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Suze & Martin star
Themes: ws, mast, lez, m/f, swapping

This in an offshoot project from the Margey Household chronicles. Some of the characters are the same, some new. Read the other stories in the series (Books 1-9) to find out the full background or some of it won't make any sense.

Warning: The events and characters in this story are imaginary. If you at attempt to duplicate them in real life, you will end up sharing a jail cell with a big fat man called Bubba.

Chapter 10-7 The Suze and Martin show

by StackofBooks

(2885 words)

Sequel to 10-5 Butt plugs

Margey and I continued our pee games often with each other, but restricted ourselves to the bathtub and shower tray in the bathroom - inside the house.

As the new turf had now been relaid on the lawn (hurrah, you all cry! Eventually!), urination or pooping was banned outside, as my wallet was now a lot lighter than before. (How much??? For just a few pieces of grass?? WTF!)

We asked the installers about why the previous lawn had stained so badly but they said they'd never seen it before and had no idea. We avoided telling them the embarrassing truth that hundreds of people, our family, guests and visitors, had pissed on it constantly and often during the last few years!!!

However, a different solution was found as Ken & Martha (the Chinese couple from down the road) and their daughter Sandy brought with them one day a medium sized children's paddling pool they'd picked up second-hand from a car boot sale. (They'd actually been looking for glass ornaments which they liked to collect!)

After careful thought, we decided to place it adjacent to a flower bed. That way it could be tipped up sideways to empty it, hosed out with the spray attachment, and the nitrogen, phosphorus and other mineral salts contained in the urine would hopefully benefit the daffs and chrysanths there.

As usual, Martha stripped her top off (no bra beneath) as soon as she arrived to show off her bazookas and invited anyone, male or female, to motorboat her. (She was yet to meet Deena - that would indeed be a clash of the Tit-ans. Pun fully intended.) Sandy followed suit, and many more 'Brrs' were seen and heard.

In fact, what the Wang family did next was to all strip off completely, climb into the little pool, and show off to one and all their family peeing skills that they usually did in private. They admitted that they'd already tried the pool out a few times in their own garden, but decided the Margey household would benefit more from its use. Such a noble gesture.

By this time, everyone who'd been in the house heard the commotion and ran out to join in. So me, Margey, Suze, Beth & Bindi contributed our golden (or pale yellow; or colourless and almost tasteless in the case of the Indian girl) streams onto them and each other.

Lots more soft drinks were provided so everyone could top up. Pretty soon we had a houseful as Margey invited over Franny & Chris, Ben & Molly and Andrea & Kim.

Martin arrived, expecting to see just his girlfriend Suze, but his eyes opened wide at the spectacle before him. He had had an inkling about this family's pee fetish, but this was wild. Franny introduced herself as the older sister, took him by the hand into the small pool, and asked for a pee drink. She then encouraged him to pee over her T-shirt, then lifted it up as he directed his shower on her huge bare breasts. Franny was delighted by the effect she had on his willy as it grew to full size, and told Suze to go take care of it.

(Truth be told, she wanted to fuck him herself, but discretion was the better part of valour as she decided she should clear it with her sibling first so as not to tread on her toes. Sigh! There would be another day and opportunity...)

Suze grabbed him by the hand and took him into the house. They never made it to the bedroom, only the living room, and by the time they'd finished fucking, now both fully nude, they had an audience of...well, everyone. She invited any guy present to come in her mouth, on her boobs or belly. (Me, Chris, Ken & Ben gladly took her up on the offer.) The couple got a deserved round of applause. Some of the girls cleaned both combatants with their tongues.

After the hubbub, everyone calmed down a bit and just chatted outside. Sandy and I had a serious talk for once, without banter or barbs, and she thanked me for letting me use the pool as the extra practice had paid off and she was now a member of the college swim team. She admitted that although she loved soccer, especially being a goalie like her hero Hope Solo, the weight of her large breasts as she ran around were beginning to cause problems with her health, her back in particular. With swimming, the water actually assisted as it floated those appendages.

By way of demonstration, she took my hands and cupped them under her unclothed mammaries and I lifted them up, and indeed they were very weighty. I "accidentally on purpose" pressed her tummy just above the belly button but she'd anticipated me, and started peeing anyway. She splayed her legs on that plastic garden chair and I cupped my hands underneath and drank some. I repeated and she gladly supped her own nectar from me.

