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This is a fun commission from one of my fantastic Patrons. Standard disclaimer applies: this story contains graphic depictions of erotic scenarios, so act accordingly! All characters are over eighteen, all situations are entirely fictional, and any resemblance to any real-life individuals or situations is entirely coincidental. Copyright Fidget, 2023. All rights reserved. Enjoy!
LifeSim: Breeding Expansion

by Fidget

Chapter 2

The next morning Kenneth awoke to the smell of a delicious breakfast, and after making his way down the stairs was surprised to see that his wife's uncharacteristic doting on him had continued as she happily served him in nothing but panties and an apron.

After some coffee and a hearty meal, during which Becca alternated between showing off her body for him as she served him and passively gazing at him with lovestruck eyes as she sighed deeply, the haze of sleep had entirely cleared from Ken's mind, and memories of his adulterous actions from the previous night began to resurface.

He still wasn't sure why it had been so hard to resist his own sexual urges, much less why all of the women at the party had seemed completely infatuated with him, to the point where he knew each and every one of them would have been just as eager for him to fuck them as Linda had been. Ok, maybe not quite as eager as Linda, he thought with a self-conscious smile as he walked back to his office, remembering just how shameless and wanton her behavior had been, and how she'd said she hoped his cumming inside her had gotten her pregnant.

In hindsight it was pretty obvious, if also ridiculous, that the situation and the way the women had acted had perfectly mirrored the behavior of the female NPCs in his LifeSim neighborhood. It had to be a coincidence, but even so he couldn't ignore the fact that the party last night had been unrealistically sudden and had gone exactly as the party in the game had, including him banging the busty brunette host of the party whose avatar looked just like Linda...

Kenneth dropped into his desk chair and woke up his computer. It showed his usual desktop background, but when he checked the system tray he saw that the game had continued to run after he'd closed it the previous night, just as he'd expected from the odd text he'd received, and that his avatar was sitting in its desk chair as well, in an office that looked strikingly like his, and everything just clicked.

It was real. It had to be. Somehow the game had made him irresistible in real life, and the poor women the previous night had been completely unable to resist his artificial sex appeal. It was the only reasonable explanation for their behavior, not to mention Becca's, especially after all of the flirting, and cheating, Ken had done at the party last night.

Linda! He quickly moused over to his neighbor's house, where the avatar that was now very clearly Linda was sleeping in after a long, sexually satisfying night. He clicked on her character and looked at her stats. Sure enough, she was still infatuated with him, and according to the game had been successfully impregnated. He still held out some hope that perhaps the real-world Linda wouldn't be pregnant, but with how much real life had started to reflect LifeSim, it wasn't looking good. Ken recalled the warning at the beginning of the game, about how all of the women in his neighborhood had been made hyper-fertile for his enjoyment.

He desperately tried to find a way to edit her stats, to get rid of her pregnancy and infatuation, but as expected there wasn't an undo button that he could find. Once one of the women in his neighborhood had been given a trait, it seemed to be permanent.

He moused back over to himself. Ken now understood why Linda hadn't been able to resist her urge to breed with him, but why had he felt so tempted to cheat on his wife and impregnate Linda last night? He checked his own stats again. All of the hyper-seductive traits were still there, but there was also a new one, Impulsive Behavior. Suddenly he remembered what the odd text he'd gotten the previous night had said and how closely it corresponded to his sudden irresponsible decision to go along with Linda's flirtations, and another piece of the puzzle fell into place.

Because he had bought the Breeding Expansion version of LifeSim, the game seemed entirely focused on putting him in situations where he could mate with very willing women, and if he tried to ignore his instincts, the game was also fully prepared to punish him with traits that would make it harder for him to resist his urge to breed. He had known how good it would feel to mate with Linda, and so thanks to his new trait he had impulsively done so, and now she was pregnant.

Still, he couldn't help but recall that Linda making him cum inside her like that had felt just as good as he'd known it would, and even now he felt the urge to visit some of his attractive, helplessly smitten neighbors growing within him, where he could let himself sink into their magnetic, intoxicating femininity, fully aware what would result.

Realizing the danger that he and the rest of the neighborhood were now in, Kenneth tried to force-quit the program out of desperation, but found that he didn't have authorization to do so, even as Admin. He decided to go with the nuclear option and unplugged his power cord, watching in satisfaction as his monitor flashed briefly and went dark.

