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This is the part 2 of Meeting Memphis, after I split them up and broke it into more easier to read paragraphs. I hope that helped.

Like my comment from part 1. This is more a romance story. If you're looking for hardcore, nothing but fucking and debauchery, this isn't it. If you're looking for incest or domination, this isn't it.
We got to the truck and he opened the door for me and helped me in. He grabbed my legs to spin me around, so they were hanging off the side of the seat, and stepped between them. He put his hands on my thighs, opening my legs. Which naturally, (with a little help -wink) slid my dress all the way up to my waist. Exposing me to anybody that may walk by. For some reason, with him I was bolder and braver and I didn't mind. I was still on an adrenaline high and the thought of someone catching us was thrilling, and kind of a turn-on I had to admit. So I sat there, with my legs spread wide, the occasional breeze sensuously caressing my skin, as I exposed myself to my new lover.

He said he had a surprise for me and reached behind his back. I thought I felt something back there earlier, but I wasn't going to ask while we were playing Mission Impossible! Wrapped around his waist and tucked into his pants, he pulled out, not one, but two large hand towels. Purple and monogrammed with a large gold EP in the middle, and a smaller TCB with a lightning bolt in the corner. I squealed with delight and threw my legs and arms around him and pulled him in to kiss him and show my appreciation. I reached down past the waistband of his shorts and wrapped my fingers around his cock stroking it to life. His hands left the top of my thighs, went between my legs and started playing with my very wet pussy that was all too eager to open up and invite his fingers in. He had 2 fingers deep inside of me and his thumb was rubbing the length of my clit. I was trying to match him with my stroking, but I lost concentration and fell back on the seat. He said, "squeeze your beautiful tits for me, Memphis!". And I was all too eager to comply. I pulled the top of my dress down, I could feel the breeze rushing over them.

His fingers were going deeper inside of me, as his thumb put pressure on and stroked my clit. They started gliding in and out faster, alternating between going deep and rubbing the top just inside of me. He told me he was thirsty for me and wanted to make me squirt. I was laid out on his seat, spread open for his enjoyment. I was practically naked out in the open and I was completely turned on and ready to quench his thirst. Seeing the desire in his eyes, feeling his fingers thrusting in and out of me, made me want him bad. He looked so fucking hot massaging my G-spot, then using his wet fingers to caress my clit. Then back deep inside they'd go, all the way to my cervix. He'd push up and massage all around it. I didn't even know that was a thing. I'd certainly never heard the locker room sluts talk about THAT before. All I knew was, that it felt fucking amazing and that it caused a huge arch of my essence to shoot out of me and splash on his chest. He picked up the speed, putting pressure against the top before shooting his fingers deep into the back again. I can't believe how good that felt. It got me thinking, I'm gonna have to replace my little lipstick vibrator. Seeing the huge smile on his face turned me on even more. Knowing that pleasing me, was pleasing him, made me want to give more. I was groping my tits, thrusting my hips up wildly trying to get more of him inside of me. As if he could read my mind, he pushed another finger in. I was wildly fucking the three fingers that were fucking me, while his thumb and pinky caressed my clit. He said, "You are so fuckin sexy Memphis! Fuck my hand and do that again for me, baby come on!" As he coaxed another stream out of me. He opened his mouth and brought it right down to drink it all in. With his fingers still rubbing against my G spot, I shot stream after stream right into his mouth. It was so fucking hot, watching him crave and devour me, feeling his teeth pressed against my clit and his fingers deep inside of me. I didn't think I was ever going to stop cumming. I'm not sure if he had his fill and had quenched his thirst, or was feeling sorry for me, maybe a little bit of both. But he stopped and came up for air, reached for my hands and pulled me up to him.

I wrapped my arms around him when our lips met and I realized his mouth was full. As his tongue slid in, my juices spilled from his mouth into mine. I was so turned on drinking my essence from his mouth while his fingers soothed the outside of my pussy. I reached out and grabbed onto his hair to pull him towards me. I ravaged his face with my mouth, licking it clean.

After a couple of minutes he stopped me, with his hands on either side of my face. He looked deep into my eyes and said, "I have to tell you something, very personal." I was terrified as I stammered out a "w-w-what?". Never breaking eye contact, he paused, my fear grew. He closed his eyes and solemnly bowed his head. His lips are parting, here it comes "I"... OhMyGod you what!!?? ..."am fucking starving!!!" "YOU FUCKER!!!" I screamed into his face as I fell back to the seat, shaking my head and laughing. I was a little mad because I was so scared for him. But, I had to admit, that was funny. Pulling my top up, but keeping my legs spread for his benefit. "Oh my god you ass!" I laughed back at him, holding my hands out for his help upright. "You had me worried!" He was laughing as he apologized to me. "You're so cute." I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him to me, I wanted his tongue in my mouth.

