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For those who worry, Llisanya was of the age of consent when she was with her father.

Very early the next morning, Cadwarra woke to Diamander positioning himself back on top of her. He had spread her legs and was inserting his hard dick into her for another fuck. He pinned her shoulders so she lay there helplessly. Vengefully, he announced “this is what it is like to be taken against your will.”

She wrapped her arms around him in an affectionate hug as he raped her, feeling his hard muscles under her caressing hands. Except for his own jizz from last night, she was not ready for his violation but she did not resist. It was her way to apologize, she guessed. She endured Diamander’s painful first thrust.

He sucked on her mushies while he took her. To his surprise, he found her body intensely attractive that morning. He was young and came twice and she loved it.

After it was over and he pulled out, a large gloop of cum fell out of her. It soaked the sheet under her. Nude, she pulled the sheets off the bed to wash so Diamander could have her that night in clean sheets.

There was an awkwardness. “I guess I should go see if my boyfriend is alright.” he told Cadwarra shyly, ashamed at what he had just done to her.

“Yeah. I suppose you should.” she answered equally guiltily as she dumped the sheets in the clothes hamper. “But if you have time, can we do some pike practice later? I mean, if you can forgive my mean comment last night about your ‘pike’.”

“Yes. Let’s do that. It might be good to work out some aggression with each other.” He clumsily hugged her good bye. “Please forgive me for calling you a whore last night.”

Next door in a similar scene the sergeant’s son kissed the High Elf ‘thank you’ and departed. She sat down and penned a note to Vishra: “Lord, I am pleased to report that your nephew has performed his manly duties. Detailed report attached.


Several hundred yards away, Llisanya and Falco were in that wooded part of Qeynos known as the Elddar Grove. They were lying up against each other in the cold dawn beside the manhole that lead to the Down Below, trying to undo the padlocks.

Llisanya chose this particular manhole because it was the most secluded of all the entrances into the Down Below. Tucked away behind the Archery Building, its windows still dark and uninhabited so early in the day, few would observe them sneaking into the Down Below through that ingress.

“Pretend you’re running your hands all over my ass so anyone that sees us won’t wonder what we are doing” Llisanya had told Falco while trying to pick one of the four locks on the grate. Anyone seeing them would assume they were two lovers that had been up partying all night. Enjoying each other’s company too much to end the night, they were sharing some last lustful moments before they went home to their angry spouses.

Falco was more than fine with running his hands over her round tush and everywhere else she would allow his hands to roam but he would rather have been doing that back home in bed. Just the feel of her firm butt was was making him horny and being in a warm bed and warmer woman was where he really wanted to be. He was cold and the ground was hard. “Why can’t we just depart Qeynos by walking out the front gate after a nice breakfast like normal people?” he grumbled.

“Because the guards at the gates don’t need to know when we come and go. The fellow we need to meet is not someone who wants his retainers to be too much in the eyesight of the Queen’s Guard. If you want to get off the cold ground faster start on one of the other locks.” She took a moment to pull out a second lock pick from deep in her cleavage and handed it to him. “Have a try” she said then added “but keep rubbing against me like a horny teen boy having a dry hump.”

As requested, he pushed his crotch hard into her curvy hip and enthusiastically moved on her like a Gnoll mating its bitch. “I don’t know how to pick locks.” Falco confessed as he gleefully masturbated against her. He remembered rubbing into Cadwarra the same way in the pond in Baubbleshire.

“Well. It’s an art, I suppose.” Llisanya answered, enjoying Falco’s lovely hard cock as he pressed it lewdly against her. “Here, I’ll give you a lesson. The locks in Qeynos are such garbage you can learn the basics in a few minutes. Watch.”

Falco grasped enough of the quick lesson to unlock one of the four locks in the time Llisanya did the rest. Their entry into the sewer was delayed five minutes by two Humans going to work in the early morning light. They looked over at Falco to see his hands all over some obviously willing tart lying half under him by the Down Below grate.

“Late party night over there.” one chortled, pointing them out to his companion. They stopped to watch.

Falco got off having them see him feeling up his girl. He openly fondled Llisanya’s tits and slapped her ass while grinning that stupid grin at them.

