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Ken & Martha
Themes: mast, lez, ws, light scat

This in an offshoot project from the Margey Household chronicles. Some of the characters are the same, some new. Read the other stories in the series (Books 1-11) to find out the full background or some of it won't make any sense.

Warning: The events and characters in this story are imaginary. If you attempt to duplicate them in real life, you will end up sharing a jail cell with a big fat man called Bubba

Chapter 12-8 Chinese Motorboats

by Stack of Books

(1291 words)

Margey and I had been only once to Ken's restaurant, the one nearby, a while ago, to sit down to eat (maybe her birthday, can't remember). Luckily, our two friends were not there that time, and none of their staff knew us, so we avoided any embarrassing arguments of "It's on the house" and we paid normally. Otherwise, after that, we just rang in our takeaway orders with a CC like every other punter.

So, according to Ken's generous offer, the following Saturday, my partner and I and the two sisters decided to try the second and newest one. That part of town was unfamiliar to all of us, and we had a job finding it. Eventually, we walked over the threshold, and the Wangs rushed over to greet and welcome us. Ken steered the 3 ladies into the cloakroom, hung up their coats, and motorboated them (on top of their clothes of course) and showed them to a quiet corner table. Martha also pushed me into that dark place, lifted up her T-shirt (braless of course), and implored me to go 'Brrr' to her massive melons and had a mini orgasm as a result.

Table for four, please, I solemnly intoned.

Yes sir, of course, she replied, trying hard not to smirk. Is that with or without pee games?

Sotto voce: You fucking wish. But I'm ready if you are!, I rejoindered, and she rushed away, giggling, into the kitchen.

As we ate, the subject of the sounding rods inevitably came up. (Granted, not a usual topic of conversation while food was in front of you, but no-one minded in the least.) All 3 females at the table admitted they had been trying and practising. Margey had bought the siblings and Sandy each a set from a sex shop locally. She even consulted a medical friend, and as she sat naked from the waist down on her consulting room couch, showing what she did with them, she learned some tips on how to do it safely without injury and duly passed that info onto Ally, Lyn, Sandy and her mother.

We all expressed our surprise that Sandy had had penetrative sex with her dad for the first time that day. We knew they had mutually masturbated each other since a long time ago (with and without Martha being there) and just assumed they had already reached that milestone. We never found out why it happened that particular day - maybe she was turned on by her mother's demonstration, maybe because of seeing A & L receiving him, maybe she just thought there's no better time and place than now.

After that, normal service resumed, in terms of conversational topics, and after a while we left the eating house, bloated and satiated, knowing that 7 days from now a takeaway would be on its way to us at home. I took a menu with me and made a mental note to tick off all the dishes I tried, with a view to some day completing it. That's a good thing to have on your life's bucket list.


As arranged, Sal & Zeta found Sharon in the library (no books, just a carrier bag). They all complimented each other on how nice the others looked, and Sharon was mentally pinching herself for being lucky enough to get these two dusky beauties.

She'd been on the internet last night looking at porn sites using the search phrase 'ebony girls' but didn't find anything at all that matched up to what she could now see with her own eyes. Little did she know she had the wrong gender in her search - but she found out a very short time later.

They walked over to Andrea's house (Sal had already checked they could use it) and took her to the spare room. First they all drank rum and coke to mellow out.

They laid their guest down on the bed and for half an hour administered to her. First sensually undressing her, revealing those massive and very sensitive GGs. Sharon had always been a bit paranoid about them and had considered surgery, but now realised they were an asset. They took her knickers off to reveal they were very soiled and would fetch a high price. At breaktime she showed them others of similar quality in her bag.

They massaged her with rose-scented oil, paying particular attention to her fun bags and nipples. Then moved to her belly, legs, buttocks (she was indeed curvy), back, inner thighs, and pussy area. They pushed in oiled fingers making her squirm with delight. Dildos and vibrators continued the orgasms.

Timeout. They asked about her sex life to date and any fantasies.

Well, to be honest, they all came true when I met you two.

But you said you liked cock? My husband (also from Africa) is in the next room and would like to meet you. Come out, Arnold, we have the angelic Sharon for you. Tall, muscular, black as coal, he stood in the doorway and she gasped. He laid on the bed and checked her body out with his hands.

Undress me please, precious one, and reveal my gift for you.

Shirt, trousers and socks came off. She could already see a tent within the boxers and pulled them down to reveal a black 10-incher, veined and gnarly, with red bell end. She caressed his chest and legs, then sucked in his cock and gave it her best BJ and HJ. After 10mins they were both ready. The KY was produced, and Sally lubed her, Zeta lubed him. (She hadn't met him yet so it was a surprise to her too.)

Slowly but surely he eased his way in. She switched to her tummy and his balls slapped her pussy. More lube on her arse. This took longer, but there was no race, and eventually Sharon was the winner. Please cum in me now, she requested.

Pause for recuperation 

Next, Sharon undressed Zeta and renewed her aroma memory of her pussy, then likewise for Sally. In the bath tub, they took turns peeing and being peed on - all possible combinations for four people. A quick rinse and back on the bed.

Zeta decided she wanted to be fucked by the hubby, so Sharon laid on the bed beneath her who was on all fours. Sal lubed them up, and the white girl was fascinated to see that long penis going in and out. She licked the shaft, the tip, the balls and Zeta's clit until they both shouted their orgasm at the same time.

No-one had any energy after that, so they relaxed, then showered.

Sal explained about Zelly's Smellies and how they had just started up their online store, and urgently needed dirty knicker donors.

Sharon promised to keep up the supply of her underwear. Her body produced a lot of vaginal discharge, and it was her period the day after tomorrow, so she vowed not to use pads or tampons. Sal gave her a big pack of Poundland ones, to use instead of her own, as well as hermetic bags.

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