A second later, however, Ken received a notification on his phone that LifeSim would continue to run remotely until his PC had been restarted, and he sighed with resignation. It seemed clear he wasn't going to find an external solution to this seductive new problem. He restarted his computer and soon his digital avatar had turned around to wave at him from its digital desk chair once more before getting back to work. Kenneth rolled his eyes before getting to work himself, trying to find an option to undo some of the mess he had inadvertently made.

As expected, he found that he couldn't remove any traits from himself either - only add them. He impulsively clicked the box for "Hypnotic Cum" while he was scrolling through the list of traits, but managed to come to his senses and unclick the box before his eager finger could hit "Apply". This was going to be more dangerous than he thought, especially since he only seemed to be able to make changes to himself and others that were more likely to lead to impregnation.

As he was digging into his "Happiness" statistics, however, he discovered that accumulating happiness points through performing activities related to his avatar's "Life Goal" would periodically unlock new options, such as adding special traits to himself, changing his Life Goal, and even allowing him to remove traits he didn't like, one at a time. His avatar's current Life Goal was "Financial Stability", which made sense given his current career and life situation. This option only seemed to be available for his avatar, though, probably because he was the one playing the game. Still, it at least gave him something to strive for: he just had to accumulate enough happiness points to get rid of his Impulsive Behavior trait, and he'd be in a much better position to resist the hordes of hot women in his neighborhood practically begging him to impregnate them.

Fine, I just won't have sex with anyone else then, no matter how much they flirt with me, he thought to himself. He knew that the damage had probably already been done when it came to Linda, but from now on he'd make sure that Becca was the only woman he allowed himself to fuck. Hell, with how infatuated his sexy young wife was with him now, he knew she'd be more than willing to let him have her any way he wanted.

Still, he knew that his impulsiveness could easily get him into trouble, so he went back into the options menu and disabled "Community Events", hoping that would prevent himself from being coerced into attending any more parties where he could be tempted to indulge in the alluring feminine attention his charisma would bring.

As soon as he closed the options menu, however, he noticed a pop-up indicating that his avatar had been given another punishment. He groaned to himself, realizing that disabling Community Events had been recognized for what it was, an attempt to avoid opportunities to breed, and so he had been saddled with another negative trait. This time he was surprised to see that the game had changed his Life Goal instead, entirely without his permission or input. "Financial Stability" had been replaced with "Boinkboink", and already Kenneth could tell that he felt ever so slightly down after having gone all morning without making any progress toward having sex with someone.

It was remarkable how drastic and immediate the change had been, but he couldn't deny the way he felt. Kenneth couldn't explain it, but he knew deep down that working and investing wisely no longer gave him the the same primal satisfaction it had just minutes before, even though he hadn't realized it at the time. It was still important to him, of course, but he could tell that it was no longer the driving force behind his happiness. Instead, the thought of pursuing and having sex with attractive women suddenly seemed even more appealing than it had before, filling him with a sense of deep-seated happiness and purpose that now formed the core of his being whether he wanted it to or not.

Without even meaning to, Ken's idle thoughts had begun to focus on all of the ways he could be getting his rocks off right now, especially with the effect he had on women, and the thought of taking a break from figuring out LifeSim to go downstairs and fuck his entirely willing wife began to seem more and more attractive.

Only now did Kenneth realize the brilliant trap the game had sprung on him. He had to keep playing so he could get enough happiness points to alter his traits, but now that the game had tied boinkboink to his happiness, he couldn't earn points without pursuing sex in some way. And not only that, but sex was now tied to his own real-life happiness as well, such that he'd feel more and more depressed the longer he went without it.

Even so, Ken knew that no matter how it negatively affected him, his newfound need for sex was artificial, and he was determined to resist it. He accepted that changing his traits would likely be impossible as a result, but that was just something he'd have to live with for the sake of everyone else in the neighborhood.

While he was contemplating, he heard a tinny, digital doorbell sound and noticed that his avatar had gone to the front door of its house, where a young blonde woman was standing with what looked like a textbook. As soon as his avatar opened the door, the blonde immediately got the small hearts over her head that indicated that she'd fallen under his avatar's influence just as the women at the party had the night before. Becca's avatar, also with hearts above her head, since she was just as affected by LifeSim as every other woman, of course, happily invited the girl inside, and watched intently as Ken's avatar and the young woman made their way to their spare bedroom, where the besotted girl was soon getting a lively digital pounding. Kenneth was surprised to see his digital wife hiding outside the door, clearly masturbating as she listened to her husband boinkboinking another woman in the next room.

