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From the World of Norrath
Cadwarra woke way too early to a knocking on her door. She was alone.

Exhausted from all last night’s fucking, and sore from being repeatedly used by those two Human penises, she lay there confused as to why there was a knocking at her door. It took her a while to realize she should get up and answer it.

She rolled out of bed naked. About all that was left of father and son were copious amounts of cum dried and crusted all over her abdomen, breasts and thighs. More was inside her pussy and stomach.

Several pieces of silver had been left neatly stacked on the table by her bed. That was so kind of them to leave her a gift. But it really was a lot more than necessary, bless their hearts.

If she wasn’t covered in dried semen she might have answered the door naked. She had discovered when she answered the sergeant’s knock the previous night that answering the door naked was a cheap thrill. Nevertheless, she modestly covered herself in the blanket and moved slowly over to answer the knock. Her men had used her roughly last night and that was as fast as she could walk.

She opened the door to find her trainer, Trandall, standing somewhat impatiently in the hall. “Do you always sleep the morning away, Miss Cadwarra?” he asked as he stepped into her room. The High Elf was not happy with her laziness.

“I am sorry.’ She responded bleary eyed. “I was celebrating Tunare with two good men of Qeynos all night.” She repeated this information to her trainer as if this was important. “Two good men of Qeynos...“ She was a little proud of the fact that she was able to please two men all night and perversely wanted the whole world to know. She was trying to remember if she had had an appointment with Trandall that day or why he was here on what she thought was a day she could have to herself.

So she wasn’t a virgin, the trainer thought and looked at her standing there in her blanket. This was the first time he had seen her with her hair down. It was a beautiful medium brown mane that fell down her back in a disheveled mess that confirmed she had enjoyed a good roll in the hay last night. Her tresses virtually glowed in the late morning sun shining through the open door behind Trandall.

She was not covering up as well as she should and a good swell of her big breasts bubbled out over the hem of the blanket. Despite it being obvious she had been ridden hard and put away wet, she did look nice.

More than once, some of Cadwarra’s fellow trainees had discussed the size of her breasts within earshot of the trainer and he, too, had had lustful thoughts as he watched her well-toned body during training. He had stood close behind her during one particular lesson to show her a proper technique with her mace. He had pulled her shoulder blades into his chest. He felt her supple back muscles flexing as she practiced her swings. Her hair had smelt like cedar.

Standing over her from behind he had caught a perfect glimpse down her top. His eyes feasted on her untanned mushies fully revealed to him. They weren’t obnoxious ka-blonkers but they were large and topped with delectable nipples that were rising into tiny towers while he watched. His boner grew and he fought the urge to press it against her cute ass.

Too soon she mastered the technique and he had no further excuse to keep his hands on her. He reluctantly let her go to practice on her own but the feel of her standing against him so accepting of his closeness for that short time distracted him from his duties all day. He told himself she had not deliberately leaned back into him a little. It was wistful thinking on his part. Still, was there not a reason those nipples had risen so high as he held her?

The memory of that day at practice now intruded on his thoughts. With her boobs half exposed, he was once more being treated to a good view of her big orbs, nipples just barely hidden.

Putting off for a moment the real reason he had come knocking on her door, he reached up to pull the blanket away from one breast. Cadwarra was a little surprised by how forward her trainer was being but was now used to all these males just helping themselves to a handful of her assets whenever they liked. She stood there respectfully as his hand explored.

He cupped the ample mammary and weighed the large quantity of breastmeat in the palm of his hand. “Your tits are so big, Miss Cadwarra. I have been meaning to speak to you about them. They are somewhat of an encumbrance while you are swinging your mace and also during archery. An acquaintance of mine named Ellister is known to sell breast reduction charms to reduce them. You may wish to contact him.”

“Yes, Trainer.” she responded dutifully. There was no way she would insult Tunare by reducing the natural size of her breasts. Especially since she was quite proud of them. Still, out of respect to her trainer’s professional opinion, she stood there patiently while he objectively assessed her body’s suitability as regards the fighting arts.

The trainer, having quickly concluded his official assessment of her body’s fighting fitness oddly did not release her boob from his grasp. He kept fondling it. Perhaps he was assessing how much they were prone to shift and send her off balance during her practice duels. It seemed to her to be a trivial matter at best and frankly, she had never been bothered by their size with respect to swings with her mace or using a bow. And why was he squeezing it quite similar to the way father and son had done last night in the Inn?

“I will leave it to you how you wish to deal with the size of your breasts.” he assured her. Even so, he continued to feel her up. He was already kicking himself for suggesting such a stupid thing as reducing the size of her magnificent endowment. Could he not have come up with a better excuse to explain his obvious interest in her tits?

