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My slutty wife loves being shared
April- part 2

My Wife becomes a sex toy for me to share around.

Continues from April – part 1

On Monday April had only used her mouth for sex and so I had enjoyed licking her nice fresh pussy when we retired for the night. Part way through my Son David had entered our bedroom and while I had kept eating her out David had laid over her face and proceeded to vigorously fuck her mouth until he spurted his load into her throat exciting her so much she had almost crushed my head in her powerful orgasm.

April really got off on being used and this was a perfect example of what she craved.

While she was still convulsing I quickly moved up and slid my hard cock deep inside her and enjoyed the feeling of her sheath milking my cock.

The whole scene had gotten me worked up and I couldn’t help but start to pound hard and deep into her pussy until I filled her fresh clean pussy with a huge messy load of my sperm.

In the middle of the week My Wife April and I headed off to see a movie at the local Cinema, It was a steamy movie and it wasn’t long before we were both playing with each other up near the back of the Theatre.

Ever since the weekend when I had allowed my teenage Son [April’s Step son] and three of his young friends to lose their virginity in my Wife she had been wearing short skirts with no underwear to allow my Son unobstructed access to her pussy at any time of the day or night and he had been taking full advantage.

Up at the back of the Cinema there was no cloth to hinder my access to her steamy wet pussy and soon she had knelt on the seat to suck on my super rigid cock as the movie played out a sexy scene, suddenly the light of a torch lit us up and a low whispered voice announced “sorry but you can be doing that sort of thing here, I must ask you to leave”

I noticed the voice sounded male and young so I took a chance and slid Aprils skirt up to expose her bare butt.

“I’m really sorry about that sir, are you sure we can’t come to some sort of arrangement to let us stay?” I asked.

The torch light had zeroed in on the movement of her skirt and was now unwavering as a croaky voice said something unreadable. April, hearing my words, had become even more enthusiastic in her sucking.

“Haven’t you ever seen a real women’s bare pussy before?” I asked slyly.

“Umm, no” came a hoarse whisper. “so your a virgin then?” I asked “perhaps you’d like to lose that right here?” I asked giving my Wife’s bare butt a gentle smack.

There was a few seconds pause where even April stopped running her tongue around the head of my cock while we waited to see what would happen.

April moved one hand back and pulled one cheek aside in invitation which was all the motivation needed and the torch went out, a zip and rustling of cloth sounded and with April’s guidance she claimed another virginity.

His enthusiastic thrusting matched Aprils enthusiastic ministrations of my cock and much sooner than I wanted I was blasting a huge load of cum directly into April’s throat without a single gag.

April then moaned around my cock as she tried to swallow and orgasm at the same time on the madly thrusting teenage cock inside her.

He was quite loud as he came and it seemed to go on for far longer than I though possible, several people at the front of the Theatre shushed us, then we heard the rustle of cloth and a zip and we heard him move away down the row.

April suggested we move to another spot so we tidied up and picked another seat a fair distance away.

After settling down April giggling and whispered “Oh My God, I’m leaking so much I have to lift my skirt to stop it getting soaked, it must be the biggest load ever”

Not long after the movie ended and the lights came up, when we stood we could see the huge wet patch almost covering the entire vinyl seat base and Aprils legs and thighs were shiny with it, we didn’t have anything to clean up with so we surged out with the crowd and April headed straight to the toilets, luckily there was quite a few ladies heading that way so she was able to blend in the crowd without being spotted.

I spotted two young employees talking and sidle over near them, one was just finishing detailing what he had done in the Theatre and the other one quipped “you lucky bastard, wish I could lose mine, what did she look like?”

“dunno, I didn’t see her just her yellow skirt and bare pussy” he laughed.

Just then April came out of the toilets and looked around to find me then headed my way and both the boys gasped, “do you think that’s her” “shes hot” and they started nervously fidgeting.

April smiled at them gawking as she sidled past then up to me “Ok all ready to go”

We took a few steps then I stopped and turned to the two boys, “there’s a bit of a mess on one of the seats in there” I stated nodding towards Theatre 1, “can we show you?”

One of the boys stammered sure thing and we led the way with April looking at me in a bit of shock before lowering her eyes and smiling.

We led the boys down to the row noticing the theatre was now empty and I asked April to “Show them” so she walked to near the seat, bent over, and pulled up her skirt waiting in anticipation.

