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On a visit to my friend's parent's place I find out that my friend's mom is sexually liberated. She decides to play with me.
I had been working a lot lately. I was working at a local restaurant as a waiter. I was young adult with a lot on my plate. I attended university and had a job on the side, trying to keep up with the monthly bills. The pay was fine, and I needed the money. I considered myself lucky with my job. It could have been so much worse. The only thing is, with university and work I very rarely had more than two days off in a row. If I did, I’d call it a vacation. In fact, I had one of those rare ‘vacations’ coming up. I was very much looking forward to it. Summer had just announced its arrival resulting in a shift in the weather. And the weather forecast looked great for my days off. I was already dreaming of reading, bathing, sunbathing and some light gaming as well, just to name a few.

Hey, I’m going home to my family from the 2nd of June till the 5th, you are more than welcome to come too. It’s been a while since we last met in person.

That’s what a texted I received one evening read. It was from a very good friend of mine. My best friend in fact. After having lived together for a couple of years she decided to move in with her boyfriend. I had in turn gotten a new roommate. She was very nice, but it was obviously not the same as living with my best friend. The dates in question happened to fit incredibly well with my days off. I had been looking forward to my own kind of relaxation at home, but the offer was enticing. Besides I figured there would be plenty of time and possibilities towards reading, bathing sunbathing etc. at her parents’ place. If I were to take Madeline up on the offer, I would need to sort out some way of getting there.

Madeline was my best friend. We became friends in high school when we ended up in the same class. We hit it off very well and kind of dated a little before both realizing that we’d rather just be friends. The dating part always felt a little forced. Almost as if, because we were friends of different genders, that it had to mean we should date. Our relationship matured and we learned that we were better off as friends. But the early days of our relation also lead to a lot of time spent at each other’s parents’ places. I therefor naturally knew her family very well. From all of her three siblings to both of her parents. I had even been with her family on their vacations around Europe.

I texted back and forth with her for a little before we had established a plan for how I would get to her parents’ place. I lived in a big city and had no car, so getting to her parents’ place out on the countryside was not all that simple. We figured out a way that I could get a lift and thus it was confirmed that I would go. I had some long days leading up to my little vacation so the little time I had while not at free time I had was spent packing my things. Friday finally came and I was picked up by Madeline’s little brother Sebastian who had gotten old enough to drive. The drive was about three hours, and me not having gotten much sleep the last few days resulted in me half asleep most of the way. I started waking up when my body recognized the familiar sequence of turns. We soon turned into the concrete-covered driveway. We hadn’t stopped for a break the entire way there. We left in the morning but by the time we had gotten to Madeline’s parents’ place it was about noon. Opening the car door exposed me to a gust of wind much warmer than I had expected. The driveway was deserted. There was a faint hum of a lawnmower running out in the distance. The front door opened and soon I was greeted by Madeline’s parents’ dog. Then, walking up to the front door we were greeted by Madeline’s parents. Lily and Ethan. Lily reached out to give me a hug. Ethan just gave me a pat on the back and welcomed me. I walked inside and parked my belongings in the hall, until I knew where else to put them. The dining table was fully prepared for a lunch feast, and soon we were all sat around the table. Madeline had arrived a couple of days prior to my arrival. Her boyfriend had lots of work and therefor couldn’t make it. I was surprised at how natural it felt being back. Both Lily and Ethan had a bunch of questions for me about what I had been up to and how university was going. I almost felt a couple of years younger, being the age that I was back when I spent most of my days at that house. We concluded the lunch and cleared the table collectively. Madeline and her sister had started washing the dishes and I just stood awkwardly not being able to provide any help. Lily came out of the laundry room with a basket under her arm.