As I started to kiss him, I spotted 2 girls in their car, parked about 6 spots away. They reminded me of the locker room sluts. The way their hair was done, with too much hair spray. They wore too much makeup and their clothes were too tight. I mean their boobs were exploding out of their tops. At first, panic started to set in at being caught. But as he continued caressing my tits with one hand and my pussy with the other, I realized that I was the center of their meeting this time. And so I closed my eyes and relished in all the attention he was giving me, and I let them watch. I couldn't tell what they were doing. But I thought finally, after all these years, that I would be the center of their next locker room discussion.

I pushed him back from me and said, "We gotta go! I've got to pee!" He reached out and lightly stroked my open pussy with one finger, just shrugged and said, "So pee." The thought quickly crossed my mind. I mean, I guess technically I could. I'm sitting on the edge of the seat with my legs wide open in front of him hanging out the door. But just as quickly, I closed my legs jumped out of the truck, pushing him away saying, "I am not peeing here, in front of you! Now go!" As we were gathering ourselves, I stepped away from the truck to smooth out my dress. I purposely turned to them and flipped up the back, showing them my ass. I guess it was basically my way of saying, 'I'm one of you now and you can kiss my ass'.

As we drove away, I realized he was going to drive past them, so I asked him to slow down. When they noticed how slow we were going, and they realized I'd be able to look right down into their car, a look of panic washed over their faces. As we slowly drove past them, I could see why. I looked down into their car, neither of them were wearing pants, they had obviously been playing with each other. I smiled at them, gave a wave with my fingers and blew them a kiss. The fear left their faces as they smiled and waved back. Then one girl grabbed the other and pulled her in to kiss her. "You can speed up now, let's get outta here, I'm starving, too." He asked, "What was that all about?" I laughed and said, "I'll tell you when we get to the restaurant."

We ended up at Huey's with 2 huge burgers in front of us. I was ready to dive in, but, I looked over and he was just staring at his food. I asked him if everything was OK and he said, "I'm really at odds on whether I want to eat this or not." I tried to assure him that he wouldn't be disappointed, Huey's burgers are delicious. He said, "No, that's not it. It's just that, if I eat that burger, which does look absolutely delicious, I lose the taste of you in my mouth. And I'm not sure I'm ready for that, just yet." I put my hand on top of his, "Hey, there's always dessert later on. (I winked at him) I'm drinking fluids and we'll be needing your energy, so eat up." He squinted his eyes and dropped his head as if in defeat. And with a slow nod with his head he said, "ooohh you ARE bad girl! I will take you up on that offer of dessert." He lifted his burger and tilted it towards mine. "So, cheers to you.... and your dessert!" We both said "clink!" as we tapped our burgers together. "So what was going on back there in the parking lot?" As I relayed the story of our all girl audience, he was obviously getting a little turned on. I have to admit, being on this side of their voyeuristic shenanigans turned me on as well.

From inside his world--

We left Huey's and were walking to my truck, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. This girl was magical, or something. I don't know what it was, but, from the first time I saw her, I knew she needed to be in my life. The sun was at that point of the early evening, when it starts to cast different colors and shadows on everything.

She was just glowing in a golden hue. I asked her, "What is it? What's different about you? I mean other than the obvious. But you seem like a different person than the one I met this morning." "Do I? I feel different. I mean, everything we did today? I think it's made me more confident, bolder. I'll be honest, I never thought I'd be able to do, or possibly even want to do, most of what we did today. I've been listening to these locker room sluts talk about stuff like this for years. And after what I, sorry we, after what we did today... I'm starting to think most of their stories were bullshit. I don't think any of them have done half of what they claim they've done. I know none of them have ever shared an emotional connection like we did today. Truthfully? I'm kind of mad at myself, that I ever let a minute of envy or jealousy over them live in my head. So am I different than I was this morning? Am I ok? Well, I'm completely at ease with what I, we, did. And I'm most definitely ok, feeling, thinking and talking the way I am. I mean I just offered myself to you for dessert! If somebody would have mentioned that to me last week I would have been mortified. I would have blushed for 4 hours and not talked to anyone for 2 days.

