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Katie and Jen hate each other. A game of pool decides the winner and loser.
"Hey, Babe! How was your day?" Kate greeted me in the kitchen. A bright smile lit up her face as I dropped my briefcase and kissed her cheek.

"Rough day. We had to let a few employees go." She frowned and managed to look surprised at the same time. "Our orders have gone way down and we had to make some cuts to get through this slow time. Wages in the warehouse have been high, so some of those guys had to be let go. Man, those are hard conversations to have. A lot of hurt feelings. It's not personal, but some take it that way," I explained.

"Awww, that sounds awful. I'm sorry you had to go through that." She pulled a beer from the fridge and handed it to me.

"Thanks, I need a few of these. How was your day at the preschool?"

"Ugh," she winced, "Stupid Jennifer left one of her kids alone on the playground. My class goes out to recess after her group comes in, and this poor little boy was standing by the slide, crying. I know she's only a helper, but Jeez. I brought him in with my class and ran straight into Maddie, our boss. She didn't say a word, just took the boy's hand, and led him to Jen's classroom. Everyone could hear her tell Jennifer to be in her office as soon as her kids were gone. Maddie blew up! I'm sure Jen blames me, but I doubt anything happened beyond her getting yelled at."

Kate has at least three stories a week about her work nemesis that begin, 'You'll never guess what Stupid Jennifer did'. I wondered if Katie had really 'run into' Maddie or if she had run TO Maddie.

"Aww, sorry Babe, sounds like we both had shitty days.”

"No, mine was pretty normal. Your's was way worse."

Kate circled behind me, reached up, and rubbed my shoulders. "I have an idea," she said, "let's get out of our work clothes. Then we can go to Bucky's, get dinner and a few drinks, play a little pool and forget about today."

She leaned forward, pressing her chest into my back, her voice low and husky, "And I shaved down there today. You know how horny that makes me." She smacked my ass and walked away, swaying her hips like a runway model.

I finished my beer, grabbed another cold one, and followed her upstairs. When I arrived the shower was running. My cock twitched, thinking about her last comments.

I stripped and stepped in behind her. I took a long pull from the beer I'd carried my beer in with me and wrapped my arms around her, kissing the back of her neck. She leaned back and my cock slipped down between her ass cheeks. Her nipples stood at attention when I brushed one with my palm and rubbed the other with the cold bottle. She took the beer from me, took a long swallow, and set it on the edge of the tub. My freed hands traveled down her stomach, slid over her slick bare pussy, and stopped, finding her hard nub of a clit. While teasing her little button, I moved my other hand between us.

"Do you like my fingers?"

"Oh God, you know I do. You touch all the right places to give me shivers.”

"Better than my cock?"

"I like your cock, too,” she added, "but your hand makes me cum."

Two fingers slid into her and she moved her feet farther apart to give me better access. I added another finger and slid them in all the way then out a few times. She wiggled her hips and pulled off my fingers when my thumb grazed her asshole.

"Nuh, uh."

"What?" I whined.

"You know 'what' is, off-limits,” she answered. She turned around and took my hard cock in her hand. Her fingers wrapped around the shaft and the head poked out. She jerked it back and forth a few times and I groaned. Bending over at the waist, she put the head in her mouth and took me deeper until her bottom lip touched my balls. Twisting slightly she looked up at me, her large green eyes smiling as her lips curled at the edges around my shaft. She then pulled off my twitching cock and stood up. "Do you wanna make a bet? Whoever wins more games tonight," she pointed her thumb at her chest, "gets to tell the loser," she pointed her finger at me, "what to do in bed tonight."

I snorted a laugh as I dried off. "If you are so anxious to spend the night sucking my cock, I guess I'll have to take that bet."

"I did tell you I shaved, right? Now let me finish getting ready so we can go."

Grabbing my beer I headed into the bedroom.

Bucky's Tavern was our local go-to spot. Decent food, strong drinks, a pair of pool tables, and a jukebox filled with classic rock filled all our needs. Over the last few years, we'd become friends, or at least friendly, with the bartender slash owner.

An hour later I was holding the door open for Kate as she sashayed into Bucky's. Kate was on the short side and a little thick, but thick in all the right places, not fat. We worked out a couple of times a week to burn the weekend calories. We were both proud of staying fit, even if age was adding a few pounds. She usually wore clothes to make herself appear taller. Tonight Kate wore a mid-thigh red skirt, a black blouse, and what I called her fancy jean jacket. Three-inch heels made her calves and ass pop. I took a moment to admire her butt and thought about how lucky I was to have her for a wife. I'd changed into jeans and a casual collared shirt. For both of us being close to 40, I thought we made a damn sharp looking couple.

It wasn't crowded, being somewhat early in the evening and we sat at a high top near the bar. Bucky's wasn't large. Along one wall was the bar, the rest of the space mixed with a couple of high tops near the door and some more low tables filling into the back. In the rear corner was a small stage where a musician or duet would sometimes play. Unfortunately, the stage was empty tonight. Next to the stage was a door that led to the pool tables and bathrooms.

The waitress placed a margarita in front of Kate and a Budweiser by me. "Mike said you'd want to start with these."

I called over to the bartender, "Thanks, Mike! You're the best." It is wonderful having the guy that runs the place know what you drink. He gave a wave of acknowledgment and a thumbs up.

We ordered some appetizers and spent the next couple of hours eating, drinking, flirting, and relaxing. The tables around us had filled up and the noise level had risen. I glanced at my watch, surprised to see we'd been there close to three hours. My next realization was that I had a nice buzz going and the stress of the day had dissipated. I looked up at Kate and she was staring at me. She licked her lips and rubbed the back of my hand, both indicators that she was well lubricated, too.

"How are you feeling?" I asked her. How different the night would have turned out if she'd said 'fine' or 'good' as I'd expected.

But instead, Kate said, "I need to pee." She stood somewhat shakily and walked towards the pool room, where Bucky's bathrooms were located. I sighed and motioned our waitress to bring another round to the pool room. Kate would want to play at least one game.

Kate loved playing pool. Her family had a pool table when she was growing up, and they played all the time. She was pretty good, too. Better than me. We didn't have space for a table in our house, so this is where she got her fix. We usually played in pairs for small amounts of money at Bucky's. It was two dollars a game to release the balls. The winner stayed and a new challenger would pay for the next game. Sometimes people would play for a little extra something, five or ten dollars or a round of drinks.

While Kate was freshening up in the bathroom, I got quarters from the change machine, released the balls, and racked them up. When it's only Kate and I playing, she breaks. She enjoys it, and to be honest, she's better than me at that too. Kate came out of the ladies room and saw we had fresh drinks and a ready table, a big grin spread across her face.

"Are you ready to get your butt kicked?" She took off her jacket, picked up a cue stick and rubbed chalk across the tip.

Kate is competitive. Very competitive. Ultra competitive. Her dad had coached her and her brothers in youth sports. She had been both a good athlete and always pushed to win. Being a tomboy with three older brothers helped develop her confidence and competitive spirit. I'd learned that I didn't like losing to Kate; she wasn't a particularly humble winner. While our competitive spirit was usually an asset, it drove us to talk ridiculous smack to each other. We would wager on practically anything.

"You know why I shaved today?" Kate asked across the pool table. I didn't respond. "Yeah you do. You still owe me from our last pool game. You should pay up tonight." She made a "V" on her chin and lewdly stuck her tongue between her fingers. Now I knew she was definitely feeling her drinks. "Are you gonna pay up tonight? I'm calling in my chit."

"I'll pay up tonight." My cock twitched in anticipation.

Kate stood on her tiptoes. Her height was an inconvenience playing pool that she overcame. She crouched over the table and looked down the barrel of the stick. Kate slammed the cue forward to maximize her power and her chest almost touched green felt. The white ball raced down the table and cracked into the triangle of colorful balls sending them bouncing off the rails.

"Yessss!" She hissed as a striped ball fell into a pocket. She sank three more striped balls in short order before missing. I sank a couple balls. It went back and forth like this a few times until she made the black eight ball for the win.

"Woot! Woot! Rack em up, bitch!" Kate pumped both arms into the air 'raising the roof'.

I snorted. "Overreact much?" I did as ordered and racked the balls for a new break.

Kate took a long gulp of her drink, finishing it. "Ne-verrr." She was having a good time at my expense, but I didn't care. I had married her because she was loud and fun and aggressive. It brought out some of the same in me, It was fun and there was nothing riding on the outcome.

Kate broke the balls again, but didn't sink any. I made three then missed. She sank one but her second shot was off by a millimeter and it bounced away.

"Nice shot, Rat." The loud female voice dripped sarcasm and both our heads whiplashed towards the door.

Kate glared at her, "What did you want me to do? Leave him out there?"

"No, Rat, you should have come got me. I bet you never even considered actually trying to help me."

Kate shook her head and spoke in a preschool teacher's voice,"So I could leave my kids alone to get you? Then you could leave your kids alone to get him? How do you think Maddie would like that?" Her voice dripped with condescension. "You really are stupid, Jennifer."

"Whatever, Rat." Stupid Jennifer strolled to the other table and stuck enough coins in to release the balls.

I moved behind my wife so I could speak low enough for only her to hear. "Katie, let's finish this game and go."

She turned on me, eyes blazing,"No fuckin' way is she chasing us out of here, Dave," she hissed back in a low voice. The mood in the room had shifted to very tense.

"OK, OK." I held up my hands in surrender. Kate stalked off and went to the bathroom.

