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John's harem continues to expand, and his sister joins in on the fun
It had been a crazy few weeks. The three girls had come to John’s house every day and every night, acting as his personal little fuck toys whenever he wanted. His days were spent getting blowjobs while he worked, and watching the girls do fashion parades to choose what clothes he’d fuck them in that night.

All three 16-year-olds had their own personality and kinks. His sister, Anna, liked to dominate the other girls with John, degrading them, slapping their faces and tits, and spitting on their faces. He loved watching her eyes gleam and meeting his as he made one of the other girls gag on his cock. Her dimpled smile, slim but curvy body and flowing dark hair made her the perfect sexy package.

The blonde, pint-sized Emma was the pure whore. She loved being used and being made to do crazy shit, pushing her limits (and John’s) all the time. She also loved dressing up and taboo roleplay. One of his favourite activities had become watching taboo porn with the girls while they acted out the scene with him. Emma would always want to be his niece or daughter, sometimes meaning Anna would be her ‘mommy’ or ‘aunty Anna’.

Sarah, the thin redhead with those amazing blue eyes, had become his favourite though. She was submissive to the point where she had imprinted herself on John like a duckling to their mother. If he woke up in the middle of the night to pee, she would silently follow him into the bathroom, kneel down on the floor, open her mouth wide and invite him to piss down her throat.

She had one of those bodies where John felt he could encompass her waist with just his two hands, while her ass was the perfect amount of curviness and ran perfectly from her lithe back down to her superb legs. John loved the way she’d change her hairstyle, sometimes letting her red hair flow straight down her body or working it into two long braids that were perfect for grabbing is he fucked her.

One of the first days after that first wild night, he had come home to find Sarah on the floor with her hands tied above her, wearing a fishnet bodystocking and high heels, and Anna shoving a dildo into her mouth. Anna had stopped, looked around and said simply ‘Hey bro, wanna rape her fucking mouth with me?’ and John had spent the next 20 minutes harshly using her face as his own personal plaything.

Sarah’s eyes never left his during the whole experience, her mascara running down her face, and the spit from her throat covering her body.

Halfway through John had noticed that Sarah had been cumming almost constantly, despite her not being touched other than his cock ramming her throat. When he eventually came over her face, telling his sister to kiss the redhead and collect her brother’s cum, he knelt down beside Sarah and began finger fucking her. Within seconds, she was practically spraying the opposite wall with her squirt, while still looking John in the eyes the whole time with that mixture of innocence, fear, and pleasure.

That had been their bonding moment, and after that John liked having Sarah next to him practically the whole time, her silently waiting for him to instruct her what he wanted. She had taken to whispering to him all the dirty shit she was thinking as he was getting blowjobs from the two other girls, telling him to ‘use their underage, teenage mouths, make them your cumrags, your personal cum dumpsters’.

He would bring them shopping, all of them dressed in slutty outfits, and watch the envious looks from men (and women) as the group walked by. There were many times he’d find himself in the dressing room, all three girls on their knees as he came all over them. Emma loved to get the other two to drool the cum onto her face and she’d walk around the shopping centre licking her lips at anyone she’d see. Anna would even attach a leash to the collar Emma was wearing, and John and Sarah would simply hang back and watch the astonished reactions.

It was all going so well, right up until the moment Sarah’s mom and sister knocked on John’s door.


Emma and Anna still spent a lot of time back at home. They had to go to school (although they often skipped whole chunks and came over to John’s) and sleep there at least on the weekends. Sarah was different.

Frankly, it seemed to John that her family didn’t give a shit about her and, from hints that Sarah would give, it didn’t seem like it was exactly a wholesome family dynamic.

So, when John opened the door to her mom and sister, it was only Sarah downstairs.

He had been sitting on the coach, watching TV, occasionally glancing over to the young redhead who he had chained to the wall. He had attached three devices to the wall, one for each of his teen girls, and Sarah was attached on the one to the far right, so she’d be closest to the TV.

She wore a tight, pink latex dress and high heels. The dress clung to her skin, exposing just a little of her ass, while he had pulled down the front a little to uncover her breasts. Whenever he got up, he’d walk over and grope her as he pleased, or fuck her if he got hard. He could loosen the chains so she could drop to the floor, allowing her to suck his cock.