“Would you please go get the laundry that’s hung for drying outside? Then I’ll make you a bed in the meantime” Lily asked and handed me the basket. I accepted the basket. I walked to the clothing line. I walked around the corner of the shed that the clothing line was hung behind, put the basket down and got to work. I needly folded every piece of clothing. I worked my way from one end to the other. Soon I was left with only the underwear. There were lots of panties of different kinds and colors. I felt a little uncomfortable having to touch the panties belonging to Madeline’s sisters or mother, but I told myself that it was simply just laundry like the rest that I had just sorted through. That got me through it until I was presented with a few pieces of clothing that had been blocked out of my view up until now. Firstly, I saw a bodysuit. It was lined with a mesh material that would be see-through when wearing it. But it was modest compared to what I was about to lay my eyes upon. A pair of panties only the part that covers the privates was changed out for a thing string of pearls. It clearly provided no coverage at all and was purely meant for pleasure. I folded another pair of panties that looked almost normal, but upon a little closer inspection I could tell that there was an open slice in the material giving perfect access to a woman’s privates. The last pair of panties were latex. I don’t even know why latex is hung to dry like this but it was. The worst part about all of this was that I knew who the underwear belonged to. I knew Lily and Ethan had at least somewhat of an active sex-life. Madeline had told me about it before. But I had no need to be this close to their sexual interactions as seeing these clothes made me feel. I was embarrassed beyond compare when I looked down and saw a tent in my pants. Probably a good time to mention that I used to find Lily very sexy, back in the day. Having finished the laundry pickup, I now had to wait until my boner had gone away. It luckily subsided quickly. I walked with the full basket back towards the house. I made my way inside and placed the full basket on the dining table.

“Oh, you didn’t have to fold it all, but that’s very kind of you” Lily said.

“I figured I might as well since I’m going through every piece anyways. Though it’s not sorted, I have no idea what clothes belongs to who.” I explained. My eyes met with Lily’s and it’s as if my eyes told her my secret.

“Oh wait, did I forget to remove some pieces myself?” she asked me laughing already.

“Uhm, I think so” I said feeling more embarrassed than she did. She continued laughing.

“Well, that’s mine, did you sort that for itself?” she looked at the basket, but I had hidden it beneath other clothes.

“Did you not bring it inside?” she asked.

“I did, was I not supposed to?” I asked nervously.

“Yeah yeah, it’s fine, I just thought that maybe you didn’t want to touch it or something” Lily explained. That did make me feel a little perverted for doing exactly what I was asked to do.

“Common, let me show you to your room for the next few days” she said breaking a bit of the tension. She walked the other way than I had expected her to. Their house was in two plans. The kitchen, the living room, laundry room, wardrobe and Lily and Ethan’s bedroom was on the first floor. The Second floor had all of the kid’s bedrooms and an extra living room. Then one bathroom on each floor. I was therefor confused when she lead me in the direction of what I knew to be the wardrobe. She opened the door and I saw that they refurnished the room. I was now a guestroom. It was neighboring Lily and Ethan’s bedroom. There were no on suite bathrooms to either this guestroom or Lily and Ethan’s bedroom. Only one across the hall from both rooms.

“Go ahead and unpack, I think everyone else has gone to the beach already” Lily said and left the room. She didn’t shut the door behind her. I has in the midst of putting on a pair of swim trunks when I heard sounds that sent shivers down my spine. I heard rhythmic smacking of skin-to-skin contact coming from the room right next to mine. My strong suspicion was confirmed when I quite clearly heard Lily moan. Ethan and Lily were having sex right next door. As uncomfortable as the thought made me feel, it gave me a strong boner. It lasted a couple of minutes before it got quiet again. I heard them leave the bedroom and a minute late a dared leave the guest room. I just had to pee before I left to go meet Madeline and her siblings at the beach. I walked straight into the bathroom and caught Lily on her knees, sucking Ethan’s dick. She was only wearing a bikini top and was otherwise entirely naked. I didn’t see any of her private parts due to the way she was sitting. Lily looked at me and then down at my crotch that was still rocking somewhat of a boner.

“OMG I’M SO SORRY” I said and shut my head down and backed out of the bathroom. They didn’t seem startled at all. I ran upstairs to go pee but had some difficulties in doing so, thanks to my boner. I had to wait a couple of minutes before it was flaccid enough to let me pee. I walked downstairs again. I was terrified of running into either Lily or Ethan. But I remembered that I needed a towel. I knew they had their towels in the bathroom. I didn’t dare go back into the bathroom though.

“Tim?” I heard Lily’s voice ask out from the guest room I was staying in. I opened the door and saw Lily being sat in her little bikini on my bed. Only now she had put on her bikini bottoms.