A guy came in carrying a couple drinks and a couple shots. They drank the shots, then Jennifer and her man started playing. Not wanting to be too obvious, I pretended to be lining up my next shot and assessed Kate's enemy.

She couldn't have been more opposite of Katie. She was almost as tall as me and thin, with no boobs to speak of. Where Kate had curly auburn hair, Jen had stringy dishwater blonde hair. Kate has full lips with a constant smile, Jennifer has thin lips and a resting bitch face. Jen dressed like a slob in a tee shirt and cut offs. Her man was a little taller than me, but outweighed me by 50 pounds, most of it in his gut. He dressed similar to Jennifer in jeans and a flannel with the sleeves cut off.

Kate returned and we muddled through the rest of the game, not speaking. I ended up winning when Kate scratched on the eight ball. She was fuming. "Fuck!" She exclaimed in disgust as the white ball clicked into the pocket.

There were some snickers at the other table that we both tried to ignore. Jennifer muttered, loud enough to be sure Kate heard, "That's no way for a preschool teacher to talk. Lucky Maddie didn't hear you, she might wash your mouth out with soap."

I set my stick on the table, a sign that I wanted to leave. Kate looked at me and shook her head. Her body language shouted, "No. Fucking. Way."

"Dave, I'd really like another drink. Can you get us another round?" Kate asked, her voice extra pleasant.

"Sure, Babe." I sighed, thankful for a reason to step out for a moment and headed to the bar.

It took less than 10 minutes to get the drinks, but I walked into the World War III of catty insults. The name calling had definitely become nastier.

"...wipe Maddie's shit off your nose for kissing her ass so much," spat Jennifer.

"I'll do that as soon as you get your head out of your ass and actually do some work," fired Kate in response.

"You act so superior, that's why none of the other teachers can stand you."

Kate scoffed,"Oh so I should be more like you? I'll start dressing like a $20 hooker and see how many guys I can pick up on the corner."

"Jesus," I thought as I sat the drinks down,"that was harsh."

"You stuck up midget bitch. You are a shitty teacher, a shitty pool player and I have zero doubt you're a shitty fuckin' screw with that fat ass of yours getting in the way!" In one exhalation of breath Jennifer had trashed everything Katie cared about and laid bare every insecurity. It was a quintuple punch to the gut and the wind whooshed out of her. "There is nothing you can do better than me," Jen added.

The stillness was absolute as we waited for Kate's reply. Voices entered behind me, quieting immediately as they sensed the tension.

"Want to bet?"


"Jesus Christ you are stupid!" Katie raised her voice. "You just said you're better than me." She enunciated each word,"Do. You. Want. To. Bet?"

"Yeah, Rat, I do want to bet. What do you want to lose?"

"$1,000," Katie said, "can you afford that?"

"See, that's what I fuckin' superior. I don't want your money, bitch. You need to get that big ass knocked off your high horse." Jennifer paused for a moment, putting her finger to her lips. "You think you're so great at pool. How about strip pool? Then when you lose all your clothes, everyone in Bucky's can see your big naked ass as you walk out."

Kate, enraged, didn't hesitate. "No, they're gonna see your mosquito bite tits as you crawl out."

Jennifer's smile disappeared at the insult. "Everyone needs to see you for the Cunt you really are, Kate. So after you lose, you're gonna go sit on the band stage, spread your legs and show everyone your big pussy," Jennifer laughed. She picked up her beer, took a swig and held it out towards Kate. "Then you can shove this bottle in it and crawl out."

"You stupid whore."

I'd never seen Kate angry like this and it worried me. The cussing, the insults, the hate towards this woman. I stepped forward to put an end to it. "Kate, I think we should go. You don't need to..."

Kate spun towards me with a grimace like I had jammed a carving knife into her back.

Jennifer guffawed. I wanted to strangle her. "Your man is a bigger pussy than you are! Who sucks the dick in the family, you or him?" she taunted.

Kate turned back around and spoke to Jennifer. Her voice was calm and deliberate. "You do. You suck the dick, you trailer trash, dumb ass, no tit, idiot bitch. When you're on the stage with that bottle in your pussy, you're gonna fuck yourself with it until every cock in Bucky's that wants to get wet has been down you throat and you've swallowed every last drop they have to offer."

Before Jennifer could reply Kate turned to me and said, "Rack the balls, Dave."

"I know you're anxious to get naked but I don't think you'll go through with it when you lose. I need insurance against you welching,"Jen said.

I was staring at Kate, trying to get her attention, but she was making an effort not to look at me. Jennifer opened the door and called the bartender, "Mike, we need your help in here," she paused listening to a response. "Just get in here! It won't take long."

A moment later Mike rushed in the door, "What's up?"

"We have a big," Jen looked sideways at Kate, making another little dig, "bet and need your help to make sure no one backs out. Insurance, you might say." She looked around, "We all trust Mike, right?" Kate and I nodded affirmation and she continued, "You just need to take some pics or a vid on your phone and if someone welches, send them to the other person, then delete it all."

"What kind of pics?"

Jennifer paused, thinking,"Ok, we'll go in the ladies room with Mike. He'll take a couple topless pics, and...oh I know. Take a video of each of us saying, 'Fuck you, Maddie, I hate kids and your shitty preschool, this is my resignation.'

"Whatever makes you feel good," Kate said, "I'm not going to lose."

"I'm game. Let's go ladies," Mike the bartender led them to the bathroom.

I turned to introduce myself to Jen's man, wondering what his take would be on all this. He was chatting with four men who'd come into the pool room amid all the shouting. My eyes went wide.

"Dave, right? I'm Sal," Jen's man introduced himself. "This is Billy, Jen's brother, and a few of his buddies."

"Hi Chuck, Malik. How you guys doin'?" I greeted the two men I knew.

"Pretty fuckin' bad, Dave. How would you be doin' if you got fired from your job for no good reason?" Chuck asked.

"Assho'," was Malik's only response.

The guy I didn't know spoke up,"I'm Tom."

"Damn, man. Your girl is crazy! We came here to blow off some steam but looks like now we get to see some titties and blow something else! Our loads." Chuck laughed at his own joke. I didn't find it funny but the other guys joined in. "Is that your wife, Dave? Damn she got some big ass titties. No offense, but I'm rooting for Billy's sister. I mean, I'd rather see big titties," he paused and his smile faded, "but mainly because you fucked us when you fired us, so it would be real nice to fuck your wife's mouth."

I turned away and went to rack the balls.

A few minutes later Mike and the girls emerged.

"Good luck, ladies. See you later." he smirked, "one of you, anyway." Mike headed back to the bar area. As the door shut behind him we heard the lock click shut.

"What took you so long, " I hissed.

Kate didn't respond to my question. "Who are these guys?" Kate asked as she noticed them for the first time.

"It's my brother and his friends. They came to play pool with me and Sal. Do you have a problem with it?"

Kate hesitated, then squared her shoulders. She was too far in to back out now. "Why would I care if your brother sees what a whiny whore you are."

Jennifer snorted,"I almost feel bad for you, Rat."

Kate made a point to ignore her and speak to Sal and I. "We agreed on the rules. Basically it's Bucky's bar rules. Playing in pairs, alternating shots, call stripes or solids when the first ball is made, no slop, call your shots." There are more rules in pool that we all knew, but she clarified the rules everyone that played at Bucky's used.

Jen continued, "As for the bet part, we each have three pieces of clothing not including our shoes." I glanced at Kate. Three? "We'll play best of 5. If you lose a game, you lose a piece of clothing. First one completely naked loses."

"Lag for break?" Sal asked.

"No way! Bar rules, remember? We had the table, we break." Kate grabbed her stick and strode over to the table.

Jen and Sal retreated to the other side of the table, put their heads together and started whispering. The four spectators went to the other table and made a pretense of playing, but most of their attention was on us.

"Katie," I whispered loud enough for only her to hear, "do you want to talk strategy?"

"Yeah, win. How's that for a strategy." She lined up her shot and hammered the cue into the triangle of balls. A solid ball dropped into a pocket. Katie called solids and knocked one more in before missing.

She left a straightforward shot for Jen who knocked in the striped ball plus one more before she missed. I managed one ball to put us in the lead. My next shot was awful.

"Yo Dave, yo, Dave," Malik got my attention. "Your wife ever suck black dick? She gonna get a chance you keep playing like that." I turned away without saying anything and stood by Kate.

"What the fuck was that, Dave?"

"Two of those guys are employees in my warehouse. I mean, were. I fired them today."

"Don't screw this up. I'm counting on you." I turned back to look at the table

From my novice view, it looked like Sal had an easy path to run the rest of the table. I was surprised when he didn't take the easiest shot. He missed pocketing the ball by a bit but got lucky when the cue ball stopped behind 2 striped balls, leaving Kate no good shot on our solids.

"Darn," she looked at me. "What do you think?" I shrugged and she rolled her eyes. "Thanks for the help."

She tried a bank shot, missed it and again left Jen an easy shot on one of their balls. The next shot she took was a bit difficult and she missed, this left us three balls apiece, plus the eight to win. With our solids in a pretty tight group, I managed to sink all three but left a tough shot on the final eight ball. Katie saw this, too.

"Don't scratch, Dave. If you can't make it, I'll get it on my turn."

The fact that Sal would get to go before her and we could still lose popped into my head Was she already discounting him? I did as she advised and aimed for a tougher shot that had little probability of scratching. Predictably I missed. Sal wasted no time and powered one ball into a pocket, then took his time while he surveyed the table. Somehow after taking all that time, he missed on the next shot. The cue ball rolled to a stop with a striped ball between it and the eight. It blocked any kind of decent shot for Kate.

