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Boyfriend takes his girl to a cabin to unwind and tease her.
Shawn could tell how antsy and nervous that Scarlet was as she sat next to him in his truck as they drove on the long winding highway into the east Tennessee mountains. He rented a secluded cabin in the woods to help her break her out of her shy and reserved persona.

He wanted her to be able to break free from all the headaches of work and be able to enjoy life more. But he was different from her. Her white-collar job led to a lot of stress, and she bottled it all up. His blue-collar job led to him working hard and playing a hard kind of life.

The truck continued rolling down the dark highway. The only light were the headlights shining its beams into the dark sky. He looked over to the petite redhead and smiled. He knew he was the lucky one here. She must have felt his gaze because she looked over to him and smiled when she saw him looking at her. She slid closer to him, placing her head on his shoulder. They drove the remaining few minutes that way.

He pulled down the long dirt road. Another ten minutes and the headlights lit up the front of the cute and cozy cabin. He stopped his truck and turned it off. Climbing out his side. She made a move to get out the passenger side, but his strong arms grabbed and pulled her to him.

“What are you doing,” she said giggling? That was music to his ears. She laughed. It was something magical to him.

Instead of pulling her in the gravel driveway, he kept her in his arms. “I’m carrying my lady to her home for the next couple of days,” he tried saying in the most chivalrous voice he could muster. His work boots came heavily down on the loose stones, but his long stride had them at the steps in seconds. The three steps to the wooden front porch were past and he made it to the front door. A turn of the handle and he took her into the living room of the cabin. A fire was burning in the fireplace. He took her over to the couch and landed her down. His lips meeting hers. Passion exploded. Their hands and mouths all over each other. They made passionate love on the couch, floor and whichever place their bodies took them. After Scarlet’s third orgasm he finally blew his load. They fell asleep in each other's arms right there on the floor.

As the first rays of the sun came through the window she started to stir. He was waiting on the coffee table waiting for her to wake. She was a bit frightened when she found her arms and legs bound and herself blindfolded. Panic came over her, but he was there by her side quickly.

“It is ok, my red little slut,” he whispered to her. “I’m right here. You are safe.”

“What the fuck is going on,” she yelled. Her body is about to rage.

“Relax, relax,” he continued softly. “This weekend I’m going to take you out of your shell. Show you things you didn't know existed and things you didn't know about yourself. We will be taking away one of your senses, your sight. You will learn to rely on your others.”

“Then why the fuck do you have me tied up,” she barked!!

“Well,” she started, and she could just see his grin. “Why not start with some sensual teasing.” His hand reached for a feather that was on the coffee table, picked it up and started to draw it up her left leg at the knee.

She jumped. “What the fuck,” she started but the rest of the words died in her mouth. Shawn worked the feather slowly up and down her exposed skin. Her head fell back onto the back of the couch. “Damn, that is nice.”

“Tell me what you are feeling, what you are smelling, what you are hearing. Tell me all about it,” he said but with more of a coma and then a request.

She was quick to respond. “Is that a feather, Shawn?” A smile coming out with her words.

“Yes, it is my red little slut,” he said inches from her ear. She could feel the heat and want in his words. “And you will call me Sir for the rest of the weekend, understand?”

“Yes Sir,” she said as a bigger smile grew across her face. For about thirty seconds neither said anything. She was just enjoying the soft touch of the feather on her body. Then she answered his question. “To answer your question Sir, I feel the wonderful touch of the feather across my skin. It’s raising goose bumps up and down my body. That is the main thing I’m feeling but not the only. I feel your body heat next to me. Warm and filled with lust. I hear your soft throaty breathing, but I also hear my own heartbeat raising as my body is more and more turned on. That is not the only thing I hear. The fire shifting ever once in a while and the birdsong in the distance.” She paused, looking like she was trying to regain her composure. “I smell the smoke from the fire. The smell of the sex we had last night. The mix of sweat and our other body odors. Wanting my body to get more. There is also a light scent of…” she paused again. Then saying more as a question than anything else,”spring rain.”

