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My lady and are both bi and always looking for new opportunities for new, shared sexual pleasure. This time around a group of five perhaps?

Jilly and I met Taylor socially for the first time a few weeks ago. She is an exotic, long legged, dark skinned lady of Asian and European descent and it soon became apparent she is bisexual, as she flirted with us.
She has a fascinating androgynous look and huge sexual appeal for both sexes. Short, cropped dark hair, though still feminine and a tall, not quite boyish body.

We met her a second time at a nearby restaurant shortly after and the conversation soon became sexually charged as she sat between us with a hand on each of us. “Are you both bi? Do you shave or wax?“

“You know we are both bi. We shave each other so we have just a matching tuft,” Jilly told her before she flirted and teased with some of her sexual preferences.

“I love being licked and teased. We both have high sex drives. My man loves kissing and licking my big ass as foreplay, and I love him doing it. Especially with an audience. We enjoy a wide range of oral sex, often with an extra male or female. Sometimes both.”

When Taylor asked, “Does he have a big cock Jilly, I think he might?,” she had my full attention.

“Nine-inches and thick when fully erect,” Jilly replied smiling with her hands spread.

“I had coffee with Taylor today,” Jilly told me few days later. “Huge chemistry as you know. She wants to have me. Do you mind?”

“It took a long time for me to organize and convince you to have your first lesbian lover. Now you are asking my permission. I love the progress you have made. I always told you, you were a natural with bi women. Fine by me as long as I can watch. Even better if you suck my cock at the same time,” I replied full of enthusiasm.

“I was hoping you would say that, so was Taylor,” Jilly smiled rather pleased with herself.

“She has invited us for afternoon tea this Sunday with another couple,” Jilly told me with a wicked smile a few days later. “She wants to show us off to her friends, are you fine with that?”

That night our sex had a whole new frisson as we both fantasized about our Sunday appointment.

“What should I wear for our afternoon tea,” Jilly asked early on the Sunday afternoon. She was wonderfully naked as I admired her magnificent ass and glorious thighs. “Perhaps these heels, my short leather skirt, and a silk blouse? And I almost forgot, which g-string do you prefer?”

We were the center of attention when we arrived at her condo. Expensive and tasteful furniture and decorations with mirrors on all the walls. Subdued lighting and soft Night Jazz music as we made small talk and looked each other over.

Jilly’s thighs looked wonderful in her heels and short, black leather skirt. She was wearing a black silk blouse with just the bottom button fastened to highlight her modest cleavage and to make it obvious she was here for sexual pleasure.

The other couple, a male and female, both very attractive, were younger than us in their early-thirties. “Larry and Laura are old friends of mine. They will be wonderful eye candy for us today,” Taylor smiled as she introduced them.

Lots of sexual tension as the other couple watched Jilly crossing and recrossing her legs with her obviously erect nipples poking into her silk blouse.

After what must have been just a few minutes Taylor took the initiative as she took Jilly’s hand and motioned for her to stand. They were tongue kissing as Taylor slowly removed Jilly’s blouse. “Love those sexy nipples Jilly,” Taylor whispered as she licked and sucked them.

“So do I,” I chimed in as I stood behind Jilly and softly tongue kissed her while I removed her skirt, then undid the clip on her thong before it fell to her ankles.

“I told you my man loves kissing and licking my big ass as foreplay, and I love him doing it. Especially with an audience,” Jilly whispered as she stood while Taylor was passionately tongue kissing her.

“Now you,” Taylor whispered as she removed my shirt and licked and sucked my nipples while Jilly and I softly tongue kissed.

“Do you you like me licking your nipples while your lady watches?,” Taylor teased with a hand on my crotch.

“Your lady told me you have a big cock, nine-inches when fully erect. We all want you to show it to us. Please?,” Taylor asked as she slid my trousers down.

I do like flaunting my erect cock for people who have not seen it before. This time was no exception as I stroked it for Taylor, Larry and Laura.

“I am going to tongue fuck your lady. Would you like to watch?,” Taylor asked. “Or would like something more exciting? Perhaps Larry and Laura could pleasure you while you watch.”

