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Going out eating
Themes: mast, lez, ws, light gay, anal

This in an offshoot project from the Margey Household chronicles. Some of the characters are the same, some new. Read the other stories in the series (Books 1-10) to find out the full background or some of it won't make any sense.

Warning: The events and characters in this story are imaginary. If you attempt to duplicate them in real life, you will end up sharing a jail cell with a big fat man called Bubba.

Chapter 11-3 The Fearsome Four

by Stack of Books

(2908 words)

When Mr and Mrs Gandhi (Bindi's parents) left for India, they promised to cover her living expenses with us (food and board), although no actual figure was discussed, mainly because their departure happened so quickly. She had her own account in which she received from them a monthly allowance via an automatic direct debit for clothes, shoes, toiletries, travel, college books and meals outside our house, etc. Her college fees were free as she was a citizen.

I have to admit that until her parents died, I hadn't even looked at my bank account to see their payments. When I did, I was shocked. It was way too generous. Like really from another planet over the top. Obscene really. When all the hubbub of that tragic event had died down, I told Bindi (who now had control of her parent's account) to cease payments immediately (and retrospectively from the day she moved out) and plough that money into the BSB Catering venture. I would also refund her the difference between what I had received and what it actually cost to look after her.

My argument was: how much food does a young girl eat each week, especially when there's already four of us? How can we charge anything for board when the room belongs to our daughter Franny? What about all the chores you did? Don't they count for anything in your favour? We didn't take you in to be a slave for us. All other expenses (water, elec, heating, petrol, etc.) were insignificant and negligible.

She agreed to do the first one, but not the second. She just said use the excess to take Margey out every week for dinner at a restaurant. And she finally got her way by saying: It's what my mum and dad would have wanted. I had no adequate response to that.

So that's what my partner and I did, most every Friday or Saturday evening. Our large town was fairly well blessed with many eating establishments of all colours of the rainbow, gastronomically speaking, and we took a leaf out of Dean & Serena's book and tried to become amateur food critics. Outside, sat in the car afterwards, or as soon as we got home, we each wrote up our experiences and opinions.

After the first few times of doing this, we called them to see if they wanted to join us if they were free that particular day as they'd already mentioned it was their secret career ambition. We would eat together and later send each other copies of our reports for peer review and constructive criticism.

In time, we - The Fearsome Four - had exhausted all the local eateries (sometimes even the takeaways), and travelled further afield to other towns and village gastropubs, now and again to a big city.

Even though there was an appreciable age difference between the couples, we all got on like a house on fire. Usually, our table discussion during the meal was normal and general, but if the place was quiet and no-one could eavesdrop, we would branch out into sexual areas. They had copies of all our videos now, so we talked about the pee competitions, the induction ceremony and the analising session, amongst others. 

They shared with us details of their previous wife swapping experiences, and we did likewise. We told them about how Franny and I had started the pee drinking tradition, from the event in Bailey Park to our expedition on the forest trail. We even said that we thought Franny and Chris might be up for a foursome with them as they were of the same age. We promised we'd get back to them on that.

Normally, after a meal (especially if bloated with food) we would just go our own ways. But now and again we would go back to ours or theirs and bonk the other's wife. (Ahem, partner in our case.) No long drawn-out pleasant leisurely thing like on Sundays - almost, but not quite, a 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am'. But Dean and I never touched each other again, even though I did sometimes steal peeks at his foreskin and droopy scrotum. The way his balls swung, bumping into her arsehole (or cunt if he was doggying her rectum) when pistoning Margey was incredible to see. I confess I even looked up porn videos to see something similar but it was rare.

If there was time, we would play pee games, either indoors in the bathroom, or on the patio. One of us held a hi-res portable video camera (or we put in on a tripod) to film ourselves, and sent copies to each other.

(Just remembered!!! This was what I wanted to buy way back when Margey and I had a slight disagreement about it and she put me in the doghouse. It was the day the Wang Chinese family moved in down our street and I took them my self-made cupcakes. They assumed she had made them. Me being humble didn't disabuse them. She being pissed didn't put the record straight...until too late, the next day. She said the camera was a waste of money. Hah, she's not fucking saying that now! She's the one who spends most time watching the vids with a finger or dildo up her pussy!!!)