“There was another matter that brought me here today. I have a group of Dwarves looking for a sixth fighter to fill out their Blackburrow party” he said while still fondling her. “Their original sixth member has not met them at the appointed time and place.” He paused then added a little peeved “This fellow is a somewhat unreliable character and I dare say they are better without him. Regardless, they need a sixth and suggested you by name. They remember you from the Caves last week.”

“Oh, yes. I remember them” Cadwarra answered. They were a good group. They had been decent to remember her. “I can be ready very quickly. I just need a bath first.”

The trainer shook his head. “Now that I am aware of you acting like a whore for most of the night for those men I do not think you are in a condition to go. You cannot have men use you repeatedly into the small hours and then adventure efficiently all next day, Miss Cadwarra. You have not ensured you were ready to serve Qeynos as needed” he rebuked her. “I will need to find another member for the Dwarves’ expedition.”

Cadwarra felt she was letting the Dwarves down. She liked them. No doubt Tunare was happy with her enthusiastic devotion last night, but everyone else she seemed to have disappointed.

Trandall was still playing with her breast, rolling it around in his hand. Titillated by the Wood Elf standing there naked except for a blanket he was acutely aware how the thin material molded to her, emphasizing her exquisite curves. And there was her bed a mere few feet behind, ready for his use if he could maneuver her into it...

“Hmmmm...” The trainer mused to Cadwarra and her breast. “There is no reason for me to totally waste this trip to see you. I think I might as well give you a private lesson today, you being one of my star pupils.” He turned and slammed the door to her room shut. He snapped in the lock with a loud, definite click. “Maybe we should start as soon as possible. Let’s get you cleaned up and then we’ll start training right here.”

“Here?” Cadwarra asked, confused over what kind of training was being intended, “But I have no equipment.”

“Er....uh...yes. I think we should teach you some hand-to-hand fighting. I mean bare knuckle stuff, so we won’t be needing any equipment. But I must first allow you to bathe as you have suggested. Do you have a bucket of water and soap? We shall clean you up first.” He pulled the blanket from Cadwarra’s body and tossed it back on the bed. He took a good look at her nubile figure. By Marr, he needed to screw her right now! Treat her like a woman.

Cadwarra had ensured she had a pail of clean water last evening before she had left for the tavern. She had a fresh towel, a sponge and plenty of soap close to hand. To her surprise the trainer did not avert his eyes to allow her to wash. He took the sponge and soaked it. “Just stand there” he instructed her. “It will be faster if I help.”

Cadwarra stood in the bucket and submitted as he eagerly began to wash her. The trainer certainly was eager to get her all nice and clean before starting the lesson. For this she was appreciative. Bare-hands fighting knowledge could certainly be useful, she reasoned and she did not wish to use too much of her trainer’s valuable time.

The trainer washed her thoroughly...twice. He especially made sure her breasts were clean as he spent a good deal of time getting them lathered up. The cold water made the areolas crinkle and shrink. The fat boobs and erect nipples yielded and slid under the wet, soapy sponge as he pushed them around on her chest. He also spent a good effort to wash her gash, even inserting three fingers inside and moving them in and out to get her real clean.

Cadwarra tingled as she allowed this penetration. She remembered early in her arrival to Qeynos when the trainer had put an arm around her from behind and confidently pulled her close to his muscular chest to show her how to swing her weapon. She had loved his big hand holding her ribs, touching her with as much intimacy as her lover Fayt once did. She had leaned back into his strong embrace and wondered if it would be alright if you celebrated with a trainer after-hours or was that against the rules? Her nipples had hardened.

From that day on she had had a girlish crush on the trainer, as young females tend to do. Now there he was touching her once more, not aware of the sexual arousal he was accidentally causing in her. She managed to hide the fact that she experienced a small orgasm in response to his tender probing inside her, fearful he would know she had a thing for him. Fortunately, he seemed to not notice her trembling body as she came. She would have been so embarrassed to be seen to be cumming while the trainer was being nothing but a professional to her. She willed herself to stick to the lesson instead of such selfish pleasure.

Once clean, the trainer towelled her off. He made sure her entire body was truly nice and dry. He eventually dropped the towel and without ceremony began to run his hands all over her. “I need to assess your muscle tone” he explained as his hands wandered from thigh to ass to tits and back to thigh. “Yes, you’ll do. What a impressively suitable body you have, Miss Cadwarra.”

She was pleased to pass the unexpected examination. Some of her fellow pupils were somewhat lacking in top fitness and they certainly were not doing well in class. It was nice to be teacher’s pet and get all this special attention, though she idly pondered why his fingers were back in her snatch and moving gently. Her juice and the sperm from the previous night’s lovers coated his hand as he made a quiet “shlick...shlick” sound deep inside her. Despite herself, she had another small orgasm.