And now all I can think about is, taking you to that waterhole and hoping no one else is there, so we can pick up where we left off at Graceland." I was so happy for her. "Wow! Well good, I like the bolder you. I like a girl who's not afraid to speak up. Not afraid to say if she wants double stuffed Oreos or Chips Ahoy or whatever she desires sexually." She said, "OK, just so you know.... it's ALWAYS going to be Double Stuff! And yeah, it's you I'm desiring. For as long as I can have you. I don't want this to stop. I don't want to think about the tomorrow where I have to wake up without you in my life. So come on! Let's go find that waterhole!"

And off we went. Other than the occasional direction it was a pretty quiet drive. I guess we both had a lot on our minds with the serious turn of the conversation while in the restaurant. She broke the deafening silence by asking if it was okay if she scooched closer to me. I told her I'd love to have her move over, but she'd have to sit with her left leg bent in front of her on the seat, because of the gearshift being in the way.

She happily replied "I don't have a problem with that at all." With an adorable smirk on her face she leaned forward, pulling her dress out from under her butt. She rolled the hem up to her waist and scooched next to me. Settling in with her left leg bent up on the seat in front of her. I looked down at her exposed nakedness and smiled. With my hand on her knee I said, "See, this is what I was talking about, this new found confidence." She grabbed my hand and slid it up her thigh letting it come to rest on her pussy." With a beautiful smile she laughed and said, "Shut up and drive!" I tickled her light downy scruff of hair before moving my hand away to shift into another gear. After, I slid my hand back up her thigh, my fingers enjoying the softness of her leg. I let it come to rest in that crease of her lap where the thigh ends and the vagina starts.

Filled with self-conscious terror, she starts closing her legs and twisting them out of my way as she's pulling the hem of her dress down. Light-heartedly I laughed and asked what she was doing. Embarrassed she said, "Oh my god you don't like my hair down there do you? You want me to shave it don't you?" With confused laughter I said, "What are you talking about?" She said, "My pubic hair. You don't like it. Why else wouldn't you put your hand back where I put it?" I said, "Move your legs back over here and let me see your hand." I put it inside of mine and reached back into her dress and rubbed her fingers up to the highest part of her thigh, letting our fingertips tickle that crease, where mine had stopped earlier.

I said, "Feel this muscle? And this concave part of your leg? It's my absolute favorite. It's so naturally soft and smooth, I think it's so incredibly sexy." Feeling a little better but not completely convinced she said, "Are you sure that's all it is? Are you sure you don't want me to shave for you?" Her hand still in mine I moved it back over to her pussy. Because of the way she was sitting it was open and she was very wet. Together we started rubbing her, the tops of our fingers easily sliding in and out. I said, "Look, since we're being so honest with each other, yes, I like it shaved smooth. (I quickly added) But! Wait! (she's unsuccessfully trying to pull her hand away) More than anything, I want you to be happy and feel comfortable. I don't ever want you to do something you're not comfortable with, that's the bottom line.

Her hand in mine, I moved them up and together we started tickling her clit. Then, I moved mine further down and slid two fingers deep inside of her and wiggled them around a bit, causing her to lay her head back and sigh. I glanced over at her, she had her head back, her eyes closed and a beautiful smile on her face, as we caressed her pussy together. I pushed my fingers in a little deeper, rubbing the top, turning her sighs into moans.

I hated that I had to put a stop to this and said, "Baby we can't do this (she groaned her disapproval at me) I don't know where I'm going." She grabbed onto my hand to keep it in place giving me a "FINE!!! (she opened her eyes and looked around) You've still got two blocks to go, then take a right!" All while holding onto my hand, fucking herself against it with a gentle movement of her hips. Reluctantly I had to pull my hand away from between her lovely legs. "I'm going to need this to downshift Darlin'."

My sweet Memphis was whining her displeasure as I brought my fingers up to rub under my nose before sliding them into my mouth. Looking down between her legs that were still spread wide and taunting me, I said, "Mmm babygirl you have got such a pretty pussy. And as long as it's not a jungle down there, and I can go down on you without gagging on hair, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Seriously, I'm telling you, you have a very sexy pussy!"

She looked down at the creamy juices dripping out of her and said, "I still feel like I need to shave. Would you like to shave me?" She asked while pulling the hood of her clit back exposing it, so she could rub her cream around the tip of it for my pleasure. I said, "First of all, I don't know what you're even talking about. It's not even long enough to grab onto. (my fingertips trying to grab her pubic hair) Second of all, I would love to shave your sexy pussy for you, if that's what you really want." Looking at me but still caressing her clit she said, "It's just that, I can just see the locker room sluts with their shaved pussies. And it makes me think, they really do look sexy and pretty. And I want to be able to have that for you." I chuckled at her and said, "OK, if you're sure you really want to. But, at some point, I really think I need to hear more about these locker rooms sluts you keep referring to. Especially, why they're always sitting around naked talking about sex. And also why you think their pussies are so pretty shaved."