He smiled at this. “What a wonderful nose you have. I lit a candle called spring rain on the kitchen table. You did amazing.” He leaned in and kissed her lips. “Now let’s test your sexy little body.” He pulled the feather along her inner thigh one more time. He saw her shiver at this. Reaching down he pulled the next item from a tray. “Open that sweet mouth of yours,” he commanded. Her lower jaw dropped in compliance. He placed the items on her tongue. “Taste it, chew it my sweet slut.” Her mouth closed around it and she smiled as she chewed. That brought a smile to his lips. “What is that?”

Her mouth still chewing, she waited to answer. Chewing a bit quicker. She swallowed and then tried to lick the juices from the corner of her mouth. He took the small towel and wiped her mouth. Her mouth clear, she was happy to say, “that was a sweet peach. So yummy.” A proudness came over her body.

“Very good, my sweet slut. Next is a sound. What does this sound like,” he asked, hitting the play button. Soft moans came over the small speaker on the table. The moans came with some heavy breathing. She turned her head to look at him, well his general direction.

“Did you put on some porno,” she asked, a bit surprised and a little perturbed. “Come on, we can do better than that.”

He laughed,” yes we can do much better than that and if we listen more, you will hear how much better.”

“What,” she said in confusion.

“That is your sweet moaning from last night when I was eating out that delicious pussy of yours,” his grin widened. “If we wait a bit we will hear you cursing like a sailor, begging me for it.”

“What the fuck,” she said with still confusion but a bite of anger. She pulled on her restraints.

“Calm down,” he said in a calming voice. “It is only for our little weekend. Just listen and remember as we move on to the next item.”

She was not happy about it, but she calmed down a bit. Doing what he said, it actually started to turn her on a bit.

“Tell me what these smells like,” placing the item under her nose. He waved the item slowly back and forth.

“Lavender,” she quickly answered.

“What a nose you have,” he replied to her. “Now tell me with your sense what is going on.”

“There is a click sound like you are opening something,” she started. “I feel heat in front of my face. Did you light something? The lavender scene is growing, and I hear a flicker, like a flame is dancing. Is that a candle that you lit? It smells nice.” Before she could say anything else a burning hit her exposed tit. She jumped, well as much as she could, being tied up and yelled. “Fuck what was that,” she yelled at him?

“What do you think it was,” he answered her questions with his own back to her.

“Was that the candle?” As she asked it another dripped on her other tit. “God damn it. You have to give me some warning.”

“What kind of fun would that be? I tell you there will be more wax,” he said with a chuckle.

He held the candle over her boobs and he rose from the couch. Drip after drip. From her face she went from shock to enjoyment. She will be getting a bit more enjoyment soon, he thought. Reaching back, he picked up the next item. With a press of a button it came to life. The buzzing would give it away he knew. “What is that sound,” he asked.

Her lips lifted in a smirk. “It sounds like something buzzing,” she said.

“That is right and now what do you feel,” he questioned as he placed the item between her legs.

Her voice changed in a couple of seconds. From a curious one to a sweet soft purr. “Like I’m in heaven.” The wax kept dripping and the hum on her clit was taking her to a sexy place.

He reached back grabbing two items, placing both of them on the couch next to her. Her breasts now covered in purple wax, he put the candle on the table. He picked up the metal one and ran the wheel over her waxed cover breast. Only on the right side. In his other hand he took the leather item and gently slapped her left breast. Both made her squirm. He could not tell from pleasure or not. “What are these,” he questioned.

“The one in my right tit is that spike wheely thing and of course the other is a crop,” her voice low and the words being forced out.

“Good slut,” he complimented. “You are doing so well. One more now. Tell me what this tastes like.” She opened her mouth, ready for what came next. He dropped the other items on the couch next to her and climbed onto the couch. Standing in front, he pushed his half hard cock in her mouth. She took it and started sucking immediately. As he grew in her mouth he asked,” do you know what this is?” Her head bobbing up and down. “Do you want more of it?” More bobbing. He thought this was going to be an amazing weekend.
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