Katie walked around the table and again hit a bank shot to tap the eight. She had no hope of sinking it and didn't even call a pocket, but if she had missed the target, it would be a table scratch and we'd lose. Jen lined up a shot and didn't come close to making it. The cue ball rolled near the eight, leaving me a direct shot. I called my pocket, let out a slow breath, took aim, and sank it for the win.

"Yes!" yelled an excited Katie. "Strip bitch!"

Jen glared at Sal. "Can you start making a few shots already?" She unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall off her slim hips to her ankles and stepped out of them. She wore plain black panties that were cut a bit high in the back, so they wouldn't peek out of her short shorts. Her brother's friends started hooting but I didn't think they showed any more than a bikini bottom.

Sal racked the balls and Jen prepared to break. Kate sidled up to me.

"Thanks, Babe, you totally won that one for us." I gave her a tepid smile.

"Hey Billy, " Chuck asked his friend, "if your sister loses, are you gonna have her suck your dick?" The only one that laughed along with Chuck was Kate.

Game two started with Jen breaking. She did a decent job of spreading the balls out but didn't sink any. The cue ball settled on the end of the table without many targets, but there were two solids. I sank them both then missed a tough, long range shot. It's hard to be accurate shooting the length of the table. This left Sal in a pretty good position. He was able to sink four stripes in rapid succession. He paused his quickfire tempo and strolled around the table. When he finally shot, the target didn't go in but the cue ball ended up on the wrong end of the table from our balls and against a rail. Kate tried to make a long range shot and cursed under her breath when she missed. Again, it gave Jen a fairly straight forward shot.

"Hey Rat, thanks for giving me these easy shots every time you miss,” Jen said, then proceeded to flub her next shot.

I felt I needed to try and catch up, but overpowered the shot. It rattled in front of the corner pocket, blocking it.

Sal pointed at that blocked pocket. He hit his ball off ours and in, leaving them with one ball to go. He moved to take his next.

"That's slop, our shot," Katie said as she approached the table to take a shot.

"Bullshit," said Sal. "I called that pocket." He looked at me and raised his eyebrows.

"Nope. Bar rules. You have to call if it's going to bounce off our ball first," insisted Kate. "If you intended to have the ball bounce off ours, you should have called it. You two dummies are perfect for each other."

We had five balls left and they had one. Kate knocked three of ours in, but the last two were touching each other. She called a combo, corner pocket. The cue ball hit one ball and the other shot straight into the pocket as she intended.

"Woo!" she screamed and clapped, then "Ugghhh," as the cue ball fell into another pocket. A scratch.

With the scratch, Jen got to place the cue ball wherever she wanted. With only one ball and the eight ball left, she placed it in the perfect position and sank those last two without a problem.

"Strip, Bitch!" she mocked Kate.

Billy's friends again whooped and cheered at the disrobing. Kate tried to ignore them. As Chuck had noted before, her breasts are large, and her black bra was pretty supportive, much less revealing than a bikini. That didn't stop the guys from making lots of lewd comments.

Kate moved closer to me,"I'm playing like crap. Do you want to break?"

This really surprised me. I couldn't remember a time when I'd ever heard Kate's confidence shaken. I tried to be supportive, even though I was frustrated at her to the point of being pissed off that she'd agreed to this stupid contest.

"Katie, you are playing fine. Your shots have just been really hard. You break, I suck at it." I squeezed her bare shoulder and she smiled back at me.

"OK, thanks for the pep talk. I'm the best player here, I just need to find my groove." Kate was talking to herself more than me. She broke to start the next game, sank a solid and pocketed 2 more balls, then it went downhill.

It was a sputtering game. Jen, Sal and I might make a ball on our turns, but every time it was Kate's turn the cue ball was blocked, or at the wrong end of the table or at a terrible angle. Every time she missed, Chuck, Malik and Billy mocked her skills. Her frustration continued to build.

It came back to Sal. They had one ball left and we were on the eight. He had a tough but makeable shot. Sal and Jen stood looking at the table speaking softly. Sal was pointing, Jen smiled and nodded. I thought I heard him say, "You sure?" And she nodded again.

I thought I knew what they were talking about. Sal was aiming for a pocket down table for the stripe, a harder shot than the nearer side pocket, but it would leave an easier shot on the eight if he made it.

"Here goes nothin'," he said and took his shot. The striped ball rolled slowly down the table and stopped right in front of the pocket, meanwhile the cue ball bounced off a rail and settled in the middle of the table.

Kate's eyes lit up. "You should have put more weight behind that shot, Sal. You've got some to spare. Eight ball, corner pocket."

"Yeah, I guess I should have. I'm not as good as you," he conceded. "Be careful not to scratch on the 8-ball, that side pocket is tricky on this shot."

"I see it," Kate retorted,"quit trying to make me nervous, it won't work."

Kate set up her shot and struck the cue ball. It hit the eight at just the angle she intended. The cue ball bounced off the rail next to the side pocket and the eight travelled up the table and dropped into the corner.

"Yes! Nice shot," I shouted.

"Oh no. No, no, NO!" Kate's voice rose in alarm as the cue ball slowly crept across the table towards the opposite side pocket. No amount of her willful opposition could stop it rolling and it fell into the pocket. She scratched.


"I told you to watch out for that side pocket,"Sal paused looking at Jen, "She probably should have put less weight behind it."

Jen cackled her annoying laugh and sneered at Kate, "Strip, Bitch!"

The cronies at the other table hooted and hollered, and as Kate slumped her shoulders in resignation and reached behind her to undo the bra clasps, a chant of "Strip! Strip! Strip!" erupted with Jen and Sal joining in. I could only stand and watch. helpless. Kate had brought this on herself.

When the bra fell away from her breasts, Kate covered herself as best she could and the chanters all cheered wildly. Chuck yelled, "Damn those are some big ass titties! Hey Dave's wife, if you don't want to blow me, I'll fuck those instead!"

Kate stood with arms crossed over her breasts. Her face and chest became more red as the audience continued to make comments about her big bare tits.

"Dave, you break," Kate says with a meek voice. She looked defeated. We can't win with her like this, I thought. Then it occured to me what happens if we lose. My wife's most intimate parts will be exposed to the bar. She'll have to service Jen's brother, my ex-employees, maybe Sal? Maybe Mike? Maybe a room full of people?

"That's going too far," I think.

"Wait! Fuck. Just wait," I held up my hands. Everyone in the room looked at me expectantly, wondering what I'd say next. Only, I didn't know what to say next. My head fogged, my ears ringing. This had become a bad dream.

"Jen, you could still lose, too. You've beat us two out of three and humiliated Kate. How about we call it a night." I tried to reason. Kate didn't say anything and I thanked God that she stayed shut up.

Jen laughed loudly,"Oh Em Gee! If Rat wants the welching vid sent to Maddie and the welching pics posted online and wherever else I can think of, I'm totally fine with that. Hah, wait 'til you see the pic, you'll love it."

I turned to Kate and she avoided looking at me.

"Jen, be reasonable. You've had your fun. Let's just end it now." I looked to Sal for support.

"Dude, your wife was the one that started talking shit while you were getting drinks. She was the one that wanted to bet. She was the one that upped the ante to sucking dicks. We ain't quittin'."

I pulled Kate aside. "What do you want to do? We can just go home now." I trailed off, leaving it a question.

"Dave, I really love my job. I don't want to quit."

"What did she mean about the pic?"

"We...I...didn't think a naked tit pic was good enough, cuz hers are so small, so, um, we each took a pick with Mike's cock by our open mouth. It looks like we are sucking it, but I never touched it, I swear." She let out a small sob."And, oh God, we copied our phone address books to Mike. She could send that pic to everyone I know."

"God dammit, Katie!" I drew in a few calming breaths. She looked miserable, on the verge of tears.

"OK, listen," I whispered,"Your 'just win' strategy isn't working. You're still the best player here, but you need to get your confidence back. We can still win this. I need you to go in the bathroom, and when you come out, you need to be Kate the Conqueror. You need to come out here and be the best you. And Kate, you HAVE to ignore that your tits are hanging out. You can't think about it. You can't play well trying to hide them. And you have to ignore Jen and everyone else. If you don't play YOUR game, it won't be pretend blowjobs you're giving."

Kate opened her mouth to reply, shut it and nodded.

"I need a bathroom break," she said and stepped in, locking the door before anybody could protest.

About five minutes later she emerged, shoulders back, hands at her sides, ready to go. She wasn't smiling, she had her game face on. I motioned her over.

"Are you ready to win, now? No more bullshit?" I asked.

"I'm ready, no more bullshit."

"Ok, listen. Every time you've had a tough shot you've tried to make it. Your misses have given Jen easy shots all night. Don't do that anymore, got it." She nodded. "If it's a hard shot, play a safety and give her the hard shot. You're good enough to do that and she isn't. Ready?"

"Yeah, I'm ready," she added, "Thank you, Dave. I'm sorry. I know you're mad I got us into this. No matter what happens, I love you."

"I love you, too. Save your sorries for some other time and let's win this! You break."

She looked at me, surprised,"Yeah, my break."