“Larry and Laura, enjoy them, more exciting for all of us,” Jilly smiled wickedly as I looked at her for approval.

Jilly was sitting on a chair in front of a wall length mirror as Taylor parted her legs and licked her way up her glorious thighs.

Incredible, sexually charged atmosphere as Taylor was licking Jilly’s cunt lips while the other couple, Larry and Laura watched me tongue kissing Jilly.

Then just as we had arranged I briefly slid my nine-erection between Jilly’s pursed lips with Larry and Laura watching closely.

“Larry and Laura, enjoy them, more exciting for all of us,” Jilly smiled again as I looked at her for approval.

I was sitting alongside Jilly on a chair in front of a wall length mirror with an absolute boner as Larry and Laura undressed each other. Wonderful eye candy for Jilly and I as they flaunted their naked bodies for us. Laura had a slim body, long legs and good tits, her trimmed black pubes an exciting contrast to her blond hair.

Larry had a toned six-pack body and a larger than average erection with just a tuft of beautifully trimmed jet black pubic hair.

“Did Taylor explain we are bisexual?,” Larry asked as he licked one of my nipples as Laura licked the other one. “Is that a turn on for you while you are watching Taylor tongue fucking your lady in the mirror?”

“We have never had a man as big as you. When Taylor told us how big you were, nine-inches and thick when fully erect, she piqued our interest. Now that we have confirmed you are nine-inches and thick when fully erect you have our complete and full attention,” Laura told me as she gave Jilly her middle finger to suck.

“Would you like to watch Larry suck your man’s boner while I lick his nipples?,” Laura asked Jilly as Larry teased my erection with a fingertip. “We work as a team, when Larry has edged him and has him close to orgasm, it will be my turn.”

In the past I have had a woman suck my cock while a man watched and a man suck my cock while a woman watched, sometimes their partner. Though never, ever when their partners, as Larry and Laura are, both wanting to suck my cock as I anticipate their promise, “We work as a team, when Larry has edged you and has you close to orgasm, it will be my turn.”

“Tell me Jilly, would you like to watch Larry suck your man’s boner while I lick his nipples?,” Laura asked again. “Will that be a turn on for you while you are watching Taylor tongue fucking your lady in the mirror?”

Just as I hoped Jilly replied with a knowing smile, “I would love to watch. Are you fine with that honey?,” as Larry continued teasing my erection with a fingertip, while watching Taylor licking my lady Jilly’s cunt lips.

“We have never had a man as big as you, a thick, nine-inch erection for our pleasure,” Larry whispered as he licked and kissed it, while his lady Laura stood behind me, teasing my nipples with her fingertips. Then teasing the tip of my rock hard erection with his tongue, then running his tongue along my shaft before taking it between his lips, as Laura and my lady moaned ‘wow’ in unison, before he slid his pursed lips along three or four inches of my rock hard erection.

“He is good isn’t he,” Laura whispered as I soaked up the exquisite sexual pleasure he was providing with his lips and tongue. “Watch closely, it will be more pleasurable for you if Larry mixes it up,” Laura whispered. “He is going to use his tongue while moving up and down your shaft. Now watch him add a hand, he is going to rotate it around the base of your erection for more sensation.

“Now watch this, he is going to take your erection into his throat as far as he can for a brief moment. Look and feel the way he is holding your ass and digging his nails in. His goal is always to focus on pleasure for our man, not just the lead up to an orgasm, and the pleasure I get while watching.

“Now my turn,” Laura told me she and her man changed positions. Instead of teasing my nipples Larry was lightly pinching them as he watched his lady expertly licking and sucking just the tip of my erection while she slid a fingertip and thumb tip along the bulging vein in my erection. He was also watching Taylor licking my lady Jilly’s cunt lips to add to his sexual pleasure, just as I was.

“So good, so fucking good, I love it,” I was almost screaming as my body tensed. “Don’t stop, don’t stop,” I moaned as Larry was pinching my nipples. “Harder, I love it,” Now right now,” I moaned as Laura swallowed.
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