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I visit Julie and Sarah at university for a morning of fucking
The morning was finally here. I got dressed as normal, had my breakfast and got in the car. My heart was beating through my chest. Me and Carrie chatted as normal while I drove supposedly to the office.

I drove for another hour to get to Jules and Sarah's house. I parked up and knocked at the door. Julie came to the door in one of the shortest skirts I'd ever seen. She opened the door and I went in. She threw her arms around me and kissed me deeply on the lips. I grabbed her arse, geez, it felt so good. I lifted her skirt and pushed my fingers through her thigh gap.

We let our embrace go and went to the living room. Sarah was sitting on the sofa with a short skirt on which didn't really cover her panty clad pussy.

They both said they were really excited to see me and they had some ideas for what they had planned for today. I sat between them, as they sat besides me, both their skirts started riding up and neither of them made any move to cover themselves up. They both put their arms around me and started caressing my legs, gradually moving their hands up to my groin. My dick was ridiculously hard. They both looked stunning. Their legs, although so different, looked amazing and I wanted to kiss them both up and down all day.

As we all started to kiss, Julie said that she and Sarah had been sleeping together now, partly to stay warm during the night but also sexually, touching, playing, licking and generally fulfilling their sexual needs. When I asked about Greg and Phil (Phil is Sarah's boyfriend), they said that they knew and were quite happy about the arrangement and they liked watching and were taking some of the pictures at the library.

They also said that since they'd been fucking, they'd also had fun as a foursome. While we were chatting it also came out that both of them had been fucked by both Greg and Phil at the same time being dp'd while the other one watched. Wow, what had I started, not only fucking Julie, I was hoping I'd soon be fucking Sarah but also got them into group sex. I couldn't wait to see if I would get an invite to one of them.

Julie eventually said she really needed to cum soon as she was getting so aroused by all this talk of sex. Julie started to go upstairs, I could see the bottom of her cute arse as her skirt rode up when she walked. Sarah said we should go join her. I followed Sarah watching her arse as we went upstairs. We went to Julie's bedroom where she had a king-size bed.

I saw some straps hanging out of the top and bottom of the bed. I wondered who was going to be restraining who. Julie took her top and skirt off revealing she wasn't wearing any pants. As she laid back on the bed she put her hand down her pantyhose and started rubbing her clit. Sarah took her top off revealing her ample tits, she also took her skirt off, Sarah was also commando.

In a couple of seconds Sarah had her head buried between Julie's legs. I took all my clothes off and started wanking to the sight of two gorgeous lasses getting it on. While I stood there, Julie looked over at me and gestured for me to join in. Sarah had her arse in the air. I put my hands either side of her hips, slipped my fingers under each side of her pantyhose and teased them down over her arse and down to her knees. My face was level with her backside. I just couldn't help myself. I buried my head between her cheeks. They were so soft. I stuck my tongue out, Sarah bucked her hips backwards so I could lick her pussy. God she was wet. As soon as my tongue found her hole, her wetness started to come out of her. It tasted amazing. Julie said how good she tasted and she really did.

Sarah stopped licking Julie through her tights and moaned. She glanced through her legs and saw the size of my dick, her eyes widened as she realised how big I was and that the pictures didn't do it any justice.

Both Sarah and Julie got up and took their pantyhose off, I laid on the bed and watched them as they pulled them away from their feet. They both looked at each other then at me. They positioned themselves either side of the bed, each of them took one of my legs and fastened them into the straps. How good did that feel? It felt amazing, I was going being tied to the bed by two horny lasses who want to fuck me and each other.

They started kissing me up each leg. I didn't need to touch myself. My dick was at full attention. As they reached my groin, Julie took the base of my dick and asked Sarah if she wanted to taste it first. She didn't need asking twice. She started licking around the top of my dick. She gently started to put my head in between her lips. Her mouth felt so soft and warm. Julie started to cup my balls. Soon Sarah's head was bobbing up and down on my hard shaft. Julie was playing with the base of my dick and my balls.

Sarah stopped sucking me and moved up to kiss my lips. Before she did, she fastened my left hand to the straps. Julie followed from the other side. Putting my right wrist in the straps and doing them up. I was stark bollock naked at the mercy of two horny young women who were sexually experimenting with bisexuality and group sex.

As I laid there, helpless, Sarah moved and carried on sucking my dick. Julie got on the bed, she put one leg either side of my head, she was facing Sarah. Soon she lowered her pussy close to my face. I strained to reach her clit with my tongue, as I managed to touch her pussy with the end of my tongue, she moved away slightly and said that I wasn't allowed to do that….. yet. She bent forward and joined Sarah with her mouth at my groin. Sarah let my cock slip from her mouth. Julie put it straight into hers. As she started to suck me she gradually let her pussy sink to my waiting mouth. I felt Sarah get off the bed and leave the room, I wondered where she was going. This felt totally amazing, me and Julie 69ing while I was tied in place.

