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Three weeks later Sarah told me Michelle had been in touch with her a few times. “She promised to keep in touch and introduce us to some of her friends. She asked if we would like to meet two of her friends next Sunday afternoon.”
We met her during our recent stay at a Swingers Resort, see our story, SARAH WANTS TO BE SEDUCED BY AN OLDER WOMAN.

“I told her yes. Then she asked, two males, two females or one of each? And how old?”

“I took the initiative and told her two females, in their early-twenties, twenty- years younger than us. Is that fine by you baby?”

“Yes I told her,” thinking about the possible connections four women and one man might have.

“Do you want to have lesbian sex with Michelle again Sarah?,” I asked as we showered together shortly before Michelle and her girls were due.

“You know I do, she was so good, ten years older than us. The best lesbian sex I have ever had. And you had her as well. Would you like to watch her tongue fuck me again?”

“What shall we wear for them?,” Sarah asked as we dried each other off.

We hadn’t sex with a third person for three weeks, wonderful and exciting anticipation as we both looked forward to flaunting our naked bodies for Michelle and two, much younger girls, and perhaps new sexual partners?

We are both sexual exhibitionists and both enjoy flaunting our naked or almost naked bodies for new sexual partners, male or female, both at the same time is an extra buzz. That day, as we often do, we decided to wear short, black, silk black dressing gowns, no belts, an extra buzz for two sexual exhibitionists, our sex on subtle display. At the last moment Sarah decided on her new heels, her legs look wonderful in them and her new black diaphanous gown, to highlight her otherwise naked body and magnificent big ass.

When I helped her remove it, she told me, and the male sales assistant who she insisted give his opinion, while she posed in it naked underneath, “Diaphanous means one sees through it to the object or property the experience is representing, in this case my naked body. I leant long ago a diaphanous gown should be so delicate and thin that you can see through. That’s a lot of money for something so delicate. Does it pass the test boys?”

“Yes, a match made it heaven. Cash or card?,” the voyeuristic, male sales assistant told her as she handed it to him as he ogled her naked body and big ass. I do enjoy my lady being a sexual exhibitionist in moments like this.

Huge chemistry between Michelle and Sarah as soon as she arrived and they tongue kissed by way of greeting. Then it was my turn for Michelle to tongue kiss me.

“These are my two work experience girls, Gael and Giselle. They are learning how to tease females and males as foreplay, just as teasers do in the porn industry,” Michelle told us with a self satisfied smile.

The two girls were both wearing cut off shorts to highlight their glorious thighs and low heels, a wonderful look.

Michelle had everyone’s full attention as she continued. “I promised them they could watch me fucking you with my tongue Sarah. I want them to tease you first. I think you might like that?

“I told them you are a pornographer’s delight for men and women. Twenty-years older than them, gender fluid, wonderful thighs, magnificent ass, sexy nipples, you love being licked. And you are multi-orgasmic.

“I also explained to them your man is well endowed, much larger than most, and thick.

“You really are a pornographer’s delight Sarah,” Michelle told her as one of the girls removed her gown and they both ogled her naked body. “Have you ever seen an ass as magnificent as that? Kiss and lick her ass cheeks, both of you.

“You like that don’t you Sarah?,” Michelle teased as she alternated tongue kissing her and licking and sucking her nipples while her two girls licked and kissed the cheeks of her magnificent big ass. “Tell me you love it. Tell me!”

“Yes, I love it, yes, yes. Is my man watching?”

“I want you to sit naked, side by side on the couch so my girls can tease each of you,” Michelle told us she kissed the two girls with the tip of her tongue as they undressed her.

Michelle is an obvious lipstick lesbian with cropped, blond hair and a feline, size-12 body, around ten years older than us. “Not bad for fifty plus,” she smiled as Sarah and I ogled her naked, feline body. Fabulous long legs, a manicured tuft of jet black pubic hair over her bald cunt lips.

One of the girls was licking and sucking Sarah’s nipples as the other girl licked and sucked my nipples, a sure fire way of giving me a full on, thick, nine-inch erection.

“Lick your way up her thighs, slowly, now the tip of her clit. Is that good Sarah?,” Michelle asked as she and Sarah were passionately kissing.

“I promised you he was well endowed, much larger than most, and thick,” Michelle whispered to the girl who was licking my erection.

“Let’s put on a show for my girls Sarah,” Michelle told her as she and Sarah continued passionately kissing with the tips of their tongues. “I want my girls to watch me tongue fuck you while you suck your man’s erection.”

