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Dean & Serena
Themes: ws, mast, lez, m/f, swapping

This in an offshoot project from the Margey Household chronicles. Some of the characters are the same, some new. Read the other stories in the series (Books 1-9) to find out the full background or some of it won't make any sense.

Warning: The events and characters in this story are imaginary. If you at attempt to duplicate them in real life, you will end up sharing a jail cell with a big fat man called Bubba.

Chapter 10-6 Proof of Love

by StackofBooks

(2718 words)

Serena & Dean worked for the same company as Adam, but all 3 were allocated to different departments.

But the two had first met in an entirely different department, when they were both single. They started on the same day and therefore went through the two-week long initiation program together.

Serena had always had a thing about tall, blond, muscular blond guys, and this one was a perfect specimen.

Likewise, he appreciated big breasts, a full backside, nice legs, and good dress sense. She with her long brown hair and such a pretty face further ticked all the boxes as far as he was concerned.

But it wasn't physical attraction that first brought them together really. They had the same sense of humour, same taste in music and films, both loved cooking, had travelled to many of the same places in the world. What they both loved was reading: non-fiction, fiction, but especially thrillers like the Dick Francis genre. They lent each other copies of his books that the other hadn't read, and spent coffee and lunch breaks discussing their merits and negative aspects. 

Their first date was at a restaurant, because Dean had just received from Amazon two copies of Proof (neither had read it), and had given her one the day before. They both were bleary eyed the next day, as both had done an all-nighter to finish it.

[Without spoiling it for you, it concerns a wine merchant/shop owner who helps investigate a fraud concerning spirits (whisky, rum, gin, brandy, etc.) One of his finest works in my opinion.]

They rushed to leave the office, as both had so much they wanted to say about it.

They ordered a drink, then some food, but neither really tasted or appreciated the dishes that were put in front of them. This was unusual as both considered themselves 'foodies', and each harboured a secret desire to become a food critic, travelling the world. (They both discovered this about each other a long time later.)

Together, they agreed that most of Francis' novels were slightly formulaic, but my goodness, he really did his research for each novel. Meticulous research!! And he used to be a jockey.

The discussion went on in a similar vein for a while, until the waiter subtly indicated he needed the table for other customers.

Dean's flat was nearer (just around the corner actually) and both went there with no intention of anything untoward happening. They were just good friends. (Still are - maybe that's the key to successful relationships.)

They each had just one glass of wine, neither wanting to get tipsy, and chatted about the pros and cons of their favourite novels by him.

Eventually, they got onto music and favourite songs and artistes. This is when Serena discovered he was a musician. He picked up his 6-string guitar from the other room, and played and sang a few well-known pop songs. His voice was sweet and strong. Hers was pretty good too, and she could harmonise with him perfectly.

Being a chivalrous gentleman, he walked her home, and returned back on his way without even getting or expecting a kiss. Once back home, he picked up his guitar, and wrote a song for her called 'Proof of Love'. It wasn't really his plan to seduce her with it, but sometimes lyrics just fell out of him, and he had no real control about their meaning or destination.

He typed it up and printed it out, sending it by internal snail-mail to her desk on the other side of the big open-plan office the following day.

She was gobsmacked when she read it. Such simple words but with a much deeper meaning if you looked into them.

She walked over to his cubicle, made sure no-one was looking and kissed him full on the lips.

Thank you, Dean. I really love your song. Can you come to my place tonight so I can cook for you?

He confessed he hadn't finished writing the music & chords for it yet, and some of the lyrics needed tweaking to match the metre of the melody in his head.

After the wonderful meal that she had carefully prepared, he again left without wanting or needing anything in return.

Unfortunately, next week, Dean was moved to another department, whereas she stayed where she was (for the time being). There was an unofficial company policy of not putting boyfriends & girlfriends/married couples together, but as they had not yet openly declared they were an item, thought it just unlucky fate.

They still saw each other at lunchtimes, and their next topic was films: specifically Shawshank Redemption this time.