“I hope we didn’t scare you away. Ethan and I have a very active sex-life and we thought you had left and that we were alone.” She explained.

“I’m very sorry I walked in on you. I swear I didn’t mean to” I said.

“Are you sorry that you did? It didn’t look that way to me” she said and had changed her voice.

“Wha-at?” I managed to stammer out.

“Tim, do you need me to help you out with that thing?” she said and nodded her head towards my crotch which amazingly still was rocking a bit of a hard on.

“What, wait?” I said not sure if I heard her correctly.

“It’s actually Ethan’s idea. He told me to go help you out” she said and smiled. I stood frozen not sure what to say or even what to think.

“Well, you can’t go to the beach with a boner” she said and jumped on the floor and sat right in front of me. She pulled down my swim trunks. My dick grew rock hard again in no time. It was pointing right towards her face now. She started licking my balls. I stood absolutely still as if any movement would change her mind. I was in shock. Lily was sitting on her knees and now licking the shaft of my exposed erect dick. She pulled my foreskin back from the base of my shaft and then pressed her mouth tightly over my exposed glans. The sensation was so strong that it weakened my knees. She slowly slid her mouth further over my dick until her lips hit my base. The glans of my dick was on the way down her throat. She picked up a rhythm pushing and pulling her lips over my dick. She had a hand on my balls. She massaged them as she sucked my dick.

“I want you to come in my mouth” she said and returned to sucking me intensively.

This whole experience had taken me by surprise, and she did a damn good job sucking cock, so I didn’t last much longer. I shot ropes of my cum and covered the depths of her mouth. She squeezed out every last drop of cum. She stood up. Her face was in front of mine. She opened her mouth and showed me my cum in her mouth. She then closed it, swallowed, and leaned in to kiss me. The taste of my cum was very much still present. I glanced at her tits and saw her nipples poking on the underside of the fabric. She adjusted the bikini top by the straps and walked out of the guest room. I watched her as she left the room. I looked at her ass bouncing with each step. I pulled the swim trunks up and got a towel from the bathroom. I walked down to the beach and tried acting natural. Madeline had despite me being very convincing in everything being as normal, noticed something odd. (okay, I didn’t sell it that well)

“What’s wrong?” Madeline asked me as I put down my towel next to hers on the sand.

“Nothing’s wrong? What do you mean?” I answered trying to convince her.

“You seem weird, and you didn’t reply when Emma said Hey” Madeline explained. Emma was Madeline’s younger sister.

“Oh, I didn’t hear her” I said and laid down on my stomach.

“I swear you are acting weird” Madeline said. I didn’t reply. She laid back down herself to keep sunbathing. I was laying like that for about ten minutes. I then heard the voices of Lily and Ethan. I squinted my eyes open and saw them come walking down to the beach with a little cooler and their towels. They stopped a few meters behind where Madeline and I had laid down. They put down their cooler and towels on the sand. Ethan had laid down right away, but Lily kept standing spreading some sun lotion around her torso. She reached behind her back. Her bikini top came loose. She shimmied the top off her arms and was stood topless on the beach. Granted it was a beach in the rural parts of the country and since the houses were placed with a good distance to each other, the beach might as well have been their private beach. No one but Madeline’s family was in eyes sight, other than me. She spread the lotion on her tits. She then looked my way and caught me gazing at her. I quickly looked away and heard her chuckle. I heard her say something muffled to Ethan and I expected it to have something to do with me ogling his wife’s tits. He said something back to her, and they both laughed. I felt the warmth from the sun on my back and I should’ve probably turned over, but the boner I was now rocking was best hidden if boring into the sand. I had never seen her tits before. It wasn’t under my impression that she would ever sunbath topless or even more so, let someone like me see her topless. But then again, it was the same woman that twenty minutes earlier had made me cum in her mouth. Maybe I just truly had no idea who she really was. She later wandered carelessly down to the water and bathed. She walked back up the beach and sat on her towel. The sunshine was glistening on her wet skin. She dried herself off. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. I think she knew that I was once again ogling away on her body. She laid down and was somewhat hidden from the angle I was laying at. I turned over a little later, letting the sun slowly tan the front of my body. I dozed off and was woken by Madeline standing up.

