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So Emma has been trying to organize a night out with friends and they always refused. Although they were good friends but each time they would say your mum is too strict so we are not having it.
So Emma has been trying to organize a night out with friends and they always refused. Although they were good friends but each time they would say your mum is too strict so we are not having it. Well to be fair, it was but we were mostly ok putting with my wife. Emma, my daughter and I always adjusted with her. With time, my wife and I had a dried up life and most of my social life was around the gym, so yeah I was built up well. I had good enough attention from women in my gym and my wife kinda got ok to it. I got enough sex from around and it was ok for my wife. I had fucked enough women from gym. I had enough number of women to fulfill my fantasies. We just understood each other and lived in peace. Emma knew may be but she never said anything.

But next Sunday Emma was able to convince her friends for a night out at our home because my wife was flying out for 2 weeks for her work. I rarely bother Emma, so she assumed I will be chill with this. I rarely met her friends. They are in university together which is like 30 mins away from our home.

So I come back from gym at 8 pm and I see 5 girls and Emma watching a movie in her room. They look good. I try to quietly move into my room when I hear one of the girls.

"Hello Mr. Stevens .. " said one of the girls.

"Yeah .. hey girls ... " I reply back. A bit of awkwardness from my end. Now everyone is looking at me.

"Hey dad, umm .. we are going to have dinner in sometime .. we will see you then" Emma spoke.

"Sure" I said and moved to my room.

My room was adjacent to Emma's and I heard every bit of what the girls are saying.

"He is hottt ... "

"WOw yeah.. and he looked yum after workout"

"Shut up he is my dad"

"ummm he is ours too I wish"

" ... fuck me .. aaah .."

After the dryness I have been I having in my sex life at my home, it was good to hear it. I am in 40s and girls finding my hot was something I would like. I doze off for sometime before having dinner alone. Our rooms had connected washrooms but had a common one for guests. After wrapping up my dinner, I go to wash my hands in the common one and find one of the girls in there doing some make up thing or something I don't know. She stood at a distance while I blocked her while trying to wash hands near sync.

"Hey .. " I say while washing my hand.

"Hello Mr. Stevens " she said giggling.

"I was just .... " and she didn't say a word and just kept staring at me.

I took my chance. We are all adults here. I didn't know what to say to Emma but I will manage it later on. I take off my shirt and my sports vest. Now she is staring at my abs which I have built over years. Her mouth was open and she was struck when she saw my abs. We had a moment and I felt awesome. My bulge was visible too.

She quietly bent down, pulled down my gym tracks and took in my dick in her mouth. She kinda choked to take it in fully but still continued with her stroking. Umm it was hot for me too as I had never been sucked by someone so young. I tried to hold on but these young kids are made of something else and they are wild as fuck. I gave it in. All of it in her mouth. She was a little tired but pulled up my pants and wiped herself.

"Wow Mr Stevens.. lets keep it between us" she said.

"Sure.. " I fucking didn't knew her name.

She left. I am shirtless here thinking what the fuck these girls are upto . Just got sucked by one and there are many more. Emma is going to KILL ME. Are they drunk ? I pick up my shirt and open the door and find another one just trying to enter the washroom. We block each other's path and at the end she quietly pushes me in towards the washroom.

"umm .. Mr Stevens" she said. Then and there I knew what she was upto.

"I am leaving.. you can use the washroom.. " I said.

"You can wait here if you wish to" she said.

I am in two minds here and she takes off her top and her bra and has her two beautiful boobs dangling around. She comes and gently embraces me. My naked top touches her boobs and we hug each other for a while. I kiss her nipple and give them a lick.

"Make me yours .. " she said to me. I didn't know what she meant and I let her do her things instead.

Well she unzips me but decides to hold my dick between her boobs and rub it all the way. It took time but as I said, these girls are crazy. She rubs and rubs and rubs till I cum on her boobs. Then goes back to licking all of it and decides to leave. These girls are on a different level of craziness. God knows what is next. I actually manage to leave to my room this time and lay down for a while.

I hear a knock. Another girl this time and she straightaway says "I knew what you did with Bethany and Vicky .. and I need the same "

"No . " I said

"Why? Am I not good enough?" she asked. She was actually better but who wanted to just getting blown off.

"You are ... do you just wanna blow like they did?" I asked.

"Umm other are waiting for me to continue the movie and I can't be too late" she was shy.

"Alright ... " I sighed.

She undresses exposing herself completely. She is way hotter. She has those nipple which are spread widely instead of a button and she is fully shaved right till her ass. She climbs on top of me. She comes over me like in a 69 position. I am already surprised the number of way these girls can blow. Her pussy sits right in my mouth and she dances a bit making sure some of her juice falls in my mouth. I am dumbfounded as of now. Her ass is out of the world.

"all of it is yours Mr Stevens. Play the way you like" she says while sitting on top me and then bends down to start blowing me while her pussy is something I am licking like a butterscotch icecream. I clearly see her cumming in my mouth but I still continue to lick her. Her stroking me wasn't enough this time but she just cummed and cummed when I licked her and moaned without any shame.

Then she did something incredible.. she went ahead and pushed my dick insider for like 1 minute and went crazy fucking me like a machine. Then again went ahead in 69 position like earlier. That was fucking hot I can say. She was licking her cum from my dick and tried to blow me but still wasn't even close.

"What do you need Mr Stevens" she asks while I lick her pussy.

"Tell me ...... ... " she asked again. Without thinking twice, I keep my 1 finger on her asshole. I didn't want to fuck her yet but may be play around a bit.

"I always said, all of it is yours" she whispered and started to blow me again. My finger went in her asshole trying to push inside. What an ass she had. Super tight and very hard to go in. An ass is something I can always cum for and I did. It took may be another 5 minutes but me fingering her ass and she blowing me finally made me cum. I was may be just an inch in her. She dressed and quickly ran away. I don't know what will happen next but something I am going to regret or embrace for life.
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