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Part 1- After Work


James wasn't quite sure what to expect when he opened the front door; after all, he'd not given Ashley or the girls any instructions for when he returned. He certainly wasn't prepared to see both Jessica and Ellie kneeling just inside the doorway, with Ashley standing behind them. "Welcome home, honey", Ashley said, coming forward and kissing him on the cheek. He smiled as he took in all three of his girls, their nude bodies causing his dick to stand at rigid attention.

"Was work better today", Ashley asked as she helped him out of his coat and took his briefcase. "Much better", he said. "I punished Lisa for trying to come between us and I finally gave Kelly exactly what she deserved." He saw Ashley's eyes flicker, her emotions colliding as she took in his words, so he spoke quickly. "I think it was the right thing to do and so do you." Her look calmed and she nodded. "Well, good. Hopefully Lisa won't try to cause trouble again and Kelly will stop harassing you."

She set the briefcase down and hung his jacket on a peg in the wall. "Now, why don't you sit down and relax, while I make dinner. The girls have been eagerly waiting for you, ever since they got home from school." James nodded and headed toward the couch; sitting down, he watched as the girls crawled on all fours over and knelt in front of him once more. Both of them had a look of hunger and desire, but it was Ellie who he wanted right now.

"Open wide, baby girl", he said and she immediately obeyed, while he freed his cock from his pants. He placed the head just inside her lips and she formed a tight suction around it; then he let loose the stream of urine that he had been holding in for the last hour. As Ellie tasted her daddy's piss, pleasure washed over her; she squirmed as her young pussy grew damp, the feeling of her daddy's piss filling her stomach sending her into a state of ecstasy.

As he finished pissing, James stroked Ellie's hair; "You're such a good girl", he said, which caused her eyes to light up with joy. "Now, you keep sucking on daddy's dick, while I talk to Jessie." A look of momentary jealousy flared in Ellie's eyes as she watched her sister sit next to her daddy; however, it quickly vanished as she decided to make sure her daddy gave her attention too and devoted herself wholeheartedly to sucking his dick and running her tongue up and down his hard shaft.

"Baby", James said, looking at Jessie, who was now sitting beside him, "I just wanted to talk about what happened this morning. I never told you to let me fuck you and yet, you seemed incredibly aroused and excited." Jessie blushed the deepest shade of crimson that James had ever seen as she looked away; somehow, this display of shyness made her look even more desirable than she had this morning. "Did you want me to fuck you? Tell me the truth." His words sunk deep into Jessica's mind, taking root and preventing her from lying.

"Um, I don't know", she whispered. "I've thought about sex, but I had thought it might be with a boy from school. Some of my friends think you're hot, but I've never thought about it." She stopped and took a breath before finally gathering the courage to look her father in the eye. "But then, this morning, when I saw how hard your, um, penis was and I thought that maybe I had caused it, it made me happy. Well, happy and turned on", she corrected herself, blushing even harder.

"Then, when I felt your penis rubbing against me, down there", she said, barely whispering the last two words, "all I could think about was what it would feel like inside me. And then", here her eyes grew wide and she looked extremely happy, "when you did put it inside me, it felt better than I could ever have imagined. It hurt for a little bit, but then it was like I was so happy that I forgot about everything else."

Her words took James by surprise; he didn't know what he had been expecting, but this blew his mind. "Maybe she really did want it", he thought, but then another thought entered his mind. "Or maybe I somehow, even without speaking my desires directly, somehow affected her." His conflicting thoughts left him puzzled, yet he didn't know how to solve the puzzle. "Would you like to do it again", he asked and Jessica shyly nodded. "It felt so good, daddy. I want to do it whenever you want to."

James smiled upon hearing this, then jerked in surprise as he felt Ellie's tongue sliding down his balls to the small patch of skin between them and his asshole. He looked down at her and saw that her eyes were blazing with lust, along with something else. "Jealousy, perhaps", he thought, wondering if she was upset that he was devoting so much attention to Jessica. He reached down and stroked her hair, which caused her to push her head against his hand.

"Do you want daddy to fuck you too", he asked and she eagerly nodded, then climbed onto his lap. He could feel the juices running down her slit, slathering his already wet cock with their moisture. He looked at her in surprise, then looked at Jessica. "Okay, there is no reason for anyone in this house to be jealous of one another. I love you both and I'm going to fuck you both." Another thought entered his brain and he looked at both of them. "Also, no one else is allowed to do this to either one of you. Your bodies belong to me, is that understood?" Both girls nodded and James smiled, surprised by how possessive he had suddenly felt.