“We’re going back, are you coming?” she asked rhetorically. Of course I was coming with them. Everyone was packing up and I quickly woke up. My brain wasn’t up to full speed yet as I had laid in the sun boiling for a little too long. I looked at Lily and saw that she had put on her bikini top again. I preferred her tits bare, but they also looked great in the almost equally revealing top. Lily and Ethan had led the walk back to the house. I was impossible not to look at Lily’s ass as her weight shifted from one leg to the other, pronouncing each ass cheek one at a time.

We had gotten back to the house, and I had went straight to the guest room I was staying in. I laid down on the bed and passed out for about half an hour. I woke up a little more fresh this time, but still feeling as though the nap had had a net negative effect on my energy level. I opened the door and heard the faint sound from the tv running in the living room. I walked out into the bathroom as I had to pee. The door was open, and the lights were off. Despite the same being true earlier that day, I was this time around more confident that the bathroom was indeed empty and available. I closed and locked the door behind me. I sat down on the toilet right away and started peeing. While sat on the toilet my eyes caught a glimpse of something peculiar laying on the counter next to the sink. I was sat from a bad angle and needed to come closer to confirm my suspicion. I quickly finished peeing, stood up and walked over to the counter. I could now confirm to myself that it was indeed a vibrating egg. The kind that is meant to have inserted into the pussy. I tried touching it. My curiosity got the better of me. It was still both warm and wet. I washed my hands and let it stay as I found it. Hopefully no one would have noticed that I had gone to the bathroom, and thus no one would think that I had seen anything I wasn’t supposed to be seeing. The moment I opened the door to leave the bathroom I was met by Lily’s face. She was standing right on the other side of the door. She had her arms crossed and her legs a little spread, standing in a very confident pose.

“You really need your nose in my stuff all the time” she accused me.

“I just needed…” I tried to explain myself but was cut off by Lily.

“Well then” she said and pushed me back into the bathroom and walked in herself. She locked the door behind her.

“I was going to take a shower, but I have a different idea now.” She said.

“I see you know that I’ve had that thing up my pussy, and I assume you heard Ethan and I have sex” she said as she worked her ass up on the counter.

“Well, my pussy could definitely need some cleaning” she said and spread her legs wide. She wore no panties underneath the dress. Her pussy was now exposed for me to see. It was not as tight as the pussies I’d seen, and those presented in porn. It was also visibly dirty with the residue from Ethan’s cum and her juices spread all over it. But it made me horny as fuck regardless. Seeing Lilys pussy.

“Come on, I don’t have all day. Clean my pussy” she said again. She really meant for me to do it. My heart was beating hard. I could feel it in my throat. I slowly sat down on my knees, bringing my head right up to her pussy. The smell from her pussy started to fill my nostrils. I could expect my tongue to experience the same tangy taste as my nose smelled. I hesitated a bit but then felt her fingers grab me by my hair. She shoved my face into her pussy. I automatically started licking her. I was a little appalled by the tangy taste, but her dominance was turning me on. I was getting very horny, and as I did, the taste became less of an issue. It ended up making me even more horny to lick her dirty pussy. She brought her hand to her clit and started rubbing it.

“Oh yes, clean me up nice and well” she moaned. She seemed very liberated with her own sexuality, enough so to be okay with me seeing her pussy, and to let me lick it. She kept rubbing her clit and I could hear her breath grow deeper and slower. I stuck my tongue inside her vagina and wiggled it around. It didn’t feel like sex. It felt more like I was forced to do her a favor. It didn’t take long for her to start spasm. She came right then and there, with my face buried in her pussy. She leaned her head back. I stood up and looked as her as she sat there, fully exposed. She then turned her head to look at me.

“You probably liked the taste of my filthy pussy you little pervert” she said and jumped down from the counter.

“Do me a favor and clean the egg for me. Either lick it clean or with water - I don’t care” she said. She unlocked the door and walked out. I was left alone in the bathroom. I locked the door as to not get caught with Lily’s sex toy despite her telling me to clean it. I didn’t want anyone else to catch me with it.