I looked over to give her a smile and a wink. She had her head back, her eyes closed and offered no response. Probably due to the fact that she was still holding my hand between her legs and was applying kegels to my fingers still inside of her. My cock was rock hard trying to bust out of my shorts. Pulling my hand away from her, I had to reach down and do a readjustment. Reaching up the right leg of my shorts, I grabbed ahold of my member and pointed it straight down, so that the head was almost peeking out the bottom.

"Aww is watching me play with my little clit and talking about shaved pussies getting to be too much for him?" "I shook my head, "Nope, not too much at all! You go right ahead and play with that creamy pussy of yours all you want." "Oooh, so that's what you like? You like all these juices and creaminess? (as she rubbed it around her clit) You like all the essence dripping out of my cunt don't you, baby?" My jaw dropped and my eyes got wide as I literally shook my head in disbelief, like a cartoon character, that she would use that word.

"Yeah, I figured you'd really like that... turn off into that dirt road coming up on the left and drive down it for a couple miles. (2 fingers scooping up creamy juices rubbing her clit) Mmm I figured you'd really like this." I was trying not to take my eyes off the road, I looked down and she was using three fingers to scoop up all the juices and cream dripping out of her. She leaned over and with her thumb lifted the leg of my shorts and reached in to grab my cock and massage her juices into it. With her mouth right against my ear, she whispered into it, " Mmm you like that baby? You like the juices from my cunt being rubbed into your cock?" "Oh... fuck yes... keep stroking me! I'm about ready to explode." But it all came to a halt, just as I was turning onto the dirt road. She chuckled, "Well we can't have that happening! Not while we're out here bouncing around on this dirt road, and I can't enjoy it." I said, "Oooh that is NOT fair!" With a smirk on her face, "Yup, that payback is a bitch isn't it?". We both laughed until I said, "Oh it is! And it will be!" She said, "Hey!! That's not fair! (she fake pouted and giggled) You can't do a pay back because of a pay back!" I said, "Well, I don't know, we'll just have to see about that." (wink)

Our destination was actually pretty easy to find, as there was still a decent amount of sunlight left in the sky. Driving to it I asked how we would know if anyone else was there. She said, "There's only one parking spot where this dirt road comes to an end. From what I've heard, if there's a vehicle there, you can see it from the main road and no one else will stop." I said, "Well that's mighty polite of people." She said, "Well, this IS the South." She was correct, we didn't see anyone, up ahead anywhere, when we got on the dirt road. And when the road suddenly ended, there were still no other vehicles in sight.

I started to grab my duffle bag and said, "So, like I was saying earlier, I've got some clean boxer briefs and a t-shirt you can wear." She scoffed at me and said, "Are you being serious right now? With everything we've been through today, I think we're beyond that."

With that, she pulled her dress over her head in one swoop and threw it onto the hood of the truck. She stood there with her hands on her hips smiling at me as naked as naked can be. I was just absolutely amazed at the pure beauty that stood before me. The sun straining to give me one last bit of glow as it reached across the horizon to find her. It used it's last hint of light, to throw it's radiance across that beautiful face, statuesque neck and perfect body. It's rays got tangled in her golden curls and kissed her sweat-soaked, perfectly tanned body, making it glisten with the last embers of light. I think it was DaVinci that decided the perfect size for a woman's breast (who knows, it could have been Sinatra) was determined by the inside of a champagne glass, (The wide shallow ones not the tall thin ones lol) and she had them. And those beautiful sexy nipples! Oh my god! They were sweet perfection! It seemed like they were always erect and standing out, just waiting for somebody's mouth (MINE!!) to suck on them. She was obviously an athlete, so her arms, legs, stomach and ass, were all muscular and toned. And that vagina, ouufff!! It's SO cute! What is commonly referred to as an innie pussy. Her inner labia and clit, sweetly tucked away until you start coaxing them out to play. And, she tastes like heaven. I have never eaten or drank the essence of a pussy so sweet before. I don't know why this girl doesn't have a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, but they are missing out! I could eat her pussy and lick her asshole for hours, as long as I was promised that delicious nectar would flood my mouth in the end.

My trance, of admiration for her beauty, was broken by, "Hey! take a picture, it'll last longer! (she giggled) I'm gonna go jump in the water." I said, "oooo yes please, can I?" She smiled back over her shoulder and said, "Maybe, if you're a good boy! Now come on. Woohoo YEAH!", she exclaimed, as I heard her splash while jumping in.

