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Every character in this short is 18+
We hung out with Stephanie for no other reason than friendship. She was one of the boys and her lack of penis rarely came up in conversations. But when she floated the idea of an all-night gaming sleepover at her place, it wasn't the power of friendship that made all five of us clear our schedules instantly; a sleepover at Steph’s place meant sleeping in the same house as her mom.

Our brief encounters with the women left us drooling cavemen and, as soon as Steph was out of earshot, the conversation turned into about what her mom’s outrageously hot body was last wrapped in. Whether it’s tight gym clothes or a loose sundress, our male gaze inevitably gravitates toward the shape of her huge braless melons, but I swear, her bright wide smile is her most captivating feature. She smiles at you like you’re a high school crush, like a brief encounter with you is a life-changing experience. Her body gives you an erection, but that smile makes you fall in love.

We were down in Steph’s basement, either playing Mortal Kombat or watching for new fatalities. I was battling Steph but my head wasn’t really in the game. I assume every other guy was also fantasizing about getting lost on our way to the bathroom and interrupting Steph’s mom’s yoga or catching her changing.

“Fucking owned, you little bitch,” Steph shouted, delivering a killing blow to a character who hadn’t moved in a while. I didn’t even hear her at first, my brain had put all senses except for sight on the back burner while I watched an amazing pair of athletic legs loading vertically in the stairway. Steph’s mom hopped down in nothing but a thin loose romper that someone would normally wear around the house once they were sure no guests were coming over. The beating heart in Kano’s hand did not come through the surround-sound speakers louder than those of five young men watching breasts almost as big as their head almost bouncing out of a plunging v-neck. It wasn’t happening in slow motion like in movies, but I was still able to savor every nanosecond of the wild breast tango from the moment they were visible.

“Who's playing next?” Steph turned her head when no one answered and caught us all red-eyed. “Mom!" She shifted the blame." You said you weren’t going to bother us.”

“I just need to take care of the laundry, Stephy. I won’t get in your way.”

Time Out! Neither character moved during the next fight. Two hot women fighting to the death had nothing on Steph’s mom taking care of laundry. She went on all fours to empty the dryer, presenting her peach like a grocery store sample. The bottom part of her romper was bootier than the bootiest rap video booty shorts yet loose enough in the front to flash glimpses of rear-pussy when she rummaged for lost socks. Then she bent over the washing machine to get the wet clothes out, giving us a new angle of her perfect peach and exposing even more pussy when she lifted a leg to snatch a pink thong at the very bottom.

“Are you done, Mom?”

“Yes, yes,” she said. But the show was not done; she bent over to pick up the basket of clean clothes and gave us a view of the entirety of her dangling breasts through the slack neck hole. “You boys need anything while I’m here?”

“They’re fine, Mom.”

“Juice? Snacks? Tittyfuck?”

“Eww Mom. Just leave, please.”

“Ehm, excuse me.” My friend raised a finger. “What was that last one?”

Her famous smile beamed in our general direction. “You boys look like you don’t get a lot of tittyfucks at home.” She was right. It’s not something I would ever ask of my mom or sister for, but she was right.

She put down the laundry basket and walked over to our half-circle of couches. We were already stunned speechless before she let her flimsy shoulder straps slide off and freed her big natural tits from their limited restraints.

“For f— sake, Mom, at least keep your clothes on.”

In Steph’s mom’s defense, a one-piece does not allow for subtle under-the-shirt titjobs.

“They have the internet, Stephy. They’ve seen plenty of boobies.”

Not like these. The internet doesn’t have swooping bells that large and perfect, jiggling like water balloons just from their owner talking. I checked.

“Horny boys can’t think straight and will do stupid things if they don’t drain the snake multiple times a day. I do what needs to be done so you don’t end up pregnant, Stephy. Who wanted a tittyfuck?”

“I’ll take one.” I started saying it before she even finished her sentence, which got me first in line.

Steph’s mom smiled at my eagerness and kneeled on the basement carpet between my open legs. “Do you want to get it out or should I?”

Even with a topless woman resting her tits on my crotch, I had trouble wrapping my mind around what ‘it’ was. Thankfully, my hesitation was enough of an answer; Steph’s mom undid my belt, pulled down my pants, and fished the erection out of my boxers. She stroked it a few times with her hands, but the gesture was symbolic; I was already rock-hard.

Anxiety added to my racing pulse: I took a shower this morning, but isn’t that an eternity ago to someone panting inches away from your peehole?

Steph’s mom’s beautiful smile and the softness of her satin pillows jerking off my cock melted my worries away. Clearly, she didn’t share any of my concerns by the way she was bobbing her chest on my crotch like it was a titty trampoline. My head kept dipping back from overwhelming ecstasy, and I had to will it straight to continue watching the show. She was always looking back at me, locking her hazel eyes to mine even if I sometimes stared at her squished boobies instead.

As the bouncing breasts massaged my cock, a new worry threatened to tarnish the greatest moment of my life: What if I cum too soon? Should I be warning her? Is there even a box of tissues nearby?

With intuition or sexual experience, Steph’s mom anticipated my hesitation and ejaculation by wrapping her lips around the tip of my cock. Who could hold on after that? I let the cum flow as she pressed her tits together hard like making a mold of my cock and sucked my glans to milk my balls dry.