He had just brought her back to her feet and raised her arms above her head when he heard the doorbell ring. His sister Anna had a key, so he thought it might be Emma and walked upstairs looking forward to using the blond little whore in whatever game they came up with.

When he opened the doorway, he was more than a little surprised when he saw two redheads standing there, with angry looks on their faces. He knew almost immediately who they were, though, as Sarah had shared pictures of them with him, and he had more than once connected those pictures to the TV and fucked the young teen while looking at the pictures of her mother and sister.

The sister was a stunner. Tall, a redhead like Sarah, she had lips that popped out and breasts that did the same. She was wearing tight blue jeans and John could see the shape of her legs, her tight calves taught from the strapless high heels she was wearing. Her pink tank top barely covered half of her beautiful tits, and her stomach was smooth and shapely.

Her mother was shorter and curvier, but with the same red hear and blue eyes like Sarah, and perfect tits. They were much bigger than the two of her daughters, and she was showing them off in a black cocktail dress and high heels, with her cleavage fully on show. John could see a corset style bodice sticking out underneath.

They also both wore angry expressions.

‘So, you’re the cunt who’s been fucking my kid sister?’ the sister shouted, jabbing a finger at his chest.

John stayed relaxed. There was nothing illegal about what he was doing with the girls (apart from maybe his sister, he thought). Sarah’s birthday the week before made it all above board – just.

“Yeah, I am, she’s downstairs right now in fact” he said, leaning on the door. She pushed her way past and John watched her ass move along the corridor. Holy fuck, he thought, that is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

The mother had stayed in the doorway, calmer than her daughter, and was appraising John carefully after that initial angry posture. They both held each other’s gaze for that moment longer than was necessary, and it was clear there was sexual tension in the air. As she walked past John, she moved closer so that she brushed against him, her finger tracing a line along her breasts.

Not fucking wholesome at all, John thought.

He slowly followed the two women back down as Sarah’s sister shouted ‘Sarah! Sarah!’ at every door.

‘It’s number 12’ he told her calmly. ‘That way – the door is unlocked’.

She gave him a disgusted look and went the way he had pointed. He wished he was able to see the look on her face when she entered the apartment and took in the scene in front of her. Instead he walked slowly with the mother, looking her directly in the eyes all the way down, not sharing a word together.

Just before they got to the door he grabbed the mother by the shoulder and pushed her gently so she faced him. He knew by how she reacted what he could do next – he pushed he up against the wall and watched her push her breasts out and open her lips.

He turned her around, her face pushed against the wall, and he felt up and down her dress, spanking her ass lightly and feeling her breasts through the fabric. He turned her towards him and they began to kiss roughly outside the apartment door, the two daughters inside unaware of their slutty mother getting wet with someone she had only met less than a minute before. John pulled away and looked down into those distinctive, impossible blue eyes above the heaving breasts.

They both heard shouting inside the apartment but took their time in walking inside. John saw the sister standing in the middle of the room, her hands on her hips.

“Oh my god!” shouted Sarah’s sister. “What the actual fuck?”

Sarah’s hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail, and it ran almost the full length of her figure-hugging latex yellow dress. As instructed, she was arching her back as much as possible, exposing her pussy from the back. If you looked closely, you could see the red butt plug in her ass protruding through the latex.

There were two cameras on tripods around the room pointing at the young girl, capturing every moment. On the TV screen, a recording of a previous fuckfest was playing, showing a moment where John was fucking his own sister from behind while she made out with Sarah and Emma.

Sarah turned to her but didn’t show any shock or surprise, which surprised John in itself.

“Hey Lacy, hey mom’ she said, biting her lower lip and arching her ass in the air even further. ‘I’ve a new daddy now”.

Her sister stomped over to her, and roughly pulled her ponytail back. John could see that this treatment turned Sarah on.

“Are you fucking serious?!’ the older sister, Lacy, screamed. ‘You fucking dirty slut. Look at you, getting used like a piece of trash. Is this how I taught you to act?”