The light was plenty to get a perfect view of her pussy still wet from the previous effort and I tapped the other guy and told him she needed fucking. He looked at me a bit confused and uncertain so I nudged him and spelled it out “go fuck her”

He quickly walked up behind her and pulled out his erection then looked back at me for confirmation, at my nod he leaned back to look at where his dick was going and moved it through the slipperiness until he found her entrance and slowly started entering her as he tried to see her lips spreading around the tip of his hard on.

Once he was all the way in he grabbed her hips and started rapidly thrusting a very short distance in and out building up towards his orgasm, April had her hand braced against the seats and lowered her face towards the messy seat smelling it deeply, moaning loudly, her grunts and moans echoing loudly in the open space.

The boy inside her was not making a sound and seemed to be holding his breath so the only other sound was the squelching of his cock sliding in her cum filled fuck hole and the slapping of their bodies.

A deep rumbling escaped from the boy as he stopped, thrust hard, then thrust hard again as he emptied the contents of his virginal balls deep inside my Wife.

He staggered back a couple of seats leaving a dribble of cum escaping Aprils gaping hole before collapsing into a seat heaving great breaths into his lungs.

April started to rise but I said, “your turn” and slapped the other boy on the back and he wasted no time dropping his pants, walking up behind her and sliding full length into her cum filled sleeve.

He was giving April long hard thrusts pulling right out before slamming back in and it wasn’t long before she shuddered and half collapsed over the seats while the original boy fucked her through her orgasm.

It was a good few minutes before he roared and bellowed as his thrusting stopped and he pumped another huge load inside her for several long seconds.

When he pulled out to move away the cum literally poured from inside her splitting into two streams and running down both inner thighs, April was still wriggling and moaning obviously close to coming, I noted the second boy was either hard again or still hard so I coughed, nodding to him and he quickly stood up spearing her pussy first time this time and started pounding her fast and furious for a couple of minutes before unloading his second load deep inside her.

His hard thrusting had spread the first boys cum all over both April and him until it actually puddled on the floor.

He moved away with a big grin and high fived his friend, I looked at the cum covering my Wife as she looked back towards us to see if we were finished but I dropped my pants and April turned back and raised her butt for me as I walked up and slid my rock hard throbbing cock smoothly in to the hilt.

I was so turned on watching the show and very close to cumming that I only lasted about 20 seconds before starting to explode inside her, I could feel April heading towards another big orgasm so keep pumping for another ten seconds or so until she spasmed and dropped to the seats as the last of my cum dribbled out inside her.

One of the boys handed me a cleaning rag from his pocket and I wiped my cock clean then cleaned April up as best I could before handing the cloth back.

April hugged them both and thanked them before we walked off to their effusive thanks and appreciation.

We arrived home and walked in wafting the smell of sex in our wake prompting the waiting David to tilt his head in question.

“April may have added another two virgins to her tally” I laughed.

David wasted no time leading her to the couch and sitting her on the edge before laying her back pulling down his pants and diving his head under her short yellow skirt.

The sound of his enthusiastic slurping and licking was complimented by the sound of his fist furiously jerking his cock until he suddenly kneeled up and thrust the head of his cock in the entrance of her pussy while he unloaded then he went back to licking her out again until she screamed in another amazing orgasm.

David sat up on the couch beside her and she leaned over taking his flaccid cock in her mouth lazily playing with it with her tongue.

“You seem to have a thing for virgins so how did you lose your virginity April?” Asked David.

I knew about her baby but had never asked that question so I was eager to hear it as well.

“Whew, umm, this is a bit of a story and I’m now sure I can trust you both not to breath a word of it to anyone so I’ll make us a coffee and organise my thoughts” said April hesitantly.

With coffees in hand she started on her story.

“Back when I was 16 I had a boyfriend named Hugh who was 18 and who was from a quite well off family, after we had been going out for 6 or 7 months I decided I was going to let him go all the way and he promised he would pull out as we didn’t have access to condoms back then.

We went to a party with his best friend and had a few drinks to settle the nerves then found an empty room to use. His best friend Gary stood outside the door to stop anyone disturbing us.

We were both virgins and had no idea what we were doing and I was very nervous. I was not turned on at all because of how nervous I was but we had stripped nude and pashed on for a while and I was playing with his dick while he rubbed and sucked on my nipples and occasionally rubbed my groin.