It was Dean's turn to cook at his place and she declared it delicious. He brought out a different guitar, a 12-string, and played the now completed version of the song to her. He taught her the harmonies for the chorus and they made a beautiful noise together.

She cuddled up to him on the sofa and they started heavy petting. They both realised there was no way back now, and admitted that reticence and pussyfooting around was not helpful or conducive. One of the lines in the song was 'Let's dive in' and they did just that. Their lovemaking was as harmonious as the song - sweet and tender, passionate and unselfish, giving freely of themselves and receiving it back in spades. 

Two weeks later, Adam showed Serena a room in his apartment she thought was an empty spare one. It turned out to be a home studio, chock-a-block with expensive technology, none of which she knew what it was for. OK, she knew a tape recorder when she saw one. And a mixing desk.

He sat in his padded office chair, with her on his lap. He turned the computer screen on, with information on it that was completely alien to her. He pressed the space bar on the computer keyboard, and she heard a full version of that song: drums and percussion, 2 or 3 guitars, piano and a synth, bass, strings and a bit of brass, and multi-layered voices. She lay back in his arms and drifted away, as he shyly put his hands on her boobs.

She asked to listen one more time.

But Dean, I think there's something missing in the chorus.

You're absolutely right, my precious one. There's an empty track for your voice, the harmony you did the first time you heard it. Are you willing to record it for me this weekend?

And so it transpired.


They got married not long after.

In the present day, they had both moved on to different departments, the ones that Adam knew them to be in. 

After their tryst with Adam & Jean and the two Russian minxes, they were looking for pastures new.

Out of the blue, Serena got a a call from an old college friend. A former room-mate called Tina. She and her hubby Daniel were moving to within 10 miles of them. Although neither of the women would label themselves gay, they'd had lesbian dalliances before as well as foursomes with their boyfriends. Serena hoped her friend's sexual appetite had not waned in the intervening years, and Dan might be up for a bit of swapping action. 

Dean had already set the wheels in motion for a hot tub and he chose the exact same model that they'd experienced at Adam & Jean's from the company owner, a guy called Adrian.

He was very efficient and competent, and within 2 weeks the married couple were enjoying a good soak. And of course the first thing they did in it? Fuck each other! Isn't that what most people use it for?? But the installer had warned them not to get too much semen, urine or even body dirt (shower beforehand!!) in it as the cost of chemicals and filters (and work to replace them) then escalated.

According to their own wife-swapping rules, they arranged to meet Tina and Dan socially a couple of times, first in a pub for a drink, then a restaurant, to suss each other out.

Tina didn't seemed to have changed much: bright, bubbly, vivacious, with an undercurrent of sexuality thrown in. Dan & Dean got on well, as he turned out to be a musician too: a drummer in fact. This interested Dean as he was planning to get an electronic drum kit and it would be useful to get Dan to play it on some of his tracks. Turned out they both knew a lot of the same people in local amateur bands. They even talked about the possibility of going gigging as a duo.

By the time they'd finished the meal at their second meeting, it was obvious that both guys were attracted to the other's partner. And vice versa for the women. There was a strong chemistry.

On the phone the next day, Tina let slip to Serena they'd already tried swapping once, but it hadn't gone well. The other guy was too aggressive and possessive, and rather than having an ugly confrontation with him (not Dan's scene), Dan had just led his wife away and they drove off. Pity, because the wife Michelle was very delectable and sweet-natured and he would have liked to have banged her. Tina was attracted to her as well, and had dreams and daydreams about 69ing her.

So they were now very cautious but were sure with Dean & Serena it would work out well.

They agreed on this coming Saturday - the guys shook hands on it. The girls hugged and kissed and unseen by their hubbies each put a finger up the other's knickerless cootie into their hole.

All the way back home, each girl was slyly sniffing her digit as her man drove, his eyes fixed on the road ahead.

Their scheme had been hatched in the restaurant toilets just before leaving, and it was put into action when they got home.

The following happened in both houses.

Serena got undressed and climbed into bed. She started cuddling Dean, saying she'd had a very nice evening and was looking forward to the weekend meeting. He agreed and started caressing her boobs, and then moved to her pussy. She asked for just a bit of foreplay, but really wanted fucking as hard and as soon as possible. 