While Llisanya ignored the two voyeurs, he loved watching them watch him degrade his babe. Exulting in the chance to perform, he goosed her for them to see then groped her snatch through her leggings, clumsily trying to make her cum as they watched.

They hooted at Falco and cheered his successful early morning wooing then moved on, disappearing around the corner of the dark Archery Building.

Llisanya slid out from under Falco’s grubby paws. She would have been impressed by how well Falco had sold the fiction of being two late night lovers had she not known he would have given those strangers the same peep show if they really had genuinely been two late night lovers.

“Okay, let’s get down inside before some other assholes show up” she snapped irritably. They dragged their packs out from under the bushes and dropped down in.

The Down Below stank and was full of huge rats and huger bugs. “A half hour and we’ll be in the Bog” she promised “although that marsh isn’t all that fragrant either. can swim, right?”


“Yes, we need to swim underwater out of the bog then across the moat.”

Falco did not hide his annoyance. “Next time let’s use the Gates.”

“Not if you want to work for this employer...”

By the time they had crawled up the bank on the far side of the moat Falco was cold, wet and in a foul mood. They had swum an extra distance to come up around the corner out of sight of the guards stationed on the bridge. “Karana! This is miserable.”

Llisanya was too busy pulling dry clothes out of her pack to care about his sissy complaints. “Just change, you’ll feel better in dry clothes and the sun will soon warm the day.” She pulled her wet clothes off. Her lovely naked white skin glowed in the orange rays of the sunrise. Her pointing tits stuck out stark and high for his view. She bent to step into her dry leggings.

Falco also stripped off naked. Hurriedly, he reached to pull out his own change of warm clothing. He caught sight of his cock. The cold moat water had shrunk it to a quarter of its usual flaccid size. It was actually wider than it was long.

Before he could hide how shriveled and tiny he was Llisanya also saw it in that humiliating state. She made sure she looked just long enough for Falco to see she had seen his tinyness, his unmanliness.

He hastily turned away from her eyes, pretending to adjust the contents of his pack, but it was too late. She had seen how small he was. Damn! Afraid, he glanced sideways at her to see if she was sneering at his shortcoming.

Llisanya swept her gaze casually from his midsection. She reached down, pulling her leggings up over her toned calves. Bending over like that, her breasts hung down with hardly a jiggle as she straightened and pulled the leggings up over her shapely rump. She buckled her belt.

There was something very sexy in a topless woman standing half undressed and glistening with sunlit drops of water dripping from her firm tits, covered in goosebumps. Her nipples, awakened by the cold of the morning and thick as thumbs, stuck out from her areolas dang near three quarters of an inch. The areolas themselves, contracted and wrinkled from the cold moat water, had shrunk to the size of copper coins. He had never seen them as hard as that morning.

As he finished dressing he thought of Cadwarra again, in much the same soaked state of undress as What’ser-name was now. That perfect Cadwarra had dressed so innocently by the Baubbleshire waterfall, her soaked transparent chemise hiding nothing from his eyes. How disappointed he was when her nipples had disappeared under the top she pulled down over her large breasts.

The memory of Cadwarra’s lovely figure awakened his penis. Now hidden inside his leggings it returned to its normal size too late for What’ser-name to see its now respectable length.

He stood pondering if he should pull it out so she would have a look. Between those rock hard nipples and the memory of Cadwarra, he sure had the sudden need for a nice fuck.

He should push her down and do it right there; prove he had enough cock for her.

But the look she had given him a moment ago upon seeing his little thing still stung. He pushed the thought of sex out of his mind. They had some plat to earn today. He sighed inwardly and hoped to himself this magic charm would work to fix his small cock problem. Was it really going to cost all that much, though? Well, he was willing to pay anything so he stopped worrying about the price.

Now fully dressed with their chainmail laced up they looked at each other. Llisanya maintained a neutral face but inside she was furious with Falco’s chainmail. He had not heeded her insistent urging to go buy some proper armour. That crap he was still wearing was hardly fit for the Forest Ruins or the Caves. What was he thinking wearing that stuff out into Antonica where you could really run into some serious trouble?