Kate lined up the break, her big tits hanging in all their glory, and smashed the cue ball harder than I'd ever seen. Balls scattered around the table in every direction and two fell into pockets, one solid and one stripe. She looked at me and winked. Thank God, confident Kate was back. She scanned the table and picked stripes as our color, then sank three balls in quick succession, each time setting up the cue ball for the next shot. Her fourth shot the ball also dropped, but the white ball traveled too far, settling in behind a solid.

I held my breath as I watched Kate contemplate trying to sink a stripe off a bank shot, then she just nudged the cue ball off a striped ball. It ran down the table and settled behind the other striped ball that was left. Jen looked at Sal.

"What do I do? There isn't any good shot."

"You're gonna have to try a bank shot." He walked over to the table and pointed to a spot on the cue ball. "If you hit it here with some low English and bank it right here," he started to point at a spot on the rail.

Kate spoke up, "That's against bar rules. You can suggest which ball to hit, but you can't show her how to make a shot."

"Seriously?" Sal asked. Kate didn't reply. "You are over the top. I can see why Jen hates you so much." He threw his hands up in the air and moved away from Jen.

Jen took the shot, which bounced off the rail and missed everything.

"Table scratch," I commented, picking up the cue ball. Since she hadn't hit any balls I could place it anywhere on the table. With two balls left plus the eight to win, I planned how I could navigate the next three shots. It wasn't too difficult and in moments the eight was settling into the called corner pocket. Sal never even got a chance to shoot this game.

Neither Kate nor I said anything, but immediately the audience broke into their "Strip! Strip! Strip!" mantra. Jen, scowling at them, said, "I thought you guys are on my side."

Chuck, ever the comedian, replied,"Big titties, little titties, it don't matter. Titties is titties!"

They all laughed at him and nodded in agreement, even her brother. Jen turned away from them and unfastened her bra, letting it fall to the floor.

Jen walked over to Sal, covering her nipples with her arm, and they started whispering again. I couldn't hear the words, but Jen was distressed, her expression drawn. She gestured at the table and Sal was nodding.

The door to the pool room creaked open and Mike stuck his head in. "Last call everyone, bar closes in 15 minutes." Kate and Jen both looked at Mike and then at each other. He added,"You can stay as long as you want. I just can't serve after midnight. Oh, and most people have left. There are only a few regulars that I told they might want to hang around for a show."

"That was perfect," I said to Kate, referring to the last game. "We just need to play our game and do that again."

"Yep." she agreed. "They break first, but we just need to play our game." She called out to Jen, "Your break."

A few more moments of conferring and Sal went to break.

"You're breaking?" Kate asked.

"Yeah. I didn't get a turn last game, so I'm breaking. Is that OK or is it against bar rules?" His voice dripped with sarcasm.

Sal didn't wait for a response. He set his feet wide, reared back the cue stick and fired the white ball into the racked balls. The crack was like a rifle shot when it smashed into them and the balls ricocheted around the table. One solid ball fell into a pocket.

Sal said, "We'll take stripes." Kate started to say something but he quickly interrupted her. "Bar rules is 'first to make a ball gets to choose' right?"

She shrugged. "Yeah, I guess so." I looked at the table and could see why he wanted stripes, they were blocking most of the pockets.

"Consider it a gift Ms. Rule book. One ball for you," he said as his first shot knocked a ball into a pocket. He walked around the table, lined up another shot and sunk another ball. He paused to put some chalk on the end of his stick, and with only a quick glance I could see that most of the rest of the balls were lined up to be easily sunk. The only problem I could foresee was the eight ball had settled in front of a corner pocket, and a striped ball was in front of that. He'd have to be careful, if he sank the eight ball before all the stripes were gone, they'd lose.

Sal dropped three more balls before setting himself up to deal with the trouble corner shot. He called his shot. He was going to try and bounce the cue ball off the rail near the eight, which would knock the striped ball either away or best case scenario, into the other corner. If that happened, the next two shots would be very makable. Worst case scenario, he sinks the eight and loses. Everyone in the room watched quietly. I figured the game hinged on this shot.

Sal took a nice easy stroke, the cue ball bounced off the rail, nicked the eight ball and struck the striped ball. The eight rolled an inch toward the pocket and stopped, the striped ball rolled across the table and fell into the pocket.

"Fuck Yeah, Sal!" Jen screamed and threw up her arms, forgetting her nudity.

"It's a scratch, Jen. The cue ball touched the eight before it hit our ball. They get to shoot now."

Sal and Jen had one ball left on the table, and it sat a few inches in front of a side pocket. The eight was practically in a corner pocket. Kate would have to work some magic to sink six balls in a row. The good news was the balls were fairly spread out, and Sal had emptied the table of anything that would get in her way. The bad news was that with the striped ball and the eight sitting in front of pockets, she only had four to work with.

"You can do this, Katie. Take your time and think about your next shot."

She nodded. Kate scanned the table for a while, planning her winning route. I thought it difficult but doable. She took a deep breath, exhaled and got to work. She looked like a pro. Bam, bam, bam, three balls down and three to go. This was going to be her trickiest shot. Because of the eight ball covering the corner pocket, she would have to stretch across the table to reach the cue ball so she could sink it in a different pocket. Like Sal's shot earlier, if she made this shot I didn't see any more hurdles to finishing the table. She'd never had a shot with so much riding on it.

Katie stood on her tiptoes, leaning over the table and sighted down the length of her stick. It was a long reach, but I was sure she could pull it off. She drew the stick back and pushed it forward evenly and easily, leaning in to the shot as the tip made contact with the solid yellow ball. It bounced off the rail near the eight and headed to the opposite corner like it had radar, dropping into the pocket.

As I turned to congratulate Kate on the shot, Jen exclaimed, "Hey, she knocked our ball away from the pocket with her tit!"

Kate was looking down at her chest in horror, the striped ball still rolled slowly on the table away from her.

Sal started laughing loudly. "Holy shit!" he said between fits of laughter. "Holy Shit! That's perfect. What's the bar rule if you move an object ball with something other than the cue ball, Ms. Rule Book?"

Kate was still staring at her chest. She looked at me, "They were hanging lower without my bra," she muttered under her breath.

"I can't hear you!" He was still laughing as he moved the striped ball back to where it had sat.

"It's a scratch," said Kate. Jen, realizing what this meant, started guffawing loudly too.

"Ohmygawd! That's perfect! She had a titty scratch!" Everyone started laughing except Kate and I. Jen picked up the cue ball and placed it so she had a straight shot at the last striped ball.

Kate came over to me and crushed her face against my chest. "Oh God, Dave. I always have a shirt and bra on. I didn't realize my boobs were hanging down." She sobbed. "I can't watch. Oh my God." I hugged Kate tighter.

I turned back to the table as the click of the balls hitting and the drop of the striped ball into the pocket drew my attention One shot to go. Jen made no mistake. She lined up her shot, took her time, struck the cue ball well and sunk the last ball of the night.

The room was completely quiet. Kate couldn't move away from me, and I just held her.

"Kate." Jen said gently. "Kate." She waited. Kate finally pulled her face away from me. "Kate," Jen said once again, her voice soft.

Kate looked at Jen. "Kate."


"Strip. Bitch!" She started cackling and Kate hitched a sob back into her throat. "Show these boys what you've been hiding all night!" Kate squeezed herself against me harder. It wasn't until I heard these words that I remembered what Kate had told me so much earlier that evening. She really would be showing everything.

"Give us a minute, Jen."

I pulled my wife into the bathroom to have some privacy and turned to her, "Are you going to go through with this? You don't have to. You can get dressed and we can go home right now. We can deal with the consequences."

"Dave, I have to. This is being humiliated tonight. The alternative humiliates me forever. I know Jen, she'll go through with sending out the pic and the video. She's a spiteful bitch. I can't bear to lose my job and have all my friends and family looking at me like I'm a whore."

"Ok, Katie. I understand," I said calmly. "Then if you are going to complete your bet tonight, you need to grin and bear it. No more tears, no more sobs. Sal is right, you were the one that wanted to bet and kept upping the ante. I tried to stop you, and you shut me down. I'm not trying to say I told you so, but I am telling you that to get through this, you have to follow through."

She sniffled and took a couple of hitching breaths, "I understand."

"No, you don't," I said with more anger than I intended. "You don't understand. I'm your husband and you're going to be exposing yourself and sucking other guys' cocks. I'm the only one that should be seeing that, doing that." She let out another sob and wiped away a tear. "Get it out now. Get your tears out, because I'm not going to watch you pay off your debt as if you hate it, as if you're being tortured, when there is nothing I can do. I don't expect you to like it. God, I hope you don't. I hope you hate it. But you can't act like that, or it will rip my heart out."

Katie's mouth fell open, "I, I, it's not my fault...don't be mad,"

My anger continued to rise, "The fuck it's not your fault! Don't be mad? You're my wife. Your humiliation is my humiliation. Don't be mad? Kate, this is ALL YOUR FAULT."

I had been keeping calm during the game, trying to keep her calm. Trying to win. Now I couldn't contain it anymore. I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, then another. The anger seeped out of me as I decided I wasn't going to share this humiliation with her."It's not fair that you involved me in this, so you know what? I'm divorcing you for the next hour."

"What? Oh my God!" she wailed.

"Katie, shut up and listen. I blame you, you fucked up. We got involved in this bet because of you, it became crazy because of you, and honestly, we lost because of you. It wasn't a family bet, it was your bet. So for however long it takes to get from this pool room into our car, I'm just a patron of Bucky's Tavern watching a naked girl that made a stupid bet get humiliated. When we walk out of this bathroom I'm not your husband until you get into our car. Then I will love you and cherish you again, more than ever." I looked at her, waiting for her to respond.