While I had my head buried in Julie's bald pussy, I heard Sarah come back in. Julie said she had been thinking the same thing. I wondered what she meant. I glanced to my left and saw Sarah with a doubled ended dildo. She knelt next to my head so I could see that she was gradually pushing it up her pussy.

After she'd pushed it as deep as she could into her pussy, she bent it around, smeared some of the lube from bedside cabinet on it and gradually started shoving the other end up her arse. I'd never seen a double ended dildo being used in reality. It looked amazing. As Julie moved so I could really see what Sarah was doing, she went and helped Sarah get both ends in both her holes. Sarah must have amazing pelvic muscles as it stayed in place without her or Julie holding it in place.

Sarah moved and straddled my face, she was facing me so I could see her tits. She started fucking both her holes with the dildo, her tits wobbled as she did.

I felt Julie move, I could see she was straddling my groin. Before I knew it I could feel something surround the top of my dick, I then realised Julie was putting my rock hard dick in her pussy.

She sank my manhood into her sweet pussy, it felt warm and wet. My mind was going overtime, one woman using a double dildo right in front of my eyes and another woman gradually taking my whole length inside her pussy. Sarah gradually moved her pelvis down towards my face, I licked around her clit. It smelt amazing and tasted even better.

After a few minutes of fucking me, Julie leant forward and whispered something to Sarah, Sarah nodded and moved her sopping wet pussy away from my face, while she knelt there, she gradually took the dildo out of her arse and her pussy leaving two dark holes just above my face. It was an amazing view. Two glorious wet dark holes waiting to be stuffed with my hard cock.

Sarah moved down my body and took the same position that Julie had just been in, she gently lowered herself on to my dick, it slipped between her pussy lips with ease and she guided it all the way in and it filled her all the way up, she yelped a little as she took all of me and her arse touched my balls.

Julie said she needed to cum. She again knelt over my face and lowered her pussy for me to lick. As soon as I started licking her I heard her moans of pleasure. She leaned forward towards Sarah. Sarah just sat on my hard dick. Sarah put one of her hands and put it on the back of Julie's head. She pulled her forward and kissed her on the lips. I sped up my licks and soon heard the noise of a woman at the point of no return. I felt Julie's pussy tighten and then she let out a scream of excitement as she gushed all over my face. Wow, Julie had just come over my face again, this time it felt so much better. It was such a turn on to have Sarah there with my dick balls deep in her pussy.

Julie seemed to cum for ages, the waves of pleasure from my tongue getting her to orgasmic plateau.

As Julie started to come down from her intense orgasm she moved her hips up so her pussy was just out of my reach of my tongue. All of a sudden, Sarah started to gasp, realising she was about to cum over my dick made me get even harder. She reacted at me reaching my full size by screaming, she didn't know how she'd fit all of me in.

She started to moan, I felt her pussy start to tighten around my dick. Julie leant over and kissed her, as she did, Sarah started to cum, she started swearing and almost convulsing, shouting 'oh my fucking God, I'm cumming'.

I could tell how aroused she was as it was really easy to slide my dick in and out of her young pussy. She was really wet. Julie climbed off my face as Sarah laid on top of me, her large tits pushing against my chest. I'd never made 2 lasses cum before. I watched as Sarah enjoyed my cock deep inside of her, watching and feeling every last twitch of her pussy as it contracted on my manhood.

Julie stood and watched as Sarah come.

As soon as Sarah had finished, Julie almost ordered Sarah to sit on my face so I could lick her juices from her pussy.

Sarah obeyed, it seemed that Julie knew exactly what she wanted.

Sarah moved up and straddled my face and her juices flowed from her pussy into my mouth, they tasted so good, sweet, musky, I wanted to drink them all up. I licked her pussy making sure I licked every last bit of her juices from her pussy. Her hole was still loose after the dildo and my dick.

As Julie watched us she picked up the double ended dildo and started putting it up her pussy she started pushing it in and out. I could see the wetness left on it when it moved out of her pussy.

Once I'd licked Sarahs pussy dry, she moved off my face leaving me tied to the bed. Julie said Sarah should get to all fours above me, Sarah did as she was told. Julie then knelt behind her so they were facing away from each other. She then took the double ended dildo and with the end which was not her pussy, put it in Sarah's pussy. They were next to me with Julie's face nearest mine. She asked if I could see the dildo which was now inside both their pussies. I certainly could. It looked amazing. They started fucking each other with the dildo. Julie said this is what they normally get up to when they've had enough of studying.