The trainer pulled his fingers out of Cadwarra and casually began to strip, eyes ogling those erect nipples. “We will need to teach you something about wrestling and wrestling is traditionally done in the nude so everyone clearly has no weapons” he explained.

This made some sense to Cadwarra...but only some. Nonetheless, learning to wrestle sounded both interesting and useful.

Now naked, the trainer suddenly grabbed Cadwarra and before she could react he had her flipped over on her back and onto the bed. She bounced on the mattress as she landed butt first. Her boobs jiggled invitingly. Then he jumped on top of her.

He pinned her down with his weight. It kind of felt good to be immobilized like that under a strong man with a fit, manly body. She fought the foolish urge to kiss him. “Do you see how easily someone can have you at their advantage if you are not ready?” he asked her.

“Yes. I see” she answered. “So what do I do now?”

“Squirm around” He answered. His voiced trembled oddly as he said it. “Try to escape.”

As she twisted and bucked fruitlessly in his grip the trainer leered at her big breasts rolling around on her chest. He grew hard and began moving up and down on her body. His penis brushed against her. “Yeah!” he enthused “Struggle harder!”

She struggled harder but with no more success at escaping. Her breasts were now really flying around wildly, to the trainer’s obvious delight. His cock pressed against her nether pelt and rubbed on it as she writhed around nude. Pre-cum oozed from him onto her closely trimmed pubic thatch. He saw how she glistened down there.

“This is the danger of allowing a male to gain advantage over you.” he breathed hard as he fought to hold her still “You see how helpless and exposed you are if he decides to rape you?”

“Yes, I see” she answered again.

“That’s good.” he responded. His voice quavered, like he was excited to be giving her a lesson. His throat sounded dry. “Now let me show you what to do when a man is raping you.” He seemed eager to keep the lesson going, growling deep in his throat as he leered at her nakedness.

In the back of his mind he realized how stupid he was being. This could ruin his career. Sexually aroused to madness, he pushed the thought aside. He wanted her. He lifted his hips directly above her pelvis. His hardness hovered for a pregnant moment above her slit. He should not do this, he warned himself. He needed to get dressed and go home, he knew.

Insane in his lust, he thrust his cock forward and pushed it deep into her. Cadwarra felt it slide in. She was more than a bit sore down there and was glad he was not quite as endowed as the men that had used her last night.

He exhaled with pleasure as he felt how moist and slippery her insides were. He should have realized this was due to all of the cum that the sergeant and his son had blasted into her through the night, kept warm inside of her by the heat of her body. The trainer’s cock slid into this large quantity of cum with no resistance, coating the entire shaft in Human sperm.

He pinned her arms to her side. “See how you will not be able to get out from under him as he violates you like this?” He made several deep penetrations to demonstrate his words. She was so tight.

“The rapist will be able to take his pleasure from your helpless body as you lay there struggling, Miss Cadwarra. He will even enjoy your helplessness.” He pushed into her deeper and harder.

“Yes, I would certainly be at his mercy” she grunted under the pounding. Realizing that her trainer was expecting this to be a realistic exercise in wrestling she took the cue from his words and dutifully redoubled her struggling as energetically as she could. Her tits smacked together on her chest as they rolled around. He kept fucking while he watched them go. “Yes, you see? Your efforts are to no avail. He will keep I am now demonstrating!” He repeatedly drove his manhood into her body while she got off on the way she was totally subdued by him.

He increased the speed of his thrusts, Cadwarra was bouncing on the mattress as he fucked her good. The legs of the bed were lifting noisily off the floor.

“Well. Alright, Trainer” she sucked in a breath as her third cock in 24 hours drove mercilessly into her. “I see this is a situation I need to avoid getting into, but how do I stop him if he is lucky enough to overpower me and have me as you now are demonstrating?”

“You just let him finish, Miss Cadwarra. There is nothing you can do.” His words seemed more of a boastful exultation than an instructive lesson. He kept her imprisoned in his strong arms and screwed her. One hand reached up and brutally gripped her by the throat as he quietly repeated those words in time with each thrust “...there is nothing you can do...nothing you can do...nothing you can do...”

Cadwarra wisely took his point that she should never allow an opponent to get her into such a position. Her trainer continued to fuck her hard while getting on with the lesson. “You just need to let him cum. You need to realize that sometimes denying a man his needs is futile.” His grip closed around her neck even harder.

Unable to get free from under him, Cadwarra appreciated how good the trainer was at role playing. It really did seem very close to a genuine rape. He was such a dedicated teacher.