"Ok, Dave. I get it. You're right. It IS all my fault and you shouldn't have to take the walk of shame with me." She slipped off her wedding ring and handed it to me.

I leaned forward and kissed her forehead. "You're on your own when we walk out of here. The bet was to strip naked, go out to the stage with the beer bottle, spread your legs, fuck yourself with the bottle and suck any cock that wants it?"

"And swallow every drop," Kate added.

"Yeah, and swallow every drop. Do you need to do anything to your pussy?"

"What? For what?"

"The bottle needs to go in it. Do you need to put some spit on it or something?"

Kate reached under her dress and went wide eyed. "Oh My God, my pussy is sopping wet." She started to grab some paper towels, but I grabbed her wrist.

"Do you really want to dry it off before you stick the bottle in it? You've been thinking about sex getting naked for hours, it's your bodies natural reaction."

She realized what I was saying and dropped the towels. "Oh my god. Oh my god. They're going to see how wet I am, though."

I'd had enough, "You know what, Kate, they're going to see a lot more than that." I opened the door and pushed her out.

Kate stumbled and caught herself, not ready for the push. Immediately the chant started. "Strip! Strip! Strip!"

Kate took a deep breath, her big tits looking even bigger. I saw the resignation turn into acceptance as she looked Jen in the eye, raised her chin and said, "Fine, you win."

She undid the snaps and pushed the skirt over her hips. It puddled on the ground and she stepped out of it. The cheers from the four spectators were overwhelming. A shout came from one of the group. "Holy shit! Her pussy is bald as that cue ball!" Kate started to blush all over.

"Hahaha, who's the whore now?" Jen mocked her. She'd dressed while we were in the bathroom. "Spread those legs and show us what you're hiding, or not hiding!"

"That's not part of the deal." Kate walked over to the door into the bar and knocked loudly. The lock clicked and Mike opened it within a few seconds.

"Whoa, hot bod, Kate." He looked at me. "I didn't think you'd let her go through with it." I didn't reply.

"I just want to make sure, Kate. This is my bar. You are doing this of your own free will?"

"If I don't do it, are you going to send that stuff to Jen?"

"Yes. I don't see it as blackmail since you both agreed. Do you?"

"I agreed. No one is holding a gun to my head, Mike. Can we just get this over with?"

"Yep, just give me one more second. I already locked the front doors. The bar is closed. Just a few of my regular regulars are left. I'm going to make an announcement, and the same shit I tell them out there goes for you all in here, too, or the show will be over."

He opened the door and spoke loudly. "Hey y'all, gimme your attention! There was a bet between two ladies in here. I told you there'd be a show, but this shit is for our eyes only. Put your phones in your pockets and leave them there. If I see any phone while this shit is going on, not only am I taking it and deleting every fucking thing on it, but you lose Bucky's for life. Understand?

Now, you can just watch, you don't have to participate. The deal was the loser of these two hateful bitches' bet was, well, the loser is gonna come out to this stage naked, give us a show and suck off anyone that wants it. If anyone wants to leave, now's the time." He paused, then turned his head into the pool room and looked around, receiving only silence in return. "I didn't think so. Alright gents get out there and find a seat."

As everyone filed out except Kate, I spoke to Mike," Thanks for the thing about the phones. I hadn't thought about it. We don't need this getting out."

"That wasn't for you and Kate, Dave. If this shit got out I could lose my liquor license. And, uh...I know we are friendly and all, and I don't want to lose you as a customer, but I've had a fuckin' raging boner all night thinking about this bet. So, I'm getting my dick sucked. First, actually, that was the deal I made with the ladies in the bathroom for them involving me. I get first. And I'd figured it would be Kate."

"Why did you think Kate would lose?"

"You know, just, I was surprised you'd make a bet against him, them." To Kate he said, "I'll call you out in just a minute." With that, he turned out.

"Fuck. Is there anything else?" I asked rhetorically as I gathered up Kate's clothes and headed for the door.

Kate cleared her throat.,"Actually..."

I cut her off. "Don't tell me. Let it be a surprise." I said, walking out the door.

The three tables closest to the stage were filled with men. Billy, Chuck and Malik were at the one on the left. Sal, Tom and Jen were center stage and three guys I'd seen around Bucky's before wereat another table. Mike stood on the stage next to a chair. Light reflected off the vinyl seat. I looked up to see the ceiling-mounted small stage spotlight was turned on.

Jen saw me and screeched,"Dave, we have a chair for you front and center!" I shook my head negatively. I intended to stand in the back but the group had other ideas.

"Dave, get your ass in that chair," Malik said as he, Chuck and Billy stood up. "Don't give me a reason to make you, I might enjoy it too much."

"Yeah, asshole, you don't get to hide back there," said Chuck as he clenched his fists. Seeing no other option, I took a seat in the empty chair next to Jen.

"You guys ready for the show?" Mike called out. Everyone cheered except me. Mike banged on the wall, signaling Kate. "Then let's do this!"

Kate opened the door and, shoulders back, she walked directly towards the stage. I didn't think it possible, but the volume of cheering increased. I'd forgotten about the bottle, but she hadn't and carried it with her. She hesitated before stepping on the stage and turned to look at the audience. She was met with leering, hostile faces enjoying her humiliation, her being brought low. Before Kate could turn and run back to the pool room Mike took her hand and led her to the chair.

Kate sat down primly, her knees together, hands in her lap holding the bottle. The room quieted as Mike left the stage. Our eyes locked and we held each other's gaze. I silently mouthed a command, "Do it!" At the same moment, Jen screamed, "Show us that big pussy, bitch!"

Shocked into action Kate's knees flew apart and the room erupted in cheers and catcalls. An audience of ten sounded to me like the Beatles playing Madison Square Garden. Kate closed her eyes and slid her hand between her legs. She rubbed slowly up and down a few times and the room quieted to a murmur. As she moved her hand up her fingers parted, spreading her pussy. The light shone on the wet inner lips.

"Holy shit, she's leaking like a broken faucet!" yelled Chuck. "Hey Dave's wife, you sure you don't want our cocks in there instead?" More laughs and cheers as she winced at the insults.

"Open your eyes, Rat!" commanded Jen. Kate did as she was told, tilting her head to look at the ceiling. "Oh no! Fuck that!" Jen said as she hopped onto the stage. "You gotta pay this off right or I get the pics, right Mike?"

Mike called out, "Yep, that was the deal."

Jen grabbed Kate's chin and twisted it so they were nose to nose. "So you do it how I say, when I say, you sloppy whore. I can't believe your cunt is so wet. You love this!"

Kate shook her head in denial but Jen held her head still so they stared into each other's eyes. "Put the bottle in."

Kate's other hand moved the mouth of the beer bottle to the mouth of her cunt, between her spread fingers, between her spread lips. She pushed it in, and it slid easily to where the bottle flared. Jen reached down and covered Kate's hand with her own. She pulled the bottle back and pushed it forward.

"You fucked me today, Kate. You didn't have to. You could have found a way to not involve Maddie, but you wanted to fuck me over. Now I'm fucking you, and you love it. Tell me you love it."

Kate tried to shake her head, but Jen held firm and picked up the pace with the bottle. "Tell me you love it and we can move on." The bottle was pistoning in and out, the swell entering a little deeper each time.

"No," breathed Kate. Her toes were tapping on the floor, a sign I knew meant an orgasm was approaching and she was trying to hold it off. "No. No."

The squelching of her wet cunt could be heard throughout the room. Kate pulled her hands away from her pussy and grabbed the sides of the chair in white knuckle grips. "Say it! Say you love me fucking you!" Jen hissed as she pounded the bottle without mercy into Kate using as much force and speed as she could muster.

"No." Kate said each time the bottle was thrust into her. "No. No. No. No. Nuuhhhhhh". She grunted loudly as her stretched cunt sucked the thicker part of the bottle into it. Jen didn't slow and the no's turned guttural. "Nuh. Nuh. Uh. Uh. Uh. Oh. Oh. Fuh. Fuuh. Fuuhh. Fuuuuuuuuhhhhhkkk."

Kate's legs clamped shut and her hands grabbed Jens arm as she screamed, "I love it. Stop! Fuck! Stop. I love it..." Tremors rolled through Kate as all her tensed muscles tried to relax.

"I know you do, you fucking whore," Jen said with a satisfied smile. She let go of the bottle and it slid out of Kate's pussy with a little pop and clinked as it hit the ground. "Oh, that's not good. Make sure you're fucking that big hungry pussy at all times, unless I want to do it again." She picked it up and handed it to Kate.

"Your turn Mike."

"Wow! All I can say is, Wow!" Mike seemed to be relishing his job as emcee. "Now to the part I've been looking forward to. Not that the show hasn't been great so far, but now we all get to participate. This young lady has agreed to suck any cock in the building. Since I own the joint, I'm first, after me, we'll move this table and the middle and then you guys." He pointed to Billy, Chuck and Malik to go last to which they grumbled loudly. "If you don't like it, you can go," Mike threatened and they quieted down.

"And guys, SHE is sucking YOUR dick. You can't touch her. If you do, you're out. No touching, no exceptions." With that he turned to Kate, unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out.