And because I can’t seem to go two minutes without worrying about something, I began wondering if there was such a thing as abusing a generous fellatio by pouring too much cream. Yet the sound of my thick goop erupting was always followed by the sound of a hungry throat swallowing. To Steph’s mom, at least, there didn’t seem to be such a thing as too much cum.

After one final swallow, the woman deactivated her suction cup of a mouth and reshaped it into her usual smile. I couldn’t believe she drank it all or that she enjoyed it enough to suck and lick what was left in her mouth for one true final swallow.

“You must be feeling better, huh?” she said after running one last cleaning lap around the glans with her tongue. “Who else said they wanted one?”

I’m surprised no one broke an arm raising them so fast. Still dazed by my turn, I just sat back and chilled while listening to the erotic sounds of my homies getting their own pipe-cleaning titty massage. When I remembered Steph was still down here with us, rolling her eyes every time one of her friends let out a moan, I politely tucked away my cock until it was my turn again.

Eventually, the tittyfucks became commonplace enough for us to start playing the game again while Steph mom’s did her rounds; ‘Who’s turn is it?’ Always needed some clarification. I didn’t say no to a second round or third or fourth, each lasting longer than the previous one but always ending in an explosive finish on Steph’s mom’s welcoming tongue. 

“Well, I’m going to wash up then spend the night in the guest bedroom.” Steph’s mom said when everyone was too sexually exhausted to immediately offer her breasts an erection. “If anyone gets cold, feel free to join me for a bit and we can warm up together.”

“So, who’s going to fuck Steph’s mom first?” asked one of my friends. Just hearing the running water splashing against the MILF’s perfect body had us ready for action again.

“What? That is not what she meant.”  Steph had a new reason to be outraged, but our silence eventually convinced her that it was absolutely what her mother meant. “Guys, please don’t have sex with my mom.”

“I think we should keep the same order as before,” I said, fairly sure that Steph would forgive me one day for fucking her mom.

“No way," several voices objected. "You’re saying that because you want to go first again?”

“No, it would just be less confusing that way.” I wanted to go first again.

“Can you guys at least not argue about who’s fucking my mom first in front of me? Can I have at least that?!” Steph’s reasonable objection put an end to the negotiation which meant I won by default. Thanks, Steph.

I entered the guest bedroom shortly after the water stopped running. The timing couldn’t have been better; Steph’s mom was coming out of the joint bathroom wearing a small towel wrapped in a way that failed to fully cover her top and bottom. It was the first time I saw her smoothly waxed budding tulip from the front.

“Cold already?” She winked. “Come, let’s warm up.”

She opened her towel, revealing every square inch of her goddess body I hadn’t seen before, and climbed into the low bed. She embraced me in a hug as soon as I joined her in the nude. Her skin was initially cold from the shower, but her body’s warmth seeped into my bones as I drowned in her tits.

“You’re still all wound up after all the milking you’ve gone through,” she said, feeling my erection against her thigh. “My poor boy. Mommy’s going to take care of you.” If this sounds awkward to you, it’s because you weren’t there, nibbling at her nipples.

“Sh-Should I wear a condom?”

“I was just saying that to scare Stephy. Girls want to feel the veins of your cock and your cum oozing down their inner thighs once you’re done breeding them like baby factories. I want you to empty your balls deep inside my womb as often as you want.”

When a woman with the body of a lingerie model spreads her legs and tells you to breed her, you just have to convince yourself it’s probably a safe day and go for it.

I penetrated her like it was the most natural thing in the world then turned the bed into a raft in a violent storm. My fingers dug into the tit meat for they had grown so jealous of my cock in the last few hours. Every thrust and every squeeze was rewarded with a deep moan. She made it seem like I could do no wrong as I paid back all the passion she had put into her breast massage. And it’s while riding that high (and shooting my load) that I leaned in for a kiss. Even after five titjobs and one passionate sex session, I still wasn’t sure that was appropriate. I reached out with my lips, but she was the one who orchestrated the passionate tongue dance and intense saliva mixing. I moved my grip from boobs to butt so I could get closer to her, merge with her. We continued making out long after the last sperm had entered her fallopian tubes, long enough for someone to knock on the door asking if I was done.

Steph had gone upstairs but I doubt there was a room in the house shielded from her mother’s very vocal lust. I fell asleep on the couch to the moans coming through the guest bedroom's door.  There was no jealousy at all. Taking care of Steph’s mom’s libido had been established to be a five-man job and I couldn’t think of four better guys to share the burden with. It was great sharing our experience over pancakes that Steph’s mom made for us in a sheer red négligée the next morning. No one else would have believed that she was under the table sucking and jerking our morning woods.

It took a few months but Steph seems to have forgiven us. She understandably goes to her dad’s place every weekend while we fuck her mom like a relay marathon. We might see another tantrum when she finds out she’s going to be a big sister, though. She’ll ask us not to impregnate her mom ever again but... that’s not really up to us.


2023-11-04 07:40:10
good story , but they should have run a train on Steph in front of her mom

jack simpsonReport 

2023-10-28 10:23:39
Great story!

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