Two seconds later, I was there stripping my clothes off, in front of her. My hard cock, impressively standing out, pointing towards her, wanting her. I'm more than a little worried about its showing, once my foot touches that water. But there she is, wiggling that finger towards me, much in the same way I used mine to tickle her g-spot, beckoning me into the water. Teasing me with a "Come on daddy! Come and get your baby girl!" I got in and the coolness of the water, it felt incredible against my heat soaked body in the warmth of the early night air.

I walked towards her and when I got close enough, she reached out and grasped my cock, pulling me the rest of the way to her. That greatly helped in maintaining its stature. She threw her arms around my neck and jumped up wrapping her long legs around my waist. I grabbed her ass and held her up while feeling the water sway my hardness against her. She kissed me deeply, pressing her lips to mine and invited her tongue into my mouth.

She pulled back and said, "Will you fuck me? Will you make love to me here? Right now?" "Oh most certainly, yes!" I replied. She reached down to guide my cock into her. "Do you want to go sit down on that bench over there? I know it's wood, but because it's in the moving water it's super smooth, without splinters." Grasping her ass, I was holding her close to me, as I walked us over to the bench. I turned us around and sat down. She untangled her legs from my waist and kneeled on the bench to straddle me. My cock was still firmly buried deep inside of her.

She said, "I have a confession to make, but you have to promise me, you're not gonna stop fucking me." I said, "Well you're on top doing most of the work so you're actually the one fucking me." She said, "No, this is serious. You have to promise me." Her pussy felt too amazing right now. Buried in her velvet wetness, her hips bounced that ass on my cock, pushing it deeper inside of her. There was no way I was going to stop fucking her, no matter what she had to confess. I reached up and grabbed her tits, massaging them, pulling on her nipples. Bending my head down to suck one into my mouth. "Hey focus.", she pleaded, as she grabbed my hair and pulled my head back looking in my eyes, "this is serious." It was hard to take her seriously, since she wouldn't stop fucking me. Her face was serious, but her hips and ass were dancing on my cock. And she really just looked so fucking sexy. Cold water or not, my cock was loving the warmth inside her beautiful pussy. I was positive she was just getting back at me, for my 'I'm hungry' stunt or 'payback' comment from earlier.

But I caved to her seriousness, "I'm sorry you're right you're trying to be serious and I'm screwing around. So I'm gonna stop playing with your tits, and these AMAZing nipples!" They seem extra long and hard due to the chill of the water and I really wanted them in my mouth. "But, I do promise you, with my hands on this fabulous ass, I won't stop fucking you. Now go ahead and unburdened your sins and free your soul." She put her forearms on my shoulders and clasped her fingers behind my neck. Which did not help in convincing me this wasn't all some kind of ploy. She closed her eyes and put her head down. Obviously in fake distress, seeing as how she never did stop fucking me. Technically, I guess, she was keeping up with her end of her bargain. With her face buried in her outstretched arm she said, "I'm... ugh!!! Why is this so hard?" I thrust up into her and said, "because you're so fuckin sexy!" She lifts her head and looks at me, hmm she does look serious. "Noooo stop being an ass! (her face falls to my neck) I'm... I'm... (cumming? all these theatrics just to say she's cu...) OH FUCK!!!! FUCKITI'MONLYNINETEEN!!!"

She threw it out there all together. Annnd, I'll admit it, I stopped fucking her. "NOoo! You said you wouldn't stop!" as her hips rocked on my hard cock, fucking me faster. "Umm!" Sadly was the most intelligent thing I could think of saying at the moment. "Ouufff!" I grunted out, at the feeling of her pussy gripping my cock as she started to slowly gyrate on it. "Umm, so when you say 19, WOW ok,19! {huufff} A breath of air involuntarily escapes my lips. "Please tell me you mean 19 19. And not "I'm gonna be 19 in a few weeks or months 19!?" She said, "No, for real, legitimate 19. I turned 19 in January." I said, "legitimate, OK, good word!" She said, "Look, one day I'll be 30 and you'll be..." "43!" I threw out. "Right! 43. (she didn't blink or have a care) And who will care? What will it all matter then!?"

I said, "I think 'then', as in looking into the future, then, is the keyword there. I mean, I can't help but think you knew or thought there was something wrong with all this and that's why you weren't truthful with me to begin with." She said, "OK, ok, I can see that. But you wanna talk about truth? Truth is I didn't want us to miss out on an opportunity. Truth is I've never felt like this, not ever, not with anyone in my life. Truth is, in less than 24 hours I've fallen head-over-heels in love with you. And the truth is... if you're being honest with yourself... I think you have with me as well. And since we're talking all about truths here. The real truth is your cock has gotten a little bit harder since I told you I was 19 years old. And so tell me the truth, aren't you enjoying fucking this 19 year old pussy? Don't you love having your cock thrusting up into my little teenage cunt right now?" With that she started grinding herself down on my cock even harder and shoved her tongue into my mouth. And I had to admit to myself, I did have a great day and I was having an amazing time right now.