“This is exactly how you - and mom - taught me to act, sis” Sarah said softly, and she looked over at John to tilt her head and beckon him over. Instead of moving to the two of them though, John sat down on the sofa facing them and waited to see what happened next. The mother did the same, sitting beside John and leaning into his body while watching the two girls.

“When was the first time you had one of your boyfriends fuck me, eh?” Sarah continued, staring her older sister straight in the eyes. “When was the last time mom brought a man or three home from the bar to use me again and again while you sucked their dicks?”

John could see that Lacy was getting turned on now herself. She was moving closer and closer to her sister.

“You’re my fuck slut. Not his, mine” Lacy said, but the anger had gone out of her voice now. “Why his dick? Am I not good enough for you?”

“Why don’t you try it for yourself?”

Lacy looked back at John, the disgust replaced with aggressive lust. He could see her eyes went straight to his cock, which was straining against his own jeans.

Lacy leant in and kissed her 16-year old sister deeply. John watched as their two tongues met and Lacy’s hand moved down her sisters back and reached under her dress to play with her cunt.

“And what’s your name?” he asked Sarah’s mother, moving his hand between her legs.

“I’m Penny” she replied, biting her lip. “But you can call me mommy.”

They kissed as the two sisters began to play with each other.

“Spit on my face, sis” demanded Sarah and Lacy did as she was told, spitting on her younger sisters’ face and rubbing it around with her hands. She used the spit to play with her sisters’ pussy again and soon she was roughly finger fucking her from the side until her sister squirted all over the floor.

“I wished you had seen them when they were even younger’ the mom said, reaching into John’s pants and taking out his cock to stroke it. ‘They were always the most perfect submissive little sluts, doing whatever I wanted them to do for me and my friends. It was quite an exclusive club, but I would have loved to have a young, strong man like you to join in.”

“You’ve trained your daughters well” said John, removing his fingers from their mom’s pussy and letting her lick her own juices “but I’ve my own training to do”. He then grabbed her by the throat and lightly choked her and was pleased this this made her thrust out in pleasure.

He pushed her face down onto his cock until she gagged. He didn’t let her back up at first, choking her and watching her face go red before he pulled her back up and spat in her face. He watched as she licked the spit from the side of her mouth and bit her lip in pleasure.

“They’re mine now – do you understand?’ he said, and she gave him a sly, knowing smile back and nodded her head. ‘And so are you. I am going to use your daughters’ holes whenever I want, day or night, and you, ‘mommy’, will do everything to make that happen.”

He moved Penny in front of one of the cameras and put her face in front of the lens.

“Now, mommy, tell the camera what you want me to do to your daughters.”

“I want you to be their daddy. I want you fuck their tight cunts and use them as your cum slaves. Degrade them, use their holes as you want, piss all over their dumb cunt faces and make them lick it off each other.”

John felt it was the time for him to join the two sisters. He got up and walked behind Lacy and grabbed her arms. She resisted at first but quickly gave in. He made her face the wall and used a second set of chains to tie her to the wall beside her sister. He grabbed her hips and pulled her incredible ass towards his cock, rubbing it against her jeans.

“I didn’t tell you to stop kissing” he told them both and they faced each other and started to make out like lovers. He removed the clothing to expose their breasts and watched as they met in the middle, their nipples rubbing against each other as they shared an incestual kiss.

“Are you going to fuck her, daddy?” Sarah asked as she let drool drop down her chin and onto her sister’s tits.

John looked at Lacy in her jeans and decided he didn’t want to take them off before he fucked her. He deliberately walked to his kitchen, grabbed a pair of scissors and walked back to the room. Carefully, he cut a small hole into her jeans before ripping them up the centre.

He could see her red underwear and smiled when he saw they were crotchless. She came her expecting to be fucked, he thought.

He gestured towards the mother. “Get on her knees and get my cock wet for your daughters’ pussies.”

She did as she was told and began sloppily deep throating his cock. She took her breasts out of her dress and slapped his cock on them and her face.

“That’s it, mom’ Lacy encouraged. ‘Let him fuck your face. Get daddy’s cock wet for me.”

“Yes, baby” Lacy responded, keeping her eyes on John.