She knew Falco had just given her that hungry look men give when they want to screw but there wasn’t any time for that and she quickly said “We better get out of sight fast.” Turning to hide her impatience with him, she set out east toward the general area of Archer’s Woods. “We’ll go overland and avoid the road” she said. “I do not want to meet that nosy cunt Captain Eitoa on her patrol along that route.”

She realized Falco was still standing there, probably thinking about sex. “ ...Falco...come onnnn...before we’re seen!”

They kept an eye out for Gnolls and skirted one small band they spotted; she had some doubt whether Falco would be any good in a fight. As they neared Archer’s Woods, she was even more vigilant. The Timberclaw Gnolls tended to disappear from the wood after dawn but then the forest wardens would be patrolling the woods. They needed to avoid both.

Falco was the first one to spot the Dark Elf lurking at the edge of the trees. He had seen a couple such Teir’Dal in Qeynos, easily chatting with the guards; obvious citizens in good standing. By the way this one melted into the bushes after being spotted, Falco knew this was one who had not earned Qeynos citizenship.

“There’s a Dark Elf over there” he whispered. He did not relish a fight.

“Yeah, That’s who we are going to see. Just walk past him and he’ll meet us deeper inside the wood.”

Falco had a sick feeling in his gut. This was a meeting with a Dark Elf, and an obvious enemy of Qeynos? No one had said anything about a Dark Elf! Karana!

Why had he been so stupid as to let himself be lead into this unsavoury situation? The offer of five plat for a single day’s work should have told him this was not going to be a task of any kind acceptable to the authorities of Qeynos. He had no desire to face a treason charge from the Queen’s Guards. He had worked hard to gain Qeynos citizenship and was not wishing to go back to being a drifter unattached to any city. He wanted no part of today’s work. How could he get out of this without looking like an ass or a coward?

He reflected that Cadwarra would not have gotten him into trouble like this. He wished he could have her instead of What’ser-name there. He would be so happy if he was with Cadwarra, fucking every night. He remembered the feel of her big bosoms squeezed in his palms as she lovingly let him lead her behind those rocks in the Forest Ruins. How hot and juicy she felt around his erection as he moved in and out of her. She had never spurned his size.

The Dark Elf’s sudden reappearance interrupted these thoughts. He was standing in front of them before Falco could see where he had come from.

Llisanya was calm. “Hello, M’Tun.”

Gol M’Tun did not respond to Llisanya’s greeting. He was looking at Falco’s cheap armour with an expression that clearly confirmed Llisanya’s worst fears as to how that garbage outfit would be viewed. Falco gave a curt nod to M’Tun but it was clear he was fearful of the Dark Elf.

M’Tun turned to Llisanya and asked bluntly in Thexian. “Do you want me to kill him?”

Llisanya knew it was a test to see by Falco’s reaction if he spoke Thexian. She had expected M’Tun to pull some trick like that. She could see Falco was understandably annoyed at the rudeness of someone speaking an unknown language in front of him, but he thankfully did not understand M’Tun’s words.

She answered in the Wood Elf language. “Falco does not speak Thexian, M’Tun. Be nice to my friends, please.” She had spoken in Feir’Dal to let Falco know M’Tun could understand it.

M’Tun switched to Common. “Fine. Let’s get to business. What is the purpose of this meeting you called?”

Great, thought Falco, she called the meeting, not the Dark Elf. She talks me into doing some work for some asshole Dark Elf from Freeport and it turns out there really is no such work.

“Falco here needs some working capital...five plat or so. Have you got anything for him to do?”

“What??!!!” Falco glared at Llisanya. “I thought we needed 5 plat.”

“I have enough work for both of you...” M’tun snapped back before Llisanya could reply to Falco and start some stupid lovers’ quarrel. He looked at Falco and continued “...but I know nothing about you. The question is before I start handing out valuable coin, how reliable are you?”

“I’m reliable!” Falco protested. He was going to angrily add “...jerk!” to his response but seeing the sharp daggers M’Tun wore he fortunately though better of it.

“So reliable that you did not think to wear your best equipment for any work I may have for you today. Or is that your best outfit, Feir’Dal?”

