difficult to even count the number of times, the raping bug ejaculated its seed deep into her body. But as time passed and the little peas accumulated, Pamela felt pressure growing against her cervix.

The sectoid sensed its victim had reached her limit for that breeding.

Abruptly, the length of which tissue reeled out of Pamela's engorged twat and back into the insect's hind end. Its wings snapped open, and it launched itself off the incapacitated woman, flying out through the open doorway. Its wingtips slapped the doorframe's sides simultaneously, but it managed to maintain flight stability.

Pamela was left stunned and awed. "Gods, save me." She prayed. As her senses slowly recovered, her number one priority was to rush, crawl if necessary, to the bathroom and grab the pH neutral douche that she kept for emergencies. It was nearly a decade old, unused but not forgotten.

Ten minutes of growing panic ensued before she was able to crawl off the bed and stagger into the bathroom.

She flushed and flushed her violated cunt but nothing came out! She would have to go to a hospital. Pamela began sobbing, sitting on the inside ledge of the bath. Ineffective douche fluid drained away below her open thighs. She dropped the emptied douche bag and cried profusely. The pressure in her lower abdomen was firm but not painful. She shed tears for behaving so stupidly!

What in all the hells would she tell the ER staff? Pamela didn't know that ER doctors see sights of sexual depravity, abuse, and injury, each day, which would flatten a gospel choir. Whatever lie she told them would have been accepted as long as they could perform their crucial work.

Next, the worse thing that the violated woman could imagine, occurred. The front door opened, and Adeline entered their home, calling brightly. "Momma! I did good work today!"

She found her silent mother in the bathroom, sitting on the tub, faced away from the door. "Momma?

Pamela's broken spirit was obvious in her broken but bitter words. "H-honey, you're very wrong -- about the b-bug in our home. It's definitely not female."


Adeline sensed her mother's profound sadness but was unable to imagine the extent of trauma. She did her best to please, day after day, after the day that Pamela was bred by a raping insect. When the adult-girl's attempts to brighten her mother's spirit, failed, powerful empathy drew upon Pamela's deep suffering, and the daughter fell into depression.

Adeline knocked on Adeline's door. "Honey, get up! You'll miss breakfast, and you'll make your manager sad if you're late for work."

The broken mother had forced herself to go to work after suffering the sectoid's cervical injections. She had to show a facade of self-discipline and responsibility, as an example to her daughter.

Her work nights of forced conviviality and fake socializing surprised Dale Sykes, Show Her's manager and Pamela's boss. She sold more drinks than she had in weeks. Her secret weapon was pure hatred.

She saw all men as rapists and violators. They hid their criminal passions behind generous gestures, fancy suits, and by waving lots of money around. Two could play that game, and she teased and taunted like never before, reveling in her power over them!

"Keep this up, and I'll give you a raise and more time off!" Her boss had beamed after three nights of top sales.

She had thanked him stoically and went home. Exiting the club, the bouncer, Michael, had grinned his black mouth from ear to ear. His teeth shined like polished marble. "I heard you're killing it in there!"

"Not the right killing." She answered grimly and marched to the bus stop, not caring if she was mugged or swarmed by rodents of extraordinary size.

"I don't want to get up! I feel real bad. I think I'm getting my period again."

"May I come in?" Despite personal depression, Pamela prioritized the health and happiness of her wonderful daughter, even the adult girl was acting less than wonderful. She sensed that Adeline needed her. And it was nigh impossible for her daughter to be menstruating because Adeline had stopped using maxi-pads only a week prior.

"No!" Adeline answered sharply. What she needed was her mother to snap out of a near dead existence! But she didn't have an understanding that complex. She just wanted her momma to be happy again.

The night after being raped, upon returning home from work, Pamela had strode into the kitchen and freed the can of bug spray from its locked cabinet. She marched to the laundry basket, but the sectoid was not there. She scoured kitchen, living room, bathroom, and her own room without finding it. Where the hells could something that large, hide?