While he had I been talking, Kate had stuck the neck of the bottle back into herself and moved it in and out with her left hand. She bit her lip and raised the other hand towards Mike's cock, bobbing in front of her face. She wrapped her small hand around the shaft and seemed to take measure of it. Was she comparing it to mine? The only cock she'd touched in the last twelve years. Her tongue flicked out, licking the bottom of the tip. Did it taste different than mine? Her lips enveloped the head and slowly moved down the shaft. Did it feel different than mine? Like a newborn foal taking its first steps, she tentatively moved her head back and forth.

"Oh, that's so good," moaned Mike. Kate sped up, maybe she got more confidence, maybe to get this over. Maybe both. Whatever the case, her extra exuberance was worth the effort as in a few moments Dave gave a low moan. Kate held her head still and her throat worked a few times, swallowing. He pulled out and she wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

"Who's next?" asked Kate, looking around. Two of Bucky's regular's jumped up and it seemed within a split second Kate's head was bobbing on one cock while she jerked off another.

Jen leaned over to me,"Your wife is a natural born cocksucker. Just look at her go." That annoying cackle went off in my ear. "Dave, did I introduce you to my fiancé?"

"No, you didn't. But I introduced myself to Sal."

"Oh, haha, Sal's not my boyfriend." She motioned to the other guy at our table. "Tom is."

"But, then why was Sal playing with you?" She laughed at me as I looked at her, confused.

"Revenge. I'm not as stupid as your wife says. I just didn't have the money to go to college. Besides, look where smarts got your wife." We both turned to look at the stage just as a guy pulled his wet cock from Katie's mouth. It was already softening, she turned and without hesitation gobbled the next ready cock.

Jen kept talking as I watched Kate, lips wrapped around another man's prick, head bobbing. "See, Kate didn't know this, but I got fired today. And, yeah, I know I left the kid out there, but she could have easily just brought him back in. She walked him straight to Maddie. I didn't like that job, but I needed it. When I told Billy, he knew you had fired his friends Chuck and Malik. We knew you guys hang out here and Kate brags about playing pool all the time. You may not know us well, boss man, but everyone at the factory knows you. So we hatched a plan. By the way, that whole video for welching insurance, hahaha, I could barely keep it contained when I was making that. If by some magic Sal had fucked up and you had won? There is noooo way I would have been doing this." We watched Kate going about the punishment like she did all other things, competitively. Once she had decided to do it, she wanted it done. She was bobbing and jerking on the cock like a maniac, trying to get done as fast as possible. The man tensed and she gulped his seed, not losing a drop. "Excuse me a sec," Jen said politely.

She hopped on the stage and reached Kate as the last of Bucky's regulars was dropping his pants. "Kate, how many cocks have you sucked so far?"


"Say it. Use a complete sentence since you're so smart."

"I've sucked three cocks so far," said Kate through clenched teeth.

"How many have gone down your throat?"


"The part of the bet you came up with? When every cock that wants to get wet has been down your throat?"

"Um, three?"

"Bullshit. None. From now on, you're not finished until your nose has been buried in their pubes with their balls on your chin. Got it?" Kate looked down and nodded.

"How many loads have you swallowed."

"Three. I've, um, swallowed three loads."

"Bullshit. I haven't seen you swallow any! From now on you have to open your mouth, stick your tongue out and after they come, show me how much before you swallow."

As Jen left the stage she had one more command as she glared at Late with a wicked grin, "Rat, two hands on the bottle and move it in and out at the exact speed and depth you suck."

Jen plopped down in the chair beside me. "That should slow her down a bit."

Kate moved her head tentatively on the new cock in her mouth, trying to figure out a rhythm. With both hands on the bottle she could no longer hold the dick she sucked. She couldn't jerk it or regulate how far her lips travelled down the shaft. Matching the bottle speed and depth in her cunt to the speed and depth of the cock in her mouth was proving to be difficult. She couldn't suck nearly as fast, as Jen had predicted.

"Where were we, Davey? Oh Yeah. So, we hatched a plan. I mean, kind of a plan. Sal is a friend of Tom's." Sal waved as I looked at him. "Oh, did I mention he's a professional pool player?"

"What? If he's a professional, how did he miss so many shots?"

"He did it on purpose. We lost the first game on purpose. I was so pissed, I wanted to see if she'd try to bet anything else. Then, every time he missed, she had no shot. Uh, it was so awesome watching her get so pissed. When she scratched on the eight, hahaha, he totally set her up to do that. Then he even warned her! The game you won when he didn't get a shot, that worried me. But he was never in doubt on the final game. Then her tit hit the ball, hahaha, too perfect."

"That's not fair!"

She cackled and leaned over, almost falling out of her chair. "Yeah, it's not fair. It really isn't, but life's not fair. It's not fair that me, Chuck or Malik got fired today, either. And, my god, your wife was the one that went crazy! We were just going to shark you guys for a couple hundred dollars and embarrass her at her beloved pool. The guys wanted to come just to make you uncomfortable. But Dave," she motioned to the stage, where Kate was willingly going down on a man she didn't know, her nose buried in his pubes, buck naked and jamming a bottle in her pussy, "this beats anything, and I mean anything, I could have imagined."

I felt sick to my stomach.

Jen added, more to herself than me,"I hate that condescending bitch. She's getting everything she deserves." She directed her last comment to me. "Enjoy the show, Davey boy, it gets better from here."

I turned and stared at her, "Jen, what don't I know about?"

Jen started laughing hysterically. "Oh man, she really thought she was gonna smoke us in pool. While we were in the bathroom with Mike, she was talking so much shit. And it just kept escalating. I mean, you know Mike got first dibs, hee hee. And, you might have figured out I get to tell her how to complete the bet. That includes getting to fuck her with anything I want, besides a dick. She wouldn't go that far. Actually, neither would I."

"That's it?"

"No, there's one more thing. I wasn't sure I would do it at the time we agreed, but I am definitely going to now."

We turned back to the stage as Kate pulled off the man's cock and opened wide, her tongue sticking out, awaiting her treat.

"Beg him for it, you dirty whore!" yelled Jen. Kate looked sideways at her, still waiting for the cum. It looked comical and Jen started laughing, as did a few of the men.

"Say, 'Please feed me your cum, I'm a dirty cum loving rat whore'."

Kate, still looking at Jen, said in a monotone, "Please feed me your cum, I'm a dirty cum loving rat whore."

"Not to me! To him!" Jen shouted, pointed at the guy with his cock pointed at my wife's face.

Kate looked at the man, who was frantically jerking himself off, "Please feed me your cu...uhhh."

He was doing just that as his seed shot out, the first catching her across the lips and nose. Kate jerked her head sideways and the next two stringy ropes landed across the cheek.

"Oh, Kate, you should have been quicker! Now eat it. I give you permission to use one finger. Scrape it into your mouth. And when your done, suck your finger clean and say 'mmm, mmm, good!"

Kate closed her eyes and tilted her head to the ceiling, this additional humiliation taking its toll.

"Do it now!" screamed Jennifer. "And open your goddamn eyes!"

Kate opened her eyes and looked back at the audience, her chest hitched a few times then she slowly exhaled. "Fine." She lifted a finger to her face, scraping the cooling gelatinous cum off her cheek and nose and into her waiting mouth. She sucked her finger clean, licked her lips and said, 'Mmm, mmm, good."

Jen turned to Sal, "You're up, big boy."

"Thanks, Jen. I'm married fifteen years and never broken my vows, I'm not about to start with this cummy cunt."

She looked past me at Tom, "Don't even think about it." He laughed in response.

"Jen! Lemme ask you something." Chuck went to Jennifer and they whispered back and forth a few moments.

Jen approached Kate, who sat in the chair catching her breath. She picked up the beer bottle and gazed down at her pussy. "Wow, there is a fricken puddle between your legs. Anyway

Chuck has a proposition, " Jen continued, "instead of you blowing him, he wants to feel up your titties for a couple of minutes. You won't have to suck him off or eat his cum."

"What's the catch?"

"No catch. He likes big titties. He wants to play with them. He says he likes them hanging down, so he wants you on your hands and knees. He'll only touch your tits, but you have to agree to say anything he tells you to."

"No cock and no cum?"

"No cock or cum. Hands and knees, he can only touch your tits, you say what he wants."


Jen nodded and Kate slipped off the chair to the floor on to her hands and knees.

"Yes!" exclaimed an excited Chuck. "How long?" he asked.

"Three minutes." Jen looked at her watch, "Starting now!"

"Titties!" Chuck yelled as he strode over to Kate, and straddled her. She turned to look over her shoulder at what he was doing, which was quite odd. With a leg on either side of her waist, he reached down underneath her and grabbed her tits, pulling them up, letting them fall. Chuck leaned forward so his mouth came close to her ear and said, "Mooo."

"What?" Kate asked. "Did you say 'mooo'?"

Chuck pinched her nipples and confirmed it. "Yeah, I want you to say moooo. Like a cow. Mooo like a cow."

Kate shook her head. "No way, I'm not a cow."

Jen kneeled by Kate's ass and slid the bottle back into her cunt. "Do what he says, Cow. You agreed to it. After all the dick you've sucked, you're gonna complain about a little mooing?" Kate was still in silent protest. "Fine, Chuck, whip your dick out and she can suck it."

"No, fine. Mooooo." Kate made the sound as if she was reading it from a dictionary. Chuck twisted a nipple hard, then pulled her tits apart and slapped them together with a loud thwap. She gasped in pain.


"Mooo, like you mean it, heifer." Chuck pulled her tits apart and smacked them together again.

"Ooowwww. MOOOOOO!"

"That's the way, moooo. Don't stop."

"Moooooo. Mooooo."