“And keep struggling. I like that.”

He liked that? Oh, he was impressed by her wrestling. That was good.

Cadwarra was trying hard to keep her mind on the lesson but then the trainer leaned forward and kissed her hard. This made her forget all about the lesson and she kissed him back. His tongue entered her mouth. She licked it with her own tongue. They kissed for a long time as they moved together.

He finally broke off the kiss so he could move in and out as rapidly as possible, all his energy going to jackhammering her.

It felt incredible to Cadwarra. She could feel a very, very intense orgasm mounting. That hand clutching her throat added to the intensity of what was happening. “Is it wrong if I cum while I fight him?” she choked under his grip..

“Yeah, baby! Cum like a whore!” he instructed her, surprising her with the insistence in his answer as he excitedly shook her by the neck. As before, his voice cracked with the excitement of the lesson. He moved his hips incredibly rapidly. It reminded Cadwarra of how Falco had finished off inside her by making much the same movements that day in the Forest Ruins. As incompetent as Falco’s lovemaking had been Cadwarra was oddly aroused to think about how rapidly he had moved inside of her that day behind the rocks. The idiot had grinned triumphantly but somehow that too now turned her on.

Recalling Falco’s unorthodox copulation method, Cadwarra’s orgasm suddenly exploded. She coated Trandall’s cock with her fluids, feeling shame that she was cumming to the memory of that foolish boy.

Trandall noted Cadwarra’s increased lubrication as he slid in and out in her. It pushed the trainer inexorably to his own orgasm. He made four long hard thrusts, each time pausing a half a moment before ramming the next one in. A churning gush of roiling semen surged turbulently from his climaxing cock. Three more huge pulses of cum followed as he kept doing her. On the final spasm he arched his back as his cock pushed his baby batter as deep as possible into her depths, joining the sperm of last night’s ejaculators. He filled her to the brim.

Sated, he collapsed on top of her without removing his cock from her. Her vagina was now exceedingly sore from yet another man treating it like he personally owned it. He rested his head on her left breast. Her nips stood high on their areolas like little soldiers at attention. He took the left one into his mouth and nibbled.

Cadwarra lay with him, cradling his head gently in her hands while he sucked her breast. The lesson wasn’t as useful as she might have expected, but there had been a nice side benefit: she had had a most wonderful orgasm and Tunare had been celebrated.

At last the trainer lifted his head from her boob and pulled his soft cock out from between her legs, still spread wide. It glistened as it slapped against his leg. A long string of cum dripped from it.

Without ceremony he began to dress. She watched as he did so, admiring his handsome physique, his rippled abdomen and broad shoulders.

“You learn quite quickly.” he complimented her. His eyes took in her glorious body lying exhausted on the bed. Realizing he would soon want her again he extemporized. “Of course, we did not cover some advanced things. That will be for next time.”

“We can practice some more after we rest.” She suggested hopefully. Her knees were a little weak from the sex and she relished a strong fit male to cuddle for a time. She was a little disappointed now that she reflected on it that the sergeant and his eager young lad had not stayed to keep her company.

The trainer was tempted to get back on the bed and caress that lovely naked Wood Elf for the rest of the afternoon, but he was already in dereliction of his duties. He needed to get back to the Dwarves and organize a sixth for them. And of course it was dawning on him that raping this naive protege was not just going to lose him his job if it ever came to light; his bit of lechery could get him into one of the Queen’s Guard’s prison cells for a long stretch of time. He had better get out of there.

“I think that is more than enough for the great progress you have made already this morning” he prevaricated while buttoning his shirt. “I am afraid I will need to be going. I will send you a message when it is time for training.”

Trandall knew the last thing he should be doing was arranging for them to get together for some ‘advanced training’ but he also knew he was going to do just that. What was he thinking, he asked himself? He was married.

With that he departed without so much as a “thanks-for-the-fuck”.

Guiltily, he closed the door to her room very quietly, hoping no one would see him leaving her quarters. He did not even leave her a gift, which Cadwarra was now thinking was the polite custom in this city.

Next door, the high elf had heard the whole thing. She recognized the voice of Trandall. He had bedded her the previous week and she had dared to think he thought she was special. Now disabused of that delusion she had sat in her room both aroused and jealous, angry and horny. She had masturbated to the fuck sounds coming through the walls.

She did not begrudge her neighbour her pleasure, but she hated Trandall for his deceit...both to her and to that silly but kind Wood Elf next door.


Falco woke up in the early afternoon hugging his warm pillow. He had a terrible hangover. He recalled that he was drinking heavily in the tavern earlier in the evening but he had no memory of the rest of the night. He hazily recalled walking home in the dark with someone holding him up.