The words stung Falco. He stood humiliated in front of his woman after she had also been so rude about his hard-won equipment. He would have bought some better stuff if only he had had some money. Or maybe he could have gone adventuring with those Dwarves and earned some better stuff if he wasn’t so busy keeping her happy in his bed. Women had no common sense; just wanted it all.

“Look, boys. Let’s be nice” Llisanya interjected “Do you have work for him or not, M’Tun? Something by which he can prove himself to you?”

After a short silence where M’Tun seemed to study Falco he finally said. “Well. Conveniently I do. Some task just came up, yes. I have an errand needs to be done. Can you remember a three sentence message committed to memory...Falco? It pays three gold.”

“Three gold!? I swam across that freezing moat for three stinking gold??!”

M’Tun was all eaten up with sympathy over the cold swim. “It’s all the task is worth and all the work I will give you until you prove yourself. Do you want the work and whatever jobs come after? If not, go swim home!”

Having nothing in his pocket Falco reflected three gold really was a lot of money for delivering a lousy message. “Alright. I want the work.”

“Fine” M’Tun’s tone became more business-like. “As you might guess, I am not welcome in Qeynos. You need to go into Qeynos and find a Gnome named Sprockfuddle. He fences illegal goods in town. Angry little asshole.”

M’Tun continued without giving Falco a chance to ask any questions. “He hides out underground near the stream in Qeynos Harbour. It’s a good thing you like to swim because you need to jump in that stream and swim halfway under the bridge. You’ll find a tunnel broken into the abutment wall. Swim along the tunnel and up the well at the end. You’ll find Sprockfuddle right there as you climb out. There are a few other fences and miscreants that hang out in there but this message is for Sprockfuddle alone. No one else hears it. Listen carefully...

“The Queen’s Guard is aware of us. We have made a new arrangement. Tell your friends to meet a Ratonga named Yuri on the beach south of Archer’s Woods.”

M’Tun finished by demanding “You got that, Wood Elf?”

“Yeah. It’s simple”

“Alright. See it is done as quickly as you can. Come back by evening and confirm the message was delivered.”

M’Tun handed three coins to Falco. “I am paying your three gold in advance. Since you are in that well anyway, make sure you use your wages to buy a decent hauberk and a sharp sword from the armour merchants there. Mention my name to the Dark Elf bitch named Arabella and she will give you an M’Tun Discount. And throw that stuff you’re wearing in the moat on your way back out, imbecile. If I see it again, we have no further business”

“Fine.” Falco swallowed the insult and turned to Llisanya. “Let’s go.”

Llisanya made no effort to move.

M’Tun was blunt “She needs to stay here and discuss the real work you two need to do for me. Just make sure you get this done because you can’t hide from me if you muck it up in any way. Now...shake it!”

A little hurt and not happy to be separated from his fuck-bitch, Falco peevishly picked up his pack and hurried off, too intimidated by the Dark Elf to do otherwise. He consoled himself that the sooner he did this stupid job the sooner he would be back and sucking on those thick nipples that had so aroused him by the moat.

Llisanya watched him go. “...And remember to use the Down Below!” she yelled at his departing back. She was sure he would. He wasn’t so stupid as to use the gates. Well, she sure hoped he wasn’t.

“Don’t worry about him using the gates, Llisanya. The Gnolls will eat him before he is halfway to Qeynos.” He watched Falco disappear over the first rise. He pulled Llisanya into his arms saying reproachfully “those scratches of yours on my back have just barely healed.” His hands moved up to her breasts, lifting them and kneading them through her chainmail. “I missed these pointers.”

“And I missed you” she returned “but I still charge 10 silver.” That price was twice the going rate, but M’Tun had certain...needs...that were included in that fee.

He lowered his hand down to her crotch. “Yeah, I suppose your lady-cut is worth 10 silver. Too bad you aren’t.” She stood there and bore the insult stoically. She complacently allowed M’Tun to rudely grope her.

“What have you been doing that you can’t come and see me?” he scolded her as he rubbed her clit through the chain armour. “I’ve been hanging out in these woods for the past three weeks with little to do but talk to the occasional spy or saboteur and resist the temptation to jerk off to the memory of your jutting titties.”

Llisanya molded her body against his, liking the feel of a self-assured male holding her. Her pleasure from his embrace was obvious but she had come to do business. “What’s this work you mentioned for Falco and me?”

