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Visiting my brother for the week, we get a surprise from his new neighbors.
Stepping out of the backdoor of my brother’s house in the late afternoon on the way to the pool,

“Man, it’s still hot out here today!” I said.

“Not as hot as it’s going to be!” he replied while reaching to grasp my waving cock.

I laughed while reaching for one cheek of his ass and squeezing it firmly, “I bet!” I replied, loving the feel of his ass cheek in my hand. My brother has always been on the pudgy side, mainly in the waist with most of it being in his butt. He said he didn’t mind as when he is taken from behind it acts like a cushion from the hard pounding, he likes so much. I just love the feel of his ass cheeks pressing against me as I bury my cock into him.

His swimming pool is located at the back end of his lot, kind of in the middle with a seven-foot-tall fence all around his property. Wooden fences on the side and a chain link one across the back. I asked him about going skinny dipping with just a chain-link fence, concerned about folks just looking in. He said not to worry as there are bushes all along the ally side of the fence and some trees in each corner which offered some cover and shade. I looked unsure at him, but he didn’t seem worried, so I just thought ‘why not’.

We had stripped off our clothing as we walked thru the kitchen and once, we stepped outside, the warmth of the late afternoon sun against my naked skin felt so good and even better was the feeling of my growing rod in my brother’s hand while he smeared my pre-cum over the head. About half-way to the pool, he stopped us and pulled me into a hard embrace and a deep kiss, me returning both in turn, reveling in the feel of our tongues dancing and our hand gripping our asses while our cocks smeared the slippery fluid from our dripping rods against our stomachs.

Breaking off our kiss, we continued to the pool and once reaching there, I went to sit on one of the chaise lounges and Glenn started to head for the pool.

“Hey, hey, hey”, I called out.

Glenn stopped and turned to look at me with a questioned look on his face.

“Remember our discussion of earlier?” I said to him with a grin and my with hand up, a finger motioning him to come to me.

“Oh… yea.” He replied and began walking over to where I was sitting.

Glenn came over and stood in front of me, his semi-hard cock and balls right at my eye height. I glanced up at him with a smile while my hand cupped his ball, feeling their weight.

“Feels like you have enough of that hot man-juice to fill me.”, I said as I rolled his sack in my hand.

He went to reply but before he could, he just softly moaned as I had taken his cockhead into my mouth and was running my tongue over his tip savoring his sweet tasting pre-cum while making him harder so he can fuck me soon.

We are no strangers to swapping cum as we have done it several times in the past. Not as much as we like as we live on opposite sides of the country. We found our love of each other thick cum when we were much younger and still at home. But as time moved on, we went our separate ways, I into a relationship with a woman (I am Bi-sexual) and he went into the service and then look for a partner once he got out (he is gay).

It had been many years since we had seen each other so I decided to come out and visit his new place. One that he and his new partner had just purchased. It was good to see him again and that first night here it was like old times, sitting and drinking while learning of what we have been doing since the last time we met. I asked of his partner, Regina, and he informed me that she (she is trans female and one that I secretly lust after, but more on that later) had gone over to a friends house for a couple of days but should be back before I had to leave.

That first night was just like old times with lips tasting, hands exploring and cocks emptying. And went we had thoroughly worn each other out, we spooned where he pulled me tight against him and shifted his hips so his cockhead was press against my rosebud. When I turned my face for a ‘good night’ kiss,

I whispered, “This is a first!”

With a sheepish grin, he replied,

“Yea… I think it’s about time. But not tonight, ok”

In all the times we have bedded each other he has never taken me with his cock, even though I have offered my ass to him almost each time. And when I ask him why, his reply is always he is afraid he will hurt me. To which I look at him with funny look on my face as if to say ‘What!!’ You see, his manhood is just a bit short of 5 inches (yes, we measured) but is thick. And I mean thick, to the point that I can barely get much more that his cockhead in my mouth and my fingers and thumb will not meet when I stroke him. As we are usually in the middle of tearing the bed sheets apart when this comes up, I just drop it. I have had big cocks before, and I prefer them long and thin. I like for my lover’s pulsing shaft to hit my sweet spot as it is being driven into me, making my own dick harder and cum flow out with each thrust.

“That’s fine.” I replied.

Then we kissed and went off to dreamland. A smile on my face, knowing of what was to cum.

Coming back to the present, I eased my mouth off his well hardened shaft before he could pour his load down my throat (not that that would have been a bad thing, mind you). I grinned at him as he stepped back from me watched as I then turned around and crawled up on the chaise on all fours and spread my legs as wide as I could.

I glanced over my shoulder and watched as he stepped up to the edge of the lounge and before climbing on to it to fill me with his cock and cum, he placed his hands on my ass cheeks and began slowly moving over my skin. It was as if he was seeing me for the first time. First moving his fingers over each cheek, squeezing each one firmly before moving his hands down the outsides of my thighs before moving to the insides, again firmly squeezing.

I turned my head around and leaned down on my elbows, giving my brother a better angle of entry. Just as I was moving my head to rest on my arms, I let out a moan at the feeling of Glenn’s hands one cupping my nutsack while the other surrounded my hardened shaft while his thumb smeared my precum over the tip, while at the same time his tongue pressed and slipped into my rose bud. While loving these feelings, I was getting restless so I moved my knees to the very edges of the lounge and shook my hips while saying,

“Fuck Me, Babe… NOW!!”