His apartment had only one window. It was large and ran right down to the floor. By the angle of the sun shining through it he knew he had slept half of the day and had missed the group going to Blackburrow this morning.

They had told him to meet at the Claymore in North Qeynos at the crack of dawn or they would leave without him. Bloody rude bastards were no doubt long gone. They had been clearly reluctant to include him but after some pestering they had relented. He had resented that they acted like they were doing him a favour; like it was an act of charity to have him along.

The group had indeed given up on him, as he suspected. The group was glad he had not shown up. No one offered to “give him another five minutes” before they went off to the trainer Trandall to get him to find that nice Wood Elf they had met in the Caves. She would round out their party well.

Falco lay there thinking how he had blown his chance to get in with a group that was sure to have had some monetary success. It was all because of his overindulgence last night. And he had overindulged to forgot about that slut Cadwarra. He now blamed her for missing his group.

He suddenly remembered she had been in the tavern last night. A scrap of memory of her round, firm ass framed in the doorway popped into his head. He recalled she had been leaving with a boy who had had his hands on her. It was a painful memory.

“Why did I drink so much?” he asked the pillow out loud.

To his surprise the pillow began to chuckle and he realized the “pillow” he was hugging was the naked ribs of a woman. This explained why it felt so warm.

For a precious moment his heart gave a leap and a series of excited thoughts flashed in a split second through his brain: Cadwarra! Somehow Cadwarra had not left with anyone. She and he had hooked up last night and she had spent the night! He was holding her! She was his!

But even before he could lift his head to view Cadwarra’s beautiful eyes his excitement was dashed by a female voice that was not Cadwarra’s. “Were you going to sleep all day, Dear?”

Confused, he looked into the pleasant smile of a strange lady, clearly of Wood Elf and Human mix. She was very attractive but she was not Cadwarra.

Covered to the waist by the sheet she was topless above. She had very nice breasts. They were not as big as Cadwarra’s knockers but they looked very pretty perched on her chest and crowned with what he instantly identified as irresistably suckable nipples. She was reading his copy of “Skeletons: Lore and Legend”. It was the only book in the room and not very interesting since she had read her own copy ages ago. Everyone on Norrath owned a copy.

Falco wasn’t going to object to a pretty woman in his bed, but who on Norrath was she and how did he get her into his bed? He stared at her as if that would give him the answer. Falco suddenly realized he was naked.

“I hope you didn’t mind me staying the night, Sweetie.” Llisanya tossed the tedious book on the floor by the bed and put her arm around Falco. “I was hoping for more of what you did to me last night” she lied.

Last night? What happened last night? Falco cursed his double misfortune. Not only did he not remember the sex he and this strange female had seemingly had last night, but he was so hungover that he doubted he was currently capable of repeating this obviously successful performance.

And how was he going to find out her name? Women got pissed off when you forget their names. He imagined this Half Elf would be so chagrined about him forgetting her name that she would storm out before he got some more tail from her. His mind conjured a scenario of her angrily telling everyone “Yeah, he couldn’t get it up. Then the imbecile admitted he forgot my name. He’s some loser called Falco, everyone, King of the Assholes. Bartender, get everyone in the tavern an ale. Drink a toast to Flacid Falco, everybody! Ha, ha, ha!”

“I suspect you have a hangover.” She stated sympathetically. The pretty girl got out of bed. This pulled the sheets from his body exposing his nakedness. His soft dick lay there exposed. In its presently soft state it certainly was tiny, but he was too sick to worry about her seeing how inadequate it was.

Notwithstanding his hangover, he was still enough of a male to notice her nice figure as she walked nude over to her clothes piled on the floor. He got a nice view of her shapely buttocks and compact vulva from behind as she bent down to pull something out of a pocket of a torn shirt. Why was she wearing a torn shirt?

She came back holding a small vial of something. Her bare breasts jutted out. Whereas Cadwarra’s larger, fuller breasts would have swayed and bobbed delightfully as she walked toward him, the taut breasts of this stranger stood firm and high with hardly a jiggle. His hands wanted to squeeze and knead them so he could see if they were just as soft as Cadwarra’s despite sitting on her chest as if made of stone.

“A friend of mine makes potions” she explained, sitting on the edge of the bed and unstoppering the vial. She handed it to Falco. “Drink it, it should cure your hangover.” She had a business arrangement with a Ratonga alchemist who gave her a good deal on any potions she needed but this was still one more expense that was eating into that lousy twenty silver grubstake for which she had negotiated. She had underestimated her costs.

Falco trustingly swallowed the potion. It was fayberry flavoured and went down easily. Despite her promise of a cure nothing happened. He still had a fucking bloody great hangover.