He got all excited and rolled over on top of me then tried to poke it in me, he rubbed it round a bit then found the top of my lips under my clit and pushed it against me, I was still dry so it didn’t go in and he pushed harder then came thinking he was inside me but had only pushed between my lips. He grunted and groaned really loud for a bit when he came then he rolled off to the side and just laid there catching his breath.

I just laid there wondering if that was it and why he had not pulled out, maybe that was why he had not put it inside me?

Then the door opened and Gary walked in so I closed my knees together and covered my tits but Gary walked straight up to me unzipping his jeans and dropped them and his underwear, he was already hard.

Gary put his hands on my knees and started to spread them apart and I looked across at Hugh calling his name in panic but he didn’t look at me, he just said he had promised Gary he could go next.

Gary didn’t actually force me he just firmly moved my knees apart and knelt between them then he used his dick to push Hugh’s cum down to my hole to lubricate it and slid it in, when he hit my hymen he paused for a bit in confusion and pushed a bit harder then it popped through and I tensed and sucked my breath in as it had hurt a little bit, he stopped again looking at me in confusion, he kept pushing until it was all the way in then stopped and I had an orgasm trying to quiet my moans not believing my body had betrayed me. He kissed me for a bit and I relaxed then he thrust into me for a while until he was ready to cum then he pulled out and pushed it in my mouth and I came at the same time he did, I could taste a bit of blood and the salty taste of his cum. He kept his cock in my mouth as he waited for me to swallow it all.

He then looked at me kind of strange and rolled off to the side.

I felt very strange, I had just cum twice while being used like a piece of meat and couldn’t figure out why, Gary was good looking and I did like him but I hardly knew him let alone have any romantic feelings for him.

I got off the bed, got dressed and left, then when I got home I showered and cried myself to sleep.

The next day I walked over to the Mall where we always hung out and Hugh was sitting next to another girl when I walked up, he stared at me and said out loud ‘what do you want slut?, he turned to everybody and said you know she fucked both of us last night!’

I was shocked and hurt and started crying and walked off.

Gary was over talking to some guys and walked over to catch up with me asking if I was ok, he told me that Hugh told him I had agreed to him going next and he didn’t realise I didn’t know about it until he heard me have a moment of pain … then he asked quietly if I was a virgin. I nodded and he said that Hugh told him he had been fucking me since the first night we went out. I laughed spitefully and said he has never fucked me at all.

Gary stopped me and asked ‘until last night?’ I looked up at him and said no, he couldn’t find the hole and just came in my slit’

Gary looked incredulously at me and laughed out loud bring a bit of a sheepish grin to my face then I calmed down a bit and told him he was my first.

Gary looked shocked and said Hugh told him I had fucked half the guys in high school.

I told him nope, you were the first.

He then asked me why I let him fuck me and I said I didn’t know what I was supposed to do and by the time I realised that this was not how it was supposed to be he was already inside me so I just waited for it to finish and left.

Gary led me around the corner to a bench and apologised for believing Hugh and for how he treated me and asked if he could take me out to dinner the next weekend by way of making it up to me.

I had always liked Gary before last night as he was good looking and a very kind person so I said yes.

The next weekend Gary took me out and treated me nice and respectful and tried to be passionate but not pushy, but even though I really liked him I wasn’t turned on so I put his hand on the back of my head and used my hand to push his hand to push my head in his lap, he got the hint and unzipped himself and growled ‘suck me off’ and I actually came for the first time fully dressed with him holding my head in his lap while thrusting into my mouth.

Something clicked in me at that moment and I realised I loved it most when he used me so he would push me down, fuck me until I came then pull out and finish in my mouth. He never took the chance of getting pregnant so he never once came in my pussy.

We kept this up regularly until I found out I was pregnant and by this stage Hugh had told everyone that Gary had stolen his slutty girlfriend so Gary had told everyone that Hugh was the father in a huge fight they had.

Word got back to Hugh’s father and he insisted I have the baby and he would take care of all the medical bills until the baby was born and could be tested to make sure it was his Sons.

My parents were mad and threw me out.

I stayed with Gary and when the baby was born he was tested and was indeed Hughs Son, Gary had pushed Hugh’s cum inside me for lube and that was how I became pregnant as Gary had never once cum inside me.

Hugh’s father arranged the full custody and a large payment right at the start making sure he let me know in no uncertain tone that if I didn’t play along I would get nothing and he would personally destroy my parents business and bankrupt all my relatives if I ever told anyone so when the baby was born the payment went through and I never saw the baby again apart from1 hour on each birthday. If I talked in any way to him about what happened he would not let me see him the next year. His name is also David and he is about the same age as you as well.