Chuck was laughing hard. He moved around to the front of Kate and grabbed her sensitive tits. He squeezed one and then the other, back and forth as if he was milking her. "Mooooo. Look at me! Mooooo." He looked around the room, relishing the chuckles and laughs he was getting from the men at Kate's expense.

"Mooooo. Mooooo," repeated Kate. I noticed that she was rocking slightly back into the bottle as Jen fucked her with it, but all her attention was on Chuck.

Jen looked at me and said, "Here's the surprise, Davey." Then she motioned to Tom. He quietly walked up on stage with a pool stick and handed it to Jen.


Jen positioned the thick end of the cue next to her pussy and shoved.


Kate had lunged forward and fell flat on her stomach. We could see the pool stick was lodged in her asshole.

Jen and Chuck were howling in laughter and soon the room joined them. "Get back on your hands and knees, Cow! Don't let that bottle or stick fall out." She looked at Chuck. "Time's up, Bud."

Chuck raised his hands up to cheers as he left the stage.

Kate slowly rose back to her kneeling position. "Fuck, Jen, that hurt."

"Yeah, sorry about that. You know what, my arms are tired. You do the fucking for awhile, I'll just hold these still." Kate held still as well, her ribs heaving. I think she was fighting back tears.

"Jen, I need some lube. Please."

"I don't remember that being part of the bet? Did you mention lube when you threatened to fuck MY ass with a stick?"

"Please, Jen. It really hurts. Please."

Kate hung her head and said nothing. Jen sighed and pulled the stick from Kate's ass, "Fine, spit or pussy juice? Or both?"

Kate looked over her shoulder, silent for a moment then she said as the realization came, "Oh thank you, Jen. Spit, or pussy juice? Both, I guess." It occurred to me that my wife was genuinely thanking a woman she despised for offering to spit on her asshole.

Kate spit on her fingers and reached between her legs. Jen hadn't finished her scheming and slapped her hand away. She seemed to be inflating as Kate's debasement grew. "Don't touch yourself you dirty whore! Keep your palms on the floor." Turning to address the men, "Rat wants some lube on her asshole. Does anyone want to come up here and help her?"

Many of the men raised their hands or started to rise from their chairs. Jen held up her hands to stop them. "Hold on, hold on. No one is allowed to touch this slut without her consent, so she needs to give consent. Kate, do you want the guys to help you lube your asshole?"

"Yes." Kate again lowered her head, that one word defeated her.

"Mmmm, I don't think that's good enough. It needs to be very clear about what you want." Jen broke into a broad smile, enjoying herself. "Ask them to help you, no, beg them to help you. Tell them exactly what you want, explicitly. If you do a good enough job, I'll let them help you."

Kate's eyes were watery, but she held back the tears. "Please." It came out a squeak and she cleared her throat. "Please help me lubricate my butt." She looked to her tormentor for approval but Jen wasn't looking at her. She continued, "With spit and pussy juice."

"That was pathetic. You didn't tell them who's spit."

"Their spit?"

"No! Your spit! Who's spit were YOU going to use? It's not a butt, it's an asshole. Do you just want it on the outside? It might be pretty dry on the inside. And you don't get to call it a pussy. Whore's have a cunt. Do it again."

"Please, um, help me lube my asshole by wiping my cunt juices and my spit on my asshole and, "she coughed and continued in a quivering voice, "pushing your spit and my juices into my asshole."

Jen squeezed one eye shut and scrunched her face in a comic parody of being deep in thought. "Still not good enough. You only get one more chance. Jeez, I thought you were smart. I'll help you." She moved to whisper in Kate's ear, then stood up.

"Please, please let me suck your fingers so you can wet my asshole with spit, and please push your fingers in my sopping wet cunt so you can make my hungry asshole slick and slippery. Please shove your wet fingers deep inside my bowels so my hungry asshole can accept Jennifer's gift."

"I think she'd most prefer you and Malik to help her, Billy." She motioned them over and they didn't hesitate, bounding on the stage. Jen looked down and in a sing-song voice said, "Open your mouth, close your eyes then you'll get a big surprise!"

Billy stuck a finger in Kate's mouth and she closed her lips around it. Malik spread her pussy lips and slipped two fingers in. Surprised, she swayed forward, then settled back. Billy withdrew his finger and Kate's tongue flicked out after it, depositing as much spit as she could. He reached over her shoulder, down her back and slid the digit between her cheeks, rubbing her pink puckered hole, Malik fucked his fingers in and out then slid them up to her ass and back a few times, coating the area with a shiny glaze.

They switched places and Malik thrust his two cunt juice soaked fingers into Kate's waiting mouth. She closed her lips without hesitation.

"Hey 'Lik, how many fingers you get in here? I got three."


"Damn, now I got four!" her pussy squished around his fingers. "She is so fuckin' wet!'

Malik pulled his fingers from her mouth and adjusted his position to better admire the violation of my wife's pussy. He slid a spit-soaked finger into her ass.

"You ever get DP'ed?" Billy asked Kate

"What's...uh...Dee...Pee?" she grunted out as the fingers pounding her cunt.

"Double penetration, baby. One in the ass and one in the puss...or 4 haha."

Jen spoke up, "Your turn Malik. Get that cock in her mouth if you want."

"Hell ya!" Malik moved to kneel in front of Kate and started unbuckling his pants. Billy took the opportunity to push his cunt slime covered fingers into Kate's anus, one after the other. By the fourth time he had inserted a digit into her ass, it was slipping in easily.

"Hey Billy, make yourself useful." Jen tossed him the bottle. He grinned and slid the neck about three inches in, until it started to flare into the body. Jen shoved the pool cue into her now slick ass. It slid in fairly easily about 2 inches before resistance, then she gave a little extra push. Kate gave a painful grunt, but the cue slid in another two or three inches.

"Hey Dave, when you fired me today, I bet you never thought your bitch would have her lips wrapped around my dark meat, " Malik taunted then slapped his long skinny cock against my wife's cheek. "Open up, see how you like the taste of dark meat."

Kate did as commanded and took him into her mouth without complaint. Her lips slid about half way down the shaft before she started to move backwards. She discovered that as her body had swayed forward to take the black cock, Jen and her brother had pushed the stick and the bottle forward, too. Now she was impaled on both ends.

" Let's go, slut. You need to get those lips to his balls."

Kate swayed back a few inches and pressed forward. Back and forth, a quarter-inch at a time, maybe less. Her throat spasmed, trying to deal with the intruder. A few times she gagged she would push back, impaling herself more deeply on the intruders in her ass and cunt.

"You watching this, Dave? Malik called. "She got about six inches in. That be ticklin' her throat. Uhh, fuck yeah. Almost there bitch three more inches to go." Kate's eyes grew wide at this and she paused, breathing through her nose like a winded horse.

Jen grabbed Billy's wrist pulling it and the bottle away from Kate's pussy. "Get ready, your next." she said. Billy spoke in whispers to his sister for a while before she laughed, nodded, and said "Perfect, do it." He set the beer bottle down and whispered to Chuck. My attention was mostly on the stage, but I noticed Billy and Chuck whispered to the other men, chuckling and went behind the bar.

Without the bottle, Kate found she could slide back further off Malik's cock. Within a few humps, she was sliding far enough back to having just the head of the cock in her mouth and ramming her face forward. At least six or seven inches of the stick was disappearing inside her. Kate rocked back and forth more forcefully, taking more of the cue each time.

"Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph, " she grunted each time the cock struck the back of her throat. "Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmphhhhh."

Suddenly her forehead smacked into his stomach and the stick slipped out of her asshole. She held still for a moment. Savoring the accomplishment?

"Don't fuckin stop!" screamed Jen, jabbing the cue in back in Kate's ass. I'm not sure if it was the shriek or the shaft that shocked Kate back into action and she rocked back and then forward the length of his cock. She kept going, picking up speed, three times, four, five, her throat bulging. With each hump back and lurch forward, taking the nine-inch cock and the nine inches of cue got easier.

Malik thrust his hips forward leaving Kate fully speared on both ends, unable to move. "Fuck yeah, swallow it all." She didn't need to swallow, as his cock spurted his cum directly into her stomach.

"Nnnnnnnhhh" Kate cried around his cock in frustration. One hand moved to her clit but Jen was faster and slapped it away.

Malik gazed at me, prepared to give one last barb. "Damn Dave, that the first bitch ever licked my balls while she sucked my cock." He pulled his slobber covered prick from her mouth and wiped it off on her cheeks.

Jen pulled out the cue and threw it clattering away.

"OK little bro, play your game with our little toy."

Billy told Kate, "Face your husband." She didn't change positions

"Do what he says, Rat, or I'll just repeat it and it will take twice as long." Kate huffed and moved 90 degrees, facing me. Her face was flushed from the effort, embarrassment, and arousal. It was shiny with cum, sweat, and spit.

Billy and Chuck stepped onto the stage. They motioned Mike and the regulars to participate, too. Jen waved Tom up as well. Chuck had set a tray on the chair behind Kate where everyone could see it but her. All the men gathered around and I was sure they had a great view of my wife's bare swollen pussy.

Jen knelt down behind her, bottle in hand. "This is the grand finale, slut. A special show just for your husband. Remember when you said 'swallow every drop they have to offer'?" Kate started laughing and said, "Billy's got a lot to offer!"

Kate twisted her head to see behind her and Jen snapped, "Eyes forward and suck cock, slut!"