I was stood by the sink with sex toy in my hand. I knew that by licking it, I would myself choose to taste her pussy again, or at least the remains thereof. Not for her pleasure, but my own. I was in a weak state of mind, and I was very horny. My dick throbbing in my pants. I let it out. I pulled my pants down, grabbed a hold of my dick and started sucking on the egg. It had that very same taste to it as her pussy. It took me only seconds to finish. I shot out strings of my cum into the sink. It felt great cumming, but I also felt guilty. There wasn’t much to feel guilty over, but it felt wrong to cum with Lily’s sex toy in my mouth. She probably even expected me to relief myself. I washed the toy properly. I didn’t know what to do with it as I didn’t want to leave it out in the open for someone else to find. I heard footsteps outside the bathroom and panicked. I put the sex toy in my pocket. I left the room acting as innocent as I could. Madeline’s little brother was down the hall. I darted for the guest room - and for my safety. I discarded the egg from the pocket of my pants to under the cover on the bed. I came out into the living room / dining quarters. Lily was in the middle of preparing dinner. Madeline and Emma were sitting at the dinner table, with their laptops. They were doing some schoolwork. I felt my stomach turning over the fact that I knew Lily was not wearing any panties under her dress. Let alone the fact that I had just licked her clean. I stood a second not really know what to do with myself. I shook off most of the thoughts about earlier and dared walking up to Lily.

“Do you need any help out here?” I asked offering my help.

“If you can watch the pot for me for a second.” She said and accepted my help. She continued preparing some other stuff. She had walked into a pantry like closet.

“Can you help me in here, just turn the heat down” she said from the small room. I entered the room. She pushed the door, so it nearly closed. She held a small Tupperware like container.

“I want you to cum in this” she requested. I took me a second before I understood the situation and her intentions.

“Wait, you don’t mean to…” I started but was cut off.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I want to do. So get your dick out for me now.” She demanded. I undid my pants and pulled them down enough for me to access my dick easily.

“But I just. Ehm…” I stammered.

“You just came? Licking my pussy really made you horny, didn’t It?” she teased me. She was right on.

“You probably just need to see my tits, and you’ll be coming in no time” she said and pulled her dress all the way up over her tits. It did immediately help. I started rubbing my dick, and she rubbed her pussy.

“Lick my tits” she commanded me. I darted forward and started licking her nipples. My tongue danced over her nipples. I had still not gotten used to being sexually active with Lily. I came close and started feel my body build up to another great release. She noticed me closing in. She held the bowl in front of me. I released several ropes of cum into the bowl. She kept rubbing her clit.

“Keep sucking on my tits” she demanded me. She was herself getting close to another orgasm. Her body started to spasm. She held the bowl down to her pussy. She spasmed and squirted uncontrollably. Some of the squirt juice ended up in the bowl. She stood still a couple seconds afterwards catching her breath. She pulled her dress back down. She opened the door and walked back out into the kitchen. I followed right behind her. She walked directly to the pot on the stove and poured the mixture of both of our sex-juices into the pot. She stirred the pot and continued with the meal preparations as if nothing had happened. She had just poured a mixture of my cum and her own pussy-juices into the dish that both her, I and her own children was going to eat.

“Here, taste it” she said and held out a spoon for me. I was a bit appalled by the spoon since I knew what the dish contained. I reluctantly tasted it. To my surprise I couldn’t taste anything wrong with it. Maybe a faint sign of her pussy’s fragrance. Or maybe it was something I just imagined. I prepared the dinner table with plates, cutlery, and the likes. We were soon all sat at the dinner table consuming my cum and Lily’s pussy-juices. Despite the many times I had already relieved myself, I yet again felt my dick get a little hard. The thought of everyone consuming these juices were getting me horny. That, and the fact the Lily was wearing no underwear and that if I were to look under the table, I might very well be able to see her pussy. By the end of the dinner, I had calmed down a bit again.

In the evening we all sat in the living room watching a movie that I was pretty sure none of us were completely following along with. I had gotten very tired and decided to call it a night a little early. I brushed my teeth and went to bed. I would normally have had relieved myself before going to sleep but seeing as had already had so much activity I found it to be unnecessary.

I woke up early the next morning. I heard the shower running from the bathroom on the other side of the hall. I stood up and adjusted my boxers. I felt something there that wasn’t supposed to be there. I pulled my boxers out and looked at my crotch. I had a pair of panties stuffed into my bowers. That was the moment I noticed a note on the bedside table.