Right now, though, it didn't matter; all that mattered was that he had one daughter next to him, completely naked and her sister, also naked, rubbing her cunt against his cock. "Now, you two are going to start getting along much better, especially while you're with daddy. Whenever we're doing this, you two should also be trying to make each other feel good." The words had barely left his mouth, when Jessica leaned over and placed a soft kiss on her younger sister's nipple.

Ellie squeaked in surprise, then moaned as Jessica ran her tongue over Ellie's nipple, feeling it harden. Then she repeated the process on Ellie's other breast, turning Ellie's nipples into hard pebbles. "That feels so good, Jessie", Ellie moaned as she started grinding against James' cock, her pussy rubbing up and down his shaft. He couldn't take much more and lifted her just enough that he could position his cock at the entrance to her tiny hole. As he slowly lowered her, impaling his daughter on his large shaft, James moaned. Her pussy was, by far, the tightest he had ever felt in his entire life.

"Fuck, you feel so good", he said, smiling at Ellie, who was wincing from the pain of her daddy's cock stretching out her virgin pussy. Suddenly there was a sharp pain inside her, then she felt her daddy's dick slide deep, until she was resting against his lap. "Holy fuck", she said, using a word that had never been a part of her vocabulary before. It felt strange to be stuffed impossibly full with her daddy's dick; yet, it also felt incredible, like her birthday and Christmas at the same time.

Ellie groaned as she got used to the feeling of having her virgin hole stretched and filled, while Jessica continued her oral assault on her sister's breasts. James was amazed at how well she seemed to take to it, so he asked her, "Where did you learn how to do that?" "From videos online", Jessica said, blushing and looking away. "Hey, there's nothing wrong with being curious", James said, stroking her hair. "For instance, I'm curious just how good it will feel to have Ellie sliding up and down on my cock."

Without another word, he grabbed his daughter's ass cheeks and slid her up his shaft, until just the head remained inside her; then he released her, letting her slide down quickly to engulf his entire girth. Ellie screamed out, an explosion of pain and pleasure tearing through her, as her pussy began to convulse in orgasm. Her juices flowed out around her daddy's cock as her cunt spasmed and squeezed his dick. The feeling of Ellie orgasming on his dick was heavenly, but it didn't slow James down. He lifted her again and let her fall once more, which set off another orgasm, this one seeming stronger. He repeated the process a few times, before deciding it was time to really fuck her.

He stood, never pulling his dick from her sopping wet cunt, and laid her on her back on the couch. Then he started pounding into her, hammering his dick into her young twat as fast and hard as he could. The excruciating ecstasy overwhelmed Ellie and she lost all conscious thought, aware only of the ruptures of joy that tore through her, over and over.

Jessica, feeling extremely aroused by what she was watching, laid back and began to rub her clit, remembering how good it felt to have her father fucking her. She wished she and Ellie could switch places and hoped that her father preferred her pussy over Ellie's. He definitely thought it was better than her mother's, didn't he? She wasn't sure, but she was determined to prove that she could please her father best.

Meanwhile, James could feel the familiar sensation building in his balls and he thrust deep, burying himself in his daughter's womb. He let out a loud growl as he exploded, sending spurt after spurt of his hot seed deep inside Ellie. The feeling of her daddy's dick, twitching and jerking, and the hot splashes of his cum, painting the walls of her cunt, were too much for Ellie. She cried out once more as her pussy convulsed in its strongest orgasm yet.

Finally, James felt both his and Ellie's body begin to calm, so he slid out of her now gaping hole. Jessica, remembering how much her father had liked when mom did the same to her, got on her knees and buried her face in Ellie's pussy. With her tongue, she scooped out and swallowed as much of her father's cum as possible. Then, she turned and licked and sucked his still hard cock until it was completely clean. "Dinner's ready", Ashley called from the kitchen as James smiled down at his daughters, both of their eyes filled with lust. "Damn, it's good to be me", he thought.


Part 2- The Next Morning


James slowly awoke as the sun peeked through windows, his arms wrapped around Ashley. She felt amazing in his arms, her warm body fitting perfectly against his. He felt her stir and she wiggled her ass against his dick, which caused it to stir as well. "Seems like someone is quite happy waking up next to me", she said coyly and James kissed the back of her neck. "Very happy", he said, moving his hips forward so that his now erect cock slid across his wife's pussy, her warmth making him even more aroused.