While he was pumping in and out, she started talking dirty to him.

What do you think of Tina (Serena)?

Describe to me what you think she looks like under her clothes

What would you like to do to her in bed?

Do you think she fancies you? Why?

In what way might she be kinky?

Tell me what they are both doing right now

Etc. Etc.

Their hubbies were getting nearer to their climax, and their last question was:

Tell me what her cunt smells like. Like this?? And thrust her smelly finger under his nose. 

Both men knew it was pussy, but not his wife's. Therefore it must be Tina/Serena.

Their orgasms reached 9.8 on the Richter scale, and it took a long while to come down from that high. The women confessed what they had done, and felt sure the hot tub party would go well as a result.

Their guests arrived at midday, and drinks and snacks were served. They promised a lasagne and bread and butter pudding for later. (A bit boring as they'd done the same thing for Adam and Jean, and they were both better cooks than that. But both dishes had the advantage that they were easy to prepare in advance, and only needed to be put in the oven.)

They talked about their lives so far, how they'd met their spouse, and Serena and Tina shared a few salacious details of their college days together.

The boys disappeared into the music room together and jammed a few things on piano and guitar.

Alone for the time being, the girls reminded each other of their lesbian romances (with each other as well as other people) and admitted they still had strong feelings for each other. They reminisced about some of the boys who'd been in their room that year, things neither of them wanted their other half to ever hear about.

When all those secret avenues had been exhausted, they picked up their glasses and dragged the other two out to the hot tub.

At a given prearranged signal the girls started undressing their opposite number. Tina was particularly impressed by Dean's long floppy foreskin and muscled upper body. Serena really liked Dan's cut 7- incher (she'd never had a circumcised one before) and his very hairy chest. (Dean was smooth.)

They took turns wanking each to full erection.

The guys started giving directions to do things to the other's wife.

Take her top off.

Her bra is front fastening.

Kiss her nipples.

She likes her nips tweaked hard.

Blow a raspberry on her belly

Lick her belly button

Go behind her to take her skirt off

See that catch? Undo that, then pull the zip down. She can then step out of it.

Put your nose in her Vee.

Is that what you could smell on that finger the other night?

Slowly pull her knickers down and gaze at her pussy.

Open her legs slightly and ask permission to put a finger in.

Pull it out and smell it like a wine cork.

Is that the gen-yoo-ein article?

Let her sniff it.

Give it to the other lady to savour.

My bet is they're going to be muff munching before the night is out

The women pulled the men into the tub as the night air was making their naked bodies cold.

Serena switched the jacuzzi jets on and showed Tina where to sit to get the full effect. The men just watched as they had orgasm after orgasm, louder and louder.


Each girl sat on the other guy's lap, and they both accepted the dick going into their cunt. The men stayed stationary and the females bounced up and down.

After a while Serena said: Let's get dried off and take this into the house.

Once there, they decided to continue fucking the other's partner. Each girl reminded them what their responses to the 'What would you like to do to them in bed?"' question.

Soon everyone was groaning and grunting and coming.

The boys recuperated, and true to form, as per Dean's prediction, the females were eating each other out, sucking up the seed, and feeding the other.

Timeout for another 15 mins.

Tina said she had never done DP, and wanted to try it. (Both were news to Dan!) Serena had the same info for Dean!!

The boys did rock/paper/scissors for which of Tina's holes to take, and agreed to swap for Serena.

Dan was underneath face up and Tina face down as he entered her vag. Dan lubed up his wife and himself, and they both pushed in deep. The cum explosions of all 3 were momentous.

Serena adopted the same position. Her cunt muscles were well developed, and she used them to good effect on the penises inside her.

By now, they were all satiated, but knew they still had good ideas to save up for and use next time. 

Sexy and non-sexy general chat took place for the next two hours. Serena put both dishes of food in the oven, and they all washed each other in the shower while they cooked.

It needed an hour after the main course before the dessert was served.

Everyone was on a high with food and sex satisfaction, and their friends left with warm goodbyes.

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