Earlier that day, when Adeline found her mother weeping in their bathroom, Pamela had made her promise to never let the bug into her room! She told her that it had done something unforgivable, and it needed a long, long timeout!

The adult girl had promised and latched pinkies with her mother.

"Please let me in, Honey. Mommy wants to take your temperature."

"NO!" Her daughter was lively enough for persistent obstinance. She didn't sound sick, perhaps the adult girl's period had returned! Pamela had had to replenish their supply of sanitary napkins multiple times over the last two months.

The hurting mother's energy to push through her prolonging sense of defeat, waned in the moment. She returned to her room. She called her boss and declared that she needed a sick day.

The broken mother was reading on her bed, phone in hand, its light making her dower face glow, when something familiar but out of place occurred in her lower abdomen.

Mild shock woke her out of dreariness. There's no way. I menstruated two weeks ago! Her daughter's period had also ended about that time, which why she'd disbelieved Adeline.

Before the flow could soil her panties, Pamela slid off the bed and dashed to the bathroom. She fetched a tampon and dropped her drawers. The absorbent length of cotton always felt weird when first seated inside of her body, but she was grateful for its effectiveness.

Two hours later, she had to replace the tampon. She immediately worried! What if the bug's ejaculate had poisoned or injured her vaginal recess?!

The frightened woman took out the soaked tampon and suddenly gained an incredible sense of relief! For there, clinging to the tampon was nearly a dozen nodules. Truth's epiphany struck. Menstruation occurs when the uterus needs to shed its blood infused lining. It's nature's way of deep cleaning the most important part of a female's body (as far as nature is concerned).

The insect's semen nodules (she believed them to be) had stuck to that lining - for whatever bug purpose. Her abrupt period must have been triggered by their presence, and now nature was ridding her of the horrid, rape pebbles.

"Thank you, Mother Earth!" Pamela began crying from joy and quickly inserted a fresh tampon. She dropped the extra nasty, used one into the special, sanitary receptacle, without a glance within, happy to never see the awful blobs again! The slight pressure in her abdomen had vanished.

She wiped herself, pulled up her shorts, and went to her daughter's room. "Adeline, how are you feeling?" She asked brightly after knocking.

The lightness of her mother's voice was easily noticed by the adult child's empathy. "A little better, I guess." She answered cautiously.

"Would like a nice hug, perhaps?"


Pamela waited patiently. The door opened and her daughter appeared in her thick robe. They hugged briefly. "You look a little pale. I could make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich."

"No, thank you. Momma. I don't feel like it."

"Alright. I'll check again before I go to bed."

"G'night, Momma." The adult child retreated into her room and shut the door.

While walking to her room, Pamela realized that if they were having multiple period in a month, they would need more nutritional supplements. She got her purse and walked to the closest market, returning with several bottles of vitamins and minerals.

Another thing occurred to her. If the bug's ejaculate had caused her to bleed, then her period might have triggered her daughter's. The mother was soon to be proved wrong about that.

Before going to bed, she needed to change her tampon. Again, a wave of relief reassured when she counted the many semen blobs attached. For insurance, Pamela taped a maxi-pad to her crotch, lest she bleed too much for the fresh tampon while she slept.

Pamela's dreams started out light, almost whimsical. She and Adeline walked through a park where dogs threw frisbees and cats played checkers. At the exit gate, two marble statues looked down upon them. Each was a giant sectoid, but neither barred their passage nor disturbed them.

Adeline stepped into her work van and was whisked away. It was a calming moment for the dreaming mother, a replay of normalcy. She walked to the bus stop and found herself at work, surrounded by laughing, rich men who leered at the woman performing on stage.

Pamela was the one perform, vamping it up and eliciting hoots and catcalls, while she undressed to slow music. A huge sectoid crawled out of the audience and up on her stage. Its glittering eyes seemed to say it was sorry, and it waved its antennae to the audience, as if dismissing their superficiality.