"Not disappointed that I'm not one of our girls", she asked, turning over to face him. "Not even a little bit", he said, kissing her gently. "Right answer", she replied, then put her hands on his chest and pushed him onto his back. She straddled him, rubbing her cunt against his rod as her arousal rose; her labia quickly grew wet, coating his hard dick. Then she lifted herself, held his huge cock at the entrance to her hole, and lowered herself, taking his entire length in one move. "Fuck, that feels amazing", she said, moving her hips in a small circle while she clenched and unclenched her pussy muscles. "Goddamn", James said, amazed at how good his wife was; sure, her pussy wasn't nearly as tight as either Ellie's or Jessica's, but she definitely knew what she was doing when it came to fucking.

She slowly began to lift herself and then slide back down, gripping and then releasing his dick with her cunt walls. This drove him crazy and he wished that it hadn't taken him getting this power to make her want to have sex again. She seemed to love it and she was amazing at it, so why had she stopped wanting it? He didn't know, but he couldn't concentrate on that right now; all of his focus was on his sexy wife, riding his cock like no one else could.

Ashley soon began to pick up speed, her breasts bouncing every time she rose and then fell, her orgasm building within her. After several minutes of hard, fast riding, each time burying her husband's dick deep inside her womb, she cried out in ecstasy as a torrent of pleasure coursed through her body. James wasn't quite there, although he was right on the edge. He lifted Ashley, groaning as her spasming cunt tried to squeeze the life out of his dick, and then hammered into her as hard and fast as he could. Moments later, he groaned loudly as he erupted, spurting his load deep into his wife's insides.

Ashley groaned as she felt her husband filling her with his hot, sticky seed and she suddenly longed to taste his dick again. She quickly pulled herself off of him and took his still rigid dick in her mouth. She slid her mouth up and down his hard cock, still wondering at the fact that it seemed bigger than it used to. "Maybe I just forgot how big he is, since it's been so long since we did this", she thought, although she knew she wouldn't make that mistake again. Pulling her head up, she crawled up his body and kissed him intensely, letting him taste the savory flavor of their juices. "Damn, that's good", he said. She nodded, then stood up quickly. "It's not over yet. Just lie there and I'll be right back."

James was confused by her abrupt departure, but he didn't get the feeling that he should be worried, so he followed her advice. He was surprised when she returned, with both Jessica and Ellie in tow. His cock jerked at the sight of the trio; three naked, beautiful bodies, each different, but all belonging to him. The thought filled him with excitement and vigor and he knew that he would enjoy what was about to happen, whatever it was.

"Girls", Ashley said, before she climbed onto the bed and gave James' erection a soft kiss, "You both made me so proud yesterday, being good girls and letting daddy fuck you. But there's more to keeping daddy happy and you both need to know what that is. A good girl let's her man use all of her holes, whenever he wants." James had not ever expected to hear those words from Ashley, especially after she had so vehemently been opposed to anal sex before.

Ashley beckoned their daughters forward and ran a hand down each of their bodies. "That means that if daddy wants to use your mouth, you open it." Here, she ran a finger across both of their lips. "If he wants to fuck your tight little pussies, you spread your legs." Her hands ran down to the gashes between their legs and James heard both girls moan, the sounds driving him crazy with lust. "And, if daddy wants to stick his long, hard dick inside your perfect little assholes, you bend over and spread your cheeks." She moved behind the girls and ran her hands over each set of ass cheeks, before giving them a quick smack.

Both girls' eyes grew wide, but they said nothing. "You probably think that such a huge cock couldn't possibly fit inside your tiny little butts, but your daddy is a very determined man. And, although it will hurt a little, he knows how to make it feel amazing." Then she lifted each girls' head until they faced her and she softly kissed each of them upon the lips. "Now, you're going to watch daddy fuck mommy's ass and see just how happy it makes him." Then Ashley crawled on the bed, laying her face on the sheets and spreading her ass cheeks. "Make sure you show the girls what a man can do", she said to James, her eyes lit with a fire that matched his own.

He didn't need a second invitation; James got on his knees behind his wife and plunged two fingers into her cunt, covering his digits with copious amounts of her juices. Then he used the nectar as lubricant, spreading it all over her sphincter, then slid a finger inside her tight hole. Ashley groaned loudly, the sound filling the room, as, for the first time, she felt something invade her asshole.