With a slight chuckle, he began to move his hands from the ‘boys’ but not before pulling my cock back taking the head in his mouth and licking it quickly causing me to gasp loudly while pulling my head up and looking back at him with a surprised look. He gave me a sheepish grin while moving one hand to hip and the other to hold his own shaft and began to smear his pre-cum against my rosebud. I once again pushed back against his dick and his swollen slipped into me, causing me to let out a small gasp at the width of his cockhead, me now wondering if I had underestimated his size.

Glenn now had my hips in each hand and was slow rocking his hips, pushing cockhead in and out of me and me starting to love the feeling of his filling me each time he would push, going deeper each time. I was moving my head into a different position when Glenn, gripped my hips and plunged his cock fully into my ass, his hips slapping my ass as he did. I quickly came up on all fours and cried out at the suddenness of his move.

“SEE! I told you!” Glenn cried out as he began to pull out of me.

“NO!” I quickly replied, causing him to stop. “Just give me a sec, Lover. It’s been awhile since I had a big cock fill me up like yours.”

“But I’m not THAT big!” He quickly replied.

With my breathing and the pain somewhat under control, I replied with a chuckled,

“Said the man with the horse cock.”

Glancing back over my shoulder at him I give him a smile as he leans, giving me a shoulder and whispering with a concerned look on his face,

“Are you sure?”, He asked.

I nodded and to drive the point home I push hips back against him taking in more of his pulsating manhood.

And that was all the encouragement he needed. He leaned back up, placed his hands back on my hips then pulled his so swollen cock out more and droved full force into me. I gasped again at full feeling of his beautiful dick filling me. As he was picking up speed, I looked down between my legs and grinned at the sight of his cum filled nutsack slapping mine and my own cock dribbling my leaking cum against my legs, waist and just about everywhere.

Hearing him saying “so tight!” repeatedly, I lay my head and chest down to the lounge and grab the side rails to hold on as the loud kissing of his hips against my ass is getting harder for fear of being push onto the walkway of the pool and I knew that very soon, Glenn would be banging my ass harder than a screen door in a hurricane. With the growing feeling that I am going to cum soon with him hitting my sweet spot, I suddenly realize that he has slowed down and just as I was going to say anything he leaned forward and wrapped his right arm around my waist and pulled me tight against his hips, he cried out as the first shot of his hot cream pumped deep within me. I released my grip on the siderails now that his pounding into me had slowed down to firm rocking motion against my ass, squirting more of his man love into me.

While I thoroughly Glenn filling me for the first time, I did have one thought run thru my mine… wishing that I had sucked him off and drank all of his hot cum. Oh well another time. I came up on all fours as his pumping into me had stopped and I felt him lay on across my back. Looking between our legs, I first noticed the puddle of cum on the lounge pad and then seeing my softened cock, realized where it came from. Grinning, I reached back with my hand to cup his balls roll them around in my hand, yep… they empty.

Glenn kissed my back and started to pull out of me but before he could tug lightly on his sack,

“Not yet”, I said huskily.

To which he pushed back into me and then I squeezed my ass muscles around his rather slowly deflating cock just to get the last of him in me. That done, he pulled out with a quiet load pop due to how tight he filled my. I sat back and looking up at him I patted pad in front of me,

“Cock wash is open, Good Sir.”

He gave a slight chuckle as moved from behind me to the side of the lounge and then straddled it, placing his still moist love pole beneath my face as he leaned back to get comfy. With one hand grasping the base and directing towards my waiting mouth, the other hand fondled his nutsack with a couple of fingers moving towards his rosebud. Leaning forward, I closed my lips over Glenn’s cockhead and began to run my tongue around it licking up all the leftover cum I could fine. A few moments later as I was just finishing up, I felt Glenn’s hand press lightly on the back of my head and while doing so whispered,

“Don’t look but it seems we have an audience.”

Trying to move my head up enough so I could speak, “Where?” I asked.

He quickly replied,

“Don’t LOOK!”

“I didn’t!” I said. “Just moved my head so I can talk. Where they at?”

“Second floor of the house behind us.” He answered, “I can see what seems to be two heads behind the shear curtain. Can’t make out their faces but can see the curtain moving a bit.”

Glancing up at Glenn, I noticed he was wearing his sunglasses so he could see them, but they could not see his eyes moving. While fiddling with his cock,

“Know anything about the people in that house?” I asked, leaning down to kiss the tip, causing him to jump a bit.

“Not much really. Moved in just over a month ago. Family of five, Mom, Dad and three kids. A set of twins, teenagers I think, and a younger one, don’t know how old. Appear to be of Latin descent but their English is excellent, so must be local folk.” He replied.

Looking up at him with a raised eyebrow, “And that last bit of info is important… Why?” I asked, with a bit of a kick in my voice.

“I just telling you what I heard on the street!” he quickly replied. “Doesn’t make any different to me.” He added just as quickly.

“What I thought.” I replied as I got up from the chaise lounge and start walking over to the pool “I am going to do a couple of laps.” I said then stopping just before the pool’s edge and looking back at Glenn,

“It’s ok, right?” I asked.

“Sure!” he replied, adding, “Why did you ask?”

Cocking my head and glancing at him, “Well I am full of YOU, and I just didn’t want to…”

With a quick wave of his hand, Glenn cut in with a grin, “Not to worry, Pat, I have a pool boy that will take care of everything! And then some.”

Shaking my head with a laugh, I jumped into the pool and just before swimming off to do my laps, I glance at the backyard neighbors window just to see what looked like something splash on it. What the fuck I thought as I pushed off.

After doing my few laps, we retired to the house and had a quiet evening. Me doing some reading and Glenn on the phone with his lady love in the other room talking, I am assuming. After he finished on the phone, we retired to the bedroom and called it a night.
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