“I can still remember the first time I had you Sarah. I asked you to tell me what you wanted me to do to your gorgeous naked body.” Michelle teased as she knelt behind her with her hands on her hips as she licked and kissed her ass cheeks. “Your ass is magnificent, firm and no dimples. How do you do it?”

“Tell me Sarah, what do you want from me?” she asked again as Sarah parted her legs so Michelle could reach between her legs with her arm and tease her cunt lips with a fingertip as she continued licking and kissing her ass cheeks.

“I want it all. Lick my cunt until I cum for you. Then do it again. You know I am multi-orgasmic. Then do it again, and again until I squirt. I want want to squirt for you and your girls,” Sarah told her as they kissed and rubbed each others erect nipples together.

Sarah was laying on her back on our bed, her legs spread, with a pillow under her ass as the girls and I watched Michelle lick her way up Sarah’s thighs. Just as Michelle’s tongue flicked her clit, one of the girls licked her nipples as the other girl tongue kissed her.

The two girls were almost mesmerised as they watched Michelle and Sarah kissing with their tongue tips as Michelle ran a hand along my erection. “Tell me Sarah, what do you want from me?, she teased.

“I want it all now, right now while your girls watch. Lick my cunt until I cum for you. And again and again until I squirt for you and your girls while I suck my man’s erection.

“Tease me and my girls first while we watch your man slide his erection between your lips while you lick it with the tip of your tongue.”

Sarah and I have been in many sexually exciting scenarios, though I can’t recall one such as this. Two girls in their early-twenties, twenty- years younger than us, watching Michelle, their talented minder giving my lady a wonderful tongue fuck while they alternate watching me slowly sliding my erection between my lady’s pursed lips. A turn on for all of us.

When we commenced our three-way the two girls were both wearing cut off shorts to highlight their glorious thighs with low heels, a wonderful look with their arms around each other as they watched us giving and receiving sexual pleasure. “Oh wow, a real menage a trois, such a turn on,” they muttered as they kissed each other while removing each other’s cut off shorts to highlight their glorious thighs even further, then their tiny, black matching thongs.

Wonderful eye candy for all of us as they ran a fingertip along each other’s cunt lips, obviously determined not to miss watching a single moment of our three-way.

I understand Sarah so well, I know when she is almost ready to squirt for a woman or man as they pleasure her. She was breathing very heavily as Michelle kept on licking her cunt lips as she inserted a finger into her. “Fuck my cunt, fuckamycunt, I love it, fuckamycunt.”

“You are a magnificent lesbian fuck Sarah, even better than the last time, and ten years younger than me. I love it, so good and so wet,” Michelle managed to mutter as she curled her finger to find her g-spot. Sarah was right on the brink as Michelle withdrew her finger, both of them enjoying the tease. Then repeating it twice. She had Sarah’s body trembling as she moaned, “Gunna squirt for you Michelle and the girls, gunna squirt, watch me squirt.”

My erection was rock hard as I watched my lady squirting for a woman and two girls, her eyes closed, a look of absolute sexual pleasure on her face as she squirted in large bursts.

“Did you like watching that girls? Your lady is awesome Roger, so good. Now what can I do for you and your rock hard erection? The last time I had Sarah, I gave you a blow job afterwards while she watched. May I again Sarah? Would you like to watch me blow your man? Or would you like to watch my two girls give him a blow job?”

“You know your turn on is my turn on baby,” Sarah whispered as she tongue kissed me while Gael and Giselle alienated licking my nipples and sucking my cock with Michelle watching on as we sat on a couch.

“You know your turn on is my turn on baby,” I told Sarah. “Which one of the girls would you like to tongue fuck while Michelle and I watch?”

It was no surprise when she chose Gael, the girl with bigger tits. After Sarah had licked, sucked and kissed her large tits with nipples to match Gael was siting alongside me on the couch with Sarah kneeling between her legs as she demonstrated her lesbian skills for all of us.

Giselle had me close, so close, to huge orgasm as Michelle watched closely and offered advice to both Gisell and Sarah. “Tease him, edge him. Tease her, edge her.

“You and your man are a pornographer’s delight Sarah. We should do this far more often,” Michelle told Sarah as the girls and me watched them shower together, their chemistry obvious with their hands all over each other. “Next time I want to lick you like an ice cream.”

“And so you will. Next Sunday afternoon?”
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