He grabbed Lacy by either side of her throat and pulled her head back until her big eyes were looking into his, her back arched and her tits pointing in the air. Her younger sister leant across and began licking her nipples. John removed his cock from their mother’s mouth and brought his cock up to Lacy’s pussy, inserting it between the rip in her jeans.

Their mother watched greedily as he slowly entered inside the older sister, her groans getting louder with each inch that went inside her. Her mom stretched out her ass, slapping it through the jeans and placing her head against her lower back, offering her mouth as a second cock sleeve for John to use.

“Oh, fuck, your cock is so big…” Lacy moaned. “That’s it, fuck me, harder, harder, use that pussy…”

‘Make yourself useful, mommy, and stick your tongue in her asshole’ he said, before beginning to fuck Lacy harder while watching her own mother lick her ass as deeply as she could. He looked over at Sarah, frustrated at not being used herself, but unbelievably turned on at watching her mom and sister get fucked by her new daddy.

“Fuck her daddy” Sarah begged, letting drool come out of her mouth. “You like that, sis? You like being used by daddy, you fucking whore?”

“Fuck, yeah!’ Lacy screamed as her pussy dripped with cum. “Use me, daddy, use your fucking whore! I’m your fucking slut, your dumb, rape whore!”

“Taste your fucking whore daughter’ John said to the mom, taking his cock out and shoving it back into her mouth. She licked it up and down, sniffing it deeply so she could smell her daughter’s essence, before taking his entire cock down her throat.

“Put it back in, please!” Lacy demanded. “I need to fucking cum, please daddy, please!”

John obliged the slut, pounding her over and over until he could feel her pussy tighten, her body tense, and that familiar feeling of his cock being pushed out with the pressure of her cumming all over his cock, her squirt gushing out and onto her mother below.

John pulled the mother by her now wet hair and placed her behind Sarah, getting her to begin licking her pussy from the back. Sarah looked at him with gratitude as he began ploughing her older sister for all he was worth. She began smacking her tits from behind and choking her from behind. Her lips curled up in lust as she turned her face to look at him, her eyes rolling to the back of her head as she lost control.

Lacy came again, harder even then the first time, and her mother quickly moved back to catch the cum, using it as further lubricant for her younger daughter.

John felt it was time to move positions so he removed Lacy from her shackles, stripped her down to her lingerie, and then put her back on the wall, attaching her to the chain on the left hand-side. Now, he got their mother and put her in the middle, also facing away.

He now had all three lined up, their hands above them and their asses arched towards him. All they were wearing were high heels, making their asses look even better.

He then began fucking them each from behind, grabbing their faces and making them make out with their family members as he got his cock wet. When he got to Sarah she exploded on his cock. He could feel the rawness of her cunt as he fucked her, but she wouldn’t stop cumming, her legs twitching as orgasm after orgasm waved through her body.

“Thank you, daddy, thank you, daddy” she squealed as she came. “Fuck your baby’s pussy, fuck my underage cunt.”

“That’s it, fuck my little sister, use her teen pussy”

“Oh, baby, take that cock, make mommy proud”

Once he had finished with Sarah, he moved to the mother and began fucking her from behind as her two daughters sucked on her tits or else meeting in an incestual kiss. John removed the chains from their hands to let them play with their mother in earnest, watching as Sarah got on the floor to lick her cunt while Lacy began sticking her fingers in her mom’s asshole and making out with John.

John pulled ‘mommy’ back by the hair and with the other hand began roughly smacking her tits.

“You like that, whore?” He snarled into her ear. Her pussy tensed up and he could feel her cumming all over his cock. He pulled out and watched her youngest daughter lapping up her squirt as it fell on her face.

“Yes, I love it! All I want is to be your dumb, mommy, whore, your cock sleeve cunt. Fuck me like you fucked my daughters.”

“Sarah, come this side’ he said, and Sarah crawled around until she was facing her mother’s arched ass. ‘Lacy, you stand in front of your mother”.

The older sister squeezed in between the wall and her chained up mother, their tits pressing against the others. Their faces instantly beginning to kiss greedily as Lacy began playing with her mother’s clit.

“Now, Sarah, I want you to put your fist into your mother’s pussy as I fuck her in the ass, do you understand?”