Naked, Pamela continued to strut erotically across the stage. She began fingering herself, and the audience quieted. In fact, the tables and benches were suddenly empty. Only the sectoid remained, still waving its antennae.

She ignored it. There was an itch, in her pussy, but her plying fingers had trouble reaching it. Something blocked them.

Pamela awoke breathing heavily. It was dark. She twisted her head towards the door, but it was shut and locked, as she had left it. The itch in her crotch was real, however. Her fingers had been digging at the maxi-pad during her dream.

The burning sensation was just strong enough to drive Pamela from her bed and remove the maxi-pad in the bathroom. The lack of blood reassured her that her tampon was still viable, but the itch...

Using a magnifying hand mirror, she could examine the red and partially swollen lips of her labia. Immediately, she opened the medicine cabinet, the one that Adeline could access, and took out the tube of ointment.

The itch subsided quickly under light dabs and smears of the healing cream. She sighed with relief and raised the open tube. There was something important about it, but she was too groggy then to figure it out. She felt she could wait until the morning. The unusual flow of menstrual blood reduced her energy and sharpness.

When her alarm rang the next morning, Pamela awoke full of dread! She scrambled out of bed and hurried to her daughter's room. Knocking, she cried. "Honey, Mommy needs to see you right now!"

"No, Momma. No!" The young woman sounded in anguish.

Certain of an emergency, Pamela wrenched the door open and rushed through.

One heartbeat later, the worried mother stopped in her tracks. The sight within her daughter's safe harbor, stunned her dead still! Adeline was naked on top of her bed. Her legs were spread. Between her knees stood the huge sectoid! Its body was a lighter shade than usual, and the adult girl was holding it up by the front of its huge abdomen. It's antennae drooped listlessly.

"Mommy! Bright Eyes is sick! She won't play anymore!" The young woman had been crying for some time.

Abruptly, the shocked mother experienced a full replay of their lives since she returned home with the stuffed opossum.

There had been a bug in the bag, hidden beneath the lifeless toy. It had scurried into her daughter's room and had done the same series of things to Adeline as the later one did to Pamela. Only her daughter decided that it was a better toy than the opossum! She had named her bug, Bright Eyes, not the stuffed animal! That's why her daughter hadn't feared the other bug's presence. That's why she solidly protected it from mother and bug spray.

Bright Eyes had transformed from one phase to another, while using her daughter's body for food and breeding. Adeline saw each stage of its transformations, allowing her to cope with its strange new shapes. But it had bred her daughter.

Bright Eyes had bred her daughter! Pamela threw back her head and screamed at the ceiling. She hurled herself out the room and ran to the bathroom. There, upon opening the receptacle reserved for sanitary items, her eyes bulged. Within the gallon space, a swarm of grubs writhed and squirmed, feeding on the fresh blood she had contributed!

The pebbles implanted in her body weren't sperm, they were eggs! Pamela remembered how she had shaken two small bugs out of her hair. Their hind ends were stuck together, their rear legs locked, the male inseminating the female.

The female was the one who then transformed over time, phase to phase, gathering food and nurturing the eggs growing within her body until they were ready to be implanted into a source of blood, Pamela's hungry cunt!

Pamela snapped the lid shut and stood horrified over the stainless steel receptacle. The world stopped moving. Silence filled the apartment, almost.

Adeline's crying drew Pamela out of the horror engulfing her. The bond between protector and innocent was unbreakable, unshakable. Pamela returned to her daughter's room, only sadness on her face.

Adeline's tear soaked, red cheeks turned to her mother. "Mommy, is Bright Eyes going to die?" She sniffed in misery.

"Yes, My Love. It's done all that the gods required of it." The creature had probably run out of fertilized eggs, it reason for living spent. "It has lived a good life. You still have a wonderful life ahead of you."

"Will you be with me?"

"Yes, Sweet Adeline, always."

The adult girl's tears flowed slower. She sniffed and hiccuped less, but continued to grief.

"And you're sure that is Bright Eyes?" Pamela asked carefully.