But what I said was, "This, and a lot of that, may be true, but I can't trade my morals for truths and sex." She said, "No? OK!" And climbed off my cock and stepped back away from me. A barely audible, involuntary " OoooNooo!!!" escaped my mouth. Causing her to raise her eyebrows at me while covering her tits with her hands. Another lower, "nooo!" groaned out of my mouth.

She said, "Look, before we met today, were you happy? I said, "Come on, that's beside the point. You've got your whole life ahead of you. Your whole life to learn things and experience things. Don't you think you're gonna regret it, and me, if you think you're happy now, but then something happens? I've lived my life and I don't want to spoil all those things for you." She said, "Are you insane? You have 13 years experience on me, not 40. You're only thirty two years old! Stop talking like you're Hugh Hefner and I'm one of those stupid bunnies. But, OK, since we're talking truths and honesty now, something's going on in your life and you ventured out into the world to escape it. Or, in search of something else. My guess is probably both! How do you know that 'I'm' not the something else?" "Oh Memphis, you ARE something else, there is no doubt about that! And I can't deny there isnt some truth to that last part you said there."

She climbed back on top of me and reached down sliding me back inside of her. She smiled at my moan of pleasure and reached out for my hands and put them back on her tits. "ohh" I moaned again. "Mmhmm!" She replied, and gave my mouth a long deep sensual kiss, sucking my tongue and biting my lower lip. She said, "Hey! (and kissed my cheek) I'll make a deal with you." (another kiss, the other cheek) " You were going to stay here what 2,3 weeks?" (kiss, back to the other cheek) "You keep your plans. (kiss) I stay on as your 'tour guide', (kiss) With benefits of course. (kiss) Like we talked about. (kiss) You continue to call me Memphis. (wiggling her ass on my lap) Cause it makes me hot and wet. (kiss) And, if at the end of that time (kiss) you aren't completely happy (kiss) and at least a little in love with me, (kiss) then we will say goodbye (kiss) and walk away from each other (kiss) and see where our lives take us. (kiss) Deal?" With a final kiss to my lips.

"That was a nice touch" I said, "The kisses going back and forth to my cheeks? Yeah, nice touch. And the little kegel squeeze with each kiss? Yeah, I noticed that too. Again, nice touch. There's only one problem with your deal." "Oh, what's that?", she asked with another deep kiss to my mouth, grinding down hard on my cock, followed by an adorable head tilt and an adorable, "hmm?" Looking at me, teasing me, knowing how fuckin hot she looked. Reaching up to her tits and stretching her nipples out for me. "Come on baby, tell me the problems you see with my plan!" I groaned at the eroticness and the stirrings they caused. "Well, I'm already happier than I've been in a long time. And I'm already more than a little in love with you."

A screech of elation escaped her lips. Her arms flew around me and her lips gave me a dozen or so quick kisses on my cheeks and lips. She climbed off again grabbed my hand and said come on. I said where are we going? "That was your mattress pad and bedding in the back of your truck right? And I'm assuming you have some kind of mosquito netting?" I said, "Well it's more like a tent, but yes." She said well we're gonna get out of this water before the bugs start getting to us and we're gonna finish what we've started here."

We got out of the water and walked to the truck. I said, "I've got a portable shower here if you're interested In rinsing off?" She said, "what? You must be kidding me?" I said, "No really! The water pressure isn't great but it's warm. Grab the soap and a wash cloth in the glove box. You know, that place where you keep your wet panties." I winked at her. She laughed and said, "Shut up! You know normally I'd be horriffied. But at the moment, I'm too horny and kind of interested in this shower contraption you've promised."

I pulled a long PVC shower pole from the bed behind the seat, where the water tank was and clamped it to the passenger door. I screwed on the hose and showerhead, turned a valve and voilá, shower! "I guess there's no reason to hook the shower curtain up, right?" She chuckled and said, "No, this is wonderful just how it is, thank you so much." I grabbed a towel out of my bag, threw it on the seat for her, while she got the soap and wash cloth. I couldn't take my eyes off of her as I was setting up the tent in the bed of the truck. I couldn't help but watch her as I unrolled my mattress pad and blankets. I think it's a serious turn-on to see a beautiful woman naked outside. And I think it's seriously sexy to watch her shower, outside.