We talked about how her studies were going and Sandy shared she was thinking about becoming a GP as bio and chem were her best subjects. She'd split up with her boyfriend Jon (Jonas's younger brother) but not acrimoniously. They still saw each other and hugged and kissed on the lips. She couldn't give any specific reason for the breakup, but had no regrets, only warm memories, especially of the DP session with Franny & Chris. She really was a special girl, despite her sassiness, and like I once said about Franny: I wished I had the gift of time travel so I could go back in time, be of the same age and marry her.

I asked her to demonstrate her prowess in the pool while naked, and the look of her delicious body as she did the crawl, butterfly and backstroke was a joy to behold. Bindi joined us (big hair in swimming cap), and Sandy was able to pass on to her stuff she'd learned from her coach, things I wouldn't know about. Now my pleasure was doubled. I sat on the side just enjoying watching them touch each other, thinking I was now redundant as her teacher. Drat, and double drat!

All the people who didn't live here (except Martin) had by now gone home. Suze and Beth came outside to soak up the last of the sunshine and cuddle with me, a not uncommon occurrence. But I sensed something was up. 

Martin & Bindi were inside playing cards, both still nude, with occasional pee drinks. It seemed he had lived a very sheltered life, and had never encountered or met a girl whose skin was not white. Even less a coloured girl such as the one now naked before him. Certainly not one who sat Indian style, showing her pink charms. And the icing on the cake was she squatted her dark cleft over his face every now and again.

Likewise, her Indian upbringing had been very prim and proper, and she was 100% certain she would never even see a penis until her arranged marriage husband revealed himself on their wedding night. She had already started the rebellion internally about this, but had no wish to hurt or reject or cause anguish to her parents. She enjoyed seeing his pecker rise up and deflate as they sat together. Occasionally, she would straddle his chest facing towards his feet so he could see her arsehole and a bit of a pussy and take him into her mouth. It was just such a lovely feeling.

Meanwhile, Margey's two youngest were buttering me up, and I had a fairly good idea where this was going, but played dumb for the moment.

Beth took off her glasses, snuggled into my neck, and looked me deep in the eyes.

Steve darling, can you buy us some more butt plugs please?


Well...we just like playing with them really.

Ever-honest Suze butted in, admonishing her sister angrily.

For fuck's sake, Lisbeth, just tell him the truth. He can see right through you. The thing is, Steve, we really enjoyed arse fucking with Martin. But now we want to make our rear holes bigger. For one purpose. You! You've already analized Bindi. We want to watch next time. Then you take me and Beth. Maybe even ask Martin to fill our pussies at the same time. This will fulfil the prophecy made by Her Majesty Franny-Sassy-Panny on her 16th birthday. Namely, that all us Mexican Margey girls are destined to be DP devotees.

She kissed me on the mouth, cheek by cheek with Beth, and took my semi in her hand. 

Can you give us some special white cream to seal the deal?

Well, I was hoping to save it for your mother tonight. But maybe I can fake my orgasm and squirt some aerosol cream up her pussy to simulate my cum. Do you think she'd notice?

The two girls giggled very hard at the idea, and their two small hands worked in tandem to bring me off.

Martin and Bindi came out just as I approached orgasm, and his eyes opened wide again as he witnessed my cum explosion. Bindi was more or less acclimatised to all this by now, and I sensed a distinct change in her as she grappled with her dilemma: her own sexual needs, and her family customs and values. I wished I could help her find answers but I was at at a loss. (So was Margey when we discussed it later.)

The three girls cleaned up the white droplets, snowballing each other, and me (no sweat, man), and Martin (big surprise). Suze gave him a specially crafted sassy look, worthy of her big sister and mentor*, and encouraged him to suck up some big globules that had landed on her boobs. It wasn't quite coercion, but close to it. (He confided in me later, privately, that although he had no gay tendencies, he quite liked the taste, and wouldn't be averse to maybe taking me all - but just once, for the experience.)

*Only Sandy ever really became Franny's sassy partner in crime. Suze was just too nice and goody-goody to develop that trait, but she had her moments - like now.

So in due course, I bought them all their own sets of increasing diameter butt plugs. These ones had detachable long furry tails: Bindi had a fox one, Suze had a cat, Beth was a squirrel. They paraded around the house with no knickers on showing off their appendages. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), it wasn't possible to wear the tails with clothes on over the top, just the plugs themselves, or they would have gone to college, the library or Maccy D's with them on. 