While I was in his private hospital he had me “Fixed” so I could never have a half sibling to his grandchild.

Gary took over the money and we had a fairly good life until Gary got on the drugs and started to physically abuse me when the money ran out so he tried to put me on the street as a prostitute but I ran away using the money I had hidden, got a job where your father worked and we ended up together.

Funny thing is, your father was the first one who ever came inside me and was only the second cock inside me… now look at me … lol !”

David and I were quite stunned at the story and both stood to hug her.

“Are you absolutely sure about all the boys using you … I have been very happy with just the two of us from when we met right up until last week and don’t mind going back to that if your not 100% sure” I asked with concern

“Don’t you dare try and change now, I love being used and I love how horny you get watching me get used” said April reaching down to grab both our cocks “so who’s going to fuck me first?”

I needed a bit of time so David took her to our bed and I watched from the doorway as he energetically thrashed his cock in and out of her until he added another load inside her then as soon as he slipped out I mounted her taking it more gentle and loving, I urged her to get on top to bring us both off then all three of us fell asleep cuddled up.

Early next morning I awoke to a low grunt and as my vision focused on my wife’s face in front of mine I realised that she was being pushed from behind and that she had a look of pure contentment and love as she gazed into my eyes.

We kissed tenderly as my Son continued to fuck my Wife from behind. I moved back slightly so I could see her face properly and we smiled at each other until David groaned and exploded inside her.

Aprils look gained a little lust and she bent forward to move her head down and take my limp cock in her mouth teasing it into hardness.

I grinned at my Son still embedded in my wife’s pussy and he grinned back and started thrusting again, I was nice and hard now so I started thrusting into my wife’s mouth and pretty soon April was writhing in ecstasy as she exploded into her own huge orgasm, neither of us was near yet so we fucked her through her orgasm and I joined her in another climax closely followed by David with his.

April turned and kissed David then turned back and kissed me before extracting herself off Davids wilting cock and stretched on her back with a leg over each of us and crooned “I am the luckiest girl in the world right now” then sighed and pulled both of us close in a loving cuddle.

We were sitting at the table next morning having breakfast when David asked why April only screwed virgins. She though about it for a while and said “Its not that I will only let virgins use me its just that it happened that way by coincidence and also that I don’t have to worry about getting an STI so if you have any plans of bringing home some other friends we should get some condoms”

I hadn’t thought of that and was also a little surprised that she seemed to expect it to happen.

David laughed “I was thinking of inviting Jerry and James around Friday night but they are both virgins anyway”

Alice looked down demurely but I could see the small smile as she said “I really prefer to feel and taste the cum so no condoms sounds great to me”

“I’m going out for a few drinks Friday night to farewell John from work who is retiring and I’m dropping him off Saturday Morning at the Airport so I thought ….” I spoke.

“we can just reorganise the boys to another time so you can be there” said April

I grinned mischievously “no, it might be fun to come home and catch you with the boys … imagine the look on John’s face, we should film it”

David said he could set up his webcam to record everything “I’m going to be a porn star” grinned April

“And the best bit is John had a STI test done last month when he caught his wife cheating and decided to retire and move back to his home country so it will be safe, also he won’t be able to tell my workmates as he will be gone” I added.

Friday night rolled around and David brought James and Jerry around after school, as he walked in the back door he could hear the shower running so he yelled out “April I’m home”

April yelled back “Don’t come down the hall, the bathroom door is stuck open again and I’m in the shower”

Of course David grinned and shushed the boys and they snuck down the hall to take a peek.

April was horny thinking about the boys possibly watching so she was running the shower head over her pussy until she moaned out loud and came while the boys peeked around the corner.

The boys quietly snuck back to the loungeroom and took a seat to hide their boners whispering to each other about what they had seen.

April walked into the loungeroom just wearing one of her husbands work shirts making all the boys turn to gawk with lustful stares and exclaimed “Oh, I didn’t know you brought friends and here I am with almost nothing on, I’m sure you don’t want to see this”

David said “Your my Step Mum and your hot as hell so I’m sorry if I cant help looking, right boys?”

Both the boys just nodded holding their hands in their laps

“geeze mum, you could be a model … wait … can I get my camera and get some shots to show you?” asked David running off before April could answer

“Ummm, well I guess so” she called after him.