She said, "You done? Come here." She reached out her hand for me, and pulled me into the water with her. She took the wash cloth full of soap and started washing my whole body. This too was incredibly sexy. "This is definitely the best action this shower has ever seen." After soaping up my top half she squatted down, so she was eye level with my cock, or I guess technically, mouth level. "You promise?" She asked, holding my cock against her opened her mouth. "Oooh yeah, I fucking promise alright." She stuck her tongue out and rubbed my penis up and down on it. Before closing her mouth, sucking it in deep. Then she kissed the head of it saying, "I'll be back for you in a minute." She took my cock into her soapy hands and like the taffy pulling girl at Disneyland, started pulling on it. From the base to the top, one hand after the other, over and over until she had a nice lather of suds going. She reached down, with a soapy hand, and caressed my b​​​​​​alls while she continued stroking my cock with the other. My eyes rolled up in my head as I reached out grabbing onto the door for support. She looked up at me smiling and said, "Don't you dare cum." Not now, not while you've got this soap all over you and I can't take you into my mouth.

Her hand left my balls and went under me and up the back lathering up my ass crack. Needless to say I was more than a little shocked at this. And even more shocked when her finger came back down and started circling my asshole. Still stroking my cock, she pushed it in. It didn't take much of her jacking me off and fingering my asshole before I had to scream out, "You need to stop!! If you don't want me to cum, you need to stop and rinse me off." She smirked up at me, "ooh, so you like that?" I said, "I'll be completely honest with you, I've never allowed anyone to do that to me before." She let out a "Hmm!" of approval and turned the water, to rinse me off. After the water rinsed my cock, she moved it to my ass, she sucked me deep into her mouth. The sensation of both was going to send me over the edge, I was already so close. I think she could sense this, so she stopped and handed me the showerhead to hang up.

Memphis was rubbing the head of my cock across her lips and face. She looked up at me, smiled and said, "Do you want to fuck my mouth, like you did at Graceland baby?" With an obvious look of shock on my face, I said, "Oh, my god, yes! Are you sure you can handle that? It got kinda rough." She continued sucking me into her mouth, pulled me out and said, "I hope so! I want to try baby. I want to be such a good girl for you." She was looking up, enjoying the expression of ecstasy on my face. She started stroking me slowly, and said, "Where do you want to cum baby? In my mouth? On my face? Tell me lover. I want to make all your fantasies come true in the coming weeks. And I want you to help me with mine!" She gripped a little tighter, stroked a little faster. "Baby, I want you to do whatever you want to me. Tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it. I'll do anything for you my Darlin'." I told her I wanted to cum on her face.

She started rubbing my cock all over her outstretched tongue and face. She said, "OH FUCK YES!!, just like in the pornos. Fuck my mouth and jack off all over my face, baby! Then I'll lick it up and clean it all off for you." Again, when she was done talking she engulfed my cock. It was all too much! TOO fuckin sexy. I knew I wasn't gonna last long, she was too fuckin hot and talking too nasty. But I still told her, "If you need me to stop or slow down, just let me know." She pulled off and said, "I'm not gonna stop baby. Not until you cum all over my face! Come on lover, cum on my 19yr old face!" And that was all it took. I grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth, she started letting out little whimpering noises to tease me. Looking up at me (mm mm mm mm) That just made me go harder and faster. Her eyes never left my face. She knew that would do me in, those eyes! I grunted out as the first stream left my cock into her mouth. She opened her mouth, getting ready for more. She pulled my cock out to stroke me faster. Like one person trying to hold a fire hose, she let it go! Stream after stream on her tongue, down her throat and all over her lips, cheeks and neck. I was grunting out in short bursts with every shot, "Oh, fuck, yes, oh, fuck, yes". The vision of her face covered in my cum, sent a shiver through my body.

As I helped her up, she was looking at me, wiping it away and into her mouth. Her tongue was covered and she swallowed. I was so turned on by her nastiness I pulled her to me and kissed her. She moaned her approval into my mouth. When we stopped she used the wash cloth to clean us up. I said, "Where did you learn THAT!?" She laughed and said, "Well, I may have been a virgin, but I have watched a porn or two. And I've also learned a thing or two from listening to all those sluts in the locker rooms for the past 4yrs. Did you like it?" I said, "ooh god yes!! It was sexy as fuck!" She said, "Good! I didn't think I was going to, but I actually enjoyed it myself. It didn't taste as bad as those bitches made it seem like it would. And I have to admit, I was more than a little shocked that you would kiss me after." I told her I eat a lot of fruit and try to drink things that won't hinder the taste. I also explained that it's from my body. It's not like I'd do it, if it was from another guy! I've always thought, if a woman is going to taste herself on my lips after I go down on her, like she did, then why should I have reservations about doing the same? She said, "I like that. Even though a lot of guys wouldn't see it that way, it makes sense." I told her, "I'm not a lot of guys!"

