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My first ever story so I hope you enjoy it. Always appreciate comments but you'll find out what happens if you're nasty, so be nice ;)
Since entering her teenage years Fanchesca had steadily become whats best described as an arrogant, self centred bitch. Obssessed with social media, her life was punctuated by pouting, self absorbed selfies, with no time for anyone except her own little clique of equally obnoxious freinds. She considered her family an annoyance, especially her little brother Max. When her parents had gathered them for a big christmas reveal it was not surprising that it was met with familiar distain.

They were going on a family holiday to Lapland so Max could meet Santa before he got too old to enjoy the experience and so the family could have one last holiday together before Fran went to college. This was Frans idea of hell, she knew she would be sharing a room with Max and end up babysitting while her parents went off and explored.

For weeks before they left she had dubbed the trip 'the nightmare before christmas' which seemed to gain sympathy from her friends. In fact the whole journey out there was cataloged in a series of selfies which drew replies like 'OMG' 'Bae' and 'Reebo' reaching a crushendo of accronyms when she sent a photo with her usual fish face standing in a room with twin beds, she was not happy.

A few days passed and as expected Fran thought she'd been sitting her brother far too much, in reality they had done many family orientated things but she was just so self absorbed to notice. Today however would be the worst in Frans eyes, she had to take Max to see Father Christmas.

They waited in line for what seemed like hours in the snow, her face perminantly glued to her screen while max was getting frustrated as he had no one to share his excitement with. Finally it was their turn and they entered the grotto.

As they walked along the corridor even Fran raised an eyebrow and admitted under her breath that they had done a pretty good job on this one. The grotto walls seemed to sparkle and shimmer as they reflected the burning tourches which dimmly lit their path. The corridor opened up into a cave like room and there sat in front of them was the big guy himself, dressed in his customary red suit. Max raced over to santa and took up the traditional position on his knee, Franchesca carried on texting obliviously until it was apparrent there was no mobile signal in the grotto. With a heavy sigh and a few mumbled curse words she shoved the phone in her pocket and stared at the pair in front of her, who by now had struck up quite the conversation.

After 5 minutes or so Fran interrupted "Come on Max its time to go."

"No,no,no" replied Santa "Max has so many questions, he can stay a while longer."

This was not the reply Fran wanted, she sighed again, her frustration evident, kicking the dirt for a few minutes. "Max we need to go" this time she was blatenly ignored by them both "Max, now!"

"But where do you need to go in such a hurry young lady?" asked santa

"We just need to go" replied Fran, now in the process of dragging Max from santas knee.

"But Fran this is Father Christmas, i want to stay" complained Max his voice shaking on the verge of tears.

Fran looked at Max in the eye with spite and contempt, "This isnt Father Christmas Max, theres no such person as Father Christmas. Its all made up, its mom and dad that leave you presents. Now come on!"

You could see Max's heart breaking as this revelation was revealed, now in tears he stammerred "Well, well who's this then?" pointing at santa. "Him? He's just some fat old cunt they probably pulled from the unemployment line, lets go." and with that she dragged him towards the exit.

"FRANCHESCA MARY WILLIAMS" the voice boomed and seemed to resinate off the cave walls.

Fran froze in her tracks, staring at the exit. the snow falling outside had also frozen, in mid-air. She turned slowly with a feeling of unease in her stomach. She looked at Max who appeared to be frozen in time too, his tears stuck half way down his cheeks like beads of ice. Finally her gaze rested upon Santa Claus who now appeared to tower over her.

"I have been keeping an eye on you Franchesca Mary Williams, and you have been on my naughty list for some time, but what you just did to your brother goes beyond any list. It was pure evil and must be punished"

A small doorway opened that Fran could have sworn wasn't there before. Through it came a group of small creatures, the tallest no more than 2 feet high. They had green skin, pointed ears, no hair and wore only an open green wastecoat and tan shorts. All eyes fixed on Fran.

Santa strode forward taking Fran by the chin in one of his chubby hands, raising her head to meet his gaze. "Now what punishment is fit for one such as you?" Santa thought for a moment "A gobbling, yes" he said to himself and then louder "spread the word, there is to be a gobbling punishment!" half of the elves ran back through the door chattering excitedly. Fran managed to utter a few nervous words "Whats a Golbin punishment?" 'No,no,no my dear" said Santa softly, "Not Goblin, gobbling." and with that he touch her forehead and her world turned to blackness.

The first thing Fran became aware of was the cold, the type of cold that caused skin to prickle. Her arms and legs ached uncomfortablly, she tried to move but couldn't. Fran opened her eyes in a hazy, blurred panic, squirming and wriggling while trying to make sense of the situation, her eyes saw only white. She could tell she was lying on her front, her body supported by a rough surface up to her shoulders, her head seemingly daggling in mid air. She could feel her arms were secured at the wrists and just above the elbow, bound by something rough, possibly rope, her legs folded back with her ankles tied to her thighs with the same material.