"Yes, Momma, I never let your lady bug in my room."

Still, the matter of how a creature that large could hide away, had not been resolved. Initially, when Pamela had been hell bent on killing her bug, she had searched, with her daughter, Adeline's room. Surely by then, Bright Eyes had grown to considerable size, yet they hadn't found it.

"Honey, is there a place in your room, where Bright Eyes lived?"

Adeline's sniffles went away. She pouted and looked down.

"You can tell me now, please?" Pamela didn't care if her daughter had lied. It was likely, because Pamela had been looking specifically for her bug, Adeline simply refrained from mentioning Bright Eyes.

"Under the bed." She sniffed once.

"Honey, I think we looked under your bed, remember?"

"No!" Her firm answer surprised Pamela. "It was UP under the bed."

Slowly, the mother knelt to the carpet and bent down. It was dark enough that she'd missed the rip in the box spring mattress's bottom sealing cloth. She had to poke and prod the flimsy, stapled cloth. "Oh, shit." She swore too softly for her daughter to hear.

Instead of leaping up, Pamela rose to her feet slowly. "Honey, I'll be right back."

"Are you sad, Momma?" The innocent question seemed full of landmines.

"I'm sad for you."

"But you gave your lady bug a timeout. What did it do?" She wanted to know if her mother was sad about punishing the bug. Adeline could always tell that her mother got sad when she gave Adeline a timeout.

"She scared me, really badly." 'Hurt' would have been the more accurate verb. "I'm going to go talk with her, right now, unless you need me to stay."

"I'll be okay, Momma. I'm just sad."

"I know. I would be very sad if you-" Pamela choked up, unable to finish. "I'll return soon." She stepped quickly down the hall.

She fetched the flashlight in her room before crouching down and looking under her bed. The light splayed broadly across the thin, sealing cloth. But the huge sectoid's reflective eyes pierced the veil easily.

Startled by the bug's proximity, Pamela shied away. She had to take several deep breaths before viewing the dark lair again. It was uncanny how such a large creature could wedge itself among the spring coils. Her trepidation bled away from fascination. The creature had always piqued great interest from the woman.

"I understand now." That was all she told the giant insect before getting up and returning to her daughter.


They sealed Bright Eyes' remains in a large delivery box, and took it to the closest thing to a swamp that the city's limits offered. Pamela told Adeline a story about how Bright Eyes had traveled from a far away country, taken from its its original swamp home.

"Will she go back there, now?" Adeline wanted a specific answer.

"I'm sorry, My Love. When anything dies, the only thing it can do is return to nature which uses it to sustain other living things. You and I are beings who live by eating plants and animals. You know that."

"It sounds terrible."

"You brought great joy to Bright Eyes, while you could, My Love." In Pamela's mind, the insect had acted purely on instinct, but perhaps a part of nature can celebrate a job well done. Humans are a part of nature, and they certainly could. So she forgave herself for misleading her daughter.

Adeline cried when her mother opened Bright Eyes' box and placed the body into the stinky, shallow water. Immediately, tiny minnows began to work on the remains.

"It's not a sad thing, Adeline." Pamela pointed. "It's what keeps our Earth alive."

"I don't care!" The adult child sobbed!


2023-10-02 18:11:17
A fully grown sectoid crept into the bag that Pamela brought home in the first chapter. The stuffed opossum was large enough to conceal the sectoid. Adeline found the bug and played with it instead of the stuffed toy. Only sectoid females that have been fertilized can grow into the final stage of their species. So Bright Eyes was already fertilized when she was brought into house. The insect that eventually became Ladybug was fertilized by a male, both of which had gotten into Pamela's hair and were shaken free in her bathroom.


2023-09-08 08:47:21
Cute! Thanks for the next update! Glad there was at least one male sectoid in the house! Did the female put the eggs in both but Bright Eyes only inseminate the daughters or what was happening there? Did the daughter have sex longer and thus the eggs hatched to grubs compared to Pamela's?

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