“We'll discuss that later" M’tun answered. "There may be a few chores you and your boyfriend might do for me. For now, I have pressing, personal needs.” He was undoing her chainmail jerkin. “I want your body right now, Whore Girl, not in five minutes.”

She lead him deeper into the woods. He stripped her bare. The day was now warm and it felt good and wicked to be naked for M’Tun in the woods. Sunlight shining through the forest canopy played and danced on her darting white tits. He loved to look at those tits.

His hard manhood sprang up eagerly as he unfastened his trousers. His penis was small. Very small. Falco would have been proud to compare his to M’Tun’s. The first time he had pulled it out Llisanya had openly laughed at it. She asked him who he was going to please with that little thing? “Me” he had insolently answered and pushed her onto the dew soaked grasses and flowers and took her for their first of many times.

Today, he took his time undressing, teasing her. “Hurry” she urged him “the way you are moving, Falco will be back before we finish.”

She lay down. Her knees were spread wide apart. He saw deep into her insides. If she had been spread any wider he would have been able to see all the way to her ovaries.

M’Tun got on top of her. He stuck it in without bothering with foreplay; she was always wet for him.

She grunted in discomfort from his precipitous entrance while she was still dry but she got off with how roughly he took her and became lubricated after only a few thrusts. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders and she ran her fingertips lightly over the pretty scars on his bare back as he arched away on top of her. In rhythm to his exuberant thrusts she used her legs to pull her hips up to meet his pounding pelvis. His balls slapped against her as he fucked.

She grinned up at him. Despite its tiny size, his pecker always felt good. As his ramming became faster she rewarded his hard work by pressing her fingertips hard into his back. Her fingers curled and she suddenly dug sharp nails in. She dragged her nails hard along his skin.

“Scratch deeper, you stupid fucking halfbreed” he pushed his little fellow hard into her. “Scratch deeper, you stupid fucking bitch!”

She dug her nails in as hard as she could and cut through skin. He increased the speed of his hips and grinned with the pleasure of the pain.

“You like my cock, don’t you?”

“Falco’s cock is twice your size!” she taunted him in response.

He slapped her for her insolence. He was usually careful not to leave a mark on her face but this time the blow might have been a bit too hard. She had been away too long and he was angry.

She hoped that was not going to leave a bruise. “Falco’s cock is twice your size but he can’t fuck like you can, you bastard! You fuck just right!”

“Just right? Did Daddy fuck you just right, too?” M’Tun increased his thrusting. He liked to hear about Daddy. “Is that how ‘Daddy’ fucked your virgin slit...’just right’?”

“Yes” she answered. He sneered and spat in her face. Saliva dripped down her cheek.

“You’re not worth ten silver, are you, you little Daddy-fucker!” he sneered down at her. She just stared up at him, taking his cock. Seeing no answer, he slapped her again. “Answer me, Cunt! Are you worth ten silver?”

“I’m not worth ten silver” she conceded in a subdued voice. “I’m not worth anything.”

“Yeah, you got that right, Tramp!” M’Tun pinched her nipples hard then pulled and twisted them. She squealed at the pain and in protest snarled at him like a lioness.

“Settle down, you stupid slut. I’ve been crueler to you.”

He returned to discussing Daddy. “Never charged Daddy any ten silver, did you, Brat? That’s why he fucked were cheaper than a whore!” M’Tun was ramming as hard as he could, trying to bruise her inside.

He continued the verbal abuse “...But you were still a better fuck than Mommy was, right? That’s why he never bothered to get Mommy to come back! Am I right, Slut? You just lay there letting him shoot his splurge all over the inside of his daughter’s chaste cunny and he loved it!”

“Yes, Daddy loved it.” She grunted uncomfortably under M’Tun, just as she had grunted uncomfortably under Daddy as a young woman.

“Good little daughter, pleasing Daddy like that! So tell me. Why is your snatch be so tight if Daddy used your young, innocent body all those times? After his huge dick used you the way you were made to be used? Why is it so tight?”

“You know why, you prick!”

“Yes, I know why, Llisanya. Now turn over and give me the ass that Daddy used first!”

