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Gilly takes a boy there
Themes: mast, lez, ws, underage, light scat, light gay, penis

This in an offshoot project from the Margey Household chronicles. Some of the characters are the same, some new. Read the other stories in the series (Books 1-14) to find out the full background or some of it won't make any sense.

Warning: The events and characters in this story are imaginary. If you attempt to duplicate them in real life, you will end up sharing a jail cell with a big fat man called Bubba

Chapter 15-9 Gilly in the Park

by Stack of Books

(1706 words)

Sequel to 15-7


In previous stories in Book 15, I wrote about Brian (Daddy B) describing a social awareness video he'd seen on YT regarding a young girl who has her first period while walking home from school one day. She was a professional actress and the scene was faked in order to gauge reactions of the general public. In the story, Brian said it was filmed in China.

This video is real and exists. But at the time of creating that piece of fiction, I had no access to the internet. Since then, I have verified that the video was actually produced in South Korea.

Apologies for any inconvenience thus caused. The misdirection was not intentional or deliberate.


Terri & Toni arrived at Sally's the next Saturday, and before the other two pre-teens arrived, asked to have a word with her in private.

Twins: Sal, my sister and I think we've found one our boundaries which we do not want to cross again. We love pee games of all different kinds, with urine going onto and into all parts of our bodies. But we really don't like piss in our hair. Sorry. We tried at home on each other, think that we should be able to tolerate it if from our sibling - but disliked it immensely. And without telling them why we wanted to attempt it, we asked mummy and daddy to piss on our heads, assuming that if it's urine from people we love, it would be OK. We pretended we liked it, but actually hated it. It makes our hair yucky and unmanageable, not to mention that it's difficult to remove the smell. So we'd like to opt out of that particular sexual deviation in future, if that's alright with you.

Sal: Thank you for telling me. I appreciate your honesty. Like I said from Day One, Zeta or myself or anyone else here will never coerce you into anything. I respect your decision and will implement it with immediate effect. And I give respect to you both and doff my metaphorical cap, as it's clear you have really tried everything to overcome your phobia, so kudos to you for that.

Twins: Yes, we remember what you said about sadism and masochism, that it doesn't feature at all in your personal sex life (of course, we're too young to have any experience of that), yet in your professional work you still do sessions with it. But we feel the same as you about BDSM. For photos, we're happy to dress up in ropes and chains and leg spreaders, and pretend to hit or be hit with a riding crop or other such implement. Even reddened buttocks and bruises etc. can be faked with makeup. That's just acting. We feel it's not intended to deceive purchasers of that material. For video, it's not so easy to pretend, but you don't seem to do much of the latter anyway in this genre.

Sal: Exactly right, and that's why. There are scores of porn video companies who do the real McCoy, and we don't and won't ever try to compete with them. Our videoing is almost always just so we have a record of everything that happens in a session and it helps us manage and create an overview of our work. That way we don't repeat ourselves, are always doing new things, and can say: aah yes, photoset number blah-blah-blah was produced on such and such a date involving actors X, Y & Z.

Please have a quiet word with Gilly and Jessie about this. They should also feel 100% comfortable about coming to talk to either or both of us if we ever tread on their sexual toes, so to speak.

As we said before, if anyone feels disgruntled or disenchanted about any aspect of our work, it could be very dangerous and blow the whole operation wide apart and we need to nip any ill-feeling in the bud. Otherwise it could lead to a severe loss of potential earnings and a livelihood for all of us.


Here, the full story of Gilly's extra-curricular activity as briefly mentioned at the end of 15-7.

In school, Gilly was still determined to prove to herself that she was essentially straight. Now with her contraception active, she thought she could maybe entice a few boys. Not into full blown sex, per se, although that was always a possibility, but to stretch the boundaries more than her friends were able to.

She approached a tall and handsome black haired boy just as they were walking through the school gates one afternoon. 

Hi, I'm Gilly. Are you busy? Wanna come for a walk with me?

Yeah, hallo, I've seen you about before. You're friends with the twins and that cute Ethiopian girl. But I find you much prettier than any of them or any other girl in school. I'm Matty by the way.

Ooh, you flatterer, you. I bet you say that to all the girls.

Hmm, not really. I'm a bit shy around them usually. In fact, it's a miracle I'm talking to you really.

Matty, have you got any chocolate in your nice Adidas bag? 

Well, I've got a Boost and a Bounty. Which one do you you want?

(Coquettishly): Aren't you going to ask me to do some sort of favour to get one?

Well, I'm not that sort of person. I would give either or both to you for free, no strings attached. But, if you want, I'll pretend and I'll try for you. Ahem!! (In a fake voice): Gilly, can we find a nice quiet place in the park and you show me how you pee please?

For just one Boost? You're fucking kidding me!!, she said in mock anger. Relenting, she giggled at his silly vocalisation, and added: Right, you're on. On condition you piss for me as well and I hold it.

Deal!! And they shook hands on it.

Their hands stayed locked together as they walked down the path towards the small river.

Let's do it here, she whispered into his ear, standing on tiptoe. The feel of her soft strawberry-smelling long blonde hair on his cheek, as well as her warm minty breath, made his tummy flip.

He put his jacket down so she could sit on it. He sat on the dry ground. 

Would you like me to piss without knickers, or are you going to pull them aside for me?

Both! Is that too greedy?

Lift my skirt and pull my gusset then. Let me just move a bit so I don't get your jacket wet.

He put his hand up her skirt, pushing it up to where her cootie started, and saw her cameltoe pressing against the pale blue panties. He observed a line of moisture along her cleft indicating her arousal.

Ready? She nodded. His fingers touching her kitty and reaching under the fabric nearly made her take off like the Saturn V rocket. It took a few goes for him, but it was soon uncovered.

Matty, if you want you can taste my flow as it comes out, and then give me your fingers to lick. Is that weird?

No, not at all.

Here I go then. The cleft parted very slightly and the pale yellow stream fizzed out between her splayed thighs about a metre. She dipped her fingers too and both tasted from her hand. She stopped deliberately. 

Matty, take them off completely. Keep them in your pocket. Now I'm going to piss the rest out. Come beside me, part my lips to each side with your fingers, and watch my peehole open as I stop and start, until it's all gone.

Gilly, that was incredible.

Do you mind if I open your zip and look inside? She pulled out a 6-incher with foreskin, and gently pulled his hairy and tight ball sac out too. 

Lie down on top of me. Don't worry, I'm on the pill, medical reasons, even though I'm very young. Rest that lovely cock on top of my pussy. I guess you need to spunk first before peeing, huh? 

Check no-one is around, and let me watch as you wank it. Kneel up a bit to give some space. I don't mind if any goes inside me. When I get home, I'll scoop it out and drink it. Go ahead!

The glans of his dick went in and out of view as the skin went up and down using his left hand. She knew he wouldn't last very long but no problem for her. The amount he shot did surprise her though. She bent her head down and sucked out what was left in the internal tube as his penis deflated. 

Now piss on my inner thighs, but save some so we can stand up and I can be Fireman Sam for a brief moment.

They got to their feet, and hid themselves from the sight of any passers-by, and he sprayed the tree trunk, with her going up/down/left side/right side, enjoying herself, pulling back the very tight foreskin. Just as he was fizzling out, she took him into her mouth and gulped some down. The last mouthful she gave to him and they locked tongues together.

He was immediately rock hard again, so she masturbated him and loved the power it gave her. She surprised him by receiving his second load onto her tongue, and snowballed some of it back to him. The rest was swallowed.

C'mon, let's get ourselves decent and leave before the park warden comes along!! 

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