She was looking around and I asked if she needed something. She said, "no, I'm just looking for somewhere to pee." I said, "Why don't you just pee here, where you're standing?" She said slightly embarrassed, "No, I can't pee in front of you!" I said, "What? Are you kidding me? Why not? I have watched you squirting, what seemed like a gallon of your essence, in my mouth and all over my face. And to be honest, some of it, not much but some of it, was pee. Don't freak out, it's ok, it happens. And I don't care. And if we're being honest, I think watching can be quite sexy. Especially someone as pretty as you. And before you ask the next question, No! I am NOT into poop. At all, in any way! You will NEVER have to worry about me requesting anything of that nature." I could see the relief in her eyes over that.

And then, standing right in front of me, she closed her eyes, opened her legs and a steady stream was escaping her sexy pussy. It seemed clear, which has always been my favorite. She looked incredibly sexy, standing there naked, peeing for me. I reached out and took one of her breasts into my hand, stepped forward and kissed her lips. I moved my hand from her breast down her stomach to her clit. I dipped my middle finger into her flow and circled her clit. She grabbed my head, pulling my tongue into her mouth. My fingers took turns sliding into her, while her pee flooded around them, to rubbing and massaging her clit. She was at the edge of cumming, when I stopped, causing her to cry out in disappointment.

We dried off and headed into the tent. I held the screen open for her to crawl in ahead of me. Seeing that ass sticking in my face had me thinking only one thing. I hurriedly crawled in behind her and before she could turn over or move around, I shoved my tongue into her asshole. It startled her at first, but that quickly turned into moans of pleasure. She arched her back and went head down ass up, granting me access to whatever I wanted. I let my fingers slide into her pussy while I continued tongue fucking her most private opening. She let out moans of approval, along with exclamations of 'oh my god' and 'oh my!!' And once, I heard a low, "don't stop, please don't stop." I just had to ask, "what was that?" And she started softly speaking again and I said, "no baby I can't hear you, you have to speak up." A little louder she said, "please don't stop." I said, "What? Don't stop what?" I kept coaxing her on, until she was screaming, "Please don't stop licking my asshole! Keep your fingers inside my cunt and your tongue in my ass. I don't want you to stop!" Her juices were dripping out of her and I would take a break from her asshole to lick up the essence from her legs. Not much longer, she came, I drank in her juices from behind and crawled up behind her, sliding my cock into her wet, warm and inviting pussy.

She grunted a "ohFuck Yes!!" As she pushed back onto me. Fucking my cock just as much as I was fucking her pussy. Her breathing quickened, so my thrusts quickened. She started hitting the floor with her hand. So I started spanking her each time her hand landed. She started pushing back, so I grabbed onto her hips and started shoving into her. She cried out and collapsed, shaking almost violently in between having jerking convulsions. I stayed deep inside her, trying to fuck her through the floor. She was gasping for air as her shaking slowly subsided. I slipped out of her and fell down next to her.

She crawled over, into my arms and we lay there basking in orgasmic glow. She said, "That was amazing! Thank you for that!" I laughed and said, "You don't have to thank me for making love to you or giving you an orgasm, EVER! But, you're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." She said, "I was nervous, wondering if you were going to fuck my ass." I told her that's something better done when we have a better and closer shower, just in case of an accident. But I asked her if that was something she was interested in trying. She gave an enthusiastic "Oh YES!" and was immediately a little embarrassed by her response. I told her, she never had to be embarrassed talking to me about intimate things and that, yes, I would love to fuck her sexy ass, at some point.

She said, "I can't believe I peed on your hand." I chuckled and said, "Maybe next time you're riding me you'll pee on my cock?" She jerked her head around and looked into my eyes, "Really!" I said, "I mean only if you really want to, if it interests you?" She said, "I do, I really do." She practically purred as she snuggled up closer to me. "A week ago I would have told you HELL NO! About anything having to do with my ass or pee! But now, now I want to experience everything with you." Face to face, we lay there under the netting, naked to the stars as we drifted off to sleep. As she reached down for my penis, she said, "I feel terrible, you didn't get to come in me again." I said, "There's always the morning Memphis, we've always got tomorrow." With her eyes closed, she smiled at that. And we both passed out. I never called her Savannah again. From that day on, she was always Memphis to me.
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