By the by, a week or two later, they came to the decision that they were all ready. We chose our bedroom as the venue even though it would be a bit cramped. I set up some extra lighting in there.

The day before, I made a big show in front of Bindi and Martin of unwrapping some 'new video equipment' I'd just bought to film the event. They both helped me set up the Wi-Fi cameras (no need to be hidden now), and I was satisfied that they were comfortable with the idea they were going to be recorded on video while these 'perverse' acts took place. No adverse reaction. (I just hoped his parents were not police officers using him as their stooge. Surely no copper was stupid or dumb enough to name their child Martin Marten. I later discovered that his father's first name was Marten with an e.)

After lunch the next day, there was first a suitable pause, and then we all went to take a shower. The 3 girls all stepped in front of me one by one so I could wash and rinse all their bits. They stepped out. To this day, I'll never know what possessed him (or me, for that matter), but he sidled up to me with an expectant look on his face. I gave back my questioning expression, and he nodded. I took the bar soap and ran it all over him: his armpits, chest, belly, legs, feet, arsehole and genitals. I could feel him growing in my hand (almost 6" now, and thicker than before) and it was very nice. He stretched out his hand and my Mr Semi became his alter ego Mr Woody as he gave it a few perfunctory strokes. 

Everybody was watching intently. I turned off the water and you could have heard a pin drop. I sat down on the shower tray, and wrapped my thumb and two fingers round his shaft, and his dick twitched and grew a bit more. I fondled his almost hairless balls, and pushed my mouth forward and took half his penis inside. With my fingers, I pulled back his very loose skin and foreskin right back (mine is quite tight), and sucked his glans hard. Luckily, Margey put on the warm water again as she was getting cold and the spell was broken. We all washed Margey, Martin taking the lead and pushing fingers up there, then his balled up fist. This is more like it, she thought. She clamped her vaginal walls around his hand tightly, and came extremely hard. (One of the best ever, she said later.)

After drying, we moved into the bedroom, all naked. The three girls adopted doggy positions side by side: Bindi, Suze, Beth. Margey held a camera on one side, me one on the other, as Martin took his position behind the Indian girl. (Anti-bacterial wipes were deployed before every new insertion.) She and he were lubed up, and he entered her rectum with little problem. Moved to Suze, and bit by bit bottomed out. Beth was next and she was tighter. We advised her to lie on her back, and we pulled her legs back so they touched her shoulders. First we used a dildo of a matching size, and it seemed to clear the way, as the boy went in easily, to the hilt. She gasped loudly in pleasure.

He sweetly asked Suze if she minded if he came in Bindi's arse, and Suze being Suze said: Go ahead, and sincerely meant it. She and Beth stood up to watch, even though we had the cameras.

To get a better angle and increase the sensations, Bindi elected to go on her back, legs pushed back. Martin spent about 10mins in her, hoping to set a marker for me to beat, before he could last no longer and came. She'd already had half a dozen.

We adjourned to the lounge for rest, drinks and biscuits.

Round 2 approached, and I warned all three girls not to go ahead if at any point the pain was too much. The risk of rectal damage was high. Martin was now second cameraman.

The order was the same as before. Bindi accepted me easily as expected. Suze also, but with more difficulty. She rubbed her clit hard to distract herself from the pain but assured me it was OK to carry on. As it was her, I trusted her judgement.

Beth was the problem. Face up, or face down, only a couple of inches. She on top straddling me so she could control the depth of penetration - bit better. Martin suggested she lay on her side, and with more lube he demonstrated with his penis. More KY on my dick and I tried. My balls hit her pussy. The relief in the room was palpable. Despite her lack of good looks, her face was angelic.

I'd promised Bindi last time I would do something special. So I re-entered her bumhole, and shot my load in her quickly. Martin won that one. We stayed locked in position for a few moments, then everyone could hear the rush of water as I pissed inside her as well. That was my one-upmanship. She described the feeling as...quote "indescribable" unquote. Yeah, thanks. Handing you back to the studio.

Heavy thick towels were called for as I pulled out.

While we four rested, Margey pulled Martin onto the bed, and pulled his dick into her mouth. We filmed them in close-up as she grabbed onto his buttocks while he fucked her mouth hard, and she received a large load. She'd heard a about him tasting mine, so she snowballed his to me.

To finish, the girls panned the cameras over their slightly gaping arseholes.

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