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“I’ve always been fascinated by lesbian sex,” Andrew said feeling the wild abandon of the alcohol cloud his better judgment.
“I’ve always been fascinated by lesbian sex,” Andrew said feeling the wild abandon of the alcohol cloud his better judgment.

Julie burst out with giggles before Andrews step sister frowned at him and said, “Why would you say something like that to me?”

“Because you are a lesbian!” Andrew shouted slurring the words a little.

“I… I… what makes you think I’m a Lesbian?”

Andrew’s drink paused in mid-air to his mouth, “Because your room is right next to mine and you two aren’t quite. Even with the music playing I can still hear your moans.”

“Shit!” Julie said before hiding her blushing face behind her hands and falling into giggles again. Julie was what she called a preppy Goth chick. She wore dark lipstick and eyeliner but didn’t fall into the black clothes. Tonight she wore a hyper-pink top that left little to Andrews's imagination as well as the skin-tight jeans he wanted to peel off.

“If you tell mom I’ll kill you!” Leah threatened, pointing a finger at Andrew’s nose.

“Chill out,” Andrew said taking a drink. “I won’t tell anyone anything. I don’t care if you are gay I think it’s hot.”

“I’m your sister!”

“Fuck! Step sister and for all of two seconds. If we had met a year ago I would have smashed that shit.”

Julie giggled again but her eyes dropped to Andrew’s crotch where the swollen shaft of his cock was easily seen. “What about me?”

Andrew’s eyes snapped to Julie’s small breasts as he licked his lips saying, “Both of you are hot as hell. Too bad you are lesbians because I would love to have a threesome with you.”

“Ass hole,” Leah said throwing a pillow at Andrew and laughing.

The sudden assault caused Andrew to dump his drink down the front of his shirt so he quickly pulled it off revealing heavily carved abs and sleek tanned skin. Andrew was what caused blind women to stop and stare though he didn’t seem to notice.

Julie’s giggles caused Leah to glare at her. A silent conversation between the two girls referenced conversations they had had weeks before.

“I don’t mean to offend, like I said, I’m fascinated by lesbians. As a guy I know how great it feels to slide my cock into pussy. I just kind of figured it was the same way for girls having a cock slide into them. Lesbians are missing equipment so to speak!”

“They make dildos,” Julie said before turning red again and hiding her face.

“They make fake pussy too but guys still want the real thing. Don’t you miss it?” Andrew asked.

“Miss what?” Leah asked.

“She hasn’t ever had one,” Julie said still staring at Andrew’s bulge.

“Fuck, never? Then how could you know you are a full fledge lesbian?”

“I never said I was,” Leah hissed.

Andrew blinked and then drained his glass.

“Take your shorts off,” Julie demanded.

“What? Now?”

“No, tomorrow stupid,” Julie chastised Andrew.

“What are you…” Leah stopped when Julie held up a hand.

Andrew stood up and hesitating for only a moment dropped his shorts to the floor and kicked them aside. He was completely naked now his hairy legs a stark contrast to his shaved crotch. The large erection now hanging out in front of him pulsing. Julie moved to Leah and tugged off her clothes until she was naked, Leah’s large breast heaving in the cool air as her nipples hardened. Silently, Julie had taken control of the siblings easily and was now directing them to the couch. Leah took her position on the edge of the couch as Andrew sat next to her with eyes roaming wildly.

Julie quickly tugged off her tight jeans and panties before releasing her small A-cup breasts to be consumed by Andrew's wild eyes. Feeling elated she slipped between her best friend's legs sliding one hand up Leah’s thigh and the other up Andrew’s thigh. Julie hadn’t told anyone her fantasy about getting with a brother and sister before and this might be the only chance she got. Leah’s whimpers of pleasure quickly became groans as Julie sucked and licked on her tight opening. Julie’s fumbling hand found Andrew’s shaft and teased him as her tongue brought Leah closer to orgasm. Andrew’s boldness consummated as he squeezed Leah’s right breast, her momentary flinch of surprise softened into more moans so he continued squeezing and pinching the nipple.

“Yes, fuck yes!” Leah shouted as a wave of pleasure racked her body. Julie kissed and bit at her inner thigh until she recovered then ordered Leah to her knees taking her place on the couch. The girls switched and Leah pressed her mouth to the smaller girls waiting pussy.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Andrew said beginning to stroke his cock.

Julie slapped him to stop and said, “Put that cock in my mouth already.”

Wide-eyed Andrew fumbled around until he was standing on the couch, his sisters’ head beneath him as he pressed the tip of a very swollen cock to Julie’s lips. She took him inside sucking and licking his bulging head, as her mouth loosened for him she pulled on his hips until he was sliding deep into her throat and back out again. The thick hard cock pulled free of her mouth a few times so she could catch her breath while the mouth on her pussy sucked and licked her to what would be an earth-shattering orgasm.

“Fuck my throat hard,” Julie demanded sucking Andrew's head back into her mouth. The sexy boy didn’t hesitate to slam his shaft into her throat bouncing her head back and forth on the couch cushions. Julie’s orgasm was all the stronger because both brother and sister were pleasuring her. The screams of pleasure were muted by the thick cock slamming into her throat but the violent tremors of her body caused both siblings to step back and watch her pleasure.

“Are you okay?” Andrew asked when Julie slid to her side on the couch still shaking.

“Fuck yeah, that was amazing!” When she had recovered enough she began barking orders again bending Leah over the edge of the couch and stacking more cushions for her to lay on until Julie was laying on the couch with Leah’s mouth back on her pussy and Andrew standing behind Leah.

“Fuck your sister, Andrew,” Julie ordered. When Leah tried to protest Julie’s hand forced her head back down. “Be gentle it’s her first time.”

Hesitating, Andrew just watched the smooth sexy ass in front of him. This was his dream come true but he wanted Leah’s permission to fuck her and as if knowing what he was waiting for she reached back and pulled her cheeks open for him.

“Fuck!” Andrew said pressing his slick cock to Leah’s wet pussy, the tip of him slipped in instantly and Leah bucked at the sudden intrusion but he just pressed in further, slowly working his thick shaft deeper.

“That’s fucking hot!” Julie said as Andrew pressed his hips to his sister’s ass filling her completely. “Does your sister’s pussy feel amazing?”

“Yes, she is so tight and hot,” Andrew said beginning to slide back and forth building speed as he fucked her.

Leah’s head lay on Julie’s thigh now as she pressed three thin fingers into Julie's pussy, both girls were whining and moaning. The moment between the three of them burst suddenly as Leah received her first penetration orgasm. Julie screamed as her body shook and Andrew pressed deep inside Leah and grunting released a thick load of cum. The trio’s orgasm broke as suddenly as it arrived sending the sex-soaked bodies in different directions gasping and struggling for air.
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