Just then, Kenneth heard his own doorbell ring, startling him out of his growing arousal at watching his digital self engage in the reproductive behavior that was now the core of his own identity. He recalled how fabricated the sudden party the night before had seemed, and realized that something similar was likely going on now as well. But that made no sense, especially since he'd turned off Community Events and had even taken a penalty personality trait as a result! Oh well, it was too late now. He had to make sure he got rid of whoever was at the door quickly before he did something else he'd regret.

Kelly hadn't been at the party last night because she'd been too busy studying for her Calculus mid-term. The twenty-year-old blonde co-ed's mom, however, had gone to the party, and had quickly fallen under Kenneth's spell just like all the other women. And so, when she'd arrived home still tingling with her own infatuation, and her daughter had complained about how confusing Calculus was, she had been quick to suggest Kenneth down the street as the perfect person to tutor her. Maybe this will mean I'll see him around a bit more myself, the smitten middle-aged mom had thought to herself, not realizing that her attractive daughter's fertile young body would have exactly the same reaction to Kenneth's irresistible charisma that hers had.

And so here Kelly was, her petite, athletic frame self-consciously knocking at Kenneth's door to ask him if he'd help her prep for her exam, completely unaware that her hyper-fertile body was primed and ready for impregnation due to LifeSim's effects.

As soon as he opened the door for her, Kelly was startled by just how attractive the late 20s accountant was. Her nostrils flared as she inhaled sharply in surprise, and then Kenneth's musk hit her like a truck, making her head spin and her knees go weak with arousal.

Ken watched the attractive coed's transformation, helplessly feeling his own arousal growing as the petite blonde's pupils dilated and her cheeks flushed with that familiar combination of physical desire and emotional infatuation. He knew she'd been taken entirely unawares, and that there was no way she'd be able to resist the draw of his masculine body at this point. Hopefully he'd be able to resist hers.

"H-hi, Mr. um, Kenneth?" Kelly stammered, awed to be in the presence of the most desirable man she'd ever seen, but unable to resist her urge to spend some... intimate time with him nonetheless, and growing bolder with each passing second. "I'm Kelly, and I've been looking for a tutor for calculus. Anyway, after the party last night my mom said I should come meet you. And now that I'm here, I can definitely see why," she purred with a flirty smile, cocking a hip to one side as she played with a long strand of hair by her ear.

This isn't fair, game! Kenneth thought angrily to himself, certain that LifeSim had somehow set up this little interaction, especially after having already seen these exact events play out on his monitor just a few minutes before. He decided to send Kelly away nonetheless, immediately feeling unhappier as a result due to the stupid new trait the game had given him. He knew, both from what had already happened in the game and from the girl's clear infatuation and arousal, that this conversation would 100% lead to a chance to have sex with her, and so his happiness points had nosedived at his decision not to pursue his new Life Goal of engaging in boinkboink whenever possible.

Still, he was willing to put up with a bit of depression to save this innocent young college student from her artificially-induced willingness to mate with him. He could see that she had already fallen hopelessly under the spell of his charisma, and that she wouldn't be able to resist letting him impregnate her if he wanted to. So, he fought against his impulsive desire for her body and his sudden deep sadness, and prepared to turn her away anyway.

Before he could say anything, however, his wife stuck her head out the door to greet the incredibly attractive, visibly aroused young woman her husband was talking to. "Oh hi Kelly! Yes, Kenny really is just the best," she gushed, having quickly grown to enjoy her own sudden infatuation for her husband. "Come on in! You two can use the spare bedroom as a study room!"

"Thanks so much! Mr. Kenny, this is going to be so much fun!" Kelly squealed as she bounded into the entryway and wrapped her arms around him, holding the hug for far too long as she buried her nose into his chest and deeply breathed in his scent. Her exhalations quickly became even more ragged and Kenneth could feel her getting weak in the knees. Not a good sign. It got even worse when she began rubbing her pert breasts against his torso and pressing her dangerously hyper-fertile midsection against his stiffening crotch. He still knew that he should get rid of her for both of their sakes, but he also couldn't deny how good her body felt against his, or how happy it had made him when his wife had invited her in. He impulsively decided that a half hour of flirting while he taught her some calculus couldn't hurt, trying to ignore the giddy happiness filling his body as getting his dick wet became more and more likely.