He suddenly realized he had just let a total stranger pour something down his throat. Panicked, he opened his mouth to accuse the bitch of poisoning him or kidnapping him or something. He angrily thought about slapping her hard a few times to smarten her up.

The thought of slapping a woman around instantly aroused him. He imagined making her cry and that excited him immensely. This seemed to trigger something in the potion and in an instant his headache had disappeared. He was no longer nauseous. His heartburn had ended. He felt full of energy. The hangover was gone. She had told the truth about the potion.

He glanced at her perched nude on the edge of his bed, looking ready for sex. Those incredible tits were within reach. He suddenly had a full boner for her. It was at full mast and then some. It pointed straight at her, fucking near smiling. She glanced down and smiled back at it then looked him in the eyes. She had very nice eyes. “Pretty good potion, right?”

He had to agree and his suspicious anger calmed.

“Nice hard on” she said bluntly, looking back down at his dick. She reached over and gripped it in her hand. With her fingers curled around the shaft she stroked gently and looked at him. “This is my favourite way to start the day.” He had to agree.

She looked back down at his erection and stroked a bit faster. “Don’t worry, I won’t make you cum. Not before you use your handsome little fellow, here, like you used it on me last night.”

Well, that stuff about him pleasing her last night sounded good, he thought, proud of himself. Nice to know a girl appreciated his ability in the sack. Things were going swimmingly, it seemed.

Except for one part. He was a little disquieted by her referring to his cock as a handsome LITTLE fellow. But he put it aside as obviously just a figure of speech and she had meant nothing by it.

Mostly his thoughts were filled with the recent sight of her ass bent over to inadvertently show her snatch. She was certainly ready and his cock was certainly ready. He did not worry further about the accidental insult to the size of his wiener, unsettling though it was.

He looked at her waiting naked for him to make the next move. Her fit body was waiting for a fuck. He wanted his cock in that. He would give it a good, hard fuck, he decided.

“Where do you want to do it?” she asked. “We can do it here in the bed or on the floor. After a pause she added “or do you wanna screw by the window so people might accidentally see us indulging in our physical needs?”

Yeah, “indulging in our physical needs” in the window. That sounded hot. It was like she had read his thoughts and discerned one of his most intense fantasies. He did want people to see. How did she know that was something he would like to do?

He wanted people to see him rutting the pretty girl. People would see his cock being forced into her and know he was a stud. And he wanted to humiliate her. Whoever she was he wanted her to be known as “that slut that got fucked in the window by Falco”.

He had done it one other time with a girl publicly and he had really gotten off. It was some time ago. He was with a group of guys he was hanging out with. He was just starting to fit in. They had been too young to be drinking in the taverns so they were in the woods near their village. They had gotten him to steal some whisky.

One of them had brought a girl along. She drank too much and passed out. All the others had told him to fuck her while she was unconscious. It was his initiation to their group, they said.

He lay on top of her with her dress pushed up to her armpits and they cheered him on and laughed while he inexpertly tried to put it in. At last he found the right place. He proudly let them see his cock buried inside her so they knew he wasn’t lying when he said he was in the hole. While he drunkenly rode her they told him to move faster so her young buds would jiggle more. They played with them as he kept fucking her. He liked how her titties had yielded under their exploring hands. He delighted in them watching his mounting thrusts. Finally he emptied his cum into her unconscious body. They slapped him on the back in congratulations.

He performed several more times in front of them that night with her lying there insensible to his repeated debauchery, enjoying them seeing him assault her. They made some good natured jokes at his expense but they were cool and he experienced a bizarre titillation doing it in front of an audience. He was now part of the gang.

She awoke beside the dead fire near dawn. She was partially nude with her legs spread wide in the morning light. Cum dripped from her aching twat.

They had told her they had left her and Falco alone in the woods. No, they did not touch her; she and Falco had stayed behind to drink. They went home early. Had Falco mistreated her? That was not nice of him, they told her.

She hesitated a week then went fake sobbing to the village elders.

He defended himself from the accusations. She should not have gone drinking with a bunch of older boys and she was leading him on when she let him grab her chest a couple times. The way she pretended to angrily slap his hand away wasn’t fooling anyone. And how many times could she let you “accidentally” look down her top at her puffy nipples before you were expected to do something about it? Besides, the other fellows had assured him she probably wasn’t a virgin.

None of this had mattered to the Elders. Falco had had to leave. Had his parents still been alive they would have defended him, just like that time he had felt up that other uncooperative girl.