She obediently turned over onto her stomach and lifted her butt up for him. This was why she loved his small dick. He was the only one who was allowed to stuff it up her ass. The only one that knew that that was Daddy’s favourite thing to do.

Even so, she grunted from the pain of his thing up there. He pounded her up the back door for a good long time. She cried out in pain. “Squeal, you whore!” he grinned as he rammed her anus. “Tell me I do it better than Daddy!”

“You do it better than Daddy, Gol. Keep doing it. Please. Do it better than Daddy did it.”

His talk and that cock up her ass was getting her off. Just when she was about to cum he stopped buggering her. “Turn back over. I want your pussy, you lousy lay!”

She rolled over onto her back and he stuck it into her tight box and went at it.

She could feel her pussy slathering fuckjuice onto M’Tun’s cock. Any warden walking within 100 feet could have heard the sound of her hole making ‘shlicking’ noises as it took M’Tun’s ramming manhood. She knew M’Tun enjoyed when her snatch made loud wet sounds.

“Tell me about Mommy, Brat!” He pulled himself up a little higher on top of Llisanya, ribs pressing against her tits. He repeated emphatically “tell me about Mommy!”

He kissed her hard and spit into her mouth. “Tell me how she was just as much a whore as you are! Tell me her tits were the same ugly shape as yours.” He started fucking as fast as he had ever moved on top of her.

She did not like how wild he was this time. Most of the dialogue was a rehearsed interchange they followed every time they banged, but he was acting more intense today. She considered his complaint earlier that she had stayed away too long. He had become incredibly horny during his sojourn in the woods and was thus being especially hateful today. She saw something scary in his eyes. She thought it best if he were to cum soon.

“Yes, Mommy’s tits were as ugly as mine. I used to hear Daddy tell her how much he liked to play with her ugly tits. I used to hear him raping her. He would slap her around and I liked to hear Mommy cry. She was weak.”

“I slap you around, too, Half Elf. You’re weak.” M’Tun slapped her to prove his point. This time she knew he was definitely trying to leave a mark.

“Yes, I’m weak. I’m helpless. I should be raped like Mommy was raped. Please rape me.”

Rape you?” he jeered. “ I don’t think that’s possible, you little leg-spreading trollop!” He kept fucking hard. “Now tell me more about Mommy. What happened to Mommy?”

“You know what happened to Mommy, Asshole.”

Hearing that, he backhanded her. “Show some respect, Fuck-wench! Now tell me about Mommy!”

She broke out of character for a moment “Please...don’t slap so hard.” This was actually getting dangerous. She really was asking him not to hit her so hard. She usually did not need to do that.

He ignored her and kept fucking. “Tell me about Mommy!!” he insisted.

He wasn’t just going to get crazy. He was crazy. For the first time, she wondered if he was capable of killing her in his mad lust. He needed to calm down. She needed him to finish soon. She hoped the next part would get him off.

“...I killed a dark alleyway. You should have been there to watch, Baby! If only you could have watched.”

“...Yes. I would have jerked off while you did it!” He was thrusting demonically. “Tell me again, how easy did the knife go in her eye?”

“Really easy. Mommy had no brains.” And then, hoping it would quickly bring about his climax, she added something she had never told M’Tun in all their previous trysts.

“I twisted the knife as it went in, Gol” She repeated this as M’Tun kept fucking, saying it again and again each time he pushed his cock into her “...I twisted the knife...I twisted the knife...I twisted the knife...”

Aroused by this new information, M’Tun started taking longer more forceful thrusts into her gash. He gripped her head on both sides and held it intently while looking insanely into her blue eyes. “You drove a knife in her eye and twisted, you heartless child!” She nodded.

He grinned in mounting sexual excitement and rutted away furiously. His hands reached down to clutch her throat. He began violently shaking her while choking. He yelled into her face in rhythm to his thrusting. “You whore! You killed your own...FUCKING...Mother!”

At last he was near cumming. It was hard to breathe in his chokehold. Llisanya hoped he would finish before his grip on her neck would cause her to pass out. It would be close.

“Want me to cum in your cunt, you cheap-ass Qeynos slut?” he asked as the back and forth of his hips changed to a deep rhythmic slow ramming.