I asked why they hadn't sent me pictures, she said she wanted to surprise me when I visited. It certainly had. My dick was raging hard looking at two young women fucking each other. I knew that if they touched my dick, it'd explode everywhere.

As I watched, not being able to touch, Julie said that Sarah had been a bad girl and had to have the dildo back up her arse. Sarah did as she was told, moved it from her pussy and put it in her arse.

Sarah winced a little as Julie pushed back and forced the dildo deeper into her arse. Julie said that she now wanted to see me take something.

Julie took the dildo out of her pussy, it glistened with her wetness. She got Sarah to lay on her back between my legs and moved so her arse was next to my balls. The dildo was still hanging out from her arse. Julie said that she wanted Sarah to put the dildo in my arse and fuck me arse to arse.

I couldn't say no as I was tied to the bed. Sarah did as she was told. The dildo didn't need any lube as Julie had left so much of her wetness on it from her pussy. Sarah put the end of the dildo between my arse cheeks and gently pushed, I felt the end of the dildo gradually push into my arse. I felt it slowly push in, I never knew how much I'd enjoy being fucked by a woman like this, wow, it made my dick so hard.

Julie leant over and gave me a suck then licked Sarah's pussy.

As me and Sarah laid there, connected arse to arse by a double dildo, Julie got up and went to the side cabinet and got another double ended dildo from the drawer. Wow, how many did these lasses own?

Julie sucked one end to make it wet and then lubed up the other. Julie walked back over to me and Sarah. Sarah was loving having the dildo in her arse and kept fucking me with it. Julie told us to stop and when we did, she took the other dildo and pushed one end into Sarah's pussy. Sarah moaned in pleasure as she pushed into her. That left the other end of the double ended dildo and my dick next to each other.

Julie got back on the bed and got on top of me, she took my rock hard dick and guided it towards her pussy. She then took the lubed end of the dildo and pushed it gently against her arsehole. It slipped in with ease. Julie pushed herself down on to my dick and the dildo.

All three of us had our holes filled. It felt amazing, being fucked by two girls. It seemed like a dream.

Julie started really fucking me, pushing so hard down on to my dick. I could feel the dildo in her arse pushing against my dick when she pushed me deep inside.

Julie really knew what she liked. It had totally shocked me that she wanted to do all this, she was normally such a quiet retiring type.

As I laid there, unable to touch either young body of the ones who were fucking me, I felt an orgasm starting deep inside of me. As I kissed Julie, I said I think I was about to cum. This prompted Julie to quickly move herself so my dick was no longer buried in her sweet pussy. This drove me wild but yet stopped me cumming, even though Sarah was still fucking my arse.

Julie said to Sarah that I needed a bit of time to calm down as she wasn't ready to let me cum just yet.

She made Sarah take the dildo out of my arse and got her to get on all fours. Sarah still had the two double enders inside her holes. Julie then got on all fours behind her and put the hanging ends into her holes. My eyes almost popped out of my head at seeing them fuck each other in both holes.

Julie said it was like having both Greg and Phil fuck her at the same time. I wondered if I'd ever fuck her with another bloke and wondered how it would feel.

The two of them kept fucking each other. I heard them both groan at the same time. Wow, they'd obviously been doing this together as they both came at the same time. Both moaned and screamed a little as they orgasmed.

As they started to come down, they moved and took both toys from both their holes. Sarah was first to get her pussy and arse to my face. I licked for all I was worth. She tasted amazing. Julie then took her position above my wet beard. I licked as much as I could but my tongue was starting to tire. Julie made up for it by grinding her pelvis on my chin and face. Her mum does the same thing when she's sat on my face. While I was licking the last bit of pussy juice from Julie I felt Sarah starting to lick my dick. Julie quickly moved and guided my manhood into her pussy. It was loose from all the action, not that I minded, it meant I could fuck her for longer.

She kept on fucking me, I knew I was close to cumming.

As I started to cum Julie pushed herself so hard down on my dick, it felt amazing, I spurted my spunk so deep inside her pussy. Sarah had to move her head from my balls as Julie pushed so far down on to me.

As I finished, I shuddered and gave a last thrust into Julie. Julie got off my dick, Sarah kept where she was, as my dick slipped out of Julie's pussy my cum started to pour out of her swollen pussy. Sarah put her mouth right under Julie and slurped all my cum into her mouth. As my cum finished dripping out of Sarah she moved and kissed Julie on the mouth, they exchanged my cum between them. They said it tasted amazing and they wanted more.

They undid the restraints which held me to the bed. I finally got to put my finger inside both holes of both Julie and Sarah. They were stretched and wet. I sucked my fingers dry.

Wow, what a morning…….
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