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It turned out that beautiful and sexy Jo had collected a stalker that was hard core. He was considered dangerous and I was made to co-operate with police. I was stressed and Jo fed off the nervous tension, putting on one of her sexiest fuck shows ever.
Jo Part 5 – The Stalker

I checked my emails a day or so later and had another email from the Ro guy.

Second Email

Wow man, Ro here. You have really stepped it up. She has sacked Young guy. She won’t even talk to him at the shops, when he tracks her down. She is really loud now when you are there. More like you and young guy put together. We have helped you. How about you tell us some of your secrets, so we can get women doing that kind of screaming.

We want some pics of you fucking her. Go on! We should share and help each other.

End Email


Once again, I did not reply to his email. I quietly went about upgrading Jo’s security. Doubled the number of visible CCTV surveillance cameras. I also added 6 high definition, solar powered, Wi-Fi cameras in the neighbours’ gardens. They were special cameras that did not glow in the dark with infra-red. The SSID was masked and secured. I also had her car scanned for tracking devices and found two. I called my mate who is a senior cop. They were very interested. They gave Jo a private phone number for a police domestic violence support service.

I made her attend a couple of meetings with the support team. One very tough female cop on Jo’s case wanted to meet me. I had my senior cop mate join the meeting. The female cop was basically saying I had the motive and capability to be the stalker. My cop mate told her I had alerted him, and she needed to bark up another tree.

We talked about the CCTV improvements and the military grade solar cameras. She asked me to give her the link. My cop mate said I should. I reluctantly complied. Lady cop did some clever shit with the link and said “Theres’s pics and footage in there. Someone has run a wi-fi blocker when they get close. Your stalker is hard core.”

Suddenly her laptop started showing pics of a man dressed in army camouflage. He was basically laying down but walking quickly on his hands and feet towards her car. He did something under her car. The lady cop said “Warn her not to use her car until we clear it.”

I immediately rang Jo and asked where she was. She was home. I told her “I am coming over. Lock the doors and stay inside. No matter what.”

I asked the cops “Who the fuck is GI Joe there.”

Lady cop said “There’s nothing to show who it is. But there is a court order out in Jo’s name for one guy who has many convictions for this kind of behaviour. Keep your mouth shut, we will be in touch. We need to catch him in the act. Do not approach him under any circumstances. He has been charged with two murders but got off free when the witnesses supposedly committed suicide.”

I asked “how will they do that, Catch him in the act? He will be out in 24hrs even for breach of Restraining Orders.”

Lady cop said “Let us handle that.”

A couple of hours later, under instructions from the cops I went to fuck Jo. I didn’t tell her any details. I opened her bedroom window wide. It was now dark outside. I knew the guy would see the window was open, and find it irresistible to come listen at the window.

Jo took me into the formal lounge and really excelled herself. Maybe she could tell I was up to something. We had a glass of wine each. Jo disappeared into her bedroom for a little while. She came back dressed in a black fishnet body stocking that exposed her nipples, pussy and anus. She was carrying a 24 inch long furry Teddy bear.

She sat in front of my chair and started rubbing the bears face on her nipples and in the big valley between her fabulous tits. She was talking really dirty. Saying how she loved to fuck Teddy, until Teddy got so horny, he had to fuck her. She asked me “Want to watch Teddy fuck Jo-Jo honey.”

I readily agreed. Soon Teddy was between her legs licking her clit. She was rubbing his face all around her pussy lips and anus. Jo was moaning and talking dirty. She talked about loving Ted’s big cock, and his sweet honey tasting cum. After a while she got a vibe out of a small bag and connected the vibe to Teddy’s belt. She manipulated Teddy to enable him to fuck her pussy with the vibe as though it was a cock. She was leaning back with her legs open wide, Teddy leaned to the side so I could see the vibrator sliding into and out of her very wet cunt.