All that had flashed through his mind as he sat there considering this girl’s suggestion to put on a public show. He was excited by the memory of his other public sex show and how the audience had applauded. He suddenly pulled Llisanya down off the bed. Not waiting for her to get to her feet he dragged her bare assed along the floor to the window. She actually giggled at what a jerk he was. He mistook it as a sign she liked rough treatment.

At the window sunlight poured through, shining on their nakedness for any passerby to see. Stretching her out there on the floor he rolled her onto her side to deliberately show anyone outside her full frontal nudity. He was proud to show off to the whole world what he was about the fuck: cute tits, shaved pussy, shapely legs. It would be fun to do this to Cadwarra, too, and it would serve her right.

For quite a few moments he had her lay there in full view of Qeynos citizens going about their day in the busy street below. Resigned to her role in Ellister’s scheme, she let him show her off.

Quite a number of men and not a few women forgot about whatever business they were on and stopped to look, anticipating a good show. Lots whistled at her comely figure so brazenly on display. A few recognized Llisanya and wondered what scheme she was playing this time.

No one knew who he was, however. Someone who knew Llisanya joked “show me a male hanging out with Llisanya and I will show you a fool who is about to lose all his coin.” Folks laughed at that, but they were still envious of him for the chance to be between the legs of such a gorgeous girl.

Thinking he had shown his slut off long enough he rolled her over onto her back. Her pointing tits hardly flattened under the effects of gravity, standing there like two pyramids of flesh. The naked Falco got on top of her and kissed her ardently. Like any good actress, she answered his kisses with equal ardour. Then in full view of the crowd he rose and knelt between her knees then forced her thighs apart.

His penis stuck out proudly in full view of the crowd, still increasing in numbers. It swung erotically back and forth as his knees moved to push her legs open further. To his credit his wang had an elegant upward sweep which several of the females and a couple queers found attractive. Despite its average length several of them would have gladly sucked on it.

He kept his hard prick fully on display for a bit for everyone to see. Then Falco lowered his pelvis and stuck it in without foreplay. Llisanya yelped. Everyone saw the pain in her face and knew he was an bastard. She was no where near ready for Falco to enter her.

She suppressed an urge to slap him for his lack of consideration. Her public scolding of him with half the City watching would have served him right. Instead, she tolerated his brutal and deliberate mistreatment. She rubbed her clit hoping to get herself a little lubricated. That helped a bit.

He did not say a word while they fucked. He sucked on her thick nipples a lot.

Llisanya lay there unmoving. It was the worst lay she ever had. It wasn’t unbearable like that last, huge fellow Ellister had gotten her to bed: it was annoying. She lay there while he made a bunch of weird thrusts with no rhythm or finesse. He was really selfishly driving it hard into her and, by Bristlebane, he was bad at it.

For his part Falco was deliberately trying to hurt her. He was irrationally angry. He was angry at that passed out tease that lied to the Elders so long ago and he was angry at the so-called friends who did not back him up when he defended himself. He was angry at Cadwarra for fucking that sentry. He was angry at the sentry for having a cock bigger than his. He was angry at those stupid Dwarves for leaving without him. Come to think of it, he was angry at the world. He took it all out on this willing tramp with her long attractive legs spread invitingly under him.

He kept banging her hard while the ever-increasing crowd watched. He wanted them to see him hurt this little Half Elf. That yelp she gave as he entered her dryness was a real thrill. He enjoyed everyone seeing HE was in charge.

He never looked at Llisanya. He looked out the window to watch the people watching him, proud that they saw what a bull he was. He openly grinned at them as he performed his pelvic dance on top her.

Someone in the crowd remarked “That poor girl, he hasn’t got a clue how to make love to her.” Everyone around him nodded. Some made crude jokes in response.

A patrol of the Queen’s Guard marched officiously into the crowd. “Everyone move along” Captain Penley intoned but then only stood in the crowd with her fellow guards watching. No action was required since the two performers were breaking no laws. “Any of you know who that fellow is?” Penley asked but her troopers had never seen him before. “Well, if it’s not Trandall, let’s keep looking for him.”

By now some of the men had sidled close to one or two women who looked to be aroused by the sight of the public sex. They started running their hands over the females. A few snarled at the men to keep their hands to themselves. A few stood there letting it happen and did nothing about these wandering hands. A few took the men and lead them back to the rear so they could have sex.

Ellister came upon the whole performance toward the end of it.He recognized the two performers instantly. He stood behind a big group so as to not let Falco see him. An Arasai fluttered in front of him and he moved a step to the left so her wings obscured his face. He hungrily watched Falco’s handsome body humping away on Llisanya. She willingly lay there letting him have her while half the city watched. He was treated to repeated glimpses of Falco’s smallish but still pretty penis as he went up and down on top of Llisanya. At one point Falco gleefully pulled his prick out of Llisanya and jerked it rapidly while waving to the crowd. Then he put it back in and went at Llisanya some more. He definitely loved showing his hardness off.