BSB had successfully done the Indian wedding and 21st B Day events and made a large profit on them. They bought a large s/h transit van type thing, and had a signwriter put the company name and telephone number on it. Kim had designed it all FOC, with a brilliant and eye catching logo and caption on it.

B - Bring us

S - Some

B - Biryani...please!

Now they were gearing up for the politician's home event and he promised good publicity and regular bookings if he was satisfied with their work.

Local TV and newspapers came to cover and support their venture (like they did with Andrea's A.S.S.)

Suze's boyfriend Martin (yes, he with the Marten surname!) came by often, and spent the night with each of them individually on a rotational basis. Every now and again, he would service them all at once, back and front bottoms. Dreamland!!

As more work came in, he was enlisted to do most of the humping and carrying, buying the food supplies, loading/unloading the van, driving it to the venues, and admin work on the computer for stock control and the accounts. He was quite good at the latter, but went to college one evening a week to brush up and learn more. He didn't get paid, but his rendezvous with the trio was for him more than enough compensation. Indeed, even the girls were not paying themselves yet. Their only overheads really were gas (for kitchen stoves and heating), elec and car/van fuel. (Maybe others, but I wasn't totally au fait with their operation.)

Bindi still had a dream to teach young people cooking skills, so that when they left home to go college, or just live on their own, they could prepare cheap, nutritious, quick and delicious meals. She regarded it as a form of parental abandonment, even a sort of child abuse, if their offspring couldn't boil an egg or only make beans on toast. Fast food and other takeouts are OK in moderation, once in a while, but to rely on them every day is beyond comprehension or reason. Not to mention the huge hole it makes in your pocket. Suze and Beth agreed and supported her in all this. But they all knew Andrea was right - this catering was a good place to start.

Joe and Jenny (Book 10, Chapter 10) were the Indian immigrants who rented Bindi's house after her parents died. After one year, they had moved to another nearby property, thus enabling the start up of BSB Catering. They were still occasional visitors to our pool (season closing now) and hot tub (365/year), but now they had the good grace to call us first and ask if we wanted a fucking session. The answer was usually yes, although we preferred it in our dry bed, rather than a wet tub.

Joe had a lot of business acumen (can't remember what his job was now) and helped them with financial planning, legal aspects and other such things. Jenny was invaluable as her cooking skills were legendary. Her parents owned a restaurant in Mumbai and it was expected she would take it over one day - until she emigrated with Joe. She streamlined their prep and general operation. She tasted every Indian dish they prepared, and declared it very good, just now and again needing minor adjustments. She also found a better and cheaper source in bulk for all the specialist ingredients they needed (wider range too), thus saving them money and hassle. Her excellent taste and aroma memory remembered Margey's super extravaganza Mexican spread and said Suze and Beth did their mum proud. Praise indeed!

Jenny was unfamiliar however with the kind of English cuisine fare they made for garden party type events, but as a newcomer, her taste buds approved of things like Coronation Chicken, pasta salad & rice salad. She was glad to see kedgeree on the menu as she hadn't had it since she was a little girl. (It's a dish made of curried and lightly spiced boiled rice with raisins, combining flaked smoked fish like haddock and halved hard boiled eggs on the top. It was popular as a breakfast dish in the British Army in India in the 1800s.)

As we know, Joe and Jenny had a high sex drive and it wasn't long before they and BSB and Martin were having nookie sessions together. He now had four dark-skinned beauties in his harem, and he particularly hit it off with Jenny. With her husband's knowledge (she didn't need his permission, their relationship wasn't like that, but they were always open and honest with each other) she and Martin sometimes had private meetings, just the two of them. Suze wasn't possessive in the slightest, just wanted to know where he was, and he related back to her what they had done. Almost always it turned her on*, and he had to find extra reserves to satisfy her.

*See footnote below

Joe was also more than happy. He never imagined that meeting me and Margey would lead to this. He liked all of them, but especially Beth. (He insisted on calling her by her full name, Lisbeth.) In personal chats with her, he made it clear to her that her looks didn't matter to him, it was her personality and character that shone through. He did an awful lot of good for her self-confidence and self-esteem. (She told me many years down the road that from that day on she wiped her arse properly (never shit encrusted again) and her pussy was always fragrant and fresh. On that day, to prove it, she pulled down her shorts, mooned me so I could check the first one, then opened up her cootie with her fingers and invited me to sniff it real close. The fact we were in a - fairly quiet though - restaurant at the time didn't faze her one bit!) 