'Her thighs...' Fran thought as a new wave of panic swept over her as she noticed the icy prickles on her inner thighs alerting her to the fact that they were not only exposed but her legs were spread, in a moment of brief relief she noted the lack of icy prickles on her ass and pussy, at least she had a little dignity but this was still not good.

Fran snapped her legs shut in an act of defiance and instantly regretted it, a rope tightened around her neck pulling her backwards, lifting her entire upper body from the wooden platform and exposing her firm b-cup breasts, her nipples tightening in response to the icy prickles which danced around them. As she struggled to breathe, her bulging eyes could now make out indistinct shapes, possibly buildings but smaller, all too soon though her sight dimmed and her body relaxed releasing her from her self imposed strangulation, her body slumped landing on the platform with a thud.

As Fran lay there coughing and drooling she noticed the strings of saliva pockmarking the previously blank canvas of snow she was staring at, her eyes were begining to focus. Lifting her head tentatively, unsure of the consequences, she examined her surroundings. The shapes she had seen before were indeed tiny shops, taverns and various workshops lining three sides of the open space that surrounded her. On the forth side, to Fran's left, she could make out impressive looking larger building and what was possibly the base of a clocktower or something similar, Fran couldnt quite tell due to her resitrictive binds.

A pair of black shiny boots appered next to Fran, with white fur trim and red trousers there was no mistaking who the boots belonged to. A sense of forbodding unease once again entered Fran.

Santa began to ring a large handbell, it's tone seemed to resinate around the town square and hang in the frozen air.

From the workshops and taverns small shapes began to emerge. At first Fran could only make out a dozen or so but soon there seemed to be crowds of Elves appearing from every direction, all heading towards the platform on which she was displayed. The bell ceased its rining as the crowd of the small green creatures formed a horseshoe shape in front of Fran.

Santa's voice boomed as he made the declaration "This human girl has been found guilty of extreme naughtiness, uttering evil and hurtful words to those whom love her. It has been decreed that a Gobbling is her punishment. As it is written by ancient lore the Elders will commence the punishment, then you will all participate."

Fran, now petrified and close to tears, saw movement from the Town Hall. Slowly five figures became more distinct, 2 ealderly Elves in wheelchairs being pushed by stonger attendants and a third shuffling along with the aid of a walking stick. After several minutes the slow procession formed a line in front of Fran, everything bacame still, only Fran's trembling breathing penetrated the silence of anticipation.

'DONG' Santa's bell rang once and was met with a gleeful cheer from the assembled elves.

As the chief elf was pushed towards Fran she was able to see his freatures more clearly. His green saggy skin formed long jowls, punctuated by warty like lumps which sprouted long wirey hairs. His pointed ear tips drooped with age and tufts of white hair protruded from his ear canals. his hooked nose seemed disproportionately long, below which sat thin lips being constantly moistened by a purple tongue, the creature almost drooling at the prospect before him. Fran locked on his yellowing eyes which seemed to burn into her soul with judgement.

"Wait" the chief elf cried, lifting a hand to signal the hault. He shuffled in his chair excitedly, working his way to the edge with a motion that suggested he was about to stand. The attendant elf looked worriedly at his counterpart who was stood behing the second wheelchair, and beconed him to assist. With attendants to either side the old elf rose from the chair and shuffled towards Fran, his every move being supported.

The chief elf stood for a moment in front of Fran, as if to gain some composure, before tugging at the string which held his old tan shorts high around his waist, they fell to the snow beneath.

Fran stared at the cock before her part in disbelief, part in terror. It was thick, green and just as warty at the chief's face. The Elder shuffled forward again and jabbed his phallus towards her face. Fran turned to reject the advance and almost gagged as the stench filled her nostrils. She felt small hands on her thighs which pushed them together, the rope around her neck tightened lifting her body slightly and pulling her head straight. she gasped for air, the elves let go. Frans body and head slumped forward once more, only this time her gasping mouth was greeting by the rancid elveden cock.

There was another cheer from the onlookers.

The old elf grabbed at frans hair as he began to pump her mouth with all he could muster, which in reality was quite a slow pace. The foul cock slid in and out causing her to gag on more than one occassion, each instance taken advantage of as the elf pushed deeper into her throat. The violation of Fran's mouth only lasted minutes before the old elf went rigid and came. It wasn't a forceful climax, in fact the only indication that the elf had cum was the most disgusting bitter and sour taste which spread in Frans mouth.

The Chief Elf collapsed back onto one of the attendants, the other hurridly brought his chair. Fran coughed and spluttered as strings of discoloured yellow spunk fell from her mouth and soiled the pristine snow beneath her face.