She nodded and began by inserting three fingers into her mom, and then four, and finally she put her whole incestual fist inside. She was small and slim, but even so John could see that it was stretching her mother out. He stood above her, his balls resting on the redheaded girls’ head, and began forcing his cock into her mother’s ass.

He began ramming it in and out of her, smacking her ass until it was red on both sides.

“Who’s my mommy whore, eh? Who’s my incest slut?”

Penny cried out in agony and pleasure. With her older daughter playing with her clit, her youngest fisting her pussy, and the new family member fucking her in the ass, her legs began spasming with the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced. She literally gushed onto the floor, forcing her daughter’s hand out of her pussy and she became almost limp on the chains, her legs shaking.

It was at that moment that his sister Anna walked into the room.


She was wearing a skintight, multi-coloured bodysuit that showed up her perfect figure. It was like one of those all-in-one pyjamas but made for going out and clubbing. The fashionable black boots with thick, arched soles she was wearing made her calves were tight and shapely, and that continued right up her body. Her breasts strained against the suit and she wore a black choker around her neck that rounded off the outfit. Her dark hair flowed down the front of her body, and she had that beautiful wry smile on her face that turned John on so much.

“So, this is what you get up to when I’m not here” she said, walking over directly to John and kissing him deeply. She began fondling the girls and their mother, inspecting them as you would a piece of fruit in the supermarket. She paid particular attention to Lacy, and John could see that his sister liked this one.

“This is Lacy, Sarah’s older sister, and this is their mother, Penny” he said. He saw her eyes light up at the word ‘mother’ and she moved over to Penny. John’s cock was now outside of the mother’s pussy, and he rubbed it against her clit causing her to moan in pleasure.

“Hi mommy” Anna said, and began making out with her. With her eyes still closed, she pulled the other two girls in close, and soon all four tongues were meeting messily in the middle. John began fucking Penny again, before catching his sister’s eye as she momentarily broke away from the group.

“Let’s have some fun with them, sis, eh?”

She nodded and started by grabbing the two daughters by the hair and tossing them on the ground. She made them face away from each other on all fours and smacked their asses to make sure they were arched sufficiently for her. She then walked into the bedroom, returning with a massive double-ended dildo.

“Now girls, I want to see you fuck each other. And mommy, you can help.”

John removed Penny’s chains and pushed her roughly to the floor between the two daughters. His sister began to push the dildo into her mouth, forcing it down as much as possible, forcing Penny to gag on it, her face going red. The whole time, she looked John’s sister in the eyes with that look of fearful submission, and he was reminded of how Sarah would do the same. Like mother, like daughter, he thought.

When Anna was satisfied the dildo was wet enough, she gave it to Penny and instructed her to put an end into her daughters’ assholes.

“Lick your daughters’ asses first, mommy, get them nice and wet.”

Penny did as she was told, spitting and slobbering her tongue over her two daughter’s asses, and John watched the two moan and call out for their mother to keep going. Soon though, she began slowly putting the dildo inside, doing Lacy first.

“Fuck, mommy, it’s so big” Sarah called out, but Anna sat in front of her and slapped her in the face.

“You’ll take what your mommy gives you, you understand you little dumb cunt?” she said, grabbing her by the neck and choking her for good measure. ‘Bro, get over here and shut this little cock whore up.”

John moved across and shoved his cock down the youngest daughter’s throat as her mother shoved the dildo further up her ass. He then watched as she did the same with Lacy, and the two sisters began moving back and forth, fucking each other. They both reached one hand behind and clasped them together, the two sisters looking at each other in the eyes as the dildo went deeper into their asses.

“That’s it, you little sluts” Anna said roughly “Fuck your own sister, be the whores that you want to be.”

His sister moved to Lacy and began choking her, staring her in the eyes as her face went redder from the lack of air and energy she was using to fuck her sister. Anna brought her tongue to the bottom of Lacy’s face and licked it all the way up in a single motion. She took her other hand and began shoving it down the older sisters’ throat, making her cough and spit. Her mascara was now spread messily across her face, turning on Anna and her brother even more.

“I like this one’ she said to her brother. ‘I’m going to keep her.”