She turned her head back to face forward, face me, and our eyes met for the first time that night. Her eyes teared up and she tried to block them back. The men behind her had pulled down their pants, and six hands stroked six cocks while staring at Kate's cunt.

I pulled her wedding band out of my pocket and held it on my open palm. My wedding band slipped off and I placed it next to hers. I could see the bewilderment as she tried to hold back tears. I put both rings on the table and mouthed to her, "You aren't my wife until we leave." She seemed to understand, and smiled, then gasped as Jen slid the bottle into her. Her eyes were still locked on mine and I mouthed silently, "You and your stupid bets."

I winked at her. She winked back as Billy stuffed his cock in her mouth.

Kate stared at me, letting her mouth be used. She was rocking back and forth slightly as the bottle went in and out. Her hanging tits softly clapping together with the rhythm of her getting fucked by Jen.

"Do you like this bottle going in and out of your sloppy cunt, whore?" Jen asked. "Say 'Yes'."


"How do you guys like it? Do you enjoy watching the bitch get fucked by me?"

The men behind Kate cheered. She closed her eyes, now realizing what they were seeing close up. A few moments passed, the cock going in and out of her mouth as she rocked back and forth. She opened her eyes and started taking short, quick breaths through her nose, she was again staring at me, and she barely, minutely shook her head.

I think Jen could see what was about to happen too, as she pulled out the bottle and said,"Oh NO you don't!"

Kate didn't want to cum, but the frustration on her face from the emptying of her pussy was clearly evident. She moaned softly, and flexed her hips towards Jen involuntarily.

"Holy shit, look at her." Jen said to the crowd. "She wants to cum so bad."

One of the men groaned, moved over to the tray and came on it. That set another two off, moaning and holding their cocks over the tray, dribbling out cum.

Jen stuck the bottle back in and started fucking Kate with it, fast. Kate groaned, speeding up her pace on Billy to match. It didn't take long and Kate moaned softly, her toes curling. Jen pulled the bottle out.

"Nuh uh uh!"

Kate's eyes flared and she stopped sucking Billy, holding her head still.

"Fuck Jen, I'm so close, stick that fuckin thing back in her."

Jen laughed. "I forgot about the bottle blowjob rhythm thing, hahaha, I can't believe she was doing it." She put the bottle in and inched it forward. Kate moved her head down Billy's cock. Jen, giggled and made some short, quick thrusts, which Kate tried to match. Jen pushed it all the way in and pulled the bottle all the way out, and her nemesis pushed her head all the way to the base of Billy's cock and back off. As she was playing with Kate, the last of the men ejaculated onto the platter.

"For God's sake, Jen. I'm about to cum!"

"Go fuckin cum, then, Billy. You're done."

Billy said, "Bitch." under his breath, but moved over to the chair. Three quick strokes and his cum spurted onto the platter.

Bring that over when you're finished, Billy Boy." called Jen, as she stuck the bottle back into Kate.

Billy put his cock away, zipped his pants and carried a serving tray over. He set it down in front of Kate, right under her face. She took her eyes off mine to look down.

"Uggghh." she said, repulsed. On the tray was seven shot glasses filled with cum.

"What the fuck, Jen? I already drank their cum!"

"Yeah, but remember. You said the loser has to drink "everything they have to offer.' These guys were so nice, they offered a second helping. Hahaha. You're fat ass looks like it loves second helpings. When you finish this you're done. Cheers!"

Kate looked back at me and I nodded. She sighed and nodded back, picking up the first shot. Jen began to fuck her again, fast and furious. Kate drank the shot of cum. It slid out of the glass like snot and she swallowed it down. She opened her empty mouth and stuck out her tongue. Her hips started moving back against the bottle she picked up the second shot, threw the liquid into her mouth and quickly swallowed. She squeezed the shot glass and humped back against Jen. Kate's legs started to quiver. Jen pulled the bottle out with and held it up, drips of Kate's juice ran down the sides.

"Fuck!" Kate screamed as Jen edged her from orgasm.

"Drink up, bitch." Kate grabbed two of the shot glasses and dumped them one after the other into her mouth.

"Oh my god that is gross!" Jen exclaimed andstarted working the bottle in and out again, relentlessly. Quick, short thrusts.

"Kate, have you ever had a drink called a blowjob?" she laughed, "I mean, the alcohol one With the whipped cream in the shot glass?" asked Jen.

Kate was pushing back into the bottle as it fucked her. "Yes. With the...Bailey's and...Kahlua."

"Yes, that's right, do you remember how to drink it? No hands?"

"Fuck. Are you...kidding me. Uh. Uh."

"Next shot, do it now!" Kate lowered her head and wrapped her lips around the rim of the cum filled shot glass. She looked at me as she tilted her head up, letting the cum run out of the glass and into her waiting mouth. The glass fell from her mouth and she lowered her head to the floor, fucking back against the bottle on the verge of an orgasm.

Jen yanked it out again and Kate screamed in frustration. "Do you want to orgasm, you cum slut?"

"Yes, please. I need to orgasm." Kate was looking straight at me, and I at her.

"You want the bottle back inside you?"


Jen held out the bottle so everyone but Kate could see. It was upside down. She placed the bottom of the bottle against Kate's pussy.

"Then push backward."

Kate pushed her ass back towards Jen but wavered when she felt the resistance. A moment of confusion turned into understanding. "Jen, it's the wrong..."

"It's not fuckin wrong! Get this in your pussy now!" Jen screamed. Kate thrust her body back against the bottle and little by little it slipped into her wet cunt. After a few moments, Jen was satisfied and said."Don't let it fall out."

Jen walked around to the front of Kate and picked up the last two shot glasses of cum.

"I'm going to pour these into your mouth, and you can't swallow them until you've crawled to the front door. If you don't turn around and show me a mouth full of cum before you leave, you lose the bet and Mike will give me the pics. You're going to crawl over to the door with that bottle in your dirty whore cunt. You want to cum? Fuck you. The only cum you get from me is right here, now open up.

Like a penitent receiving communion, she tilted her chin up and stuck out her tongue. Jen poured the last two shot glasses of cum into her waiting mouth, then Kate slowly crawled off the stage. She had a sheen of sweat covering her body, her hair hung down in shiny strands. As she crawled to the front door, careful not to let the bottle slip out of her pussy, her large breasts swayed, the nipples sometimes dragging on the floor. She passed me, and the mouth of the bottle stuck out from between her legs. I gathered her clothes and our wedding bands and followed behind her.

When she got to the entrance of Bucky's, naked, beaten, a different person than when we had walked in five or six hours ago, she stood and turned to the crowd, who now were all also standing. She opened her mouth, displaying the clotting cum, and swallowed it. Kate reached between her legs and pulled out the bottle, then walked out.

As soon as the door shut behind us, she turned to me. "Can I have my wedding ring back now?"

"Yes." I took her hand and slipped the ring on her finger. She took my ring and did the same to me.

I held out her clothes. "Do you want to get dressed?"

"No, I want to get home." We got into the car and she sat naked and silent the short drive home. She stared at the bottle, absentmindedly rubbing her thumb around and around the opening. As we pulled into the garage I turned the car off, the door banged shut behind us.

"Dave, that wasn't your wife in the bar, right?"

"No, that wasn't my wife."

"She was just a cum loving slut? Who came on a bottle, who loved getting ass fucked, who sucked cocks and swallowed buckets of cum and spread her bare cunt for everyone to see?"

I nodded. We sat in silence.

"Did you like watching her? The cum loving slut?"

My chest tightened, heart pounded in my chest. "Yes." It came out a croak. I cleared my throat and tried again, "Yes, I loved it."

"Dave. I want to collect my I.O.U., my chit. I want to orgasm so badly. I need to cum. She wouldn't let the slut cum. You owe me, I want to collect right now. Eat my pussy. Please."

"Ok, I'll pay off my debt. Go lay on the bed, I'll be right there."

I went to the counter and grabbed a beer. I drank about half in three long swallows, then set it on the counter. For a few moments, I stared at the beer, thinking about the night. What had happened and what was to come? A beer bottle would never look the same, that I knew for sure. I followed my wife up the stairs.

Katie laid on the bed, back propped up against some pillows. Her feet were drawn up to her butt, knees spread. She rubbed her hand over her red, slick, engorged pussy. It gaped obscenely. My cock strained against my zipper.

I noticed she still held the bottle from the bar.

"Kate, when we played against Sal and Jen, we still won two games, even though you were pretty terrible," I said.

Kate didn't respond. She continued to rub her pussy, sliding her fingers between her lips and groaning when she touched her clit.

"I played well, though." I continued, "In fact, I sank the winning ball in both games. Wouldn't you say I won those games for us?"

"Yes." she breathed. She was flushed from her face to her tits. "Now come eat my pussy."

I crawled on the bed and moved her hand away. Soft lips brushed the inside of her thigh. A tongue glided from the bottom to the top, then clicked over her clit, sucked it between lips. She gasped.

"We split two games before your bet. So, I won three. You only won one."

"Yes, you were better than me-ahhhhh." She sucked in her breath as I pressed my tongue to her clit. I ate her pussy, hard. She didn't want gentle. Fucked with my tongue, sucked, licked, lapped. Her fingers twisted in my hair, her thighs tightened on my ears. I reached to her side and took the bottle.

"No," she groaned, holding on tight.

"Let go." I said. "I won the bet, you have a debt to pay. I'm the boss tonight."

She whispered, "Am I a slut or am I your wife?"


Kate let go. And came. And came, again.
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