James worked his finger in and out of Ashley's tight ass until he was able to add another, and then a third. She groaned the whole time, lost in the feeling of pleasure emanating from her backside. Both Ellie and Jessica were staring, eyes wide, as James fingered his wife's ass. He noticed that Jessica's hand had moved down to her pussy and she was playing with her clit. "Honey, come lay on the bed and let mommy do that", he said and she, without hesitation, got onto their bed.

She positioned herself so that Ashley's face was between her legs. Ashley looked up, saw her daughter's wet cunt, and, driven wild with lust, shoved her tongue inside Jessica's slit. The girl moaned as her mother's expert tongue swirled inside her, Ashley's fingers finding her daughter's clit and rubbing it in small circles. The sight of it drove James crazy and he slid his fingers out of Ashley's ass and aimed his cock at her stretched hole, then pushed his hips forward.

Ashley screamed into Jessica's pussy as she felt her asshole stretching farther than it was ever meant to, accepting James' massive cock into her backside. He thrust forward again and again, forcing a few inches inside each time, until his balls rested against her wet cunt, his entire length inside her ass. Ashley moaned as she grew accustomed to the feeling of James inside her and wondered why she had never tried this before. Sure, it had hurt, but, at the same time, it felt more amazing than anything they had ever done.

Then he slowly began to slide his cock back and forth, pulling nearly out of her hole and then pushing back inside. He was more gentle than he had been with Kelly, but he cared more if he hurt Ashley. He began to pick up speed as Ashley began to thrust back against him, letting him know that she was enjoying what was happening.

He noticed that Ellie had made her way to the edge of the bed, sitting close by and never taking her eyes off of her daddy's dick disappearing into her mother's ass. He reached down and, surprisingly easily, lifted her and laid her on Ashley's back. As his dick drilled into his wife's back door, he slid a finger inside Ellie's cunt, stroking her g-spot. She cried out and quivered with pleasure, even as he heard Jessica moan and he saw her arch her back, her eyes closing as she came, flooding Ashley's mouth with her juices. He could feel his own orgasm building and he sped up both the thrusts of his hips and his fingers working in and out of Ellie's pussy. Ellie came next, her tight, hot cunt clamping down on her daddy's fingers as her juices coated his hand. He brought his fingers to his lips and licked, loving the taste.

This sent him over the edge and he thrust his hips forward hard, groaning as his dick erupted; spurt after spurt of hot, sticky seed blasted deep into Ashley's bowels as he emptied his balls of their load. Ashley moaned loudly as she felt her husband's thick cum filling her ass, the taste of Jessica's sweet cunt juices strong on her tongue.

James slid his dick out of Ashley's ass, cum oozing out of her hole and running down to her pussy, then moved up to Ellie's tight little cunt. She looked up at him when she felt his cock rubbing against her wet slit, hunger in her eyes, wordlessly begging her daddy to fuck her little twat. James needed no prompting; he lined the head of his dick with Ellie's cunt and pushed inside.

Her tight hole convulsed in orgasm, having barely recovered from her last one, as she felt her daddy stretch her young pussy. His dick went deeper with each thrust, stretching out the walls of her twat, molding it to fit him perfectly. She cried out her ecstasy as James bottomed out in his little girl, his balls slapping against her own virgin asshole. He pulled back and then thrust forward again, driving his dick hard and fast into Ellie. Just as her orgasm ended, another, more powerful, one took its place; all conscious thought left her, leaving her a vessel of pleasure, centered on the dick buried in her cunt.

James fucked her pussy for several minutes, until he felt his orgasm building to a powerful climax; then he pulled out, determined go fulfill another of his long time fantasies. "All three of you, on your knees by the bed", he ordered and each of them, Ellie on legs that would barely hold her up, hurried to obey. Once they were in position, he stood in front of them and stroked his dick a few times to push himself over the edge.

He groaned as thick, hot ropes of cum erupted from his cock, painting each of their faces and tits; Ashley, Jessica, and Ellie all looked positively heavenly with his jizz splattering their perfect skin. When he was finally done, they all leaned forward and eagerly licked his balls and shaft until it was spotless. "Damn, you three are a sexy sight", he said, kissing each of them on the forehead.

"That we are", Ashley said, giving each of her daughter's a passionate kiss and licking some of her husband's cum off of their faces. "However, we are all very messy and, at least as far as I'm concerned, a little sore. We need to shower and then have breakfast." Then she looked up at James, a seductive glance that drove him crazy. "But don't worry, honey, this is far from over. After all, the weekend is just beginning."

To be continued...


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