"Ok you two, have fun and stay safe!" Becca called as the attractive college junior practically hung off the arm of her virile husband as they walked back toward the spare bedroom. Becca didn't know how she'd gotten so lucky with Kenneth, but she knew that she'd do anything to make him happy. Especially if making him happy involves the bedroom, she thought to herself as her own knees began to get a bit weak. She'd been fully aware of her husband's sexual desire for the sporty young hottie, of course, and had known what the couple would inevitably get up to in the spare bedroom even before she had invited Kelly in, especially with the way the sexy co-ed had been instinctively rubbing herself against her husband and the clear enjoyment he was getting from the attention, but she wanted her amazing husband to fully enjoy himself with her nonetheless, no matter what happened.

That wasn't all though, Becca suddenly realized. She was surprised to find that the thought of Kenneth being with other women was starting to turn her on, and that she now seemed all too eager to spread the love around.

And so she snuck over to the door of the guest bedroom, listening for any hint of what was going on inside as her hand snaked down between her legs to tease at her own tingly sex. God the thought of Ken fucking that sexy young piece of ass was just so fucking hot! Becca couldn't recall a condom being in the spare bedroom, and she found herself wondering if Kenneth would just let himself knock the horny young slut up instead. Somehow this just turned her on all the more, and Becca found it increasingly difficult to keep herself quiet as she began to hear soft, feminine moans through the bedroom door.

Kenneth wasn't entirely sure what the program or his charisma had done to his wife, but with her apparent tacit approval (or at least ignorance) of his actions by inviting Kelly in, he had no longer had the strength to resist the lure of Kelly's body. He tried to ignore the fact that he was practically bursting with happiness as he led her back to the spare bedroom, all the while trying to convince himself that this was all innocent, just as he had the night before with Linda.

Once they made it to the bedroom Kenneth made a show of sitting at the side table and trying to help her study, but from the way his eager young partner was soon rubbing her body against his once again, it quickly became clear that the only thing she was interesting in studying for the moment was anatomy. And human reproduction, Ken thought ruefully, knowing full well what the ultimate result of her naive affections would be. By this point her nubile body was in his lap, and his hands were exploring and squeezing her supple curves as high pitched moans of helpless encouragement escaped her pouty lips. The enthusiastic, youthful femininity felt so different from the bouncy, squeezable maturity of Kenneth's milfy brunette the night before, but Kelly's tight, toned body was no less appealing to his augmented mating urges than Linda's had been.

Her mouth was hungry on his, but they were both keen to move things along as quickly as possible, her due to her irresistible, unquenchable lust for his charismatic masculinity, and him due to his powerful need to slide himself into this sexy, willing female. And so they briefly stood and redirected their dry-humping toward the bed, where Kenneth soon found himself on top of her, feeling his fully erect cock rubbing delightfully against her mound of Venus through their thin clothes. The cute blonde pulled her pink shorts and panties down to mid-thigh while Kenneth freed his eager phallus, and then he was overcome with a renewed feeling of deep, intense satisfaction as he pressed himself against her slick lips while she arched her back in need and bliss, offering her small breasts to her lover without hesitation as her tiny nipples pressed through her shirt, hard and pointy with arousal.

Whereas Linda's pussy had welcomed him in, gently wrapping and stroking him as he slid inside, Kelly's put up significantly more resistance initially, almost as though it knew what penetration would inevitably mean for her fertile, vulnerable body. Though her entrance was tight enough to resist his initial thrusts, the copious lubrication from her incredible arousal proved to be her undoing, and they both gasped at the intensity of the sensation as Kenneth's thick cockhead finally squeezed past her entrance and into her soft, wet depths. He took a second to appreciate the novel sensations of the college girl's pussy, so different from Linda's or even his wife's, but just as stimulating nonetheless. Kelly's was less the soft and welcoming type he'd felt the night before with Linda, the type that encouraged him to leisurely spend his time and ultimately himself inside, but instead was tight and intense, incentivizing him to stroke himself to a quick, earth-shattering release in her compelling, textured grip.