I need you to cum in the panties and come to the bathroom with them when you are done.

The note read. I knew I had no option but to do what I was being told and I also wanted to. I grabbed the panties and wrapped the fabric over my dick while I rubbed it. I laid back down on the bed so I could focus all my energy on cumming. It took me a few minutes to warm up after having been emptied yesterday. I closed my eyes and thought about Lily’s naked body. I was truly confused about the whole situation, but in the moment, I just enjoyed the thought of everything. I was soon spraying my load onto the soft fabric of the panties. I folded them lightly in my hand and made my way to the bathroom. I knocked on the door. I heard some shuffling around from the other side of the door. It then came open with Lily standing on the other side.

“Did you do it?” she asked me. Instead of answering her I just held out my arm with my claw grip facing down, ready for her to catch. She held her hand under mine and I let go off the panties. She held them up to her nose and took in a big sniff.

“mhhh, I love the smell of fresh cum” She said and unfolded the fabric. She was wearing a white bathrobe, still being stood in the door. Luckily, there didn’t seem to be anyone else in earshot.

“What a sexy load for me” she said and looked at the drenched part of the panties. She brought them down to her legs and stepped each leg into the panties. She pulled the panties all the way up and had my fresh cum drench her pussy.

“mhh, it’s still warm” she said and enjoyed the feeling of my cum against her pussy.

“thank you” she said and turned around. She bends over right away to pick up her used panties, that she must have worn to bed, since she had gone bottomless most of yesterday. I was treated with a nice view of her ass. The panties creeping in between her ass checks. It also became apparent that she was having a buttplug up in her ass.

“Go on you perv” she said as she had caught me starring at her ass, even though the bend was entirely for my pleasure. I walked back into the guest room. I had not shut the door all the way and thus I heard her walking across the hall shortly after I had left. I heard talking from the neighboring room. I stood up and went to the door. I stuck my head out to see the closed door to Ethan and Lily’s bedroom. I snuck up to the door and listened closely.

“Do you like it? Is it turning you on?” Lily asked Ethan.

“Oh, it’s very sexy. What else do you think we can get him to do?” Ethan responded. I became aware that they were talking about me.

“I’m curious to know, I’ll try pushing him” Lily said with laughed.

“Do you think you can get him to do some of the nasty stuff?” He asked.

“I don’t think he dares to say no to me. Now fuck my lubed-up pussy.” She commanded him. I heard the sound of flesh smacking against each other shortly after. I stood in the hallway with my limbs frozen as I overheard Lily and Ethan have sex. I couldn’t believe what they had said about me. I was just a toy to them. I felt used but the thought also turned me on. That and the sound of them fucking did. I heard sounds from the kitchen area. I quickly went into the kitchen to diverge anyone who might go out into the hallway and hear what I had just heard. It was Emma. She was looking for something to eat.

“Morning” I said.

“Morning. Want to grab some breakfast?” she asked me.

“We aren’t going to eat all together?” I asked.

“Well if people come, they can join” she said and grabbed a bag of bread. She sat down at the table. I joined her. I just could not get the thought of Lily and Ethan fucking, just a couple of rooms away, out of my mind. I got chills down my spine when the door to the hallway was opened. Lily and Ethan both entered greeting us as innocently as possible. Lily was wearing a short summer dress with a flower pattern on it. They both joined us and so did Madeline just a couple minutes later. Lily walked right over to me. I was sat in the middle of my breakfast. She leaned down to my ear.

“I need you to come with me” she demanded and walked back out the hallway they’d both just come from. I discretely followed her. She walked into the bedroom, and I followed her.

“So Ethan just fucked me, and so my pussy is once again filled with his cum. It needs a good cleaning, so you know what to do” she said.

“You’re my little pussy-cleaning-slave” she added. She sat on the edge of the bed, and I knew to squat down. She spread her legs wide open. Her pussy only being covered by the soaked fabric from now both my cum, Ethan’s cum and probably also some of Lily’s own pussy-juices. I moved the fabric to the side and started licking. The taste was still quite foreign but I once again got a hold of it and licked her well.

To be continued?
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