The second elder, the one with the stick, bagan to make his way towards Fran, unbuckling his shorts as he did so.

Fran, now with tears falling from her eyes begged for the event to end "no, please! I'm sorry, I'll be good!"

The elf, who was quite rotund and had a long grey beard chuckled, "it's too late for that my deary, a mouth as abusive as yours deserves to be abused. And what a pretty little mouth it is too." in an instant he filled it with his green cock before she could protest any further. She was thankful this elf's cock wasnt as putrid as the previous one, it was shorter too, but that meant her forehead was being constantly slapped by the elf's green belly on every thrust.

This elf lasted longer than the chief before he buried Fran's face in his fat, implanting his cock in her throat. Fran could feel the spasm as jets of cum errupted and slid down to her belly. Satisfied he finally released her.

Now for the last of the elders. This one didnt try to get out of his chair, to be honest Fran wasnt sure he was even alive. He looked pale green with white eyes, all skin and bone, he had to be assisted to remove his shorts. Still sat in the chair he was wheeled under Frans face, his cock the only evidence of life as it twitched and danced in front of her.

She felt the heavy hand on the elders assistant on the back of her head forcing her up and down on the crippled elf's member. After several heavy pushes and pulls Fran made the decision to take control of the pace to avoid further injury, this seemed to delight the cripple as a faint smile escaped his lips. The young girl work the cock expertly with her tongue to ensure this was over as quickly as possible. The elder groaned as Fran released his shaft from her mouth, streams of hot elf spunk covered her face and lazily dripped to the floor. The last elder was wheeled away.


"Everyone be patient, no more than 3 at a time, everyone will get a go" Santa's latest instruction brought a new fear to the girl, her sobs long gone as the true horror of what was about to happen dawned on her. The gathered crowds closed in until the light was blocked by green bodies. Green foul smelling, stinky bodies. All with hard cocks and full sacks to empty.

Fran felt her head being pulled from one direction to another as cock after cock was thrust into her mouth, shortly followed by load after putrid load of cum. Whilst she was being forced to swallow all these deposites there seemed to be a constant rain of jizz hitting her face from those waiting their turn with the prize.

After a while Fran went into a semi conscious haze of acceptance, her resistance was broken. Reality snapped back with avengence when she felt her panties being tugged at and cold prickles of air hitting her pussy. She was aware enough to notice the platform shudder under the wait of something large dispite the continued elf cock onslaught happening in her mouth.

A large, warm hand squeezed her butt cheek whilst another spread her outer lips and explored her inner channel. A fat digit pushed deeper inside her making her writhe against her bonds. Suddenly both hands were gone leaving her moistness exposed to the freezing air once more, but only momentarily as a large giggly mass landed on her butt. There was no mistaking who this was or what his intentions were. Fran was about to be fucked by Santa himself.

The fat guy fumbled and prodded with his member to no avail, he simply couldnt fit in between the girls legs, taking her firmly by the thighs he spread them further. Fran's eyes bulged as suddenly her head was pulled downwards by the rope around her neck, forcing the grotesque elf dick in her mouth well and truly into her throat, the elf released a scream of pleasure and came immediately, sending globules of thick cum towards Fran's already full stomach. "That's better" said Santa to himself, as his festive wand found its mark. The force of each thrust giggled his enormous belly and spread Fran further, which in turn pulled the girls head down harder onto whatever cock she was consuming. Fran's world turned to darkness again.....

When Fran awoke she was back in her hotel room, rolling over she saw her brother asleep in the other bed. "Was it all a dream?" she thought to herself, the foul taste in her mouth would indicate otherwise but she couldnt be sure.

It was the last day of their holiday so after breakfast Fran and Max were given instructions to finish packing and check their room, and if they were very lucky their parents had promised another surprise. Fran shuddered at the thought of another surprise and was about to protest when an image of the elf town square flashed to her mind. She dutifully did as she was asked.

A short while later there was a knock at the door and Fran's parents came in holding identically wrapped gifts. Fran's mom came over and hugged her whispering in her ear "We know youre a bit old for this but please go along with it, for your brother." Fran's Dad handed his gift to Max and proudly stated "We got you both these gifts directly from Santa."

Fran felt a sudden chill as the hairs on her arms stood up. She unwrapped the gift nervously, the festive box had writing on the side facing her, it read 'Elf on a shelf. We'll be watching you' she rotated the box to its front side and behind the clear plastic was an elf, an elf she recognised, an elf who screamed with pleasure and shot cum down her throat as santa fucked her. For a split second she thought she saw the Elf smile and wink at her, the sense of unease returned to Fran knowing that a piece of this Christmas nightmare would be coming home with them.
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