By this point Kenneth was fully aware that boinkboink would likely lead to inevitable pregnancy in this new world that LifeSim had created for him, but now that he was inside the athletic young blonde's stimulating reproductive tract, he suddenly felt so happy that he just couldn't stop fucking her. He knew this was entirely due to his new trait, of course, but even so, he couldn't fight against the sheer joy he felt washing over him at repeatedly squeezing himself into the hottie's pussy over and over again, and, just as he had felt buried up to the hilt in Linda the night before, he quickly felt that pleasurable tightness building at the base of his shaft, signaling that soon he wouldn't be able to prevent his body from flooding hers with his baby juice.

This time, however, there was the added problem of his artificial euphoria as he did the deed, greatly enhancing his partner's already considerable sex appeal as she begged for him not to stop, still unaware of LifeSim's power over her as her hyper-fertile body continued its evolutionary call to his. Nonetheless, her seductive voice pulled at something inevitable deep within Kenneth as he felt himself edging closer and closer to his limit, and he continued to impulsively squeeze himself into the tight embrace of his willing partner over and over again. He felt a bit happier and a bit more satisfied each time he did so, but his dick also felt a bit stiffer each time as well, and all too soon he felt his own irresistible urge washing over him as his cock began its final, involuntary tightening, as if in warning of what could no longer be stopped.

Ken knew he should pull out, knew what her susceptible feminine body would do with his genetic information under LifeSim's influence, but, thanks to his new trait, the thought of cumming inside Kelly filled him with such happiness that he could only relax and savor the sensation of the pressure suddenly becoming unbearable, of his cock stiffening of its own volition, entirely beyond his control as her athletic body continued to bounce furiously beneath him, stimulating him as much as she could. And then he felt the tight friction of her slick pussy finally trigger that first powerful, involuntary jerk, helpless to prevent his body from sending the first thick spurt of his potent semen deep into her artificially enhanced reproductive tract.

Ken still knew that he should pull out, that hopefully the first burst of his orgasm hadn't impregnated her, but his artificial and real happiness mingled and peaked as his balls pulsed, and he latched onto the idea that it was probably too late anyway. Instead, he just continued to mindlessly pump away into that irresistible, silky tunnel between his partner's toned thighs, his jizz reflexively draining into her vulnerable body as she moaned beneath him in bliss, until their combined juices finally overflowed and pooled on the sheets as his DNA pooled inside her and combined with hers. Everything had felt too right, her petite body had felt too good squeezing his cock to stop, and as his balls' contractions finally began to slow, he knew that this time it was too late. When he next checked her status on LifeSim, Kelly's avatar would inevitably say "Pregnant", just as Linda's had.

Kelly was entirely unaware of how the game had manipulated her feelings and body, of course, and as far as she knew her irresistible attraction to Kenneth, along with her decision to have unprotected sex with him, to let him cum inside her, had been entirely natural. None of that mattered now, of course. She hadn't been able to resist her urge to offer her tight young body up for her sudden crush's pleasure, just as any other lucky woman in her position would have, and had thoroughly enjoyed the sensation of his straining cock squeezing into her tight pussy until she triggered his orgasm. Now, of course, his seed was safely inside her turbocharged reproductive system, fertilizing her body, preparing to make her breasts swell with milk as her body swelled with his child.

She'd loved every second of it, and she'd counted herself lucky that such a perfect, charismatic specimen of masculinity had lost control inside her. It hadn't even occurred to her to use a condom, and even if it had, it would have seemed insulting. And so she had let him ride her raw, teased him into cumming deep inside her unprotected pussy, and if he knocked her up, well, so much the better!

The new lovers cuddled for a minute after their passionate tryst before the petite blond stood up to slide on her panties and small shorts once more, which quickly darkened between her legs as his semen continued to ooze out of her delighted pussy. He helped her dress, accepted a shy peck on the cheek, and led her back to the front door. Kelly didn't fully understand it, but she somehow knew that she'd gotten exactly what she had come here for.

Ken's two neighbors now had something in common despite the differences in their age and lifestyle - namely his genetic material hard at work in each of their bodies, fusing with theirs and starting them both on the long path of pregnancy. And Kenneth knew that if he wasn't careful, if he couldn't keep a better handle on his new sexual urges, more would be joining them shortly.

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Keep Keneth going until his seed is growing in every female in the community. Very hot I could lose my load just reading these stories.

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