Jo said “Do you like watching Teddy fuck your sexy Jo-Jo. His big cock is in my little cunt. He’s fucking my little horny cunt with his big dirty cock. He wants to fuck my slutty little ass hole, but I could not do that in front of James. I would if James asked me to. I'm a little slut. I do almost anything my James askes me to do. Teddy, James can fuck my ass, Yes James can fuck his Jo-Jo’s ass. My tight little ass takes James big thick dirty ass fucking cock.”

This must have worked in Jo’s head as she started orgasming hard, her whole body shaking and her breath straining to come out of her throat.

She smiled at me and pulled Teddy’s cock out of her pussy and sucked the big dildo a few times deep in her mouth. She went back to Teddy fucking her pussy. I was worried the cops might have a listening device so I suggested leaving Teddy in the lounge, and guided Jo to her bedroom with the window open. I pushed her onto her big bed in doggy style and started spanking her firm butt cheeks. I noticed my phone on the side table rang a few times on silent, then I got a few texts.

I said “You fucking slut, you’ve been fucking your other boyfriend Teddy haven’t you.” I emphasized the statement with a couple of big slaps on her ass.

I said again “You fucking slut, you’ve been fucking your other boyfriend Teddy haven’t you.”

This time Jo said “I only fucked him so you could see. You always talk about threesomes, so I gave you one with Teddy. I loved his cock though. Nice big hard cock. Just how Jo-Jo likes cock. Willing big and pulsing.”

I replied “You loved it didn’t you slut? You loved having Teddy’s cock in you. Fucking Teddy’s cock in your tight little pussy.”

Jo said “Fuck yes. I love cock, real cock is best. I want lots of real cock. I love Teddy’s big cock. I wish it could shoot cum like your cock. I’d fucking love that. To be dribbling cum from my tight little pussy every hour of every day. Then James can fuck his little sluts cunt. While I leak Teddy’s cum.”

I said “You used to do that didn’t you slut. You used to fuck a few boys, so you would always be full of boy cum.”

Jo did not answer so I smacked her ass really hard a few times. Jo said “Stop. Stop. Alright yes, I fucking love cum and big cocks. When I'm single I sometimes fuck a few different boys. Never when I have a boyfriend. Never when with you. Just sometimes I like lots of cock. You love lots of pussy and ass. I bet you fuck lots of girls when single. Sometimes your Jo-Jo did too. Not anymore.”

I grabbed her hair and forced my hard cock into her mouth. She sucked me greedily.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth saying “You did that when we first started out didn’t you slut.”

I slapped her firm ass cheeks, then said “Admit it you slut. You fucked other guys when we first dated, then also when you took me back. It was Phil wasn’t it, and young Lachy to. You’re a cheating slut. Admit it.”

I then shoved my cock into her tight pulsing wet pussy.

I said “Fucking admit it. You fucked Phil and Lachy for real didn’t you.”

Jo started cumming very hard, her whole body wracked in strong orgasm. She managed to say “Sorry, I’m so sorry. Yes, I fucked them! Yes, I cheated on you. I wanted you, but men don’t value what they get easy. You turned me on so fucking much. I had to go fuck them, have them cum in my cunt. Oh fuck I am sorry.” We both heard laughing outside the window. I called out “Who is out there”

We both heard feet running away. By the time I got out there, there was no one around.

I went back inside and checked my phone. There were 20 missed calls from the same number, and a couple of texts. The texts were from my senior cop mate. They said “Stalker is outside. He is known to us. Do not approach under any circumstance. Highly dangerous. Leave this to us.”

As I was looking at the text message my phone rang. It was senior cop mate.

I answered and walked out of the room Jo was in, for a little privacy.

I said “Yes.”

Cop mate said “What a performance, mate you should give lessons. I’d pay to learn how to do all that shit.”

I said “Get on with it. What’s the situation report.”

Cop mate said “Your stalker is known to us. We have a full task force assigned to just him. This is where you drop out of the picture and do nothing more. He’s too dangerous for you. He will be on the street one day. I don’t want him coming to get you or her.”

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