David came back with the new DSLR and Flash we had bought him for his birthday, “I never get the chance to use it so can I try out a lot of different poses” pleaded David.

“Umm sure but shouldn’t I put on something else and some make up” said April.

Jerry piped up “Oh no, you are truly beautiful just the way you are” “that makes two of us” squeaked James

“Here sit between the guys” directed David and the boys moved to the sides sitting up straight, April squeezed in between them and also sat up straight.

“you will be able to see I have no underwear under this” said April

“no its too dark to see anything, here I’ll show you” exclaimed David.

He set the camera to under expose and knelt in front and took a quick shot then showed April “see its all black”

She smiled “OK then its fine, lets go”

“Can I adjust your clothing as needed to make the shots hotter, I can give them to dad for his birthday after you approve and delete what you don’t like” Said David.

April nodded and David carefully unbuttoned a couple of buttons to show some cleavage, April looked a bit embarrassed and looked down to check there was nothing showing as he spread the material to almost show her nipples before taking several shots.

Look up and close your eyes he said and then he grabbed each of the boys outer arms and place their hands in front of but not touching her boobs and took a pic.

He laughed and the boys moved their hands away “what?” asked April “Show me”

David giggled and turned the camera around showing her the image on the back “OH MY GOD, it looks like they are touching my boobs!!” she laughed taking the tension out of the whole situation “but my boobs look saggy” she said.

“well let the boys hold the girls up” said David and he grabbed James hand, placed it under her boob and lifted it up.

April looked a little shocked but then relaxed so David did the same to Jerry.

After a few pics David exposed her a bit more directing the boys to lift and push closer, April was breathing heavy and her nipples were as hard as rocks so David moved their thumbs to cover them.

He took a few shots with the flash and when he looked at the image he could see the bare skin surrounding the top of her slit and he got a boner.

April was staring at it but didn’t say anything.

He had all three of them lean back and moved the boys heads so they were close to her boobs while still holding them up and moved Aprils hands on to their thighs.

After a couple of pics he asked them to move the hand covering their laps exposing the tent in their shorts. David groaned out loud as he took the pics.

April breathlessly asked to see and gasped when she saw her bare flesh under the shirt, the very edge of her nipples and the obvious boners the boys had.

“Thats not fair, you can see everything of me” she breathed huskily

Back into position directed David and April and the boys leaned back.

David moved her shirt further exposing her nipples completely then covered them with the boys thumbs “well they are covered but we better cover the boys” he said and placed Aprils hands straight on top of their boners eliciting a surprised gasp from all three.

April looked a little embarrassed and the boys looked shocked as he fired off some shots “perfect, that’s so hot”

Nobody had moved so he exposed Aprils boobs completely and moved the boys so it looked like they were about to suck her boobs and placed their hands on her exposed flesh, April had unconsciously grabbed their shafts instead of just laying her hands on them so a few more pics were taken and all three were obviously very excited.

David pulled the top of their shorts down exposing their boners and without asking April grabbed their shafts again, David pushed the boys heads in and the boys opened their mouths around her nipples, April moaned and shuddered.

David moved April legs apart slipping them in between the boys legs exposing her glistening pussy completely and he took several more shots.

April groaned out “Its not fair me showing everything and you guys are all still dressed” “she’s right, lets strip” said David quickly undressing followed by the boys.

He moved April closer to the front edge of the couch and asked the boys to suck her nipples while he got some close ups. As he got down low between her legs to shoot upwards David exclaimed “god you smell awesome” pleasing April and sending a little shiver through her as his hot breath caressed her clit.

David moved up between her legs to get closer for the pics and his throbbing cock nudged between her inner lips, he was so tempted to just shove it in but restrained himself when the tip lodged in her entrance. He took a couple of pics then showed them the image.

April had been ever so slowly stroking the two erections and Jerry gasped “Stop, I, just please stop” April hoarsely said “don’t you make a mess” but Jerry groaned and his eyes rolled back and he thrust into Aprils hand.

April reacted and slid down to take his cock in her mouth impaling David at the same time. Jerry had held her head down and was thrusting hard into her mouth as he shivered and shuddered while he unloaded into her eager mouth.

April was thrashing around on Davids cock deep into a major orgasm as he forgot all about his camera and started thrusting deep into her soaking wet pussy depositing a huge load into the opposite end of his Step Mum.

Continues in April – part 3
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