John sat down on the couch and began watching them from the side, enjoying the show. Their mother began groping them wildly, licking their backs, fondling their breasts and playing with their cunts. His sister did the same for a while, before turning her attention to John. She unzipped her bodysuit from the top down to her belly button, exposing her breasts and licking her lips playfully as she looked at her brother with lust.

She got on all fours and crawled between his legs, bringing her head down to the shaft of his cock and sniffing all the way up, worshipping his dick before flicking her tongue at the top, meeting his eyes and then slowly swallowing it all the way down.

“God, I wish Emma was here to see this’ she said when she released his cock and began stroking it. ‘You are not going to believe how fucked up her family is – even compared to these sluts.”

The siblings looked each other in the eyes as she worked his cock, getting it nice and wet, her spit mixing with his sweat.

“I can’t believe I get to suck my own brother’s cock. It’s so fucking wrong. I love this cock so much. I love its taste, its smell, its hardness… I wish you had used my mouth when I was even younger. I wish you had snuck into my room and shoved it right down my teen throat.”

She brought her body up and put her brother’s cock in between her 16-year-old tits, bringing them together to tit fuck him expertly. Behind her, Penny was lying below her two daughters using two separate dildos to fuck their pussies, and they began cumming all over her, their squirt splashing on their mother’s face. She licked and swallowed as much as she could.

“Take off your fucking clothes’ John told his sis, and she stood up and removed the bodysuit, climbing on to his lap and taking his cock inside her. He brought his hand up and began choking her as she fucked him, slapping her tits with his other hand, or smacking her ass.

“Tell me how much you love fucking your sister” she whispered through shorted breaths, bring her face down so they could meet in a kiss.

“I love fucking you, baby, you’re my favourite incest slut, my favourite family cum dumpster.”

“Fuck yeah, make me your cum dump, bro, fucking use my fucking holes whenever you want it, make them yours, hurt me, fuck me, use me, degrade me, rape me…”

She came all over his cock, her wetness enveloping him. She collapsed against his body, whispering obscenities all the time.

John knew he was close now too, but he wanted to cover all the girls. He told Anna to get on the floor again and demanded all four suck his cock. Penny removed the dildo from her two daughters and all three family members joined his sister at the couch. But, before sucking his cock, Penny used the dildo on herself, moaning as it entered her cunt.

All four met over his cock, and he watched as they greedily choked on it. Whenever one of the girls couldn’t get a piece of it, they’d kiss another, or be rough with them. John loved when his sister and Penny began spitting at each other over the other two girls, whipping the spit onto each other’s faces.

He exploded onto the faces of the two sisters, catching his mother and sister too with the second stream as they went for a taste. He didn’t think he’d ever have so much cum in his life, and soon all four girls were licking and swapping cum in a greedy mess at his feet.

John allowed them all to clean his cock from top to bottom one more time before sitting back, expended. The rest of the evening was spent watching the girls fuck each other. He would get hard again and use their holes for a while, before cumming on them again for them to share.

At the end of the night, he tied Lacy and her mother to the wall again.

“Well, girls’ he said to Anna and Sarah. ‘Let’s leave these two sluts out for the night like pieces of meat. Feel free to come out and use them at any time you like.”

They smiled and joined him in the bedroom. During the night, all three separately went out and used the mother and daughter as they saw fit, and in the morning John found multiple dildos, strap-ons, whips and paddles on the floor beside them.

“Time for a shower, you two” he said, unchaining them and bringing them into the toilet. He put them down on their knees beside each other, their faces resting against the others and their mouths open.

“Now, tell me what you want” he said to the two of them.

“Make us your piss slaves, daddy” said Sarah.

“Piss all over mommy’s face, baby, fuck me up” said Penny.

He obliged, pissing onto the two of their faces, watching as they drank as much as they could before letting it pool in their mouths and fall down their bodies. Anna and Sarah joined him at the door and started shouting degrading things at the two. They then both moved either side of him and began stroking his cock, while the other two took it inside their mouths. It wasn’t long before John was cumming on the two again, and the mother and daughter were meeting in a cum-filled, incestual kiss.

“I think these two need another shower” Anna said into his ear.
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