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Part 3 of a story with risky choises and dirty minds.
Grace parked her car in the garage and opened her door. She and Jason headed home after their sexy time in the woods this evening. She walked over and Jason get out of the car as well. She came up to him and hold on his hand and makes him lean down to her. She kissed him on the lips and he loved it. They kiss for a while and he starts to become horny again. “So, our family will be changed from this moment.” She leads him in the house. As they entered, Grace smiled and stood a bit out of the way, so Jason could see the whole scene. He freezes in the moment and Grace closes the door behind him. He sees his sister, with a sexy maid lingerie on all four. Her beautiful and gorgeous ass sticks towards him and he can see her ass and pussy, dripping wet and even dripping some pussy juice on the floor. Her head was buried in the crotch of their dad, sucking on his enormous dick. He looked in the face of his dad. “Welcome home son! As you can see, we have a good time.” He said and smiled.

Grace comes up behind Jason and grabs his chunk. He was rock hard and his precum made a wet spot on his pants. “The only problem is that you can produce children, not like your dad.” Grace whispered in his ear. “So you can fuck us, but just with a condom on. And if you made your job good, we can talk about contraceptive pills for me and your sister.” His head was empty after these words. His mom pulled his pants down, but this time all the way and freed him from them. She leads him over, behind his sister's ass. “Go down on your knees and show her what you showed me previously.” He goes down and grabs her hips. His tongue slid in his sister’s pussy and he loved her taste, but liked his mothers more. As he said that, Grace blushes and her hand slides down and inside her pants. She was wet as well, and couldn’t wait to be used too. She strips herself naked and stands over her daughter, but on the different direction, so she faced towards her son. He looked up and licked alternately both pussys, loving every moment of it. Sophia loved the situation so much, a big dick in her mouth and being licked by her brother, she could feel an orgasm coming though her body. She moans loud and as she orgasm, she squirts on the floor and shivers. Her mother laughs out loud and slaps her ass. “This mess, you will clean with your tongue.” She said and Sophia stops sucking the cock and turns around. She was face to face with her brother, her face between her mothers legs. She bows down and starts to lick the juice from the floor as she was told to. Jason eats out his mother and sticks again 2 fingers inside her pussy. Michael stands up and walks behin Grace. He pulls back her head and kisses her on the lips. Grace was never so much in the center of something sexy. She also came and squirted on the head of her slave. Sophia twitched and smiled, as she had some more to clean up. Jason rushed to her help, as he tried to drink the fluid from his mothers pussy. “Oh you want to help her, as you wish” Grace said with a nasty voice and pushed his head down with her hand, switched to her foot and pushed him further down. Both of their children cleaning up the floor from the squirt of mother and daughter, a dream come true.

“So, what do you want to do tonight?” Michael asked his wife. “I will have some fun with our daughter, you can talk to our son on what he thinks his role in this family is.” she winked and he nodded. Sophia wasn’t finished with cleaning the floor, but Grace slaps her ass and grips her hand, showing her to follow her upstairs. Jason didn’t mind to continue to clean the floor by himself. As he finishes, he looks up and sees his father sign him to come over to the couch. On the table stands a bottle of whiskey and two glasses. Michael poures the glases half full of liquor and gives him one of them. The first glass goes down in one sip. So they fill them up again. “So, now we have to make some rules.

1. You can’t make one of them pregnant.

2. You allways have to do what your parents tells you.

3. And the most important one, no one will ever know what happens inside our family."

Jason agrees and nods his head. “So what are your wishes?” “ I .. i want to fuck both of them. I haven’t had sex before, so I want to lose my virginity to my mother…” “Oh you’r a virgin, with such a dick you didn’t fuck? But okay, we can arrange this. You ever ejoyed some kind of prostata play?” “No! I’m not gay!” Michael leans over and looks in his eyes with a stern look. “I tell you, you gonna love it as you are used to it. It’s nothing bad at enjoying all of the pleasured your body can recive.” Jason thought about it. ‘so my dad wants to fuck me??’ goes through his mind. He sips the 4 glas and he starts to feela bit dizzy, warm and relaxed. Michael pulls out a little box and opens it. “This are the plugs of your mother, but I think we can use om you so you are ready for what comes up.” He pulls out the smallest plug and tells his son to turn around on the couch. Jason was not sure if he wants this, but does as his father ordered and leans on the rest.

He didn't have to wait for long, the cold metal of the plug feels strange on his asshole. His father touches the cock of his son and takes some precum on the fingers. He covers his hole with his own precum and uses it as lube as he pushes in the plug. Jason had a warm and horny feeling. ‘I'm really enjoying this’ he thinks. “I think I can handle more.” He said and Michael was in surprise. He pulles out the plug and it was really easy to pull out. So he puts the small plug back on the table and wanted to goes one bigger. He let his urges win and touched his son dick again. He was really hard and his precum dripps down on the couch. He covers two of his fingers in his juice and guides them on the waiting hole of his son. Slowly he pushes his finger inside him. A small moan comes out of Jason's mouth, as he pushes his finger in more and more. He starts to fuck his hole slowly and he relaxed even more. “You are a natural Talent.” He said and laughed. He pulls out the fingers and searched the right plug out of the box. It was realy big, Grace had only two bigger ones. He covered it again in his cum and placed it on the hole who was gaping a little bit. So he pushes the plug in, he could hear his son gasp and moan in pain and pleasure. Michael had a hard time, not to rushes it in too hard. Slowly and with round motions he worked it in his son. With a plop and a loud moan of Jason, the plug entered him and stayed inside. Jason was out of breath as he looked over to is dad. He stroked his dick and looked at his ass. Jason turned around and tried to sit comfortable as he feels the plug pushing inside him. Michael hands him another glas of whiskey and cheers with his own glas. “This family becomes so much more fun than we ever had together.” He smirked and Jason had the same feeling as he smiled back and sips down the alcohol.