And so ended the day of one quarter of The Fearsome Four.


One day Suze and Marten were at our house clearing out her old room. Margey and I had been talking about taking in student lodgers into the 3 girls' rooms. It wasn't really the money (although as the supermarket slogan says "Every little helps"), but the Empty Nest Syndrome was affecting us deeply and we just wanted some other people (preferably young) around. I was also hoping to find a young cutie (or should that be 'cootie'?) to teach swimming to.

Bindi, under Franny's direction, had already made their old room 'vanilla'. Beth (as his her nature) just said: I don't care as long as you don't throw anything out. Just put everything into boxes for the basement. Do what you want with the decor, etc.

So that just left Suze. She was a little bit more particular than her younger sister (as is HER nature) and everything had to be done right. Just so right!! She packed and labelled things carefully and Martin carried them away downstairs. As they worked, they talked. About many things. And about all the times they had fucked each other in this bed. That got them horny, and soon she had his shorts down, sucking and wanking him. He pushed up her T-shirt and bra to display her 36Ds which he caressed lovingly. He was getting close to cumming, so he broke away and pulled her knickers down and dived into her pussy. After she had cum 3 times, he got naked and he pushed into her.

This was the moment dimbo me came to find out how they were getting on with clearing the room. (I had a habit of walking in on them fornicating. The last time it was the living room - communal space. This time bedroom, private space, but door wide open.)

The lighting was much better and his big dick bisected her red and engorged cunt lips nicely. She was rubbing her button. He was twisting her nips and I knew from past experience she loved that. The harder, the better. She came again twice - hard - and her orgasm face was delightful. (I thought about one day asking Beth to take a mental photograph of it and drawing it, as was her skill.)

Like before, neither batted an eyelid at my arrival. Suze suddenly had a glint in her eye, and an expression of a light bulb coming on, but I couldn't figure it out till after. I could read Beth like a book, but not her. She was better than a poker player.

I watched for a while and took my cock out. Now Martin was a bit more savvy and assumed I would spunk into into her mouth as usual. But the little minx had other ideas.

Martin, Steve, I want DP. Martin get on your back. I will lie face up on you, so push into my arsehole. Steve, when you're ready, face down on me and go into my pussy. But neither of you come until I tell you, OK? I have an idea. So we both pushed and grunted and tried to make it nice for her. As we neared completion, she suddenly pulled out of both of us and rolled away to the side. She dragged me by the dick 50cm upwards, stroked me once or twice and my hair trigger went off, filling Martin's mouth. To his credit, he swallowed a lot. She quickly pushed my head back down to his crotch, and forced my mouth onto his shit stained penis and wanked him. He was still in a bit of shock so it took more strokes than she expected. In our continued feud of rivalry and one-upmanship, I sucked him in and felt 5-6 spurts of very salty cum. I swallowed most but snowballed Suze the rest.

She said: "Thank you guys. I've had that fantasy since the age of 13 about two guys cumming in the other's mouth. I masturbated to it regularly. Now it's come true. You didn't think a little white girl would do that sort of thing, did you? Well I did."

From his expression, the penny dropped with him. But not me. She explained.

She reminded me of the day she had 'coerced' Martin to suck off a blob of my fresh cum off her boob when in the garden and his aversion to it.

The first time Martin met Jenny, she told him that she wanted Martin and Joe to DP for her first time ever. The former took her arse, the husband took her pussy. Just before the point of climax, she took his cock and fired his spunk into Martin's mouth. While he was still choking, Jenny took his cock out of her rectum and shoved his shitty member into Joe's cakehole as he ejaculated. Jenny said: "Thank you Martin, I've had that fantasy about 2 men withdrawing from me and cumming in each other's mouth since I was 13 and I masturbated to it regularly. You didn't know that sweet innocent-looking young Indian girls did that sort of thing, did you? Well, they do. This one did."

Suze told me that he had related this story to her the next time they were alone, and it made her really horny. He confessed that although he wasn't gay, he did enjoy tasting Joe's emission, and even more ejaculating into his mouth. 

So she decided to try the same thing with me and Martin. She really was a minx!!

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