Thank Bristlebane, he was almost there! It was hard for her to give the usual answer with that grip on her neck but she croaked it out “Please, no. Don’t fill me chock full of your sperm. I don’t want your...kicking my big round...belly!”

As her own orgasm started to mount he answered her with the usual final insult that so seemed to turn him on. “No way my child is going to be a filthy half-breed bastard raised by a soulless cocksucking harpy like you! You don’t deserve a womb full of my offspring to push out of your cunt!

He pulled out of her and thankfully let go of her throat. In relief, she took the first full breath she had been able to take in half a minute. His fist gripped his little fid. He began pumping away furiously on it as if he was trying to yank it off.

As her orgasm swept over her, Llisanya watched the pumping cock in anticipation. Before long his cum began to spew. He let out a long breathy moan as Teir’Dal jackjuice launched out of his puny prick.

The first time he had jerked off on her tits she was shocked at how much Teir’Dal semen blasted from him. Every time since then, she loved to see it fly. Long thick ropes launched from his little tool and fell across her white tits. Like warm milk his cum lay in pools where it landed, gleaming as it sat there on her satin skin. It seemed to be slightly acidic because her skin always burned where it lay. She often convinced herself she saw steam rise from it but it was probably just the result of her after-climax befuddled imagination.

Llisanya started to feel safe when she saw M’Tun begin to relax. The sexual madness he showed had been especially frightening this time. She had cranked him up too much; he actually might have been trying to suffocate her. She wasn’t sure. She needed to be more careful.

Oddly, after M’Tun had cum, he always liked to tenderly cuddle while smearing his jizz lovingly all over her chest. The ten silver fee always included that little cuddle time and she always welcomed it in order to recover from M’Tun’s abusive form of intimacy. This time he had been especially brutal.

“Here, Llisanya.” He lifted his hand above her and slowly dropped 10 silver pieces one by one onto her bare, sticky chest. They stuck to the semen drying there. “As usual, your weren’t worth ten fucking silver.”

She collected her fee off her tits and then examined his back. She pulled a towel from her pack. She used the towel to dab up the bloody rents on M’Tun’s back.The flow of blood was already slowing.

She asked “did I hurt you enough, you son-of-a-bitch?” and he replied “yes. It hurt good, you bedraggled excuse for a female.”

She kept tending to his back. She was pleased to think M’tun would be pleased that these would be new scars. More mementos of her, she thought. Not that all those scars were from her nails.

With his head on Llisanya’s breast, M’Tun began to talk business. “You understand, if that allegedly big cocked boyfriend of yours does not get this job done properly I’ll need you to take care of him.”

“Work’s work” she philosophized.

“You’ll want the usual fee?”

“The usual fee is fine, but add 20 silver more. That represents a breach-of-contract penalty I made with Ellister with respect to Falco.”

M’Tun pulled on her semi-hard nipple to watch her sperm-smeared breast elongate then let it go to watch the breast snap back into its perfect conical shape on her chest. Despite his earlier words, her breasts were lovely. He flicked the nipple a couple of times and watched it snap back to stick straight up at the sky.

“Ellister, eh? Why are you even doing business with that amateur? Work for me full time, Half-breed. Freeport can use a girl of your talents.”

“Mmm. Thank you, but I will continue to freelance for Ellister. I need to appear semi-respectable with the semblance of a visible means of support.”

“I suppose that would be wise for both our safety.” M’Tun got up and started to dress. He looked down at her lovely figure. What a shame she was so useful to him alive, he thought, he so wanted to snuff her one of these times. He had been so tempted, today. Plus, he could have saved ten silver.

Llisanya was staying naked for him, lying there on her back. If M’Tun wanted a second go, she could offer him the usual fifty per cent off deal. But he kept dressing.

She watched him lace up his chainmail, enjoying a last look of his muscular torso as it disappeared under his armour. “So. Do you have further work for Falco, Gol? He still needs those plat.”

“Always the business woman, aren’t you, Llisanya? By ‘further work’, you mean something a girl like you would be too smart to take on herself, am I correct? And those plat I pay him will eventually end up in your pocket?”

She showed no shame. “Yes.”

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