Grace guides her daughter up her bedroom. But she didn’t stop at the bed and walkes over to her wardrobe. She opens the door and pulls out a drawer on the bottom. The big drawer was full of diffrent sex toys. Sophia looked at them. Dildo from 7” up to 10”; double ended dildos, each of them 12” or longer; Vibrators in many Sizes; handcuffes and other bondage materials and, to her surprise, some toys for analplay for men. Grace stands there, proud of her collection. “So we're gonna use all of them, not today but we can explore them together and with your dad. I even think we can bring Jason to use some of it on himself.” She had a nearly evil grin on her face.

Sophia had spend every evening the last week brainwashing her to a perfect slave. She listened to degrading audios and watched many humiliating porn videos. She wants to serve her parents and she will do everything. But for her brother, it was the first day. She couldn’t think of him playing along with it. ‘Nevermind’ she thought and looked back at her mother. Grace walked over to the bathroom and said “I have to pee, your brother stopped me before and licked me so good.” Sophia walkes directly behind her mother. Grace was surprised as she noticed her daughter behind her. “Please mommy, let me be your slave and clean everything that's coming from you!” Grace laughs in surprise at the dirty mind of her so little girl. “ As you wish, but then you can’t spill everything!” “I…I won’t, i promise” Grace sits on the edge of the toilet. Sophia kneels directly in front of her mothers pussy with an open mouth. The first drops of piss entered her. She was so in ecstasy, she loved it so much. The stream became stronger and she had a struggle, gulping all down at the right time. The tasty, salty piss leaked out of her mouth, running down her cheek and drippd on the floor. Grace noticed it immediately and stopped. She grabs Sophia at her chin and pulls her face up. A slap hits her cheek and she knew she deserved it. “Open your mouth!” Her mother said agressivy, and as she opens up, a big and nasty spit landet in her mouth. “Swallow it!” She closed her mouth and swallowed it down her throat. She choked a bit, but she held it down. Grace stands up and over her daughter. “Let this be a lesson for you. Never promise something you can’t hold!” She let go her stream and piss all over her head. Sophia tried to catch as much as possible of it, but she was sitting on the floor, wet from her mothers piss. As the piss finishes, Grace walks over and sits on the tube. “Clean this mess and after that, you clean the toilet with your tongue aswell!” Sophia felt so humilated but started to slurp up the piss from the floor. After a few minutes, she cleaned the floor and headed over to the toilet. She licks the sest first, the the rim and at the end she sticks her head inside the bowl and likes every stain she finds. Grace stands up and walks over and inspect the work of her daughter. He places her foot on her head, pushes her down and flushes the toilet. Sophia struggled, but knew it was her rightful punishment. She takes a deep breath as the water goes away and sits back at her ass. “Sorry mommy, I will never disappoint you ever again!” Grace was satisfied with the answer and smiled.

She heads out of the bath and gets back at her drawer. “After this, you can’t choose today.” She take out a big, double headet dildo and smiles. “It’s something for the mother-daughter bonding.” She laughs and sits on the bed. Sophia stands in front of her, waiting for instruction as a good slave. “Now you aren’t a slave for this, you are my daughter and we gonna have fun. Not just me having fun, we both gonna enjoy it.” Sophia smiled and hopped on the bed, on all foure and smiles. “ So can you fuck me from behind?” She said with enthusiasm. Grace turns around and pushes the dildo inside her. She moans as it enters her. Grace stands behind her, puts the other end of the dildo inside her pussy. Both of them smiles as Grace beginns to drives her body up and down, pushes the dildo in her and her daughters pussys. Her juice flows down the toy and smears the pussy of Sophia as she fucks her. “Turn around baby.” Sophia lays on her back, without letting the dildo out of her. It was about 12” long and there was a lot of space to move. Grace comes down between the legs. More and more entered both of them. They fuck in missionary, the petite mother driving the toy inside of them two. She leans over and kissed her. She tastes her own piss and she loves it. “I love you baby, we both love you kids over everything in this world.” Sophia drove this words crazy and she felt like she cummes again. Her body spasm and she squirms while her mothers fucking her. Grace lookes insider her face. Seeing the orgasm in her daughter pushes her over the edge and she comes too. Completely done from her orgasm she lays beneath her girl. “You wanna take a shower with me?” She said and Sophia noodet. They stand up and hop under the shower. Happy and wondering what the men of the house made, they finished, pulls over a bathrobe and head to the living room.
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