Ellister always enjoyed his collaborations with Llisanya; she was full of useful surprises. Llisanya had somehow discovered that Falco was an exhibitionist. She had a talent for figuring out a fellow’s odd sexual tastes and fetishes and there she was indulging Falco’s.

Suddenly Ellister had an idea to help move this scam along. He tapped the young Arasai in front of him on her shoulder. She looked new to the city and likely could use a few copper.

She turned to Ellister in response to his tap and snapped. “I do not give blow jobs, pervert.” Apparently a lot of men in Qeynos liked to have a tiny Arasai flutter at crotch level and give a blowjob. Who knew?

“No, no” He said. “I just want to pay you to yell something at that young man in the window.” He explained what he wanted. For 50 copper, she gladly agreed to move up to the front of the crowd and yell a specific insult at the window. She would have done it for 25 copper since that guy in the window looked to be kind of an creep. She despised creeps.

Falco was almost done abusing Llisanya. She couldn’t wait for him to shoot his load so that this thing would end. With everyone watching him make a botch of the whole act she almost felt sorry for him. At last, she felt his hip-ramming increase in tempo. He moaned and she knew he would cum soon. She wasn’t cumming at all.

As his orgasm began he quickly pulled out and in full view of the crowd his prick began to spurt lovely huge ropes of jism all over Llisanya’s stomach and chest. The crowd applauded sarcastically as he launched long, thick spasms out of his bulbous knob. The amount that he produced even surprised Llisanya. For one last moment Falco turned to the crowd, smiling like an idiot, so proud of his load, so glad everyone saw his manly explosion land on Llisanya’s torso.

It was at that very moment when he so proudly had a huge audience to witness his sexual prowess; to admire how he had taken a willing woman how he pleased; to watch him blast a huge load of sperm onto her. It was at that very moment that a small Arasai girl in the front of the crowd screeched at the top of her voice “That’s the smallest dick I have ever seen! And I’m a Arasai!”

The crowd was silent for a small instance. Then they laughed. They laughed. A few around her, then more and then everyone. He saw them laughing at him.

His proud moment shattered into the acme of humiliation. He was stunned. His erection, the one he was so proud to show off, wilted in a thrice to its tiny form and disappeared between his muscular thighs. He knelt there on his knees over Llisanya and was soft. He was soft in front of an immense crowd, not sure how to escape.

It was Llisanya who saved him. Naked and covered in his lustful spunk she stood. Disdainfully ignoring the mocking crowd she reached for the curtains. Everyone got a last look at her attractive body, skin gleaming with Falco’s seed as it shone in the late afternoon sun. She drew the curtains with a flick of her wrist and Falco and his little dinky were hidden mercifully from further public derision.

It was now very dim in the room. The gloom hid the pained look on his face. He had lustfully exposed himself to that huge mob and been so proud of his performance. Now he was glad of the darkness to hide his acute embarrassment. She really did feel sorry for him, despite the cruel way he had just treated her.

Not knowing the Arasai’s cutting remark was engineered by Ellister she nevertheless knew it had played perfectly into her plans to subtly belittle his cock. She felt for him at this moment but she was still on the long con and she needed to keep the scam going. She hugged him and said. “That was very nice. Thank you.”

He remained silent. He just stood there.

She looked at him, concern not totally false. “Are you seriously giving that silly Arasai any regard? Really...ignore that stupid Arasai and what she said. Some people just want to say cruel things. Size doesn’t matter. And if a guy can’t make a girl come because his thing is too small you can still make it feel good for me. Let’s bathe and have a cuddle together and forget that little bitch. We had fun.”

“You didn’t cum, did you?” he asked. His voice was expressionless as if he was in shock. He already knew the answer. He awaited her response like he was standing at the docket waiting to hear a judge passing sentence on his execution.

“ I didn’t, I guess. Ummm...maybe a little. But you still felt good.” she added hastily. “I mean, cumming is overrated. Really it is.” She was a consummate actress. Her words of seeming reassurance were spoken with just a hint of condescension, as if she was telling a white lie to someone she considered an inferior. He heard the pitying tone in her words and he knew she was disappointed by his size. Just as Cadwarra was.


2023-09-21 18:26:58
This was a fun chapter to read. Sly High Elf trying to make that into a training session. It would have been fun if there were training points to grain in EQ for doing that different kind of combat. Looking forward to the next chapter.


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ps Falco was me when I was a teen. I did not intend to base his character on me but it inadvertently happened. I was stupid when I was young and when I got the rare chance to screw treated my gals badly.

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